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16th Dec 12 04:10:02Physical God
30th Nov 12 12:54:23WMG.The Dresden Files
22nd Nov 12 04:52:43What An Idiot.Video Games
4th Nov 12 01:16:53Headscratchers.Dragon Age Part II
26th Oct 12 09:30:11Headscratchers.Dragon Age II
7th Oct 12 10:44:54Tear Jerker.Armitage III
4th Sep 12 08:33:36The Cassandra
26th Aug 12 10:16:16Dethroning Moment.Anime And Manga
24th Aug 12 06:55:30Dethroning Moment.Anime And Manga
24th Aug 12 02:21:40Headscratchers.Mass Effect 1
24th Aug 12 02:26:58Misaimed Fandom.Video Games
7th Aug 12 11:04:54Esoteric Happy Ending
28th Jul 12 12:49:12Perfect Pacifist People
21st Jul 12 08:21:23Headscratchers.Animorphs
25th Jun 12 06:09:13Headscratchers.The Legend Of Korra
24th Jun 12 09:27:06Cosmic Horror Story
9th Jun 12 11:34:12Headscratchers.Dragon Age
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22nd May 12 01:49:17Big Blackout
13th May 12 09:14:21WMG.The Dresden Files
10th May 12 12:33:18Headscratchers.The Order Of The Stick
10th May 12 12:32:39Headscratchers.The Order Of The Stick
6th May 12 10:02:08Well Done Son Guy
30th Apr 12 04:52:09Humans Are Bastards
29th Apr 12 08:23:39Heartwarming.The Breaker
23rd Apr 12 02:23:09Headscratchers.First Encounter Assault Recon
23rd Apr 12 02:41:10Headscratchers.The Legend Of Korra
23rd Apr 12 01:57:51Characters.Freezing
22nd Apr 12 04:50:40Characters.Freezing
17th Apr 12 08:10:47Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism.Anime And Manga
17th Apr 12 01:46:33The Greatest Story Never Told
16th Apr 12 11:24:32Conflict Killer
8th Apr 12 01:59:33Headscratchers.Claymore
7th Apr 12 03:15:15Headscratchers.Young Justice
6th Apr 12 04:55:04Double Think
5th Apr 12 02:58:31Dethroning Moment.Webcomics
3rd Apr 12 07:06:37Headscratchers.Mistborn
27th Mar 12 10:01:36Funny.The Legend Of Korra
27th Mar 12 10:01:20Funny.The Legend Of Korra
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5th Mar 12 02:35:25Headscratchers.Mass Effect 1
3rd Mar 12 09:21:22YMMV.The Order Of The Stick
3rd Mar 12 10:11:52Headscratchers.The Order Of The Stick
1st Mar 12 07:38:25Characters.Dragon Age Origins Non Playable Characters
9th Feb 12 12:16:15Lovecraft Lite
8th Feb 12 01:35:44Headscratchers.Rosario To Vampire
24th Jan 12 06:34:04Headscratchers.The Order Of The Stick
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15th Jan 12 10:44:22Video Game.Dragon Age
14th Jan 12 01:09:40Characters.Neverwinter Nights 2
12th Jan 12 05:00:52Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster
10th Jan 12 02:59:47YMMV.The Order Of The Stick
10th Jan 12 09:06:22WMG.Eternal Darkness
7th Jan 12 12:48:08Headscratchers.The Dresden Files
6th Jan 12 04:23:48Characters.Exalted
6th Jan 12 04:23:02Characters.Exalted
5th Jan 12 11:14:03Super Weight
27th Dec 11 03:50:34Characters.The Dresden Files
19th Dec 11 03:05:09Characters.Dragon Age Origins Non Playable Characters
18th Dec 11 06:20:22Arbitrary Skepticism
18th Dec 11 05:59:17Neverwinter Nights 2
11th Dec 11 08:41:23Headscratchers.Mass Effect 2
9th Dec 11 09:41:28Headscratchers.Claymore
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12th Oct 11 04:16:59Headscratchers.Mass Effect 3
12th Oct 11 09:04:49YMMV.Freezing
10th Oct 11 12:38:53WMG.Dragon Age II
9th Oct 11 05:33:29Headscratchers.First Encounter Assault Recon
3rd Oct 11 07:44:09Broken Aesop
3rd Oct 11 01:55:54Cutscene Incompetence
2nd Oct 11 12:11:53
26th Sep 11 11:24:43WMG.Dragon Age II
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