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6th Jun 14 01:46:54Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
11th May 14 11:55:26Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
11th May 14 11:48:46Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
4th Mar 14 12:40:24WMG.FTL Faster Than Light
14th Dec 13 05:21:07Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
13th Dec 13 11:19:13Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
11th Oct 13 11:00:12Invincibility Power Up
13th Sep 13 09:13:42That One Attack.Touhou
15th Apr 13 07:26:29That One Attack.Touhou
15th Apr 13 07:20:45That One Boss.Touhou
15th Apr 13 07:20:04That One Boss.Touhou
8th Jan 13 05:43:39Tropers.Leylite
19th Nov 12 06:06:40Fridge.Touhou
19th Nov 12 06:05:35Fridge.Touhou
18th Nov 12 01:39:56Ratchet Scrolling
14th Nov 12 12:37:33Tropers.Leylite
12th Nov 12 03:05:18Tropers.Leylite
12th Nov 12 03:04:59Tropers.Leylite
14th Sep 12 10:13:43Video Game.Distorted Travesty
14th Sep 12 10:12:04Bullet Hell
2nd Sep 12 11:26:29That One Attack.Touhou
9th Aug 12 05:45:08Video Game.N
1st Aug 12 08:52:03Video Game.Touhou Mother
9th May 12 07:54:13Boss In Mook Clothing
28th Apr 12 08:34:28Bonus Boss
28th Apr 12 06:53:11Puzzle Boss
20th Apr 12 11:03:01That One Level
20th Apr 12 10:48:57Fridge.Touhou
20th Apr 12 10:47:29Fridge.Touhou
20th Apr 12 10:46:36Video Game.Touhou
6th Apr 12 06:27:19Wanton Cruelty To The Common Comma
26th Mar 12 09:25:26Memetic Badass.Video Games
26th Mar 12 09:21:02Memetic Badass.Video Games
24th Mar 12 02:42:54Headscratchers.La-Mulana
21st Mar 12 08:28:39Quotes.Not The Fall That Kills You
12th Mar 12 07:46:03The Unfinished Spelling Errors Of Bolkien
20th Feb 12 05:17:05What An Idiot.Video Games
20th Feb 12 11:35:51Playing With.People Sit On Chairs
17th Feb 12 09:03:15Fog Of War
13th Feb 12 06:19:57Quotes.Disproportionate Retribution
12th Feb 12 02:06:02Leap Of Faith
12th Feb 12 12:39:30Laconic.Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels
12th Feb 12 12:39:09Laconic.Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels
12th Feb 12 11:55:12Breaking The Fouth Wall.Video Games
11th Feb 12 09:40:49Webcomic.Sweet Bro And Hella Jeff
8th Feb 12 05:01:40That One Level.RPG
7th Feb 12 09:11:13Bullet Hell
28th Jan 12 09:09:22That One Level.Shoot Em Ups
28th Jan 12 02:05:11Characters.Touhou PC 98
25th Jan 12 06:59:33Quotes.Brutal Bonus Level
25th Jan 12 06:58:57Quotes.Brutal Bonus Level
13th Jan 12 05:20:32N
13th Jan 12 05:12:39Laconic.Fake Difficulty
7th Jan 12 07:08:40Funny.Cave Story
4th Jan 12 06:46:22Hitbox Dissonance
23rd Dec 11 09:09:21Video Game.Bit Trip
1st Dec 11 03:07:05Sequence Breaking
12th Nov 11 12:12:34Took A Level In Badass.Video Games
5th Nov 11 03:14:13Webcomic.Iji
22nd Oct 11 05:01:38Speed Run
11th Oct 11 08:23:19Border Patrol