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23rd Aug 15 06:03:16Character Shilling
23rd Aug 15 05:59:02Character Shilling
23rd Aug 15 05:01:16Character Shilling
23rd Aug 15 04:44:06Character Shilling
21st Aug 15 12:07:10Literature.After The Golden Age
19th Aug 15 02:43:27Lawful Stupid
18th Aug 15 02:22:18Unintentionally Unsympathetic
17th Aug 15 02:19:17Unintentionally Unsympathetic
15th Aug 15 01:51:40Rooting For The Empire
8th Aug 15 07:26:46YMMV.Fantastic Four 2015
4th Aug 15 05:51:37YMMV.Wonderfalls
4th Aug 15 05:51:18Why Would Anyone Take Him Back
4th Aug 15 02:56:48YMMV.Wonderfalls
18th Jul 15 04:28:52Western Animation.Batman Assault On Arkham
30th Jun 15 03:45:58Film.Beetlejuice
30th Jun 15 03:44:28Idiot Plot.Live Action Film
28th Jun 15 07:54:56YMMV.The Binding Of Isaac
28th Jun 15 07:53:40YMMV.The Binding Of Isaac
28th Jun 15 07:38:15Game Breaker.The Binding Of Isaac
28th Jun 15 06:48:41Game Breaker.The Binding Of Isaac
27th Jun 15 09:46:37Wall Bangers.Final Fantasy
27th Jun 15 01:19:17Nineties Anti Hero
21st Jun 15 07:10:31Metroidvania
21st Jun 15 07:07:18Video Game Cruelty Potential
21st Jun 15 12:57:45Western Animation.Steven Universe
1st Jun 15 02:40:01Wall Bangers.Arrow
31st May 15 09:58:56YMMV.Arrow
31st May 15 01:06:20WMG.The Stormlight Archive
31st May 15 01:00:09Attack Reflector
30th May 15 02:38:59WMG.The Stormlight Archive
30th May 15 02:28:28WMG.The Stormlight Archive
30th May 15 12:16:44Creator.Brandon Sanderson
30th May 15 12:02:56WMG.The Stormlight Archive
29th May 15 09:18:08Characters.The Stormlight Archive
21st May 15 10:56:40Authors Saving Throw
21st May 15 03:36:58Film.Heartbeeps
21st May 15 03:36:29Film.Heartbeeps
21st May 15 01:32:00Authors Saving Throw
20th May 15 07:44:08YMMV.Final Fantasy IV
16th May 15 12:43:02YMMV.The Flash 2014
12th May 15 08:57:02Tropes That Will Never Happen.Silly Puns
4th May 15 03:48:57Game Breaker.Tabletop RPG
4th May 15 03:27:31Enemy Summoner
11th Apr 15 12:46:02YMMV.The Flash 2014
11th Apr 15 12:39:28YMMV.The Flash 2014
11th Apr 15 08:39:19Drinking Game.The Flash 2014
10th Apr 15 05:56:38Drinking Game.Arrow
24th Mar 15 10:13:36Conflict Ball
24th Mar 15 10:02:32Conflict Ball
21st Mar 15 04:32:50YMMV.Guardians Of The Galaxy
21st Mar 15 02:21:32YMMV.X Xx
20th Mar 15 03:37:11WMG.The Last Man On Earth
13th Mar 15 01:04:20YMMV.The Flash 2014
13th Mar 15 01:02:24YMMV.The Flash 2014
12th Mar 15 05:34:09Characters.Discworld Villains
8th Mar 15 08:10:53Morphic Resonance
8th Mar 15 08:06:22Captain Obvious Reveal
3rd Mar 15 03:39:28Gone Horribly Right
3rd Mar 15 01:55:35Fanfic.The Two Year Emperor
2nd Mar 15 08:00:44Harsher In Hindsight.Literature
2nd Mar 15 07:36:08Harsher In Hindsight.Literature
1st Mar 15 11:08:52Harsher In Hindsight.Literature
28th Feb 15 09:20:48Bullying A Dragon.Comic Books
28th Feb 15 09:04:20Fanfic.The Metropolitan Man
27th Feb 15 02:34:12YMMV.Fantastic Four
26th Feb 15 09:52:59Paper Thin Disguise.Comic Books
26th Feb 15 09:43:41Characters.The Reckoners Trilogy
26th Feb 15 09:34:31Multilayer Facade
26th Feb 15 09:09:41Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance
26th Feb 15 06:19:16Second Super Identity
26th Feb 15 06:08:41Second Super Identity
25th Feb 15 07:38:21YMMV.Star Trek The Next Generation
25th Feb 15 07:26:43YMMV.Agent Carter
25th Feb 15 07:25:27YMMV.Agent Carter
24th Feb 15 11:12:01Comic Book.Uber
24th Feb 15 07:15:12Sanity Has Advantages
24th Feb 15 06:47:40Oddly Common Rarity
24th Feb 15 06:40:42Oddly Common Rarity
24th Feb 15 06:32:03Wall Bangers.Star Trek Enterprise
24th Feb 15 03:19:23Series.Star Trek The Next Generation
24th Feb 15 10:29:46YMMV.Puma Man
24th Feb 15 10:25:55WTH Costuming Department
24th Feb 15 10:12:58WTH Costuming Department
24th Feb 15 09:44:19Overshadowed By Controversy
23rd Feb 15 08:27:17Age Inappropriate Dress
23rd Feb 15 06:32:13WTH Costuming Department
23rd Feb 15 05:43:01Sanity Has Advantages
22nd Feb 15 10:33:46Oddly Common Rarity
22nd Feb 15 10:22:04Oddly Common Rarity
19th Feb 15 02:59:53Film.The Drop
19th Feb 15 02:25:40Covers Always Lie.Comic Books
18th Feb 15 09:36:02Misaimed Marketing
18th Feb 15 09:00:53Author Tract
16th Feb 15 10:03:38YMMV.Wool
15th Feb 15 11:23:06Artifact Title.Comic Books
15th Feb 15 11:11:51Artifact Title.Comic Books
15th Feb 15 11:10:31Literature.Wool
15th Feb 15 11:10:13Literature.Wool
15th Feb 15 11:00:16Literature.Wool
15th Feb 15 02:57:53Bizarre Alien Psychology
15th Feb 15 02:42:14Literature.Blindsight
11th Feb 15 06:45:44Hate Sink
11th Feb 15 05:26:52Characters.Agent Carter
11th Feb 15 04:37:47YMMV.Agent Carter
11th Feb 15 10:25:45Continuity Lock Out
10th Feb 15 10:57:03Americans Hate Tingle
10th Feb 15 10:55:28Americans Hate Tingle
9th Feb 15 11:31:02YMMV.Teen Titans
9th Feb 15 10:48:54YMMV.Teen Titans
9th Feb 15 06:44:17Evil Mentor
9th Feb 15 06:24:16Evil Mentor
9th Feb 15 06:18:07Characters.Batman Rogues Gallery
7th Feb 15 10:53:35Relationship Writing Fumble
7th Feb 15 05:14:44YMMV.Final Fantasy X
6th Feb 15 12:17:22Wall Bangers.X Men
5th Feb 15 11:54:35Warp That Aesop.Comic Books
5th Feb 15 11:02:20WMG.The Reckoners Trilogy
5th Feb 15 08:32:42WMG.The Reckoners Trilogy
5th Feb 15 08:31:02WMG.The Reckoners Trilogy
5th Feb 15 08:12:03Characters.The Reckoners Trilogy
5th Feb 15 07:57:16YMMV.American Sniper
4th Feb 15 02:23:45YMMV.Star Trek Voyager
1st Feb 15 08:26:41YMMV.Uber
27th Jan 15 06:11:50Comic Book.Axis
26th Jan 15 07:02:13Bury Your Disabled
26th Jan 15 03:14:42YMMV.Red Mist
25th Jan 15 08:04:57WMG.The Rescuers
25th Jan 15 07:59:08Pinball Protagonist
25th Jan 15 07:57:25WMG.The Rescuers
22nd Jan 15 10:46:58Have You Told Anyone Else
22nd Jan 15 10:24:54Token Evil Teammate
21st Jan 15 11:00:42Game Favored Gender
21st Jan 15 12:33:48Required Secondary Powers.Comic Books
20th Jan 15 09:54:39Unscrupulous Hero
20th Jan 15 02:31:05Invisible Streaker
19th Jan 15 09:43:50Film.Les Saignantes
19th Jan 15 02:36:36Ho Yay.Star Trek
19th Jan 15 02:31:15YMMV.Star Trek The Next Generation
19th Jan 15 01:47:12Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.Live Action TV
19th Jan 15 01:40:13Role Ending Misdemeanor
19th Jan 15 10:48:42Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.Comic Books
19th Jan 15 10:40:34Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.Comic Books
18th Jan 15 10:53:11Role Ending Misdemeanor
18th Jan 15 10:42:06Role Ending Misdemeanor
17th Jan 15 11:12:09Role Ending Misdemeanor
17th Jan 15 10:55:31Role Ending Misdemeanor
17th Jan 15 10:47:39YMMV.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
17th Jan 15 10:16:00YMMV.Rat Queens
17th Jan 15 09:58:08YMMV.Rat Queens
14th Jan 15 08:07:26Beware The Silly Ones
14th Jan 15 03:51:03Insane Admiral
8th Jan 15 03:08:08YMMV.Far Cry 4
8th Jan 15 10:12:03YMMV.Sunshine
10th Dec 14 08:10:14Spiritual Antithesis
10th Dec 14 08:07:26YMMV.The Nightmare Before Christmas
19th Nov 14 09:36:35Arbitrary Maximum Range
17th Nov 14 11:15:21Sexier Alter Ego
17th Nov 14 06:53:18Gameplay And Story Segregation
17th Nov 14 05:26:49YMMV.Epic Battle Fantasy
17th Nov 14 05:22:41Slap On The Wrist Nuke
16th Nov 14 02:28:29WMG.Snowpiercer
15th Nov 14 05:08:18Memetic Sex God
15th Nov 14 09:11:21YMMV.The Dresden Files
12th Nov 14 04:50:33Cruelty Is The Only Option
9th Nov 14 06:25:57The Scrappy.Final Fantasy
4th Nov 14 03:50:46Rooting For The Empire
2nd Nov 14 11:16:02Game Breaker.Tabletop RPG
2nd Nov 14 11:02:51Game Breaker.Tabletop RPG
2nd Nov 14 11:02:11Game Breaker.Tabletop RPG
31st Oct 14 11:50:17Progressively Prettier
30th Oct 14 01:08:55Attack Attack Attack
17th Oct 14 10:34:42Ritual Magic
15th Oct 14 11:47:07YMMV.Darksiders
14th Oct 14 11:27:27YMMV.Agents Of SHIELD
14th Oct 14 03:26:53Bizarre Alien Biology
14th Oct 14 03:15:02Bizarre Alien Biology
14th Oct 14 11:28:09What An Idiot.Film
13th Oct 14 07:56:46What An Idiot.Film
13th Oct 14 07:44:35What An Idiot.Film
12th Oct 14 08:29:06Manga.Angel Densetsu
12th Oct 14 08:26:34Manga.Angel Densetsu
12th Oct 14 07:02:17Idiot Plot.Literature
12th Oct 14 12:29:49Idiot Plot.Live Action Film
12th Oct 14 11:54:57Idiot Plot.Live Action Film
12th Oct 14 11:05:21Idiot Plot.Live Action Film
12th Oct 14 11:02:07Idiot Plot.Live Action Film
11th Oct 14 11:09:54Comic Book.The Creeper
11th Oct 14 11:05:57Comic Book.The Creeper
11th Oct 14 09:31:04Manga.Angel Densetsu
11th Oct 14 12:45:23Idiot Plot.Live Action Film
11th Oct 14 12:32:22Idiot Plot.Live Action Film
6th Oct 14 07:55:55Blind Idiot Translation.Tabletop Games
5th Oct 14 04:41:18Screwed By The Network
5th Oct 14 01:38:38Actually A Doombot
2nd Oct 14 05:04:54Agents Dating
1st Oct 14 04:20:27What An Idiot.The Legend Of Korra
1st Oct 14 04:17:57What An Idiot.The Legend Of Korra
30th Sep 14 09:06:49What An Idiot.The Legend Of Korra
30th Sep 14 09:05:07What An Idiot.The Legend Of Korra
30th Sep 14 09:02:41What An Idiot.The Legend Of Korra
30th Sep 14 08:39:36What An Idiot.Avatar The Last Airbender
29th Sep 14 10:26:11What An Idiot.Live Action TV
29th Sep 14 10:07:42What An Idiot.Live Action TV
29th Sep 14 10:01:30What An Idiot.Live Action TV
29th Sep 14 05:38:32What An Idiot.Star Trek
26th Sep 14 11:24:45Literature.Foundation
26th Sep 14 10:52:28Unwinnable Training Simulation
25th Sep 14 10:26:53Nude Colored Clothes
24th Sep 14 10:20:36Discontinuity.Tabletop Games
24th Sep 14 03:40:40YMMV.Agents Of Shield
24th Sep 14 03:37:23YMMV.Agents Of Shield
23rd Sep 14 08:54:50Spotting The Thread
21st Sep 14 01:46:14YMMV.The Dresden Files
20th Sep 14 09:29:09Esoteric Happy Ending
20th Sep 14 09:20:07Esoteric Happy Ending
20th Sep 14 09:19:13Esoteric Happy Ending
20th Sep 14 03:10:01YMMV.Star Trek Enterprise
18th Sep 14 10:40:38YMMV.Slither
16th Sep 14 08:04:05Only Child Syndrome
15th Sep 14 07:28:52YMMV.The Court Jester
15th Sep 14 02:33:55Lip Lock
15th Sep 14 12:49:22Butterfly Of Doom
9th Sep 14 01:48:17Alternative Character Interpretation.SF Debris Star Trek Enterprise
8th Sep 14 04:59:48Narm.Doctor Who
7th Sep 14 10:44:32Raging Stiffie
6th Sep 14 11:51:35Western Animation.Bojack Horseman
6th Sep 14 11:41:54Trivia.Bojack Horseman
6th Sep 14 11:29:29Mobile Suit Human
6th Sep 14 11:29:25Mini Mecha
5th Sep 14 10:56:25Series.The Killing
5th Sep 14 10:56:08Trivia.The Killing
3rd Sep 14 11:58:40Warp That Aesop.Fairy Tales And Nursery Rhymes
3rd Sep 14 11:58:20Warp That Aesop.Fairy Tales And Nursery Rhymes
1st Sep 14 08:02:46YMMV.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
1st Sep 14 07:58:59YMMV.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
31st Aug 14 11:50:45Be A Whore To Get Your Man
31st Aug 14 12:54:31Strawman Has A Point
30th Aug 14 10:24:04YMMV.Space Mutiny
30th Aug 14 08:08:48Serial Killer Killer
30th Aug 14 07:28:01YMMV.Space Mutiny
27th Aug 14 11:47:58Literature.The Laundry Series
27th Aug 14 09:58:56Literature.The Laundry Series
26th Aug 14 03:46:35Literature.The Laundry Series
5th Aug 14 06:45:57Literature.The Laundry Series
5th Aug 14 03:38:37Earth All Along
4th Aug 14 11:38:44Film.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
22nd Jul 14 03:55:02Warp That Aesop.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
22nd Jul 14 02:33:47Warp That Aesop.Live Action TV
22nd Jul 14 02:29:09Warp That Aesop.Harry Potter
22nd Jul 14 02:22:04Warp That Aesop.Live Action TV
21st Jul 14 11:05:52Informed Ability.Film
21st Jul 14 10:54:05Informed Flaw
21st Jul 14 10:49:10Informed Ability.Anime And Manga
21st Jul 14 09:52:03YMMV.Rickand Morty
11th Jul 14 04:01:03YMMV.Supermario Sunshine
11th Jul 14 11:06:59YMMV.Supermario Sunshine
3rd Jul 14 01:41:18Warp That Aesop.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
3rd Jul 14 01:38:40Warp That Aesop.Comic Books
3rd Jul 14 01:33:46Warp That Aesop.Comic Books
3rd Jul 14 11:40:19YMMV.Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
3rd Jul 14 10:22:59Literature.Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
2nd Jul 14 07:05:36Funny.Shovel Knight
2nd Jul 14 07:03:56Heartwarming.Shovel Knight
26th Jun 14 09:03:51Three Plus Two
25th Jun 14 10:27:24Fan Disliked Explanation
25th Jun 14 09:27:29Series.Arrow
16th Jun 14 12:24:15Tough Act To Follow
12th Jun 14 12:50:54Big Bad Wannabe
9th Jun 14 12:44:43Scrappy Mechanic.Tabletop Games
8th Jun 14 07:43:24Critical Dissonance
8th Jun 14 07:34:40Critical Dissonance
8th Jun 14 03:15:46Dork Age.Tabletop Games
8th Jun 14 09:40:53Scrappy Mechanic.Tabletop Games
8th Jun 14 09:26:22Scrappy Mechanic.Tabletop Games
6th Jun 14 05:10:48Memes.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Character Memes
3rd Jun 14 10:39:49Warp That Aesop.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
3rd Jun 14 10:37:33Warp That Aesop.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
3rd Jun 14 10:36:58Warp That Aesop.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
3rd Jun 14 05:18:52Warp That Aesop.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
3rd Jun 14 04:50:48Warp That Aesop.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
3rd Jun 14 04:47:11Warp That Aesop.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
2nd Jun 14 03:45:00Trivia.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 23 Inspiration Manifestation
30th May 14 06:54:13Zeppelins From Another World
30th May 14 05:30:28Literature.The Long Earth
30th May 14 05:24:30Zeppelins From Another World
29th May 14 01:43:00The Scrappy.Literature
29th May 14 01:32:18The Scrappy.Comic Books
29th May 14 12:46:50Reality Subtext
28th May 14 10:58:08Warp That Aesop.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
28th May 14 12:07:27YMMV.Stargate Atlantis
28th May 14 11:46:39Series.Stargate Atlantis
28th May 14 11:46:29Trivia.Stargate Atlantis
24th May 14 11:31:47Aesop Amnesia
24th May 14 11:29:29Arc Fatigue
23rd May 14 03:57:07YMMV.Forever Evil
23rd May 14 03:56:55Arc Fatigue
15th May 14 08:35:46Contemptible Cover
14th May 14 01:16:34Characters.Codex Alera
14th May 14 01:12:25Characters.Codex Alera
14th May 14 01:04:49Mentor Occupational Hazard
12th May 14 08:52:48YMMV.The Amazing Spiderman 2
12th May 14 05:27:05Hilarious In Hindsight.Comic Books
12th May 14 05:18:06YMMV.Irredeemable
12th May 14 09:08:52Designated Victim
12th May 14 09:05:54Designated Victim
11th May 14 07:31:36Immortality Begins At Twenty
7th May 14 07:43:50Ass Pull
6th May 14 04:54:45Nice Job Breaking It Hero.Comic Books
6th May 14 12:58:33Villain Ball
6th May 14 12:08:56Comicbook.Gothtopia
6th May 14 10:47:35Villain Ball
6th May 14 10:43:54Villain Ball
6th May 14 10:15:32Villain Ball
6th May 14 09:46:25Villain Ball
6th May 14 09:40:06Villain Ball
6th May 14 09:19:16Villain Ball Magnet
6th May 14 09:16:24Villain Ball Magnet
6th May 14 09:09:34Villain Ball
6th May 14 08:58:21Stargate S G1.A To F
6th May 14 01:13:30YMMV.Stargate SG 1
6th May 14 01:07:57Stargate S G1.M To R
6th May 14 12:53:28YMMV.Stargate SG 1
5th May 14 06:55:43Authors Saving Throw
4th May 14 03:19:11YMMV.Forever Evil
4th May 14 03:12:20YMMV.Forever Evil
4th May 14 03:10:17Arc Fatigue
4th May 14 02:57:59YMMV.Superior Spider Man
3rd May 14 12:06:06Something Only They Would Say
2nd May 14 11:58:04Comic Book.Superior Spider Man
2nd May 14 11:54:46Stranger Behind The Mask
2nd May 14 03:11:15Shocking Swerve
2nd May 14 02:38:44Shocking Swerve
2nd May 14 02:38:02YMMV.Agentsof SHIELD
2nd May 14 02:37:10YMMV.Agentsof SHIELD
2nd May 14 09:18:37Shocking Swerve
2nd May 14 09:14:26YMMV.Agents Of SHIELD
2nd May 14 09:13:28Shocking Swerve
1st May 14 02:10:34Everything Trying To Kill You
30th Apr 14 02:55:56CCG Importance Dissonance
24th Apr 14 01:39:55Reality Ensues.Comic Books
21st Apr 14 11:57:40Equal Opportunity Evil
21st Apr 14 11:54:56Tabletop Game.Mummy The Curse
16th Apr 14 12:39:57Trap Master
13th Apr 14 04:10:11Incest Subtext
13th Apr 14 03:44:33No Yay
13th Apr 14 03:31:43No Yay
13th Apr 14 01:40:22No Yay
13th Apr 14 12:24:07No Yay
11th Apr 14 12:47:47WMG.Arrow
9th Apr 14 10:24:53WMG.Agents Of SHIELD
9th Apr 14 06:02:23Banned In China
7th Apr 14 12:34:23Stargate S G1.A To F
7th Apr 14 12:34:14Trivia.Stargate SG 1
7th Apr 14 12:32:24Stargate S G1.A To F
7th Apr 14 12:06:38Stargate S G1.A To F
6th Apr 14 08:54:09YMMV.Captain America The First Avenger
6th Apr 14 08:34:49YMMV.Captain America The Winter Soldier
5th Apr 14 09:36:09Inferred Holocaust
5th Apr 14 05:48:53Special Effect Failure.Live Action TV
5th Apr 14 05:06:37YMMV.House Of M
5th Apr 14 05:04:08YMMV.Battlestar Galactica Reimagined
5th Apr 14 04:55:37YMMV.Battlestar Galactica Reimagined
2nd Apr 14 01:06:28All Your Powers Combined
2nd Apr 14 12:49:37All Your Powers Combined
30th Mar 14 12:36:33Idiot Plot.Comic Books
30th Mar 14 12:14:56Idiot Plot.Comic Books
29th Mar 14 11:32:02Omni Disciplinary Scientist
27th Mar 14 01:53:15What If
26th Mar 14 12:27:01All Your Powers Combined
26th Mar 14 01:50:41Narm.Tabletop Games
26th Mar 14 01:40:06YMMV.Beowulf
26th Mar 14 01:39:40YMMV.Beowulf
26th Mar 14 01:32:22YMMV.House Of Cards US
25th Mar 14 03:18:17Louis Cypher
25th Mar 14 12:41:52Two Aliases One Character
23rd Mar 14 10:22:56Continuity Snarl
23rd Mar 14 09:56:00Comic Book.Superboy
23rd Mar 14 01:54:34Continuity Snarl
23rd Mar 14 01:53:31Continuity Snarl
23rd Mar 14 01:18:23Continuity Porn
22nd Mar 14 10:08:36Jackass Genie
22nd Mar 14 09:01:17YMMV.Ultimate Spider Man
22nd Mar 14 01:17:16Is It Something You Eat
20th Mar 14 06:59:09Continuity Porn
20th Mar 14 05:03:35All Your Powers Combined
19th Mar 14 05:23:36Aesop Amnesia
19th Mar 14 03:47:25Self Demonstrating.Deadpool
19th Mar 14 03:39:02Composite Character
18th Mar 14 01:06:01Fan Fic.Cenotaph
17th Mar 14 02:12:29Improvised Weapon.Comic Books
16th Mar 14 01:53:45Comic Book.Vandal Savage
16th Mar 14 01:34:09Sdrawkcab Name
15th Mar 14 10:42:45Fan Fic.Cenotaph
15th Mar 14 12:18:36What An Idiot.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
14th Mar 14 11:17:47YMMV.Lockout
14th Mar 14 05:07:41Surprise Incest
14th Mar 14 03:11:44WMG.Worm
14th Mar 14 02:26:32Playing With.Took A Level In Badass
14th Mar 14 02:24:14Film.Strange Days
14th Mar 14 11:59:27Narm.Film Q To Z