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15th Mar 18 05:36:37Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes A To C
14th Jun 17 07:46:35Awesome Music.Nier Automata
1st Aug 16 04:25:41Characters.Virtues Last Reward
27th Mar 16 12:03:49YMMV.Dagashi Kashi
26th Nov 15 10:27:11Heartwarming.Bloodborne
11th Jun 15 11:21:59Mythology Gag.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
13th Dec 14 10:50:27Manga.A Certain Scientific Accelerator
13th Dec 14 10:47:35Teleporters And Transporters
13th Dec 14 10:47:08Teleporters And Transporters
12th Dec 14 10:04:11Self Demonstrating.Ganon
28th Jul 14 12:08:17Awesome.Super Smash Bros
15th Jul 14 09:50:31YMMV.Sticky Dilly Buns
15th Jul 14 09:49:56YMMV.Sticky Dilly Buns
8th Aug 13 09:09:47Light Novel.Bakemonogatari
9th May 13 02:31:54Characters.Kara No Kyoukai
9th May 13 02:30:28Creepy Awesome
9th May 13 02:29:47Creepy Awesome
21st Mar 13 02:04:10Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
21st Mar 13 02:01:23Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
21st Mar 13 01:54:20Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Abridged
10th Jan 13 02:12:23Characters.Magi Labyrinth Of Magic
8th Jul 12 04:09:52Even Better Sequel
24th Jun 12 06:55:09YMMV.Diva
22nd May 12 09:41:29Radar.Adventure Time
21st May 12 08:25:18Radar.Adventure Time
21st May 12 08:24:44Radar.Adventure Time
18th May 12 06:13:20Drinking Game.Umineko No Naku Koro Ni
18th May 12 05:56:19Drinking Game.Young Justice
13th May 12 09:33:38Radar.DCAU
13th May 12 09:33:19Radar.DCAU
12th May 12 11:26:29Unbreakable Weapons
11th May 12 01:27:11YMMV.Dark Shadows
10th May 12 09:32:23Unintentional Period Piece
28th Apr 12 11:31:11Clothes Make The Superman
23rd Apr 12 06:11:35Western Animation.The Legend Of Korra
20th Apr 12 11:21:42Establishing Character Moment.Western Animation
17th Apr 12 09:09:13Two Words Obvious Trope
16th Apr 12 03:10:12Sleepyhead
23rd Mar 12 11:34:53Characters.High School DXD
13th Mar 12 10:58:36Shonen Demographic
7th Mar 12 02:07:29Gay Option
7th Mar 12 02:03:44Gay Option
7th Mar 12 01:58:31Gay Option
25th Feb 12 10:26:38WMG.Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Open Two
25th Feb 12 10:11:38WMG.Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Open Two
23rd Feb 12 01:09:36Faux Affably Evil
18th Feb 12 07:44:12The Order Of The Stick Tropes A To L
17th Feb 12 01:48:51Rayman
9th Feb 12 08:55:01WMG.Young Justice
7th Feb 12 09:28:57Memes.Advertising
7th Feb 12 08:56:49Memes.Advertising
2nd Feb 12 01:12:03Soul Series
31st Jan 12 10:07:20Light Novel.Bakemonogatari
15th Dec 11 08:17:43Aluminum Christmas Trees
6th Dec 11 12:02:14Mukokuseki
6th Dec 11 12:01:20Mukokuseki
3rd Dec 11 05:42:58Characters.Arcanum I
3rd Dec 11 01:42:40Playing With.Lesbian Vampire
3rd Dec 11 01:39:25Playing With.Lesbian Vampire
27th Nov 11 04:08:24YMMV.Ip Man
27th Nov 11 03:16:34Ip Man
27th Nov 11 02:24:17Video Game Remake
27th Nov 11 02:10:14Video Game Remake
27th Nov 11 01:51:45Explosive Instrumentation
27th Nov 11 01:49:10Explosive Instrumentation
27th Nov 11 11:28:31MK Walker
27th Nov 11 09:57:58Visual Novel.Fate Stay Night
20th Oct 11 12:55:14All Asians Know Martial Arts
2nd Oct 11 07:24:59YMMV.Fate Zero
30th Sep 11 12:18:46Petite Pride
26th Sep 11 09:10:57Planet Of Hats
19th Sep 11 10:23:28Laura Bailey
15th Sep 11 07:28:10More Than Infinite