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2nd May 16 05:53:28Beauty Inversion
2nd May 16 05:48:20YMMV.A Series Of Unfortunate Events
20th Apr 16 04:34:45YMMV.American Psycho
12th Apr 16 10:51:57Series.Terriers
12th Apr 16 07:09:44Creator.Donal Logue
10th Apr 16 04:15:14YMMV.The Flash 2014
9th Apr 16 03:13:09Film.In Bruges
8th Apr 16 05:35:11Series.Hap And Leonard
8th Apr 16 05:17:47YMMV.Hap And Leonard
8th Apr 16 05:15:29YMMV.Hap And Leonard
6th Apr 16 04:14:32YMMV.Grand Theft Auto V
3rd Apr 16 03:04:46Contrasting Sequel Main Character
29th Mar 16 04:06:39Funny.Daredevil 2015
29th Mar 16 11:18:55Nightmare Fuel.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
24th Mar 16 01:20:10Tear Jerker.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
24th Mar 16 01:15:15Tear Jerker.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
23rd Mar 16 05:55:20Awesome.Daredevil 2015
20th Mar 16 01:51:11Characters.Daredevil 2015 Nelson And Murdock
20th Mar 16 01:38:49YMMV.Daredevil 2015
20th Mar 16 07:54:27Fridge.Grand Theft Auto V
16th Mar 16 01:54:26Series.The Grinder
6th Mar 16 04:00:27Funny.Twin Peaks
27th Feb 16 06:03:26YMMV.Twenty Four
26th Feb 16 05:08:25Funny.Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
25th Feb 16 08:16:45The Catch Phrase Catches On
23rd Feb 16 05:55:36YMMV.The X Files Miniseries E 06 My Struggle II
22nd Feb 16 09:33:12Tear Jerker.American Horror Story Murder House
22nd Feb 16 09:26:00WMG.The X Files
21st Feb 16 02:15:43Trivia.The X Files
21st Feb 16 02:08:42Awesome Music.The X Files
21st Feb 16 02:03:33Recap.The X Files Miniseries E 05 Babylon
21st Feb 16 01:54:21Heartwarming.The X Files
21st Feb 16 08:12:41Funny.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
20th Feb 16 02:43:16Funny.The X Files
20th Feb 16 07:21:14Funny.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
18th Feb 16 01:33:20Series.American Crime Story
18th Feb 16 12:25:27YMMV.The X Files
17th Feb 16 01:21:20Series.The X Files
16th Feb 16 03:19:12Series.The X Files
15th Feb 16 03:31:28Series.Legends Of Tomorrow
13th Feb 16 07:54:46Funny.The X Files
12th Feb 16 06:14:50Heartwarming.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
12th Feb 16 05:57:55YMMV.American Crime Story
12th Feb 16 05:54:26Series.American Crime Story
11th Feb 16 08:45:02Characters.The X Files
11th Feb 16 08:32:30Recap.The X Files Miniseries E 03 Mulder And Scully Meet The Were Monster
11th Feb 16 08:07:29Series.American Crime Story
11th Feb 16 08:03:30Series.American Crime Story
9th Feb 16 11:51:59WMG.The X Files
8th Feb 16 02:37:33YMMV.American Crime Story
7th Feb 16 02:13:34YMMV.Detective Pikachu
6th Feb 16 12:30:07YMMV.American Crime Story
6th Feb 16 12:29:27YMMV.American Crime Story
4th Feb 16 02:02:01YMMV.The X Files
3rd Feb 16 04:49:19Heartwarming.The X Files
3rd Feb 16 04:36:48Characters.The X Files
3rd Feb 16 05:59:58WMG.American Crime Story
3rd Feb 16 02:07:34YMMV.The X Files
3rd Feb 16 01:36:20Series.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
2nd Feb 16 01:15:39Funny.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
31st Jan 16 06:10:45Kiss Me Im Virtual
30th Jan 16 10:10:58WMG.The X Files
30th Jan 16 10:07:19Wham Episode.The X Files
30th Jan 16 04:57:39YMMV.The X Files
28th Jan 16 05:25:43Recap.The X Files Miniseries E 01 My Struggle
27th Jan 16 03:51:07YMMV.The X Files
27th Jan 16 01:22:47YMMV.The X Files
17th Jan 16 12:07:06Characters.Gabriel Knight
17th Jan 16 12:05:35Video Game.Gabriel Knight
16th Jan 16 11:21:10Series.Nathan For You
16th Jan 16 11:18:49YMMV.Nathan For You
16th Jan 16 11:07:21YMMV.Nathan For You
15th Jan 16 09:00:35Quotes.Won The War Lost The Peace
15th Jan 16 08:57:50Theatre.Hamilton
14th Jan 16 09:12:08YMMV.Thirty Rock
13th Jan 16 03:10:27Heartwarming.The X Files
12th Jan 16 11:33:35Series.Halt And Catch Fire
12th Jan 16 10:28:17Image Links.Blind Seer
12th Jan 16 02:34:30WMG.David Bowie
11th Jan 16 08:27:21Trivia.The X Files
7th Jan 16 08:34:15WMG.Assassins Creed Syndicate
7th Jan 16 02:22:36YMMV.Daredevil 2015
7th Jan 16 02:06:10Series.Better Call Saul
6th Jan 16 07:00:28Heartwarming.Better Call Saul
4th Jan 16 05:44:46Series.The X Files
4th Jan 16 05:33:57Funny.The X Files
2nd Jan 16 06:06:30Trivia.Sherlock
30th Dec 15 07:47:24Ragtag Bunch Of Misfits.Video Games
30th Dec 15 05:13:54YMMV.I Zombie
28th Dec 15 04:38:29Series.Peep Show
27th Dec 15 06:00:56WMG.Star Wars 8
24th Dec 15 04:07:46YMMV.The Sopranos
24th Dec 15 03:50:27WMG.Star Wars Battlefront 2015
18th Dec 15 04:27:49WMG.Fargo
18th Dec 15 07:21:52Series.Fargo
17th Dec 15 05:43:03Series.Fargo
16th Dec 15 03:40:20YMMV.Assassins Creed Syndicate
15th Dec 15 09:37:21Series.Fargo
15th Dec 15 06:18:48YMMV.Assassins Creed Syndicate
14th Dec 15 05:17:16YMMV.Fargo
13th Dec 15 03:51:38Series.Nathan For You
11th Dec 15 06:07:45Series.Nathan For You
11th Dec 15 01:22:15Series.Nathan For You
11th Dec 15 01:21:44Series.Nathan For You
11th Dec 15 09:31:59Trivia.Uncharted
10th Dec 15 03:56:08YMMV.Arrow
10th Dec 15 06:38:16Trivia.The Flash 2014
8th Dec 15 04:57:59Tear Jerker.Fargo
8th Dec 15 04:38:00Series.Fargo
8th Dec 15 03:58:24WMG.Fargo
8th Dec 15 03:54:45Trivia.Fargo
7th Dec 15 10:19:31YMMV.The Flash 2014
6th Dec 15 04:19:28Series.Fargo
6th Dec 15 03:19:56Heartwarming.Uncharted
5th Dec 15 01:50:08Trivia.American Horror Story Hotel
5th Dec 15 12:42:55YMMV.Doctor Who
4th Dec 15 03:45:09Funny.Fargo
4th Dec 15 01:31:26WMG.Fargo
4th Dec 15 01:26:22Series.Fargo
2nd Dec 15 05:48:02Funny.Fargo
2nd Dec 15 05:39:39Series.Fargo
2nd Dec 15 02:28:57Series.Fargo
2nd Dec 15 02:19:05YMMV.Fargo
1st Dec 15 03:21:08Trivia.Fargo
1st Dec 15 03:18:25Trivia.Fargo
1st Dec 15 01:24:39YMMV.Just Cause 3
1st Dec 15 01:22:50Video Game.Just Cause 3
27th Nov 15 07:53:59Fridge.Jessica Jones 2015
26th Nov 15 03:44:54Characters.Fargo Series Main Characters
26th Nov 15 03:24:33Series.Fargo
24th Nov 15 11:02:03Unskilled But Strong
24th Nov 15 02:44:59Series.Fargo
24th Nov 15 02:29:28Funny.Fargo
22nd Nov 15 04:54:30Funny.Ash Vs Evil Dead
22nd Nov 15 04:49:28YMMV.Ash Vs Evil Dead
22nd Nov 15 04:46:38Series.Fargo
22nd Nov 15 04:30:42WMG.Fargo
22nd Nov 15 12:55:50Tear Jerker.Fargo
20th Nov 15 10:44:06YMMV.Jessica Jones 2015
20th Nov 15 12:06:50YMMV.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
20th Nov 15 12:01:15YMMV.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
18th Nov 15 11:57:28Awesome.Fargo
18th Nov 15 11:47:40Series.Fargo
18th Nov 15 10:59:36YMMV.Fargo
17th Nov 15 07:09:11Characters.Fargo Series Gerhardt Family
17th Nov 15 06:51:59Awesome.Fargo
17th Nov 15 06:46:50YMMV.Fargo
17th Nov 15 06:42:49YMMV.Fargo
17th Nov 15 06:30:22Characters.Fargo Series Main Characters
17th Nov 15 06:23:36YMMV.Fargo
15th Nov 15 10:27:18Funny.Fargo
8th Nov 15 12:53:21Awesome.Fargo
3rd Nov 15 01:55:02Series.Fargo
1st Nov 15 12:52:45Funny.Assassins Creed Syndicate
1st Nov 15 01:01:31YMMV.Fargo
25th Oct 15 02:33:57WMG.Rise Of The Tomb Raider
25th Oct 15 11:52:54YMMV.Fargo
18th Oct 15 09:25:13Video Game.Uncharted
18th Oct 15 09:18:58Awesome.Uncharted
18th Oct 15 09:11:15WMG.Uncharted
18th Oct 15 08:37:02Quotes.Victory Is Boring
17th Oct 15 11:22:22Video Game.Uncharted
17th Oct 15 03:04:45YMMV.Uncharted
17th Oct 15 03:03:25YMMV.Uncharted
16th Oct 15 02:11:18WMG.The X Files
16th Oct 15 09:08:37Characters.American Horror Story Hotel
16th Oct 15 07:01:44YMMV.Fargo
13th Oct 15 03:27:25Series.Fargo
13th Oct 15 03:19:54YMMV.Fargo
11th Oct 15 03:25:07YMMV.American Horror Story Hotel
11th Oct 15 03:05:02Trivia.Fargo
11th Oct 15 03:03:42Trivia.Fargo
11th Oct 15 03:03:02Trivia.Fargo
11th Oct 15 02:49:15YMMV.Breaking Bad
4th Oct 15 08:19:35Video Game.Assassins Creed Syndicate
4th Oct 15 07:55:08WMG.Assassins Creed Syndicate
4th Oct 15 02:07:24Revisiting The Roots
3rd Oct 15 03:22:02A Million Is A Statistic
2nd Oct 15 03:32:06YMMV.The X Files
2nd Oct 15 03:24:59Series.The X Files
2nd Oct 15 05:09:30Video Game.Gabriel Knight
2nd Oct 15 05:06:54YMMV.Gabriel Knight
24th Sep 15 03:12:23Trivia.The X Files
24th Sep 15 03:09:13Trivia.The X Files
24th Sep 15 01:08:33YMMV.Mr Robot
24th Sep 15 01:00:24YMMV.Mr Robot
24th Sep 15 12:07:10Characters.Mr Robot
21st Sep 15 02:14:51Ascended Glitch
21st Sep 15 02:05:32Trivia.Dragon Age Inquisition
17th Sep 15 03:40:15Series.The X Files
14th Sep 15 09:04:49Series.The X Files
11th Sep 15 02:45:01YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
24th Aug 15 02:08:03Kicking My Own Butt
7th Aug 15 05:13:34Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
3rd Aug 15 12:36:11Series.True Detective
3rd Aug 15 01:46:56Series.Review
18th Jul 15 04:52:29YMMV.Halt And Catch Fire
17th Jul 15 06:30:14Trivia.Gabriel Knight
17th Jul 15 06:29:34Video Game.Gabriel Knight
17th Jul 15 06:28:08Video Game.Gabriel Knight
12th Jul 15 07:26:55Nightmare Fuel.True Detective
30th Jun 15 12:47:41Awesome.Batman Arkham Knight
28th Jun 15 04:23:01WMG.Batman Arkham Knight
28th Jun 15 04:18:13Video Game.Batman Arkham Knight
28th Jun 15 04:03:15Video Game.Batman Arkham Knight
21st Jun 15 12:30:32YMMV.Terriers
21st Jun 15 12:27:14WMG.Terriers
20th Jun 15 12:13:54YMMV.Hannibal
20th Jun 15 11:03:36The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything.Batman Arkham Series
18th Jun 15 02:06:39Trivia.Gabriel Knight
15th Jun 15 10:32:21YMMV.Mirrors Edge
15th Jun 15 07:43:15YMMV.Fallout 4
11th Jun 15 05:09:17WMG.Penny Dreadful
8th Jun 15 01:27:14YMMV.Penny Dreadful
8th Jun 15 09:28:03WMG.Hannibal
8th Jun 15 08:00:31Funny.Video Games
8th Jun 15 07:59:02WMG.Video Games
8th Jun 15 07:57:49WMG.Gabriel Knight
2nd Jun 15 06:39:59Awesome.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
1st Jun 15 01:41:14Trivia.Gabriel Knight
1st Jun 15 01:26:59WMG.Hannibal
29th May 15 06:59:28WMG.Hannibal
24th May 15 06:38:27WMG.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
21st May 15 06:56:43YMMV.Gabriel Knight
18th May 15 10:04:23Video Game.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
14th May 15 06:53:23WMG.Penny Dreadful
13th May 15 07:14:26Haiku.Arrow
12th May 15 09:43:56Series.The Flash 2014
11th May 15 10:55:32Theatre.Holy Musical Batman
11th May 15 12:38:57YMMV.Assassins Creed Unity
10th May 15 09:53:55Arrow.Tropes T To Z
9th May 15 10:31:26Drinking Game.Arrow
9th May 15 08:39:16Mutual Kill
8th May 15 09:28:10Silly Reason For War
8th May 15 09:26:40Silly Reason For War
8th May 15 09:25:42Silly Reason For War
7th May 15 12:31:44Awesome.Batman Arkham Knight
7th May 15 12:23:20YMMV.Batman Arkham Knight
7th May 15 11:18:14Characters.Ant Man
7th May 15 10:36:35Massive Multiplayer Crossover
6th May 15 11:18:51Characters.Gotham Criminals
6th May 15 08:06:24WMG.Gotham
4th May 15 10:26:18Cool Loser
1st May 15 09:57:40YMMV.Dont Trust The B In Apartment 23
30th Apr 15 10:57:42Awesome.Batman Arkham Knight
28th Apr 15 02:51:42YMMV.Assassins Creed Chronicles
28th Apr 15 02:51:21YMMV.Assassins Creed Chronicles
25th Apr 15 01:03:32Truer To The Text
25th Apr 15 12:52:50Quotes.Fire Forged Friends
25th Apr 15 12:52:29Quotes.Fire Forged Friends
25th Apr 15 12:51:43Quotes.Fire Forged Friends
25th Apr 15 12:51:19Quotes.Fire Forged Friends
23rd Apr 15 06:03:07Trivia.AKA Jessica Jones
23rd Apr 15 06:01:54YMMV.AKA Jessica Jones
22nd Apr 15 04:29:41YMMV.Daredevil 2015
20th Apr 15 12:09:46YMMV.Batman Arkham Series
20th Apr 15 07:37:18Made Of Iron.Live Action TV
20th Apr 15 07:17:38Quotes.I Am The Noun
16th Apr 15 05:05:06The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything.Grand Theft Auto
13th Apr 15 07:29:16And Starring
13th Apr 15 11:31:54YMMV.Daredevil 2015
12th Apr 15 04:07:53YMMV.AKA Jessica Jones
9th Apr 15 03:36:17Video Game.Gabriel Knight
3rd Apr 15 05:06:02YMMV.Fortitude
2nd Apr 15 01:10:11Funny.The Flash 2014
25th Mar 15 05:51:32Last Supper Steal
23rd Mar 15 07:11:41They Look Just Like Everyone Else
22nd Mar 15 03:26:23WMG.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
20th Mar 15 07:06:37Characters.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
20th Mar 15 07:02:23The Alcoholic
20th Mar 15 07:01:20Politically Incorrect Villain
19th Mar 15 08:53:07Trivia.The Flash 2014
17th Mar 15 07:25:10Series.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
17th Mar 15 07:17:37Funny.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
10th Mar 15 02:36:49YMMV.Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
27th Feb 15 10:39:30Creator.Rachel Mc Adams
26th Feb 15 12:44:34Characters.Better Call Saul
26th Feb 15 12:43:45Characters.Better Call Saul
23rd Feb 15 10:43:23Celebrity Paradox.Live Action TV
23rd Feb 15 10:39:14Series.Justified
23rd Feb 15 10:37:25Series.Justified
9th Feb 15 05:51:45Series.Better Call Saul
9th Feb 15 05:48:20Series.Better Call Saul
9th Feb 15 12:41:32Strange Minds Think Alike
6th Feb 15 08:30:27Series.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
6th Feb 15 08:27:01Epic Fail.Live Action TV
12th Jan 15 08:50:11Nightmare Fuel.Gabriel Knight
3rd Jan 15 01:52:56YMMV.The Blackwell Series
27th Dec 14 10:29:50YMMV.The Blackwell Series
30th Nov 14 03:33:22YMMV.Assassins Creed Unity
26th Nov 14 05:52:53YMMV.Assassins Creed Unity
26th Nov 14 03:02:56Video Game.Gabriel Knight
25th Nov 14 02:41:19Trivia.Far Cry 4
10th Nov 14 05:22:10Video Game.Assassins Creed Unity
24th Oct 14 07:18:24YMMV.Boardwalk Empire
14th Oct 14 06:17:44WMG.Assassins Creed Unity
14th Oct 14 06:17:44WMG.Assassins Creed Unity
8th Oct 14 02:23:41Lineage Comes From The Father
26th Sep 14 06:35:26WMG.Assassins Creed Unity
15th Sep 14 02:25:07Funny.Gabriel Knight
15th Sep 14 02:15:42YMMV.Gabriel Knight
11th Sep 14 07:14:40YMMV.Gabriel Knight
5th Sep 14 05:17:49Hero Killer
5th Sep 14 05:17:04Hero Killer
22nd Aug 14 10:48:34WMG.Batman Arkham Knight
25th Jul 14 09:43:36WMG.Batman Arkham Knight
12th Jul 14 06:17:48Memes.Batman
12th Jun 14 06:56:55Funny.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
10th Jun 14 03:06:29WMG.Far Cry 4
10th Jun 14 02:59:46Xbox 360
10th Jun 14 02:59:25Wide Open Sandbox
10th Jun 14 02:58:46Steam
10th Jun 14 02:57:23First Person Shooter
10th Jun 14 02:55:52Video Game.Far Cry 4
10th Jun 14 02:54:27Video Game.Far Cry 4
10th Jun 14 02:54:02Video Game.Far Cry 4
3rd May 14 08:58:20Trivia.Hannibal
29th Apr 14 03:31:40Awesome.Batman Arkham Knight
29th Apr 14 03:30:10Awesome.Batman Arkham Knight
14th Apr 14 11:34:35YMMV.Riff Trax
14th Apr 14 11:34:08YMMV.Riff Trax
14th Apr 14 11:31:36YMMV.Riff Trax
14th Apr 14 11:26:47Creator.Matthew Mc Conaughey
27th Dec 13 11:41:25Nostalgia Level
21st Oct 13 06:59:07WMG.The Walking Dead
2nd Aug 13 12:24:22WMG.Grand Theft Auto V
29th Jun 13 08:37:35WMG.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
2nd May 13 11:02:09Characters.Grand Theft Auto V
23rd Apr 13 11:49:01Video Game.State Of Decay
20th Apr 13 01:49:32Survival Horror
20th Apr 13 01:48:25Xbox Live Arcade
20th Apr 13 01:47:49Wide Open Sandbox
20th Apr 13 01:43:59Zombie Stories
20th Apr 13 01:41:59Video Game.State Of Decay
20th Apr 13 01:41:41Video Game.State Of Decay
20th Apr 13 01:36:07State Of Decay
20th Apr 13 01:34:52Video Game.State Of Decay
21st Jan 13 12:51:18Tropers.Gunarao
21st Jan 13 12:45:40Haiku.Metal Gear Solid 2
1st Jan 13 09:12:00Heartwarming.Max Payne
24th Nov 12 04:39:44YMMV.The Walking Dead
23rd Nov 12 02:46:27Funny.The Walking Dead
14th Nov 12 01:29:40Video Game.Grand Theft Auto V
14th Nov 12 11:41:12Video Game.Grand Theft Auto V
11th Nov 12 05:55:18Memetic Outfit
9th Nov 12 05:23:14Funny.Assassins Creed III
7th Nov 12 08:37:35But For Me It Was Tuesday
31st Oct 12 02:57:35Headscratchers.Assassins Creed III
31st Oct 12 02:55:49Prolonged Prologue
26th Oct 12 09:39:43Video Game.Assassins Creed III
23rd Oct 12 03:11:47Video Game.Assassins Creed III
18th Oct 12 07:10:25WMG.The Walking Dead
16th Oct 12 08:05:18YMMV.Dishonored
12th Oct 12 02:50:35Tear Jerker.The Walking Dead
10th Oct 12 09:53:46Heartwarming.The Walking Dead
10th Oct 12 09:50:56Video Game.The Walking Dead
10th Oct 12 08:11:35Video Game.The Walking Dead
10th Oct 12 08:01:06Heartwarming.The Walking Dead
10th Oct 12 07:59:17Awesome.The Walking Dead
9th Oct 12 07:43:45Fate Worse Than Death
8th Oct 12 07:53:11WMG.Assassins Creed III
7th Oct 12 06:11:47Hollywood Healing
5th Oct 12 10:55:25Fridge.Assassins Creed III
4th Oct 12 06:46:52Video Game.Assassins Creed III
26th Sep 12 03:55:59Quotes.Spot Of Tea
25th Sep 12 05:21:53Just Got Out Of Jail
25th Sep 12 05:13:39Dyeing For Your Art
20th Sep 12 08:24:10Video Game.Assassins Creed III
11th Sep 12 02:30:11Funny.The Sopranos
11th Sep 12 02:29:29Funny.The Sopranos
11th Sep 12 02:25:09Characters.The Sopranos
11th Sep 12 02:25:09Characters.The Sopranos
11th Sep 12 02:23:42Characters.The Sopranos
10th Sep 12 02:35:01Tear Jerker.Breaking Bad
10th Sep 12 06:17:14Series.Breaking Bad
8th Sep 12 02:56:31Hollywood Magnetism
4th Sep 12 02:18:48Eureka Moment
3rd Sep 12 11:37:31Awesome.Breaking Bad
3rd Sep 12 11:33:12Characters.Breaking Bad
3rd Sep 12 06:04:10YMMV.Breaking Bad
3rd Sep 12 12:04:25Characters.Breaking Bad
2nd Sep 12 09:34:45Series.Breaking Bad
2nd Sep 12 08:15:17Awesome Ego
2nd Sep 12 07:51:34Saved By Canon
23rd Aug 12 10:10:35The Heros Birthday
19th Aug 12 05:59:17Innocent Bigot
18th Aug 12 11:48:36WMG.The Walking Dead
13th Aug 12 10:05:02Series.Breaking Bad
9th Aug 12 02:56:23YMMV.Breaking Bad
8th Aug 12 10:08:24WMG.Injustice Gods Among Us
8th Aug 12 10:06:46WMG.Injustice Gods Among Us
8th Aug 12 10:06:13WMG.Injustice Gods Among Us
7th Aug 12 10:10:07Series.Breaking Bad
7th Aug 12 10:09:24Series.Breaking Bad
3rd Aug 12 02:01:04Trunk Shot
30th Jul 12 09:49:29YMMV.Breaking Bad
25th Jul 12 01:49:49Headscratchers.Breaking Bad
9th Jul 12 11:34:15One Scene Wonder
25th Jun 12 05:43:51Sean Connery Is About To Shoot You
21st Jun 12 01:46:39Series.Breaking Bad