Lawman 592's Recent Edits

15th Feb 17 03:03:48The Scapegoat
14th Feb 17 12:54:11Karma Houdini
14th Feb 17 12:48:10God Is Inept
10th Feb 17 12:23:10Film.The Parallax View
10th Feb 17 12:22:43Film.The Parallax View
9th Feb 17 12:07:09Cosmic Plaything
9th Feb 17 12:04:13Laconic.Karmic Misfire
9th Feb 17 12:04:00Laconic.Karmic Misfire
8th Feb 17 04:50:09Bewildering Punishment
8th Feb 17 04:41:32Tropers.Lawman 592
8th Feb 17 03:08:33Misplaced Retribution
8th Feb 17 12:06:58YMMV.Chick Tracts
8th Feb 17 12:03:46Fall Guy
8th Feb 17 11:52:43Guilt By Association Gag
7th Feb 17 04:59:42Morality Tropes
7th Feb 17 04:53:48Cynicism Tropes
7th Feb 17 04:51:18Index Of Consequences
7th Feb 17 04:50:06Karma
7th Feb 17 04:45:06Karmic Misfire
7th Feb 17 04:44:43Karmic Misfire
6th Feb 17 11:32:20Soiled City On A Hill
16th Dec 16 12:25:14Referenced By.Elvis Presley
16th Dec 16 12:17:02Referenced By.Elvis Presley
16th Dec 16 12:08:43Referenced By.Elvis Presley
14th Dec 16 04:40:31Referenced By.Elvis Presley
14th Dec 16 04:33:06Referenced By.Music
14th Dec 16 03:15:25Referenced By.Elvis Presley
30th Jul 16 06:00:01Yoko Oh No
20th Jul 16 12:42:55Produce Pelting
19th Jul 16 11:52:44Produce Pelting
19th Jul 16 11:37:45Soiled City On A Hill
19th Jul 16 11:37:12Soiled City On A Hill
12th Jun 16 08:18:34Soiled City On A Hill
16th May 16 10:34:45Murderous Mask
15th May 16 10:08:28Western Animation.Wholly Smoke
25th Mar 16 12:16:06Film.The Hustler
8th Feb 16 09:30:25Trivia.Portrait OF Jennie
30th Jan 16 04:28:04The Wild West
30th Jan 16 01:36:37Dawn Of The Wild West
30th Jan 16 01:33:47Dawn Of The Wild West
13th Jan 16 04:59:38Motivated By Fear
28th Dec 15 09:24:32Film.Going My Way
24th Dec 15 02:52:05Film.The Revenant
12th Dec 15 04:07:49Summary.People
9th Dec 15 12:05:15Advanced Ancient Acropolis
8th Dec 15 11:43:32Turbulent Priest
19th Nov 15 11:32:47Depraved Kids Show Host
19th Nov 15 11:31:44Depraved Kids Show Host
5th Nov 15 04:52:01Murderous Mask
21st Sep 15 12:51:38Stock Yuck
11th Sep 15 03:31:31Vanity Project
3rd Sep 15 03:23:07Trivia.Carousel
22nd Aug 15 08:29:44Love Makes You Uncreative
21st Aug 15 04:28:14Yoko Oh No
21st Aug 15 04:24:52Yoko Oh No
21st Aug 15 04:23:19Yoko Oh No
15th Aug 15 05:47:57Classical Music Is Boring
11th Aug 15 12:31:50Soiled City On A Hill
11th Aug 15 12:30:39Soiled City On A Hill
22nd Jul 15 05:12:58Documentary Of Lies
12th Jul 15 11:21:05Music.Dust Bowl Ballads
7th Jul 15 11:31:35Star Derailing Role
6th Jul 15 01:40:21Summary.Film
6th Jul 15 01:38:15Twilight Of The Old West
29th Jun 15 01:59:02Snake Oil Salesman
13th Jun 15 12:57:24Referenced By.The Beatles
10th Jun 15 11:40:45YMMV.Contempt
7th Jun 15 10:35:38Career Ending Injury
5th Jun 15 09:49:52City People Eat Sushi
5th Jun 15 09:42:25City People Eat Sushi
2nd Jun 15 04:37:05Tear Jerker.Film
2nd Jun 15 04:26:15Tear Jerker.Film
1st Jun 15 09:59:50Tear Jerker.Hud
31st May 15 12:59:41Tear Jerker.Hud
30th May 15 08:47:15Tear Jerker.Hud
30th May 15 08:46:49Tear Jerker.Film
30th May 15 08:41:57Film.Tear Jerker
30th May 15 08:41:17Film.Tear Jerker
30th May 15 08:39:20Film.Tear Jerking
30th May 15 08:35:27Film.Tear Jerking
30th May 15 08:34:55Film.Tear Jerking
30th May 15 08:33:00Film.Heartbreaking
30th May 15 08:29:33Film.Heartbreaking
30th May 15 08:19:07Films Of The1960s
29th May 15 09:59:32Quotes.The Big Rotten Apple
27th May 15 12:35:49Who Wears Short Shorts
12th May 15 12:29:56Soiled City On A Hill
5th May 15 10:36:37Soiled City On A Hill
5th May 15 10:30:07Soiled City On A Hill
4th May 15 02:55:58Damned By A Fools Praise
22nd Apr 15 09:53:34Series Of The2010s
5th Apr 15 05:00:17Oireland
30th Mar 15 03:11:20YMMV.On Deadly Ground
30th Mar 15 03:10:43YMMV.On Deadly Ground
24th Mar 15 10:34:56Series.Man To Man With Dean Learner
23rd Mar 15 01:21:52Film.The Song Of Bernadette
23rd Mar 15 01:20:08Film.The Song Of Bernadette
23rd Mar 15 01:19:58Trivia.The Song Of Bernadette
23rd Mar 15 01:18:15Trivia.The Song Of Bernadette
23rd Mar 15 01:16:36Film.The Song Of Bernadette
21st Mar 15 08:01:34Epic Rocking
21st Mar 15 01:14:13Useful Notes.The American Civil War
21st Mar 15 01:02:02Drinking On Duty
21st Mar 15 01:01:24Drinking On Duty
16th Mar 15 04:32:42Clueless Aesop
16th Mar 15 03:30:51Films Of The1960s
13th Mar 15 12:41:19John Barleycorn And Friends
12th Mar 15 12:15:11Drinking On Duty
11th Mar 15 09:04:38C List Fodder
9th Mar 15 01:54:58Dry Crusader
5th Mar 15 02:54:49Stealing From The Hotel
1st Mar 15 09:45:35Film.Ryans Daughter
27th Feb 15 04:29:43War Is Hell.Literature
19th Feb 15 03:07:43Summary.People
13th Feb 15 03:22:42Film.What A Way To Go
28th Jan 15 12:46:03Laconic.Informed Real Life Fame
28th Jan 15 12:44:04Laconic.Informed Real Life Fame
12th Jan 15 04:26:23Deader Than Disco.Film
12th Jan 15 12:10:05Summary.Film
3rd Jan 15 01:49:17Film.High Noon
3rd Jan 15 01:46:32Film.True Grit
1st Jan 15 01:04:46Recap.The Simpsons S 2 E 21 Three Men And A Comic Book
1st Jan 15 01:04:26Recap.The Simpsons S 2 E 21 Three Men And A Comic Book
28th Dec 14 04:45:50Smug Straight Edge
27th Dec 14 01:31:53Film Noir
27th Dec 14 01:04:55Film.This Gun For Hire
27th Dec 14 01:04:33Film.This Gun For Hire
27th Dec 14 01:03:49Film.This Gun For Hire
27th Dec 14 01:03:26Film.This Gun For Hire
27th Dec 14 01:02:34Film.This Gun For Hire
19th Dec 14 04:07:36Damned By A Fools Praise
19th Dec 14 04:04:29Damned By A Fools Praise
11th Dec 14 04:06:40John Barleycorn And Friends
29th Nov 14 06:46:07Summary.People
19th Nov 14 04:57:28Summary.People
12th Nov 14 08:47:01Americans Hate Tingle
11th Nov 14 04:33:34Laconic.John Barleycorn And Friends
11th Nov 14 04:32:32Laconic.John Barleycorn And Friends
11th Nov 14 03:19:47Vanity Project
11th Nov 14 02:58:17Classical Music Is Boring
10th Nov 14 12:06:19Fire And Brimstone Hell
10th Nov 14 12:03:28Fire And Brimstone Hell
10th Nov 14 12:00:25Fire And Brimstone Hell
4th Nov 14 03:44:52Unintentional Period Piece.The Seventies
4th Nov 14 03:42:27YMMV.After Hours
4th Nov 14 02:37:41Summary.Theater
3rd Nov 14 12:37:48Western Animation.King Leonardo And His Short Subjects
1st Nov 14 03:54:02Bandit Clan
1st Nov 14 03:52:50Bandit Clan
29th Oct 14 09:57:11Alcohol Induced Idiocy
27th Oct 14 12:12:30Wag The Director
9th Oct 14 11:35:08Yoko Oh No
9th Oct 14 11:24:59Administrivia.In Universe Examples Only
5th Oct 14 01:35:32Characters.Peanuts
5th Oct 14 01:33:51Characters.Peanuts
5th Oct 14 01:32:41Characters.Peanuts
4th Oct 14 03:18:56Trivia.The Lady From Shanghai
4th Oct 14 02:51:11Trivia.Charlie Chaplin
4th Oct 14 02:50:42Creator.Charlie Chaplin
4th Oct 14 02:44:56Trivia.The General
4th Oct 14 02:44:10Trivia.The General
3rd Oct 14 03:12:54Trivia.Harlem Nights
30th Sep 14 12:54:30Alcohol Induced Idiocy
27th Sep 14 02:29:06YMMV.Contempt
27th Sep 14 02:28:19YMMV.Contempt
27th Sep 14 02:27:07YMMV.Contempt
27th Sep 14 02:09:21YMMV.Hud
27th Sep 14 02:04:20Film.Hud
26th Sep 14 09:26:58Film.Hud
26th Sep 14 04:25:48Film.Hud
26th Sep 14 04:16:43Film.Hud
26th Sep 14 04:13:23Film.Hud
26th Sep 14 04:12:24Film.Hud
26th Sep 14 02:53:48Creator.Jerry Lewis
26th Sep 14 02:50:32Creator.Jerry Lewis
26th Sep 14 02:49:14Creator.Jerry Lewis
25th Sep 14 09:47:56Needs Wiki Magic Love
24th Sep 14 03:46:34Music.Appetite For Destruction
24th Sep 14 03:43:25Quotes.City Noir
24th Sep 14 10:51:18Creator.Tyler Perry
24th Sep 14 10:41:13Vanity Project
23rd Sep 14 09:35:19Couple Bomb
23rd Sep 14 09:33:23Vanity Project
23rd Sep 14 09:32:52Vanity Project
23rd Sep 14 02:40:51Credits Tropes
23rd Sep 14 02:36:58Copiously Credited Creator
23rd Sep 14 02:34:12Copiously Credited Creator
23rd Sep 14 02:29:51Copiously Credited Creator
22nd Sep 14 12:00:17Vanity Project
20th Sep 14 05:39:50Tropers.Lawman 592
20th Sep 14 05:36:30Recap.The Simpsons S 6 E 18 A Star Is Burns
20th Sep 14 05:29:12Film.S1m0ne
20th Sep 14 05:25:23Show Business
20th Sep 14 05:18:57YMMV.The Room
20th Sep 14 05:15:52YMMV.Battlefield Earth
20th Sep 14 05:02:13Series.The Spoils Of Babylon
20th Sep 14 04:54:39Vanity Project
20th Sep 14 04:53:37YMMV
20th Sep 14 04:52:14Vanity Project
19th Sep 14 10:36:32Trivia.Coraline
19th Sep 14 10:34:39Creator.Clint Eastwood
19th Sep 14 10:32:33Creator.Robert Rodriguez
19th Sep 14 10:29:37Trivia.Girls
19th Sep 14 10:27:22Trivia.The Room
19th Sep 14 10:26:34Trivia.The Room
19th Sep 14 12:46:21Creator.Ed Wood
19th Sep 14 12:44:52Creator.Orson Welles
19th Sep 14 12:42:40Trivia.The Coen Brothers
19th Sep 14 12:01:52Creator.Charlie Chaplin
18th Sep 14 12:28:45Trivia.Citizen Kane
17th Sep 14 11:00:32Trivia
17th Sep 14 10:59:49Trivia
17th Sep 14 10:57:53Copiously Credited Creator
12th Sep 14 03:35:50Morality Ballad
6th Sep 14 01:45:42Puddle Covering Chivalry
5th Sep 14 01:17:32Law Procedural
4th Sep 14 09:25:00Film.The Elephant Man
23rd Aug 14 08:26:00Soiled City On A Hill
18th Aug 14 03:00:41Recap.South Park S 3 E 3 Succubus
16th Aug 14 02:10:39Film.A Soldiers Story
16th Aug 14 12:36:41What An Idiot.The Simpsons
11th Aug 14 10:37:29YMMV.Howards End
9th Aug 14 07:23:45Film.The Great Waldo Pepper
9th Aug 14 05:15:29Film.The Great Waldo Pepper
9th Aug 14 05:11:30Film.The Great Waldo Pepper
9th Aug 14 05:10:36Film.The Great Waldo Pepper
9th Aug 14 04:40:52Film.The Great Waldo Pepper
5th Aug 14 04:42:34Summary.Film
5th Aug 14 01:15:04Cerebus Syndrome.Film
4th Aug 14 10:25:39Film.The Great Waldo Pepper
4th Aug 14 10:07:39Film.The Great Waldo Pepper
4th Aug 14 10:07:10Film.The Great Waldo Pepper
4th Aug 14 11:38:38Film.The Great Waldo Pepper
3rd Aug 14 12:32:10Film.The Year Of Living Dangerously
3rd Aug 14 12:31:12Film.The Year Of Living Dangerously
3rd Aug 14 12:30:44Film.The Year Of Living Dangerously
3rd Aug 14 12:30:14Film.The Year Of Living Dangerously
29th Jul 14 02:39:37Bleak Abyss Retirement Home
26th Jul 14 05:35:00Summary.Film
26th Jul 14 05:32:04Films Of The1970s
15th Jul 14 12:48:37Love Makes You Uncreative
14th Jul 14 09:12:43Film.Love Happy
14th Jul 14 09:12:33Film.Love Happy
12th Jul 14 10:46:53Cynicism Tropes
9th Jul 14 09:08:38Weird Al Effect
9th Jul 14 09:05:42Weird Al Effect
3rd Jul 14 03:12:16Summary.People
25th Jun 14 10:47:38Referenced By.The Beatles
19th Jun 14 10:28:21Summary.Film
19th Jun 14 10:27:31Summary.Film
17th Jun 14 04:17:27Summary.Film
17th Jun 14 04:15:41Films Of The1990s
13th Jun 14 09:31:25The Other Rainforest
5th Jun 14 08:52:23Film.The Other Sister
30th May 14 11:40:43Nude Nature Dance
24th May 14 01:28:20YMMV.Portrait Of Jennie
24th May 14 01:27:53YMMV.Portrait Of Jennie
24th May 14 01:27:37YMMV.Portrait Of Jennie
24th May 14 01:27:13YMMV.Portrait Of Jennie
24th May 14 01:26:04YMMV.Portrait Of Jennie
24th May 14 01:25:32YMMV.Portrait Of Jennie
24th May 14 01:23:32Film.Portrait Of Jennie
24th May 14 01:20:34Film.The Third Man
24th May 14 01:16:48Film.The Third Man
24th May 14 01:07:16Literature.The Power And The Glory
24th May 14 12:56:44Useful Notes.Seattle
16th May 14 03:33:00Depraved Kids Show Host
14th May 14 11:33:57Depraved Kids Show Host
14th May 14 11:32:37Depraved Kids Show Host
14th May 14 11:30:50Depraved Kids Show Host
14th May 14 11:29:33Depraved Kids Show Host
13th May 14 05:08:47Depraved Kids Show Host
13th May 14 03:01:33Depraved Kids Show Host
13th May 14 02:53:30Depraved Kids Show Host
11th May 14 09:29:01The Last Straw
9th May 14 02:24:29Literature.Ordinary People
9th May 14 02:23:40Literature.Ordinary People
9th May 14 12:42:55Summary.Film
6th May 14 04:00:15Liquid Courage
6th May 14 11:31:05John Barleycorn And Friends
2nd May 14 12:07:24Laconic.Classical Music Is Boring
28th Apr 14 09:26:19Public Medium Ignorance
28th Apr 14 09:18:40Orchestral Bombing
28th Apr 14 09:17:19Music Tropes
28th Apr 14 09:12:28Classical Music Is Boring
28th Apr 14 04:39:10Enemies List
25th Apr 14 09:25:41Actors
25th Apr 14 04:41:50Laconic.Love Makes You Uncreative
25th Apr 14 04:39:34Laconic.Love Makes You Uncreative
15th Apr 14 11:14:29Soiled City On A Hill
7th Apr 14 02:06:00Nude Nature Dance
29th Mar 14 07:21:30The Fairly Odd Parents.Tropes K To R
29th Mar 14 07:21:03The Fairly Odd Parents.Tropes K To R
29th Mar 14 07:16:45Series.Spaced
29th Mar 14 07:12:12Couple Bomb
29th Mar 14 04:49:23Creator Standpoint Index
29th Mar 14 04:49:02Creator Standpoint Index
29th Mar 14 02:48:12The Muse
29th Mar 14 02:43:22Tropers.Lawman 592
29th Mar 14 02:42:16South Park.Tropes K-Q
29th Mar 14 02:36:13Dungeonmasters Girlfriend
29th Mar 14 02:30:24Yoko Oh No
29th Mar 14 02:25:23Yoko Oh No
29th Mar 14 02:16:55Cynicism Tropes
29th Mar 14 02:15:34Love Tropes
29th Mar 14 02:13:35Love Makes You Uncreative
28th Mar 14 04:55:11Literature.The Prague Cemetery
24th Mar 14 12:41:50Music Tropes
24th Mar 14 12:38:09Acceptable Hobby Targets
24th Mar 14 12:36:24Comedy Tropes
20th Mar 14 11:32:00John Barleycorn And Friends
20th Mar 14 11:30:21John Barleycorn And Friends
19th Mar 14 04:59:58Characters.Lost Dharma
18th Mar 14 04:37:44Informed Real Life Fame
13th Mar 14 12:02:36Alcohol Induced Idiocy
10th Mar 14 03:41:55Informed Real Life Fame
27th Feb 14 04:52:13Literature.When You Reach Me
27th Feb 14 04:49:56Characters.Mystery Science Theater 3000
27th Feb 14 04:48:32Characters.Mystery Science Theater 3000
27th Feb 14 01:20:24Informed Real Life Fame
27th Feb 14 01:19:35Pop Culture Isolation
27th Feb 14 01:17:02Popcultural Osmosis Failure
26th Feb 14 09:20:38YMMV.The Muppet Show
26th Feb 14 09:06:04YMMV.Mallard Fillmore
26th Feb 14 09:00:31YMMV.Whats My Line
26th Feb 14 08:57:31Literature.When You Reach Me
26th Feb 14 08:55:03Tropers.Lawman 592
26th Feb 14 08:51:56YMMV
26th Feb 14 08:48:42Audience Reactions
26th Feb 14 08:45:26Informed Real Life Fame
26th Feb 14 03:59:41John Barleycorn And Friends
26th Feb 14 03:58:31John Barleycorn And Friends
25th Feb 14 04:17:41Trivia.Troop Beverly Hills
24th Feb 14 10:27:38Useful Notes.Baseball
20th Feb 14 12:11:44Summary.Film
20th Feb 14 12:07:22Film.Chaplin
20th Feb 14 12:06:58Film.Chaplin
20th Feb 14 12:06:23Film.Chaplin
20th Feb 14 12:05:40Films Of The1990s
20th Feb 14 12:04:19Summary.Film
20th Feb 14 11:55:05Referenced By.The Beatles
20th Feb 14 11:50:46Referenced By.The Beatles
19th Feb 14 09:14:02Film.The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean
19th Feb 14 09:12:39New Old West
19th Feb 14 09:09:05Twilight Of The Old West
18th Feb 14 01:20:50Quotes.The Big Rotten Apple
14th Feb 14 09:44:05Film.Noah
14th Feb 14 09:39:41Film.Noah
14th Feb 14 10:50:58Film.The Hustler
6th Feb 14 09:17:27Murderous Mask
5th Feb 14 04:48:24Twilight Of The Old West
29th Jan 14 04:20:58Music.New Order
29th Jan 14 04:19:33Creator.Ephraim Kishon
10th Jan 14 03:49:06Series.Barney Miller
1st Jan 14 01:50:36Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
21st Dec 13 09:17:22Webcomic.Sinfest
21st Dec 13 09:07:10John Barleycorn And Friends
20th Dec 13 10:25:14John Barleycorn And Friends
20th Dec 13 10:23:52John Barleycorn And Friends
17th Dec 13 11:38:13John Barleycorn And Friends
7th Dec 13 12:42:35Kill Em All
7th Dec 13 12:40:38Kill Em All
5th Dec 13 03:38:28Take That.Live Action TV
1st Dec 13 12:56:53John Barleycorn And Friends
29th Nov 13 10:47:10Trivia.Carousel
29th Nov 13 01:27:33Quotes.With Due Respect
29th Nov 13 01:10:04Trivia.Carousel
29th Nov 13 01:09:02Trivia.Carousel
29th Nov 13 01:07:44Trivia.Carousel
29th Nov 13 01:07:23Trivia.Carousel
29th Nov 13 01:06:31Trivia.Carousel
26th Nov 13 01:01:47John Barleycorn And Friends
25th Nov 13 12:30:26The Smoking Section
25th Nov 13 12:28:16The Smoking Section
25th Nov 13 01:12:06Laconic.John Barleycorn And Friends
25th Nov 13 12:46:43Trope Namers.Music
25th Nov 13 12:15:40Murder Ballad
25th Nov 13 12:11:22Film.Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
25th Nov 13 12:10:48Film.Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
24th Nov 13 10:10:26Music.The Rolling Stones
24th Nov 13 09:59:08Characters.Questionable Content
24th Nov 13 09:56:30Characters.Questionable Content
24th Nov 13 09:47:35Music.James Brown
23rd Nov 13 09:02:32Quotes.John Barleycorn And Friends
23rd Nov 13 08:28:28Quotes.John Barleycorn And Friends
23rd Nov 13 08:12:18John Barleycorn And Friends
23rd Nov 13 07:40:52Good Little Monkeys
23rd Nov 13 06:56:30Quotes.John Barleycorn And Friends
23rd Nov 13 06:56:16Quotes.John Barleycorn And Friends
23rd Nov 13 06:22:43Must Have Nicotine
23rd Nov 13 06:13:41Quotes.John Barleycorn And Friends
23rd Nov 13 06:11:05Quotes.John Barleycorn And Friends
23rd Nov 13 05:58:45Western Animation.Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue
23rd Nov 13 05:55:05Western Animation.Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue
23rd Nov 13 05:51:18Tropers.Lawman 592
23rd Nov 13 03:12:47Anthropomorphic Personification
23rd Nov 13 03:11:26This Is Your Index On Drugs
23rd Nov 13 03:10:45Hard Drinking Tropes
23rd Nov 13 03:09:26John Barleycorn And Friends
22nd Nov 13 10:02:22Film.Red River