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14th Jun 15 11:10:39Pyrrhic Victory
16th May 15 02:43:24Iconic Outfit
16th Feb 15 12:39:56Their First Time
17th Dec 14 03:14:53Film.Interstellar
11th Dec 14 01:44:40Film.Interstellar
11th Dec 14 01:36:10Film.Interstellar
31st Oct 14 12:49:41Trivia.Aliens
23rd Dec 13 02:18:25Film.Inside Llewyn Davis
2nd Mar 13 12:39:18Useful Notes.Baltimore
3rd Jan 13 01:15:03Literature.I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream
13th Oct 12 09:07:11YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
13th Oct 12 08:52:08YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
19th Aug 12 04:45:32YMMV.My Little Pony Friendshipis Magic
13th Aug 12 07:15:39Samuel L Jackson
13th Aug 12 03:05:49Game Breaker.Magic The Gathering
10th Jun 12 01:00:16Characters.Magic The Gathering
26th Apr 12 01:56:18Useful Notes.Magic The Gathering
26th Apr 12 01:52:48Tabletop Game.Magic The Gathering
26th Apr 12 01:52:03Tabletop Game.Magic The Gathering
27th Mar 12 07:48:56And The Fandom Rejoiced.Theatre
24th Mar 12 09:46:24Imageboards
5th Mar 12 11:32:49Screwed By The Lawyers
13th Feb 12 11:12:56Literature.Bored Of The Rings
13th Feb 12 03:44:21Double Fine
11th Feb 12 11:58:36CCG Importance Dissonance
30th Jan 12 11:58:19I Am Not Shazam
27th Jan 12 12:51:46Command And Conquer Economy
25th Jan 12 01:01:00Scrappy Mechanic
23rd Jan 12 01:23:07Tabletop Game.The Dresden Files
5th Jan 12 11:44:42Game Shark
2nd Jan 12 07:23:40Tabletop Game.Meddling Kids
2nd Jan 12 07:02:12Tabletop Game.Meddling Kids
27th Dec 11 04:36:08Tropers.Plot Vital NPC
26th Dec 11 06:03:02Sniper Duel
25th Dec 11 08:28:49Tabletop Game.Dungeons The Dragoning
25th Dec 11 08:02:41Tabletop Game.Malifaux
25th Dec 11 03:27:31Tabletop Game.Icons Superpowed Roleplaying
19th Dec 11 08:54:09Fun With Subtitles
19th Dec 11 02:58:08Have A Gay Old Time
11th Dec 11 01:59:50So What Do We Do Now
9th Dec 11 05:13:18Quentin Tarantino
8th Dec 11 10:20:50Cigar Fuse Lighting
8th Dec 11 08:30:13It Makes Sense In Context
8th Dec 11 12:35:52Obvious Rule Patch
7th Dec 11 01:37:22Leonard Nimoy
4th Dec 11 03:32:56Webcomic.Questionable Content
2nd Dec 11 02:47:03Music.Cage The Elephant
1st Dec 11 07:35:50YMMV.The Rachel Maddow Show
1st Dec 11 07:35:16The Rachel Maddow Show
1st Dec 11 07:32:59The Rachel Maddow Show
25th Nov 11 01:32:59Music.Dragon Force
24th Nov 11 07:27:07He Panned It Now He Sucks
24th Nov 11 05:57:06So Bad Its Good.New Media
24th Nov 11 04:18:18Film.Changing Lanes
24th Nov 11 03:38:24Critical Research Failure
24th Nov 11 03:02:47Stick Figure Comic
21st Nov 11 04:19:29Fan Fic.Doom Repercussions Of Evil
21st Nov 11 02:33:16Memes.Other Internet
20th Nov 11 11:10:24And The Fandom Rejoiced
20th Nov 11 11:09:44And The Fandom Rejoiced
20th Nov 11 10:58:10Gamblers Fallacy
16th Nov 11 04:25:43A Tankard Of Moose Urine
14th Nov 11 12:41:29Artistic License Ships
13th Nov 11 11:19:06In That Order
13th Nov 11 05:44:18Tropers.Kroozer 101
9th Nov 11 11:00:19Flame War
8th Nov 11 03:02:01Ray Bradbury
3rd Nov 11 05:37:24Tannhäuser Gate
3rd Nov 11 05:36:57Tannhäuser Gate
3rd Nov 11 04:23:32Darth Wiki.Illiteracy Communist
3rd Nov 11 04:10:38Tropers.Kroozer 101
3rd Nov 11 03:01:36I Thought It Meant.O-R
2nd Nov 11 11:06:45Shout Out.To Shakespeare
2nd Nov 11 12:49:53Firing Range
1st Nov 11 04:12:45Vagina Dentata
1st Nov 11 02:18:30Panty Shot
31st Oct 11 09:26:05Batman Arkham City
30th Oct 11 09:24:40Knightfall
30th Oct 11 09:24:04Knightfall
30th Oct 11 09:22:46Knightfall
28th Oct 11 04:14:58Video Game.Rise Of Nightmares
27th Oct 11 07:05:10Funny.Epic Rap Battles Of History
24th Oct 11 01:38:02Suggested By
24th Oct 11 02:51:05Is That What They're Calling It Now?
24th Oct 11 01:41:01Fun With Acronyms.Tv Tropes
24th Oct 11 12:10:49Accidental Innuendo
23rd Oct 11 10:50:37Pretty Cool Guy.Tropes
21st Oct 11 01:57:59Fan Fic.Of Love And Bunnies
21st Oct 11 01:14:38Comics Nix
20th Oct 11 10:25:44Useful Notes.Philadelphia
19th Oct 11 10:39:17Memes.TV Tropes
19th Oct 11 10:12:39Black Hole Sue
13th Oct 11 10:57:30Tank Goodness
13th Oct 11 01:07:00
13th Oct 11 01:06:45
13th Oct 11 12:41:06One Last Smoke
11th Oct 11 04:30:20Fan Fic.Thirty Hs
10th Oct 11 03:32:40Mazes And Monsters
9th Oct 11 11:12:01Fun With Acronyms.Tv Tropes
6th Oct 11 09:35:04Fun With Acronyms.Tv Tropes
6th Oct 11 09:32:42Fun With Acronyms
6th Oct 11 02:26:03Focus Group Ending
6th Oct 11 02:22:51Focus Group Ending
4th Oct 11 06:03:54Your Approval Fills Me With Shame
4th Oct 11 01:09:15Alt Text
3rd Oct 11 02:09:38Not Screened For Critics
3rd Oct 11 01:11:18Dogs In The Vineyard
2nd Oct 11 02:39:09Jesus Was Way Cool
2nd Oct 11 02:02:06Reality Ensues
2nd Oct 11 01:58:53Reality Ensues
1st Oct 11 10:54:49Moon
1st Oct 11 02:17:41Airwolf
30th Sep 11 03:49:10American Currency
30th Sep 11 11:53:09Series.Parenthood
30th Sep 11 01:53:14Scare Chord
29th Sep 11 11:13:28Fan Disservice.Film
28th Sep 11 11:17:27Punny Name
28th Sep 11 03:46:59Dofus
28th Sep 11 02:27:29Avatar And The Airbending Fellowship Of Vampire Slayers
27th Sep 11 03:39:56What Were They Selling Again
27th Sep 11 02:15:42The Rule Of First Adopters
27th Sep 11 12:59:40John Dies At The End
27th Sep 11 12:58:27John Dies At The End
26th Sep 11 03:49:37Crunchtastic
24th Sep 11 11:35:17Killer Klowns From Outer Space
24th Sep 11 02:51:54Webcomic.Penny Arcade
24th Sep 11 01:47:03Honest Rolls Character
22nd Sep 11 01:51:53Large Ham.Doctor Who
21st Sep 11 11:36:39Atlanta Nights
20th Sep 11 10:18:26Memes.Film
20th Sep 11 09:37:39The Main Characters Do Everything
20th Sep 11 09:36:14CSI Verse
20th Sep 11 06:02:34Continuum
20th Sep 11 05:06:17Frickin Laser Beams
19th Sep 11 06:48:35Linked List Clue Methodology
19th Sep 11 06:46:40
19th Sep 11 05:11:49
19th Sep 11 05:11:26
19th Sep 11 05:10:57
19th Sep 11 04:43:23This Is Gonna Suck
18th Sep 11 11:08:06No Name Given
18th Sep 11 05:00:09American English
18th Sep 11 02:47:18Recap.Doctor Who NSS 4 E 16 The Waters Of Mars
17th Sep 11 11:34:01Tim Roth
17th Sep 11 03:10:41No One Gets Left Behind
16th Sep 11 09:16:01Living Shadow
16th Sep 11 06:29:09Game Breaker.Tabletop Games
16th Sep 11 05:08:48Difficult But Awesome
16th Sep 11 03:22:46Radar.Harry Potter
15th Sep 11 10:52:52Radar.Live Action TV
15th Sep 11 05:36:34Scare Em Straight