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1st Mar 15 12:12:04WTH Costuming Department
26th Feb 15 06:33:44Dethroning Moment.Professional Wrestling
26th Feb 15 05:29:47YMMV.Roman Reigns
25th Feb 15 05:55:43Panthera Awesome
25th Feb 15 01:56:07Interface Spoiler
24th Feb 15 12:38:37Characters.South Park Main Characters
24th Feb 15 12:24:33Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
24th Feb 15 12:21:45Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
23rd Feb 15 02:38:38Funny.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
20th Feb 15 12:00:58Series.Kitchen Nightmares
19th Feb 15 06:13:24Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
18th Feb 15 01:07:50YMMV.Hyrule Warriors
17th Feb 15 11:37:20Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Web Media
15th Feb 15 02:13:48This Loser Is You
15th Feb 15 01:42:24Idiot Plot.Literature
15th Feb 15 12:29:34Cut Lex Luthor A Check
13th Feb 15 12:00:09What Were They Selling Again
13th Feb 15 01:13:36YMMV.Tomodachi Life
13th Feb 15 12:16:59YMMV.Bleach
12th Feb 15 03:20:05Characters.Bleach Zero Squad
12th Feb 15 10:10:09Funny.Wrongpurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
12th Feb 15 01:07:10Inexplicable Treasure Chests
10th Feb 15 12:16:16The Roast
9th Feb 15 02:56:44Characters.The Walking Dead TV Show Terminus Survivors
9th Feb 15 02:55:28Characters.The Walking Dead TV Show Terminus Survivors
8th Feb 15 11:14:51Unique Enemy
8th Feb 15 10:20:14Nightmare Fuel.The Walking Dead
8th Feb 15 10:19:21Nightmare Fuel.The Walking Dead
8th Feb 15 09:59:47Nightmare Fuel.The Walking Dead
5th Feb 15 12:16:59Narm.Anime
2nd Feb 15 11:51:36Wallbangers.Marvel Comics
1st Feb 15 12:59:35Creators Pet.Professional Wrestling
31st Jan 15 06:23:57Monster Clown
30th Jan 15 09:44:45Funny.Wrongpurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
30th Jan 15 07:12:34Gang Up On The Human
30th Jan 15 03:15:47Funny.Wrongpurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
30th Jan 15 03:14:33Funny.Wrongpurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
28th Jan 15 11:08:27Awesome But Impractical.Fighting Games
26th Jan 15 11:42:40Memes.Professional Wrestling
22nd Jan 15 06:32:31Gang Up On The Human
22nd Jan 15 01:56:59Breather Boss
21st Jan 15 03:08:33Broken Aesop.Anime And Manga
19th Jan 15 04:17:12Perfect Play AI
18th Jan 15 11:51:20Aborted Arc
18th Jan 15 11:49:41Aborted Arc
18th Jan 15 12:10:08Broken Base.Super Smash Bros
17th Jan 15 10:53:48Funny.Super Smash Bros
17th Jan 15 10:21:03YMMV.Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
17th Jan 15 07:30:36YMMV.Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
15th Jan 15 01:55:29Narm.News
13th Jan 15 12:12:50The Friends Who Never Hang
9th Jan 15 02:35:58Fan Disservice.Video Games
8th Jan 15 01:37:07Fetish Retardant
2nd Jan 15 01:08:02YMMV.The Twilight Zone
2nd Jan 15 12:57:17Heartwarming.The Twilight Zone
1st Jan 15 10:51:59Wall Bangers.Naruto
31st Dec 14 01:17:06The Scrappy.Video Games
28th Dec 14 09:30:17Characters.Five Nights At Freddys
27th Dec 14 07:26:23Wall Bangers.Twilight
24th Dec 14 11:34:28Power Up Letdown
24th Dec 14 01:45:39Game Breaker.Super Smash Bros
23rd Dec 14 02:27:06Underdogs Never Lose
23rd Dec 14 12:40:58Narm.Manga
23rd Dec 14 12:39:32Narm.Manga
23rd Dec 14 12:39:09Narm.Manga
20th Dec 14 01:29:10YMMV.The Walking Dead
13th Dec 14 07:01:55Off Model.Video Games
13th Dec 14 06:47:12Off Model.Video Games
13th Dec 14 01:31:19That One Level.Fighting Game
13th Dec 14 01:23:08That One Level.Fighting Game
13th Dec 14 01:22:06YMMV.Super Smash Bros
13th Dec 14 12:42:52Narm.Naruto
13th Dec 14 12:33:43YMMV.Tribe Twelve
11th Dec 14 12:52:59Wall Bangers.Naruto
11th Dec 14 12:33:36Glurge
8th Dec 14 11:24:56Out Of Character Moment
8th Dec 14 11:06:19Creators Pet.Professional Wrestling
8th Dec 14 10:59:29Creators Pet.Professional Wrestling
7th Dec 14 07:04:07Fan Disliked Explanation
5th Dec 14 10:50:31YMMV.WWENXT
4th Dec 14 11:30:43Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
4th Dec 14 11:27:04Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
3rd Dec 14 01:51:58YMMV.The Walking Dead
3rd Dec 14 01:29:10Badass Normal.Video Games
1st Dec 14 12:03:35Funny.The Walking Dead
25th Nov 14 06:32:53Artificial Stupidity.First Person Shooter
25th Nov 14 04:33:08Precision F Strike.Real Life
23rd Nov 14 01:43:29Designated Hero
22nd Nov 14 11:32:46Funny.Animal Crossing
22nd Nov 14 11:18:46Radar.Video Games
19th Nov 14 07:25:38Apathy Killed The Cat
18th Nov 14 01:47:15Broken Aesop.Literature
16th Nov 14 02:43:12Designated Hero
16th Nov 14 02:23:54Designated Hero
16th Nov 14 12:12:50Funny.Super Smash Bros
15th Nov 14 11:39:55YMMV.Super Smash Bros
15th Nov 14 10:18:34Wall Bangers.Pokemon
14th Nov 14 08:56:38Nightmare Fuel.Pokemon X And Y
14th Nov 14 06:03:02BLAM.Video Games
14th Nov 14 04:44:59YMMV.Bleach
14th Nov 14 02:21:50BLAM.Video Games
13th Nov 14 10:01:36BLAM.Anime And Manga
13th Nov 14 01:57:17Wall Bangers.Anime And Manga
13th Nov 14 10:59:32Wall Bangers.Literature
13th Nov 14 09:18:45Wall Bangers.Anime And Manga
12th Nov 14 05:47:20What Happened To The Mouse.Anime And Manga
12th Nov 14 05:23:40Characters.Warcraft
12th Nov 14 04:24:56Characters.Warcraft
12th Nov 14 04:04:50Characters.Attack On Titan Others
12th Nov 14 12:56:28Karma Houdini.Anime
11th Nov 14 07:55:38Ass Pull
11th Nov 14 07:37:32Karma Houdini.Anime
10th Nov 14 12:42:20Narm.Naruto
9th Nov 14 03:01:35The Scrappy.Video Games
9th Nov 14 02:50:08The Scrappy.Other Media
9th Nov 14 02:38:41YMMV.Sinfest
9th Nov 14 02:08:44The Scrappy.Video Games
8th Nov 14 03:42:17Funny.Super Smash Bros
7th Nov 14 11:06:12Wall Bangers.Naruto
7th Nov 14 11:05:34Wall Bangers.Naruto
7th Nov 14 09:47:09Narm.Bleach
7th Nov 14 09:40:08Narm.Naruto
7th Nov 14 05:25:37Wall Bangers.Naruto
6th Nov 14 12:28:48Wall Bangers.Naruto
5th Nov 14 01:31:03Most Annoying Sound
2nd Nov 14 11:04:05YMMV.Pokemon X And Y
2nd Nov 14 05:05:39Radar.Pokemon Xand Y
31st Oct 14 02:10:58Characters.Halloween
29th Oct 14 12:39:12Radar.Bleach
29th Oct 14 10:24:27Wall Bangers.Naruto
24th Oct 14 10:51:54Starfish Aliens
24th Oct 14 06:05:21Manga.Sankarea
24th Oct 14 05:44:10Wall Bangers.Naruto
24th Oct 14 01:55:00Wall Bangers.Naruto
24th Oct 14 01:43:27Wall Bangers.Naruto
24th Oct 14 01:26:17Broken Aesop.Anime And Manga
22nd Oct 14 11:03:09That One Level.Shoot Em Ups
22nd Oct 14 01:52:30Manga.Murcielago
21st Oct 14 11:49:40Manga.Murcielago
21st Oct 14 01:23:06Funny.Friday The13th Part VI Jason Lives
21st Oct 14 01:20:12YMMV.Friday The13th
19th Oct 14 11:40:39Funny.The Walking Dead
15th Oct 14 08:09:18Funny.Cutthroat Kitchen
13th Oct 14 12:16:21Characters.The Walking Dead TV Show Terminus Survivors
11th Oct 14 11:34:18The Dog Was The Mastermind
11th Oct 14 11:30:04The Dog Was The Mastermind
11th Oct 14 06:19:00Karma Houdini.Anime
8th Oct 14 09:59:03Nightmare Fuel.Bleach
8th Oct 14 01:46:20Nightmare Fuel.Bleach
8th Oct 14 10:52:30Characters.Bleach Vandenreich
5th Oct 14 11:38:50Manga.Ana Satsujin
5th Oct 14 11:27:46Characters.Ana Satsujin
5th Oct 14 10:59:41Video Game.Dead To Rights
5th Oct 14 02:06:38Characters.Ana Satsujin
4th Oct 14 10:44:17Informed Ability
4th Oct 14 12:23:46Fashion Victim Villain
3rd Oct 14 10:51:40Narm.Bleach
2nd Oct 14 01:07:30Wall Bangers.Bleach
2nd Oct 14 11:59:29Wall Bangers.Naruto
29th Sep 14 11:31:24Wall Bangers.Naruto
29th Sep 14 05:02:19Wall Bangers.Naruto
29th Sep 14 11:12:57Wall Bangers.Naruto
29th Sep 14 12:40:15Wall Bangers.Western Animation
28th Sep 14 07:02:17F Amily Unfriendly Aesop
28th Sep 14 04:38:54Wall Bangers.Naruto
28th Sep 14 03:48:51Wall Bangers.Naruto
28th Sep 14 03:39:58Hate Sink
28th Sep 14 03:38:40Hate Sink
25th Sep 14 01:28:08Idiot Plot.Literature
25th Sep 14 01:20:33Idiot Plot.Literature
24th Sep 14 10:29:10YMMV.Roman Reigns
24th Sep 14 10:24:42Playing With Fire
24th Sep 14 07:22:29Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
21st Sep 14 11:45:29Wall Bangers.Twilight
21st Sep 14 12:42:08Funny.Hellsing
20th Sep 14 10:55:24Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
20th Sep 14 10:48:46Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
20th Sep 14 10:33:09Dethroning Moment.NARUTO
19th Sep 14 05:36:24Came Back Wrong
19th Sep 14 02:05:09Funny.Other
19th Sep 14 01:45:17Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
17th Sep 14 07:04:51Villain Protagonist
16th Sep 14 10:18:05Funny.Botchamania
13th Sep 14 02:21:12Family Unfriendly Aesop
13th Sep 14 02:04:11Broken Aesop.Animeand Manga
13th Sep 14 01:40:15Wall Bangers.Naruto
12th Sep 14 06:38:14Artificial Stupidity.Firstperson Shooter
12th Sep 14 06:00:24Audience Alienating Premise
11th Sep 14 01:10:07Wall Bangers.Naruto
10th Sep 14 11:15:01Narm.Professional Wrestling
10th Sep 14 07:32:16Narm.Professional Wrestling
10th Sep 14 04:58:58Narm.Video Games
10th Sep 14 03:56:32Narm.Video Games
10th Sep 14 11:25:11Wall Bangers.Naruto
10th Sep 14 11:01:04Wall Bangers.Naruto
8th Sep 14 07:20:16Wall Bangers.Naruto
6th Sep 14 10:51:29Contrived Coincidence
6th Sep 14 10:24:54Creators Pet.VIDEOGAMES
3rd Sep 14 01:39:35Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
1st Sep 14 04:07:44Karma Houdini.Anime
1st Sep 14 03:40:27Ass Pull
1st Sep 14 02:18:43Memetic Molester
30th Aug 14 09:33:54Creator.Zap Dramatic
30th Aug 14 12:11:07Quotes.No Sympathy
29th Aug 14 02:16:31The Scrappy.Anime And Manga
29th Aug 14 02:09:31The Scrappy.Anime And Manga
28th Aug 14 07:44:47Wall Bangers.Naruto
28th Aug 14 03:19:32Wall Bangers.Naruto
27th Aug 14 02:07:26Radar.Other
27th Aug 14 02:06:52Author Filibuster
27th Aug 14 01:37:02YMMV.CRACKED
27th Aug 14 12:11:52Static Character
26th Aug 14 11:08:25Chaotic Stupid
25th Aug 14 09:57:35Narm.Professional Wrestling
25th Aug 14 04:42:32Radar.Bleach
25th Aug 14 04:25:17Adaptational Heroism
25th Aug 14 01:10:17Wall Bangers.Naruto
24th Aug 14 02:09:38Network Decay.Slipped
22nd Aug 14 04:05:11Wrestling.Brock Lesnar
21st Aug 14 01:03:55Dirty Old Man
20th Aug 14 11:53:02Characters.Bleach Gotei 13 Squads 8 To 13
20th Aug 14 11:19:42Manga.Saiteihen No Otoko
20th Aug 14 12:14:07Murder Is The Best Solution
20th Aug 14 12:03:00Wall Bangers.Bleach
19th Aug 14 11:57:25YMMV.Roman Reigns
18th Aug 14 01:24:41Sorry Im Gay
18th Aug 14 01:24:02Sorry Im Gay
18th Aug 14 12:42:43Adaptation Personality Change
15th Aug 14 01:25:44Idiot Plot.Literature
15th Aug 14 11:03:06Idiot Plot.Anime And Manga
14th Aug 14 11:20:40Funny.Pokemon Xand Y
14th Aug 14 06:34:20Funny.At Midnight
14th Aug 14 12:15:52Funny.At Midnight
14th Aug 14 12:15:19Funny.At Midnight
13th Aug 14 10:59:28Adaptational Villainy.Animeand Manga
13th Aug 14 08:52:14Brick Joke
10th Aug 14 03:06:23YMMV.Black LA Goon
9th Aug 14 05:01:17Artistic License Geography
8th Aug 14 06:13:45Viewers Are Morons
7th Aug 14 01:39:06YMMV.Twilight
6th Aug 14 09:18:40YMMV.Twilight
6th Aug 14 08:44:38YMMV.Twilight
6th Aug 14 08:05:35Wall Bangers.Naruto
6th Aug 14 12:55:36Strawman Has A Point
4th Aug 14 01:37:49Wall Bangers.Bleach
2nd Aug 14 02:04:02Protagonist Centered Morality
2nd Aug 14 01:54:29Protagonist Centered Morality
1st Aug 14 11:19:52Characters.Yotsuba
1st Aug 14 10:43:57Chekhovs Gunman.Anime And Manga
1st Aug 14 10:04:01Funny.Yotsuba
1st Aug 14 07:32:54Stupid Evil
31st Jul 14 11:50:53Demoted To Extra.Video Games
31st Jul 14 09:52:42Narm.Bleach
31st Jul 14 06:03:53Characters.Bleach Aizen And His Cohorts
31st Jul 14 12:57:05Narm.Professional Wrestling
30th Jul 14 12:36:23Wall Bangers.Naruto
30th Jul 14 12:33:26Wall Bangers.Naruto
27th Jul 14 01:18:20Fan Nickname.Professional Wrestling
26th Jul 14 03:01:01YMMV.The Miz
26th Jul 14 02:55:53Wall Bangers.Wrestle Mania
26th Jul 14 01:39:58WMG.Naruto Open Three
26th Jul 14 01:22:14YMMV.Kane
24th Jul 14 01:48:15YMMV.Sinfest
24th Jul 14 01:16:18Wall Bangers.Naruto
21st Jul 14 02:19:16YMMV.Hopkins FBI
19th Jul 14 01:35:36Creator.Zap Dramatic
19th Jul 14 01:29:33Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
19th Jul 14 01:22:17Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
18th Jul 14 01:56:57Out Of Focus
18th Jul 14 01:47:08They Wasted A Perfectly Good Character
18th Jul 14 01:35:31Horrible Judge Of Character
18th Jul 14 01:34:00Horrible Judge Of Character
17th Jul 14 11:39:11Cruel And Unusual Death
17th Jul 14 10:26:17Film.Thir13en Ghosts
16th Jul 14 08:01:36Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
13th Jul 14 02:08:33Villain Decay.Anime And Manga
12th Jul 14 11:41:36Exponential Plot Delay
12th Jul 14 01:53:24Nightmare Fuel.Cracked
11th Jul 14 01:58:52The Scrappy.Other Media
11th Jul 14 01:12:05Idiot Plot.Animeand Manga
10th Jul 14 06:02:33WMG.Bleach Final Arc
10th Jul 14 06:02:11WMG.BLEACH
10th Jul 14 05:57:14WMG.BLEACH
10th Jul 14 02:55:54Dethroning Moment.Professional Wrestling
10th Jul 14 02:53:48Dethroning Moment.Professional Wrestling
10th Jul 14 01:05:40YMMV.Roman Reigns
10th Jul 14 11:28:18Nightmare Fuel.Animalcrossing
9th Jul 14 03:55:44Wall Bangers.Anime And Manga
9th Jul 14 02:58:47Radar.Bleach
9th Jul 14 02:48:06Radar.NARUTO
8th Jul 14 07:03:21Idiot Plot.Animeand Manga
8th Jul 14 02:31:24Nightmare Fuel.Guilty Gear
8th Jul 14 02:30:37Nightmare Fuel.Guilty Gear
5th Jul 14 01:14:46Wind Is Green
30th Jun 14 03:52:36Memes.Professional Wrestling
30th Jun 14 01:40:53Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Anime And Manga
29th Jun 14 10:46:10Wall Bangers.Naruto
29th Jun 14 06:42:19Wall Bangers.Naruto
24th Jun 14 05:25:25Even Evil Has Standards.Professional Wrestling
24th Jun 14 05:24:42Even Evil Has Standards.Professional Wrestling
24th Jun 14 01:26:09Artificial Stupidity.First Person Shooter
24th Jun 14 01:17:39Video Game.Mega Man 8 Bit Deathmatch
22nd Jun 14 01:37:48They Wasted A Perfectly Good Character
21st Jun 14 10:53:55They Wasted A Perfectly Good Character
19th Jun 14 10:36:29Wall Bangers.Naruto
18th Jun 14 10:22:50Villain Protagonist
18th Jun 14 10:22:11Villain Protagonist
17th Jun 14 01:38:24YMMV.Marble Hornets
15th Jun 14 01:55:41Manga.Soul Eater
11th Jun 14 07:00:35Names To Run Away From.Unpronouncable Names
11th Jun 14 05:33:11Giant Space Flea From Nowhere
9th Jun 14 12:57:33Recap.SUPERBOWL
9th Jun 14 12:51:11Recap.SUPERBOWL
9th Jun 14 10:29:01Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Anime And Manga
9th Jun 14 10:17:20Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Anime And Manga
7th Jun 14 08:55:34Narm.News
7th Jun 14 05:13:18Despair Event Horizon.Anime And Manga
28th May 14 09:11:32The Scrappy.Video Games
28th May 14 06:29:32Ass Pull
28th May 14 06:27:07Ass Pull
26th May 14 11:50:23Unfortunate Names.Video Games
25th May 14 04:18:14Memes.Professional Wrestling
23rd May 14 07:11:07The Sociopath.Anime And Manga
23rd May 14 07:04:35Manga.Saiteihen No Otoko
23rd May 14 12:57:19Video Game.Mega Man Unlimited
22nd May 14 10:10:24What An Idiot.Mega Man
22nd May 14 10:09:45What An Idiot.Mega Man
20th May 14 10:41:32YMMV.Retsupurae
18th May 14 05:30:36The Sociopath.Anime And Manga
17th May 14 05:01:49Nightmare Fuel.Pokemon
16th May 14 10:34:35YMMV.Theshield
15th May 14 10:30:22Memetic Molester
15th May 14 10:15:07Radar.Pikmin
15th May 14 09:59:51Radar.Goosebumps
14th May 14 10:04:22Wall Bangers.Naruto
13th May 14 11:16:10YMMV.Sinfest
12th May 14 01:17:53What An Idiot.Naruto
12th May 14 01:17:02YMMV.Sheamus
12th May 14 01:11:05What An Idiot.Naruto
9th May 14 03:53:51Memes.Politics
7th May 14 09:15:10Wall Bangers.Naruto
7th May 14 11:24:39Wall Bangers.Naruto
6th May 14 05:18:23Younger Than They Look
6th May 14 05:02:31Older Than They Look.Anime And Manga
6th May 14 04:22:21Wall Bangers.Wrestle Mania
6th May 14 03:45:49Wall Bangers.Twilight
25th Apr 14 10:06:25Painful Rhyme
23rd Apr 14 09:33:48Wall Bangers.Bleach
23rd Apr 14 05:10:35YMMV.Mega Man Rock Force
21st Apr 14 02:43:37Funny.SCP Foundation
21st Apr 14 02:40:37Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 1000 And Beyond
17th Apr 14 09:33:07Nightmare Fetishist
17th Apr 14 09:28:28Manga.Sankarea
16th Apr 14 12:23:22Awesome Music.MEGAMAN
12th Apr 14 11:37:11Awesome Music.Star Fox
9th Apr 14 11:57:05Wall Bangers.Naruto
9th Apr 14 11:56:34Wall Bangers.Naruto
5th Apr 14 12:12:32Network Decay.Major Shifts That Fit
4th Apr 14 11:49:11Wall Bangers.Twilight
2nd Apr 14 06:54:09Our Dragons Are Different.Video Games
2nd Apr 14 01:56:57Wall Bangers.Twilight
2nd Apr 14 01:21:48Wall Bangers.Twilight
2nd Apr 14 10:42:57Wall Bangers.Anime And Manga
2nd Apr 14 10:17:12Wall Bangers.Naruto
1st Apr 14 02:13:02YMMV.Mega Man Rock Force
1st Apr 14 02:12:19YMMV.Mega Man Rock Force
29th Mar 14 03:19:00YMMV.Twilight
29th Mar 14 03:17:34YMMV.Twilight
28th Mar 14 11:28:10Creators Pet.Web Original
27th Mar 14 04:14:08Creators Pet.Web Original
26th Mar 14 11:39:57Wall Bangers.Naruto
26th Mar 14 10:04:08Video Game.Madden NFL
24th Mar 14 01:31:06Guide Dang It.Simulation Games
22nd Mar 14 08:04:29Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
22nd Mar 14 04:46:48That One Sidequest
22nd Mar 14 12:36:49Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
20th Mar 14 07:22:11Wall Bangers.Naruto
17th Mar 14 01:41:55Wall Bangers.Twilight
17th Mar 14 12:49:27Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
16th Mar 14 10:44:39Nightmare Fuel.The Walking Dead
13th Mar 14 10:09:29Idiot Plot.Literature
13th Mar 14 05:23:42Contrived Coincidence
13th Mar 14 03:36:25Character Derailment.Literature
13th Mar 14 03:03:40Dropped A Bridge On Him.Literature
11th Mar 14 02:51:21Memes.PROFESSIONALWRESTLING
10th Mar 14 05:43:48Every Year They Fizzle Out
10th Mar 14 04:27:55Every Year They Fizzle Out
9th Mar 14 11:51:06Funny.The Walking Dead
9th Mar 14 10:58:59Arc Fatigue
9th Mar 14 10:52:35Arc Fatigue
4th Mar 14 10:26:38Bleep Dammit
28th Feb 14 10:38:47That Was The Last Entry
28th Feb 14 10:11:15The Worlds Expert On Getting Killed
28th Feb 14 06:40:44Narm.Bleach
28th Feb 14 04:25:25Narm.Bleach
28th Feb 14 04:24:11Narm.Bleach
28th Feb 14 04:13:32Narm.Video Games
26th Feb 14 12:25:03Wall Bangers.Naruto
24th Feb 14 04:20:50Plot Irrelevant Villain
24th Feb 14 04:10:08Off Model.Video Games