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6th Dec 17 07:56:48Defictionalization
4th Nov 17 10:02:18Fridge.Worm
14th Oct 17 07:37:19Addiction Powered
28th Sep 17 07:36:17Franchise.Dishonored Series
27th Sep 17 09:11:16Break Out The Museum Piece
7th Jul 17 07:38:19Laser Sight
9th Jun 17 08:46:13Music.Alestorm
2nd Jun 17 08:00:43Persona Non Grata
6th May 17 12:33:57Characters.Grrl Power The Twilight Council
6th May 17 11:11:25Characters.Grrl Power Archon
5th Apr 17 08:09:47Video Game.Stellaris
5th Apr 17 06:44:31Video Game.Stellaris
12th Jan 17 06:48:13Heartwarming.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
7th Jan 17 07:27:33Skyrim.Tropes H To M
6th Jan 17 06:35:50Less Embarrassing Term
14th Dec 16 07:45:28Sniper Rifle
28th Nov 16 07:12:09Weird Currency
18th Nov 16 07:25:44Video Game.Pokemon Go
25th Aug 16 06:54:07Caligulas Horse
22nd Aug 16 09:01:37Video Game.Verdun
22nd Aug 16 08:23:53Video Game.Verdun
9th Jul 16 06:57:38Funny.The Culture
5th Jul 16 09:14:14Poisoned Chalice Switcheroo
4th May 16 08:02:12Video Game.Stellaris
1st Apr 16 07:11:15Video Game.Stellaris
11th Mar 16 08:11:13Fridge.Avatar The Last Airbender
11th Mar 16 04:47:34Goggles Do Something Unusual
9th Mar 16 07:45:08Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes I To P
24th Feb 16 07:16:42Pants Free
20th Feb 16 07:17:39Superpowers For A Day
12th Feb 16 08:43:04The Perfect Crime
12th Feb 16 07:38:56Trading Bars For Stripes
25th Jan 16 05:45:26Literature.Graceling
19th Jan 16 07:18:20Tongue Tied
9th Jan 16 07:53:14Hidden Weapons
8th Jan 16 08:27:34Wandering Minstrel
7th Jan 16 09:00:28Characters.Gone
10th Nov 15 08:29:07Old Beggar Test
31st Oct 15 07:51:46Fridge.Borderlands 2
31st Oct 15 07:15:06Awesome.Borderlands 2
27th Oct 15 08:10:32Literature.Ancillary Justice
27th Oct 15 07:34:05Literature.Ancillary Justice
27th Oct 15 06:27:28Literature.Ancillary Justice
1st Oct 15 08:45:55Mutual Disadvantage
19th Aug 15 08:01:56Dancing Is Serious Business
14th Aug 15 08:21:43Airstrip One
8th Aug 15 08:27:04Blue And Orange Morality.Literature
30th Jul 15 07:05:32My Local
29th Jul 15 08:34:58Slow Loading Internet Image
14th Jul 15 07:26:23Good Samaritan
26th Jun 15 08:11:36That One Achievement
26th Jun 15 07:29:10Video Game.Europa Universalis
25th Jun 15 09:27:22YMMV.Dishonored
16th Jun 15 08:57:39Secondary Fire
18th May 15 07:07:16Video Game.Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor
18th May 15 06:51:13Video Game.Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor
9th May 15 06:41:11Heal It With Booze
5th May 15 06:38:01Cant Have Sex Ever
27th Apr 15 06:44:31Extended Disarming
26th Apr 15 09:36:04Fallout New Vegas.Tropes I To M
25th Apr 15 08:56:46Fallout New Vegas.Tropes A To B
24th Apr 15 07:34:42Most Common Super Power
24th Apr 15 07:14:21Chastity Dagger
22nd Apr 15 07:40:36Covert Distress Code
16th Apr 15 08:07:59Maam Shock
15th Apr 15 09:10:51Spiritual Successor.Literature
15th Apr 15 08:35:08Schizo Tech
7th Apr 15 06:56:10All Jews Are Cheapskates
1st Apr 15 07:37:47No Scope
13th Mar 15 08:36:19Damn You Muscle Memory
12th Mar 15 09:26:00Oh My Gods
12th Mar 15 08:14:15Talking Weapon
7th Mar 15 06:42:26Lawman Baton
4th Mar 15 08:19:07Vampire Vannabe
4th Mar 15 06:47:30Calvinball
28th Feb 15 08:46:00Istanbul Not Constantinople
28th Feb 15 08:44:49Istanbul Not Constantinople
26th Feb 15 07:28:25Axe Before Entering
22nd Jan 15 08:18:49Too Awesome To Use
23rd Oct 14 08:14:54Borderlands2.Tropes O To Z
21st Oct 14 09:14:40Borderlands2.Tropes D To N
17th Oct 14 07:24:52Fridge.Borderlands 2
2nd Oct 14 08:57:11Headscratchers.Dishonored
17th Sep 14 08:14:24Bizarre And Improbable Golf Game
9th Sep 14 09:24:00Videogame.Dishonored
8th Jul 14 09:09:27Gang Up On The Human
24th Jun 14 08:53:48Video Game.Call Of Juarez Gunslinger
15th Jun 14 08:38:10Attack Pattern Alpha
15th Jun 14 08:35:11Attack Pattern Alpha
15th Jun 14 07:58:15Attack Pattern Alpha
8th Jun 14 06:32:33Film.Demolition Man
29th May 14 08:14:14Real Men Love Jesus
23rd May 14 07:23:55Characters.Hawaii Five 0
16th May 14 08:12:55The Main Characters Do Everything
5th May 14 08:11:13Literature.The Black Magician Trilogy
5th May 14 07:22:52Literature.The Black Magician Trilogy
5th May 14 07:18:24Literature.The Black Magician Trilogy
5th May 14 07:04:05Literature.The Black Magician Trilogy
5th May 14 06:52:50Literature.The Black Magician Trilogy
26th Apr 14 07:14:36Series.Modern Family
26th Mar 14 09:21:46Borderlands2.Tropes O To Z
26th Mar 14 09:20:50Borderlands2.Tropes O To Z
17th Mar 14 08:38:42Series Goal
4th Mar 14 08:11:29Gone Horribly Right
28th Feb 14 07:54:12Muzzle Flashlight
27th Feb 14 07:58:09Progressively Prettier
15th Jan 14 08:46:40The Big Bang Theory.Tropes A To E
15th Jan 14 07:26:25The Big Bang Theory.Tropes A To E
14th Jan 14 06:38:53Gun Accessories
10th Jan 14 08:24:54Suspicious Video Game Generosity
10th Jan 14 07:22:29You Cant Thwart Stage One
8th Jan 14 12:40:04Nightmare Fuel.Worm
8th Jan 14 09:28:05Characters.Worm Worldwide Threats
8th Jan 14 08:07:33Characters.Worm Sponsored Heroes
8th Jan 14 07:24:09Characters.Worm Sponsored Heroes
7th Jan 14 09:09:58Characters.Worm Undersiders
22nd Dec 13 12:07:43Gender Inverted Trope
19th Dec 13 09:42:32Video Game.Symphony
14th Dec 13 08:53:17Recruiting The Criminal
14th Dec 13 07:11:56A Team Firing
4th Dec 13 09:30:24Really Seven Hundred Years Old
21st Nov 13 03:47:01Which Me
19th Nov 13 08:19:16Weak But Skilled
18th Nov 13 07:40:31There Are No Coincidences
18th Oct 13 08:03:23Hiding Behind The Language Barrier
17th Oct 13 08:03:01Boxed Crook
9th Oct 13 07:49:56WMG.Fallout Equestria
23rd Sep 13 08:27:17No OSHA Compliance
21st Sep 13 10:12:23Video Game.Command And Conquer Red Alert 3
21st Sep 13 09:05:54Video Game.Command And Conquer Red Alert 3
21st Sep 13 08:49:59Video Game.Command And Conquer Red Alert 3
21st Sep 13 08:37:22Video Game.Command And Conquer Red Alert 3
14th Sep 13 06:50:40Music.Steam Powered Giraffe
1st Sep 13 09:36:00Fallout New Vegas.Tropes C To D
28th Aug 13 09:10:09Fallout New Vegas.Tropes A To B
12th Jul 13 07:28:01Franchise.Stargate Verse
9th Jul 13 06:17:11Your Tomcat Is Pregnant
28th Jun 13 08:07:30Blindfolded Vision
16th Feb 13 08:02:29Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me
7th Jan 13 12:35:52Unexpected Gameplay Change
7th Jan 13 11:28:18Oh My Gods
7th Jan 13 09:54:35Alien Geometries
7th Jan 13 09:08:35Overly Narrow Superlative
3rd Jan 13 08:02:59Lock And Load Montage
29th Dec 12 07:30:13Billy Elliot Plot
14th Dec 12 06:07:03Film.Looper
6th Jun 12 09:51:46Eccentric Millionaire
6th Jun 12 09:27:57Unishment
6th Jun 12 08:39:00Sorry I Fell On Your Fist
5th Jun 12 04:30:25Video Game.Fallout 3
21st May 12 09:29:17Refuge In Audacity.Real Life
21st May 12 07:52:19Refuge In Audacity.Real Life
19th May 12 01:33:33Loophole Abuse
18th May 12 04:49:06Distraction Tropes
18th May 12 02:51:30Pervert Dad
12th May 12 05:16:56Your Normal Is Our Taboo
30th Apr 12 09:26:19Radar.Real Life
30th Apr 12 06:13:14Genre Savvy.Real Life
11th Apr 12 08:52:57Living Lie Detector
11th Apr 12 08:19:47Criminal Doppelganger
23rd Mar 12 05:38:41Instant Expert
13th Mar 12 09:00:18Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
8th Mar 12 08:59:41Everything Trying To Kill You
5th Mar 12 12:05:49Characters.Empowered
5th Mar 12 11:54:22Headscratchers.Empowered
5th Mar 12 11:42:12Headscratchers.Empowered
5th Mar 12 11:00:09WMG.Empowered
5th Mar 12 08:37:12Comic Book.Empowered
3rd Mar 12 09:34:49Exact Words
4th Feb 12 05:23:06Go For The Eye
4th Feb 12 08:48:53Summon Bigger Fish
1st Feb 12 03:44:20Eleventy Zillion
22nd Jan 12 04:42:44Underworld
22nd Jan 12 04:34:43Underworld
22nd Jan 12 04:28:34Underworld
22nd Jan 12 04:24:05Underworld
22nd Jan 12 04:22:36Underworld
4th Jan 12 06:38:07Dressing As The Enemy
3rd Jan 12 07:02:39Headscratchers.Avatar The Last Airbender Failure Of Science Forever
3rd Jan 12 06:24:55Headscratchers.Avatar The Last Airbender The Avatar
30th Dec 11 08:49:14Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes Q-Z
30th Dec 11 08:23:40Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes I-P
29th Dec 11 07:49:01Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes A-H
29th Dec 11 07:13:58Avatar The Last Airbender.Tropes A-H
28th Dec 11 08:36:18Epic Meal Time
28th Dec 11 08:32:49Epic Meal Time
28th Dec 11 08:24:19Epic Meal Time
23rd Dec 11 10:14:23Simple Yet Awesome
23rd Dec 11 09:56:46Simple Yet Awesome
17th Dec 11 06:49:03Harmful Healing
16th Dec 11 05:51:42Five Token Band
10th Dec 11 07:32:07Against My Religion
10th Dec 11 07:52:34Video Game.Fallout New Vegas
10th Dec 11 07:21:32Fallout
10th Dec 11 05:45:13Boring But Practical
10th Dec 11 04:20:02Amateur Photographer
10th Dec 11 03:44:46Socially Awkward Hero
9th Dec 11 05:49:09Pistol Pose
4th Dec 11 10:31:52Mathematicians Answer
4th Dec 11 10:20:51Mathematicians Answer
2nd Dec 11 08:01:40Webcomic.Sinfest
25th Nov 11 08:30:00Sticky Bomb
25th Nov 11 11:19:02Command And Conquer Red Alert 3
25th Nov 11 07:14:36Back Stab
25th Nov 11 06:33:13Attack Its Weak Point
25th Nov 11 06:00:23Achilles Heel
24th Nov 11 09:43:24Undead Tax Exemption
14th Nov 11 08:03:54Artistic License Law
12th Nov 11 09:04:33Descriptively Named Species
12th Nov 11 06:07:30Irish Political System
12th Nov 11 05:49:20The Unpronounceable
12th Nov 11 03:34:53Try To Fit That On A Business Card
12th Nov 11 10:56:45Insignia Rip Off Ritual
27th Oct 11 02:01:48The Perfect Crime
19th Oct 11 08:25:18Riddle For The Ages
19th Oct 11 07:29:20Analogy Backfire
10th Oct 11 08:52:02Purple Eyes
1st Oct 11 11:27:16The Worf Barrage