Gaston 1991's Recent Edits

23rd Sep 15 02:29:00YMMV.Prison School
21st Aug 15 04:57:02Series.The Jeffersons
26th Jul 15 03:00:48Heartwarming.High School DXD
25th Dec 14 04:49:18Flanderization.Comic Books
30th Nov 14 05:27:41Small Reference Pools.Real Life
20th Jul 14 05:51:38YMMV.Revolutionary Girl Utena
3rd Jul 14 05:17:52YMMV.Revolutionary Girl Utena
28th Apr 14 02:40:38Useful Notes.Canadian Provinces And Territories
15th Mar 14 06:28:18Character Gush.Anime And Manga
10th Mar 14 01:49:36Jerkass.Anime
3rd Mar 14 05:19:17Comic Book.Gaston Lagaffe
9th Feb 14 06:38:32Characters.Revolutionary Girl Utena
30th Jan 14 04:26:21Fanfic Recs.Revolutionary Girl Utena
30th Jan 14 04:23:09Fanfic Recs.Revolutionary Girl Utena
22nd Jan 14 09:06:29Comic Book.Gaston Lagaffe
16th Jan 14 02:32:15Jerkass Woobie.Anime And Manga
11th Jan 14 04:43:37YMMV.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
26th Dec 13 02:31:07YMMV.El Hazard The Magnificent World
14th Nov 13 07:00:48French Films
14th Jul 13 01:34:01Courage The Cowardly Dog.Tropes A To M
14th Jul 13 01:33:25Courage The Cowardly Dog.Tropes A To M
4th Jul 13 06:05:32Small Reference Pools.Real Life
27th May 13 02:07:42Awesome.Pretty Sammy
23rd May 13 04:28:21Comic Book.Spirou And Fantasio
21st May 13 06:10:17Triumphant Example.E
21st May 13 06:08:47Triumphant Example.V To X
21st May 13 05:57:10Triumphant Example.T
21st May 13 05:56:15Triumphant Example.T
13th Apr 13 09:55:07Characters.Rebuild Of Evangelion
20th Mar 13 04:30:42Clean Dub Name
18th Mar 13 04:51:04Literature.A Little Princess
7th Mar 13 04:27:44Literature.Don Quixote
3rd Mar 13 12:51:30Awesome.Spongebob Squarepants
8th Feb 13 05:56:28YMMV.Neon Genesis Evangelion
3rd Feb 13 06:09:28Johan And Peewit
7th Jan 13 05:04:05Characters.All Dogs Go To Heaven
31st Dec 12 03:01:14Deceased Parents Are The Best
16th Dec 12 07:14:57Adaptational Heroism
7th Dec 12 05:50:02Intimidating Revenue Service
6th Nov 12 01:34:31YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
6th Nov 12 01:32:59Characters.Tenchi Muyo
5th Nov 12 02:37:23Jerkass.Anime
6th Oct 12 05:30:28Gaston Lagaffe
6th Oct 12 05:26:25YMMV.Gaston Lagaffe
6th Oct 12 05:25:56Gaston Lagaffe
30th Aug 12 05:30:47Manga.Shinji Ikari Raising Project
5th Aug 12 04:32:04Characters.Lucky Luke
25th Jul 12 04:21:41Sleepyhead
11th Jul 12 04:52:35YMMV.Sponge Bob Square Pants
11th Jul 12 04:51:50Western Animation.Sponge Bob Square Pants
4th Jul 12 03:08:16Gaston Lagaffe
2nd Jul 12 02:54:38Heartwarming.Spongebob Squarepants
25th Jun 12 10:01:48Tropers.Gaston 1991
23rd Jun 12 12:52:26Literature.Les Miserables
16th Jun 12 03:44:56Marry Them All
3rd Jun 12 07:09:19Trivia.Sponge Bob Square Pants
3rd Jun 12 07:08:34YMMV.Sponge Bob Square Pants
1st Jun 12 02:23:02Characters.Tenchi Muyo
29th May 12 06:36:34Les Guignols De L Info
29th May 12 06:03:07Anime.El Hazard The Magnificent World
29th May 12 05:07:47Tropers.Gaston 1991
20th May 12 01:53:23Les Guignols De L Info
8th May 12 10:04:37Les Guignols De L Info
6th May 12 12:09:28Meddlesome Patrolman
6th May 12 08:40:13YMMV.Les Guignols De L Info
23rd Apr 12 01:18:47Kotono Mitsuishi
16th Apr 12 05:56:00Tropers.Gaston 1991
16th Apr 12 05:55:09Tropers.Gaston 1991
14th Apr 12 01:33:16Tomoko Ishimura
14th Apr 12 02:53:06Token Yuri Girls
13th Apr 12 12:51:01Anime.El Hazard The Magnificent World
8th Apr 12 06:39:44Unintentionally Unsympathetic
3rd Apr 12 02:14:34Doesnt Like Guns
1st Apr 12 04:46:50YMMV.Sponge Bob Square Pants
31st Mar 12 10:31:06Characters.Tenchi Muyo
31st Mar 12 07:24:53Adaptational Villainy
28th Mar 12 07:05:25Characters.Sora No Otoshimono
28th Mar 12 01:54:45Manga.Urusei Yatsura
24th Mar 12 09:46:42Manga.Urusei Yatsura
22nd Mar 12 12:59:42Derailing Love Interests
18th Mar 12 12:58:04Tropers.Gaston 1991
11th Mar 12 05:07:12The Ghost
11th Mar 12 05:06:48The Ghost
11th Mar 12 03:39:52Unintentionally Unsympathetic
10th Mar 12 04:31:20Anime.El Hazard The Magnificent World
10th Mar 12 04:29:45Joker Immunity
9th Mar 12 05:52:02Anime.Isekai No Seikishi Monogatari
6th Mar 12 03:33:58YMMV.Sponge Bob Square Pants
1st Mar 12 11:59:33Characters.Pretty Sammy
1st Mar 12 11:57:39Puppy Love
24th Feb 12 04:43:42John Kricfalusi
23rd Feb 12 12:30:35Word Of God
23rd Feb 12 12:25:12Characters.Sekirei
22nd Feb 12 10:31:17Youngblood
21st Feb 12 03:56:25Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion
20th Feb 12 12:49:03YMMV.Urusei Yatsura
20th Feb 12 12:48:13Manga.Urusei Yatsura
20th Feb 12 05:30:26Characters.Tintin
20th Feb 12 05:30:01Characters.Tintin
20th Feb 12 04:34:45Plucky Comic Relief
19th Feb 12 01:45:54YMMV.Les Guignols De L Info
19th Feb 12 09:06:22Tintin
19th Feb 12 09:02:05Characters.Tintin
19th Feb 12 08:58:05Tropers.Gaston 1991
18th Feb 12 11:08:39Film.Watchmen
18th Feb 12 11:07:37YMMV.Watchmen
18th Feb 12 11:06:19Film.Watchmen
18th Feb 12 10:28:22Ephebophile
16th Feb 12 03:59:21Manga.Shinji Ikari Raising Project
15th Feb 12 11:56:35Gadgeteer Genius
15th Feb 12 08:01:14Characters.Sponge Bob Square Pants
14th Feb 12 01:47:31Unintentionally Sympathetic
11th Feb 12 05:12:45YMMV.Sponge Bob Square Pants
9th Feb 12 05:08:38Manga.Shinji Ikari Raising Project
9th Feb 12 04:36:12Manga.Shinji Ikari Raising Project
9th Feb 12 04:34:32Manga.Shinji Ikari Raising Project
9th Feb 12 04:26:22YMMV.Shinji Ikari Raising Project
9th Feb 12 04:25:34Manga.Shinji Ikari Raising Project
8th Feb 12 12:08:56Meddlesome Patrolman
6th Feb 12 11:59:12Jerkass.Anime
5th Feb 12 08:53:27Dethroning Moment.Sponge Bob Squarepants
28th Jan 12 02:32:02YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
28th Jan 12 02:31:09Characters.Tenchi Muyo
28th Jan 12 02:23:09YMMV.Neon Genesis Evangelion
28th Jan 12 03:39:27How The Grinch Stole Christmas
25th Jan 12 11:10:11Achille Talon
25th Jan 12 10:59:52Achille Talon
25th Jan 12 10:56:02Achille Talon
25th Jan 12 08:18:12Freddie As FRO 7
22nd Jan 12 01:42:08Characters.Sponge Bob Square Pants
18th Jan 12 08:49:13Gaston Lagaffe
15th Jan 12 06:36:10Anime.Parallel Trouble Adventure Dual
14th Jan 12 01:42:31YMMV.Gaston Lagaffe
14th Jan 12 01:42:10Gaston Lagaffe
14th Jan 12 02:00:45Manga.I Dream Of Mimi
13th Jan 12 04:49:37Tropers.Gaston 1991
11th Jan 12 07:23:16Characters.Tenchi Muyo
11th Jan 12 07:20:56Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion
11th Jan 12 07:14:54Anime.Photon
11th Jan 12 07:12:52YMMV.Photon
11th Jan 12 07:12:39Anime.Photon
9th Jan 12 01:56:49Anime.El Hazard The Magnificent World
5th Jan 12 04:15:27Dethroning Moment.Anime And Manga
5th Jan 12 04:15:03Dethroning Moment.Anime And Manga
5th Jan 12 04:14:16Dethroning Moment.Anime And Manga
31st Dec 11 04:31:01Adaptational Villainy
31st Dec 11 04:30:40Adaptational Villainy
25th Dec 11 04:54:11Characters.Pretty Sammy
25th Dec 11 04:53:14Characters.Aladdin
25th Dec 11 02:50:59Fanfic Recs.Neon Genesis Evangelion
24th Dec 11 11:00:01Tropers.Gaston 1991
24th Dec 11 04:37:18YMMV.HMS Pinafore
24th Dec 11 04:37:03Theatre.HMS Pinafore
17th Dec 11 05:37:26Film.Howard The Duck
17th Dec 11 03:40:06Anime.El Hazard The Magnificent World
12th Dec 11 06:30:21Anime.El Hazard The Magnificent World
12th Dec 11 06:29:39YMMV.El Hazard The Magnificent World
12th Dec 11 06:29:25Anime.El Hazard The Magnificent World
11th Dec 11 04:38:41Internet Backdraft.Anime And Manga
11th Dec 11 09:36:33Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist
7th Dec 11 10:41:43Les Innommables
7th Dec 11 05:46:45Manga.MW
2nd Dec 11 06:27:59Grossout Show
30th Nov 11 09:52:14Unintentionally Sympathetic
30th Nov 11 05:39:01YMMV.Smallville
29th Nov 11 12:51:14Character Title
27th Nov 11 01:11:32Tropers.Gaston 1991
24th Nov 11 01:44:08Felix The Cat The Movie
23rd Nov 11 12:54:14Anime.Tenchi In Tokyo
23rd Nov 11 12:53:49YMMV.Tenchi In Tokyo
23rd Nov 11 12:52:12YMMV.Tenchi Universe
23rd Nov 11 12:48:28Tropers.Gaston 1991
23rd Nov 11 04:51:28Felix The Cat The Movie
20th Nov 11 08:19:46YMMV.Sekirei
20th Nov 11 08:18:10Characters.Sekirei
18th Nov 11 05:15:41Kotono Mitsuishi
18th Nov 11 05:15:01Manga.I Dream Of Mimi
18th Nov 11 07:11:54Gaston Lagaffe
18th Nov 11 07:09:23YMMV.Spirou And Fantasio
18th Nov 11 07:09:08YMMV.Spirou And Fantasio
18th Nov 11 07:08:52Spirou And Fantasio
17th Nov 11 07:31:15Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion
17th Nov 11 05:50:41Characters.Sponge Bob Square Pants
15th Nov 11 03:34:01Designated Villain
15th Nov 11 03:31:17YMMV.Sponge Bob Square Pants
15th Nov 11 03:29:20YMMV.Sponge Bob Square Pants
14th Nov 11 08:25:36Anime.Petit Eva
13th Nov 11 09:53:29Cranky Neighbor
12th Nov 11 03:04:46Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk
9th Nov 11 04:01:23YMMV.Les Guignols De L Info
8th Nov 11 01:11:54Only Sane Man.Anime And Manga
8th Nov 11 09:51:24Characters.All Dogs Go To Heaven
7th Nov 11 02:00:15What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made On Drugs?
6th Nov 11 01:22:57Les Innommables
6th Nov 11 01:12:07Manga.Shinji Ikari Raising Project
3rd Nov 11 07:12:53Characters.Sekirei
2nd Nov 11 05:16:38Characters.Tenchi Muyo
2nd Nov 11 05:14:33YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
2nd Nov 11 05:13:52Characters.Tenchi Muyo
1st Nov 11 11:30:20Only Sane Man.Western Animation
30th Oct 11 11:52:41Manga.I Dream Of Mimi
28th Oct 11 06:31:45Dans Une Galaxie Pres De Chez Vous
28th Oct 11 06:31:27Dans Une Galaxie Pres De Chez Vous
27th Oct 11 04:50:44YMMV.Sponge Bob Square Pants
24th Oct 11 04:26:55YMMV.Looney Tunes
24th Oct 11 11:52:28The Dinner Game
24th Oct 11 11:52:27The Dinner Game
23rd Oct 11 01:33:55El Hazard The Magnificent World
23rd Oct 11 04:31:57Characters.Tenchi Muyo
23rd Oct 11 04:31:32Characters.Tenchi Muyo
23rd Oct 11 02:48:53YMMV.Les Guignols De L Info
23rd Oct 11 02:45:05Les Guignols De L Info
22nd Oct 11 01:30:46Tropers.Gaston 1991
22nd Oct 11 01:11:00Tropers.Gaston 1991
22nd Oct 11 01:03:45Tropers.Gaston 1991
22nd Oct 11 12:58:48Characters.Tenchi Muyo
22nd Oct 11 12:35:59Characters.Tenchi Muyo
21st Oct 11 07:07:19Too Dumb To Live
19th Oct 11 09:34:53Tenchi Universe
19th Oct 11 09:34:13YMMV.Tenchi Universe
19th Oct 11 09:33:59Tenchi Universe
19th Oct 11 09:33:24Tenchi Universe
18th Oct 11 03:44:12
18th Oct 11 03:43:53
17th Oct 11 11:29:16YMMV.Ralph Bakshi
17th Oct 11 11:29:08Ralph Bakshi
17th Oct 11 01:48:14Characters.Tenchi Muyo
16th Oct 11 02:49:56Characters.Sekirei
16th Oct 11 01:57:12YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
16th Oct 11 05:16:45Gaston Lagaffe
16th Oct 11 05:14:50Gaston Lagaffe
16th Oct 11 05:04:24
16th Oct 11 05:03:54
16th Oct 11 05:01:01Characters.Aladdin
16th Oct 11 04:58:32Characters.Tenchi Muyo
16th Oct 11 04:34:14YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
16th Oct 11 04:29:32YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
16th Oct 11 04:28:54YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
16th Oct 11 04:23:31Unintentionally Unsympathetic
16th Oct 11 02:39:14YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
16th Oct 11 02:36:04Gaston Lagaffe
15th Oct 11 02:01:01
15th Oct 11 09:14:20YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
15th Oct 11 09:01:25YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
15th Oct 11 08:57:30Characters.Tenchi Muyo
15th Oct 11 06:41:25Small Reference Pools
15th Oct 11 04:06:21Les Guignols De L Info
14th Oct 11 01:48:16Les Guignols De L Info
9th Oct 11 04:24:38Go Karting With Bowser
8th Oct 11 03:41:41Les Guignols De L Info
7th Oct 11 06:53:28YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
7th Oct 11 06:53:05Tenchi Muyo
7th Oct 11 06:45:39Characters.Scrooge Mc Duck Universe
7th Oct 11 06:44:22YMMV.Scrooge Mc Duck Universe
7th Oct 11 06:36:33Characters.Scrooge Mc Duck Universe
7th Oct 11 06:35:58Characters.Scrooge Mc Duck Universe
7th Oct 11 06:00:29YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
7th Oct 11 05:59:19Characters.Tenchi Muyo
6th Oct 11 04:44:44Characters.Sekirei
6th Oct 11 04:40:33Characters.Sekirei
6th Oct 11 04:40:01Characters.Sekirei
6th Oct 11 04:38:55Characters.Sekirei
6th Oct 11 04:38:05Characters.Sekirei
6th Oct 11 04:35:14Characters.Sekirei
6th Oct 11 01:49:13Characters.Tenchi Muyo
6th Oct 11 01:42:30Characters.Tenchi Muyo
6th Oct 11 01:40:19Characters.Tenchi Muyo
6th Oct 11 07:55:48Characters.Tintin
4th Oct 11 05:56:41Les Guignols De L Info
4th Oct 11 05:55:36Les Guignols De L Info
4th Oct 11 05:51:49YMMV.Les Guignols De L Info
3rd Oct 11 04:51:50Tropers.Gaston 1991
3rd Oct 11 04:49:04Les Guignols De L Info
3rd Oct 11 07:42:13
2nd Oct 11 12:33:42
2nd Oct 11 12:33:08
2nd Oct 11 12:31:09
2nd Oct 11 12:15:55Les Guignols De L Info
29th Sep 11 08:17:50YMMV.Gaston Lagaffe
27th Sep 11 04:25:35Male Frontal Nudity
26th Sep 11 06:35:38Psycho For Hire
26th Sep 11 06:34:43Psycho For Hire
26th Sep 11 06:33:52Psycho For Hire
26th Sep 11 06:24:28Les Innommables
26th Sep 11 06:23:18YMMV.Les Innommables
26th Sep 11 06:23:07Les Innommables
24th Sep 11 12:47:43Characters.Tenchi Muyo
24th Sep 11 12:45:49Characters.Tenchi Muyo
24th Sep 11 12:45:21Characters.Tenchi Muyo
24th Sep 11 09:38:59
22nd Sep 11 09:52:05Jerkass.Others
22nd Sep 11 09:49:32Tropers.Gaston 1991
22nd Sep 11 09:49:10Tropers.Gaston 1991
22nd Sep 11 05:49:55
22nd Sep 11 05:46:54Les Guignols De L Info
20th Sep 11 02:36:13Nudity Tropes
19th Sep 11 02:09:57Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl
19th Sep 11 02:08:53Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl
17th Sep 11 04:43:24The Social Darwinist
17th Sep 11 04:43:02The Social Darwinist
15th Sep 11 04:34:54Urusei Yatsura
15th Sep 11 08:58:43Serge Gainsbourg
15th Sep 11 08:57:10Dirty Old Man
15th Sep 11 02:26:39YMMV.Pretty Sammy
15th Sep 11 02:26:00Characters.Pretty Sammy
15th Sep 11 02:25:18Characters.Pretty Sammy