Glenn Magus Harvey's Recent Edits

29th Sep 17 12:32:05Video Game.One Hundred Percent Orange Juice
29th Sep 17 12:23:25Piggy Bank
11th Aug 17 10:46:19Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
11th Aug 17 10:27:53Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
11th Aug 17 10:15:42Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
11th Aug 17 09:58:44Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
11th Aug 17 09:44:02Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
11th Aug 17 09:42:41Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
31st Dec 16 10:57:04Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon
15th Nov 15 11:32:41Video Game.Never Alone
18th Sep 15 01:47:50Useful Notes.Play Station 2
18th Sep 15 01:47:34Useful Notes.Play Station 2
18th Sep 15 01:47:23Useful Notes.Play Station 2
18th Sep 15 01:46:53Useful Notes.Play Station 2
7th Sep 15 12:17:38Anime.Kiddy Grade
7th Sep 15 12:11:58Mind Control Music
6th Sep 15 11:35:25Useless Useful Spell
6th Sep 15 11:35:04Useless Useful Spell
20th Aug 15 10:02:24Metalhead
20th Aug 15 07:26:52Useful Notes.Super Game Boy
20th Aug 15 04:53:55Video Game.One Hundred Percent Orange Juice
20th Aug 15 01:27:50Music.The Jam
20th Aug 15 01:19:46Officially Shortened Title
20th Aug 15 12:46:56Video Game.Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure
20th Aug 15 12:45:15Video Game.Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure
1st Aug 15 09:26:59Blind Jump
1st Aug 15 09:26:40Visual Novel.Fault Milestone One
1st Aug 15 09:25:43Blind Jump
4th Jun 15 02:45:51Video Game.One Hundred Percent Orange Juice
16th Apr 15 05:17:53Video Game.Aquaria
16th Apr 15 05:04:17Opening The Sandbox
15th Apr 15 04:25:09Coup De Grace Cutscene
23rd Mar 15 08:03:07Anime.Rinne No Lagrange
4th Mar 15 05:44:34Light Novel.Coffin Princess Chaika
5th Feb 15 04:23:01Leitmotif.Video Games
12th Jan 15 04:34:05Video Game.One Hundred Percent Orange Juice
9th Jan 15 06:12:16Useful Notes.Digital Distribution
22nd Dec 14 03:19:14Video Game.Ice Climbers
13th Dec 14 05:59:15Video Game.Castlevania Dracula X
13th Dec 14 03:36:59Back That Light Up
11th Dec 14 11:20:20Chronically Crashed Car
2nd Nov 14 02:48:23Anime.Noir
11th Oct 14 02:47:41Creator.Michael Mann
30th Sep 14 02:58:19Troper Wall.Glenn Magus Harvey
30th Sep 14 02:56:44Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
30th Sep 14 02:55:57Troper Wall.Glenn Magus Harvey
22nd Sep 14 05:59:27Videogame.Ether Vapor
19th Sep 14 05:17:23Artistic License Statistics
19th Sep 14 05:17:03Artistic License Statistics
19th Sep 14 04:08:30Anime.The Tower Of Druaga
1st Sep 14 01:43:01Webcomic.Darkmoons Silly Web Comic
1st Sep 14 01:41:33Webcomic.Darkmoons Silly Web Comic
21st Jul 14 03:13:06Videogame.Scurge Hive
8th May 14 12:03:54Awesome Music.Ys
3rd Apr 14 07:23:56Menu Time Lockout
31st Mar 14 06:15:04Anime.Chargeman Ken
12th Mar 14 02:41:19Pointless Band Aid
11th Mar 14 02:34:37Punny Name
18th Jan 14 03:26:50The Key Is Behind The Lock
18th Jan 14 03:21:13The Key Is Behind The Lock
25th Dec 13 11:12:36Video Game.Refle X
22nd Dec 13 08:14:31Nameless Narrative
22nd Dec 13 08:13:52Webcomic.Piled High And Deeper
22nd Dec 13 08:13:36Webcomic.Piled High And Deeper
22nd Dec 13 08:13:28Webcomic.Piled High And Deeper
22nd Dec 13 08:13:06Webcomic.Piled High And Deeper
22nd Dec 13 08:12:57Webcomic.Piled High And Deeper
22nd Dec 13 08:12:47Webcomic.Piled High And Deeper
11th Dec 13 07:38:34Video Game.Refle X
5th Dec 13 10:31:58Wuxia
1st Dec 13 05:44:11Video Game.Eryis Action
11th Nov 13 09:17:28Camel Case
20th Oct 13 11:43:05Franchise.Shining Series
20th Oct 13 11:42:41Film.The Shining
2nd Oct 13 09:56:37Trivia.AKB 0048
2nd Oct 13 09:19:09Video Game.Ether Vapor
24th Sep 13 10:03:29Anime.Senki Zesshou Symphogear
22nd Sep 13 10:29:55Anime.Senki Zesshou Symphogear
22nd Sep 13 10:11:44Anime.Symphogear
15th Sep 13 06:44:06Video Game.Solomons Keep
7th Sep 13 01:23:29Creator.Easy Game Station
7th Sep 13 01:22:48Video Game.Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky
2nd Aug 13 09:01:11Energy Breaker
31st Jul 13 05:01:40Tropers.Robotnik
31st Jul 13 12:24:46Videogame.Go Cross Campus
30th Jul 13 08:24:48Sandbox.Hottip Cleanup July 2013 Tropers
30th Jul 13 08:22:59Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
22nd Jul 13 10:47:10Plucky Girl
19th Jul 13 08:32:10Organ Trail
15th Jul 13 09:31:11Videogame.Slydris
9th Jul 13 01:33:30Off Model.Video Games
7th Jul 13 07:39:37Sprint Shoes
7th Jul 13 07:37:13Public Domain Artifact
7th Jul 13 07:23:43Anime.Pretty Cure
7th Jul 13 02:35:20Energy Breaker
7th Jul 13 02:33:16Energy Breaker
6th Jul 13 08:41:09Knight Of Cerebus
3rd Jul 13 08:59:00Anime.Kiddy Grade
3rd Jul 13 08:50:14Anime.Fresh Pretty Cure
3rd Jul 13 08:33:42Chest Insignia
3rd Jul 13 08:31:21Western Animation.Felix The Cat
3rd Jul 13 03:23:48Anime.Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
3rd Jul 13 03:22:00Film.Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
28th Jun 13 02:49:01Energy Breaker
28th Jun 13 02:48:17Energy Breaker
28th Jun 13 02:38:51YMMV.Energy Breaker
28th Jun 13 02:37:31Energy Breaker
25th Jun 13 05:20:24Neverland
25th Jun 13 05:11:14Energy Breaker
25th Jun 13 05:07:16Energy Breaker
19th Jun 13 07:44:53Metroidvania
19th Jun 13 07:42:27Metroidvania
14th May 13 07:21:18Bias Steamroller
10th May 13 01:23:48Anime.AKB 0048
10th May 13 01:20:10Anime.AKB 0048
5th May 13 03:50:04Inescapable Ambush
5th May 13 03:45:46Gadgeteer Genius
5th May 13 03:44:33Video Game.Monster Tale
5th May 13 01:10:26Villains Out Shopping.Anime And Manga
5th May 13 01:00:11Robotic Reveal
30th Apr 13 11:56:36Video Game.Syobon Action
14th Apr 13 11:09:27Pegasus
10th Apr 13 08:44:51Videogame.Fortune Summoners
5th Apr 13 10:04:07Videogame.Go Cross Campus
4th Apr 13 09:37:38Videogame.Go Cross Campus
4th Apr 13 09:35:53YMMV.Go Cross Campus
4th Apr 13 03:04:19Anime.Fresh Precure
4th Apr 13 03:03:54Anime.Yes Pretty Cure 5
3rd Apr 13 06:36:41Emergent Gameplay
3rd Apr 13 06:36:17Emergent Gameplay
3rd Apr 13 05:35:08Videogame.Terraria
3rd Apr 13 05:29:12Videogame.Metroid
3rd Apr 13 05:29:05Speedrunning
3rd Apr 13 05:19:23Speedrun
3rd Apr 13 05:18:25Emergent Gameplay
3rd Apr 13 05:15:43Emergent Gameplay
3rd Apr 13 05:14:48Sequence Breaking
3rd Apr 13 05:00:09Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
3rd Apr 13 04:59:30Emergent Gameplay
3rd Apr 13 04:58:17Game Tropes
3rd Apr 13 04:57:58Videogame Tropes
3rd Apr 13 04:57:07Emergent Gameplay
3rd Apr 13 04:54:05Emergent Gameplay
3rd Apr 13 04:53:26Emergent Gameplay
3rd Apr 13 04:49:31Emergent Gameplay
3rd Apr 13 04:32:30Game Tropes
3rd Apr 13 04:08:31Videogame Tropes
3rd Apr 13 04:06:59Game Tropes
3rd Apr 13 03:29:31Web Games
3rd Apr 13 03:25:44Gun Kata
31st Mar 13 02:16:52Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
29th Mar 13 12:44:46Insecurity Camera
29th Mar 13 04:56:03Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
29th Mar 13 04:50:43Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
29th Mar 13 04:48:25Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
29th Mar 13 04:47:52Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
29th Mar 13 04:47:09Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
29th Mar 13 04:41:56Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
29th Mar 13 04:32:50Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
28th Mar 13 09:23:59Videogame.Go Cross Campus
28th Mar 13 09:23:12Videogame.Go Cross Campus
28th Mar 13 09:21:47Videogame.Go Cross Campus
28th Mar 13 09:18:04Videogame.Go Cross Campus
28th Mar 13 09:16:27Go Cross Campus
28th Mar 13 09:15:42Go Cross Campus
28th Mar 13 09:15:28Go Cross Campus
28th Mar 13 09:15:13Videogame.Go Cross Campus
28th Mar 13 07:34:50Storming The Castle
23rd Mar 13 03:28:56European Union
23rd Feb 13 03:03:59Video Game.Super Mario RPG
23rd Feb 13 03:02:25Video Game.Super Mario RPG
20th Feb 13 05:56:33Plot Tailored To The Party
20th Feb 13 05:31:44Video Game.Sailor Moon Another Story
20th Feb 13 05:24:26Video Game.Yoshis Island
20th Feb 13 05:23:15Evolving Credits
13th Feb 13 11:25:45Webcomic.Angel Moxie
31st Jan 13 03:44:41Humoresque Progression
31st Jan 13 03:35:22Authentic Cadence
30th Jan 13 03:36:23Bootstrapped Theme
30th Jan 13 03:27:04Rubber Man
30th Jan 13 03:24:13Video Game.Street Fighter X Megaman
30th Jan 13 06:14:35Strategy RPG
25th Jan 13 10:14:10Useful Notes.Washington DC
25th Jan 13 05:00:42Bait And Switch Credits
25th Jan 13 04:07:40Spoiler Opening.Anime And Manga
4th Jan 13 11:56:46Characters.Rinne No Lagrange
4th Jan 13 11:46:42Wind Is Green
2nd Jan 13 12:59:42Webcomic.Super Effective
2nd Jan 13 12:53:00Webcomic.Super Effective
2nd Jan 13 12:43:27Mystery Hunt
27th Dec 12 01:26:21Video Game.Bunny Must Die
27th Dec 12 01:25:40Video Game.Bunny Must Die
27th Dec 12 01:25:13Video Game.Bunny Must Die
25th Dec 12 02:50:24Videogame.Radiant Historia
25th Dec 12 02:49:44Video Game.Radiant Silvergun
17th Dec 12 06:22:11Commissar Cap
14th Dec 12 10:43:58Manga.Pretear
4th Dec 12 03:20:17The Idolmaster
17th Nov 12 06:16:17Divorced Installment
17th Nov 12 06:16:03Video Game.Decap Attack
31st Oct 12 06:12:54Videogame.Trauma
23rd Oct 12 09:23:43In Memoriam
17th Oct 12 10:15:30Do It Yourself Theme Tune
2nd Oct 12 01:26:48Hot God
26th Sep 12 06:59:47Mission Impossible Cable Drop
17th Sep 12 08:09:37DESURA
17th Sep 12 08:08:05DESURA
17th Sep 12 08:05:29DESURA
16th Sep 12 07:58:55Themed Stock Board Game
16th Sep 12 07:12:37Risk Style Map
16th Sep 12 07:05:25Themed Stock Board Game
8th Sep 12 01:27:38Rokko Chan
8th Aug 12 02:59:38Anime.The Idolmaster
2nd Aug 12 12:29:17Anime.Kirby Of The Stars
18th Jul 12 01:25:01Dummied Out
18th Jul 12 01:07:18Video Game.Mega Man 6
7th Jul 12 02:39:49Video Game.Fortune Summoners
19th Jun 12 09:57:46Xebec
1st Jun 12 08:24:50Doujinshi
18th May 12 02:16:53BUTTON
14th May 12 11:36:56JRP Gs
8th May 12 08:09:38Hydrophobia Prophecy
8th May 12 08:09:31Hydrophobia Prophecy
4th May 12 08:01:44Animesque
3rd May 12 08:17:16Anime.The Idolmaster
2nd May 12 09:15:02Magical Skirt
1st May 12 01:04:45Kid Anova
27th Apr 12 08:09:14Never Smile At A Crocodile
26th Apr 12 07:37:53Video Game.Saira
20th Apr 12 05:55:23Licensed Game
20th Apr 12 10:58:56Roleplay.Kagami Hiiragi Snuggling After Sex
12th Apr 12 08:20:09Awesome Music.Castlevania
9th Apr 12 09:10:18Video Game.Dungeon Defenders
8th Apr 12 03:49:26Dont Shoot The Message
8th Apr 12 10:55:24Humble Indie Bundle
8th Apr 12 10:48:25Humble Indie Bundle
8th Apr 12 10:48:09Humble Indie Bundle
8th Apr 12 10:36:24Indie Gala
8th Apr 12 10:35:37Indie Gala
31st Mar 12 05:56:40WRPG
31st Mar 12 05:56:19WRP Gs
26th Mar 12 08:20:24Laconic.Element Hunters
26th Mar 12 02:57:46Stealth Based Game
26th Mar 12 02:55:36Videogame.Stealth Bastard
26th Mar 12 02:52:46Videogame.Stealth Bastard
26th Mar 12 02:52:35Videogame.Stealth Bastard
26th Mar 12 02:51:46Videogame.Stealth Bastard
26th Mar 12 02:51:06Videogame.Stealth Bastard
24th Mar 12 05:58:53Film.X 2 X Men United
19th Mar 12 03:39:49Jake Kaufman
19th Mar 12 03:37:35Jake Kaufman
19th Mar 12 03:37:22Jake Kaufman
19th Mar 12 03:36:39Jake Kaufman
19th Mar 12 03:36:20Virt
19th Mar 12 03:35:56Jake Kaufman
16th Mar 12 01:37:06Calvinball
16th Mar 12 01:06:56Scoring Points
13th Mar 12 10:09:32Western Animation.Mega Man
13th Mar 12 06:26:37Light Novel.Maria Sama Ga Miteru
13th Mar 12 06:25:05Otaku O Clock
13th Mar 12 06:20:43Otaku O Clock
13th Mar 12 06:18:41Twelve Episode Anime
13th Mar 12 06:17:55Anime.Uta Kata
13th Mar 12 06:14:37Twelve Episode Anime
13th Mar 12 06:13:39Twelve Episode Anime
7th Mar 12 10:46:09Super Game Boy
7th Mar 12 10:44:33Obstructive Foreground
1st Mar 12 12:36:11Full Metal
1st Mar 12 12:35:49Full Metal
26th Feb 12 08:09:56Paper Thin Disguise
26th Feb 12 07:07:03Literature.High School DXD
26th Feb 12 06:32:36Wave Motion Tuning Fork
26th Feb 12 11:48:45Soundtrack Dissonance.Video Games
25th Feb 12 06:37:25Abandoned Mine
25th Feb 12 06:32:32Ring Menu
25th Feb 12 06:32:21Ring Menu
25th Feb 12 11:19:40Mini Dress Of Power
24th Feb 12 07:17:44Broke The Rating Scale
24th Feb 12 07:16:58Broke The Rating Scale
20th Feb 12 01:53:19Anime.The Idolmaster
14th Feb 12 08:49:49Action 52
9th Feb 12 05:27:14Truck Drivers Gear Change
9th Feb 12 05:25:38Truck Drivers Gear Change
4th Feb 12 09:03:05Video Game.Critical Mass
3rd Feb 12 04:47:08Indie Game
3rd Feb 12 04:44:52Videogame Culture
3rd Feb 12 04:43:49Independent Game
3rd Feb 12 04:41:46Indie Game
3rd Feb 12 04:36:17Indie Game
3rd Feb 12 04:27:02Indie Game
3rd Feb 12 04:07:22Rusty Hearts
3rd Feb 12 01:29:11Remixed Level
2nd Feb 12 12:06:06Anime.The Idolmaster
31st Jan 12 08:14:29Almighty Janitor
31st Jan 12 08:06:35Splash Damage Abuse
19th Jan 12 06:35:49Video Game.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
15th Jan 12 09:24:36MIT Mystery Hunt
9th Jan 12 12:25:13Jet Pack
9th Jan 12 12:21:41Inertia Is A Cruel Mistress
9th Jan 12 11:46:12Starscape
9th Jan 12 11:44:28Starscape
9th Jan 12 11:43:02Starscape
5th Jan 12 09:47:32Tropers.Mukora
5th Jan 12 09:47:17Tropers.Mukora
1st Jan 12 07:18:00Tropers.Risetteer
1st Jan 12 07:06:16Tropers.Risetteer
26th Dec 11 08:33:32Cross Player
23rd Dec 11 10:11:50Indie Royale
23rd Dec 11 10:08:03Humble Indie Bundle
20th Dec 11 01:22:51Chantelise A Tale Of Two Sisters
20th Dec 11 09:06:48Anime.Dot Hack Sign
20th Dec 11 09:06:00Anime.Dot Hack Sign
13th Dec 11 11:22:00Webcomic.Darkmoons Silly Web Comic
11th Dec 11 09:20:13Gunstar Heroes
10th Dec 11 12:11:49Broken Sword
8th Dec 11 07:26:20Septerra Core
8th Dec 11 01:07:23Starscape
8th Dec 11 12:56:21Starscape
8th Dec 11 12:49:04Steam
8th Dec 11 12:47:40Starscape
6th Dec 11 06:54:02Brick Joke
6th Dec 11 06:46:54Ludwig Van Beethoven
6th Dec 11 06:45:55Music.Toccata And Fugue In D Minor
6th Dec 11 06:43:31Composers
6th Dec 11 06:43:06Composers
6th Dec 11 06:42:08Olivier Messiaen
6th Dec 11 01:48:43Scurge Hive
6th Dec 11 01:34:42Dawson Casting
4th Dec 11 12:00:39Global Warming
20th Nov 11 06:39:30Richard Belzer
20th Nov 11 06:34:44John Munch
20th Nov 11 06:34:22Richard Belzer
20th Nov 11 10:43:01Dark Ages
20th Nov 11 09:43:56Dark Ages
20th Nov 11 09:36:09Films Of The1990s
20th Nov 11 09:35:40Fantasy Films
20th Nov 11 09:35:06Hocus Pocus
20th Nov 11 09:26:11Hocus Pocus
20th Nov 11 09:23:58Film.Hocus Pocus
19th Nov 11 08:38:42Composers
19th Nov 11 08:36:33Eternal Daughter
19th Nov 11 09:53:50Impulse
19th Nov 11 07:58:16Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
19th Nov 11 07:57:09Pages Needing Wicks
19th Nov 11 07:56:26Useless Security Camera
18th Nov 11 08:57:10Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
18th Nov 11 08:56:44Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
17th Nov 11 02:34:30Videogame Culture
17th Nov 11 02:30:36Video Game Systems
17th Nov 11 02:06:38Video Game Systems
17th Nov 11 02:05:56Steam
11th Nov 11 08:18:41Curtains Match The Windows
11th Nov 11 08:17:29Curtains Match The Windows
8th Nov 11 08:13:38Super Game Boy
8th Nov 11 08:13:14Super Game Boy
7th Nov 11 07:04:58Beauty Brains And Brawn
5th Nov 11 11:25:33Angel Moxie
4th Nov 11 02:17:27Angel Moxie
4th Nov 11 12:06:16Angel Moxie
4th Nov 11 11:52:21Angel Moxie
4th Nov 11 11:29:53Angel Moxie
4th Nov 11 11:11:35Angel Moxie
4th Nov 11 09:15:32Anime.Rocket Girls
2nd Nov 11 08:17:07
2nd Nov 11 08:05:28
2nd Nov 11 06:29:26Strategy RPG
2nd Nov 11 06:24:05Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
2nd Nov 11 06:23:45Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
2nd Nov 11 10:41:27Anime.Rocket Girls
2nd Nov 11 10:41:04Anime.Rocket Girls
2nd Nov 11 10:40:08Anime.Rocket Girls
2nd Nov 11 09:51:26Anonymous Band
31st Oct 11 01:15:36Sound Coded For Your Convenience
31st Oct 11 01:08:11Maze Of Galious
31st Oct 11 12:59:33La-Mulana
30th Oct 11 06:50:27Radiant Historia
28th Oct 11 02:20:11Minus World
28th Oct 11 02:19:49Minus World
28th Oct 11 12:16:47One Letter Title
28th Oct 11 11:08:13Film.Bruce Lee My Brother
28th Oct 11 10:57:11Film.Avatar
28th Oct 11 10:53:09YMMV.Ip Man
28th Oct 11 09:41:13Vampires Kiss
27th Oct 11 11:18:10Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 07:07:59Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 10:32:02Pages Needing Wicks
26th Oct 11 10:17:46Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 10:16:56Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 10:15:10Noob Bridge
26th Oct 11 09:54:01Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 09:53:32Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 09:51:41Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 09:51:08Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 09:50:33Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 09:48:56Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 09:39:41Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
26th Oct 11 07:35:26Expy.Anime And Manga
25th Oct 11 07:13:26Series.Tomb Raider
25th Oct 11 05:36:37Tutorial Failure
25th Oct 11 05:35:17Noob Bridge