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25th Jan 18 06:26:50Headscratchers.Harry Potter Government
8th Jan 18 11:35:28Heroic Safe Mode
2nd Jan 18 02:46:47Video Game.Shantae
26th Dec 17 02:14:34YMMV.Urara Meirocho
10th Aug 17 04:04:23Ball Cannon
27th Jul 17 04:04:28Ratchet Scrolling
12th Jul 17 04:35:31Manga.Hinako Note
12th Jul 17 04:33:52Manga.Hinako Note
12th Jul 17 04:33:14Manga.Hinako Note
12th Jul 17 04:30:04Manga.Hinako Note
12th Jul 17 04:29:22Manga.Hinako Note
5th Jun 17 12:42:22First Name Ultimatum
1st Jun 17 12:12:21Fanfic.Neon Exodus Evangelion
1st Jun 17 12:10:02Fanfic.Neon Exodus Evangelion
1st Jun 17 12:04:04Fanfic.Neon Exodus Evangelion
1st Jun 17 12:03:35Fanfic.Neon Exodus Evangelion
1st Jun 17 12:03:12Fanfic.Neon Exodus Evangelion
1st Jun 17 12:01:56Fanfic.Neon Exodus Evangelion
18th Jan 17 04:19:14Anime.Bubuki Buranki
17th Jan 17 01:38:42Wizard Needs Food Badly
14th Jan 17 12:50:27Lets Play.Kurtjmac
2nd Jan 17 02:26:31Lets Play.Kurtjmac
13th Dec 16 05:27:08Cast The Expert
24th Oct 16 01:09:44Suspiciously Similar Song.Anime
2nd Oct 16 05:53:26Lets Play.Kurtjmac
2nd Oct 16 05:52:29Lets Play.Kurtjmac
18th Sep 16 11:32:52YMMV.Total Annihilation
29th Jun 16 08:23:58Painful Rhyme
17th Jun 16 03:11:07YMMV.Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
17th Jun 16 03:09:19Tear Jerker.Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
17th Jun 16 03:08:51Tear Jerker.Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukanai
23rd May 16 03:49:10Video Game.Capcom Vs Whatever
5th May 16 11:15:55Boring But Practical.Videogames
11th Apr 16 02:28:30Lets Play.Kurtjmac
30th Mar 16 03:51:20Lets Play.Kurtjmac
30th Jan 16 05:41:51Webcomic.Final Fantasy VII The Sevening
30th Jan 16 05:34:07Four Fingered Hands
15th Jan 16 07:00:08Scarf Of Asskicking
15th Jan 16 06:59:24Scarf Of Asskicking
5th Nov 15 11:17:59Its The Journey That Counts
2nd Nov 15 08:48:03Video Game.Point Blank
2nd Nov 15 08:46:54Video Game.Point Blank
1st Nov 15 05:12:55Archive Panic
27th Sep 15 04:33:24Most Wonderful Sound.Video Game
26th Sep 15 03:59:39Mook Chivalry
15th Aug 15 06:51:26Tabletop Game.Cards Against Humanity
5th Aug 15 02:16:39Podcast.Hello Internet
21st Jul 15 02:41:04Hostage Spirit Link
1st Jul 15 08:14:08Funny.XCOM Enemy Unknown
1st Jun 15 02:10:48Control Room Puzzle
27th Apr 15 11:01:35Cherry Tapping
27th Apr 15 11:00:34Cherry Tapping
23rd Apr 15 03:15:16Video Game Remake
17th Mar 15 03:19:42Protagonist Title Fallacy
17th Mar 15 02:14:41Redemption Demotion
16th Mar 15 08:49:47Flawless Victory
15th Feb 15 06:45:42Fridge.Chrono Trigger
15th Feb 15 06:43:41Fridge.Chrono Trigger
4th Feb 15 02:22:12Disadvantageous Disintegration
25th Jan 15 11:08:59Anime.Cross Ange
18th Nov 14 12:24:39Critical Annoyance
12th Nov 14 07:01:46Series.Blackadder
12th Nov 14 02:49:38Characters.Minecraft
11th Nov 14 03:14:06More Dakka
10th Nov 14 07:52:37Last Chance Hit Point
6th Nov 14 04:21:21Video Game.Star Wars Trilogy Arcade
17th Oct 14 08:36:56Acronym And Abbreviation Overload
2nd Oct 14 06:03:03Teleporter Accident
2nd Oct 14 05:41:19Sci Fi Writers Have.No Sense Of Distance
2nd Oct 14 02:47:06WMG.Kinos Journey
2nd Oct 14 02:46:43WMG.Kinos Journey
1st Oct 14 09:39:26Fridge.XCOM Enemy Unknown
28th Sep 14 02:18:15Time Dilation
23rd Sep 14 01:19:10Mythology Gag.Anime
11th Sep 14 07:21:02Headscratchers.Valvrave The Liberator
10th Sep 14 02:12:02Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Crossover
10th Sep 14 02:11:34Break The Cutie.Fan Works
10th Sep 14 02:10:03Fanfic Recs.My Little Chrono Triggers Are Magic
10th Sep 14 02:07:14Please Wake Up
10th Sep 14 02:06:48Fanfic.My Little Chrono Triggers Are Magic
10th Sep 14 02:06:34Fanfic Recs.My Little Chrono Triggers Are Magic
9th Sep 14 06:06:54Fridge.Namiuchigiwa No Muromisan
26th Aug 14 09:25:50Fridge.Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator
20th Aug 14 03:57:50Headscratchers.Math
28th Jun 14 04:10:47Too Many Halves
28th May 14 12:46:27Lets Play.Kikoskia
30th Apr 14 04:53:04AI Breaker
24th Apr 14 03:32:05YMMV.Sailor Moon Another Story
19th Mar 14 05:28:46Interchangeable Antimatter Keys
3rd Mar 14 05:31:43Author Vocabulary Calendar
9th Feb 14 07:12:18Administrivia.Text Formatting Rules
9th Feb 14 07:09:09Turbo Grafx 16
9th Feb 14 07:08:25Turbo Grafx 16
9th Feb 14 07:05:15Turbo Grafx 16
9th Feb 14 07:03:40Turbo Grafx 16
16th Jan 14 11:47:14Shout Out.Space Dandy
26th Dec 13 04:38:07Long Song Short Scene
23rd Dec 13 12:01:12Fighting With Chucks
9th Nov 13 03:01:55Fridge.Papers Please
4th Oct 13 04:45:59We Cannot Go On Without You
8th Aug 13 03:28:15Creator.Edward Asner
3rd Aug 13 05:28:44House Rules
25th Jul 13 04:05:01Establishing Series Moment
23rd Jul 13 04:09:54Headscratchers.Thunderbirds
8th Jul 13 02:18:03Characters.Hidamari Sketch
3rd Jul 13 04:40:48Reality Has No Subtitles
22nd May 13 04:03:20Headscratchers.Beyond Good And Evil
21st May 13 05:23:22Magic Skirt
17th May 13 07:02:02Hold The Line
17th May 13 05:05:34Adjective Noun Fred
17th May 13 05:02:35Adjective Noun Fred
5th Mar 13 03:14:13Video Game.Portal 2
3rd Mar 13 12:38:50Paper Thin Disguise.Anime And Manga
4th Feb 13 03:23:04Spell.Anime
2nd Feb 13 08:51:12Sugar Wiki.Most Wonderful Sound
30th Jan 13 04:04:00Oh Crap.Anime And Manga
27th Jan 13 05:26:46Parrot Exposition
27th Jan 13 05:26:02Parrot Exposition
25th Jan 13 02:48:29Shot To The Heart
25th Jan 13 02:46:17Shot To The Heart
25th Jan 13 02:45:35Shot To The Heart
22nd Jan 13 04:39:35Plotline Death
22nd Jan 13 03:23:10It Runs On Nonsensoleum
16th Jan 13 08:01:00Chunky Salsa Rule
13th Jan 13 03:17:14Cereal Vice Reward
13th Jan 13 01:29:37Phrase Catcher
13th Jan 13 01:23:56Characters.NCIS
17th Dec 12 05:18:52Molotov Cocktail
15th Nov 12 09:05:09Nightmare Fuel.X-COM
7th Nov 12 04:43:33Checkpoint Starvation
31st Oct 12 04:34:43Game Breaker.Final Fantasy
22nd Oct 12 04:53:28Logo Joke
21st Oct 12 03:03:03I Cant Use These Things Together
13th Oct 12 05:46:46Manga.Yuru-Yuri
30th Sep 12 02:22:44The War On Terror
21st Sep 12 01:15:58Camera Lock On
17th Sep 12 04:39:49Spiritual Successor
17th Sep 12 04:39:13Spiritual Successor
17th Sep 12 04:38:41Spiritual Successor
15th Sep 12 05:34:12Golden Snitch
15th Sep 12 05:33:14Golden Snitch
15th Sep 12 04:44:56Good Bad Bugs.Platform Game
15th Sep 12 04:44:02Good Bad Bugs.Platform Game
10th Sep 12 02:27:52Ranged Emergency Weapon
10th Sep 12 02:27:35Ranged Emergency Weapon
30th Aug 12 02:11:24Bladder Of Steel
25th Aug 12 07:28:51Headscratchers.Lost Universe
23rd Aug 12 02:10:35You Keep Using That Word.Less Pedantic
23rd Aug 12 10:33:18Real Life.Cool Plane
22nd Aug 12 02:45:30Lets Play.Proton Jon
20th Aug 12 04:16:48That One Rule
20th Aug 12 04:14:59That One Rule
6th Aug 12 12:52:13Headscratchers.Kobato
5th Aug 12 02:47:29Headscratchers.Zero No Tsukaima
27th Jul 12 02:40:31Shaped Like Itself
25th Jul 12 01:58:15Gutted Like A Fish
22nd Jul 12 07:59:23Chekhovs Skill
5th Jun 12 02:36:49Anime.Fresh Pretty Cure
3rd Jun 12 07:08:10Impassable Head High Hole
3rd Jun 12 07:07:53Knee Deep Water Of Uncrossability
3rd Jun 12 07:07:26Ledge Of Instant Death
3rd Jun 12 07:07:05Rough Ground Of Unwalkability
3rd Jun 12 07:06:37Gentle Slope Of Unclimbability
3rd Jun 12 07:06:12Unclearable Debris
3rd Jun 12 07:05:50Indestructible Fallen Log
3rd Jun 12 07:05:19Frictionless Hill
3rd Jun 12 07:04:05Adamantium Door
3rd Jun 12 07:03:43Adamantium Door
3rd Jun 12 07:03:25Adamantium Door
3rd Jun 12 07:03:10Adamantium Door
18th May 12 01:01:49WMG.C The Money And Soul Of Possibility
30th Apr 12 04:26:14The Triple
27th Apr 12 05:22:40ISO Standard Human Spaceship
14th Apr 12 03:36:17Phi Brain Puzzle Of God
8th Apr 12 02:37:37Badass Boast.Anime
30th Mar 12 12:30:07Law Of Inherent Combustibility
3rd Mar 12 01:14:47Webcomic.Questionable Content
2nd Feb 12 03:01:03Headscratchers.Star Wars
28th Jan 12 07:35:45Skinship Grope
18th Jan 12 03:50:56Door To Before
20th Dec 11 01:12:41Camera Screw
18th Dec 11 08:03:36Shatter
3rd Nov 11 01:02:29Naval Weapons
30th Oct 11 12:24:30Critical Existence Failure
23rd Oct 11 02:22:03Tenchi Muyo
23rd Oct 11 02:19:13Tenchi Muyo
22nd Oct 11 04:02:40Akikan
19th Oct 11 04:08:03Instant Death Bullet
18th Oct 11 09:11:09Tyop On The Cover
2nd Oct 11 02:09:21YMMV.Blood-C