12th Aug 14 06:10:07Required Secondary Powers.Live Action TV
20th Jul 14 04:47:45Laser Cutter
15th Jul 14 01:43:58Characters.Scandinavia And The World
9th Jul 14 02:10:32Heavy Worlder
1st Jun 14 07:47:28Characters.The Salvation War
1st Jun 14 04:44:00Shout Out.The Salvation War
28th May 14 10:40:16Awesome.Forever Evil
28th May 14 10:32:32Awesome.Forever Evil
28th May 14 10:32:17Awesome.Forever Evil
28th May 14 09:56:39Network Decay.Influences On Other Media
17th May 14 06:47:38Video Game.The Walking Dead
7th May 14 05:29:02Unnecessarily Large Vessel
4th Apr 14 06:02:48Straight Man.Live-Action TV
4th Apr 14 08:14:25Shout Out.Iron Maiden
4th Apr 14 07:23:34Music.Delain
27th Mar 14 03:18:49Sequel Song
27th Mar 14 03:17:24Sequel Song
22nd Mar 14 01:07:19Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game Playable Characters
17th Mar 14 01:45:26Feed It With Fire
13th Mar 14 05:19:17Martial Pacifist
12th Mar 14 12:09:22Exergaming
10th Mar 14 02:53:09WMG.Questionable Content
5th Mar 14 10:46:58First Person Peripheral Narrator
4th Mar 14 04:39:39Flowery Insults
4th Mar 14 04:35:18Flowery Insults
4th Mar 14 03:34:30Series.Almost Human
24th Feb 14 06:15:40Magitek
23rd Feb 14 12:38:23Acquired Poison Immunity
23rd Feb 14 12:06:05Subspace Ansible
20th Feb 14 02:40:50Mohs.Physics Plus
8th Feb 14 03:19:37Characters.Almost Human
4th Feb 14 02:36:13Characters.Almost Human
1st Jan 14 11:50:41Only Sane Man.Film
17th Dec 13 11:06:28Characters.Almost Human
10th Dec 13 10:49:29Characters.Almost Human
10th Dec 13 10:42:26Series.Almost Human
10th Dec 13 10:39:08Series.Almost Human
4th Dec 13 01:27:28Nice Hat.Real Life
4th Dec 13 01:21:28Nice Hat.Real Life
4th Dec 13 12:28:57Series.Almost Human
2nd Dec 13 03:11:40Feed It With Fire
29th Nov 13 02:06:24WMG.Almost Human
29th Nov 13 02:05:57WMG.Almost Human
19th Nov 13 12:01:28Series.Almost Human
13th Nov 13 10:53:14Happily Ever After
13th Nov 13 12:39:47Mohs Scale Of Lyrical Hardness
9th Nov 13 07:04:05Mile Long Ship
6th Nov 13 02:27:37Quotes.You Are Not Alone
6th Nov 13 02:26:37Quotes.You Are Not Alone
3rd Nov 13 05:54:57Wretched Hive.Real Life
3rd Nov 13 05:54:13Wretched Hive.Real Life
2nd Nov 13 03:30:34Funny.Grimm
16th Oct 13 03:54:54Personality Powers
16th Oct 13 11:57:13Nightmare Fuel.SCP Foundation
15th Oct 13 05:30:08Characters.Sleepy Hollow
15th Oct 13 05:15:08Series.Sleepy Hollow
8th Oct 13 02:28:07Funny.Sleepy Hollow
7th Oct 13 11:50:44Heartwarming.Sleepy Hollow
7th Oct 13 07:16:46Off With His Head
7th Oct 13 07:15:49Off With His Head
1st Oct 13 03:11:08Cluster F Bomb.Film
11th Sep 13 02:47:09Funny.Zombies Run
11th Sep 13 02:46:49Funny.Zombies Run
11th Sep 13 02:46:11Funny.Zombies Run
2nd Sep 13 06:12:56Gone Horribly Right
23rd Jul 13 11:47:37Hot God
20th Jul 13 03:34:44Too Kinky To Torture
7th Jul 13 06:00:39No Sense Of Humor
8th Jun 13 05:36:29Man Of Wealth And Taste
8th Jun 13 05:35:10Man Of Wealth And Taste
8th Jun 13 05:12:45Signature Style
31st May 13 12:58:19Awesome.Rotworld
9th May 13 12:02:05Signature Style
8th May 13 10:13:28The Muse
29th Apr 13 05:15:38World Of Badass
27th Apr 13 08:41:12Matter Replicator
16th Apr 13 04:15:10Video Game.Zombies Run
16th Apr 13 04:14:49Video Game.Zombies Run
16th Apr 13 04:13:23Video Game.Zombies Run
16th Apr 13 04:10:09Characters.Zombies Run
7th Apr 13 05:00:37Third Line Some Waiting
5th Apr 13 03:25:03Heartwarming.Acts Of Kindness
4th Apr 13 06:03:58Beware The Nice Ones.Live Action TV
3rd Apr 13 12:42:12Crazy Sane
24th Mar 13 05:43:58Awesome.Grimm
24th Mar 13 05:43:33Awesome.Grimm
19th Mar 13 04:29:00If It Swims It Flies
12th Mar 13 03:57:48Pantheon.Academy
12th Mar 13 03:57:22Pantheon.Academy
12th Mar 13 03:48:50Pantheon.Academy
12th Mar 13 02:39:56Must Have Caffeine.Real Life
8th Mar 13 10:45:39Space Filling Empire
6th Mar 13 02:59:55Video Game.Epic Battle Fantasy
6th Mar 13 12:38:23Video Game.Epic Battle Fantasy
20th Feb 13 11:20:28Franchise.DCAU
17th Feb 13 07:13:50Thinking Tic
5th Feb 13 11:20:25X Days Since
3rd Feb 13 12:13:30Space Plane
15th Jan 13 02:40:39HIMYM.Tropes Season Eight
15th Jan 13 02:23:46Series.How I Met Your Mother
13th Jan 13 10:25:45City On The Water
13th Jan 13 10:03:35Website.Reddit
6th Jan 13 01:46:52Emergency Transformation
6th Jan 13 01:02:42Dead Horse Trope
24th Dec 12 04:40:37Series.Merlin
18th Dec 12 10:34:56HIMYM.Tropes Season Eight
15th Dec 12 04:06:28Series.Merlin
12th Dec 12 09:29:54Zero Percent Approval Rating
10th Dec 12 04:13:36Curb Stomp Battle.Fan Fic
10th Dec 12 04:13:00Curb Stomp Battle.Fan Fic
19th Nov 12 11:21:18Firing One Handed
15th Nov 12 04:25:14Funny.Grimm
15th Nov 12 03:15:20Acceptable Ethnic Targets
15th Nov 12 01:22:26Tear Jerker.Olympic Games
2nd Nov 12 05:11:37Bigger On The Inside
2nd Nov 12 05:10:05Bigger On The Inside
2nd Nov 12 04:59:20Warp Zone
2nd Nov 12 04:42:50Just Before The End
30th Oct 12 09:11:56Video Game.Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri
21st Oct 12 07:45:38Characters.Minecraft
18th Oct 12 03:30:18Cluster F Bomb
18th Oct 12 02:17:35Tranquil Fury
18th Oct 12 01:44:52Series.Suburgatory
18th Oct 12 01:43:32Series.Suburgatory
21st Sep 12 06:05:41Funny.Zombies Run
14th Sep 12 11:51:14Characters.Zombies Run
14th Sep 12 11:37:48Android Games
14th Sep 12 11:31:59Video Game.Zombies Run
29th Aug 12 03:07:12We Will Have Perfect Health In The Future
15th Aug 12 06:12:06The Strength Of Ten Men
15th Aug 12 06:08:25Super Strength
15th Aug 12 06:04:58Flight Strength Heart
30th Jul 12 05:54:38Heinz Hybrid
30th Jul 12 05:53:57Heinz Hybrid
30th Jul 12 04:44:47Nerves Of Steel
10th Jul 12 12:06:57Assassin Outclassin
9th Jul 12 03:12:14Series.Continuum
9th Jul 12 03:11:47Series.Continuum
25th Jun 12 07:17:39Chocolate Baby
25th Jun 12 06:54:54Series.My Name Is Earl
21st Jun 12 01:51:05Must Have Caffeine
18th May 12 07:28:22Downer Ending.Music
18th May 12 07:00:14Downer Ending.Live Action TV
8th May 12 11:29:43Absurdly Cool City
30th Apr 12 03:14:10Webcomic.Looking For Group
29th Apr 12 06:33:57Badass Normal.Web Original
24th Apr 12 12:36:15Sapient Ship
24th Apr 12 02:23:49Useful Notes.Hungary
16th Mar 12 05:15:11Character Gush.Live Action TV
16th Mar 12 04:11:26Sugar Wiki.Most Wonderful Sound
13th Mar 12 12:17:21Series.Once Upon A Time
8th Mar 12 01:20:53Too Dumb To Live.Literature
3rd Mar 12 02:52:16WMG.Grimm
3rd Mar 12 12:50:23Literature.A Song Of Ice And Fire Tropes A To I
26th Feb 12 02:38:30Equal Opportunity Offender
26th Feb 12 02:38:06Equal Opportunity Offender
26th Feb 12 02:37:48Equal Opportunity Offender
25th Feb 12 10:50:25Start Of Darkness
21st Feb 12 04:25:23WMG.A Song Of Ice And Fire
26th Jan 12 01:14:05Cool Sword
24th Jan 12 12:45:38Really Seven Hundred Years Old
18th Jan 12 12:01:51Dating What Daddy Hates
5th Jan 12 04:07:36Dream Spying
5th Jan 12 03:26:17Technicolor Eyes
2nd Jan 12 04:34:49Pay Evil Unto Evil
1st Jan 12 10:48:01Japanese Christian
18th Dec 11 04:48:13Sword And Sorcerer
9th Dec 11 12:54:08European Union
9th Dec 11 12:13:06Uncoffee
9th Dec 11 09:44:37Horror Webcomics
6th Dec 11 12:43:04Quick Sandbox
5th Dec 11 10:41:48How I Met Your Mother
2nd Dec 11 12:45:19Useful Notes.Encryption
21st Nov 11 01:20:50Series.Grimm
21st Nov 11 01:20:21Series.Grimm
21st Nov 11 01:20:03Series.Grimm
9th Nov 11 02:44:56Hybrid Monster
8th Nov 11 12:45:51Series.House
8th Nov 11 12:40:36Series.House
7th Nov 11 11:52:08Series.Once Upon A Time
7th Nov 11 11:50:35Series.Once Upon A Time
7th Nov 11 11:42:48Series.Once Upon A Time
5th Nov 11 01:36:39Identical Stranger
5th Nov 11 01:36:19Identical Stranger
5th Nov 11 01:36:00Identical Stranger
2nd Nov 11 03:10:07WMG.Stargate SG- 1
26th Oct 11 11:51:27Big Labyrinthine Building
26th Oct 11 11:43:02Stepford Suburbia
17th Oct 11 03:09:53Bigger On The Inside
17th Oct 11 12:23:49Mohs.Science In Genre Only
15th Oct 11 09:25:47You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry
15th Oct 11 08:16:40Famed In Story
15th Oct 11 06:51:34WMG.Sorting Algorithm Of Mortality
15th Oct 11 06:06:57Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness.Live Action TV
15th Oct 11 06:05:47Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness.Live Action TV
15th Oct 11 05:47:28Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness.Literature
2nd Oct 11 03:00:47Variant Chess
1st Oct 11 12:58:41Cool Starship
1st Oct 11 11:08:52My Rule Fu Is Stronger Than Yours
1st Oct 11 10:08:02Wise Beyond Their Years
1st Oct 11 09:37:10Hot Scientist
1st Oct 11 09:35:58Hot Scientist
1st Oct 11 09:34:39Hot Scientist
1st Oct 11 06:30:24Cry For The Devil
1st Oct 11 06:29:01Cry For The Devil
1st Oct 11 02:17:26Dying Moment Of Awesome
1st Oct 11 01:56:51Denied Food As Punishment
30th Sep 11 12:22:37People's Republic Of Tyranny
30th Sep 11 12:17:57Color Coded Patrician
30th Sep 11 11:58:40Modest Royalty
30th Sep 11 11:56:26Modest Royalty
30th Sep 11 11:29:03Tragic Villain
30th Sep 11 11:26:53Tragic Villain
25th Sep 11 04:04:55Canis Major
25th Sep 11 11:39:17The Battlestar
20th Sep 11 02:24:22WMG.How I Met Your Mother
20th Sep 11 02:08:08WMG.How I Met Your Mother
18th Sep 11 01:07:45Series.Stargate Universe
18th Sep 11 12:44:17Starship Luxurious
18th Sep 11 11:42:28Super Weight

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