KJ Mackley's Recent Edits

28th Jul 15 04:18:56Video Game.Gears Of War
28th Jul 15 01:20:30Video Game.Batman Arkham Knight
28th Jul 15 12:55:29Video Game.Batman Arkham Knight
27th Jul 15 01:52:17Series.My Name Is Earl
27th Jul 15 12:53:22YMMV.Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
26th Jul 15 02:32:19Just For Fun.Tropes Examined By The Mythbusters
23rd Jul 15 11:46:34Trivia.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
22nd Jul 15 04:26:25Characters.The Big Bang Theory The Core Group
22nd Jul 15 02:05:27Characters.The Big Bang Theory The Core Group
22nd Jul 15 03:14:23Pilot
22nd Jul 15 03:12:53Pilot
22nd Jul 15 02:37:56Series.Psych
21st Jul 15 03:56:56Film.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
13th Jul 15 12:17:34YMMV.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
13th Jul 15 12:11:16YMMV.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
13th Jul 15 12:02:25Film.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
9th Jul 15 11:21:42YMMV.Arrested Development
8th Jul 15 01:36:47Series.Home Improvement
7th Jul 15 11:30:54Dragon In Chief
3rd Jul 15 03:37:28Manga.Yu Yu Hakusho
3rd Jul 15 01:50:32Creator.Christopher Titus
2nd Jul 15 01:32:42Film.Jobs
1st Jul 15 02:27:32Western Animation.Beetlejuice
1st Jul 15 12:04:40Franchise.DCAU
30th Jun 15 03:12:32Video Game.Batman Arkham Knight
30th Jun 15 02:41:06Dawson Casting
24th Jun 15 10:56:18Video Game.Batman Arkham Knight
24th Jun 15 03:16:40Video Game.Batman Arkham Origins
24th Jun 15 03:07:12YMMV.Batman Arkham Origins
24th Jun 15 02:02:57Fanfic Fuel
23rd Jun 15 01:24:42Video Game.Batman Arkham Knight
21st Jun 15 01:11:16Mission Impossible
19th Jun 15 12:46:40Series.Home Improvement
19th Jun 15 12:40:24Series.Home Improvement
18th Jun 15 02:06:58Video Game.Gears Of War
18th Jun 15 02:04:43Video Game.Gears Of War
17th Jun 15 02:02:08Series.Scrubs
16th Jun 15 10:28:55Film.The French Connection
15th Jun 15 05:00:28Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
14th Jun 15 01:07:17Franchise.Halo
13th Jun 15 03:33:54Headscratchers.Last Action Hero
13th Jun 15 12:38:16Friends Rent Control
12th Jun 15 02:55:13Video Game.Halo 4
11th Jun 15 02:02:40Franchise.Wonder Woman
10th Jun 15 10:25:19Video Game.Batman Arkham Knight
10th Jun 15 08:41:22Trivia.Smallville
10th Jun 15 07:50:13Film.Space Jam
9th Jun 15 02:03:44Justice League.Tropes A To L
9th Jun 15 01:55:09Justice League.Tropes A To L
8th Jun 15 06:57:02Film.End Of Watch
7th Jun 15 08:51:29Trivia.Justice League
7th Jun 15 08:49:10Trivia.Justice League
6th Jun 15 10:31:58Trivia.Raising Hope
6th Jun 15 10:15:19Trivia.Raising Hope
6th Jun 15 01:36:07Film.Fat Head
31st May 15 03:23:47Trivia.The Big Bang Theory
30th May 15 03:19:41Manic Pixie Dream Girl
30th May 15 01:23:28YMMV.Justice League
29th May 15 09:45:54Film.Transformers Age Of Extinction
29th May 15 06:17:51Damn You Muscle Memory
29th May 15 12:49:52Ivy League For Everyone
29th May 15 12:48:39Ivy League For Everyone
28th May 15 02:21:09The Main Characters Do Everything
27th May 15 06:39:37Creator.Jeff Dunham
27th May 15 02:09:57B Team Sequel
27th May 15 02:09:35B Team Sequel
27th May 15 01:56:20Trivia.Gears Of War
24th May 15 11:47:22Series.Boy Meets World
20th May 15 11:41:05Series.How I Met Your Mother
20th May 15 09:19:07Creator.David Letterman
16th May 15 07:17:54YMMV.Unbreakable
16th May 15 12:22:58Film.Revenge Of The Sith
13th May 15 02:14:16Franchise Original Sin
11th May 15 01:30:17Franchise.Marvel Cinematic Universe
11th May 15 01:25:21Magnetic Plot Device
11th May 15 01:25:03Magnetic Plot Device
10th May 15 11:42:59The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
10th May 15 11:09:36Characters.The Big Bang Theory
10th May 15 11:03:40The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
10th May 15 04:21:09Film.Avengers Age Of Ultron
9th May 15 05:57:44Franchise.Wonder Woman
9th May 15 05:57:01Adaptational Modesty
9th May 15 05:53:18Films Of The2010s
9th May 15 05:52:33Creator.Warner Bros
9th May 15 05:50:41Film.DC Cinematic Universe
9th May 15 05:50:07Film.Wonder Woman
8th May 15 10:42:43Futurama.Tropes O To S
8th May 15 01:56:18The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
8th May 15 01:46:38Characters.The Big Bang Theory
8th May 15 12:46:25The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
8th May 15 02:08:42The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
7th May 15 02:54:15Shared Universe
7th May 15 02:48:44Shared Universe
7th May 15 02:45:11Shared Universe
6th May 15 10:11:46Series.Titus
4th May 15 12:07:40Film.Avengers Age Of Ultron
29th Apr 15 09:32:11Series.American Gladiators
29th Apr 15 09:31:25Series.American Gladiators
27th Apr 15 10:05:54Comic Book.Black Canary
27th Apr 15 01:05:43YMMV.New Girl
25th Apr 15 02:02:58Series.Mac Gyver
24th Apr 15 11:57:53Dented Iron
24th Apr 15 11:51:09Dented Iron
24th Apr 15 11:34:19YMMV.Dragon Ball Z Budokai
24th Apr 15 11:30:16YMMV.Dragon Ball Z Budokai
24th Apr 15 03:17:06Trivia.Heat
24th Apr 15 03:14:03Trivia.Heat
24th Apr 15 03:03:44Trivia.Heat
24th Apr 15 01:54:12The Other Marty
20th Apr 15 01:14:27Characters.The Big Bang Theory
19th Apr 15 12:52:28Characters.The Big Bang Theory
17th Apr 15 03:35:25Misblamed
17th Apr 15 03:27:47YMMV.The Last Airbender
17th Apr 15 03:19:07Trivia.The Last Airbender
17th Apr 15 12:38:35Franchise.Wonder Woman
17th Apr 15 01:03:03Film.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
17th Apr 15 12:08:32Film.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
17th Apr 15 12:06:07Film.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
16th Apr 15 11:53:46Film.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
13th Apr 15 12:45:52Fastball Special
11th Apr 15 02:37:39Creator.Michael Keaton
10th Apr 15 07:33:59Killer App
10th Apr 15 07:29:01Killer App
10th Apr 15 07:20:00Killer App
10th Apr 15 07:09:55Film.Sex Lies And Videotape
10th Apr 15 04:59:37Reed Richards Is Useless
10th Apr 15 04:35:17Bigger Bad
10th Apr 15 03:25:47Simultaneous Arcs
9th Apr 15 11:56:15Film.Three Amigos
9th Apr 15 02:15:22Film.Batman Forever
9th Apr 15 02:10:08Film.Batman Forever
8th Apr 15 03:12:22Series.Last Man Standing
7th Apr 15 10:43:48Film.Adaptation
7th Apr 15 02:25:17YMMV.Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory
6th Apr 15 01:27:20Series.Neds Declassified School Survival Guide
5th Apr 15 03:59:14Web Video.History Of Power Rangers
5th Apr 15 03:58:38Web Video.History Of Power Rangers
5th Apr 15 03:58:00Web Video.History Of Power Rangers
5th Apr 15 02:46:31Bigger Bad
5th Apr 15 02:46:02Bigger Bad
5th Apr 15 02:45:45Bigger Bad
4th Apr 15 05:33:11Adaptational Wimp
3rd Apr 15 12:20:46Trivia.Mac Gyver
2nd Apr 15 11:57:32Series.Warehouse 13
2nd Apr 15 11:56:19Series.Warehouse 13
2nd Apr 15 02:55:52Film.Silver Linings Playbook
1st Apr 15 03:13:38Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 1 Deep Breath
31st Mar 15 03:37:55Video Game.Ninja Gaiden
31st Mar 15 12:43:26YMMV.Halo 5 Guardians
31st Mar 15 02:14:00YMMV.Halo Nightfall
31st Mar 15 02:10:14Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
30th Mar 15 08:01:40Web Video.History Of Power Rangers
29th Mar 15 01:39:30Series.Last Man Standing
29th Mar 15 01:29:25Post Script Season
29th Mar 15 01:12:26Series.Scrubs
28th Mar 15 02:34:02Lower Deck Episode
27th Mar 15 11:48:48Adaptational Modesty
27th Mar 15 08:14:46YMMV.The Addams Family
27th Mar 15 08:13:22YMMV.The Addams Family
27th Mar 15 02:05:54Heartwarming.The Big Bang Theory
26th Mar 15 12:04:08Creator.Tom Cruise
26th Mar 15 12:03:26Creator.Tom Cruise
25th Mar 15 11:57:21Creator.Tom Cruise
25th Mar 15 11:56:28Creator.Tom Cruise
23rd Mar 15 01:33:44Troubled Production
23rd Mar 15 01:02:57Trivia.Masters Of The Universe
22nd Mar 15 04:45:45Series.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
22nd Mar 15 03:22:38Series.Mac Gyver
22nd Mar 15 02:29:20Bigger Bad
22nd Mar 15 02:28:05Bigger Bad
20th Mar 15 11:58:23Two D Space
20th Mar 15 11:47:31Film.A New Hope
20th Mar 15 11:35:20Film.Return Of The Jedi
20th Mar 15 11:26:17Film.The Empire Strikes Back
20th Mar 15 11:22:44Film.A New Hope
20th Mar 15 09:02:19Bigger Bad
20th Mar 15 08:13:51Big Bad
20th Mar 15 07:54:56Big Bad
20th Mar 15 07:49:21Big Bad
20th Mar 15 04:01:28Series.Scrubs
20th Mar 15 03:34:38Trivia.Scrubs
20th Mar 15 02:13:36YMMV.Samurai Jack
19th Mar 15 01:22:08Film.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie
19th Mar 15 01:09:23Non Serial Movie
19th Mar 15 01:08:04Non Serial Movie
18th Mar 15 12:55:07YMMV.The Big Bang Theory
17th Mar 15 11:55:55Film.Last Action Hero
16th Mar 15 10:03:55Film.Robo Cop 2014
16th Mar 15 09:25:58YMMV.Robocop 2014
16th Mar 15 09:04:49Film.Jerry Maguire
16th Mar 15 08:31:57The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
16th Mar 15 08:07:09Series.Sherlock
15th Mar 15 10:29:00YMMV.Doug
14th Mar 15 09:15:14Western Animation.Star Wars The Clone Wars
14th Mar 15 07:42:27Series.Mac Gyver
14th Mar 15 05:50:53Trivia.Mac Gyver
14th Mar 15 02:15:36Film.The Sting
13th Mar 15 10:22:12Film.Last Action Hero
13th Mar 15 06:08:51Trivia.Mac Gyver
13th Mar 15 03:54:51Series.Last Man Standing
13th Mar 15 03:54:25Series.Last Man Standing
13th Mar 15 12:33:04Trivia.Scrubs
13th Mar 15 02:19:09Creator.Gabriel Iglesias
12th Mar 15 11:21:01The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
11th Mar 15 11:32:00Film.Robo Cop 2014
11th Mar 15 09:50:15Film.Robo Cop 2014
11th Mar 15 09:11:58Film.Robo Cop 2014
11th Mar 15 08:39:08Film.Robo Cop 2014
11th Mar 15 12:50:56Creator.Kevin Conroy
11th Mar 15 02:38:37Creator.Blake Lively
10th Mar 15 12:13:34YMMV.Patch Adams
10th Mar 15 12:12:15YMMV.Patch Adams
8th Mar 15 01:20:38Series.Arrow
4th Mar 15 10:31:14Trivia.Ferris Buellers Day Off
1st Mar 15 02:44:07Franchise.Transformers Film Series
1st Mar 15 02:15:58Film.Transformers Age Of Extinction
1st Mar 15 01:01:33Franchise.Transformers Film Series
28th Feb 15 09:26:15Wake Up Call Boss
27th Feb 15 02:44:05Series.Last Man Standing
27th Feb 15 02:25:07Series.Sherlock
27th Feb 15 12:11:37Franchise.Power Rangers
27th Feb 15 12:10:43Franchise.Power Rangers
26th Feb 15 01:43:51Series.Arrow
26th Feb 15 01:26:31Series.Arrow
26th Feb 15 01:27:10Series.Arrow
23rd Feb 15 12:59:47Series.Arrow
23rd Feb 15 12:56:35Series.Arrow
22nd Feb 15 02:42:30Western Animation.Jackie Chan Adventures
22nd Feb 15 02:04:12Films Of The2010s
22nd Feb 15 02:02:30Film.Justice League
22nd Feb 15 02:01:28Film.Justice League
22nd Feb 15 01:58:11Film.DC Cinematic Universe
22nd Feb 15 01:56:24Films Of The1990s
22nd Feb 15 01:55:40Film.Justice League
22nd Feb 15 01:55:29Film.Justice League
22nd Feb 15 01:52:07Film.Justice League
22nd Feb 15 01:48:57Franchise.Justice League Of America
22nd Feb 15 01:45:13Franchise.Justice League Of America
22nd Feb 15 01:44:36Franchise.Justice League Of America
22nd Feb 15 01:36:12Franchise.Justice League Of America
21st Feb 15 11:04:50Franchise.Justice League Of America
21st Feb 15 10:21:58Series.Arrow
21st Feb 15 01:25:31Trivia.Superman Returns
21st Feb 15 01:08:00Series.Arrow
20th Feb 15 11:48:27Series.Arrow
20th Feb 15 05:42:52The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
20th Feb 15 04:18:39Series.Arrow
20th Feb 15 04:15:48Series.Arrow
20th Feb 15 03:56:21Series.Arrow
20th Feb 15 12:02:23Characters.Last Man Standing
19th Feb 15 01:16:45Video Game.Halo Reach
19th Feb 15 02:08:00Trivia.Bryan Cranston
19th Feb 15 01:50:10Series.Last Man Standing
19th Feb 15 01:07:24Film.Star Trek The Motion Picture
18th Feb 15 02:12:07Film.Silver Linings Playbook
17th Feb 15 10:21:51A Million Is A Statistic
17th Feb 15 01:26:15Series.Arrow
16th Feb 15 07:12:10Creator.Paul WS Anderson
16th Feb 15 03:05:40Film.Wings
16th Feb 15 03:04:38Film.The Ox Bow Incident
16th Feb 15 03:04:14Film.Nothing Sacred
16th Feb 15 03:03:53Film.A Star Is Born
16th Feb 15 03:03:32Creator.William A Wellman
16th Feb 15 02:57:56Directors
16th Feb 15 02:55:32Film.The Public Enemy
16th Feb 15 02:54:19Creator.William A Wellman
16th Feb 15 02:09:25Creator.Elia Kazan
16th Feb 15 01:44:38Cheated Angle
15th Feb 15 04:13:52Audience Alienating Premise
15th Feb 15 03:16:34Western Animation.Star Wars The Clone Wars
15th Feb 15 01:24:35Western Animation.Justice League
14th Feb 15 03:19:34Stop Being Stereotypical
14th Feb 15 03:17:13Stop Being Stereotypical
14th Feb 15 01:01:22Trivia.Power Rangers
14th Feb 15 12:59:38Trivia.Power Rangers
13th Feb 15 01:43:10Reunion Show
11th Feb 15 06:57:17Western Animation.Samurai Jack
11th Feb 15 06:56:38Western Animation.Samurai Jack
11th Feb 15 01:35:11Characters.The Big Bang Theory
7th Feb 15 01:47:08YMMV.The Mummy 1999
6th Feb 15 11:20:18Heartwarming.The Big Bang Theory
6th Feb 15 08:13:44Characters.The Big Bang Theory
6th Feb 15 07:25:40The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
6th Feb 15 07:24:38The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
6th Feb 15 02:10:58Idealized Sex
6th Feb 15 02:10:15Idealized Sex
5th Feb 15 02:50:04Literature.Halo The Fall Of Reach
5th Feb 15 02:49:07Literature.Halo The Fall Of Reach
2nd Feb 15 01:20:54Franchise.Halo
2nd Feb 15 01:20:14Franchise.Halo
2nd Feb 15 01:17:55Franchise.Halo
31st Jan 15 10:15:53YMMV.Dragon Ball Z
31st Jan 15 05:54:59Western Animation.Star Wars The Clone Wars
31st Jan 15 05:54:43Western Animation.Star Wars The Clone Wars
31st Jan 15 02:55:47Disney.Tarzan
31st Jan 15 12:22:08Film.Get Smart
31st Jan 15 12:50:07Creator.Tommy Lee Jones
29th Jan 15 10:33:23Magical Security Cam
29th Jan 15 10:03:38Characters.Last Man Standing
26th Jan 15 12:51:31Series.Home Improvement
25th Jan 15 06:00:45A Degree In Useless
25th Jan 15 05:59:43A Degree In Useless
23rd Jan 15 03:26:27Lost In Imitation
23rd Jan 15 02:43:37Series.Warehouse 13
22nd Jan 15 01:51:07Web Video.History Of Power Rangers
22nd Jan 15 01:35:25Web Video.History Of Power Rangers
21st Jan 15 01:15:37Film.DC Cinematic Universe
19th Jan 15 02:53:01Big Good
19th Jan 15 02:19:10Franchise.Transformers
16th Jan 15 07:44:05Characters.Last Man Standing
15th Jan 15 03:36:17Creator.Cameron Crowe
13th Jan 15 11:17:43Film.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
13th Jan 15 12:39:19Star Wars The Clone Wars.Tropes A To F
12th Jan 15 05:53:25Film.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
12th Jan 15 05:45:28YMMV.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
12th Jan 15 03:15:02Series.Saturday Night Live
11th Jan 15 08:10:35Film.I Know That Voice
11th Jan 15 08:10:07Film.I Know That Voice
11th Jan 15 04:56:51Film.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014
11th Jan 15 01:58:23Film.Man Of Steel
10th Jan 15 04:11:09YMMV.Masters Of The Universe
10th Jan 15 03:20:46Series.Last Man Standing
9th Jan 15 02:52:51Film.Batman
9th Jan 15 12:33:49Trivia.Masters Of The Universe
9th Jan 15 12:05:53Film.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
3rd Jan 15 10:49:32Film.Halo Nightfall
3rd Jan 15 02:22:43Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
3rd Jan 15 02:16:26Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
3rd Jan 15 01:53:37Video Game.Halo 2
31st Dec 14 04:23:28Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
31st Dec 14 01:26:43Unnecessary Makeover
30th Dec 14 03:02:18YMMV.Re Boot
30th Dec 14 12:47:00YMMV.Halo 5 Guardians
30th Dec 14 12:17:48Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
30th Dec 14 03:20:19Series.Boy Meets World
28th Dec 14 08:05:37Film.Night At The Museum
28th Dec 14 08:04:46Film.Night At The Museum
26th Dec 14 08:40:36Vile Villain Saccharine Show
22nd Dec 14 01:59:19Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
22nd Dec 14 01:58:14Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
22nd Dec 14 01:52:32Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
21st Dec 14 08:59:55The Peter Principle
21st Dec 14 02:21:03Series.Last Man Standing
21st Dec 14 12:59:58Series.Last Man Standing
20th Dec 14 11:16:46Film.Revenge Of The Sith
19th Dec 14 03:54:23Series.Coach
19th Dec 14 03:52:38Series.Coach
18th Dec 14 02:03:30Series.Last Man Standing
17th Dec 14 02:48:16Lensman Arms Race
16th Dec 14 10:37:55Trivia.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
15th Dec 14 09:31:29Film.Sherlock Holmes
15th Dec 14 12:50:05Trivia.Home Improvement
15th Dec 14 12:49:46Trivia.Home Improvement
15th Dec 14 11:57:39Series.Last Man Standing
13th Dec 14 11:39:32Epic Tracking Shot
13th Dec 14 08:24:39YMMV.Halo Nightfall
13th Dec 14 01:54:29Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
13th Dec 14 01:27:16Film.Halo Nightfall
13th Dec 14 01:21:08Video Game.Halo 5 Guardians
13th Dec 14 12:46:01Film.Halo Nightfall
13th Dec 14 12:42:47Science Fiction Films
13th Dec 14 12:41:52Video Game Movies
13th Dec 14 12:37:40Film.Halo Nightfall
12th Dec 14 11:42:36Film.Halo Nightfall
12th Dec 14 01:32:44Creator.Christopher Titus
9th Dec 14 02:23:20Smurfette Breakout
8th Dec 14 11:51:20Characters.Last Man Standing
8th Dec 14 02:28:00Film.Ghostbusters
6th Dec 14 08:42:52Franchise.Transformers Film Series
5th Dec 14 06:41:04YMMV.Re Boot
5th Dec 14 06:33:34Western Animation.Re Boot
4th Dec 14 11:48:50The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
3rd Dec 14 06:25:52Series.Power Rangers Zeo
3rd Dec 14 06:24:57Series.Power Rangers Zeo
2nd Dec 14 03:39:02Epic Tracking Shot
2nd Dec 14 03:15:29Characters.Last Man Standing
2nd Dec 14 12:34:08Characters.Live Action TV
1st Dec 14 05:33:32Epic Tracking Shot
1st Dec 14 03:07:28Characters.Last Man Standing
1st Dec 14 01:59:08Series.Last Man Standing
1st Dec 14 02:49:23Badass Normal
30th Nov 14 02:23:33Series.Last Man Standing
30th Nov 14 01:09:00Film.The Hobbit
29th Nov 14 12:10:14Series.Last Man Standing
28th Nov 14 03:52:13Series.Last Man Standing
28th Nov 14 01:30:12Series.Last Man Standing
28th Nov 14 01:12:42Dawson Casting
28th Nov 14 12:47:40Film.The Spectacular Now
26th Nov 14 01:10:36Series.Early Edition
23rd Nov 14 09:47:33Series.Coach
23rd Nov 14 02:35:53Video Game.Halo 2
22nd Nov 14 05:13:36Air Vent Passageway
22nd Nov 14 05:04:12Air Vent Passageway
21st Nov 14 01:10:06The Big Bang Theory.Season Eight
20th Nov 14 04:16:38The Big Bang Theory.Season Seven
20th Nov 14 04:14:59Parody Assistance
20th Nov 14 01:20:18Sequel Hook
20th Nov 14 01:16:42Sequel Hook
19th Nov 14 02:27:25Series.Coach
18th Nov 14 11:12:46Film.The Karate Kid