Ghost Lad's Recent Edits

18th Apr 18 12:28:36Video Game.Divinity Original Sin II
9th Apr 18 11:46:44YMMV.A Quiet Place
7th Apr 18 06:54:33Dull Surprise
30th Mar 18 09:27:54YMMV.Divinity Original Sin
17th Feb 18 03:22:00Writer Revolt
17th Feb 18 03:20:52Writer Revolt
17th Feb 18 12:06:45Trivia.Black Panther
5th Feb 18 07:48:22Headscratchers.The Cloverfield Paradox
5th Feb 18 12:56:31Headscratchers.The Cloverfield Paradox
5th Feb 18 11:54:58Film.The Cloverfield Paradox
17th Jan 18 01:03:07Series.Travelers
15th Jan 18 09:41:43Ymmv.Travelers
15th Jan 18 07:16:52Ymmv.Travelers
2nd Jan 18 06:02:02Video Game.Technobabylon
17th Dec 17 02:26:14WMG.The Stormlight Archive
17th Dec 17 12:05:48Characters.The Stormlight Archive Heralds Knights And Spren
16th Dec 17 09:07:53Characters.The Stormlight Archive Races And People Of Roshar
16th Dec 17 05:18:01Characters.The Stormlight Archive Alethkar
16th Dec 17 11:37:52Characters.The Stormlight Archive Alethkar
16th Dec 17 11:34:37Characters.The Stormlight Archive Alethkar
13th Dec 17 11:44:12Cover Blowing Superpower
13th Dec 17 11:31:59YMMV.The Gifted 2017
13th Dec 17 11:26:42Characters.The Gifted 2017
6th Dec 17 01:00:49Always Chaotic Evil
17th Nov 17 12:59:14YMMV.Dark Nights Metal
17th Nov 17 12:55:17Comic Book.Dark Nights Metal
17th Nov 17 12:33:54Awesomeness By Analysis
17th Nov 17 12:26:31Awesomeness By Analysis
8th Nov 17 12:43:41YMMV.Channel Zero
8th Nov 17 12:37:50YMMV.Channel Zero
8th Nov 17 12:09:10Trivia.Taylor Swift
8th Nov 17 12:07:41Streisand Effect
8th Nov 17 12:07:07Streisand Effect
8th Nov 17 08:59:47Virgin Power
5th Nov 17 08:39:32Abandon Shipping
5th Nov 17 08:29:44Abandon Shipping
4th Nov 17 08:37:06YMMV.Thor Ragnarok
4th Nov 17 06:23:12Headscratchers.Thor Ragnarok
3rd Nov 17 02:42:33Ho Yay.Star Trek
3rd Nov 17 11:51:28Ho Yay.Star Trek
31st Oct 17 02:46:28Stupid Sacrifice
27th Oct 17 02:00:18Shoo Out The New Guy
27th Oct 17 02:57:58Derailing Love Interests
27th Oct 17 02:57:07Derailing Love Interests
26th Oct 17 12:21:46Judge Dredd.Tropes E To L
26th Oct 17 11:38:07YMMV.Judge Dredd
23rd Oct 17 11:25:51Judge Dredd.Tropes Q To Z
23rd Oct 17 10:58:21YMMV.Judge Dredd
19th Oct 17 11:30:14Judge Dredd.Tropes M To P
19th Oct 17 11:15:35Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Comic Books
17th Oct 17 12:19:44Judge Dredd.Tropes Q To Z
16th Oct 17 11:27:48Judge Dredd.Tropes M To P
14th Oct 17 05:10:44Judge Dredd.Tropes M To P
13th Oct 17 03:36:12Rogues Gallery Transplant
12th Oct 17 12:51:26Judge Dredd.Tropes E To L
11th Oct 17 01:01:18The Gimmick
9th Oct 17 05:39:49Judge Dredd.Tropes A To D
9th Oct 17 05:37:18Judge Dredd.Tropes A To D
9th Oct 17 05:24:09Judge Dredd.Tropes A To D
9th Oct 17 05:23:17Judge Dredd.Tropes A To D
9th Oct 17 05:04:28Skepticism Failure
9th Oct 17 12:47:20Characters.Judge Dredd
9th Oct 17 12:38:28Characters.Judge Dredd
8th Oct 17 11:43:36Judge Dredd.Tropes E To L
8th Oct 17 12:04:28Characters.Judge Dredd
7th Oct 17 06:32:03YMMV.Supergirl 2015
7th Oct 17 11:52:53Characters.SF Debris Star Trek Voyager
6th Oct 17 11:26:56Funny.SF Debris
4th Oct 17 03:32:47Judge Dredd.Tropes M To P
3rd Oct 17 09:34:48Judge Dredd.Tropes M To P
3rd Oct 17 09:34:28Judge Dredd.Tropes M To P
3rd Oct 17 03:39:31Narrating The Obvious
2nd Oct 17 03:29:44Wag The Director
1st Oct 17 04:43:20Headscratchers.Judge Dredd
26th Sep 17 02:38:17Awesome.Into The Badlands
25th Sep 17 09:30:57Series.Into The Badlands
17th Sep 17 10:19:57Comic Book.Doctor Doom
17th Sep 17 11:38:24YMMV.The Purge
21st Aug 17 04:36:47Recap.Rick And Morty S 3 E 5 The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy
18th Aug 17 10:16:46Evil Power Vacuum
14th Aug 17 10:50:21YMMV.Young Justice
14th Aug 17 05:51:47What Kind Of Lame Power Is Heart Anyway
14th Aug 17 05:50:13Useless Superpowers
14th Aug 17 12:44:51Theatre.Animal Crackers
8th Aug 17 11:36:27YMMV.Dungeon Meshi
24th Jul 17 08:59:23Film.Baby Driver
10th Jul 17 05:47:53YMMV.Spider Man Homecoming
11th Jun 17 04:28:24YMMV.Wonder Woman 2017
28th May 17 08:43:16What An Idiot.Alien Covenant
21st May 17 04:06:21Logical Weakness
21st May 17 02:25:25Series.The Flash 2014
21st May 17 02:24:24Series.The Flash 2014
10th May 17 01:25:00YMMV.Mystery Science Theater 3000
10th May 17 01:11:48Trivia.The Shadow Hero
10th May 17 01:07:18Comic Book.The Shadow Hero
6th May 17 10:26:53Make Wrong What Once Went Right
6th May 17 01:15:14Make Wrong What Once Went Right
5th May 17 01:21:28Unintentionally Unsympathetic
5th May 17 01:09:42Unintentionally Unsympathetic
3rd May 17 01:01:48Unintentionally Unsympathetic.Live Action TV
2nd May 17 01:17:03Trivia.Rick And Morty
2nd May 17 10:58:03YMMV.Rick And Morty
2nd May 17 09:41:08YMMV.Starcrash
28th Apr 17 06:38:52Special Effect Failure.Live Action Film
23rd Apr 17 08:42:18Headscratchers.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
23rd Apr 17 03:44:30YMMV.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
23rd Apr 17 11:44:49Muggles Do It Better
23rd Apr 17 01:53:50Literature.The Laundry Files
22nd Apr 17 10:16:28Muggles Do It Better
22nd Apr 17 04:36:52Muggles Do It Better
21st Apr 17 01:40:55Creator Thumbprint
18th Apr 17 12:44:00Muggles Do It Better
13th Apr 17 01:25:47Surveillance As The Plot Demands
12th Apr 17 09:00:33YMMV.Person Of Interest
9th Apr 17 06:47:39Video Game.One Chance
8th Apr 17 08:35:47Confusion Fu
6th Apr 17 11:04:02Emotion Control
6th Apr 17 11:03:21Insanity Immunity
6th Apr 17 01:59:12Sixth Ranger Traitor
6th Apr 17 01:52:11Sixth Ranger Traitor
6th Apr 17 01:51:38Sixth Ranger Traitor
4th Apr 17 08:05:50Totally Not A Werewolf
4th Apr 17 02:00:04Totally Not A Werewolf
3rd Apr 17 03:57:46Totally Not A Werewolf
3rd Apr 17 03:56:38Totally Not A Werewolf
3rd Apr 17 03:44:27Totally Not A Werewolf
3rd Apr 17 03:11:58Totally Not A Werewolf
31st Mar 17 05:04:53WMG.My Hero Academia
31st Mar 17 04:58:16WMG.My Hero Academia
24th Mar 17 01:18:57Tabletop Game.Mage The Awakening
24th Mar 17 01:16:23Tabletop Game.Mage The Awakening
20th Mar 17 01:58:17Fridge.Inhumans Vs X Men
17th Mar 17 10:15:27The Call Knows Where You Live
17th Mar 17 10:12:02Tabletop Game.Mage The Awakening
13th Mar 17 11:58:16Reverse Cerebus Syndrome
10th Mar 17 07:31:38YMMV.Batman Endgame
10th Mar 17 07:23:36Creator.Scott Snyder
9th Mar 17 09:49:46YMMV.Batman Endgame
9th Mar 17 09:35:14Comic Book.Batman Eternal
8th Mar 17 09:16:12Comic Book.Batman Eternal
8th Mar 17 09:07:17YMMV.Batman Eternal
7th Mar 17 08:02:20Discontinuity.Literature
7th Mar 17 07:33:03Discontinuity.Anime And Manga
3rd Mar 17 05:05:23Comic Book.Gotham Academy
3rd Mar 17 05:04:58Comic Book.Gotham Academy
26th Feb 17 12:41:17Narm.Gotham
26th Feb 17 12:36:21Narm.Gotham
25th Feb 17 08:22:41Film.Get Out 2017
24th Feb 17 12:44:28YMMV.Gotham
24th Feb 17 12:31:33Characters.Gotham Criminals
22nd Feb 17 02:22:11YMMV.Enders Game
21st Feb 17 11:07:19Characters.Gotham Criminals
21st Feb 17 10:56:29YMMV.Gotham
16th Feb 17 07:50:26Narm.Gotham
15th Feb 17 11:26:16YMMV.Watch Dogs 2
15th Feb 17 11:12:14Recap.Gotham S 1 E 16 The Blind Fortune Teller
15th Feb 17 11:11:27Series.Gotham
14th Feb 17 05:17:14Homing Lasers
14th Feb 17 05:14:56Homing Lasers
10th Feb 17 02:54:55Literature.A Giant Sucking Sound
9th Feb 17 06:22:21Intimate Marks
8th Feb 17 06:45:23Developers Foresight
8th Feb 17 01:49:40YMMV.The Man In The High Castle
6th Feb 17 12:50:23Literature.Best Served Cold
30th Jan 17 01:40:58YMMV.Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
30th Jan 17 01:21:36Characters.Mission Impossible Films
28th Jan 17 06:36:52YMMV.The First Law
25th Jan 17 12:23:36YMMV.The First Law
24th Jan 17 01:23:18Literature.The First Law
24th Jan 17 01:23:05Literature.The First Law
24th Jan 17 01:10:24Characters.The First Law The First Law
16th Jan 17 08:49:23YMMV.Shovel Knight
16th Jan 17 08:44:30YMMV.Shovel Knight
15th Jan 17 02:35:33YMMV.The First Law
14th Jan 17 12:08:35Useful Notes.Imperial Japan
1st Jan 17 12:45:12YMMV.Rogue One
1st Jan 17 12:33:03YMMV.Rogue One
21st Dec 16 12:21:11Headscratchers.Westworld
20th Dec 16 07:26:54Headscratchers.Westworld
20th Dec 16 06:40:00Headscratchers.Westworld
13th Dec 16 09:21:29Thanatos Gambit
12th Dec 16 09:30:25Combat Pragmatist.Comic Books
12th Dec 16 09:27:46Combat Pragmatist.Comic Books
12th Dec 16 08:12:51Literature.A Darker Shade Of Magic
11th Dec 16 11:11:35Film.Cast A Deadly Spell
10th Dec 16 02:30:14Literature.A Darker Shade Of Magic
10th Dec 16 02:13:37Anything That Moves
9th Dec 16 04:50:51Literature.A Darker Shade Of Magic
9th Dec 16 02:41:09Authors Saving Throw
7th Dec 16 11:37:17Body Horror.Tabletop Games
6th Dec 16 04:46:17Authors Saving Throw
6th Dec 16 03:41:00Authors Saving Throw
1st Dec 16 10:53:05Authors Saving Throw
1st Dec 16 10:25:02Authors Saving Throw
1st Dec 16 12:02:56Film.Scrooged
30th Nov 16 11:57:16Film.Scrooged
30th Nov 16 01:05:47YMMV.Arrow
30th Nov 16 12:46:12Yoyo Plot Point
30th Nov 16 12:32:30Yoyo Plot Point
30th Nov 16 12:32:01Yoyo Plot Point
30th Nov 16 12:10:01Yoyo Plot Point
29th Nov 16 07:19:28Ho Yay.X Men
29th Nov 16 05:47:50Characters.The Inhumans
29th Nov 16 04:27:27Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Comic Books
29th Nov 16 03:50:34YMMV.The Inhumans
29th Nov 16 03:07:16YMMV.X Men
29th Nov 16 02:24:14YMMV.X Men
29th Nov 16 02:17:03Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Comic Books
28th Nov 16 10:50:29YMMV.Changeling The Lost
28th Nov 16 04:34:22YMMV.Changeling The Lost
28th Nov 16 03:40:55YMMV.Brian Michael Bendis
28th Nov 16 03:29:21YMMV.Ultimate Spider-Man
26th Nov 16 03:40:48Game Breaker.Tabletop RPG
25th Nov 16 01:21:47YMMV.Civil War II
24th Nov 16 10:50:28YMMV.Alpha Flight
24th Nov 16 10:32:18YMMV.Alpha Flight
22nd Nov 16 10:54:48YMMV.Arrow
21st Nov 16 07:47:56YMMV.Arrow
20th Nov 16 12:15:46Comic Book.The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
19th Nov 16 03:06:34Fake Shemp
17th Nov 16 01:51:52Idiot Plot.Live Action Film
14th Nov 16 10:05:14Film.ARQ
11th Nov 16 11:29:59Funny.Crazy Ex Girlfriend
11th Nov 16 05:42:11Funny.Crazy Ex Girlfriend
10th Nov 16 09:12:23Sitcom Arch Nemesis
6th Nov 16 02:48:59Series.Black Mirror Series Three
6th Nov 16 02:43:08YMMV.Black Mirror Series Three
5th Nov 16 11:27:00Comic Book.The Vision 2015
5th Nov 16 11:16:42Comic Book.The Vision 2015
5th Nov 16 03:21:44Comic Book.The Vision 2015
28th Oct 16 06:24:07Villainous Crush
19th Oct 16 09:37:02Disability Immunity
16th Oct 16 08:47:52Recap.Supergirl 2015 S 2 E 1 The Adventures Of Supergirl
16th Oct 16 03:16:34YMMV.Supergirl 2015
16th Oct 16 01:44:39YMMV.The Flash 2014
16th Oct 16 01:27:36Video Game.Aragami
14th Oct 16 12:18:58YMMV.Luke Cage 2016
11th Oct 16 12:36:26Technically Naked Shapeshifter
11th Oct 16 12:27:44Literature.Uprooted
10th Oct 16 06:21:01Distressed Dude
10th Oct 16 01:12:51Intangibility
10th Oct 16 01:03:06Literature.Uprooted
5th Oct 16 01:55:09Canon Character All Along
5th Oct 16 01:34:04Headscratchers.Batman Arkham Origins
30th Sep 16 03:35:23Comic Book.Black Science
30th Sep 16 12:38:46Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
30th Sep 16 12:33:04Tabletop Game.Pathfinder
24th Sep 16 02:46:09Video Game.Batman Arkham Origins
24th Sep 16 09:05:15Film.What We Do In The Shadows
24th Sep 16 09:00:53Headscratchers.What We Do In The Shadows
22nd Sep 16 10:27:01Literature.Inheritance Trilogy
10th Sep 16 04:29:40Fridge.Kubo And The Two Strings
7th Aug 16 04:18:25YMMV.Suicide Squad 2016
3rd Aug 16 04:24:05YMMV.Suicide Squad 2016
22nd Jul 16 12:03:15Geometric Magic
10th Jul 16 04:54:40Headscratchers.Independence Day Resurgence
30th Apr 16 04:43:03Film.Spotlight
25th Apr 16 01:46:46Dethroning Moment.Tabletop Gaming
23rd Apr 16 11:03:19Literature.The Player Of Games
22nd Apr 16 01:45:57Secret Police
22nd Apr 16 01:39:07Literature.The Player Of Games
22nd Apr 16 01:38:19Literature.The Player Of Games
22nd Apr 16 01:36:37Literature.The Player Of Games
20th Apr 16 06:49:25Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
7th Apr 16 03:52:44Film.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
4th Apr 16 04:23:53Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
4th Apr 16 02:44:34Headscratchers.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
19th Mar 16 12:51:10Tabletop Game.Lamentations Of The Flame Princess
6th Mar 16 08:34:11Comic Book.Secret Six
6th Mar 16 08:22:52Literature.Kraken
5th Mar 16 09:44:20Heel Face Mole
29th Feb 16 05:20:37Franchise Killer
27th Feb 16 10:12:53YMMV.Dune
21st Feb 16 11:22:14Funny.Deadpool 2016
21st Feb 16 11:22:10Funny.Deadpool 2016
15th Feb 16 07:31:31Film.Hawk The Slayer
14th Feb 16 03:09:56Literature.Perdido Street Station
5th Feb 16 09:46:30Artistic License Geography
5th Feb 16 09:39:34Artistic License Geography
28th Jan 16 03:15:33Captain Obvious Reveal
28th Jan 16 01:16:42Captain Obvious Reveal
28th Jan 16 01:06:58YMMV.Jurassic World
27th Jan 16 08:46:48Film.Time Lapse
14th Jan 16 07:51:27YMMV.Waterworld
30th Dec 15 03:04:58Comicbook.Hawk And Dove
30th Dec 15 02:17:08YMMV.Dragon Quest
30th Dec 15 12:51:12YMMV.Jingle All The Way
30th Dec 15 12:49:07Technician Versus Performer
9th Dec 15 01:08:53Series.Jessica Jones 2015
5th Dec 15 04:56:54Fights Like A Normal
2nd Dec 15 11:15:15Useless Useful Stealth
30th Nov 15 08:55:15What An Idiot.Other
30th Nov 15 08:13:30Too Dumb To Live.Comic Books
30th Nov 15 12:25:46Stuffed Into The Fridge
28th Nov 15 02:44:46AI Roulette
25th Nov 15 03:20:14Dis Continuity.Comic Books
25th Nov 15 03:08:54Dis Continuity.Comic Books
25th Nov 15 01:42:20Dis Continuity.Comic Books
25th Nov 15 01:07:56Fridge.The Wizard
25th Nov 15 12:56:16Take That Kiss
25th Nov 15 12:37:40Film.The Wizard
25th Nov 15 09:01:11Fridge.The Wizard
23rd Nov 15 01:25:31Empowered Badass Normal
22nd Nov 15 04:17:18Characters.The Binding Of Isaac
21st Nov 15 04:51:02Exploited Immunity
21st Nov 15 04:48:47Comic Book.Great Lakes Avengers
20th Nov 15 11:26:49What Kind Of Lame Power Is Heart Anyway
20th Nov 15 09:11:05Lethal Harmless Powers
20th Nov 15 03:38:34What Kind Of Lame Power Is Heart Anyway
13th Nov 15 05:32:14Create Your Own Villain
11th Nov 15 12:38:04Shapeshifting Squick
11th Nov 15 12:09:17Shapeshifting Squick
10th Nov 15 06:57:05Shapeshifting Squick
10th Nov 15 03:07:22YMMV.Luther
10th Nov 15 02:04:24Horrifying Hero
10th Nov 15 11:55:33Power Born Of Madness
30th Oct 15 01:08:16Instant Win Condition
30th Oct 15 12:40:20Invincible Hero
22nd Oct 15 10:22:31YMMV.Psych
22nd Oct 15 09:25:37YMMV.Psych
20th Oct 15 04:06:50Development Hell.Live Action Film
16th Oct 15 08:45:20Nightmare Fuel.Pathfinder
15th Oct 15 09:16:11YMMV.Party Hard
14th Oct 15 12:54:28YMMV.Alias
14th Oct 15 12:54:18Comic Book.Alias
12th Oct 15 01:08:27Characters.Pact
9th Oct 15 10:53:36YMMV.The Binding Of Isaac
9th Oct 15 08:54:33YMMV.The Binding Of Isaac
9th Oct 15 07:39:34YMMV.The Binding Of Isaac
9th Oct 15 02:18:48Do Not Call Me Paul
8th Oct 15 05:03:48Heel Face Door Slam
8th Oct 15 04:12:31Characters.Empowered
6th Oct 15 08:40:44Ho Yay.Steven Universe
5th Oct 15 01:39:26Film.The Magic Sword
27th Sep 15 01:58:33YMMV.Fantastic Four 2015
27th Sep 15 01:46:35Headscratchers.Fantastic Four 2015
27th Sep 15 11:31:40Headscratchers.Fantastic Four 2015
22nd Sep 15 10:17:39Why Would Anyone Take Him Back
21st Sep 15 12:35:46Create Your Own Villain
21st Sep 15 01:40:54Create Your Own Villain
21st Sep 15 01:05:02Create Your Own Villain
20th Sep 15 09:21:51What An Idiot.Marvel Cinematic Universe
17th Sep 15 05:50:26What An Idiot.Film
17th Sep 15 05:46:23What An Idiot.Film
14th Sep 15 10:54:28Creators Pet.Comic Books
14th Sep 15 10:16:40Character Shilling
13th Sep 15 05:54:48Why Would Anyone Take Him Back
12th Sep 15 09:15:21Why Would Anyone Take Him Back
12th Sep 15 12:46:57YMMV.Dark Matter
10th Sep 15 06:57:01What An Idiot.Harry Potter
10th Sep 15 06:42:15What An Idiot.Film
10th Sep 15 04:30:10What An Idiot.Star Wars The Clone Wars
10th Sep 15 04:29:30What An Idiot.Star Wars The Clone Wars
9th Sep 15 10:10:31What An Idiot.Star Wars The Clone Wars
7th Sep 15 08:18:17Analogy Backfire
7th Sep 15 06:18:49What An Idiot.Star Wars The Clone Wars
7th Sep 15 05:52:58What An Idiot.Star Wars The Clone Wars
5th Sep 15 03:04:24What An Idiot.Star Wars The Clone Wars
23rd Aug 15 06:03:16Character Shilling
23rd Aug 15 05:59:02Character Shilling
23rd Aug 15 05:01:16Character Shilling
23rd Aug 15 04:44:06Character Shilling
21st Aug 15 12:07:10Literature.After The Golden Age
19th Aug 15 02:43:27Lawful Stupid
18th Aug 15 02:22:18Unintentionally Unsympathetic
17th Aug 15 02:19:17Unintentionally Unsympathetic
15th Aug 15 01:51:40Rooting For The Empire
8th Aug 15 07:26:46YMMV.Fantastic Four 2015
4th Aug 15 05:51:37YMMV.Wonderfalls
4th Aug 15 05:51:18Why Would Anyone Take Him Back
4th Aug 15 02:56:48YMMV.Wonderfalls
18th Jul 15 04:28:52Western Animation.Batman Assault On Arkham
30th Jun 15 03:45:58Film.Beetlejuice
30th Jun 15 03:44:28Idiot Plot.Live Action Film
28th Jun 15 07:54:56YMMV.The Binding Of Isaac
28th Jun 15 07:53:40YMMV.The Binding Of Isaac
28th Jun 15 07:38:15Game Breaker.The Binding Of Isaac
28th Jun 15 06:48:41Game Breaker.The Binding Of Isaac
27th Jun 15 09:46:37Wall Bangers.Final Fantasy
27th Jun 15 01:19:17Nineties Anti Hero
21st Jun 15 07:10:31Metroidvania
21st Jun 15 07:07:18Video Game Cruelty Potential
21st Jun 15 12:57:45Western Animation.Steven Universe
1st Jun 15 02:40:01Wall Bangers.Arrow
31st May 15 09:58:56YMMV.Arrow
31st May 15 01:06:20WMG.The Stormlight Archive
31st May 15 01:00:09Attack Reflector
30th May 15 02:38:59WMG.The Stormlight Archive
30th May 15 02:28:28WMG.The Stormlight Archive
30th May 15 12:16:44Creator.Brandon Sanderson
30th May 15 12:02:56WMG.The Stormlight Archive
29th May 15 09:18:08Characters.The Stormlight Archive
21st May 15 10:56:40Authors Saving Throw
21st May 15 03:36:58Film.Heartbeeps
21st May 15 03:36:29Film.Heartbeeps
21st May 15 01:32:00Authors Saving Throw
20th May 15 07:44:08YMMV.Final Fantasy IV
16th May 15 12:43:02YMMV.The Flash 2014
12th May 15 08:57:02Tropes That Will Never Happen.Silly Puns
4th May 15 03:48:57Game Breaker.Tabletop RPG