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23rd Jun 16 02:17:37YMMV.Fire Emblem Fates
23rd Jun 16 06:07:48YMMV.Fire Emblem Fates
1st Jun 16 02:21:26They Just Didnt Care
8th May 16 02:28:44Characters.How To Train Your Dragon Films Hooligan Tribe
2nd May 16 06:18:17Undertale.Tropes Q To Z
28th Apr 16 06:03:32Undertale.Tropes A To G
24th Apr 16 02:17:49Shoot The Hostage Taker
24th Apr 16 02:00:46Shout Out.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
22nd Apr 16 03:22:24Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure.P To Z
19th Apr 16 04:35:12YMMV.No Game No Life
19th Apr 16 04:24:41YMMV.No Game No Life
4th Apr 16 02:49:29YMMV.Avengers Assemble
19th Feb 16 02:25:49Characters.Final Fantasy X Heroes
6th Feb 16 07:18:16Video Game.Phantasy Star I
31st Jan 16 08:25:07YMMV.Pokemon X And Y
25th Jan 16 07:47:40YMMV.Smogon
14th Nov 15 02:48:44Unintentionally Unsympathetic
19th Oct 15 08:39:15Anime.Saint Seiya Legend Of Sanctuary
6th Oct 15 08:36:37YMMV.Daikatana
4th Oct 15 01:23:37Characters.Valkyrie Profile
2nd Oct 15 03:06:14Video Game.Castlevania Curse Of Darkness
27th Sep 15 10:58:44Humans Are The Real Monsters
27th Sep 15 01:31:06Video Game.Daikatana
25th Sep 15 11:44:24Lets Play.Daikatana
17th Jun 15 04:36:52Video Game.Kingdom Hearts III
23rd Apr 15 12:53:34Western Animation.The Real Ghostbusters
23rd Apr 15 11:53:06Western Animation.The Real Ghostbusters
23rd Apr 15 03:34:27Fleeting Demographic
23rd Apr 15 03:32:39Fleeting Demographic
15th Apr 15 05:11:57YMMV.The Nightly Show
15th Apr 15 05:06:51YMMV.The Nightly Show
12th Apr 15 10:48:56Screw The Rules Im Doing Whats Right.Video Games
8th Apr 15 06:43:51Video Game.Quest For Glory I
2nd Apr 15 03:09:17Vampire Refugee
29th Mar 15 09:57:29YMMV.Discworld
28th Mar 15 04:18:18Characters.Assassination Classroom Class 3 E
28th Mar 15 04:05:18Characters.Assassination Classroom Class 3 E
28th Mar 15 04:04:02YMMV.Assassination Classroom
23rd Mar 15 02:54:16Funny.Jingo
23rd Mar 15 02:49:41Awesome.Jingo
16th Mar 15 05:57:28Characters.Discworld Others
13th Mar 15 04:10:05Tear Jerker.Discworld
9th Mar 15 09:14:46Horny Vikings
9th Mar 15 09:11:56YMMV.Heidi Girl Of The Alps
9th Mar 15 09:10:51YMMV.Maya The Bee
4th Mar 15 04:42:36Video Game.Makai Toshi Sa Ga
2nd Mar 15 08:13:56Production Foreshadowing
20th Feb 15 07:24:03Futile Hand Reach
19th Feb 15 03:49:17Discworld.A Hat Full Of Sky
18th Feb 15 06:37:52YMMV.No Game No Life
18th Feb 15 04:39:16Jigsaw Puzzle Plot
18th Feb 15 03:49:33Smashing Watermelons
16th Feb 15 07:48:08Manga.Hunter X Hunter
15th Feb 15 08:07:30Manga.Hunter X Hunter
15th Feb 15 08:04:53Characters.Hunter X Hunter Other Characters
15th Feb 15 04:10:19No Saving Throw
12th Feb 15 12:46:32YMMV.Hunter X Hunter
8th Feb 15 01:44:59YMMV.Going Postal
8th Feb 15 01:26:20YMMV.Going Postal
8th Feb 15 01:23:36YMMV.Going Postal
6th Feb 15 07:47:50Video Game.Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
6th Feb 15 07:42:04Video Game.Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
19th Nov 14 05:23:30YMMV.Sonic Boom
6th Nov 14 07:13:36YMMV.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
15th Oct 14 03:34:50Video Game.Kingdom Hearts II
15th Oct 14 03:30:32Idiosyncratic Episode Naming
9th Oct 14 01:49:36YMMV.Aldnoah Zero
7th Sep 14 04:01:00Discworld.Jingo
7th Sep 14 03:42:55Discworld.Jingo
17th Aug 14 06:27:19Anime.Dragonball KAI
4th Aug 14 05:18:22A Protagonist Is Ryu
1st Aug 14 03:04:16Popcultural Osmosis
1st Aug 14 03:01:43Puella Magi Madoka Magica.Tropes N To S
30th Jul 14 03:57:05YMMV.Swordof Truth
28th Jul 14 02:28:06YMMV.Chrono Cross
22nd Jul 14 09:13:15Anime.Dragonball KAI
11th Apr 14 08:43:34Awesome.Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald
11th Apr 14 08:42:56Heartwarming.Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald
8th Apr 14 06:33:03Heartwarming.Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald
8th Apr 14 06:32:52Funny.Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald
8th Apr 14 06:30:22Funny.Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald
31st Mar 14 10:59:48Video Game.Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney
31st Mar 14 10:58:41YMMV.Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney
26th Jan 14 09:17:38Manga.Kaiji
24th Jan 14 06:55:58Anime.Samurai Flamenco
23rd Jan 14 12:59:52Anime.Samurai Flamenco
27th Dec 13 04:25:41Anime.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
24th Dec 13 04:21:20Anime.Samurai Flamenco
10th Dec 13 07:36:40Videogame.The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
1st Dec 13 05:45:08YMMV.Raising Steam
1st Dec 13 05:44:49YMMV.Raising Steam
29th Nov 13 04:13:29Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
16th Nov 13 07:07:39Awesome.The Legend Of Korra
6th Nov 13 05:14:35YMMV.Sonic Lost World
1st Nov 13 07:09:35Gratuitous German
14th Oct 13 09:43:15Characters.Pokemon Villain Teams
16th Sep 13 02:34:34Manga.Girl Friends
1st Sep 13 07:26:07Video Game.Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
29th Aug 13 04:19:20Video Game.Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
24th Aug 13 08:24:46Video Game.Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
2nd Aug 13 01:02:39Awesome.The Fifth Elephant
2nd Aug 13 01:01:51Awesome.The Fifth Elephant
31st Jul 13 02:41:49YMMV.Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
26th Jul 13 12:48:04Fandom Specific Plot.Ranma One Half
12th Jul 13 03:42:56WMG.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
12th Jul 13 02:52:03Video Game.Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
11th Jun 13 03:48:51Video Game.Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
11th Jun 13 03:32:52Video Game.Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
11th Jun 13 03:26:54Video Game.Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
31st Mar 13 01:23:40Lucky Charms Title
15th Jan 13 05:12:05WMG.Pokemon X And Y
15th Jan 13 05:08:19WMG.Pokemon X And Y
11th Jan 13 08:44:16Diagonal Cut
28th Dec 12 11:36:58Characters.Rosenkreuzstilette
13th Nov 12 10:51:32Cast Full Of Gay
29th Oct 12 12:36:34Series.Power Rangers Megaforce
17th Oct 12 05:11:34YMMV.Sword Of Truth
17th Oct 12 04:23:02YMMV.Sword Of Truth
16th Oct 12 05:29:43YMMV.Pokemon Black 2 And White 2
9th Oct 12 04:55:23Harpo Does Something Funny
28th Sep 12 05:25:59Pummel Duel
28th Sep 12 05:42:03Playing With.Tautological Templar
17th Sep 12 02:50:37YMMV.The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
11th Sep 12 11:21:53Video Game.Fatal Frame
11th Sep 12 11:19:36Videogame.Spirit Camera The Cursed Memoir
9th Sep 12 01:43:06YMMV.Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time
3rd Sep 12 04:48:54Reality Is Unrealistic
3rd Sep 12 07:35:51I Am The Noun
3rd Sep 12 06:42:48Trivia.Event Horizon
2nd Sep 12 03:09:12YMMV.Bruno
2nd Sep 12 11:23:56Advantage Ball
31st Aug 12 03:25:21Manga.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
24th Aug 12 11:38:09Awesome.Not Always Right
21st Aug 12 12:03:12Cut And Paste Translation
20th Aug 12 06:50:46Radar.Animal Crossing
19th Aug 12 01:38:22Vapor Wear
18th Aug 12 08:38:50Funny.Sword Of Truth
16th Aug 12 04:00:53Anime.Saint October
16th Aug 12 03:34:49Anime.Saint October
16th Aug 12 02:59:22Anime.Saint October
16th Aug 12 02:17:35Anime.Saint October
16th Aug 12 02:00:19Anime.Saint October
16th Aug 12 01:38:03Self Parody
16th Aug 12 01:34:34Anime.Saint October
16th Aug 12 11:32:11Anime.Saint October
15th Aug 12 03:18:58Anime.Saint October
26th Jul 12 02:46:42Light Novel.Hidan No Aria
25th Jun 12 02:33:27Characters.Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke O
22nd Feb 12 01:29:44Videogame.Sonic Generations
22nd Feb 12 01:16:08YMMV.Sonic Generations
22nd Feb 12 01:14:40YMMV.Sonic Generations
8th Feb 12 11:43:33YMMV.Getter Robo
17th Dec 11 06:40:37Secret Of Mana
7th Dec 11 07:18:20Artistic License Law
7th Dec 11 03:32:22YMMV.Naruto
6th Dec 11 10:28:31Blind Idiot Translation
6th Dec 11 07:08:16Memes.Video Games
28th Nov 11 04:16:14YMMV.Ben Drowned
27th Nov 11 12:58:16Characters.Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo
17th Nov 11 11:26:48Video Game.Pokemon Black And White
17th Nov 11 10:53:28Video Game.Pokemon Black And White
17th Nov 11 10:50:41Video Game.Pokemon Black And White
9th Nov 11 06:25:02Video Game.Sonic Generations
4th Nov 11 11:50:53Contra
6th Oct 11 10:09:15Xenogears