15th Apr 14 11:51:13Adaptational Attractiveness
15th Apr 14 11:38:38Film.Pain And Gain
15th Apr 14 11:38:07Film.Pain And Gain
15th Apr 14 10:52:34Film.Transformers Age Of Extinction
15th Apr 14 01:43:50Star Wars The Clone Wars.Tropes A To F
15th Apr 14 01:42:13Star Wars The Clone Wars.Tropes A To F
15th Apr 14 01:35:02Shout Out.Star Wars The Clone Wars
15th Apr 14 01:06:06Transformers Film Series
15th Apr 14 01:03:39Trivia.Transformers Film Series
11th Apr 14 03:30:48Franchise.Star Wars
11th Apr 14 03:19:43Film.The Phantom Menace
9th Apr 14 09:04:29George Lucas Altered Version
9th Apr 14 09:02:51George Lucas Altered Version
9th Apr 14 08:56:14Manic Pixie Dream Girl
9th Apr 14 01:22:38Film.Captain America The Winter Soldier
5th Apr 14 11:38:21Film.Transformers Age Of Extinction
5th Apr 14 03:57:53YMMV.Star Wars The Clone Wars
5th Apr 14 01:42:44Trivia.The Big Bang Theory
5th Apr 14 12:48:41The Big Bang Theory.Season Seven
5th Apr 14 12:28:25Characters.The Big Bang Theory
5th Apr 14 12:07:29Characters.The Big Bang Theory
4th Apr 14 11:32:09Series.Raising Hope
3rd Apr 14 11:30:05Girls Need Role Models
3rd Apr 14 01:24:03Distinctive Appearances
2nd Apr 14 09:08:53The Ending Changes Everything
31st Mar 14 11:50:50Film.Revenge Of The Sith
31st Mar 14 11:49:49Film.Revenge Of The Sith
31st Mar 14 11:48:54Film.Revenge Of The Sith
31st Mar 14 11:40:17Film.The Phantom Menace
31st Mar 14 11:31:42Film.Return Of The Jedi
31st Mar 14 11:19:29Film.The Empire Strikes Back
31st Mar 14 02:14:30Old Shame
31st Mar 14 02:12:15Old Shame
31st Mar 14 01:02:57Film.Attack Of The Clones
31st Mar 14 12:22:11Western Animation.The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
29th Mar 14 11:11:35Flynning
29th Mar 14 10:36:41Full Contact Magic
29th Mar 14 12:09:44Meta Casting
28th Mar 14 11:54:33Film.Spider Man Trilogy
28th Mar 14 11:53:52Film.Spider Man Trilogy
28th Mar 14 11:24:01Film.Spider Man Trilogy
28th Mar 14 10:35:40Creator.Michael Bay
28th Mar 14 10:34:47Creator.Michael Bay
27th Mar 14 12:03:32YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
26th Mar 14 11:57:17Fridge.How I Met Your Mother
26th Mar 14 03:43:49Trivia.How I Met Your Mother
26th Mar 14 03:38:24HIMYM.Tropes Season Nine
26th Mar 14 03:13:35Characters.How I Met Your Mother
25th Mar 14 11:47:01Characters.How I Met Your Mother
25th Mar 14 12:22:58Video Game.Batman Arkham Origins
22nd Mar 14 10:13:49Obvious Beta
22nd Mar 14 02:22:14Film.Transformers Age Of Extinction
22nd Mar 14 02:21:47Film.Transformers Age Of Extinction
22nd Mar 14 11:13:43HIMYM.Tropes Season Seven
20th Mar 14 12:02:43Characters.How I Met Your Mother
19th Mar 14 11:54:25HIMYM.Tropes Season Four
19th Mar 14 10:10:15The Ending Changes Everything
19th Mar 14 10:05:27Walking Spoiler
18th Mar 14 03:53:39Age Lift
18th Mar 14 03:39:35Video Game.Batman Arkham Series
18th Mar 14 03:33:04YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
18th Mar 14 11:40:57Characters.How I Met Your Mother
18th Mar 14 01:48:27Heartwarming.How I Met Your Mother
18th Mar 14 01:05:46YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
18th Mar 14 12:24:27YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
17th Mar 14 11:55:38Characters.How I Met Your Mother
16th Mar 14 12:26:31Scarily Competent Tracker
16th Mar 14 12:17:29Fingerprinting Air
14th Mar 14 11:15:24Broad Strokes
14th Mar 14 01:26:16Video Game.Dark Forces Saga
11th Mar 14 07:05:37Age Lift
8th Mar 14 12:13:22Video Game.Halo 4
7th Mar 14 11:49:02Cosmetically Advanced Prequel
7th Mar 14 11:45:51Cosmetically Advanced Prequel
7th Mar 14 11:31:56Video Game.Batman Arkham Origins
5th Mar 14 07:02:27Film.Transformers Age Of Extinction
5th Mar 14 05:59:59Literature.The Book Of Mormon
5th Mar 14 05:51:52Literature.The Book Of Mormon
5th Mar 14 05:50:46Literature.The Book Of Mormon
5th Mar 14 05:46:42Literature.The Book Of Mormon
5th Mar 14 05:45:57Literature.The Book Of Mormon
5th Mar 14 05:36:59Analysis.The Book Of Mormon
26th Feb 14 11:37:21Took A Level In Dumbass
25th Feb 14 11:28:44Broad Strokes
25th Feb 14 01:54:33YMMV.Back To The Future
24th Feb 14 01:33:27Film.Pain And Gain
24th Feb 14 01:17:40Film.Pain And Gain
22nd Feb 14 10:24:52Fawlty Towers Plot
21st Feb 14 11:03:13Sacrificial Lion
21st Feb 14 10:59:21Sacrificial Lion
20th Feb 14 10:33:10Series.Raising Hope
19th Feb 14 03:36:26Remaster
19th Feb 14 03:25:38Film.Ryan Vs Dorkman
18th Feb 14 10:09:16Series.The Big Bang Theory
18th Feb 14 12:57:14Film.Unbreakable
14th Feb 14 12:13:08Characters.Raising Hope
12th Feb 14 11:52:42Pragmatic Adaptation
12th Feb 14 11:44:29Broad Strokes
12th Feb 14 11:43:33Broad Strokes
11th Feb 14 04:27:43Film.Robocop 2014
11th Feb 14 02:39:47World Of Cardboard Speech
10th Feb 14 11:15:40The Big Bang Theory.Tropes F To J
10th Feb 14 01:16:36Franchise.Alien
10th Feb 14 01:15:29Franchise.Alien
9th Feb 14 07:28:26YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
9th Feb 14 07:21:02YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
9th Feb 14 07:08:43YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
9th Feb 14 06:53:23YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
9th Feb 14 06:39:11The Big Bang Theory.Season Seven
8th Feb 14 11:56:43Brownface
8th Feb 14 09:38:10Film.Man Of Steel
8th Feb 14 09:37:10Film.Man Of Steel
8th Feb 14 09:36:51Film.Man Of Steel
8th Feb 14 06:26:14Film.Robocop 1987
8th Feb 14 06:26:01Film.Robocop 1987
8th Feb 14 06:25:06Film.Robocop 1987
8th Feb 14 06:24:29Film.Robo Cop 2014
8th Feb 14 06:23:40Film.Robo Cop 2014
8th Feb 14 06:12:08Franchise.Robo Cop
8th Feb 14 05:52:34Franchise.Robo Cop
5th Feb 14 02:04:16Time Passage Beard
5th Feb 14 01:29:50Critical Backlash
5th Feb 14 10:24:11Critical Backlash
4th Feb 14 10:35:42Series.How I Met Your Mother
4th Feb 14 10:51:14Trivia.Superman Returns
4th Feb 14 10:47:05Trivia.Superman Returns
4th Feb 14 10:28:37George Lucas Altered Version
4th Feb 14 10:24:48George Lucas Altered Version
4th Feb 14 10:01:39Remaster
1st Feb 14 11:13:59World Of Cardboard Speech
1st Feb 14 06:06:59Film.Memento
1st Feb 14 05:03:21Reality Ensues.Live-Action TV
1st Feb 14 04:48:29Dawson Casting
29th Jan 14 10:42:03Characters.How I Met Your Mother
29th Jan 14 03:30:28Characters.How I Met Your Mother
28th Jan 14 12:02:07Literature.Halo The Fall Of Reach
28th Jan 14 01:03:20Saved For The Sequel
26th Jan 14 01:44:48Series.Last Man Standing
25th Jan 14 10:43:33Characters.How I Met Your Mother
25th Jan 14 01:05:36Ability Over Appearance
25th Jan 14 01:03:39Ability Over Appearance
23rd Jan 14 12:21:06Mass Effect3.Tropes E To K
17th Jan 14 01:13:08The Big Bang Theory.Season Seven
12th Jan 14 12:28:00Video Game.Halo 4
8th Jan 14 08:54:55Heartwarming.The Big Bang Theory
8th Jan 14 08:54:33Heartwarming.The Big Bang Theory
27th Dec 13 01:24:00Series.Last Man Standing
26th Dec 13 08:26:57Series.Last Man Standing
26th Dec 13 08:23:03Series.Last Man Standing
26th Dec 13 07:39:51Series.Last Man Standing
25th Dec 13 12:51:04Heartwarming.Raising Hope
25th Dec 13 12:51:04Heartwarming.Raising Hope
25th Dec 13 12:38:39Series.Raising Hope
25th Dec 13 12:04:25Series.Raising Hope
23rd Dec 13 06:00:36Literature.The Book Of Mormon
23rd Dec 13 05:46:47Literature.The Book Of Mormon
23rd Dec 13 04:45:19Franchise.Transformers
22nd Dec 13 05:05:38Film.Transformers Age Of Extinction
22nd Dec 13 04:42:42Transformers Film Series
22nd Dec 13 04:41:52Transformers Film Series
22nd Dec 13 04:41:22Film.Transformers
22nd Dec 13 04:41:05Film.Transformers
22nd Dec 13 04:37:01Film.Transformers
22nd Dec 13 04:36:19Transformers Film Series
22nd Dec 13 04:36:05Transformers Film Series
22nd Dec 13 04:35:15Transformers Film Series
22nd Dec 13 04:31:15Film.Transformers
22nd Dec 13 04:27:06Transformers Film Series
22nd Dec 13 12:09:07Creator.Michael Bay
21st Dec 13 11:54:26Film.Transformers Age Of Extinction
21st Dec 13 09:27:14Film.Transformers Age Of Extinction
21st Dec 13 03:05:53Clueless Mystery
21st Dec 13 01:58:02Funny.Raising Hope
21st Dec 13 01:49:38Awesome.Raising Hope
21st Dec 13 01:42:45Heartwarming.Raising Hope
20th Dec 13 09:02:52Dawson Casting
20th Dec 13 12:36:19Dawson Casting
20th Dec 13 12:30:13Dawson Casting
20th Dec 13 12:23:12Dawson Casting
20th Dec 13 12:01:02Analysis.Dawson Casting
20th Dec 13 12:00:46Dawson Casting
19th Dec 13 11:59:11Analysis.Dawson Casting
19th Dec 13 11:58:54Dawson Casting
19th Dec 13 09:55:06Series.Raising Hope
19th Dec 13 09:54:10Series.Raising Hope
19th Dec 13 09:26:24Series.Raising Hope
19th Dec 13 08:27:48YMMV.Mythbusters
19th Dec 13 08:27:27YMMV.Mythbusters
19th Dec 13 07:47:16Film.Skyfall
19th Dec 13 07:45:37Film.Skyfall
19th Dec 13 01:39:06Characters.The Big Bang Theory
19th Dec 13 01:19:07The Big Bang Theory.Tropes P To S
19th Dec 13 01:10:21The Big Bang Theory.Tropes P To S
18th Dec 13 10:26:40Series.Raising Hope
18th Dec 13 10:22:47Series.Raising Hope
17th Dec 13 11:28:01Series.Raising Hope
16th Dec 13 11:39:42Web Video.History Of Power Rangers
16th Dec 13 05:42:51YMMV.Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
15th Dec 13 11:58:07Series.Raising Hope
15th Dec 13 11:57:26Series.Raising Hope
14th Dec 13 09:35:37Disney.Aladdin And The King Of Thieves
13th Dec 13 04:38:17Your Size May Vary
12th Dec 13 02:43:02Series.Raising Hope
12th Dec 13 02:42:24Series.Raising Hope
12th Dec 13 01:54:34Series.Raising Hope
12th Dec 13 01:50:38Series.Raising Hope
12th Dec 13 01:17:44Series.Raising Hope
11th Dec 13 11:14:10Series.Raising Hope
11th Dec 13 11:13:10Series.Raising Hope
11th Dec 13 11:12:53Series.Raising Hope
11th Dec 13 06:11:01Series.Raising Hope
11th Dec 13 04:49:54Heartwarming.Raising Hope
11th Dec 13 04:35:14YMMV.Raising Hope
11th Dec 13 04:29:57Series.Raising Hope
10th Dec 13 02:16:30Series.Raising Hope
10th Dec 13 02:15:07Series.Raising Hope
10th Dec 13 02:14:33Series.Raising Hope
10th Dec 13 01:54:58Series.Raising Hope
10th Dec 13 12:47:24Series.Raising Hope
10th Dec 13 11:42:27Prima Donna Director
10th Dec 13 11:41:20Prima Donna Director
10th Dec 13 11:38:04Prima Donna Director
10th Dec 13 11:27:16Prima Donna Director
8th Dec 13 11:22:07Characters.Raising Hope
8th Dec 13 11:21:52Characters.Raising Hope
8th Dec 13 11:12:19Characters.Raising Hope
8th Dec 13 12:14:54Characters.Raising Hope
8th Dec 13 12:13:51Characters.Raising Hope
7th Dec 13 05:23:30YMMV.My Name Is Earl
7th Dec 13 01:08:20Series.Raising Hope
7th Dec 13 01:07:02Series.Raising Hope
7th Dec 13 12:52:59Series.Raising Hope
6th Dec 13 09:22:15Series.Raising Hope
5th Dec 13 01:04:20Series.My Name Is Earl
5th Dec 13 01:03:35Series.My Name Is Earl
4th Dec 13 11:30:15Trivia.Raising Hope
4th Dec 13 08:49:14Arbitrarily Large Bank Account
1st Dec 13 02:38:06Adaptational Attractiveness
30th Nov 13 10:40:04Characters.Transformers Prime Autobots
29th Nov 13 02:56:32Creator.George Lucas
29th Nov 13 01:07:21Anime.Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
28th Nov 13 12:57:47Trivia.Beast Machines
27th Nov 13 01:07:04George Lucas Altered Version
27th Nov 13 01:06:31George Lucas Altered Version
23rd Nov 13 10:26:27Unkempt Beauty
20th Nov 13 09:20:49Series.New Girl
19th Nov 13 11:01:24Series.My Name Is Earl
19th Nov 13 10:54:45Series.My Name Is Earl
16th Nov 13 11:17:59Characters.The Big Bang Theory
15th Nov 13 05:22:39Trivia.The Big Bang Theory
9th Nov 13 03:15:44Characters.The Big Bang Theory
7th Nov 13 01:12:19Video Game.Batman Arkham Origins
7th Nov 13 12:24:26Video Game.Batman Arkham Origins
31st Oct 13 11:32:25The Big Bang Theory.Tropes P To S
30th Oct 13 01:25:29Awesome.The Big Bang Theory
25th Oct 13 02:09:45Characters.The Big Bang Theory
24th Oct 13 01:41:55Characters.The Big Bang Theory
23rd Oct 13 11:01:57Literature.Carrie
22nd Oct 13 11:39:38Useful Notes.The Bechdel Test
22nd Oct 13 11:08:48Headscratchers.The Big Bang Theory
21st Oct 13 12:35:02The Big Bang Theory.Tropes T To Z
20th Oct 13 05:30:11Acting In The Dark
20th Oct 13 12:58:38Series.The Cosby Show
19th Oct 13 02:55:34Not A Deconstruction
17th Oct 13 08:16:27Characterization Marches On
17th Oct 13 08:06:10Characterization Marches On
16th Oct 13 09:47:07Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants
15th Oct 13 06:13:00Composite Character
14th Oct 13 11:38:20Characters.Transformers Prime Other
13th Oct 13 06:48:04Burn Notice.Tropes A To H
12th Oct 13 02:40:24Series.Home Improvement
12th Oct 13 01:31:36Characters.The Big Bang Theory
11th Oct 13 11:50:53Characters.The Big Bang Theory
10th Oct 13 08:43:16Characters.Transformers Prime Other
9th Oct 13 10:07:22Acting In The Dark
9th Oct 13 07:41:50Characters.How I Met Your Mother
9th Oct 13 04:06:45YMMV.The Big Bang Theory
6th Oct 13 10:43:00The Big Bang Theory.Tropes A To E
6th Oct 13 12:02:52Trivia.Indiana Jones
5th Oct 13 11:35:01Characters.Transformers Prime Predacons
3rd Oct 13 12:50:13YMMV.The Big Bang Theory
2nd Oct 13 09:02:42Creator.Keanu Reeves
2nd Oct 13 08:43:32Creator.Funimation
2nd Oct 13 01:23:05Series.New Girl
30th Sep 13 10:28:54Characters.The Big Bang Theory
30th Sep 13 10:22:27Characters.The Big Bang Theory
30th Sep 13 12:37:24Characters.The Big Bang Theory
30th Sep 13 12:35:33Characters.The Big Bang Theory
29th Sep 13 12:28:06Series.New Girl
27th Sep 13 04:08:37The Big Bang Theory.Tropes F To J
24th Sep 13 11:51:11YMMV.The Nostalgia Critic
24th Sep 13 06:13:07Funny.How I Met Your Mother
22nd Sep 13 12:44:31Analysis.You Are A Credit To Your Race
22nd Sep 13 12:44:11You Are A Credit To Your Race
20th Sep 13 01:27:55Characters.How I Met Your Mother
17th Sep 13 01:17:44Characters.My Name Is Earl
16th Sep 13 11:49:51Franchise.Robo Cop
12th Sep 13 10:09:35The Heart
12th Sep 13 01:14:24Western Animation.Batman Beyond
12th Sep 13 01:13:46Western Animation.Batman Beyond
12th Sep 13 01:04:26Western Animation.Batman Beyond
11th Sep 13 11:44:15Series.Titus
6th Sep 13 06:44:51Series.Scrubs
4th Sep 13 02:32:03Film.The General
3rd Sep 13 11:05:15Re Cut
2nd Sep 13 10:22:56Growing The Beard.Live Action TV
31st Aug 13 03:20:29Everyone Has Standards
29th Aug 13 10:38:24George Lucas Altered Version
29th Aug 13 10:32:19Film.The Gold Rush
29th Aug 13 09:24:01Race Lift
29th Aug 13 09:23:42Race Lift
28th Aug 13 12:54:20Headscratchers.How I Met Your Mother
28th Aug 13 12:31:14Everyone Can See It
27th Aug 13 12:25:41Western Animation.Batman Beyond
26th Aug 13 01:07:44The Ending Changes Everything
25th Aug 13 05:56:01Film.Green Lantern
24th Aug 13 01:15:33Muscles Are Meaningless
20th Aug 13 02:48:40Film.Green Lantern
18th Aug 13 03:17:00Characters.Scrubs
17th Aug 13 07:31:14Literature.The Player
17th Aug 13 10:49:06Series.Scrubs
17th Aug 13 12:53:54Series.Scrubs
16th Aug 13 11:46:44Characters.How I Met Your Mother
15th Aug 13 01:54:34Series.Home Improvement
15th Aug 13 01:27:46Series.Home Improvement
13th Aug 13 08:04:07Role Ending Misdemeanor
13th Aug 13 08:03:12Role Ending Misdemeanor
9th Aug 13 09:12:54Film.Transformers
7th Aug 13 01:29:32Decomposite Character
5th Aug 13 12:35:32Internal Deconstruction
5th Aug 13 12:28:11Internal Deconstruction
2nd Aug 13 07:17:16The I Love You Stigma
2nd Aug 13 06:42:03My Boys
27th Jul 13 06:06:03Tomboy With A Girly Streak
27th Jul 13 06:04:25Tomboy With A Girly Streak
27th Jul 13 05:52:02My Boys
27th Jul 13 05:45:43My Boys
27th Jul 13 05:05:30Hopeless Suitor
26th Jul 13 02:03:22South Park.Tropes E-J
26th Jul 13 01:59:16HIMYM.Tropes Season Seven
26th Jul 13 01:49:22Film.Star Trek Into Darkness
26th Jul 13 01:41:10Internal Deconstruction
26th Jul 13 01:40:50Internal Deconstruction
26th Jul 13 01:27:52Internal Deconstruction
24th Jul 13 08:06:43My Boys
24th Jul 13 07:58:47My Boys
21st Jul 13 12:09:44Huge Guy Tiny Girl
20th Jul 13 04:29:58YMMV.Man Of Steel
18th Jul 13 11:40:47YMMV.How I Met Your Mother
18th Jul 13 11:33:20Characters.How I Met Your Mother
18th Jul 13 11:18:23Characters.How I Met Your Mother
18th Jul 13 11:11:50Characters.How I Met Your Mother
18th Jul 13 01:04:25Awesome.The Bourne Series
18th Jul 13 12:47:53YMMV.The Bourne Series
18th Jul 13 12:41:37Film.The Bourne Series
18th Jul 13 12:40:30Film.The Bourne Series
18th Jul 13 12:26:42Film.The Bourne Series
17th Jul 13 04:43:41Fridge.Unbreakable
14th Jul 13 03:49:31Godzilla Threshold
12th Jul 13 01:47:37Dating What Daddy Hates
12th Jul 13 01:39:54Characters.The Big Bang Theory
11th Jul 13 10:06:29The Big Bang Theory.Tropes P To S
7th Jul 13 01:37:08Characters.Transformers Prime Autobots
6th Jul 13 10:52:34Video Game.Batman Arkham Origins
4th Jul 13 03:23:14Justice League.Tropes M-Z
3rd Jul 13 08:54:59HIMYM.Tropes Season Eight
3rd Jul 13 08:14:34Headscratchers.Juno
3rd Jul 13 02:22:14The Big Bang Theory.Tropes A To E
3rd Jul 13 01:50:39YMMV.The Big Bang Theory
2nd Jul 13 04:05:31Trivia.Transformers Prime
2nd Jul 13 02:27:52Series.How I Met Your Mother
2nd Jul 13 12:53:07The Big Bang Theory.Season Two
2nd Jul 13 12:57:51George Lucas Altered Version
2nd Jul 13 12:38:58Series.Star Trek The Original Series
1st Jul 13 12:47:54Series.The Big Bang Theory
1st Jul 13 12:46:20The Big Bang Theory.Season Six
1st Jul 13 12:39:32The Big Bang Theory.Season Five
1st Jul 13 12:34:17The Big Bang Theory.Season Four
1st Jul 13 12:28:49The Big Bang Theory.Season Three
1st Jul 13 12:23:14The Big Bang Theory.Season Two
1st Jul 13 12:12:47The Big Bang Theory.Season One
1st Jul 13 12:04:04Series.The Big Bang Theory
30th Jun 13 11:45:41The Big Bang Theory.Tropes A To E
30th Jun 13 09:46:57Western Animation.Transformers Prime
30th Jun 13 09:12:41Western Animation.Transformers Prime
29th Jun 13 10:50:19Headscratchers.Transformers Prime
29th Jun 13 07:09:17Curb Stomp Cushion
29th Jun 13 03:15:59Characters.Transformers Prime Autobots
29th Jun 13 12:41:38Bad Bad Acting
29th Jun 13 12:37:19Bad Bad Acting
28th Jun 13 09:34:18Bash Brothers
27th Jun 13 06:17:55YMMV.Man Of Steel
27th Jun 13 06:13:30YMMV.Man Of Steel
27th Jun 13 10:21:10Characters.The Big Bang Theory
27th Jun 13 10:20:06Characters.The Big Bang Theory
26th Jun 13 08:08:44Characters.Transformers Prime Decepticons
25th Jun 13 10:59:19Characters.The Big Bang Theory
25th Jun 13 08:52:57The Big Bang Theory.Tropes A To E
25th Jun 13 08:48:49Series.The Big Bang Theory
24th Jun 13 10:49:43Creator.Patrick Stewart

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