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6th Mar 18 10:43:18Stock Sound Effects
22nd Nov 17 05:21:29Recap.Tiny Toon Adventures S 3 E 16 Sports Shorts
22nd Nov 17 05:00:26Recap.Tiny Toon Adventures
22nd Nov 17 04:46:10Recap.Tiny Toon Adventures S 2 E 11 Kon Ducki
22nd Nov 17 03:53:12Recap.Tiny Toon Adventures
7th Nov 17 11:22:34Web Video.Phelous
15th Oct 17 05:31:53Our Vampires Are Different.Advertising
4th Sep 17 01:27:22Love Will Lead You Back
12th Aug 17 06:56:43Tonka Tough
12th Apr 17 08:45:40YMMV.Stuart Ashen
12th Apr 17 08:44:23YMMV.Stuart Ashen
10th Apr 17 07:03:41Trivia.Brows Held High
2nd Oct 16 07:35:34Trivia.Beauty And The Beast 1987
24th Sep 16 12:06:17Horrible.Live Action Films
12th Jun 16 04:51:50Awesome Music.Homestuck
12th Jun 16 04:50:45Awesome Music.Homestuck
30th Apr 16 10:52:16Tropers.Lee4hmz
20th Apr 16 12:43:25Characters.Homestuck Trolls One
29th Feb 16 08:31:45Useful Notes.IBM Personal Computer
8th Feb 16 12:12:45Nine Out Of Ten Doctors Agree
8th Feb 16 12:12:28Nine Out Of Ten Doctors Agree
12th Jan 16 10:21:17Characters.Homestuck Other Characters
22nd Dec 15 12:17:51Results Not Typical
21st Nov 15 06:13:16Western Animation.Care Bears Movie IIA New Generation
21st Nov 15 02:56:39Spiritual Successor.Music
14th Nov 15 11:16:08Useful Notes.Magnetic Disk
14th Nov 15 11:13:15Useful Notes.Magnetic Disk
14th Nov 15 09:05:46Useful Notes.IBM Personal Computer
14th Nov 15 07:35:24Trivia.Graphics Processing Unit
14th Nov 15 07:26:21Trivia.Graphics Processing Unit
18th Oct 15 04:47:51Creator.Warner Bros
18th Oct 15 04:40:49Creator.Lorimar
17th Oct 15 11:02:07Creator.Lorimar
17th Oct 15 10:44:13Creator.Lorimar
8th Oct 15 06:32:59Film.Stripes
8th Oct 15 06:27:24Film.Stripes
7th Aug 15 03:09:17The Alleged Computer
6th Aug 15 06:40:27Tropers.Lee4hmz
6th Aug 15 06:36:57Troper Wall.lee4hmz
4th Aug 15 12:28:41Tropers.Lee4hmz
4th Aug 15 12:02:35Tropers.Lee4hmz
18th Oct 13 02:20:57Award Bait Song
13th Aug 13 10:20:35Offer Void In Nebraska
13th Aug 13 10:16:43Offer Void In Nebraska
13th Aug 13 07:35:06Spiritual Successor.Live Action TV
13th Aug 13 07:31:43Spiritual Successor.Live Action TV
11th Aug 13 04:16:20The Power Of Rock.Western Animation
11th Aug 13 03:54:46Quotes.Forced Meme
24th Jul 13 10:22:21Trivia.Muppet Babies
24th Jul 13 10:22:09Trivia.Muppet Babies
23rd Jul 13 03:26:09Creator.Hans Zimmer
27th Mar 13 11:17:24Western Animation.Aqua Teen Hunger Force
16th Feb 13 07:38:33Open Secret
5th Aug 12 02:23:42Central Processing Unit
24th Jun 12 12:43:39Awesome.Atop The Fourth Wall
24th Jun 12 12:41:22Awesome.Atop The Fourth Wall
16th Jun 12 07:59:07Western Animation.Bon Voyage Charlie Brown
16th Jun 12 07:57:38Western Animation.Bon Voyage Charlie Brown
16th Jun 12 07:39:05Western Animation.Bon Voyage Charlie Brown
16th Jun 12 07:38:31Western Animation.Bon Voyage Charlie Brown
10th Jun 12 11:44:23Film.Night Of The Lepus
7th Jun 12 09:21:23DOS 4 GW
7th Jun 12 09:21:09DOS 4 GW
4th Jun 12 08:08:21Asbestos Free Cereal
4th Jun 12 01:31:14Consumer Conspiracy
1st Jun 12 05:46:13Pixellation
29th May 12 01:17:01Official Couple
25th May 12 07:08:45Artistic License Animal Care
23rd May 12 10:29:36Notable Commercial Campaigns
23rd May 12 10:26:54Notable Commercial Campaigns
21st May 12 02:01:56Atop The Fourth Wall.Tropes Q To Z
21st May 12 01:15:36Web Video.Phelous
17th May 12 10:04:11Web Video.Brows Held High
17th May 12 09:52:49Web Video.Brows Held High
17th May 12 08:45:48Sandbox.The Board Game
16th May 12 09:49:15Atop The Fourth Wall.Tropes Q To Z
12th May 12 08:20:09Go Mad From The Revelation
7th May 12 11:35:16Web Video.Todd In The Shadows
4th May 12 08:27:30Dreaming Of A White Christmas
1st May 12 12:39:16Sandbox.They Just Didnt Care
1st May 12 10:18:57X Meets Y.New Media
26th Apr 12 02:05:41Web Video.Todd In The Shadows
24th Apr 12 02:29:48Bubble Gun
24th Apr 12 02:29:08Bubble Gun
24th Apr 12 09:40:44VCR
24th Apr 12 09:28:24VCR
20th Apr 12 03:02:38Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 04 E 10 Hercules Against The Moon Men
13th Apr 12 10:34:23Awesome.Brows Held High
13th Apr 12 10:25:02Web Original.Brows Held High
11th Apr 12 09:04:46Asbestos Free Cereal
10th Apr 12 12:39:04Stripes
10th Apr 12 10:39:01Graphics Processing Unit
10th Apr 12 10:22:11Graphics Processing Unit
10th Apr 12 10:11:36Graphics Processing Unit
4th Apr 12 06:53:19Self Abuse
4th Apr 12 06:38:39Self Abuse
2nd Apr 12 09:52:36Mood Whiplash.Homestuck
2nd Apr 12 06:09:42Graphics Processing Unit
30th Mar 12 02:48:21Season Finale
30th Mar 12 02:34:38Took A Level In Badass.Webcomics
29th Mar 12 02:00:13Mood Whiplash.Homestuck
27th Mar 12 09:03:44Graphics Processing Unit
27th Mar 12 08:25:21Characters.Homestuck Other Characters
26th Mar 12 02:14:59Graphics Processing Unit
26th Mar 12 02:13:49Graphics Processing Unit
26th Mar 12 02:10:43Graphics Processing Unit
26th Mar 12 01:20:57Mood Whiplash.Homestuck
26th Mar 12 12:34:18Made In Country X
26th Mar 12 10:18:31IBM Personal Computer
26th Mar 12 10:06:31IBM Personal Computer
26th Mar 12 08:59:01Characters.Homestuck
26th Mar 12 08:57:44Characters.Homestuck Pre Trolls
26th Mar 12 08:56:38Characters.Homestuck
26th Mar 12 08:56:01Characters.Homestuck
25th Mar 12 07:08:35Characters.Homestuck Trolls One
25th Mar 12 07:07:06Characters.Homestuck Trolls One
25th Mar 12 07:00:20Characters.Homestuck Trolls One
25th Mar 12 05:12:12Season Finale
22nd Mar 12 11:59:32Homestuck.Tropes S-U
19th Mar 12 09:11:21Shout Out.Homestuck
16th Mar 12 11:35:07Homestuck.Tropes M-O
9th Mar 12 03:45:28Video Game Systems
9th Mar 12 03:33:39IBMP Cjr
8th Mar 12 03:42:33Shout Out.Homestuck
27th Feb 12 09:24:07Season Finale
26th Feb 12 09:33:13Season Finale
26th Feb 12 08:10:52Leitmotif.Webcomics
22nd Feb 12 11:00:53IBM Personal Computer
21st Feb 12 11:37:28Central Processing Unit
21st Feb 12 10:30:03Central Processing Unit
17th Feb 12 10:16:00Sugar Wiki.Sweet Exists
17th Feb 12 10:14:31Award Bait Song
12th Feb 12 04:47:13Shout Out.Homestuck
23rd Dec 11 02:55:46X Meets Y.Web Original
23rd Dec 11 09:18:38Colecovision
3rd Dec 11 04:59:13Tropers.Lee4hmz
10th Nov 11 08:33:44Microsoft Windows
6th Nov 11 06:44:39Useful Notes.The Seventies
6th Nov 11 01:54:31Computer Generated Images
6th Nov 11 12:31:07Central Processing Unit
6th Nov 11 12:27:31Central Processing Unit
28th Oct 11 10:49:49Bewitched
28th Oct 11 10:24:30X Meets Y.Western Animation
28th Oct 11 12:00:47Tropers.Lee4hmz
2nd Oct 11 09:43:28Horrible.Music
2nd Oct 11 09:42:19Horrible.Music
24th Sep 11 07:04:51X Meets Y.Anime
24th Sep 11 06:51:53YMMV.Turner Classic Movies
18th Sep 11 06:56:19Men Without Hats
17th Sep 11 11:29:12Washington DC
17th Sep 11 10:41:20Washington DC
17th Sep 11 07:11:13Who Wears Short Shorts
16th Sep 11 08:44:03X Meets Y.Anime