Lady Norbert's Recent Edits

19th Mar 17 10:15:22Film.Pride And Prejudice
17th Mar 17 12:20:43First Girl Wins
17th Mar 17 11:10:35Even The Guys Want Him
17th Mar 17 10:54:40Even The Guys Want Him
17th Mar 17 08:41:42Aroused By Their Voice
17th Mar 17 08:40:01Aroused By Their Voice
17th Mar 17 08:31:05Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
17th Mar 17 08:14:58YMMV.Julie And Julia
16th Mar 17 10:57:14Dismantled Mac Guffin
16th Mar 17 09:57:32Amazon Brigade
16th Mar 17 09:47:35Back To Back Badasses
16th Mar 17 09:13:47Spectacle
16th Mar 17 08:46:15Silly Will
16th Mar 17 10:46:33Secret Keeper
16th Mar 17 10:20:34Secret Keeper
16th Mar 17 10:02:11Side Bet
16th Mar 17 09:45:45Accidentally Accurate
16th Mar 17 09:36:00YMMV.Shadow And Rose
16th Mar 17 09:32:53Adorkable.Fan Works
16th Mar 17 09:25:33OOC Is Serious Business.Fanfic
16th Mar 17 08:55:50Action Girlfriend
15th Mar 17 07:25:49Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
15th Mar 17 04:40:17Trivia.Twice Upon An Age
15th Mar 17 04:31:57Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
15th Mar 17 02:08:12Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
14th Mar 17 09:47:23Fanon.Western Animation
14th Mar 17 09:25:37Fan Sequel
14th Mar 17 09:18:46Continuation
14th Mar 17 07:19:45Foregone Conclusion
14th Mar 17 07:18:13Foregone Conclusion
14th Mar 17 07:17:03Foregone Conclusion
14th Mar 17 06:46:17Bridal Carry
14th Mar 17 05:12:17Brought Down To Normal
14th Mar 17 04:45:43Elopement
14th Mar 17 04:30:02Altar The Speed
14th Mar 17 04:14:18Uncovering Relationship Status
14th Mar 17 03:55:22Sorry That Im Dying
14th Mar 17 03:35:08She Cleans Up Nicely
14th Mar 17 03:20:16Second Love
14th Mar 17 03:02:59Self Proclaimed Love Interest
14th Mar 17 02:41:57Unresolved Sexual Tension.Live Action TV
14th Mar 17 01:55:30Parental Incest
14th Mar 17 01:31:49Promoted To Love Interest
14th Mar 17 01:30:31Promoted To Love Interest
14th Mar 17 01:11:00Relationship Compression
14th Mar 17 12:56:25Oblivious To Love.Fan Works
14th Mar 17 12:44:19No Going Steady
14th Mar 17 12:29:42Love At First Sight.Fan Works
14th Mar 17 12:09:34Its Not You Its My Enemies
14th Mar 17 11:57:47Security Cling
14th Mar 17 11:26:47Talking Through Technique
14th Mar 17 11:21:07Nonverbal Miscommunication
14th Mar 17 10:59:12I Kiss Your Hand
14th Mar 17 10:37:27Long Last Look
14th Mar 17 09:41:56Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
14th Mar 17 09:29:43The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In
14th Mar 17 09:09:03I Want My Beloved To Be Happy
14th Mar 17 08:53:48Imaginary Love Triangle
14th Mar 17 08:44:18Imaginary Love Triangle
14th Mar 17 07:46:46Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
14th Mar 17 07:36:57Named After Somebody Famous
13th Mar 17 05:15:03Damned By Faint Praise
13th Mar 17 05:02:27Crunchtastic
13th Mar 17 04:08:08Series.My Two Dads
13th Mar 17 04:03:22WMG.My Two Dads
13th Mar 17 03:05:31They Call Me Mister Tibbs
13th Mar 17 02:26:36Friendly Address Privileges
13th Mar 17 02:18:27Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
13th Mar 17 01:18:31The Magnificent
13th Mar 17 08:49:16The Gadfly
13th Mar 17 08:36:12Friend In The Black Market
13th Mar 17 12:58:24Coupled Couples
12th Mar 17 11:57:38Big Brother Instinct.Fan Works
12th Mar 17 11:34:00Annoying Younger Sibling
12th Mar 17 11:13:33Affectionate Nickname
12th Mar 17 10:54:52The All Concealing I
12th Mar 17 10:47:32Deuteragonist
12th Mar 17 10:33:18Happily Married.Fan Fics
12th Mar 17 10:27:35Interspecies Romance.Video Games
12th Mar 17 10:15:38Interspecies Romance.Fanfic
12th Mar 17 09:56:53Hope Bringer
12th Mar 17 09:44:22Odd Friendship
12th Mar 17 08:57:56Undying Loyalty
12th Mar 17 08:40:13The Matchmaker
12th Mar 17 10:21:03Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
12th Mar 17 09:15:41Politeness Judo
12th Mar 17 08:41:31Webcomic.Cobweb And Stripes
11th Mar 17 12:05:34Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
11th Mar 17 11:08:25Perfumigation
9th Mar 17 12:38:36Trivia.My Sisters Keeper
9th Mar 17 12:37:25YMMV.My Sisters Keeper
9th Mar 17 12:37:05YMMV.My Sisters Keeper
6th Mar 17 09:34:50You Called Me X It Must Be Serious
6th Mar 17 09:12:45The Unchosen One
6th Mar 17 08:52:04Gush.Fan Fic
6th Mar 17 08:41:46Squee
6th Mar 17 07:36:46Lets Get Dangerous.Fan Works
6th Mar 17 06:33:22Crisis Of Faith
6th Mar 17 06:27:46The Chew Toy
6th Mar 17 06:25:13Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
5th Mar 17 09:07:51Lady Of War
5th Mar 17 08:59:18If You Ever Do Anything To Hurt Her
5th Mar 17 06:42:27Framing Device
5th Mar 17 06:40:52Written By Cast Member
5th Mar 17 06:33:15Generation Xerox
5th Mar 17 06:25:26Fictional Document
5th Mar 17 06:14:07Cover Innocent Eyes And Ears
5th Mar 17 06:04:27Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
5th Mar 17 10:37:08Direct Line To The Author
5th Mar 17 10:33:21Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
5th Mar 17 08:27:30Webcomic.Cobweb And Stripes
5th Mar 17 07:56:49Webcomic.Cobweb And Stripes
5th Mar 17 07:53:48Honor Before Reason
4th Mar 17 09:12:17Idiosyncratic Episode Naming
4th Mar 17 09:08:04Idiosyncratic Episode Naming
4th Mar 17 09:02:37Heroic Sacrifice.Fan Fics
4th Mar 17 08:58:22Little No
4th Mar 17 08:31:59They Fight Crime
4th Mar 17 08:31:31They Fight Crime
4th Mar 17 08:15:29The Only One I Trust
4th Mar 17 08:07:49The Only One I Trust
4th Mar 17 07:58:45Breaking Bad News Gently
4th Mar 17 07:17:25Broken Bird
4th Mar 17 07:14:52Broken Bird
4th Mar 17 07:03:18Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
4th Mar 17 07:00:10Dark And Troubled Past
4th Mar 17 06:49:34Opposites Attract
4th Mar 17 06:43:11Birds Of A Feather
4th Mar 17 06:31:59Nice Guy.Fan Works
4th Mar 17 01:08:24Green Eyed Monster.Fan Fiction
4th Mar 17 12:41:56Pretty Boy
4th Mar 17 12:37:17Pretty Boy
4th Mar 17 12:33:21The Power Of Friendship
4th Mar 17 11:46:19Magnetic Hero
4th Mar 17 11:43:29All Loving Hero
4th Mar 17 11:37:41Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
4th Mar 17 11:34:06The Heart
3rd Mar 17 07:45:41Fanon.Fan Fiction
3rd Mar 17 07:28:58Go Through Me
3rd Mar 17 07:16:27Framing Device
3rd Mar 17 07:11:33Distress Ball
3rd Mar 17 06:51:11Badass Bookworm.Fan Fiction
3rd Mar 17 06:48:04Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
3rd Mar 17 06:42:47Rescue Introduction
3rd Mar 17 06:37:43Reluctant Warrior
3rd Mar 17 06:04:30Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Party Members
3rd Mar 17 04:52:11A Shared Suffering
2nd Mar 17 10:57:05Metaphor Is My Middle Name
2nd Mar 17 10:53:11Please Spare Him My Liege
2nd Mar 17 10:44:21Rescue Romance
2nd Mar 17 10:38:37Switching POV
2nd Mar 17 10:26:10Twice Shy
2nd Mar 17 10:14:35Survivor Guilt
2nd Mar 17 10:09:59Tranquil Fury
2nd Mar 17 09:59:32YMMV.Twice Upon An Age
2nd Mar 17 09:59:13Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
2nd Mar 17 09:23:35Noodle Incident.Fan Works
2nd Mar 17 08:28:24Misery Poker
2nd Mar 17 08:09:54Mistaken For Romance
2nd Mar 17 08:04:54Living Emotional Crutch
2nd Mar 17 07:36:45Like Brother And Sister
2nd Mar 17 07:01:42The Ladys Favour
2nd Mar 17 06:44:03Innocent Cohabitation
2nd Mar 17 06:25:57How Dare You Die On Me
1st Mar 17 09:14:39The Fettered
1st Mar 17 09:08:09Force And Finesse
1st Mar 17 08:07:36Eating The Eye Candy
1st Mar 17 07:57:09Did You Just Have Sex
1st Mar 17 07:54:44Coupled Couples
1st Mar 17 07:38:29Heartbroken Badass
1st Mar 17 07:16:23Cover Innocent Eyes And Ears
1st Mar 17 07:12:01Conversational Troping
1st Mar 17 07:07:19Bodyguarding A Badass
1st Mar 17 06:59:01Trivia.Twice Upon An Age
1st Mar 17 06:57:28Big Brother Instinct.Fan Works
1st Mar 17 05:42:27Bad Dreams
1st Mar 17 05:34:48Battle Couple
1st Mar 17 05:30:45Run Or Die
1st Mar 17 05:26:19Be Careful What You Wish For
1st Mar 17 05:24:10Be Careful What You Wish For
1st Mar 17 05:18:22Affectionate Gesture To The Head
1st Mar 17 05:08:40Affectionate Nickname
1st Mar 17 05:07:05Alternate Universe Fic
1st Mar 17 05:03:48Alternate Universe Fic
1st Mar 17 04:47:50Fan Fic.Video Games
1st Mar 17 04:46:54Troper Works
1st Mar 17 04:44:57Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
1st Mar 17 04:41:51Fanfic.Twice Upon An Age
1st Mar 17 03:58:37Fan Fic.Shadow And Rose
1st Mar 17 12:46:29One Man Army.Video Games
1st Mar 17 12:38:23One Man Army.Fan Fic
1st Mar 17 11:43:12Love Is A Weakness
1st Mar 17 10:29:03Friends Are Chosen Family Arent
1st Mar 17 10:01:56Fan Fic.Son Of The Seven Kingdoms
1st Mar 17 09:56:44Fan Fic.Son Of The Seven Kingdoms
1st Mar 17 09:40:12Break Up Make Up Scenario
1st Mar 17 09:22:42Fighting Your Friend
1st Mar 17 08:26:34Flirting Under Fire
1st Mar 17 07:37:44Geeky Turn On
28th Feb 17 08:05:04Post Victory Collapse
28th Feb 17 02:19:58Character Flaw Index
28th Feb 17 02:18:45Written In Infirmity
28th Feb 17 02:03:14One Scene Wonder.Video Games
28th Feb 17 12:58:06Progressively Prettier
28th Feb 17 12:21:40Workaholic
28th Feb 17 12:12:53The Ghost
28th Feb 17 11:11:28The Empath
28th Feb 17 11:05:38Sarcastic Devotee
28th Feb 17 10:38:04The Mc Coy
27th Feb 17 07:19:14Fairy Godmother
27th Feb 17 07:14:49The Presents Were Never From Santa
27th Feb 17 07:09:10The Chooser Of The One
27th Feb 17 06:58:30Blog.Knights Of Fandom
27th Feb 17 06:48:06Authority In Name Only
27th Feb 17 06:23:00You Shall Not Pass.Video Games
27th Feb 17 06:11:40Barrier Warrior
26th Feb 17 11:36:18Heroes Love Dogs
26th Feb 17 11:01:04Heroes
26th Feb 17 09:02:06Friendship Moment
26th Feb 17 08:38:31Forgotten Fallen Friend
26th Feb 17 08:30:35Friendly Enemy
26th Feb 17 07:47:13Surprisingly Happy Ending
26th Feb 17 07:20:30Not So Stoic
26th Feb 17 04:22:14Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
26th Feb 17 03:57:40Satellite Love Interest
25th Feb 17 10:50:36Action Girlfriend
25th Feb 17 10:06:34Old Man Marrying A Child
25th Feb 17 09:53:22Hot Guy Ugly Wife
25th Feb 17 09:03:36Like Brother And Sister
25th Feb 17 11:05:50Happily Married.Video Games
25th Feb 17 11:04:52Happily Married.Video Games
25th Feb 17 10:54:13Surprise Incest
25th Feb 17 10:53:36Surprise Incest
25th Feb 17 10:25:48Amazon Chaser
25th Feb 17 10:00:03Fighting Your Friend
25th Feb 17 09:35:52Declaration Of Protection
25th Feb 17 09:13:25Anger Born Of Worry
25th Feb 17 09:03:15Bearer Of Bad News
24th Feb 17 10:52:32Mythology Gag.Fan Fic
24th Feb 17 10:37:56Either Or Prophecy
24th Feb 17 10:23:45Ugly Cute.Video Games
24th Feb 17 10:22:44Ugly Cute.Video Games
24th Feb 17 09:44:17You Cant Fight Fate
24th Feb 17 09:24:09Nice Job Fixing It Villain
24th Feb 17 09:15:20Bonus Feature Failure
24th Feb 17 08:40:00Designated Hero.Western Animation
24th Feb 17 08:01:48Chivalrous Pervert
24th Feb 17 07:43:52Undying Loyalty
24th Feb 17 07:43:08Undying Loyalty
24th Feb 17 07:15:25Fan Fic.Shadow And Rose
24th Feb 17 07:05:50Pseudocanonical Fic
24th Feb 17 06:56:29Plot Device All Along
24th Feb 17 06:02:02Wedding Day
24th Feb 17 05:41:12Beautiful All Along
23rd Feb 17 09:58:12Outliving Ones Offspring
23rd Feb 17 09:01:33Men Of Sherwood
23rd Feb 17 08:31:35The Heart
23rd Feb 17 02:45:20Video Game.Dragon Age Inquisition
23rd Feb 17 01:30:26Tomato Surprise
23rd Feb 17 07:03:26Must Make Her Laugh
23rd Feb 17 06:44:15Face Your Fears
23rd Feb 17 06:36:45Named After Somebody Famous
23rd Feb 17 06:30:49Instant Messenger Pigeon
23rd Feb 17 06:26:48YMMV.NCIS
23rd Feb 17 06:23:10Fictional Counterpart
23rd Feb 17 06:11:47Comforting Comforter
22nd Feb 17 08:28:09Characterization Tropes
22nd Feb 17 01:33:36Crisis Of Faith
22nd Feb 17 01:31:32Crisis Of Faith
22nd Feb 17 01:05:39Uncovering Relationship Status
22nd Feb 17 01:02:05They Do
22nd Feb 17 12:48:54Shipper On Deck.Video Games
22nd Feb 17 12:37:35She Is Not My Girlfriend
22nd Feb 17 12:31:00Secret Relationship
22nd Feb 17 12:19:52Official Couple Ordeal Syndrome
22nd Feb 17 12:03:28Love At First Sight
22nd Feb 17 11:50:13Leave The Two Lovebirds Alone
22nd Feb 17 11:41:38If I Cant Have You
22nd Feb 17 11:09:58Happily Married.Video Games
22nd Feb 17 10:54:41Claimed By The Supernatural
22nd Feb 17 10:50:56Coupled Couples
22nd Feb 17 10:00:12Can Not Spit It Out
22nd Feb 17 09:38:21Talented Princess Regular Guy
21st Feb 17 08:33:43Weirdness Magnet
21st Feb 17 08:19:19Not So Above It All
21st Feb 17 08:16:54Not So Above It All
21st Feb 17 04:41:12Ship Tease.Fanfiction
21st Feb 17 04:39:29Bridal Carry
20th Feb 17 08:20:24Morality Tropes
20th Feb 17 08:10:08Get Out Of Jail Free Card
20th Feb 17 07:58:48Awakening The Sleeping Giant
20th Feb 17 07:54:24Samaritan Syndrome
20th Feb 17 07:51:49Good Samaritan
20th Feb 17 07:46:44Virtue Is Weakness
20th Feb 17 06:16:41Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
20th Feb 17 06:13:03Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
17th Feb 17 10:31:28Recursive Fanfiction
17th Feb 17 10:08:41YMMV.Elemental Chess Trilogy
17th Feb 17 10:11:07Shipper On Deck.Video Games
17th Feb 17 09:57:00Happily Adopted
17th Feb 17 09:23:12Happily Adopted
17th Feb 17 08:46:56Lady And Knight
17th Feb 17 12:57:00Workaholic
17th Feb 17 12:46:42Married To The Job
17th Feb 17 12:34:17Married To The Job
17th Feb 17 12:30:16Protectorate
17th Feb 17 12:15:55Webcomic Tropes
16th Feb 17 09:24:21Fridge.Dragon Age Inquisition
16th Feb 17 08:54:28Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
15th Feb 17 10:19:32Does This Remind You Of Anything.Fan Works
15th Feb 17 11:23:01Real Is Brown
13th Feb 17 07:03:05Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
12th Feb 17 11:16:09Funny.Dragon Age Inquisition
12th Feb 17 09:55:55Heartwarming.Dragon Age Origins Awakening
12th Feb 17 04:18:52Please Spare Him My Liege
12th Feb 17 02:27:51Hundred Percent Adoration Rating
12th Feb 17 01:31:32Heroism Wont Pay The Bills
12th Feb 17 01:00:07Hospitality For Heroes
12th Feb 17 12:36:13It Sucks To Be The Chosen One
12th Feb 17 12:06:16We Help The Helpless
12th Feb 17 11:47:30She Will Come For Me
11th Feb 17 11:03:13Characters.Fullmetal Alchemist Military
10th Feb 17 07:08:48Really Royalty Reveal
6th Feb 17 11:28:09Cool Horse
6th Feb 17 09:55:48Funny.Timeless
6th Feb 17 09:42:36Shout Out.Timeless
6th Feb 17 09:40:18Series.Timeless
6th Feb 17 08:23:40You Must Be Cold
6th Feb 17 06:28:59Unintentionally Unsympathetic
6th Feb 17 04:30:06Making Love In All The Wrong Places
6th Feb 17 04:11:20Good People Have Good Sex
6th Feb 17 02:06:51Good People Have Good Sex
6th Feb 17 01:35:01Did You Just Have Sex
6th Feb 17 01:07:50Smells Sexy
5th Feb 17 08:27:40Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
1st Feb 17 11:12:54Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Mages
31st Jan 17 12:00:10Imaginary Love Triangle
30th Jan 17 10:37:47Single Woman Seeks Good Man
30th Jan 17 09:35:45Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
30th Jan 17 09:32:37Married To The Job
28th Jan 17 11:55:15Walking Shirtless Scene
28th Jan 17 11:42:31Mr Fanservice.Video Games
28th Jan 17 11:32:33The Strategist
28th Jan 17 11:16:00Trivia.Svengoolie
28th Jan 17 11:14:20Series.Svengoolie
28th Jan 17 11:04:07The Svengali
28th Jan 17 10:17:29Misunderstood Loner With A Heart Of Gold
28th Jan 17 10:04:58Narrator
28th Jan 17 09:39:11Narrator
28th Jan 17 09:16:31Ladykiller In Love
28th Jan 17 09:08:42Most Writers Are Writers
28th Jan 17 09:00:32Maiden Aunt
28th Jan 17 08:47:18Supporting Protagonist
28th Jan 17 08:31:59Lady In Waiting
28th Jan 17 08:18:14Designated Love Interest
28th Jan 17 08:08:18Gentleman And A Scholar
28th Jan 17 06:26:53Barrier Maiden
28th Jan 17 05:36:08Captain Oblivious
27th Jan 17 09:20:18I Have Your Wife
27th Jan 17 08:42:20Threatening Tropes
27th Jan 17 05:52:31Single Target Sexuality
27th Jan 17 03:49:50Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
27th Jan 17 02:23:16Self Made Man
27th Jan 17 02:19:12Characters.Dragon Age Recurring Non Playable Characters
27th Jan 17 02:10:21Standard Hero Reward
27th Jan 17 01:20:23Evil Is Sexy
27th Jan 17 01:00:26Videogame.Dark Parables
27th Jan 17 12:26:49YMMV.Dark Parables
27th Jan 17 12:22:13Videogame.Dark Parables
27th Jan 17 12:16:55Tropers.Lady Norbert
27th Jan 17 12:15:08Blog.Knights Of Fandom
27th Jan 17 11:57:45Nice To The Waiter
27th Jan 17 11:40:29Lady And Knight
27th Jan 17 11:32:37All Loving Hero
27th Jan 17 11:15:49The Heart
27th Jan 17 10:59:10Green Eyed Monster.Anime And Manga
27th Jan 17 10:56:07Green Eyed Monster.Fan Fiction
27th Jan 17 10:55:33Green Eyed Monster.Fan Fiction
27th Jan 17 10:40:10Green Eyed Monster.Fan Fiction
27th Jan 17 10:25:53Silk Hiding Steel
27th Jan 17 10:21:14Silk Hiding Steel
27th Jan 17 09:43:02A Father To His Men.Anime And Manga
27th Jan 17 09:38:17A Father To His Men
27th Jan 17 09:18:31Knight In Shining Armor
27th Jan 17 01:55:54Blog.Knights Of Fandom
27th Jan 17 01:39:58Heartwarming.Dragon Age Inquisition
27th Jan 17 01:22:31Heartwarming.Dragon Age Inquisition
27th Jan 17 01:05:47Tear Jerker.Dragon Age II
27th Jan 17 12:50:01Affectionate Nickname
27th Jan 17 12:44:01Characters.Skyrim DLC
27th Jan 17 12:31:03Affectionate Nickname
27th Jan 17 12:02:53Mr Fanservice.Video Games
26th Jan 17 11:31:38Dumb Is Good
26th Jan 17 11:19:47Dumb Is Good
26th Jan 17 10:53:15Polar Opposite Twins
26th Jan 17 10:42:20Unto Us A Son And Daughter Are Born
26th Jan 17 10:41:08Unto Us A Son And Daughter Are Born
26th Jan 17 10:27:28Twin Telepathy
26th Jan 17 10:07:17YMMV.Mitch And Amy
26th Jan 17 10:06:53Trivia.Mitch And Amy