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28th Jan 18 04:01:33Thieving Magpie
21st Jan 18 11:37:40Attractive Bent Gender
4th Jan 18 04:59:01Powerful Pick
4th Jan 18 01:26:24Funny.Lets Play
31st Dec 17 02:31:29Covert Group With Mundane Front
30th Dec 17 12:29:33Funny.Roahm Mythril
26th Dec 17 08:17:47Video Game.Town Of Salem
16th Dec 17 10:25:38Go Mad From The Revelation
18th Nov 17 08:58:07Just For Fun.Lousy Alternate Titles
16th Nov 17 01:41:34Cargo Envy
28th Sep 17 04:00:14Surprisingly Elite Cannon Fodder
17th Sep 17 04:28:27Video Game.Mass Effect 1
17th Sep 17 04:22:06Always A Bigger Fish
10th Sep 17 01:16:13Ram By Braking
30th Aug 17 07:43:42Accidental Tickle Torture
12th Aug 17 02:23:10Just For Fun.The Universal Genre Savvy Guide
11th Aug 17 06:03:08Epic Fail.Fanfiction
9th Aug 17 03:39:26Explosive Breeder
6th Aug 17 02:55:50Funny.Lets Play
6th Aug 17 02:53:48Funny.Lets Play
5th Aug 17 08:21:20Cornered Rattlesnake
5th Aug 17 01:40:52Eternal Engine
4th Aug 17 04:57:09Money Multiplier
24th Jul 17 04:10:36Ear Worm
23rd Jul 17 03:04:37The Xenophile
21st Jul 17 11:20:43Characters.Mass Effect Race Tropes Citadel Associate
21st Jul 17 11:15:52Voluntary Vassal
20th Jul 17 01:24:27New Job As The Plot Demands
19th Jul 17 10:05:00This Isnt Heaven
13th Jul 17 04:56:41Unwanted Harem
7th Jul 17 09:54:18Gimmick Level
6th Jul 17 10:30:42Incest Subtext
30th Jun 17 01:59:02Funny.Mario And Luigi Partners In Time
28th Jun 17 06:45:55Lost Orphaned Royalty
28th Jun 17 12:50:26Backup Bluff
26th Jun 17 09:34:12Featureless Protagonist
18th Jun 17 06:48:58Always A Bigger Fish
17th Jun 17 11:44:05Deal With The Devil.Tabletop Games
3rd Jun 17 04:58:43That One Rule
23rd May 17 08:43:50Marshmallow Hell
20th May 17 07:51:32Talking To Plants
11th May 17 07:33:59Fanfic Recs.Kantai Collection
11th May 17 07:33:04Fanfic Recs.Kantai Collection
7th May 17 04:41:49Land Of One City
27th Apr 17 09:52:21Dont Ask
17th Apr 17 04:47:37Video Game.Starbound
12th Apr 17 04:53:22Door Closes Ending
28th Mar 17 11:39:20Lethal Joke Character
17th Mar 17 07:55:14Mischief Making Monkey
13th Mar 17 03:40:17That Was The Last Entry
12th Mar 17 05:19:28Aquatic Mook
11th Mar 17 11:40:32Most Annoying Sound
11th Mar 17 04:05:52D Cup Distress
7th Mar 17 05:26:17Just For Fun.The Universal Genre Savvy Guide
7th Mar 17 01:07:26Gonna Need More X
2nd Mar 17 01:31:38Not Always Right.Sister Sites
13th Feb 17 06:26:29Just For Fun.The Universal Genre Savvy Guide
10th Feb 17 01:59:43Butt Dialing Mordor
8th Feb 17 07:23:19Free Wheel
13th Jan 17 04:21:49Phone In Detective
10th Jan 17 02:31:19Just For Fun.The Universal Genre Savvy Guide
7th Jan 17 07:49:20Funny.Mario Party TV
4th Jan 17 10:07:47The Bluebeard
19th Dec 16 09:08:06Literally Shattered Lives
19th Dec 16 09:02:38Literally Shattered Lives
18th Dec 16 05:12:59Advertised Extra
16th Dec 16 01:24:04Sanity Slippage.Web Original
15th Dec 16 02:32:50The Magic Poker Equation
9th Dec 16 08:09:43Just For Fun.The Universal Genre Savvy Guide
2nd Dec 16 03:17:05Just For Fun.Lousy Alternate Titles
22nd Nov 16 07:35:27Advancing Wall Of Doom
22nd Nov 16 02:26:57Fake High
21st Nov 16 10:14:43Just For Fun.The Universal Genre Savvy Guide
21st Nov 16 01:57:42Buy Them Off
16th Nov 16 08:19:41Female Flatfoot And Snarky Guy
15th Nov 16 03:54:52You Are In Command Now
5th Nov 16 03:07:01Rasputinian Death
4th Nov 16 03:30:58Detonation Moon
29th Oct 16 10:03:29Lets Play.Mario Party TV
29th Oct 16 01:06:36Worlds Strongest Man
25th Oct 16 05:08:41Funny.Mario Party TV
24th Oct 16 09:39:05Impact Silhouette
14th Oct 16 08:02:55Kill And Replace
1st Oct 16 04:38:37Monster Allies
21st Sep 16 03:05:36All Animals Are Dogs
19th Sep 16 01:01:08Unwinnable By Mistake.Card Games
19th Sep 16 12:59:30Unwinnable By Mistake.Tabletop Games
13th Sep 16 09:03:03Bulungi
12th Sep 16 01:48:50Teleporter Accident
26th Aug 16 12:03:56Mugging The Monster
18th Aug 16 11:44:16Death By Irony
13th Aug 16 03:26:33Gallows Humor
10th Aug 16 01:17:46Bomb Disposal
8th Aug 16 12:26:46Phlebotinum Muncher
6th Aug 16 03:44:33Obfuscating Disability
20th Jul 16 01:05:14WMG.Shantae
16th Jul 16 10:37:01Start X To Stop X
2nd Jul 16 06:47:01Characters.Mass Effect 2 Late Party Members
25th Jun 16 02:09:12Funny.Mass Effect 3
25th Jun 16 02:08:21Funny.Mass Effect 3
19th Jun 16 05:58:42Hair Trigger Explosive
6th Jun 16 10:18:25You Make Me Sic
2nd Jun 16 11:02:38Summon Magic
30th May 16 03:31:40You Have Failed Me
16th May 16 02:10:21The Cameo
8th May 16 02:15:18Torches And Pitchforks
2nd May 16 05:48:15Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
30th Apr 16 04:53:10Dream People
29th Apr 16 08:09:22Funny.Roahm Mythril
26th Apr 16 03:46:25Who Will Bell The Cat
18th Apr 16 07:37:03Developers Foresight
8th Apr 16 02:24:07Stone Wall
3rd Apr 16 07:45:04Iron Buttmonkey
25th Mar 16 09:50:24Not Always Right.Sister Sites
23rd Mar 16 11:06:36Funny.Roahm Mythril
23rd Mar 16 11:03:06Funny.Roahm Mythril
19th Mar 16 02:54:28Chekhovs Gunman.Video Games
13th Mar 16 06:53:24Generic Doomsday Villain
6th Mar 16 06:14:07Cassandra Truth
5th Mar 16 07:55:25Darth Wiki.Idiot Programming
3rd Mar 16 10:01:51Comeback Mechanic
25th Feb 16 12:47:39Awesome.Mass Effect 1
21st Feb 16 07:33:30Fake Platform
21st Feb 16 04:38:05First Blood
19th Feb 16 06:05:58Pretext For War
11th Feb 16 05:14:35Tier Induced Scrappy
1st Feb 16 02:57:53Streisand Effect
24th Jan 16 02:30:32Creepy Centipedes
23rd Jan 16 06:50:09Shark Fin Of Doom
22nd Jan 16 11:13:54Funny.Lets Play
19th Jan 16 12:13:48You Call That A Wound
14th Jan 16 10:50:17Video Game.The Sims 1
14th Jan 16 10:48:26Videogame.The Sims 2
14th Jan 16 10:44:55Dented Iron
9th Jan 16 04:44:37Just For Fun.Lousy Alternate Titles
4th Jan 16 06:19:17We Can Rebuild Him
30th Dec 15 02:14:29Schmuck Bait.New Media
30th Dec 15 04:16:03Cowardly Sidekick
20th Dec 15 03:44:34Funny.Roahm Mythril
12th Dec 15 03:37:59Xanatos Speed Chess
9th Dec 15 05:35:20Paranoia Gambit
9th Dec 15 04:57:24Bait And Switch
2nd Dec 15 04:46:02The Butler Did It
22nd Nov 15 11:19:35Funny.Roahm Mythril
21st Nov 15 08:24:57I Need A Freaking Drink
17th Nov 15 01:02:12Funny.Roahm Mythril
16th Nov 15 02:31:59Fake Balance
28th Oct 15 10:30:32Unwinnable By Insanity
28th Oct 15 10:26:15Unwinnable By Mistake.Pokemon
25th Sep 15 04:43:51Funny.Roahm Mythril
25th Sep 15 03:14:31My Eyes Are Up Here
24th Sep 15 06:36:01Always A Bigger Fish
20th Sep 15 04:47:12Reassigned To Antarctica
18th Sep 15 08:42:32I Need A Freaking Drink
18th Sep 15 08:41:10I Need A Freaking Drink
18th Sep 15 08:18:07I Need A Freaking Drink
17th Sep 15 04:43:04Wings Do Nothing
15th Sep 15 11:30:46Crowded Cast Shot
10th Sep 15 05:48:47Photoshop Filter Of Evil
30th Aug 15 05:13:47Death By Irony
29th Aug 15 10:33:47The Extremist Was Right
26th Aug 15 04:57:25Immortality Bisexuality
25th Aug 15 06:00:34Decoy Getaway
22nd Aug 15 08:31:59CIA Evil FBI Good
21st Aug 15 01:30:52Multi Armed And Dangerous
21st Aug 15 01:59:32Creepy Cute
11th Aug 15 05:06:09Kangaroos Represent Australia
5th Aug 15 10:26:36Video Game.Spelunky
2nd Aug 15 11:22:04Passing Notes In Class
18th Jul 15 01:05:09Teaching Through Accident
13th Jul 15 04:36:43Are You Sure You Want To Do That
13th Jul 15 12:25:08Machinima.Surviving Middle School A Bullying Story
10th Jul 15 09:50:22You Have Failed Me
6th Jul 15 09:36:58Emergency Stash
5th Jul 15 02:31:20Paranoia Gambit
5th Jul 15 02:30:16Paranoia Gambit
2nd Jul 15 02:13:20You Just Told Me
2nd Jul 15 02:09:15Not Always Right.Tropes U To Z
30th Jun 15 01:15:38Claustrophobia
24th Jun 15 08:36:21Caffeine
15th Jun 15 08:17:53Surreal Humor
5th Jun 15 04:35:57Inspirational Insult
19th May 15 04:08:05Characters.Megaman Classic Robot Masters
19th May 15 03:58:40Im Taking Her Home With Me
19th May 15 02:08:02Characters.Pokemon Generation I Tangela To Mew
19th May 15 01:57:17Grew Beyond Their Programming
18th May 15 12:59:55Genius Slob
16th May 15 04:49:51Drinking Game.TV Tropes Wiki
8th May 15 08:35:33Giant Spider
22nd Apr 15 09:33:20Manga.Acchi Kocchi
22nd Apr 15 09:27:28Chucking Chalk
22nd Apr 15 09:27:01Manga.Acchi Kocchi
22nd Apr 15 09:25:30Chucking Chalk
20th Apr 15 11:46:31Not Always Right.Tropes A To F
20th Apr 15 11:44:28Because Im Jonesy
29th Mar 15 05:03:52Whos On First
29th Mar 15 05:02:51Whos On First
29th Mar 15 05:01:47Whos On First
19th Mar 15 05:55:28Ironic Hell
17th Mar 15 02:56:32Hair Trigger Explosive
16th Mar 15 07:09:26Action Bomb
7th Mar 15 01:25:32Hair Trigger Explosive
17th Feb 15 04:18:21Funny.Roahm Mythril
15th Feb 15 11:48:43Video Game.Baldurs Gate
15th Feb 15 11:46:11Abandoned Mine
9th Feb 15 12:42:56Video Game.Mega Man Battle Network
9th Feb 15 12:41:16Video Game.Mega Man Battle Network
9th Feb 15 12:39:00Video Game.Mega Man Battle Network
3rd Feb 15 09:38:37Quotes.Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny
31st Jan 15 06:19:16Quotes.Batman Gambit
23rd Jan 15 02:50:05Vertical Kidnapping
20th Jan 15 02:18:09Quotes.Yandere
20th Jan 15 02:01:48Quotes.Yandere
20th Jan 15 02:01:12Quotes.Yandere
20th Jan 15 09:44:35Its XI Hate X
11th Jan 15 02:22:54Characters.Spelunky
11th Jan 15 02:17:45Tunnel King
8th Jan 15 12:06:12Website.Giant Bomb
8th Jan 15 12:05:56Website.Giant Bomb
7th Jan 15 08:05:37Background Boss
7th Jan 15 05:21:35Video Game.Tomb Raider II
7th Jan 15 05:20:39Plunger Detonator
4th Jan 15 03:55:43Batman Gambit.Tabletop Games
28th Dec 14 05:03:01Promotion To Parent
28th Dec 14 04:03:42Genki Girl
23rd Dec 14 03:00:23Video Game.Spyro The Dragon 1998
23rd Dec 14 02:50:14Video Game.Spyro The Dragon 1998
21st Dec 14 04:07:11Everyone Has Standards
19th Dec 14 03:24:49Creator.Yokoi Gunpei
18th Dec 14 08:50:18Kung Fu Proof Mook
18th Dec 14 08:47:40Video Game.Spyro The Dragon 1998
16th Dec 14 04:20:26Creator.Goichi Suda
16th Dec 14 04:20:13Creator.Goichi Suda
16th Dec 14 04:20:01Creator.Goichi Suda
16th Dec 14 04:19:54Creator.Goichi Suda
3rd Dec 14 02:56:51Ditto Fighter
28th Nov 14 03:28:34Darth Wiki.Ruined FOREVER
28th Nov 14 03:02:20Playstation Network
28th Nov 14 03:01:43Playstation Network
24th Nov 14 06:55:22The Glomp
21st Nov 14 04:12:44Poes Law
17th Nov 14 02:14:35That One Rule
13th Nov 14 11:56:15Meat O Vision
12th Nov 14 06:46:04Hard Coded Hostility
1st Nov 14 04:44:09Villainous Rescue
30th Oct 14 07:17:26Website.Not Always Right
30th Oct 14 07:14:47Unsettling Gender Reveal
30th Oct 14 02:32:40Conveniently Cellmates
29th Oct 14 12:39:41Bi The Way
28th Oct 14 11:42:40Marshmallow Dream
26th Oct 14 03:22:09The Mothership
20th Oct 14 02:14:01Random Encounters
20th Oct 14 01:30:18Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
20th Oct 14 01:29:45Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
15th Oct 14 09:56:05Deadly Walls
15th Oct 14 02:27:26Headscratchers.Games
9th Oct 14 07:51:25Videogame.The Sims 3
9th Oct 14 07:49:28Videogame.The Sims 3
7th Oct 14 11:53:52Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
1st Oct 14 09:58:19Power Of The Void
30th Sep 14 09:18:36Flock Of Wolves
24th Sep 14 07:27:24Racing Ghost
23rd Sep 14 10:08:44Low Culture High Tech
16th Sep 14 07:42:07Bragging Rights Reward
6th Sep 14 08:09:31Elevator Going Down
1st Sep 14 05:46:23Laborious Laziness
1st Sep 14 05:36:21Laborious Laziness
23rd Aug 14 02:34:56I Need A Freaking Drink
23rd Aug 14 02:32:29Not Always Right.Tropes G To L
23rd Aug 14 03:30:31Video Game.Spelunky
23rd Aug 14 03:29:10Video Game.Spelunky
23rd Aug 14 03:26:33Kung Fu Proof Mook
23rd Aug 14 03:20:31Invincible Minor Minion
22nd Aug 14 01:25:56Hug And Comment
19th Aug 14 01:22:29Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
19th Aug 14 01:21:54Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
14th Aug 14 12:57:54Awesome.Video Games
14th Aug 14 12:55:52Awesome.Baldurs Gate
11th Aug 14 09:46:45Concealment Equals Cover
9th Aug 14 05:28:00Hug And Comment
4th Aug 14 07:43:09Gravity Screw
3rd Aug 14 06:21:22Vomit Indiscretion Shot
31st Jul 14 05:07:36Always A Bigger Fish
31st Jul 14 05:02:51Villainous Rescue
20th Jul 14 04:52:47Human Hammer Throw
5th Jul 14 01:13:54Dressed In Layers
30th Jun 14 09:38:31Evil Is Not A Toy
21st Jun 14 04:41:46Just For Fun.Weirdest Inbound Link Of The Day
21st Jun 14 04:40:25Just For Fun.Weirdest Inbound Link Of The Day
21st Jun 14 04:39:15Just For Fun.Weirdest Inbound Link Of The Day
16th Jun 14 09:33:59Stealth Run
10th Jun 14 06:27:37Required Secondary Powers.Tabletop Game
5th Jun 14 09:53:51Artificial Stupidity.Beat Em Up
5th Jun 14 09:53:09Artificial Stupidity.Other Games
4th Jun 14 03:35:32Bottomless Bladder
30th May 14 12:30:44Just For Fun.The Universal Genre Savvy Guide
27th May 14 03:49:58Video Game.Taiko No Tatsujin
27th May 14 03:49:41Taiko No Tatsujin
24th May 14 04:48:51Combat And Support
19th May 14 10:44:01Video Game.Spelunky
19th May 14 10:37:06Hornet Hole
17th May 14 09:15:42Prickly Porcupine
15th May 14 03:23:01The Last Man Heard A Knock
15th May 14 02:25:48Just For Fun.The Universal Genre Savvy Guide
13th May 14 07:09:02Ear Worm
7th May 14 11:13:44Battle Theme Music
7th May 14 11:12:34Battle Theme Music
5th May 14 05:47:12Trivia.Spelunky
5th May 14 05:46:23Video Game.Spelunky
5th May 14 05:07:08The Spiny
5th May 14 05:03:17Kung Fu Proof Mook
5th May 14 04:53:01The Spiny
5th May 14 04:49:31Heavily Armored Mook
5th May 14 04:38:23Shield Bearing Mook
30th Apr 14 11:51:45Plasma Cannon
30th Apr 14 11:50:39Plasma Cannon
30th Apr 14 01:06:14Squashed Flat
28th Apr 14 07:53:03Groin Attack.Web Comics
27th Apr 14 07:28:02Art Attacker
25th Apr 14 04:43:54Funny.Roahm Mythril
14th Apr 14 09:16:26Video Game.Sonic Riders
11th Apr 14 04:13:15Half Breed Discrimination
9th Apr 14 06:11:36Just For Fun.The Universal Genre Savvy Guide
9th Apr 14 06:11:31Just For Fun.The Universal Genre Savvy Guide
4th Apr 14 03:39:44Administrivia.Images Without A Source
28th Mar 14 12:06:46Rasputinian Death
12th Mar 14 05:22:00Totalitarian Utilitarian
12th Mar 14 01:58:22Just One More Level
7th Mar 14 09:31:37Blessed Are The Cheesemakers
21st Feb 14 06:18:04Funny.Lets Play
18th Feb 14 09:31:53Funny.Roahm Mythril
5th Feb 14 10:39:49Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
23rd Jan 14 10:05:38Magic Missile Storm
22nd Jan 14 09:09:19Iron Buttmonkey
18th Jan 14 08:18:52Rank Inflation
16th Jan 14 11:26:00Total Party Kill
16th Jan 14 11:24:38Literature.Binder Of Shame
14th Jan 14 10:12:50Toxic Phlebotinum
12th Jan 14 08:31:48Video Game.The Sims 2
11th Jan 14 07:13:05Human Mail
4th Jan 14 03:15:45Darkest Hour
1st Jan 14 09:12:17Character Level
29th Dec 13 02:52:45Static Stun Gun
22nd Dec 13 01:22:32Video Game.Mega Man Battle Network
22nd Dec 13 01:17:55Funny.Roahm Mythril
22nd Dec 13 01:10:34Funny.Roahm Mythril
11th Dec 13 02:48:18White Mask Of Doom
10th Dec 13 11:26:58Rummage Fail
8th Dec 13 10:01:58Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
7th Dec 13 09:54:23Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
7th Dec 13 09:45:09Love Chart
5th Dec 13 02:58:46Lunatic Loophole
2nd Dec 13 06:19:59Bamboo Technology
29th Nov 13 09:35:00Rise To The Challenge
28th Nov 13 07:52:40Russian Roulette
27th Nov 13 11:03:51My Defense Need Not Protect Me Forever
24th Nov 13 12:03:11Enemy To All Living Things
22nd Nov 13 08:03:29Video Game.Icewind Dale
21st Nov 13 08:32:22Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
20th Nov 13 04:39:31Biting The Hand Humor
14th Nov 13 05:14:27Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
14th Nov 13 03:49:01Everyone Chasing You
14th Nov 13 02:02:10Funny.Baldurs Gate
14th Nov 13 01:31:59Comforting Comforter
12th Nov 13 11:08:50Dummied Out.Platform Games
12th Nov 13 11:19:23Characters.Baldurs Gate Friends
12th Nov 13 11:07:57Reliable Traitor
10th Nov 13 07:32:47Fridge.Humans Are Cthulhu
8th Nov 13 09:34:59Funny.Roahm Mythril
28th Oct 13 06:39:36Wormsign
23rd Oct 13 12:47:24Ax Crazy.Anime And Manga
21st Oct 13 09:10:06Just For Fun.Drinking Game
20th Oct 13 07:36:36Man Eating Plant
20th Oct 13 03:57:59Wham Episode.Video Games
10th Oct 13 10:38:06Evil Is Not A Toy
1st Oct 13 11:10:35Awesome.Lets Play
1st Oct 13 11:09:34Funny.Roahm Mythril
1st Oct 13 10:43:49Funny.Roahm Mythril
1st Oct 13 10:42:17Funny.Lets Play
18th Sep 13 06:02:38Website.Not Always Right
11th Sep 13 01:33:17Of Corpse Hes Alive
9th Sep 13 10:05:13Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
8th Sep 13 08:06:09Critical Existence Failure.Video Games
8th Sep 13 07:28:58Funny.Deceased Crab
7th Sep 13 12:21:54Characters.Persona 4 The Investigation Team
5th Sep 13 09:03:22Half The Man He Used To Be
3rd Sep 13 09:33:39Gargle Blaster.Web Comics
27th Aug 13 07:54:27Big Bulky Bomb
26th Aug 13 04:47:56Self Guarding Phlebotinum
26th Aug 13 04:45:48Sentient Cosmic Force
23rd Aug 13 12:07:59Series.The Cosby Show
22nd Aug 13 11:48:48Actually Pretty Funny
22nd Aug 13 03:42:25Hoist By His Own Petard.Professional Wrestling
13th Aug 13 04:43:34Video Game.Net Hack
13th Aug 13 01:17:06Forbidden Chekhovs Gun
12th Aug 13 03:40:13Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
11th Aug 13 01:55:00Post Final Boss
11th Aug 13 01:49:26Boss Bonanza
10th Aug 13 02:43:44Batman Gambit.Web Comics
4th Aug 13 06:57:20Macrogame