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10th Sep 15 04:20:24Characters.Bleach Gotei 13 Squads 8 To 13
10th Sep 15 04:19:28Characters.Bleach Gotei 13 Squads 8 To 13
7th Sep 15 05:52:10Characters.Metal Gear 1
14th Jun 15 07:45:35Heartwarming.Mother
14th Jun 15 07:45:02Trivia.Earth Bound
14th Jun 15 07:42:13Trivia.Earth Bound
11th May 15 04:52:55Trivia.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
6th May 15 05:05:11Trivia.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
4th May 15 03:29:28Tear Jerker.Devil Survivor 2
3rd May 15 09:19:32Characters.Ashes Of The Past
23rd Apr 15 12:20:16Awesome.One Piece
16th Apr 15 04:39:07Awesome.Toriko
1st Apr 15 04:04:34Franchise.Shin Megami Tensei
1st Apr 15 04:03:13Franchise.Shin Megami Tensei
27th Mar 15 02:41:02Franchise.Ys
27th Mar 15 02:40:24Franchise.Ys
27th Mar 15 02:39:41Franchise.Ys
27th Mar 15 02:39:23Franchise.Ys
27th Mar 15 02:38:11Franchise.Ys
27th Mar 15 02:37:37Franchise.Ys
20th Mar 15 04:44:16Video Game.Ninja Blade
6th Feb 15 08:04:38Characters.Dark Souls II Enemy NP Cs And Bosses
6th Feb 15 08:01:33Characters.Dark Souls II Enemy NP Cs And Bosses
6th Feb 15 08:00:45Characters.Dark Souls II Enemy NP Cs And Bosses
28th Jan 15 10:51:14Tear Jerker.Goblins
27th Nov 14 02:55:27YMMV.Toriko
27th Nov 14 02:53:25YMMV.Toriko
17th Nov 14 06:44:17Nightmare Fuel.The Binding Of Isaac
6th Nov 14 07:17:04Video Game.The Binding Of Isaac
6th Nov 14 07:16:02Video Game.The Binding Of Isaac
11th Oct 14 02:12:21Trivia.Time Fcuk
11th Oct 14 02:11:48Trivia.Time Fcuk
11th Oct 14 02:11:00Trivia.The Binding Of Isaac
11th Oct 14 02:10:22Trivia.The Binding Of Isaac
11th Oct 14 02:07:30Trivia.Time Fcuk
11th Oct 14 02:07:11Video Game.Time Fcuk
11th Oct 14 02:01:57Video Game.Time Fcuk
11th Oct 14 02:01:24Video Game.Time Fcuk
11th Oct 14 02:00:51Video Game.Time Fcuk
8th Oct 14 06:23:07Characters.One Piece The Seven Warlords Of The Sea
8th Oct 14 04:33:20Characters.One Piece The Eleven Supernovas
8th Oct 14 04:28:49Characters.One Piece The Eleven Supernovas
4th Oct 14 07:25:33Characters.Masou Kishin
30th Sep 14 07:50:19Video Game.Dark Souls II
30th Sep 14 09:57:58Characters.Dark Souls II Enemy NP Cs And Bosses
23rd Sep 14 05:40:10YMMV.Shinobi
23rd Sep 14 05:39:51YMMV.Shinobi
23rd Sep 14 05:39:34YMMV.Shinobi
23rd Sep 14 05:38:35YMMV.Shinobi
23rd Sep 14 05:38:10YMMV.Shinobi
23rd Sep 14 05:37:52YMMV.Shinobi
5th Sep 14 12:47:38Video Game.Thebindingofisaac
5th Sep 14 12:47:04Video Game.Thebindingofisaac
4th Sep 14 07:23:59Heartwarming.Killla Kill
4th Sep 14 06:08:26Characters.Toriko
3rd Sep 14 06:31:19Kill La Kill.Kiryuin Conglomerate
3rd Sep 14 06:27:20Kill La Kill.Kiryuin Conglomerate
29th Aug 14 04:20:23Awesome.NARUTO
24th Aug 14 10:08:36Characters.Toriko
24th Aug 14 10:08:00Characters.Toriko
20th Aug 14 01:47:31Awesome.Toriko
20th Aug 14 01:47:14Awesome.Toriko
20th Aug 14 12:30:56Awesome.Toriko
20th Aug 14 12:26:16Awesome.Toriko
20th Aug 14 12:14:39Awesome.Toriko
26th Jul 14 11:33:26Manga.Jojos Bizarre Adventure
23rd Jul 14 06:49:04YMMV.Dark Souls II
22nd Jul 14 07:09:03Funny.Dark Souls II
5th Jul 14 08:41:35Trivia.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
5th Jul 14 05:55:20YMMV.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
5th Jul 14 05:53:26YMMV.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
28th Jun 14 09:39:06Lets Play.Deceased Crab
20th Jun 14 08:06:22YMMV.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
20th Jun 14 08:06:15YMMV.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
11th Jun 14 01:10:21Trivia.Jojosbizarreadventure
10th Jun 14 08:35:14Video Game.Final Fantasy Type 0
10th Jun 14 08:34:47Video Game.Final Fantasy Type 0
10th Jun 14 03:10:33Video Game.Final Fantasy Type 0
10th Jun 14 03:08:19Trivia.Final Fantasy Type 0
10th Jun 14 01:22:13Video Game.Final Fantasy Type 0
10th Jun 14 01:21:46Video Game.Final Fantasy Type 0
6th Jun 14 11:35:42Characters.Claymore
4th Jun 14 01:44:11Videogame.Dark Souls II
25th May 14 09:45:36Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 8
25th May 14 09:45:04Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 8
23rd May 14 07:05:36Video Game.Super Robot Wars Gaiden
14th May 14 01:53:39Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 8
30th Apr 14 05:54:19Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 2
23rd Apr 14 02:33:01Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 3
23rd Apr 14 02:31:36Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 3
23rd Apr 14 02:30:20Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 3
11th Apr 14 12:39:11Awesome Music.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
11th Apr 14 10:26:08Manga.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
2nd Apr 14 01:31:39Manga.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
28th Mar 14 09:33:39Video Game.Half Minute Hero
28th Mar 14 09:32:56Video Game.Half Minute Hero
28th Mar 14 09:31:20Video Game.Half Minute Hero
27th Mar 14 07:03:03Kill La Kill.Main Characters
26th Mar 14 04:55:56Video Game.Bio Shock Infinite
19th Mar 14 05:50:03Video Game.Dark Souls II
18th Mar 14 12:33:14YMMV.Dark Souls II
18th Mar 14 12:31:52YMMV.Dark Souls II
19th Feb 14 06:26:01Characters.Naruto-Team Tobi
19th Feb 14 06:25:15Characters.Naruto-Team Tobi
18th Jan 14 07:24:07Awesome Music.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
9th Jan 14 11:01:21Characters.Rooster Teeth
21st Sep 13 07:35:32Characters.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 7
17th Sep 13 05:24:45An Offer You Cant Refuse
7th Aug 13 08:13:52Video Game.Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney
7th Aug 13 08:10:27Video Game.Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney
7th Aug 13 08:10:14Video Game.Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney
11th Jul 13 12:12:13Video Game.Spelunky
10th Jul 13 11:37:30Video Game.Spelunky
30th Jun 13 07:16:59Web Video.Game Grumps
30th Jun 13 07:16:32Web Video.Game Grumps
11th Jun 13 09:40:34Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
11th Jun 13 09:40:16Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
11th Jun 13 09:40:00Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
11th Jun 13 09:38:07Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
9th Jun 13 11:41:44WMG.Penny Arcade Adventures
9th Jun 13 11:41:09WMG.Penny Arcade Adventures
29th May 13 09:21:20Awesome Music.Neon Genesis Evangelion
7th May 13 01:31:00Video Game.Shin Megami Tensei IV
23rd Apr 13 09:09:16Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
9th Apr 13 10:28:24Video Game.Terraria
8th Apr 13 03:05:15Video Game.Disgaea Dimension 2
8th Apr 13 03:04:56Video Game.Disgaea Dimension 2
31st Jan 13 08:54:06Characters.Ys
31st Jan 13 08:53:23Video Game.Ys
31st Dec 12 03:35:55Characters.Berserk
27th Dec 12 09:28:05Video Game.Demons Souls
27th Dec 12 09:27:01Video Game.Demons Souls
27th Dec 12 09:26:16Video Game.Demons Souls
4th Dec 12 07:57:48Community.Dwarf Fortress
4th Dec 12 07:56:27Community.Dwarf Fortress
4th Dec 12 07:53:26Community.Dwarf Fortress
6th Nov 12 06:42:02Video Game.Ys
25th Oct 12 06:41:48YMMV.Toriko
24th Oct 12 08:32:22Characters.Blaz Blue Continuum Shift
24th Oct 12 08:30:37Characters.Blaz Blue Continuum Shift
1st Oct 12 07:35:43Characters.Borderlands
1st Oct 12 07:34:55Characters.Borderlands
29th Sep 12 08:20:57Breaking The Fourth Wall.Video Games
22nd Sep 12 10:42:09Characters.Borderlands
21st Sep 12 09:50:05Video Game.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
21st Sep 12 09:49:26Video Game.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
20th Sep 12 08:31:55Franchise.Professor Layton
20th Sep 12 08:30:44Franchise.Professor Layton
15th Sep 12 11:50:39Video Game.Monster Hunter
15th Sep 12 09:04:08Characters.The Nostalgia Critic
13th Sep 12 03:53:01Characters.Bleach Gotei 13 Squads1- 7
29th Aug 12 01:06:40Franchise.Professor Layton
17th Aug 12 07:43:12Downer Beginning
17th Aug 12 07:42:56Downer Beginning
17th Aug 12 07:42:41Downer Beginning
17th Aug 12 07:42:09Downer Beginning
17th Aug 12 07:41:16Downer Beginning
12th Aug 12 03:14:23Characters.Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha
8th Aug 12 06:03:40The Tale Of Alltynex
7th Aug 12 07:49:51Tomokazu Sugita
7th Aug 12 07:48:05Characters.Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha
7th Aug 12 07:47:41Characters.Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha
7th Aug 12 07:47:22Characters.Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha
6th Aug 12 07:54:26Film.Spaceballs
5th Aug 12 06:38:11Video Game.Blaz Blue
5th Aug 12 06:37:30Video Game.Blaz Blue
19th Jul 12 09:59:27Video Game.La-Mulana
13th Jul 12 07:23:02Characters.La-Mulana
11th Jul 12 12:50:00Video Game.La-Mulana
11th Jul 12 12:47:52Characters.La-Mulana
11th Jul 12 11:44:34Characters.La-Mulana
6th Jul 12 05:53:57Video Game.La-Mulana
6th Jul 12 05:53:20Video Game.La-Mulana
6th Jul 12 05:43:29Video Game.La-Mulana
5th Jul 12 11:23:41Video Game.La-Mulana
24th Jun 12 06:32:54Kamui
20th Jun 12 05:07:14Video Game.The Binding Of Isaac
20th Jun 12 05:05:52Video Game.The Binding Of Isaac
11th Jun 12 04:19:30No Export For You.Video Games
4th Jun 12 02:15:01WMG.Resident Evil 6
4th Jun 12 02:13:10WMG.Resident Evil 6
14th May 12 07:52:54Return To Shooter
14th May 12 07:52:25Return To Shooter
14th May 12 07:52:06Return To Shooter
14th May 12 07:51:43Return To Shooter
14th May 12 07:51:12Return To Shooter
14th May 12 07:51:01Return To Shooter
14th May 12 07:50:37Return To Shooter
9th May 12 04:40:19Characters.Persona 4
22nd Apr 12 04:33:40Sword And Sworcery EP
22nd Apr 12 04:32:35Sword And Sworcery EP
14th Apr 12 05:18:53Video Game.Pokemon Black And White
14th Apr 12 05:13:09Video Game.Pokemon Black And White
11th Apr 12 12:20:16Video Game.Dark Souls
15th Mar 12 03:41:45Characters.Naruto-Akatsuki
15th Mar 12 03:24:24Characters.Naruto-Akatsuki
13th Mar 12 03:43:47High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Corpse Party
6th Mar 12 03:13:14YMMV.Dark Souls
27th Feb 12 04:33:52Manga.Franken Fran
27th Feb 12 04:26:40Manga.Franken Fran
27th Feb 12 04:23:00WMG.Franken Fran
3rd Feb 12 07:36:31Mushihime-sama
1st Feb 12 07:16:05Awesome Music.Blaz Blue
8th Jan 12 11:55:43Dark Souls
6th Jan 12 11:15:31Cool Sword
6th Jan 12 11:14:04Cool Sword
29th Dec 11 04:03:18Video Game.La-Mulana
29th Dec 11 03:56:21Video Game.La-Mulana
29th Dec 11 03:55:24Video Game.La-Mulana
25th Oct 11 10:38:01WMG.Homestuck Confirmed
25th Oct 11 10:37:32WMG.Homestuck Confirmed
25th Oct 11 10:36:40WMG.Homestuck Confirmed
25th Oct 11 10:35:46WMG.Homestuck Kids
22nd Oct 11 09:56:33Batman Arkham City
22nd Oct 11 09:55:33Batman Arkham City
7th Oct 11 06:02:39Characters.Persona 4
7th Oct 11 05:56:07Characters.Persona 4
7th Oct 11 05:55:26Characters.Persona 4
7th Oct 11 05:54:18Characters.Persona 4
30th Sep 11 11:50:05Ys
20th Sep 11 10:32:25Tropers.Tofu
20th Sep 11 10:29:37Tropers.Jstriker
19th Sep 11 10:12:58Characters.Strange Journey