Last Hussar's Recent Edits

24th Aug 13 01:50:24Throw It In.Film
24th Aug 13 01:29:28Film.Monty Pythons Life Of Brian
24th Aug 13 01:25:55Film.Monty Pythons Life Of Brian
30th Jun 13 01:29:42Useful Notes.British Accents
7th Apr 13 04:36:09Creator.David Attenborough
3rd Apr 13 05:05:27Radio.Just A Minute
1st Apr 13 05:43:37Dutch Angle
29th Mar 13 10:39:25Supervillain Lair
29th Mar 13 10:34:31Supervillain Lair
29th Mar 13 10:32:25Supervillain Lair
20th Mar 13 04:24:20Readings Are Off The Scale
17th Mar 13 07:06:36Cant Argue With Elves
11th Mar 13 12:00:52Useful Notes.IC Number
10th Mar 13 04:48:56Insane Troll Logic
26th Feb 13 06:25:28Tropers.Last Hussar
26th Feb 13 05:36:52Tropers.Last Hussar
26th Feb 13 02:41:18Trivia.The Men Who Stare At Goats
24th Feb 13 10:55:34Tropers.Drunkscriblerian
9th Feb 13 12:10:55Film.Nanny Mc Phee
28th Jan 13 06:03:36The Unreveal
19th Jan 13 04:20:17Creator.Alan Rickman
19th Jan 13 04:19:56Creator.Alan Rickman
19th Jan 13 04:07:45School Play
19th Jan 13 04:04:53School Play
19th Jan 13 04:04:19School Play
19th Jan 13 04:02:30School Play
19th Jan 13 01:04:53Frickin Laser Beams
19th Jan 13 01:01:44Awesome Mc Coolname
19th Jan 13 01:01:43Awesome Mc Coolname
19th Jan 13 01:01:43Awesome Mc Coolname
19th Jan 13 12:56:05Awesome Mc Coolname
19th Jan 13 11:34:39Awesome Mc Coolname
19th Jan 13 11:30:26Awesome Mc Coolname
17th Jan 13 04:25:40Headscratchers.Thief Of Time
14th Jan 13 05:37:02David Mitchell
14th Jan 13 05:36:34David Mitchell
14th Jan 13 05:28:20David Mitchell
14th Jan 13 04:10:06Is The Answer To This Question Yes
14th Jan 13 04:07:38Is The Answer To This Question Yes
14th Jan 13 04:07:15Is The Answer To This Question Yes
11th Jan 13 02:12:59Have You Tried Rebooting
11th Jan 13 01:45:18Discworld.Night Watch
11th Jan 13 01:44:24Discworld.Night Watch
7th Jan 13 03:08:50Badass Boast.Film
5th Jan 13 07:32:32Dialogue Tree
5th Jan 13 06:06:00Unfortunate Implications
23rd Dec 12 07:17:36Stop Helping Me
23rd Dec 12 07:16:50Stop Helping Me
12th Dec 12 05:00:53Thunderbirds
4th Dec 12 04:54:57British Pubs
4th Dec 12 04:42:57Theatre.Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead
1st Dec 12 09:30:47Series.The Thin Blue Line
1st Dec 12 09:30:21Series.The Thin Blue Line
1st Dec 12 09:29:24Series.The Thin Blue Line
1st Dec 12 09:28:43Series.The Thin Blue Line
25th Nov 12 04:07:56Western Animation.Up
21st Nov 12 03:46:50Actor Allusion.Live Action Films
21st Nov 12 03:44:09Actor Allusion.Live Action Films
18th Nov 12 12:27:53Highly Visible Ninja
18th Nov 12 03:36:42Schmuck Bait
18th Nov 12 03:35:09Schmuck Bait
14th Nov 12 10:23:09British Pubs
14th Nov 12 10:20:45British Pubs
14th Nov 12 10:18:18British Pubs
14th Nov 12 10:16:28British Pubs
14th Nov 12 07:19:41Schmuck Bait
14th Nov 12 04:18:48AKA 47
14th Nov 12 04:03:08Snark Bait
14th Nov 12 03:53:30Schmuck Bait
14th Nov 12 01:45:24Film.James Bond
12th Nov 12 04:59:47Film.Die Another Day
12th Nov 12 04:59:32Film.Die Another Day
11th Nov 12 04:16:35Kavorka Man
10th Nov 12 05:26:53War Of The Spanish Succession
30th Oct 12 06:37:03I Am One Of Those Too
8th Apr 12 03:42:48Tropers.Last Hussar
7th Apr 12 01:36:37Misaimed Fandom.Live Action TV
7th Apr 12 07:03:54Not That Kindof Doctor
7th Apr 12 06:48:09Tropers.Last Hussar
24th Mar 12 04:41:57Headscratchers.Hogfather
24th Mar 12 04:34:31Discworld.Hogfather
18th Mar 12 05:07:37Film.Up
18th Mar 12 04:32:43Captain Scarlet
18th Mar 12 04:23:09Captain Scarlet
18th Mar 12 04:15:23Wacky Americans Have Wacky Names
18th Mar 12 02:35:01Mark Kermode
18th Mar 12 02:31:38Mark Kermode
18th Mar 12 02:05:01It Got Worse.Film
18th Mar 12 02:03:32It Got Worse.Film
18th Mar 12 02:03:00It Got Worse.Film
17th Mar 12 06:27:21Cap
17th Mar 12 06:17:15Improbable Cover
16th Mar 12 02:10:40Badass Boast.Real Life
16th Mar 12 01:54:03Underestimating Badassery
12th Mar 12 03:23:28Porridge
4th Mar 12 12:10:38Drink Order
4th Mar 12 12:04:06Did Not Do The Bloody Research
4th Mar 12 10:01:18I Want My Beloved To Be Happy
4th Mar 12 05:10:13Are You Pondering What Im Pondering
2nd Mar 12 05:02:24Rule Of Three
28th Feb 12 12:55:23A Wizard Did It
27th Feb 12 04:43:11Theatre.Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead
26th Feb 12 09:52:14Radio.Round The Horne
25th Feb 12 03:54:18Apocalypse Day Planner
19th Feb 12 02:54:58The European Carry All
19th Feb 12 02:49:25The European Carry All
17th Feb 12 07:19:31Hustle
7th Feb 12 03:53:32The Dam Busters
4th Feb 12 01:23:06Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu
4th Dec 11 03:10:19Aggressive Negotiations