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16th Aug 16 01:16:48Video Game.No Mans Sky
12th Dec 14 02:28:47Nightmare Fuel.Fate Stay Night
17th Nov 14 10:18:33Awesome.Dead Fantasy
17th Nov 14 10:17:35Awesome.Dead Fantasy
4th Nov 14 06:15:59Characters.Megatokyo
7th Sep 14 10:31:17Manga.Knights Of Sidonia
7th Sep 14 10:27:23Manga.Knights Of Sidonia
1st Jul 14 02:16:35Beam O War
28th Jun 14 02:34:49Combat Breakdown
28th Jun 14 02:34:32Combat Breakdown
28th Jun 14 03:48:36Tear Jerker.Gundam Build Fighters
28th Jun 14 03:46:09Tear Jerker.Gundam Build Fighters
7th Jun 14 06:36:01Characters.Street Fighter X Tekken Tekken Characters
13th Mar 14 11:52:32Funny.Kill La Kill
7th Mar 14 05:03:58Funny.Kill La Kill
1st Mar 14 03:29:32Characters.Kill La Kill
22nd Feb 14 12:32:00Characters.Kill La Kill
21st Feb 14 02:52:08Awesome.Kill La Kill
21st Feb 14 02:46:23Awesome.Kill La Kill
19th Feb 14 12:44:17Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
18th Feb 14 11:32:14Gush.Square Enix
18th Feb 14 10:53:52Characters.Twitch Plays Pokemon
15th Feb 14 12:49:40Characters.Kill La Kill
7th Feb 14 11:11:38Characters.Kill La Kill
7th Feb 14 11:06:22Characters.Kill La Kill
29th Jan 14 07:08:13Tear Jerker.City Of Heroes
28th Jan 14 12:54:09SNK Boss
27th Jan 14 11:44:30A Handful For An Eye
29th Dec 13 02:43:14Awesome.Kill La Kill
25th Dec 13 01:35:24Characters.Kill La Kill
21st Dec 13 11:06:01Heroic RROD
21st Dec 13 11:05:20Heroic RROD
21st Dec 13 10:45:22YMMV.Kill La Kill
21st Dec 13 07:44:45Characters.Kill La Kill
20th Dec 13 02:43:28Shout Out.Kill La Kill
19th Dec 13 09:00:12Funny.Zero Punctuation
2nd Dec 13 02:10:38Memes.Bleach
2nd Dec 13 02:08:50Memes.Bleach
2nd Dec 13 02:07:09Memes.Bleach
30th Nov 13 10:37:23Characters.Kill La Kill
30th Nov 13 10:34:48Characters.Kill La Kill
28th Nov 13 04:31:16Awesome Music.The Legend Of Zelda
7th Nov 13 09:23:22Use Your Head
2nd Nov 13 11:58:48Wham Episode.Video Games
2nd Nov 13 04:49:37Characters.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
2nd Nov 13 04:48:12Characters.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
2nd Nov 13 01:40:10YMMV.Blaz Blue
2nd Nov 13 01:38:01YMMV.Blaz Blue
25th Oct 13 10:34:50Characters.Blaz Blue Continuum Shift
25th Oct 13 10:34:26Characters.Blaz Blue Continuum Shift
18th Oct 13 07:32:58Characters.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
9th Oct 13 11:45:30Awesome.Attack On Titan
9th Oct 13 11:44:33Awesome.Attack On Titan
9th Oct 13 01:35:28Super Mode
8th Oct 13 11:43:30Awesome.Attack On Titan
8th Oct 13 11:43:03Awesome.Attack On Titan
8th Oct 13 11:29:41Awesome.Attack On Titan
4th Oct 13 10:29:33Characters.RWBY
1st Oct 13 11:52:16YMMV.Mighty No 9
1st Oct 13 02:45:03Characters.RWBY
1st Oct 13 02:44:01Characters.RWBY
26th Sep 13 12:37:13Image Links.Glowing Eyes Of Doom
26th Sep 13 02:03:43Characters.Mega Man X Heroes
19th Sep 13 01:45:55Anime.Kill La Kill
18th Sep 13 09:16:49Laconic.RWBY
18th Sep 13 09:16:19Laconic.RWBY
18th Sep 13 09:16:07Laconic.RWBY
16th Sep 13 11:43:58WMG.RWBY
16th Sep 13 11:30:54Anime.Kill La Kill
13th Sep 13 10:13:14Webcomic.The Dreadful
10th Sep 13 03:31:24Laconic.FLCL
10th Sep 13 03:30:56Laconic.FLCL
22nd Jul 13 08:10:27Characters.RWBY
22nd Jul 13 08:09:05Characters.RWBY
22nd Jul 13 08:06:25Characters.RWBY
18th Jul 13 11:34:43Characters.RWBY
18th Jul 13 07:37:36Funny.RWBY
18th Jul 13 07:35:44Funny.RWBY
18th Jul 13 06:27:27Laconic.RWBY
18th Jul 13 06:26:36Laconic.RWBY
1st Jun 13 04:08:40Web Animation.RWBY
31st May 13 03:46:59Funny.Tobuscus
28th Apr 13 04:36:07Anime.Rebuild Of Evangelion
22nd Apr 13 01:55:25Idiot Hero.Anime And Manga
22nd Apr 13 01:52:28Idiot Hero.Anime And Manga
19th Apr 13 07:58:16Gun Stripping
3rd Apr 13 10:53:31Video Game.Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma
31st Mar 13 03:24:33Heartwarming.Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
31st Mar 13 02:15:29Funny.South Park
22nd Mar 13 10:49:40Web Animation.RWBY
17th Mar 13 09:23:14Characters.RWBY
17th Mar 13 09:20:22Characters.RWBY
17th Mar 13 09:17:45Characters.RWBY
28th Jan 13 09:48:47Awesome.Dragon Ball Abridged
14th Nov 12 11:52:04Law Of Inverse Recoil
14th Nov 12 11:40:39Awesome.RWBY
14th Nov 12 11:15:02Characters.RWBY
20th Sep 12 11:21:32Indecisive Parody
11th Sep 12 11:35:40Webcomic.The Dreadful
11th Sep 12 11:35:36Webcomic.The Dreadful
2nd Apr 12 08:47:31Skyward Scream
29th Feb 12 02:50:41Characters.Asuras Wrath
29th Feb 12 02:48:53Characters.Asuras Wrath
29th Feb 12 02:47:52Characters.Asuras Wrath
5th Feb 12 11:03:26Funny.Code Ment
5th Feb 12 11:02:57Funny.Code Ment
6th Jan 12 03:39:03Walking Spoiler
2nd Jan 12 12:27:24Headscratchers.Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
2nd Jan 12 12:24:28Headscratchers.Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
22nd Dec 11 02:49:21Video Game.Star Wars The Old Republic
16th Dec 11 03:44:39Tropers.Hayate Kusanagi
14th Dec 11 01:10:23Funny.Fate Zero
14th Dec 11 01:10:01Funny.Fate Zero
16th Nov 11 08:42:52Funny.Carnival Phantasm
11th Nov 11 12:50:33There Is No Kill Like Overkill
10th Nov 11 11:41:34Badass Boast.Web Original
7th Nov 11 02:50:53Characters.Fate Zero
7th Nov 11 02:47:28Characters.Fate Zero
30th Oct 11 08:04:30Funny.Fate Zero
12th Oct 11 06:28:22Awesome Music.Blaz Blue
12th Oct 11 06:27:23Awesome Music.Blaz Blue
12th Oct 11 12:57:57Wafer Thin Mint
9th Oct 11 11:20:21Characters.Fate Zero
9th Oct 11 11:14:12Headscratchers.Fate Zero
9th Oct 11 11:01:14YMMV.Fate Zero
9th Oct 11 10:59:52Characters.Fate Zero
9th Oct 11 10:59:05Characters.Fate Zero
4th Oct 11 07:21:09Nausea Fuel
4th Oct 11 10:43:15Characters.Gears Of War
4th Oct 11 10:41:47Characters.Gears Of War
1st Oct 11 03:08:16Shout Out.Blaz Blue
1st Oct 11 03:08:03Shout Out.Blaz Blue
29th Sep 11 11:50:46Superpowered Evil Side
25th Sep 11 07:00:31Fate Zero
25th Sep 11 06:13:55Fate Zero
25th Sep 11 06:12:26Fate Zero