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6th Oct 16 11:25:32Recap.Luke Cage 2016 S 1 E 12 Soliloquy Of Chaos
6th Oct 16 10:40:01Recap.Luke Cage 2016 S 1 E 11 Now Youre Mine
4th Oct 16 03:19:43Recap.Luke Cage 2016 S 1 E 6 Suckas Need Bodyguards
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27th May 16 07:26:36WMG.Steven Universe Steven And Gems
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18th Feb 16 11:19:32Ho Yay.Gravity Falls
5th Jan 16 07:22:39Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 26 Stevens Birthday
5th Jan 16 07:18:18Not Growing Up Sucks
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7th May 13 09:02:31They Changed It Now It Sucks.Tabletop Games
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6th Dec 12 09:38:55Straw Loser
27th Nov 12 07:02:45WMG.Soon I Will Be Invincible
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20th Oct 12 05:17:14WMG.Homestuck Trolls
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2nd May 12 02:54:09The Stinger
30th Mar 12 09:45:31WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Minor Characters
11th Mar 12 03:48:54Zsazsa Zaturnnah
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18th Dec 11 01:06:58WMG.Order Of The Stick
12th Dec 11 01:16:21Pelagian Villain
26th Oct 11 09:13:19But You Screw One Goat
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24th Oct 11 07:12:09WMG.Atop The Fourth Wall
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