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25th Oct 14 03:35:34Pretty Fly For A White Guy
4th Oct 14 02:34:24Music.POD
3rd Oct 14 01:50:55Music.Devourment
3rd Oct 14 01:34:25Revolving Door Band
3rd Oct 14 01:04:58Music.Devourment
3rd Oct 14 01:04:07Music.Devourment
1st Oct 14 01:04:35Music.OFWGKTA
1st Oct 14 01:03:31Music.OFWGKTA
1st Oct 14 01:01:20Sesame Street Cred
1st Oct 14 12:11:10YMMV.Angel Cop
30th Sep 14 11:58:37YMMV.Angel Cop
30th Sep 14 09:35:10Music.OFWGKTA
30th Sep 14 09:33:53Music.OFWGKTA
30th Sep 14 09:20:04Black Metal
30th Sep 14 08:34:32Music.Falling In Reverse
11th Aug 14 04:54:35Music.Lil Ugly Mane
21st Jun 14 08:08:40Anime.Angel Cop
21st Jun 14 08:06:42Anime.Angel Cop
21st Jun 14 07:31:31Anime.Angel Cop
29th May 14 05:30:54Anime.Angel Cop
23rd May 14 03:11:50One Of Us.Musical Freaks
23rd May 14 03:10:21One Of Us.Musical Freaks
8th May 14 02:06:32One Of Us.Musical Freaks
2nd May 14 03:55:37YMMV.Angel Cop
28th Jan 14 02:56:01Music.Lil B
28th Jan 14 02:50:12Nerdcore
8th Jan 14 06:13:56Characters.Death Note Shinigami
24th Dec 13 05:43:03Anime.Angel Cop
22nd Dec 13 08:46:35Anime.Angel Cop
22nd Dec 13 08:45:40Anime.Angel Cop
22nd Dec 13 08:42:42Anime.Angel Cop
22nd Dec 13 08:41:32Anime.Angel Cop
22nd Dec 13 08:34:16YMMV.Angel Cop
22nd Dec 13 08:33:59Anime.Angel Cop
22nd Dec 13 08:33:06Anime.Angel Cop
22nd Dec 13 08:29:17Anime.Angel Cop
22nd Dec 13 08:24:39Anime.Angel Cop
22nd Dec 13 08:15:24Headscratchers.Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie
22nd Dec 13 08:11:24Anime.Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie
19th Dec 13 12:05:58Laconic.Angel Cop
11th Oct 13 05:55:56Characters.The Room
7th Oct 13 07:20:40Laconic.Marijuana Is LSD
7th Oct 13 07:19:28Marijuana Is LSD
7th Oct 13 07:15:40Characters.The Room
20th Sep 13 07:21:10Characters.Dirty Potter
18th Sep 13 04:08:19Family Values Villain
18th Sep 13 02:54:11Captain Obvious Aesop
18th Sep 13 02:30:58Creator.Friedrich Nietzsche
17th Sep 13 07:11:06Pure Is Not Good
17th Sep 13 06:47:15Dirty Communists
17th Sep 13 06:41:34Characters.Death Note Main Characters
17th Sep 13 05:17:33Deathcore
17th Sep 13 05:13:49Laconic.They Copied It So It Sucks
17th Sep 13 02:29:14Obligatory Swearing
17th Sep 13 02:28:22Obligatory Swearing
17th Sep 13 01:16:42Laconic.Obligatory Swearing
16th Sep 13 09:19:17What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Music
16th Sep 13 08:24:02Laconic.Ready For Lovemaking
16th Sep 13 07:29:43Gay Aesop
16th Sep 13 02:27:18Troubled But Cute
16th Sep 13 02:15:26Characters.Doug
16th Sep 13 02:02:35Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion
16th Sep 13 11:52:02Hipster
16th Sep 13 11:26:01Laconic.Three Chords And The Truth
16th Sep 13 11:24:32Sex Drugs And Rock And Roll
16th Sep 13 11:01:08Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion
16th Sep 13 06:40:41Black Metal
16th Sep 13 06:31:51The Anti Nihilist
16th Sep 13 06:30:35The Anti Nihilist
15th Sep 13 09:49:19Death Metal
15th Sep 13 06:36:08Deathcore
15th Sep 13 06:35:07Christian Metal
15th Sep 13 06:33:42Christian Metal
15th Sep 13 04:35:22Metal Head
15th Sep 13 04:34:42Metal Head
15th Sep 13 04:27:54Black Metal
15th Sep 13 04:27:06Music Tropes
15th Sep 13 04:26:29Music.Heavy Metal
15th Sep 13 04:24:06The Stoner
15th Sep 13 04:09:49Satan Is Good
15th Sep 13 04:06:21Satan Is Good
15th Sep 13 03:56:32Christian Metal
15th Sep 13 03:41:45Christian Metal
15th Sep 13 03:39:26Christian Metal
15th Sep 13 03:33:03Christian Metal
15th Sep 13 03:31:54Christian Metal
15th Sep 13 02:51:23Black Metal
15th Sep 13 02:48:58Black Metal
13th Sep 13 06:10:19Music.OFWGKTA
13th Sep 13 05:41:25Badass Gay
13th Sep 13 05:34:48The Needle Drop
13th Sep 13 05:32:38Creator.Richard Dawkins
5th Sep 13 07:52:09Deconstructed Trope
5th Sep 13 07:51:12Music.Death Grips
5th Sep 13 07:47:48Music.Death Grips
5th Sep 13 07:47:15Music.Death Grips
5th Sep 13 07:29:26Affably Evil
4th Sep 13 11:08:02YMMV.Burzum
4th Sep 13 11:01:09Trap Music
4th Sep 13 10:43:12Creator.Friedrich Nietzsche
4th Sep 13 10:41:59Aleister Crowley
4th Sep 13 07:18:59Literature.Also Sprach Zarathustra
4th Sep 13 07:16:47Creator.Friedrich Nietzsche
4th Sep 13 07:01:13Hollywood Atheist
4th Sep 13 06:46:44Punk Rap
4th Sep 13 04:41:57Everything Is An Instrument
4th Sep 13 04:40:25Everything Is An Instrument
4th Sep 13 04:34:57Virgin Power
4th Sep 13 04:18:34Aleister Crowley
4th Sep 13 04:05:20Contractual Purity
4th Sep 13 04:00:03Music.Linkin Park
4th Sep 13 03:54:59Music.Kid Crusher
4th Sep 13 03:53:46Music.Hopsin
4th Sep 13 03:47:11YMMV.Death Grips
4th Sep 13 03:43:31Music.OFWGKTA
4th Sep 13 03:34:14Music.OFWGKTA
4th Sep 13 03:30:17Music.Skrillex
4th Sep 13 03:29:05Music.Skrillex
4th Sep 13 03:27:06Music.Lil B
4th Sep 13 03:25:21Music.Bring Me The Horizon
4th Sep 13 03:24:19Blinding Bangs
4th Sep 13 03:15:17Laconic.Erudite Stoner
4th Sep 13 03:09:30Music.OFWGKTA
4th Sep 13 03:04:47Not Christian Rock
4th Sep 13 02:56:28Music.OFWGKTA
4th Sep 13 02:53:41Music.OFWGKTA
4th Sep 13 02:44:43Black Metal
4th Sep 13 02:37:44Trap Music
4th Sep 13 02:28:34Music.Lil B
4th Sep 13 02:24:32One Of Us.Musical Freaks
4th Sep 13 02:17:02Music.OFWGKTA
4th Sep 13 12:28:07Music.Chief Keef
4th Sep 13 12:26:23Music.Chief Keef
4th Sep 13 12:24:30Music.Chief Keef
4th Sep 13 12:21:58Deconstructed Trope
4th Sep 13 12:18:25YMMV.OFWGKTA
4th Sep 13 12:16:53Music.OFWGKTA
4th Sep 13 12:13:33Music.OFWGKTA
4th Sep 13 12:09:42YMMV.Lil B
4th Sep 13 12:08:45Music.Lil B
4th Sep 13 12:07:03Conscious Hip Hop
4th Sep 13 12:06:10Catharsis Factor
4th Sep 13 12:05:49Catharsis Factor
4th Sep 13 12:01:08Gangsta Rap
3rd Sep 13 09:27:45Deathcore
3rd Sep 13 03:31:27Music.OFWGKTA
3rd Sep 13 03:27:19Music.OFWGKTA
3rd Sep 13 03:14:34Music.OFWGKTA
3rd Sep 13 03:03:48Death Metal
3rd Sep 13 02:58:21Xtreme Kool Letterz
3rd Sep 13 02:46:01Epileptic Flashing Lights
3rd Sep 13 02:45:32Epileptic Flashing Lights
3rd Sep 13 02:40:45Music.Eminem
3rd Sep 13 02:35:23Hollywood Personality Disorders
3rd Sep 13 02:28:35Insane Equals Violent
3rd Sep 13 02:10:07Black Comedy Rape
3rd Sep 13 02:07:17Black Comedy Rape
21st Aug 13 12:50:43Music.Lil B
21st Aug 13 12:50:18Music.Lil B
20th Aug 13 02:43:03Horrorcore
19th Aug 13 12:56:41Gangsta Rap
18th Aug 13 09:52:51Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 09:51:17Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 09:43:58Gangsta Rap
18th Aug 13 09:43:24Gangsta Rap
18th Aug 13 09:42:02Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 09:40:26Gangsta Rap
18th Aug 13 09:37:23Turn Of The Millennium.Music
18th Aug 13 09:36:52Turn Of The Millennium.Music
18th Aug 13 09:35:07Turn Of The Millennium.Music
18th Aug 13 09:29:27Turn Of The Millennium.Music
18th Aug 13 09:28:50Turn Of The Millennium.Music
18th Aug 13 03:35:44Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 03:15:54Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 03:15:21Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 03:05:17Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 03:02:29Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 02:57:59Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 02:35:08Musicians.Hip Hop Rap
18th Aug 13 02:33:26Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 02:28:51Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 02:28:07Music.Chief Keef
18th Aug 13 02:24:53Music.Chief Keef
17th Aug 13 11:39:41Chief Keef
21st May 13 11:43:17Music.OFWGKTA
8th Jan 13 11:04:23Music.OFWGKTA
8th Jan 13 11:03:43Music.OFWGKTA
8th Jan 13 10:55:42Camp Straight
8th Jan 13 10:42:57Its Popular Now It Sucks
8th Jan 13 10:41:14Its Popular Now It Sucks
8th Jan 13 10:35:15YMMV.OFWGKTA
8th Jan 13 10:34:09YMMV.OFWGKTA
8th Jan 13 10:32:11YMMV.OFWGKTA
8th Jan 13 10:14:59Family Unfriendly Aesop
22nd Dec 12 03:02:32Music.OFWGKTA
13th Dec 12 02:55:37Rated G For Gangsta
18th Oct 12 04:04:37Mohs Scale Of Lyrical Hardness
18th Oct 12 04:03:03Mohs Scale Of Lyrical Hardness
18th Oct 12 03:48:55Mohs Scale Of Rock And Metal Hardness
18th Oct 12 03:46:02Mohs Scale Of Rock And Metal Hardness
16th Oct 12 02:20:08Music.OFWGKTA
21st Jul 12 09:55:36God Is Flawed
21st Jul 12 09:45:24Satan Is Good
21st Jul 12 01:23:46Music.OFWGKTA
21st Jul 12 01:05:17Even Evil Has Standards.Web Original
19th Jul 12 03:01:48Music.OFWGKTA
19th Jul 12 02:57:28Music.OFWGKTA
19th Jul 12 02:51:14Music.OFWGKTA
14th Jul 12 01:07:41YMMV.Joy Electric
14th Jul 12 12:56:37Music.OFWGKTA
15th Jun 12 10:13:16Swag Rap
6th Jun 12 01:32:32Swag Rap
5th Jun 12 11:14:26Swag Rap
5th Jun 12 11:09:05One Hit Wonder
12th May 12 04:08:16Nightmare Fuel.Music
12th May 12 04:06:28Nightmare Fuel.Music
12th May 12 03:57:23Nightmare Fuel.Music
12th May 12 03:49:31Asshole Victim
12th May 12 03:31:14Music.OFWGKTA
12th May 12 03:25:18Music.OFWGKTA
30th Jan 12 02:03:59Tropers.Iheartmountains
30th Nov 11 01:20:15Post Somethingism
23rd Nov 11 08:41:43Tropers.Iheartmountains
23rd Nov 11 08:36:59Tropers.Iheartmountains
23rd Nov 11 08:16:55Tyler The Creator
23rd Nov 11 08:16:33Tyler The Creator
23rd Nov 11 08:15:58Tyler The Creator
23rd Nov 11 08:15:56Tyler The Creator
23rd Nov 11 08:13:41X Meets Y.Music
23rd Nov 11 08:06:36They Just Didnt Care
23rd Nov 11 08:05:39They Just Didnt Care
23rd Nov 11 08:04:18They Just Didnt Care
23rd Nov 11 08:03:58They Just Didnt Care
23rd Nov 11 10:58:51X Meets Y.Music
8th Nov 11 01:21:03X Meets Y.Music
8th Nov 11 01:19:14X Meets Y.Music
23rd Sep 11 11:52:46Bring Me The Horizon

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