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22nd Apr 18 08:15:33Weird Moon
20th Apr 18 09:01:35Blog.Things Mr Welch Is No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG
11th Apr 18 08:35:34Dope Slap
4th Apr 18 12:11:45Short Hair With Tail
3rd Apr 18 07:12:54Percussive Prevention
3rd Apr 18 06:55:29Visual Novel.Astoria Fates Kiss
1st Apr 18 12:53:25Quotes.The Adventure Zone Balance
22nd Mar 18 02:12:46Fanfic.Fate Zero Sense
21st Mar 18 08:37:09Fanfic.Fate Zero Sense
16th Mar 18 10:29:30Mage Marksman
15th Feb 18 12:29:45Quick Draw
2nd Feb 18 06:45:17Trivia.Houseki No Kuni
30th Jan 18 01:49:06Refuge In Audacity.Anime And Manga
30th Jan 18 01:29:29Refuge In Audacity.Anime And Manga
15th Jan 18 11:00:53El Goonish Shive.Tropes S To Z
8th Dec 17 09:29:46Teeny Weenie
8th Dec 17 09:27:35Teeny Weenie
7th Dec 17 08:59:24Visual Novel.Long Story
5th Dec 17 10:00:58Shout Out.Crush Crush
4th Dec 17 07:47:54Stone Wall
2nd Dec 17 10:56:04Combat By Champion
9th Oct 17 08:06:46Nobody Here But Us Birds
21st Sep 17 07:11:33Broken Faceplate
12th Sep 17 11:28:48Macho Camp
12th Sep 17 09:01:05Awesome Music.The Adventure Zone Balance
12th Sep 17 01:59:23Characters.Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Male Students
12th Sep 17 01:55:35Master Of All
11th Sep 17 08:38:37Nonstandard Game Over
9th Sep 17 06:15:50On The Next Episode Of Catch Phrase.Anime And Manga
8th Sep 17 10:58:34Funny.Analogue A Hate Story
13th Jul 17 11:05:05Characters.Balance Arc And Hogsbottom Three
31st May 17 08:39:24Visual Novel.Ladykiller In A Bind
31st May 17 10:06:20Funny.Ladykiller In A Bind
14th May 17 06:08:26Funny.The Adventure Zone
8th May 17 04:00:09Playing With.Spontaneous Weapon Creation
7th May 17 06:13:23Haiku.The Adventure Zone
6th May 17 10:58:27Recap.The Crystal Kingdom Chapter Three
5th May 17 08:54:46Characters.Akibas Trip
5th May 17 08:23:25Shout Out.Akibas Trip
5th May 17 02:01:36Given Name Reveal
4th May 17 09:20:37Recap.Lunar Interlude II Internal Affairs
1st May 17 02:10:07Recap.Petals To The Metal Chapter Three
30th Apr 17 09:48:45Recap.Petals To The Metal Chapter One
30th Apr 17 04:37:56Recap.Lunar Interlude I Carnival Chaos
30th Apr 17 06:55:35Recap.Murder On The Rockport Limited Chapter Four
28th Apr 17 10:56:46Recap.Here There Be Gerblins Chapter Six
28th Apr 17 09:15:26Recap.Here There Be Gerblins Chapter Five
27th Apr 17 06:06:39Recap.Here There Be Gerblins Chapter Two
25th Apr 17 06:48:51Recap.Here There Be Gerblins Chapter One
23rd Mar 17 02:47:02Characters.Dangan Ronpa
25th Feb 17 04:22:43Funny.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
9th Feb 17 01:31:43Skyrim.Tropes H To M
8th Feb 17 04:56:36Characters.Twin Star Exorcists
2nd Feb 17 01:03:28Tom The Dark Lord
1st Feb 17 11:51:31Vomit Indiscretion Shot
31st Jan 17 07:30:05Shout Out.Daily Life With Monster Girl
30th Jan 17 12:16:03Injured Vulnerability
28th Jan 17 09:21:40Color Failure
28th Jan 17 08:36:15Lets Play.Headshoots
22nd Jan 17 04:34:55Lets Play.Boatmurdered
22nd Jan 17 04:17:25Playing With.Mordor
22nd Jan 17 04:57:14Visual Pun
21st Jan 17 05:36:17Trivia.Dragon Quest VIII
20th Jan 17 07:53:47Lets Play.Headshoots
19th Jan 17 02:12:00Funny.Headshoots
19th Jan 17 02:10:23Funny.Headshoots
17th Jan 17 04:30:19Glass Cannon.Video Games
17th Jan 17 03:22:29WMG.Overwatch
7th Jan 17 07:04:25No Just No Reaction
6th Jan 17 07:43:20Video Game.Akibas Trip
1st Jan 17 03:14:14Music.Sonata Arctica
30th Dec 16 12:28:50Anime.Flip Flappers
26th Dec 16 06:49:32Film.Rogue One
26th Dec 16 04:33:11Smoking Barrel Blowout
25th Dec 16 01:40:56Idiot Ball.Video Games
24th Dec 16 02:25:13Boss Corridor
23rd Dec 16 10:24:12WMG.Overwatch
17th Dec 16 08:57:13Video Game.Crush Crush
16th Dec 16 09:25:01Headscratchers.Yandere Simulator
15th Dec 16 07:12:08WMG.Flip Flappers
15th Dec 16 06:40:23Catch Phrase.Video Games
15th Dec 16 06:35:51Playing With.Catch Phrase
12th Dec 16 04:31:50Grudging Thank You
12th Dec 16 04:25:29Got Volunteered
8th Dec 16 02:42:58Video Game.Life Is Strange
7th Dec 16 12:14:36Video Game.Crush Crush
6th Dec 16 01:29:22Video Game.Crush Crush
3rd Dec 16 08:42:32Characters.Cucumber Quest
1st Dec 16 12:04:57Characters.Cucumber Quest
29th Nov 16 05:01:19Explosive Stupidity
27th Nov 16 08:05:26Man Of A Thousand Voices.English
23rd Nov 16 09:46:18Just For Fun.Get A Stupid Answer
23rd Nov 16 02:00:04El Goonish Shive.Tropes F To L
14th Nov 16 11:53:34Prisons Are Gymnasiums
14th Nov 16 02:09:19Punch A Wall
13th Nov 16 08:29:56Totally Radical.Anime And Manga
8th Nov 16 10:17:47Video Game.Crush Crush
8th Nov 16 12:17:39Fighting A Shadow
7th Nov 16 07:34:27Fridge.Crush Crush
7th Nov 16 07:22:44Web Video.Sword Art Online Abridged
7th Nov 16 07:17:19Spoofed With Their Own Words
6th Nov 16 07:38:00Characters.Crush Crush
6th Nov 16 06:21:47Video Game.Crush Crush
6th Nov 16 06:07:05Opaque Lenses
5th Nov 16 05:34:19Music.Sonata Arctica
5th Nov 16 07:02:15Quotes.Time Master
4th Nov 16 10:57:01Stealth Insult
1st Nov 16 07:00:39Taking You With Me.Video Games
31st Oct 16 08:52:09Lost Him In A Card Game
31st Oct 16 01:24:44Dead Guy On Display
31st Oct 16 01:17:03Third Option Adaptation
29th Oct 16 02:27:57Anime.Ninety One Days
29th Oct 16 02:25:42Truce Zone
28th Oct 16 10:19:19Homosexual Reproduction
28th Oct 16 10:12:09Has Two Mommies
28th Oct 16 10:06:35Adult Fear.Video Games
28th Oct 16 09:50:23Visual Novel.Astoria Fates Kiss
28th Oct 16 08:32:30Fullmetal Alchemist.Tropes G To P
27th Oct 16 02:52:58Manga.Fullmetal Alchemist
25th Oct 16 10:59:28Visual Novel.Gangsters In Love
25th Oct 16 01:46:04Fusion Dance
23rd Oct 16 08:03:02Quotes.Reassigned To Antarctica
23rd Oct 16 07:33:46Eyes Never Lie
21st Oct 16 08:12:37Eye Catch
21st Oct 16 07:44:45Leave The Camera Running
21st Oct 16 06:16:43Backup Twin
20th Oct 16 01:36:22Comforting The Widow
18th Oct 16 09:47:41See The Invisible
18th Oct 16 04:47:01Always Lawful Good
17th Oct 16 03:26:42Visual Novel
16th Oct 16 08:24:41Reality Ensues.Anime And Manga
10th Oct 16 03:12:04Limited Animation
10th Oct 16 03:09:08Web Animation.Charlie The Unicorn
10th Oct 16 02:03:03Sean Connery Is About To Shoot You
10th Oct 16 12:48:17Video Game.Wadanohara
30th Sep 16 12:51:00Characters.Bravely Default Protagonists
23rd Sep 16 12:14:14Pyrrhic Victory
22nd Sep 16 01:52:54Beam O War
22nd Sep 16 09:56:26Precision F Strike.Visual Novels
22nd Sep 16 07:14:31Twofer Token Minority
21st Sep 16 06:55:03Steven Universe.Tropes E To M
20th Sep 16 07:00:37Most Annoying Sound
4th Sep 16 07:50:52WMG.Re Zero
26th Aug 16 10:39:09Reality Ensues.Anime And Manga
26th Aug 16 10:08:27Blade Brake
21st Aug 16 06:37:43Mac Guffin Delivery Service
18th Aug 16 02:53:47Trigger
10th Aug 16 07:00:59Summon Bigger Fish
10th Aug 16 11:30:02In The Name Of The Moon
9th Aug 16 01:54:05Hopeless Boss Fight
9th Aug 16 02:17:40Dragged Into Drag
5th Aug 16 08:56:26This Is A Drill
5th Aug 16 01:42:45Destination Defenestration
30th Jul 16 09:14:55Death Seeker
25th Jul 16 06:33:57Youre Not My Type
24th Jul 16 08:32:26What Did I Do Last Night
24th Jul 16 07:30:07Potty Emergency
22nd Jul 16 03:33:57Potty Emergency
22nd Jul 16 12:38:31Noob Cave
21st Jul 16 05:27:27Pantheon.Bleach
19th Jul 16 07:00:46Cement Shoes
19th Jul 16 06:01:14Dual Wielding
19th Jul 16 06:00:25Dual Wielding
17th Jul 16 12:17:33Quotes.Sword Art Online Abridged
17th Jul 16 12:10:05Web Video.Sword Art Online Abridged
16th Jul 16 05:50:33Friendless Background
16th Jul 16 06:18:48Doorstopper
15th Jul 16 12:03:35Single Stroke Battle
13th Jul 16 01:25:58Black Box
12th Jul 16 11:41:45Kindhearted Cat Lover
11th Jul 16 08:51:33Quotes.Defeat Equals Explosion
11th Jul 16 07:05:22Visual Pun
11th Jul 16 05:29:38AI Breaker
6th Jul 16 08:19:26Silly Reason For War
29th Jun 16 10:43:14Unwinnable Training Simulation
29th Jun 16 05:21:56Savage Wolves
29th Jun 16 03:52:20Blunt Yes
26th Jun 16 06:12:08Shout Out.To Shakespeare
25th Jun 16 08:14:07Characters.Death Note Shinigami
24th Jun 16 02:11:56Vomit Discretion Shot
24th Jun 16 10:21:47Characters.Space Patrol Luluco
22nd Jun 16 07:09:37Drive In Theater
22nd Jun 16 08:49:26Sticky Situation
22nd Jun 16 08:43:47Cross Counter
21st Jun 16 10:28:40Turns Red
18th Jun 16 12:25:52Deadly Closing Credits
18th Jun 16 11:25:16Wearing A Flag On Your Head
18th Jun 16 10:47:46Black Comedy
18th Jun 16 09:48:37Red Armband Of Leadership
17th Jun 16 10:29:15Opposing Combat Philosophies
17th Jun 16 10:18:48Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe
17th Jun 16 10:10:25Quotes.Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe
17th Jun 16 09:19:25Fun With Subtitles
17th Jun 16 02:13:45Nice Hat.Video Games
17th Jun 16 11:06:14Sarcastic Devotee
17th Jun 16 11:01:25Spirited Competitor
15th Jun 16 08:08:01Cessation Of Existence
15th Jun 16 08:04:38Hellevator
14th Jun 16 12:15:03Amazing Technicolor Battlefield
14th Jun 16 09:54:52Laconic.Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing
13th Jun 16 01:37:21Banging Pots And Pans
13th Jun 16 11:50:50Script Breaking
12th Jun 16 05:56:46Video Game.Fate EXTRA
12th Jun 16 12:39:00Bow And Sword In Accord
12th Jun 16 12:37:35Dragged Off To Hell
11th Jun 16 04:02:40Noticing The Fourth Wall
7th Jun 16 08:38:47WMG.Sword Art Online Abridged
7th Jun 16 07:31:33Face Doodling
18th May 16 06:03:47Orphaned Etymology
15th May 16 06:33:18Sentai
2nd May 16 03:00:05Unsound Effect
2nd May 16 02:56:27Disaster Dominoes
23rd Apr 16 01:30:04Film.Chappie
20th Apr 16 01:43:25You Have Outlived Your Usefulness
19th Apr 16 10:39:39The Heavy
19th Apr 16 10:16:31Demon Lords And Archdevils
11th Apr 16 01:52:05Bowties Are Cool
29th Mar 16 11:23:14Signature Song.L To Z
29th Mar 16 11:01:57Malicious Misnaming
27th Mar 16 02:17:02Characters.Spyro The Dragon Villains
20th Mar 16 02:54:52Haiku.Durarara
20th Mar 16 07:38:30What Are You In For
20th Mar 16 07:36:33Squad Nickname
20th Mar 16 07:20:31Martial Arts Headband
20th Mar 16 02:15:57Laconic.Toasted Buns
19th Mar 16 07:49:35Rage Helm
19th Mar 16 06:06:47Grows On Trees
19th Mar 16 05:36:04Rage Against The Heavens
18th Mar 16 07:42:31Death Battle.Tropes D To M
18th Mar 16 05:45:51Backstory Of The Day
17th Mar 16 09:50:48Undertale.Tropes Q To Z
15th Mar 16 09:47:16Ice Cream Koan
15th Mar 16 09:34:31Shaped Like Itself
11th Mar 16 07:45:42The Roleplayer
11th Mar 16 07:27:38OOC Is Serious Business
11th Mar 16 07:23:07Quotes.Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe
11th Mar 16 07:12:11Web Video.Sword Art Online Abridged
11th Mar 16 06:54:34Web Video.Sword Art Online Abridged
11th Mar 16 06:15:59Moe.Video Games
11th Mar 16 03:41:25Shrinking Violet.Video Games
11th Mar 16 03:31:08Haiku.Yandere Simulator
5th Mar 16 11:24:56Easy Mode Mockery
2nd Mar 16 11:52:26Transsexual
2nd Mar 16 08:12:53Lazy Backup
29th Feb 16 09:09:08White Mask Of Doom
23rd Feb 16 02:43:21Advancing Wall Of Doom
18th Feb 16 08:40:44Trivia.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
16th Feb 16 02:56:16Translation Convention
16th Feb 16 02:34:29Video Game.Dark Cloud
16th Feb 16 02:31:14Framing Device
14th Feb 16 07:33:27YMMV.RWBY
14th Feb 16 02:03:47Mentor Occupational Hazard
11th Feb 16 11:52:28Funny.The Hill Of Swords
11th Feb 16 03:20:50Trivia.RWBY
10th Feb 16 04:40:54Dracolich
10th Feb 16 03:51:54Diegetic Interface
10th Feb 16 12:27:41Video Game.Newgrounds Rumble
8th Feb 16 01:09:43Oral Fixation
7th Feb 16 11:27:53Characters.El Goonish Shive Villains
7th Feb 16 11:21:50Guest Star Party Member
4th Feb 16 03:57:22Video Game.Kingdom Hearts II
4th Feb 16 03:45:09Shielded Core Boss
3rd Feb 16 08:22:25Quotes.Dying Moment Of Awesome
31st Jan 16 09:02:26Fridge.Spaceballs
31st Jan 16 08:39:16Opening Scroll
31st Jan 16 02:40:39Quotes.Dying Moment Of Awesome
30th Jan 16 08:05:30Constitution
30th Jan 16 05:56:17Awesome Music.JAM Project
30th Jan 16 05:51:36Strength
30th Jan 16 04:47:53Public Domain Artifact
27th Jan 16 12:19:15Super Move Portrait Attack
27th Jan 16 03:03:56We Will Spend Credits In The Future
24th Jan 16 09:19:07Handicapped Badass
19th Jan 16 10:54:21Game Breaker.Role Playing
19th Jan 16 07:53:36The Hero.Video Games
19th Jan 16 07:50:49Characters.Dark Chronicle
9th Jan 16 02:08:31War Is Hell.Music
8th Jan 16 12:58:39Out Of Focus
3rd Jan 16 02:25:25Suddenly Shouting
2nd Jan 16 10:48:28Haiku.Nichijou
2nd Jan 16 10:47:21Haiku.Nichijou
28th Dec 15 12:17:20Spam Attack
22nd Dec 15 06:31:17YMMV.The Hill Of Swords
22nd Dec 15 06:29:41Fanfic.The Hill Of Swords
22nd Dec 15 05:32:34Spontaneous Weapon Creation
22nd Dec 15 05:29:48Spontaneous Weapon Creation
22nd Dec 15 05:22:34Playing With.Spontaneous Weapon Creation
18th Dec 15 04:52:40Fantastic Nuke
18th Dec 15 03:57:26Quotes.Spontaneous Weapon Creation
6th Dec 15 08:04:02The Juggernaut
20th Nov 15 11:55:29Astrologer
20th Nov 15 08:29:24WMG.RWBY Characters
17th Nov 15 09:28:22WMG.RWBY Characters
15th Nov 15 12:38:01Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
13th Nov 15 10:36:33Diegetic Switch
9th Nov 15 06:29:18Funny.Yuri Lowenthal
9th Nov 15 03:42:35Welcome To My World
8th Nov 15 07:26:51Dead All Along
8th Nov 15 09:07:38Theme Twin Naming
8th Nov 15 08:35:20Reality Breaking Paradox
8th Nov 15 08:29:45Spiteful Spit
8th Nov 15 08:26:48Deliberately Bad Example
7th Nov 15 09:32:39Longer Than Life Sentence
6th Nov 15 11:47:01Villain Opening Scene
6th Nov 15 11:45:09Villain Opening Scene
6th Nov 15 06:56:24With This Herring
6th Nov 15 05:56:57Bling Of War
6th Nov 15 04:49:12Its Quiet Too Quiet
6th Nov 15 09:16:02Two Keyed Lock
2nd Nov 15 07:31:43Brick Joke.Web Comics
1st Nov 15 01:25:41Web Animation.RWBY
27th Oct 15 04:10:15Haiku.Nichijou
21st Oct 15 03:30:39Disappears Into Light
17th Oct 15 02:01:46Visual Novel.Fate Stay Night
14th Oct 15 04:21:59Portal To The Past
9th Oct 15 05:05:10Start My Own
8th Oct 15 08:51:33Retractable Weapon
5th Oct 15 09:18:26Immune To Bullets
4th Oct 15 11:13:55Prepare To Die
3rd Oct 15 04:17:47Destination Defenestration
25th Sep 15 10:19:15Karma Houdini Warranty
22nd Sep 15 03:08:15Fanfic.Fate Zero Sanity
22nd Sep 15 12:52:01Fanfic.Fate Zero Sanity
21st Sep 15 08:50:42Fanfic.Fate Zero Sanity
18th Sep 15 06:02:37YMMV.Fallout Shelter
17th Sep 15 10:46:38It Only Works Once
17th Sep 15 03:57:20Video Game.Dragon Quest VIII
17th Sep 15 12:42:17Gotta Catch Them All
15th Sep 15 10:26:14Master Of One Magic
15th Sep 15 09:31:02Neat Freak
14th Sep 15 04:59:31Fanfic.The Hill Of Swords
12th Sep 15 12:03:50Faking Amnesia
11th Sep 15 03:43:32Dying Moment Of Awesome.Video Games
11th Sep 15 03:30:53Undignified Death
11th Sep 15 03:16:38Scary Librarian
11th Sep 15 01:08:14Knighting
10th Sep 15 01:09:14Wrong Side All Along
9th Sep 15 10:34:19I Am Not Shazam.Anime And Manga
9th Sep 15 10:23:39I Call It Vera
9th Sep 15 10:15:00There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Anime And Manga
9th Sep 15 08:32:14Fate Worse Than Death.Video Games
9th Sep 15 01:43:05Cold Reading
9th Sep 15 01:17:17Going Commando
9th Sep 15 12:45:40Paper Talisman
9th Sep 15 11:34:40Doorstopper
9th Sep 15 09:27:46Badass Creed.Fan Fic
9th Sep 15 09:15:39Badass Creed.Video Games
9th Sep 15 08:55:47Situational Damage Attack
7th Sep 15 06:46:10Weapon Tombstone
6th Sep 15 01:20:27Lawful Evil
6th Sep 15 12:00:16Locked Into Strangeness
6th Sep 15 11:12:34Expressive Hair
6th Sep 15 12:07:08Earn Your Bad Ending
5th Sep 15 09:33:37Stock Subtitle
1st Sep 15 09:02:53All In A Row
1st Sep 15 08:55:24Southern Fried Genius
1st Sep 15 08:11:33Badass Fingersnap
31st Aug 15 05:27:35Surprisingly Good English
30th Aug 15 03:12:17Identity Amnesia
30th Aug 15 03:00:33Technicolor Toxin
30th Aug 15 08:57:25Death Seeker
30th Aug 15 08:46:41Weapon Tombstone
30th Aug 15 08:43:22Fanfic.The Hill Of Swords
29th Aug 15 09:30:30Rapid Fire No
29th Aug 15 09:27:18YMMV.The Hill Of Swords
29th Aug 15 07:28:28Fanfic.The Hill Of Swords
29th Aug 15 07:26:02Agent Peacock
29th Aug 15 01:05:01Fanfic.The Hill Of Swords
26th Aug 15 01:33:34Camera Abuse.Film
24th Aug 15 02:30:20And Im The Queen Of Sheba
23rd Aug 15 03:17:23Sequential Artist
23rd Aug 15 01:49:57Player Punch.Real Time Strategy
21st Aug 15 07:36:00Fridge.Fate Stay Night
21st Aug 15 05:41:43Inexplicable Treasure Chests
19th Aug 15 01:55:11Visual Pun
17th Aug 15 04:51:20Quotes.Spontaneous Weapon Creation
16th Aug 15 12:15:04Moveset Clone
15th Aug 15 05:39:32Quotes.Never My Fault
15th Aug 15 05:35:05Never My Fault
15th Aug 15 05:20:33Transfer Student Uniforms
14th Aug 15 02:47:16Wrong Name Outburst
12th Aug 15 01:41:42Motor Mouth
12th Aug 15 03:21:53Fanfic Recs.The Legend Of Zelda
11th Aug 15 02:04:56Invocation
10th Aug 15 06:34:07Samurai
9th Aug 15 07:03:46Adaptation Personality Change
8th Aug 15 01:08:34Hikikomori
7th Aug 15 02:52:51Wrong Name Outburst
7th Aug 15 02:39:30Characters.Sword Art Online Abridged
6th Aug 15 11:40:23Tongue On The Flagpole
6th Aug 15 01:36:19Adaptation Explanation Extrication
5th Aug 15 02:46:30Headscratchers.Fate Stay Night
5th Aug 15 02:03:16Trivia.Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works
2nd Aug 15 12:59:39Awesome But Impractical.Video Games
2nd Aug 15 11:51:56NGO Superpower
31st Jul 15 10:30:56Video Game.Fate EXTRA
29th Jul 15 04:17:14Bland Name Product
29th Jul 15 03:15:00Meta Powerup
24th Jul 15 03:56:24WMG.Fate Stay Night
21st Jul 15 03:42:14Happily Adopted