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27th Jun 16 05:56:51Characters.The Secret World The Orochi Group
27th Jun 16 05:56:49Characters.The Secret World The Orochi Group
27th Jun 16 05:40:31Characters.Pathfinder Deities
27th Jun 16 05:26:25Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
25th Jun 16 09:30:08Characters.Finding Nemo
25th Jun 16 09:09:29YMMV.Inside Out
25th Jun 16 09:06:40YMMV.Inside Out
25th Jun 16 08:54:21Characters.The Crucible
24th Jun 16 11:04:05Video Game.Brigador
22nd Jun 16 11:02:32Literature.The Lost Fleet
22nd Jun 16 05:32:08Nightmare Fuel.Mighty No 9
22nd Jun 16 05:24:37Characters.Mighty No 9
21st Jun 16 01:40:05Characters.Mighty No 9
18th Jun 16 06:41:10Fan Fic.Queen Of Blood
18th Jun 16 09:41:01Characters.The Witch
18th Jun 16 09:38:42Film.The Witch
18th Jun 16 09:33:57Film.The Witch
18th Jun 16 09:31:48Film.The Witch
18th Jun 16 06:17:05Discworld.Maskerade
17th Jun 16 04:50:23Western Animation.Finding Dory
17th Jun 16 04:47:23Western Animation.Finding Dory
17th Jun 16 11:52:48Appeal To Inherent Nature
17th Jun 16 11:41:26Yandere.Tabletop RPG
16th Jun 16 06:03:40WMG.Uncharted
12th Jun 16 04:16:53Characters.Hunter The Vigil
11th Jun 16 06:34:10Tabletop Game.Mutant Chronicles
11th Jun 16 08:05:56Tabletop Game.JAGS Wonderland
11th Jun 16 08:00:35Tabletop Game.JAGS Wonderland
11th Jun 16 07:57:12Putting On The Reich
10th Jun 16 06:19:23Characters.Mage The Awakening
5th Jun 16 05:08:18Video Game.Satellite Reign
4th Jun 16 01:37:35Characters.Mage The Awakening
4th Jun 16 01:27:09Tabletop Game.Mage The Awakening
4th Jun 16 01:19:04Tabletop Game.Mage The Awakening
3rd Jun 16 05:14:15Recap.The Twilight Zone S 3 E 84 The Hunt
3rd Jun 16 03:57:54Characters.Werewolf The Forsaken
3rd Jun 16 03:55:09Characters.Werewolf The Forsaken
3rd Jun 16 03:50:09Characters.Werewolf The Forsaken
30th May 16 04:53:05Video Game.Total War Warhammer
29th May 16 04:37:32Nightmare Fuel.Hunter The Vigil
29th May 16 04:15:14Tabletop Game.Demon The Descent
29th May 16 03:10:33Video Game.The Deadly Tower Of Monsters
28th May 16 08:34:07YMMV.Uncharted
28th May 16 07:04:31Characters.Steven Universe Other Gems
27th May 16 05:30:53WMG.Doom 2016
27th May 16 05:30:28WMG.Doom 2016
26th May 16 05:43:32Characters.Hunter The Vigil
26th May 16 04:33:02Characters.Hunter The Vigil
26th May 16 04:03:42Characters.Hunter The Vigil
25th May 16 10:23:17Characters.Vampire The Requiem
25th May 16 05:29:46YMMV.Doom 2016
25th May 16 05:17:22Characters.Doom
25th May 16 06:20:40Characters.XCOM 2
24th May 16 08:31:58Characters.Exalted Spirits
23rd May 16 11:23:32Characters.Steven Universe Other Gems
23rd May 16 11:03:36Fridge.Steven Universe
23rd May 16 11:03:31Fridge.Steven Universe
23rd May 16 10:55:16Minion With An F In Evil
22nd May 16 01:40:55Characters.Changeling The Lost
16th May 16 05:27:05Fridge.Uncharted
15th May 16 02:37:39Characters.HOME 2013
13th May 16 06:03:41Characters.Uncharted
13th May 16 05:44:37Characters.Uncharted
12th May 16 03:53:16Fridge.Worm
11th May 16 10:51:03Tabletop Game.Werewolf The Forsaken
11th May 16 03:57:06Recap.Batman The Animated Series E 62 His Silicon Soul
9th May 16 09:28:10Tabletop Game.Mage The Awakening
9th May 16 07:27:36Characters.Uncharted
9th May 16 06:35:35Fanfic.The Girl Of Tomorrow
8th May 16 10:35:02Exalted.Tropes A To H
8th May 16 10:35:02Exalted.Tropes A To H
8th May 16 05:01:06Characters.Kirby
8th May 16 04:52:17Video Game.Kirby Planet Robobot
7th May 16 08:07:18Video Game.Kirby Planet Robobot
7th May 16 08:01:49Video Game.Kirby Planet Robobot
7th May 16 07:53:15Video Game.Kirby Planet Robobot
7th May 16 01:17:12YMMV.Captain America Civil War
7th May 16 07:49:31Tear Jerker.Captain America Civil War
6th May 16 07:33:30YMMV.Stellaris
6th May 16 07:29:37Video Game.Stellaris
6th May 16 12:10:45Characters.Mage The Awakening
4th May 16 10:49:11Characters.Mage The Awakening
4th May 16 05:55:18Characters.Warframe Grineer
4th May 16 04:16:50YMMV.Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak
4th May 16 04:16:00YMMV.Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak
4th May 16 07:01:20Characters.Grey Goo
2nd May 16 03:37:37Tabletop Game.Mage The Awakening
1st May 16 08:00:08Characters.Exalted Other
28th Apr 16 05:18:03Video Game.The Banner Saga 2
28th Apr 16 05:13:11Characters.The Banner Saga
27th Apr 16 07:39:16Nightmare Fuel.Mage The Awakening
27th Apr 16 07:58:25Nightmare Fuel.Mage The Awakening
26th Apr 16 05:28:16Characters.Werewolf The Forsaken
25th Apr 16 06:04:12Characters.Werewolf The Forsaken
24th Apr 16 03:11:41Characters.Werewolf The Forsaken
24th Apr 16 02:48:23Characters.Werewolf The Forsaken
24th Apr 16 02:48:03Characters.Werewolf The Forsaken
24th Apr 16 02:46:35Characters.Werewolf The Forsaken
23rd Apr 16 06:06:53Video Game.Stellaris
23rd Apr 16 06:03:17Video Game.Stellaris
23rd Apr 16 05:57:32Video Game.Stellaris
23rd Apr 16 04:46:52Video Game.Raidou Kuzunoha Vs King Abaddon
17th Apr 16 07:00:25Video Game.Stellaris
17th Apr 16 03:03:59YMMV.Dark Souls III
17th Apr 16 05:19:44The Old Gods
16th Apr 16 04:52:24Characters.Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
15th Apr 16 02:45:57Characters.Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
15th Apr 16 12:34:42Characters.Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
15th Apr 16 12:27:11Awesome.Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
14th Apr 16 06:48:43WMG.Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
14th Apr 16 05:42:09Video Game.Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
14th Apr 16 05:35:43Characters.Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse
14th Apr 16 06:42:51Characters.Battlefleet Gothic Armada
11th Apr 16 11:54:37Video Game.Tyranny
11th Apr 16 11:47:56Video Game.Tyranny
11th Apr 16 11:44:56Video Game.Tyranny
10th Apr 16 08:21:25Video Game.Stellaris
8th Apr 16 04:19:38Characters.SCP Foundation Joke SC Ps
8th Apr 16 05:35:06Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 2000 To 2999
2nd Apr 16 09:28:19Quotes.Protest Song
2nd Apr 16 03:18:17Tabletop Game.Unknown Armies
31st Mar 16 07:52:45Tear Jerker.Death Battle
29th Mar 16 03:52:30Characters.Starcraft I
26th Mar 16 11:35:17Comic Book.Blue Beetle
26th Mar 16 07:39:22Fan Fic.Queen Of Blood
26th Mar 16 12:26:30Characters.Disgaea 5
26th Mar 16 12:22:43YMMV.Disgaea 5
25th Mar 16 08:12:16Characters.Cry Of Fear
18th Mar 16 06:44:01Characters.Homestuck Cherubs
18th Mar 16 08:47:06Characters.One Punch Man
17th Mar 16 09:18:18Useful Notes.The Crusades
15th Mar 16 11:55:11Fan Fic.In The Beginning There Was Man
14th Mar 16 06:56:38Characters.Chivalry Of A Failed Knight
14th Mar 16 11:05:06Playing With.Villain Sue
13th Mar 16 10:28:30Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
13th Mar 16 10:23:39Characters.Darkest Dungeon
13th Mar 16 08:58:46Film.Warm Bodies
13th Mar 16 08:08:34Literature.Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
12th Mar 16 05:08:15Ideal Hero
12th Mar 16 07:45:56Characters.Battlefleet Gothic Armada
12th Mar 16 07:44:26Video Game.Battlefleet Gothic Armada
9th Mar 16 04:49:34Characters.Cucumber Quest
9th Mar 16 04:08:08Tear Jerker.Zootopia
8th Mar 16 06:04:39Visual Novel.Gyakuten Saiban 6
8th Mar 16 06:03:38WMG.Gyakuten Saiban 6
8th Mar 16 05:19:45Visual Novel.Gyakuten Saiban 6
7th Mar 16 07:17:02Literature.Star Trek The Genesis Wave
7th Mar 16 01:59:15Horrible.Animated Films
7th Mar 16 05:34:37Awesome.Zootopia
7th Mar 16 05:22:24Fridge.Zootopia
6th Mar 16 04:58:31Parody Sue
6th Mar 16 02:55:55YMMV.Zootopia
6th Mar 16 02:48:24Characters.Zootopia
6th Mar 16 02:36:15Nightmare Fuel.Zootopia
6th Mar 16 02:35:10Nightmare Fuel.Zootopia
6th Mar 16 10:45:51Characters.Supergod
6th Mar 16 05:31:31Characters.Zootopia
6th Mar 16 05:30:45Characters.Zootopia
6th Mar 16 05:17:11Characters.Zootopia
4th Mar 16 03:36:40Fan Fic.Storyshift
3rd Mar 16 06:41:04Nightmare Fuel.Zootopia
3rd Mar 16 06:01:46Characters.Zootopia
2nd Mar 16 05:08:36YMMV.Zootopia
2nd Mar 16 05:03:48Characters.Zootopia
26th Feb 16 04:40:44Webcomic.One Punch Man
25th Feb 16 05:54:01Parody Sue
24th Feb 16 05:36:50Visual Novel.Magical Diary
24th Feb 16 05:22:10Visual Novel.Magical Diary
24th Feb 16 01:17:24Visual Novel.Magical Diary
22nd Feb 16 12:39:06Characters.One Punch Man
20th Feb 16 03:38:19WMG.XCOM 2
20th Feb 16 03:38:00WMG.XCOM 2
19th Feb 16 12:44:02Funny.XCOM 2
19th Feb 16 12:41:48Funny.XCOM 2
18th Feb 16 09:53:38Video Game.Crysis
17th Feb 16 07:56:03Characters.Gravity Falls Main Antagonists
17th Feb 16 04:43:53Characters.Ciaphas Cain
14th Feb 16 08:09:24Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Lannister
14th Feb 16 08:09:22Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Lannister
13th Feb 16 04:50:42The Elder Scrolls.The Elder Scrolls Race Tropes
13th Feb 16 05:59:48Video Game.Shattered Planet
12th Feb 16 07:45:24Videogame.Firewatch
12th Feb 16 03:11:08Videogame.Firewatch
10th Feb 16 04:59:58Characters.XCOM 2
9th Feb 16 04:54:58Characters.XCOM 2
9th Feb 16 04:14:09Characters.XCOM 2
9th Feb 16 12:52:37Characters.XCOM 2
9th Feb 16 12:52:04Characters.XCOM 2
9th Feb 16 02:31:37Headscratchers.XCOM 2
9th Feb 16 02:24:23YMMV.XCOM 2
8th Feb 16 04:36:58Nightmare Fuel.XCOM 2
8th Feb 16 04:29:50Characters.XCOM 2
8th Feb 16 06:06:51Fridge.XCOM 2
7th Feb 16 11:23:49YMMV.XCOM 2
7th Feb 16 11:21:12YMMV.XCOM 2
7th Feb 16 08:04:26Nightmare Fuel.XCOM 2
7th Feb 16 08:02:23Characters.XCOM 2
5th Feb 16 05:21:00Characters.XCOM 2
4th Feb 16 05:40:26Characters.Doctor Sleep
4th Feb 16 05:31:21Characters.Doctor Sleep
3rd Feb 16 02:49:13Characters.Dragon Ball GT Villains
3rd Feb 16 01:47:28Lovable Coward
3rd Feb 16 01:28:39Fan Fic.Queen Of Blood
3rd Feb 16 05:07:10Fan Fic.Queen Of Blood
2nd Feb 16 06:27:38Characters.XCOM 2
2nd Feb 16 03:52:51Nightmare Fuel.XCOM 2
2nd Feb 16 03:35:37YMMV.XCOM 2
31st Jan 16 05:24:31Fridge.Kung Fu Panda
31st Jan 16 05:09:21Fridge.Kung Fu Panda 3
30th Jan 16 03:46:08Characters.Kung Fu Panda Third Movie Characters
30th Jan 16 03:38:28Characters.Kung Fu Panda Third Movie Characters
30th Jan 16 03:32:19Characters.Kung Fu Panda Third Movie Characters
30th Jan 16 01:55:47Ravenloft.Darklords
27th Jan 16 11:38:06Characters.Warframe Tenno
27th Jan 16 11:38:05Characters.Warframe Tenno
25th Jan 16 02:54:47Fridge.Darkest Dungeon
24th Jan 16 11:29:30Deep Space Nine.Cardassian Union
23rd Jan 16 08:07:47Video Game.Warframe
23rd Jan 16 07:30:13Characters.Warframe Grineer
23rd Jan 16 06:30:48Characters.Warframe Tenno
20th Jan 16 07:51:09Awesome.Darkest Dungeon
20th Jan 16 07:50:50Awesome.Darkest Dungeon
20th Jan 16 07:43:52WMG.Darkest Dungeon
20th Jan 16 07:42:46WMG.Darkest Dungeon
20th Jan 16 05:55:14Video Game.The Secret World
20th Jan 16 02:58:31Characters.Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors
19th Jan 16 06:48:53Fridge.Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
16th Jan 16 09:57:49WMG.Persona 5
15th Jan 16 08:11:11Video Game.Pony Island
15th Jan 16 02:00:32Silk Hiding Steel
13th Jan 16 01:43:28Tabletop Game.Mummy The Curse
11th Jan 16 05:02:31Nightmare Fuel.Changeling The Lost
11th Jan 16 04:05:09Fan Fic.Outcry
9th Jan 16 06:50:04YMMV.Steven Universe
9th Jan 16 08:00:40Recap.The Nostalgia Critic S 8 E 27
7th Jan 16 06:25:34Tabletop Game.Demon The Descent
7th Jan 16 06:14:26Tabletop Game.Demon The Descent
7th Jan 16 02:36:14Tabletop Game.Demon The Descent
7th Jan 16 02:24:40Nightmare Fuel.Demon The Descent
7th Jan 16 02:15:02Tabletop Game.Demon The Descent
6th Jan 16 06:55:44Tabletop Game.Demon The Descent
4th Jan 16 10:00:21Characters.Warhammer 40000 Astartes Chapters
3rd Jan 16 10:12:57Fan Fic.In The Beginning There Was Man
3rd Jan 16 10:11:37Fan Fic.In The Beginning There Was Man
3rd Jan 16 09:46:03Videogame.Five Nights At Freddys World
3rd Jan 16 07:56:15Slave To PR
2nd Jan 16 05:10:57Playing With.Exactly What I Aimed At
2nd Jan 16 05:10:14Playing With.Exactly What I Aimed At
2nd Jan 16 05:09:34Playing With.Exactly What I Aimed At
2nd Jan 16 05:09:08Playing With.Exactly What I Aimed At
1st Jan 16 10:53:38Characters.Snatcher
1st Jan 16 10:51:21Characters.Snatcher
25th Dec 15 10:23:47Film.Escape From Tomorrow
25th Dec 15 10:12:19WMG.New World Of Darkness
25th Dec 15 03:30:33Funny.Some Jerk With A Camera
25th Dec 15 03:13:18Funny.Some Jerk With A Camera
25th Dec 15 11:58:44Video Game.Fran Bow
25th Dec 15 11:57:46Video Game.Fran Bow
25th Dec 15 11:46:53Fridge.Fran Bow
25th Dec 15 11:45:29Fridge.Fran Bow
25th Dec 15 11:44:18Video Game.Fran Bow
25th Dec 15 11:41:51Video Game.Fran Bow
24th Dec 15 06:58:31Characters.Destiny The Vex
21st Dec 15 03:02:31Characters.Exalted Exalted
18th Dec 15 10:50:31Nightmare Fuel.Werewolf The Forsaken
8th Dec 15 01:51:45Visual Novel.Dengeki Stryker
7th Dec 15 05:54:28Fanfic Recs.Dragon Age
7th Dec 15 05:53:55Fanfic Recs.Dragon Age
7th Dec 15 05:51:59Fanfic Recs.Dragon Age
7th Dec 15 05:51:28Fanfic Recs.Dragon Age
7th Dec 15 05:50:45Fanfic Recs.Dragon Age
7th Dec 15 04:09:48Video Game.Fran Bow
6th Dec 15 05:34:38Video Game.Fran Bow
6th Dec 15 05:33:21Video Game.Fran Bow
6th Dec 15 02:57:55Characters.Undertale Main Characters
5th Dec 15 11:12:45Characters.Exalted Exalted
5th Dec 15 07:17:12Battle Couple
5th Dec 15 07:17:10Battle Couple
5th Dec 15 07:17:07Battle Couple
5th Dec 15 11:09:46Fridge.Death Battle
3rd Dec 15 06:14:14Awesome.Jimquisition
2nd Dec 15 06:08:46Funny.SF Debris
2nd Dec 15 06:08:45Funny.SF Debris
30th Nov 15 02:55:06Awesome.Jimquisition
29th Nov 15 03:16:50Screaming Woman
28th Nov 15 09:32:03Awesome.Atop The Fourth Wall
27th Nov 15 05:38:13Funny.SF Debris
26th Nov 15 08:59:40WMG.The Beginners Guide
26th Nov 15 08:56:04Video Game.The Beginners Guide
26th Nov 15 05:22:04Funny.SF Debris
26th Nov 15 10:12:15Characters.Gravity Falls Creatures And Other Oddities
24th Nov 15 07:59:56Tear Jerker.Atop The Fourth Wall
23rd Nov 15 07:48:17Characters.Ravenloft
23rd Nov 15 06:42:00Characters.Star Craft II
23rd Nov 15 06:41:56Characters.Star Craft II
22nd Nov 15 06:23:46YMMV.Fallout 4
22nd Nov 15 06:20:43YMMV.Fallout 4
22nd Nov 15 04:14:51Characters.Ravenloft
20th Nov 15 09:06:45WMG.Undertale
20th Nov 15 09:01:32WMG.Undertale
20th Nov 15 08:57:07WMG.Undertale
20th Nov 15 06:58:16Characters.Ravenloft
18th Nov 15 08:30:40Characters.Star Craft II
18th Nov 15 08:37:52Characters.Starcraft I
17th Nov 15 06:11:26Characters.Fallout 4 Companions
17th Nov 15 04:35:08Fanfic Recs.Persona 4
17th Nov 15 01:47:20Characters.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
16th Nov 15 07:47:15Characters.Star Craft II
16th Nov 15 03:25:20YMMV.Rise Of The Tomb Raider
16th Nov 15 03:22:25YMMV.Rise Of The Tomb Raider
15th Nov 15 05:11:01Awesome.Shadowrun Returns
15th Nov 15 05:03:44Characters.Shadowrun Returns
15th Nov 15 05:02:13Characters.Shadowrun Returns
12th Nov 15 05:15:35Characters.Fallout 4 Factions
12th Nov 15 04:51:23Characters.Fallout 4 Factions
11th Nov 15 06:31:51Video Game.Fallout 4
11th Nov 15 06:16:50Characters.Fallout 4 Factions
11th Nov 15 06:14:07Characters.Fallout 4 Factions
11th Nov 15 04:17:51YMMV.Fallout 4
11th Nov 15 02:06:41Characters.Fallout 4
11th Nov 15 01:59:52Characters.Fallout 4
8th Nov 15 05:57:46Myth.Aztec Mythology
8th Nov 15 05:55:24Myth.Aztec Mythology
8th Nov 15 02:03:17Characters.Shadowrun Returns
8th Nov 15 01:30:20Characters.Shadowrun Returns
7th Nov 15 10:15:17Characters.Revolutionary Girl Utena
6th Nov 15 05:49:17Funny.Markiplier
4th Nov 15 08:47:07Tabletop Game.New World Of Darkness
4th Nov 15 08:43:30Tabletop Game.New World Of Darkness
4th Nov 15 08:41:20Tabletop Game.Demon The Descent
4th Nov 15 05:21:04Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 24 Too Far
2nd Nov 15 07:45:32Characters.Warhammer Bretonnia
2nd Nov 15 07:26:57Characters.The End Times Vermintide
2nd Nov 15 07:21:13Characters.The End Times Vermintide
1st Nov 15 05:52:43Characters.Darkest Dungeon
31st Oct 15 08:11:59Characters.The End Times Vermintide
31st Oct 15 07:57:19Characters.The End Times Vermintide
31st Oct 15 05:31:30Characters.The End Times Vermintide
30th Oct 15 08:27:33Characters.The End Times Vermintide
28th Oct 15 08:51:50Characters.Exalted Exalted
27th Oct 15 01:57:21Nightmare Fuel.Guild Wars 2
27th Oct 15 01:26:25Characters.Exalted Other
26th Oct 15 09:45:44Characters.Exalted Other
24th Oct 15 05:08:33Just Joking Justification
23rd Oct 15 05:16:22Characters.Exalted Exalted
17th Oct 15 01:36:06Awesome.Markiplier
15th Oct 15 07:14:38Tabletop Game.Shadowrun
14th Oct 15 06:47:13Moral Sociopathy
14th Oct 15 06:31:00Film.Infini
14th Oct 15 06:29:28Film.Infini
14th Oct 15 09:35:03Monster Clown
13th Oct 15 06:36:16Film.Unfriended
12th Oct 15 07:08:32YMMV.Intrepid
11th Oct 15 07:34:02Video Game.Hacknet
7th Oct 15 03:29:17WMG.Destiny
7th Oct 15 03:26:22WMG.Destiny
6th Oct 15 05:50:54WMG.SOMA
6th Oct 15 10:00:53Characters.SOMA
6th Oct 15 09:46:54WMG.SOMA
5th Oct 15 08:48:01Literature.The Picture Of Dorian Gray
5th Oct 15 03:46:19Characters.Destiny Others
5th Oct 15 03:37:23Characters.Destiny The Hive
5th Oct 15 03:31:27Characters.Destiny The Hive
4th Oct 15 09:30:17Video Game.Warhammer 40000 Regicide
4th Oct 15 10:46:46Jealous Parent
4th Oct 15 07:23:07Recap.Star Trek The Next Generation S 5 E 14 Conundrum
2nd Oct 15 11:48:27Russian Guy Suffers Most
30th Sep 15 04:47:31Characters.Darkest Dungeon
30th Sep 15 04:28:25Characters.Darkest Dungeon
30th Sep 15 06:45:13Tear Jerker.The Order Of The Stick
30th Sep 15 06:17:06Characters.The Order Of The Stick Azure City
29th Sep 15 09:11:07Characters.Darkest Dungeon
29th Sep 15 04:52:36Film.Thank You For Smoking
29th Sep 15 04:52:14YMMV.Thank You For Smoking
29th Sep 15 02:35:40Stealth Pun.Tabletop Games
28th Sep 15 05:35:11Characters.Warhammer Greenskins
28th Sep 15 04:45:27Nightmare Fuel.Atop The Fourth Wall
26th Sep 15 02:13:08Tabletop Game.Black Crusade
24th Sep 15 12:52:56Funny.Undertale
23rd Sep 15 11:47:01Video Game.Undertale
23rd Sep 15 10:50:16WMG.SOMA
23rd Sep 15 10:16:29WMG.SOMA
23rd Sep 15 10:14:17WMG.SOMA
23rd Sep 15 08:04:18Characters.Undertale
22nd Sep 15 09:39:11Tear Jerker.Undertale
22nd Sep 15 06:16:33Video Game.SOMA
22nd Sep 15 02:30:07Fridge.Undertale
22nd Sep 15 09:24:09Fridge.Undertale
21st Sep 15 04:36:27Characters.Undertale
21st Sep 15 03:23:22Characters.Undertale
21st Sep 15 07:38:32Fridge.Undertale
21st Sep 15 07:27:42YMMV.Undertale
21st Sep 15 06:24:20YMMV.Undertale
21st Sep 15 05:56:04Video Game.Undertale
15th Sep 15 05:50:34Characters.Gravity Falls Creatures And Other Oddities
15th Sep 15 05:31:02Video Game.The Magic Circle
14th Sep 15 06:20:27Awesome.Brows Held High
12th Sep 15 08:12:34Literature.The End Of Eternity
12th Sep 15 04:08:01Funny.Extra Credits
11th Sep 15 10:22:48Characters.Empowered