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7th Oct 15 06:48:14Recap.Arrow
1st Oct 15 06:52:35Recap.South Park S 19 E 3 The City Part Of Town
29th Sep 15 06:36:58Awesome Music.Foo Fighters
27th Aug 15 12:17:00Funny.The Flash 2014
18th Aug 15 04:56:14Tear Jerker.I Zombie
18th Aug 15 11:24:26Awesome.The Flash 2014
10th Aug 15 09:16:39Trivia.Goon
10th Aug 15 12:47:41YMMV.Goon
10th Aug 15 12:46:48Funny.Goon
4th Aug 15 09:12:26Recap.I Zombie S 1 E 6 Virtual Reality Bites
26th Jul 15 06:15:02Head Tiltingly Kinky
26th Jul 15 01:05:01Funny.The Flash 2014
22nd Jul 15 09:23:05Funny.Arrow
20th Jul 15 01:20:27Recap.I Zombie S 1 E 2 Brother Can You Spare A Brain
15th Jul 15 10:16:37Awesome.Firefly
10th Jul 15 03:00:27Funny.Waynes World
8th Jul 15 07:15:21Awesome.The World Cup
8th Jul 15 07:15:02Awesome.The World Cup
8th Jul 15 07:13:19YMMV.The World Cup
8th Jul 15 06:59:29The World Cup.Tropes Q To Z
8th Jul 15 06:57:43The World Cup.Tropes Q To Z
17th Jun 15 11:03:50Series.I Zombie
16th Jun 15 12:10:04Stanley Cup
16th Jun 15 12:07:07Stanley Cup
12th Jun 15 10:15:09Awesome.Professional Wrestling
12th Jun 15 10:14:30Awesome.Dusty Rhodes
9th Jun 15 05:35:44Trivia.GI Joe PS As
4th Jun 15 12:25:47Catch Phrase.Live Action TV
29th May 15 12:50:30Trivia.The Flash 2014
29th May 15 12:50:09Trivia.The Flash 2014
17th May 15 10:58:30Funny.The Flash 2014
11th May 15 08:39:44Funny.Arrow
11th May 15 08:39:16Funny.Arrow
11th May 15 08:38:54Funny.Arrow
11th May 15 08:33:03Distracted By The Sexy.Live Action TV
11th May 15 08:32:45Distracted By The Sexy.Live Action TV
2nd May 15 01:18:38Memes.Sports
30th Apr 15 08:56:40Funny.Arrow
30th Apr 15 08:54:14Funny.Arrow
30th Apr 15 03:38:05Funny.Arrow
30th Apr 15 01:42:24Funny.The Flash 2014
30th Apr 15 01:19:06Awesome.Justice League
27th Apr 15 11:32:02Funny.The Flash 2014
27th Apr 15 11:30:47Funny.The Flash 2014
27th Apr 15 11:30:23Funny.The Flash 2014
27th Apr 15 11:23:26Funny.The Flash 2014
27th Apr 15 11:22:26Funny.The Flash 2014
27th Apr 15 11:18:18Funny.The Flash 2014
27th Apr 15 11:16:02Funny.The Flash 2014
23rd Apr 15 05:15:28Recap.Arrow S 2 E 7 State V Queen
14th Apr 15 09:58:27Useful Notes.National Hockey League
14th Apr 15 09:52:55Stanley Cup
25th Mar 15 10:50:38Characters.Top Gear
22nd Mar 15 03:14:19Creator.Adult Swim
14th Mar 15 02:18:14Radar.Professional Wrestling
10th Mar 15 07:32:36Funny.The World Is Not Enough
10th Mar 15 07:30:54Funny.The World Is Not Enough
3rd Mar 15 10:20:50Trivia.Ghostbusters The Video Game
27th Feb 15 08:57:24Heartwarming.Ghostbusters
8th Feb 15 08:09:24Series.Danger 5
31st Jan 15 12:27:46Awesome.Men In Black
25th Jan 15 08:15:40Series.Danger 5
25th Jan 15 08:12:31Series.Danger 5
5th Jan 15 11:42:25Tear Jerker.Sports Center
4th Jan 15 08:28:28Tear Jerker.Sports Center
3rd Jan 15 08:59:07Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
23rd Dec 14 06:06:23Funny.Doctor Who New Series
23rd Dec 14 06:01:46Funny.Doctor Who New Series
13th Dec 14 07:01:59Characters.Doctor Who Revival Series Doctors
9th Dec 14 08:32:26Series.That Mitchell And Webb Look
25th Nov 14 11:41:23Headscractchers.Jurassic World
21st Nov 14 07:22:09Series.Mad TV
20th Nov 14 09:53:20Music.Foo Fighters
11th Nov 14 10:46:03Chivalrous Pervert
9th Nov 14 10:52:44Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
9th Nov 14 10:52:30Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
25th Oct 14 08:47:26Memes.Sports
24th Oct 14 10:16:30Memes.Sports
24th Oct 14 10:14:03Memes.Sports
17th Oct 14 01:39:36Awesome.Godzilla 2014
28th Sep 14 08:07:56Fan Nickname.Sports
21st Sep 14 10:43:27Wrestling.Dusty Rhodes
15th Sep 14 08:07:39Film.Happy Gilmore
15th Sep 14 08:06:08Film.Happy Gilmore
12th Sep 14 09:09:58WMG.Foo Fighters
12th Sep 14 09:09:52WMG.Foo Fighters
19th Aug 14 03:10:10Memes.Spongebob Squarepants
7th Aug 14 07:56:52Nonverbal Miscommunication
6th Aug 14 01:36:19Awesome.Waynes World
29th Jul 14 12:21:28Awesome.Goldberg
21st Jul 14 11:15:12Awesome.The Waterboy
21st Jul 14 11:14:24Heartwarming.The Waterboy
11th Jul 14 08:55:19Do It Yourself Theme Tune
8th Jul 14 01:58:24YMMV.Goodfellas
6th Jul 14 11:31:07Film.The Sixth Day
5th Jul 14 11:39:18Awesome.The Matrix
5th Jul 14 11:38:47Awesome.The Matrix
27th Jun 14 08:25:26Funny.At Midnight
26th Jun 14 01:48:04Watch The Paint Job
15th Jun 14 11:46:20Film.X Xx
21st May 14 10:52:02Film.GI Joe Retaliation
16th May 14 01:14:05Film.The Ruins
16th May 14 01:14:01The Ruins
15th May 14 01:30:20The Power Of Rock.Live-Action TV
7th May 14 04:17:36Recap.Community S 5 E 11 GI Jeff
19th Apr 14 10:29:12WMG.The Boondocks
10th Apr 14 07:30:52Funny.Generation Kill
5th Apr 14 10:57:30Characters.The West Wing
2nd Apr 14 10:00:53YMMV.Eraser
23rd Mar 14 08:47:42Awesome.Die Hard
23rd Mar 14 08:20:41Film.Mission Impossible
15th Mar 14 09:04:52Funny.The West Wing
25th Feb 14 12:38:47Music.Fleetwood Mac
19th Feb 14 11:35:55Series.Barney Miller
18th Feb 14 10:34:47Memes.South Park
12th Feb 14 04:56:42Awesome.Batman Beyond
11th Feb 14 09:29:30Series.Mock The Week
4th Feb 14 10:52:12Fan Nickname.Professional Wrestling
29th Jan 14 12:13:14Trivia.Zoolander
29th Jan 14 12:12:55Funny.Zoolander
27th Jan 14 11:24:07Western Animation.Metalocalypse
12th Jan 14 02:42:44Awesome.Diamond Dallas Page
11th Jan 14 12:59:07Music.Nirvana
10th Jan 14 09:20:28Dirty Cop
5th Jan 14 01:47:01Music.Flight Of The Conchords
3rd Jan 14 09:46:22Funny.Chris Jericho
29th Dec 13 12:48:34YMMV.Bret Hart
29th Dec 13 12:48:18YMMV.Bret Hart
29th Dec 13 12:07:38YMMV.Half Baked
29th Dec 13 12:07:03YMMV.Half Baked
28th Dec 13 01:26:31Awesome.The West Wing
25th Dec 13 10:04:36Recap.Doctor Who 2013 CS The Time Of The Doctor
25th Dec 13 02:05:08Funny.Mock The Week
25th Dec 13 02:03:46Funny.Mock The Week
24th Dec 13 10:08:00Cheap Heat
23rd Dec 13 09:12:45Trivia.Shawn Michaels
22nd Dec 13 02:58:03Funny.Rush Hour
16th Dec 13 09:26:19Series.Key And Peele
13th Dec 13 07:58:37Celebrity Paradox.Video Games
13th Dec 13 07:47:26Awesome.Zoolander
8th Dec 13 12:48:32Awesome.Austin Powers
5th Dec 13 12:05:16Awesome.Terminator 2 Judgment Day
4th Dec 13 10:24:24Funny.Mock The Week
4th Dec 13 10:22:41Funny.Mock The Week
4th Dec 13 10:22:07Funny.Mock The Week
4th Dec 13 10:21:32Funny.Mock The Week
2nd Dec 13 10:55:57Film.Zoolander
28th Nov 13 11:17:24Headscratchers.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
27th Nov 13 12:35:59Recap.Epic Rap Battles Of History
27th Nov 13 12:35:37Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
24th Nov 13 12:14:19Film.Anchorman The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
21st Nov 13 11:15:41Recap.Epic Rap Battles Of History
28th Oct 13 07:57:31YMMV.Tenacious D
24th Oct 13 10:08:52Characters.Independence Day
24th Oct 13 10:08:41Characters.Independence Day
23rd Oct 13 12:21:07Series.Peep Show
22nd Oct 13 09:49:53Western Animation.Archer
15th Oct 13 03:10:21YMMV.Twisted Sister
9th Oct 13 09:18:05YMMV.The Alan Parsons Project
7th Oct 13 10:10:15Quotes.Samuel L Jackson
5th Oct 13 12:43:31Series.Mock The Week
2nd Oct 13 10:48:15Fan Nickname.Sports
27th Sep 13 03:17:04Film.Dumb And Dumber
23rd Sep 13 11:13:53Series.Mock The Week
23rd Sep 13 10:23:19Professor Brothers
23rd Sep 13 10:23:04Professor Brothers
21st Sep 13 06:54:59YMMV.Top Gun
20th Sep 13 04:40:39Funny.Mock The Week
16th Sep 13 08:42:48YMMV.Fleetwood Mac
11th Sep 13 12:06:48Podcast.Marek Vs Wyshynski
11th Sep 13 12:05:32Memes.Sports
8th Sep 13 07:26:25Film.Slap Shot
8th Sep 13 12:59:10Film.Some Like It Hot
6th Sep 13 11:31:32Tear Jerker.Doctor Who
1st Sep 13 10:48:51Creator.Jimmy Carr
30th Aug 13 09:35:00Funny.The Fifth Element
30th Aug 13 12:03:59Bond Villain Stupidity
28th Aug 13 07:59:30Casual Danger Dialog
28th Aug 13 07:59:07Casual Danger Dialog
21st Aug 13 01:16:46Series.Married With Children
20th Aug 13 12:58:40Awesome.Jimmy Carr
19th Aug 13 10:14:46Series.Chappelles Show
19th Aug 13 10:14:24Series.Chappelles Show
18th Aug 13 05:27:47Funny.Thor
16th Aug 13 03:13:19The Scottish Trope
16th Aug 13 02:46:23Useful Notes.National Basketball Association
16th Aug 13 02:45:17Executive Meddling.Sports
8th Aug 13 06:11:10Big Fat Quiz Of The Year
8th Aug 13 12:56:44Film.Dodgeball A True Underdog Story
8th Aug 13 12:54:03Jason Bateman
7th Aug 13 10:53:58There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Real Life
6th Aug 13 10:00:33Awesome.Scream
5th Aug 13 10:41:44Big Fat Quiz Of The Year
5th Aug 13 10:12:40Funny.Big Fat Quiz Of The Year
5th Aug 13 09:24:21Funny.Big Fat Quiz Of The Year
5th Aug 13 12:19:41YMMV.Tosh 0
5th Aug 13 12:19:20YMMV.Tosh 0
3rd Aug 13 03:53:31No Party Given
2nd Aug 13 07:04:54Fandom Rivalry.Sports
29th Jul 13 07:55:56George Jetson Job Security
27th Jul 13 10:09:40Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
26th Jul 13 01:57:31Rightful King Returns
25th Jul 13 12:48:45Fan Nickname.Sports
25th Jul 13 12:47:36Fan Nickname.Sports
25th Jul 13 12:17:14Meme Acknowledgment
23rd Jul 13 12:07:50Awesome.Married With Children
21st Jul 13 01:01:25Ultimate Job Security
18th Jul 13 10:53:28YMMV.Frisky Dingo
17th Jul 13 10:13:08Film.Apollo 13
16th Jul 13 06:41:15Characters.Scrubs
16th Jul 13 06:38:17Characters.Scrubs
16th Jul 13 05:14:15YMMV.Mock The Week
12th Jul 13 07:34:28Something About A Rose
12th Jul 13 06:02:59Music.Johnny Cash
11th Jul 13 07:54:19YMMV.Hackers
10th Jul 13 05:58:37Berserk Button.Real Life
10th Jul 13 05:55:55Berserk Button.Real Life
10th Jul 13 12:37:47Nineties Anti Hero
8th Jul 13 06:56:43Funny.Happy Gilmore
6th Jul 13 08:07:49Music.Johnny Cash
6th Jul 13 03:16:03Catchphrase.Sports
5th Jul 13 09:46:49Film.Skyfall
5th Jul 13 09:22:05Ready For Lovemaking
5th Jul 13 08:24:42Would Hit A Girl
4th Jul 13 10:30:28Creator.Samuel L Jackson
30th Jun 13 09:36:07Not Zilla
29th Jun 13 09:16:12Film.Tommy Boy
28th Jun 13 09:26:07Funny.Scarface
28th Jun 13 06:06:50Film.Anchorman The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
26th Jun 13 10:30:36Stanley Cup
26th Jun 13 10:30:25Stanley Cup
26th Jun 13 10:28:46Useful Notes.National Hockey League
26th Jun 13 06:21:48Preppy Name
24th Jun 13 07:55:54Stanley Cup
23rd Jun 13 06:08:34Film.HE Double Hockey Sticks
21st Jun 13 09:58:29Made Of Indestructium
21st Jun 13 01:04:39Blessed Are The Cheesemakers
21st Jun 13 01:02:31Armando Iannucci
21st Jun 13 01:01:11Series.Veep
20th Jun 13 01:17:57Preppy Name
19th Jun 13 11:55:13Awesome.Zoolander
18th Jun 13 12:59:33Awesome.Zoolander
18th Jun 13 10:32:40YMMV.Blow
18th Jun 13 10:32:19Film.Blow
17th Jun 13 11:23:01Useful Notes.Spain
17th Jun 13 11:04:36Funny.Dude Wheres My Car
17th Jun 13 07:03:10Never Mind The Buzzcocks
17th Jun 13 07:02:58Series.Never Mind The Buzzcocks
17th Jun 13 06:36:56Film.Talladega Nights The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
16th Jun 13 09:34:34Quotes.Violent Glaswegian
16th Jun 13 06:20:04Series.Jackass
15th Jun 13 11:23:10Badass Creed.Film
15th Jun 13 10:48:46Funny.Leverage
15th Jun 13 10:48:27Funny.Leverage
15th Jun 13 07:26:24Funny.Thor
15th Jun 13 07:18:12Music.Fleetwood Mac
15th Jun 13 07:18:04Music.Fleetwood Mac
15th Jun 13 07:17:44Whats A Henway
10th Jun 13 04:55:39Useful Notes.National Hockey League
10th Jun 13 04:51:12YMMV.NHL 247
10th Jun 13 12:09:39Radar.Futurama
9th Jun 13 08:57:52Stanley Cup
9th Jun 13 08:57:38Stanley Cup
9th Jun 13 08:56:28Stanley Cup
7th Jun 13 05:29:53Series.Lost Girl
5th Jun 13 08:24:36YMMV.Fleetwood Mac
2nd Jun 13 06:41:11Awesome.Rocky
27th May 13 12:24:20Heartwarming.Star Trek Voyager
26th May 13 01:57:30Video Game.NHL Hockey
24th May 13 05:33:36Web Video.Tabletop
24th May 13 02:21:05Funny.Dogma
23rd May 13 08:07:31Awesome.Mock The Week
23rd May 13 09:47:59Characters.Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country
23rd May 13 09:40:44Film.Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country
23rd May 13 09:39:00Characters.Star Trek The Original Series
22nd May 13 06:02:53Funny.Tabletop
22nd May 13 06:02:41Funny.Tabletop
20th May 13 08:53:54Music.Rob Zombie
20th May 13 01:10:43Im Not Here To Make Friends
20th May 13 11:35:14Borscht Belt
14th May 13 05:30:11Characters.Family Guy
13th May 13 06:24:23Reality Is Unrealistic.Film
12th May 13 04:25:49Awesome.The Queen
12th May 13 04:19:20Film.The Big Lebowski
12th May 13 04:16:36WMG.The Big Lebowski
12th May 13 04:16:28WMG.The Big Lebowski
12th May 13 11:21:06YMMV.Cinderella Man
12th May 13 11:19:16YMMV.Cinderella Man
11th May 13 09:08:28Funny.Frisky Dingo
11th May 13 09:05:00YMMV.Frisky Dingo
11th May 13 09:04:35YMMV.Frisky Dingo
28th Apr 13 12:54:46YMMV.Tim Minchin
28th Apr 13 12:12:25Film.Goldfinger
27th Apr 13 09:14:59Music.Johnny Cash
22nd Apr 13 12:53:04I Am Not Spock
22nd Apr 13 12:52:54Characters.Father Ted
22nd Apr 13 12:52:48Everybody Did It
22nd Apr 13 12:52:47Casting Gag
22nd Apr 13 12:52:33Series.Brass
22nd Apr 13 10:42:20Western Animation.King Of The Hill
21st Apr 13 04:41:58I Die Free
21st Apr 13 03:39:21Self Deprecation
21st Apr 13 11:04:56Awesome.The Last Samurai
17th Apr 13 01:39:31Western Animation.Archer
17th Apr 13 01:38:34Western Animation.Archer
17th Apr 13 01:30:48Western Animation.Archer
13th Apr 13 05:22:38Funny Aneurysm Moment.Film
12th Apr 13 02:08:13Heartwarming.Archer
12th Apr 13 02:06:21Western Animation.Archer
10th Apr 13 03:52:54Awesome.Professional Wrestling
10th Apr 13 03:52:14Awesome.Ron Simmons
9th Apr 13 06:49:06X Makes Anything Cool
8th Apr 13 03:37:15Series.The Armstrong And Miller Show
8th Apr 13 03:34:24Modern Marvels
8th Apr 13 09:59:30Recap.Epic Rap Battles Of History
7th Apr 13 10:27:49Really Seventeen Years Old
4th Apr 13 07:05:01Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
2nd Apr 13 02:25:28Memes.Sports
2nd Apr 13 02:24:32Memes.Sports
2nd Apr 13 11:09:23Film.Tommy Boy
27th Mar 13 08:47:07Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
26th Mar 13 02:06:55Film.Dodgeball A True Underdog Story
26th Mar 13 02:02:30Actor Allusion.Live Action Films
26th Mar 13 02:02:06Film.Dodgeball
26th Mar 13 01:29:38Creator.William Hartnell
26th Mar 13 01:08:00The Extremist Was Right
26th Mar 13 01:07:38The Extremist Was Right
25th Mar 13 11:22:36Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
25th Mar 13 02:33:04Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
24th Mar 13 09:43:12Funny.Undercover Brother
24th Mar 13 07:40:20YMMV.Viva La Bam
23rd Mar 13 05:51:25YMMV.Eddie Guerrero
19th Mar 13 08:11:30Awesome.Jim Ross
19th Mar 13 03:55:23Characters.Doctor Who Other Supporting Cast
18th Mar 13 11:27:23Film.The Big Lebowski
17th Mar 13 03:45:15Stealth Hi Bye
16th Mar 13 02:51:06YMMV.ZZ Top
15th Mar 13 06:26:48YMMV.Nine Eleven
14th Mar 13 06:12:07Film.Anchorman
14th Mar 13 11:45:16Wrestling.The Shield
14th Mar 13 12:30:05Characters.Independence Day
13th Mar 13 08:47:54They Changed It Now It Sucks.Video Games
13th Mar 13 05:12:46Series.Dallas
13th Mar 13 05:11:13Series.Dallas
13th Mar 13 05:10:23Series.Dallas
13th Mar 13 05:06:23Series.Dallas
13th Mar 13 04:21:05Tear Jerker.Dallas
12th Mar 13 08:01:04Funny.Archer
12th Mar 13 11:56:52Badass Mustache
12th Mar 13 01:32:02Christopher Columbus
12th Mar 13 01:19:23Rescue Me
12th Mar 13 01:19:21Series.Rescue Me
11th Mar 13 10:48:05Nikola Tesla
11th Mar 13 09:04:24Jenna Marbles
11th Mar 13 09:03:35Funny.Epic Rap Battles Of History
11th Mar 13 05:53:41Characters.South Park Family Members
11th Mar 13 05:10:50Film.Charlie Wilsons War
11th Mar 13 03:38:36Awesome Ego
11th Mar 13 02:05:36Tear Jerker.Forrest Gump
10th Mar 13 05:46:47Boring But Practical.Real Life
10th Mar 13 05:46:04Quotes.Whoring
10th Mar 13 05:45:54Quotes.Whoring
10th Mar 13 04:26:20Funny.Demolition Man
9th Mar 13 06:00:40Characters.Star Trek The Next Generation
8th Mar 13 06:29:00YMMV.Bobby Heenan
8th Mar 13 06:27:21Wrestling.Bobby Heenan
8th Mar 13 06:03:28Awesome.Dallas
8th Mar 13 06:02:15Characters.Dallas
8th Mar 13 06:01:44Trivia.Dallas
8th Mar 13 06:00:40Characters.Dallas
8th Mar 13 01:50:11Characters.Dallas
8th Mar 13 01:48:45Characters.Dallas
8th Mar 13 01:47:00Characters.Dallas
8th Mar 13 12:10:03Dressing As The Enemy
7th Mar 13 06:09:26If You Ever Do Anything To Hurt Her
7th Mar 13 02:50:58Jerkass Has A Point
7th Mar 13 02:50:05Jerkass Has A Point
5th Mar 13 07:17:01Characters.Dallas
5th Mar 13 07:16:15Characters.Dallas
5th Mar 13 07:10:45Characters.Dallas
5th Mar 13 07:10:28Series.Dallas
5th Mar 13 07:09:58Characters.Dallas
5th Mar 13 07:08:34Series.Dallas
5th Mar 13 03:56:41Western Animation.Sym Bionic Titan
4th Mar 13 11:27:38Heartwarming.Executive Decision
4th Mar 13 11:27:33Heartwarming.Executive Decision
3rd Mar 13 07:02:55YMMV.Doctor Who
2nd Mar 13 04:33:18Unexplained Accent
2nd Mar 13 07:15:15Not So Above It All
1st Mar 13 02:18:39Sampled Up
28th Feb 13 09:54:15Characters.American Dad
28th Feb 13 09:10:10YMMV.The Waterboy
28th Feb 13 06:59:11Trivia.Hitman
28th Feb 13 12:26:50Sports Center
28th Feb 13 12:26:47Series.Sports Center
28th Feb 13 12:25:47Useful Notes.National Basketball Association
28th Feb 13 12:25:32Useful Notes.National Basketball Association
28th Feb 13 12:21:43Bunny Ears Lawyer.Real Life
28th Feb 13 12:21:30Bunny Ears Lawyer.Real Life
28th Feb 13 12:13:38Determinator.Real Life