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21st Sep 11 08:38:43Mood Whiplash.Film
21st Sep 11 08:14:47Laconic.GIFT
21st Sep 11 08:14:10Laconic.GIFT
21st Sep 11 08:12:00GIFT
21st Sep 11 08:10:33Laconic.GIFT
21st Sep 11 08:06:40Take It To The Forums
21st Sep 11 08:04:56Darker And Edgier
21st Sep 11 05:08:26
21st Sep 11 05:05:11I Am Not Spock
21st Sep 11 12:03:18Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
21st Sep 11 12:00:48Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
20th Sep 11 11:38:10Literature.Harry Potter
20th Sep 11 11:35:02Literature.Harry Potter
20th Sep 11 11:32:05Literature.Harry Potter
20th Sep 11 10:13:47Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
20th Sep 11 10:10:18Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
20th Sep 11 09:10:50Hair Of Gold
20th Sep 11 08:49:43Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
20th Sep 11 08:45:31Icy Blue Eyes
20th Sep 11 08:35:20Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
20th Sep 11 08:31:24Ambition Is Evil
20th Sep 11 08:22:48Headscratchers.Green Aesop
20th Sep 11 08:18:08Green Aesop
20th Sep 11 08:17:53Green Aesop
20th Sep 11 08:14:11Laconic.Red Oni Blue Oni
20th Sep 11 08:13:32Red Oni Blue Oni
20th Sep 11 07:48:31Fatal Flaw
20th Sep 11 07:48:19Fatal Flaw
20th Sep 11 07:46:45Right Hand Cat
20th Sep 11 07:44:19Cat Up A Tree
20th Sep 11 07:42:24Bond Villain Stupidity
20th Sep 11 07:40:16Our Hero Is Dead
20th Sep 11 07:29:16The Jungle Book
20th Sep 11 07:19:48Spy Fiction
20th Sep 11 07:00:42Fatal Flaw
20th Sep 11 05:40:25Bad Writing
20th Sep 11 05:36:51Sink Hole
20th Sep 11 05:32:44Examples Are Not Recent
20th Sep 11 05:27:45Everything You Wanted To Know About Changing Names
20th Sep 11 05:24:52Renamed Tropes
20th Sep 11 05:18:24YMMV.JK Rowling
19th Sep 11 11:30:34Promoted To Unlockable
19th Sep 11 10:13:42Absurdly Youthful Mother
19th Sep 11 09:25:35Poke The Poodle
19th Sep 11 09:09:54Film.Coraline
19th Sep 11 08:58:20Only Smart People May Pass
19th Sep 11 08:55:25Only Smart People May Pass
19th Sep 11 08:49:59Only The Author Can Save Them Now
19th Sep 11 08:40:48Noodle People
19th Sep 11 08:40:26Noodle People
19th Sep 11 08:39:57Noodle People
19th Sep 11 08:30:36Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
19th Sep 11 08:24:16Its All About Me
19th Sep 11 06:20:14Adaptational Attractiveness
19th Sep 11 06:11:37Draco In Leather Pants.Literature
19th Sep 11 06:04:42Five Bad Band
19th Sep 11 05:57:51Wide-Eyed Idealist
18th Sep 11 12:50:28Like A Badass Out Of Hell
18th Sep 11 12:46:07Awesome Aussie
18th Sep 11 12:40:17Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
18th Sep 11 12:39:34Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
18th Sep 11 12:32:33Sleazy Politician
18th Sep 11 12:27:53Dumb Blonde
18th Sep 11 12:23:49YMMV.Invader Zim
18th Sep 11 12:18:14Dumb Blonde
18th Sep 11 12:16:23Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
18th Sep 11 12:14:45Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
18th Sep 11 12:13:23The Animals Of Farthing Wood
18th Sep 11 12:11:26Cute Bruiser
18th Sep 11 12:04:40Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
17th Sep 11 11:59:37The Animals Of Farthing Wood
17th Sep 11 11:53:53The Animals Of Farthing Wood
17th Sep 11 11:48:40The Animals Of Farthing Wood
17th Sep 11 11:37:17Doppelganger
17th Sep 11 11:35:54The Power Of Friendship
17th Sep 11 11:33:51Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism
17th Sep 11 11:26:00Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism
17th Sep 11 09:27:43Radar.Harry Potter
17th Sep 11 11:24:35Take That.Real Life
17th Sep 11 12:15:45Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
16th Sep 11 09:38:38Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
16th Sep 11 08:17:35Tear Jerker.Harry Potter
16th Sep 11 12:48:22What Measure Is A Mook
16th Sep 11 12:47:00What Measure Is A Mook
15th Sep 11 05:06:46Tropers.Kingcobrasaurus
15th Sep 11 05:05:48Town Girls
15th Sep 11 01:11:20The Jungle Book
15th Sep 11 01:07:34The Jungle Book