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20th May 14 07:07:06Video Game.War Thunder
20th May 14 06:56:04Video Game.War Thunder
18th Jun 13 07:38:57Funny.Vorkosigan Saga
15th Jun 13 11:04:41Video Game.Warhammer 40000 Eternal Crusade
15th Jun 13 11:01:42Tabletop Game.Warhammer 40000
14th Jun 13 02:49:23Cyberpunk With A Chance Of Rain
14th Jun 13 02:46:55Video Game.Shadowrun Returns
14th Jun 13 02:32:10Min Maxing
14th Jun 13 02:51:12Omniglot
11th Jun 13 03:00:18Sealed Evil In A Duel
10th Jun 13 06:08:09Awesome Personnel Carrier
10th Jun 13 03:44:54Badass Army
9th Jun 13 01:25:41Aerial Canyon Chase
8th Jun 13 02:02:34Hit And Run Tactics
8th Jun 13 12:17:44Iconic Logo
8th Jun 13 11:42:05Sigil Spam.Video Games
8th Jun 13 11:32:35Sigil Spam
8th Jun 13 11:27:48Highly Conspicuous Uniform
7th Jun 13 06:25:38Commissar Cap
7th Jun 13 04:01:11Iconic Outfit
7th Jun 13 03:57:57Iconic Outfit
6th Jun 13 02:32:55The Cowl
26th May 13 03:53:16Book Ends.Literature
24th May 13 08:42:39Heart Is An Awesome Power
24th May 13 06:03:42Heroic Self Deprecation
13th May 13 10:17:28You Are Not Alone
9th May 13 12:34:16A Child Shall Lead Them
2nd May 13 03:45:17Making Love In All The Wrong Places
2nd May 13 10:59:07Funny Bruce Lee Noises
1st May 13 02:58:54Mind Rape.Film
1st May 13 02:58:34Mind Rape.Film
1st May 13 12:21:36Rapid Fire Fisticuffs
30th Apr 13 08:01:40Skeleton Government
30th Apr 13 07:11:06Skunk Stripe
30th Apr 13 06:34:26Flying Seafood Special
29th Apr 13 03:54:22Expy.Video Games
27th Apr 13 09:19:07Bachelor Auction
24th Apr 13 06:47:54Prescience Is Predictable
24th Apr 13 08:05:06Kibbles And Bits
23rd Apr 13 12:58:27Spoonerism
22nd Apr 13 03:36:46Unusually Uninteresting Sight.Video Games
22nd Apr 13 10:58:43There Are No Therapists
21st Apr 13 09:23:49Not So Above It All
21st Apr 13 06:08:41Marathon Level
16th Apr 13 09:28:51Cherry Tapping
15th Apr 13 09:28:12We Will Use Wiki Words In The Future
14th Apr 13 04:37:02Funny.Tabletop Games
13th Apr 13 02:24:01Wudan Mountain
13th Apr 13 02:21:00Wu Dang
13th Apr 13 02:19:00Going Commando
12th Apr 13 09:32:37Wham Line.Literature
12th Apr 13 09:30:40Wham Episode.Literature
12th Apr 13 09:30:19Wham Episode.Literature
12th Apr 13 09:29:47Wham Episode.Literature
12th Apr 13 09:29:22Wham Episode.Literature
12th Apr 13 09:20:20Pariah
12th Apr 13 09:20:02Pariah
8th Apr 13 03:34:56Anti Cavalry
4th Apr 13 08:06:16Cultural Posturing
3rd Apr 13 11:46:41Cool Old Guy
27th Mar 13 02:43:17Power Limiter
27th Mar 13 05:15:10Small Girl Big Gun
26th Mar 13 06:25:39WMG.Thor
26th Mar 13 05:02:56The Jail Bait Wait
21st Mar 13 07:52:49Pretty Little Head Shots
21st Mar 13 07:45:22Boom Headshot
17th Mar 13 05:45:46Funny.Tabletop Games
17th Mar 13 04:37:42Funny.Tabletop Games
17th Mar 13 04:29:15Funny.Tabletop Games
17th Mar 13 04:20:45Funny.Tabletop Games
17th Mar 13 04:16:44Bullying A Dragon
13th Mar 13 04:08:57Film.Dredd
8th Mar 13 11:41:36Cool Sword
8th Mar 13 11:36:43Farm Boy
8th Mar 13 06:31:41Gender Blender Name
8th Mar 13 06:23:27Gender Blender Name
7th Mar 13 07:40:48Useful Notes.Gauls With Grenades
7th Mar 13 07:38:46Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys
7th Mar 13 07:35:36Establishing Character Moment.Video Games
7th Mar 13 07:26:59Establishing Character Moment.Tabletop Games
7th Mar 13 07:06:11Establishing Character Moment.Live Action TV
7th Mar 13 06:20:40Talking Weapon
7th Mar 13 06:18:05Paladins
7th Mar 13 05:58:08Historical Villain Upgrade
6th Mar 13 11:20:10Stationary Wings
6th Mar 13 11:18:09Sharpened To A Single Atom
6th Mar 13 06:47:55Good Bad Bugs.Third Person Shooter
6th Mar 13 06:06:12Blatant Lies
5th Mar 13 06:41:58Alien Arts Are Appreciated
4th Mar 13 05:47:23Wu Dang
4th Mar 13 05:38:23Wu Dang
4th Mar 13 05:35:11Wu Dang
4th Mar 13 05:28:09Wu Dang
4th Mar 13 05:16:58Wu Dang
4th Mar 13 05:16:32Wu Dang
4th Mar 13 04:57:26Genki Girl
4th Mar 13 02:04:38Well Excuse Me Princess
4th Mar 13 12:25:36Overheating
4th Mar 13 12:12:29Dynamic Entry
4th Mar 13 11:47:08Hes Back
4th Mar 13 10:58:01Awesome.Fate Stay Night
4th Mar 13 10:11:23Sarcastic Confession
1st Mar 13 09:42:26Quotes.Love Martyr
1st Mar 13 05:24:27Genius Bonus
1st Mar 13 05:08:13Psycho Electric Eel
1st Mar 13 05:01:29Sibling Triangle
28th Feb 13 03:00:11Black Comedy
28th Feb 13 02:49:49Sexy Mentor
28th Feb 13 08:54:50Color Coded Characters
28th Feb 13 08:47:26Legacy Character
28th Feb 13 08:38:43Terror Hero
28th Feb 13 04:54:22Sukhomlinov Effect
28th Feb 13 04:43:52Badass Adorable.Real Life
28th Feb 13 04:41:47Badass Adorable.Video Games
27th Feb 13 09:24:27Agent Peacock
27th Feb 13 06:00:55Bling Of War
27th Feb 13 05:17:57Loser Gets The Girl
27th Feb 13 02:47:08Badass Mustache
27th Feb 13 02:45:39Badass Beard
27th Feb 13 09:46:45Gender Bender
27th Feb 13 08:19:55Manic Pixie Dream Girl
27th Feb 13 08:13:05Manic Pixie Dream Girl
26th Feb 13 09:55:02Enemy Within
26th Feb 13 09:53:16Enemy Within
26th Feb 13 07:05:59Magic Brakes
25th Feb 13 05:19:46Founder Of The Kingdom
25th Feb 13 05:07:15Characters.The Stormlight Archive
25th Feb 13 05:06:17Love Triangle
25th Feb 13 04:40:31Flirting Under Fire
25th Feb 13 04:34:26Bits Of Me Keep Passing Out
24th Feb 13 09:16:39Funny.The Alloy Of Law
23rd Feb 13 03:21:58Cynicism Catalyst
23rd Feb 13 02:30:20Meta Casting
23rd Feb 13 01:35:55You Gotta Have Blue Hair
23rd Feb 13 09:08:38Hauled Before A Senate Sub Committee
22nd Feb 13 09:27:54Upgrade Artifact
22nd Feb 13 05:19:31Female Feline Male Mutt
21st Feb 13 07:46:37Dystopian Edict
21st Feb 13 07:12:41World Of Badass
21st Feb 13 06:00:37Significant Green Eyed Redhead
21st Feb 13 05:26:23Stealth Parody
21st Feb 13 05:26:01Stealth Parody
21st Feb 13 05:25:23Stealth Parody
21st Feb 13 05:12:06Self Destructive Charge
21st Feb 13 03:36:11Badass Creed.Tabletop Games
20th Feb 13 05:32:42Hypocritical Humor
20th Feb 13 04:37:48Pantheon.Beast
20th Feb 13 10:11:04Praetorian Guard
20th Feb 13 10:08:51Lantern Jaw Of Justice
19th Feb 13 07:03:26Author Vocabulary Calendar
19th Feb 13 06:57:15Tragic Villain
17th Feb 13 06:36:29Right Through His Pants
16th Feb 13 06:51:11Historical Fantasy
16th Feb 13 06:36:34The Wise Prince
16th Feb 13 05:56:20Beauty Is Never Tarnished
16th Feb 13 02:10:00Dating Catwoman
15th Feb 13 05:24:54Spiteful AI
14th Feb 13 12:55:33Miracle Rally
13th Feb 13 09:53:58Going Commando
12th Feb 13 06:02:14Catchphrase.Real Life
12th Feb 13 08:46:00Awesome Music.Harry Potter
12th Feb 13 08:39:18Awesome Music.Batman
11th Feb 13 06:33:16The Presidents Daughter
10th Feb 13 08:30:50Arc Words
10th Feb 13 08:12:59Invisibility Flicker
9th Feb 13 07:46:05Guns In Church
7th Feb 13 07:17:16Royal Rapier
7th Feb 13 07:16:48Royal Rapier
7th Feb 13 07:10:32The Oner
6th Feb 13 08:12:30Film.Scaramouche
6th Feb 13 08:11:07Dangerously Close Shave
6th Feb 13 08:10:43Dangerously Close Shave
6th Feb 13 04:43:16Crazy Awesome.Film
6th Feb 13 03:31:03Comedic Sociopathy
6th Feb 13 03:25:41Cold Blooded Torture
5th Feb 13 03:45:03Sweet Polly Oliver
5th Feb 13 03:37:38One Of The Boys
4th Feb 13 12:52:19Disproportionate Retribution.Real Life
3rd Feb 13 07:24:37Where It All Began
3rd Feb 13 07:19:27Self Induced Allergic Reaction
24th Jan 13 06:34:24Death From Above
23rd Jan 13 03:34:59Badass Pacifist
22nd Jan 13 01:50:03Angels Devils And Squid
22nd Jan 13 06:14:37Torture Technician
22nd Jan 13 06:08:33Questionable Consent
9th Jan 13 07:40:15Inverse Law Of Utility And Lethality
9th Jan 13 07:32:42Wham Line.Video Games
9th Jan 13 06:58:24Wham Line.Film
31st Dec 12 07:48:48Painting The Medium
31st Dec 12 06:30:18Refuge In Audacity.Video Games
27th Dec 12 10:13:26Battle Halting Duel
27th Dec 12 12:22:24Cool Bike
27th Dec 12 12:00:18BFG
26th Dec 12 11:54:30BFG
26th Dec 12 11:46:20Animal Theme Naming
26th Dec 12 11:45:44Animal Theme Naming
15th Dec 12 03:41:53Replacement Goldfish
13th Dec 12 08:31:30Beyond The Impossible.Literature
13th Dec 12 08:25:53Beyond The Impossible.Tabletop Game
13th Dec 12 07:55:44Battle Aura
13th Dec 12 06:54:03The Dreaded
13th Dec 12 06:31:58Aerial Canyon Chase
13th Dec 12 05:09:36Munchkin
13th Dec 12 07:13:25Memetic Badass.Video Games
13th Dec 12 07:09:53Memetic Badass.Live Action TV
10th Dec 12 09:14:52Shaped Like Itself
10th Dec 12 08:52:05Funny.Chrestomanci
10th Dec 12 08:37:34Blatant Lies
9th Dec 12 09:46:31Funny.Tabletop Games
9th Dec 12 09:13:58One Hit Polykill
9th Dec 12 02:36:08Technicolor Fire
9th Dec 12 02:27:54The Comically Serious
9th Dec 12 08:00:15Genghis Gambit
9th Dec 12 07:47:43Good Is Not Nice
8th Dec 12 08:48:42The Spartan Way
5th Dec 12 09:16:44You Keep Using That Word.Less Pedantic
5th Dec 12 09:11:31Critical Research Failure
5th Dec 12 08:46:03Compliment Backfire
4th Dec 12 08:41:47World In The Sky
3rd Dec 12 07:59:51Light Feminine And Dark Feminine
3rd Dec 12 07:52:30Seeker Archetype
3rd Dec 12 06:41:36Dissonant Serenity
29th Nov 12 06:10:09Canis Latinicus
28th Nov 12 08:40:31Sealed Inside A Person Shaped Can
28th Nov 12 08:24:57Fallen Hero
28th Nov 12 06:03:06Refuge In Audacity.Tabletop Games
27th Nov 12 11:04:01Race Lift
22nd Nov 12 02:53:26Fictional Document
22nd Nov 12 02:50:11Legion Of Lost Souls
22nd Nov 12 02:46:48The Order
22nd Nov 12 12:39:25The Commandments
22nd Nov 12 12:36:41The Commandments
22nd Nov 12 11:27:42Royals Who Actually Do Something
22nd Nov 12 11:23:52The Wise Prince
22nd Nov 12 11:20:53Hunting Accident
18th Nov 12 07:03:53Right Makes Might
18th Nov 12 07:00:29Right Makes Might
18th Nov 12 06:54:43Lowered Recruiting Standards
18th Nov 12 06:54:27Lowered Recruiting Standards
18th Nov 12 06:52:46Almighty Janitor
18th Nov 12 06:41:40Badass Bureaucrat
12th Nov 12 09:29:09Five Second Foreshadowing
12th Nov 12 09:26:51Bald Of Awesome
12th Nov 12 01:34:49Drop Ship
12th Nov 12 07:41:38Valkyries
12th Nov 12 06:24:54Valkyries
10th Nov 12 11:10:08Infinity Plus One Sword
10th Nov 12 11:08:05Marathon Boss
10th Nov 12 11:05:27Demonic Spiders.Role Playing Games
10th Nov 12 10:54:13That One Boss.RPG
10th Nov 12 10:38:58Video Game.Dawn Of War
10th Nov 12 10:32:03Villain Forgot To Level Grind
10th Nov 12 10:31:05Villain Forgot To Level Grind
10th Nov 12 10:30:04Villain Forgot To Level Grind
10th Nov 12 08:34:24Bullet Proof Vest
9th Nov 12 10:24:30Dramatic Deadpan
5th Nov 12 07:01:03Characters.Mass Effect 1 Antagonists And Npcs
4th Nov 12 05:58:57Classified Information
29th Oct 12 06:01:51Bald Women
25th Oct 12 06:13:11Bayonet Ya
24th Oct 12 12:20:35Mauve Shirt
24th Oct 12 12:18:01No Plot No Problem
22nd Oct 12 11:26:45Survival Mantra
20th Oct 12 05:01:45Tell Me How You Fight
11th Oct 12 03:37:26Butch Lesbian
11th Oct 12 03:32:15Amazon Brigade
11th Oct 12 03:30:44Amazon Brigade
8th Oct 12 05:53:00Mentor Ship
8th Oct 12 04:49:46Technician Versus Performer
8th Oct 12 03:58:52Badass Creed.Tabletop Games
8th Oct 12 03:55:43Badass Creed.Tabletop Games
8th Oct 12 03:33:15Badass Creed.Real Life
8th Oct 12 01:15:06Both Sides Have A Point
7th Oct 12 10:17:18Heterosexual Life Partners.Video Games
6th Oct 12 09:45:41Vasquez Always Dies
6th Oct 12 09:23:56Establishing Character Moment.Tabletop Games
6th Oct 12 09:20:43Establishing Character Moment.Video Games
6th Oct 12 09:06:40Crazy Awesome.Video Games
6th Oct 12 08:23:54Conveniently Timed Attack From Behind
6th Oct 12 07:46:38The Ladys Favour
6th Oct 12 07:30:03Well Intentioned Extremist.Video Games
6th Oct 12 07:27:06Reasonable Authority Figure
6th Oct 12 04:21:20Trial By Friendly Fire
5th Oct 12 10:15:23Memetic Outfit
5th Oct 12 10:07:04Acceptable Political Targets
5th Oct 12 10:04:27Acceptable Political Targets
5th Oct 12 07:55:00Series.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
5th Oct 12 07:46:16Inverse Dialogue Death Rule
4th Oct 12 01:26:12Enemy Chatter
2nd Oct 12 09:31:44Socialization Bonus
2nd Oct 12 08:02:34Explosive Instrumentation
2nd Oct 12 07:33:57Made Of Explodium
1st Oct 12 07:06:42Satan
30th Sep 12 06:14:38Rich In Dollars Poor In Sense
30th Sep 12 06:11:19Amazingly Embarrassing Parents
30th Sep 12 05:51:35Space Plane
30th Sep 12 05:33:52Hellish Copter
30th Sep 12 04:22:16Danger Deadpan
30th Sep 12 04:07:43Master Race
29th Sep 12 09:13:59Video Game Remake
29th Sep 12 03:22:53Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
29th Sep 12 03:22:42Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
29th Sep 12 07:52:06WMG.Star Trek
27th Sep 12 12:31:04World Of Snark
26th Sep 12 04:57:34Gargle Blaster
26th Sep 12 04:30:40Gargle Blaster
26th Sep 12 04:28:29ISO Standard Urban Groceries
26th Sep 12 04:12:28Masochists Meal
26th Sep 12 10:35:31Shell Shock Silence
26th Sep 12 08:32:34Upper Class Twit
25th Sep 12 07:17:01The Gift
25th Sep 12 01:53:36Ballroom Blitz
25th Sep 12 08:47:35Morality Pet
25th Sep 12 08:44:51Affectionate Nickname
25th Sep 12 08:43:11In Series Nickname
21st Sep 12 06:54:07Doing It For The Art
20th Sep 12 09:47:03Refuge In Audacity.Real Life
19th Sep 12 05:25:49Hint Dropping
19th Sep 12 03:54:26Mook Mobile
19th Sep 12 03:49:30Armored Coffins
19th Sep 12 03:46:34Armored Coffins
19th Sep 12 10:51:08Characterization Tags
18th Sep 12 03:16:25This Is Something Hes Got To Do Himself
18th Sep 12 10:03:19Hollywood Tactics
17th Sep 12 03:05:06Cavalry Betrayal
16th Sep 12 09:35:01No Sneak Attacks
16th Sep 12 03:59:19Fountain Of Memes
16th Sep 12 11:46:06The Unreveal
16th Sep 12 11:41:37Twofer Token Minority
15th Sep 12 08:21:48Passive Aggressive Kombat
15th Sep 12 08:17:05Old Master
15th Sep 12 08:41:44The Power Of Hate
15th Sep 12 07:53:27Dark Waters
15th Sep 12 07:49:44Rock Me Asmodeus
14th Sep 12 08:28:59Two Of Your Earth Minutes
14th Sep 12 08:01:52Squash Match
14th Sep 12 08:01:36Squash Match
12th Sep 12 08:40:39Steal The Surroundings
12th Sep 12 05:01:56Nothing Can Stop Us Now
12th Sep 12 05:01:18Nothing Can Stop Us Now
12th Sep 12 05:00:17Nothing Can Stop Us Now
11th Sep 12 01:00:43Awesome Music.PC Only
11th Sep 12 08:14:44The Reason You Suck Speech.Film
10th Sep 12 07:33:40No Fame No Wealth No Service
10th Sep 12 04:57:07Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me
9th Sep 12 09:15:53Fantastic Light Source
9th Sep 12 05:57:42Macross Missile Massacre
8th Sep 12 03:39:20Awesomeness Meter
7th Sep 12 07:11:11Daywalking Vampire
7th Sep 12 06:31:56Difficult But Awesome
7th Sep 12 06:09:47Monstrosity Equals Weakness
7th Sep 12 06:01:55Naked People Are Funny
7th Sep 12 05:58:57Good Is Not Dumb
2nd Sep 12 06:12:06Historical Fantasy
2nd Sep 12 02:38:57Evil Is Visceral
2nd Sep 12 11:50:53Shut Up Hannibal.Live Action TV
31st Aug 12 06:53:17Hostile Weather
31st Aug 12 06:41:32Crazy Enough To Work
29th Aug 12 05:44:41Throwaway Country
24th Aug 12 06:14:28Everyone Calls Him Barkeep
24th Aug 12 06:12:20Memetic Badass.Video Games
16th Aug 12 11:13:04Nice To The Waiter
9th Aug 12 11:10:20Refuge In Audacity.Video Games
9th Aug 12 10:58:23Sexual Extortion
8th Aug 12 10:13:58Taking Up The Mantle
1st Aug 12 10:56:10Cast Speciation
30th Jul 12 11:48:32Battle Cry
29th Jul 12 08:13:21Visual Novel.Fate Stay Night
28th Jul 12 07:25:15Tsundere.Visual Novels
28th Jul 12 07:23:07Tsundere.Visual Novels
27th Jul 12 03:00:05Iconic Item
27th Jul 12 02:55:46Acrophobic Bird
26th Jul 12 10:49:44The Tetris Effect
26th Jul 12 10:43:44Young Future Famous People
26th Jul 12 10:41:45A Hero To His Hometown
26th Jul 12 05:48:26Drop Ship
23rd Jul 12 09:28:43From A Single Cell
22nd Jul 12 06:17:04Fair Cop
19th Jul 12 03:48:43Hollywood Cuisine
18th Jul 12 04:10:50One Stat To Rule Them All
18th Jul 12 03:58:55Informed Flaw
17th Jul 12 10:08:34Masculine Girl Feminine Boy
17th Jul 12 09:57:54Biological Mashup
17th Jul 12 09:51:51Irrelevant Sidequest
17th Jul 12 09:46:02Drone Jam
16th Jul 12 01:50:55Do Not Do This Cool Thing
15th Jul 12 10:54:49Annoying Arrows
15th Jul 12 10:44:30Annoying Arrows
15th Jul 12 08:25:15Five Races
15th Jul 12 07:51:11Mistaken For Spies
15th Jul 12 07:42:10Virginity Makes You Stupid
15th Jul 12 07:14:07Newbie Boom
15th Jul 12 06:14:51Bait And Switch Boss
14th Jul 12 10:24:18Reconstruction
14th Jul 12 04:57:40Animation Bump
14th Jul 12 01:11:06Elites Are More Glamorous
14th Jul 12 12:54:32Yakuza
14th Jul 12 12:14:22Rule Abiding Rebel
13th Jul 12 12:07:40Lighter And Softer
12th Jul 12 06:57:37Working With The Ex

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