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27th Nov 14 04:21:34Hilarious In Hindsight.Super Smash Bros
30th Jul 14 05:49:43Creator.Pennand Teller
28th Jul 14 08:43:17Awesome.Chis Sweet Home
10th Jul 14 05:55:17Funny.Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
9th Jul 14 12:26:38Funny.Thewestwing
2nd Jun 14 06:25:23Characters.RAIN
18th Mar 14 09:59:14Characters.Freefall
30th Jan 14 05:39:19Sliding Scale Of Gender Inequality
1st Apr 13 11:26:02YMMV.Michael Bay
26th Sep 12 03:01:36Series.Night Court
26th Sep 12 02:52:23Funny.Night Court
21st Aug 12 02:39:31Funny.Dust An Elysian Tail
16th Aug 12 05:29:53Dust An Elysian Tail
22nd May 12 05:50:21YMMV.Adventures In Babysitting
8th May 12 05:25:34Trivia.Person Of Interest
13th Dec 11 06:30:27Quotes.Frickin Laser Beams
9th Dec 11 11:53:05Diane Duane
9th Dec 11 11:12:58Funny.The West Wing
9th Dec 11 11:03:24The West Wing
9th Dec 11 08:08:33Player Nudge
8th Dec 11 06:35:11Fridge.Serial Experiments Lain
5th Dec 11 07:07:02Vanilla Edition
2nd Dec 11 10:39:06Video Game.Xenoblade
2nd Dec 11 08:06:40Calling The Old Man Out
2nd Dec 11 06:20:08Music.ABBA
30th Nov 11 09:13:40Cash Explosion
30th Nov 11 08:39:33Double Dare 1986
23rd Nov 11 07:00:52Funny.Ghostbusters
22nd Nov 11 12:16:54Skylanders Spyros Adventure
11th Nov 11 07:08:55Quotes.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
9th Nov 11 08:06:48Stir Of Echoes
8th Nov 11 09:45:24Statuesque Stunner
7th Nov 11 06:26:24Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny
2nd Nov 11 01:26:17Pittsburgh
2nd Nov 11 11:07:12Alexander O Smith
31st Oct 11 12:47:55Characters.Full Metal Panic
31st Oct 11 12:31:44Cultural Cross Reference
31st Oct 11 11:16:51The Sacred Darkness
31st Oct 11 11:07:30Dark Is Not Evil
28th Oct 11 07:26:15Anime.Hayate The Combat Butler
27th Oct 11 08:03:06Trivia.Nintendo Entertainment System
27th Oct 11 07:09:06YMMV.Rez
27th Oct 11 06:59:05Heartbeat Soundtrack
25th Oct 11 08:59:25Horrible.Voice Acting
11th Oct 11 08:51:26Sugar Wiki.Gushing About Characters You Like
6th Oct 11 01:09:15Neal Stephenson
28th Sep 11 08:49:12What The Hell Is That Accent
28th Sep 11 08:44:32What The Hell Is That Accent
28th Sep 11 08:04:24Pittsburgh
15th Sep 11 02:24:31Laconic.Spam Attack
15th Sep 11 02:01:26This Means War!
15th Sep 11 01:59:35Laconic.Translation With An Agenda

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