GG Crono's Recent Edits

19th Sep 17 03:27:05Video Game.Evony
19th Sep 17 08:04:17Portable Hole
19th Sep 17 08:04:07Portable Hole
18th Sep 17 12:55:05Film.Joes Apartment
16th Sep 17 08:16:13Tabletop Game.Smash Up
15th Sep 17 11:24:51Your Head A Splode
8th Sep 17 03:14:15Film.Logan Lucky
5th Sep 17 02:38:48Weaksauce Weakness
2nd Sep 17 05:06:49Stock Animal Diet
2nd Sep 17 05:02:55Stock Animal Diet
30th Aug 17 11:08:53Video Game.Wild Arms 3
30th Aug 17 07:51:15Awesomeness By Analysis
27th Aug 17 04:26:45This Loser Is You
24th Aug 17 10:03:40Creator.GK Chesterton
24th Aug 17 08:52:20Air Quotes
23rd Aug 17 07:46:57Useful Notes.Africa
23rd Aug 17 05:10:02Podcast.My Brother My Brother And Me
22nd Aug 17 08:11:34Web Video.Binging With Babish
18th Aug 17 03:31:52Video Game.Twenty XX
18th Aug 17 02:14:41Anime.Michiko To Hatchin
18th Aug 17 02:13:48Anime.Cowboy Bebop
18th Aug 17 07:30:59Video Game.West Of Loathing
6th Aug 17 11:09:31Always A Bigger Fish
5th Aug 17 05:32:51Web Video.Loading Ready Live
5th Aug 17 05:31:01Web Video.Loading Ready Live
4th Aug 17 09:40:42Music.Lemonade
4th Aug 17 09:18:43Amazing Freaking Grace
29th Jul 17 11:34:42Quotes.Quotes Looking For An Article
27th Jul 17 09:58:18Cluster Bleep Bomb
22nd Jul 17 09:17:02Podcast.Qwerpline
21st Jul 17 12:47:35Literature.The Polity
21st Jul 17 09:43:36Fat Cat
21st Jul 17 09:43:22Fat Cat
21st Jul 17 09:40:54Man Eating Plant
21st Jul 17 09:39:39Quotes.Painkiller
21st Jul 17 09:39:27Video Game.Painkiller
21st Jul 17 09:28:08Film.Ever After
21st Jul 17 09:27:52Film.Ever After
19th Jul 17 10:22:08Series.Game Of Thrones
17th Jul 17 10:48:29Literature.The Dresden Files
10th Jul 17 02:52:49Video Game.Shantae
5th Jul 17 05:50:30Creator.Peter Stormare
23rd Jun 17 08:50:46Webcomic.Out Of Placers
20th Jun 17 04:55:20Video Game.Sweet Home
18th Jun 17 05:53:20The Backwards R
16th Jun 17 08:20:46Quotes.Crazy Prepared
16th Jun 17 06:38:22Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 25 The Answer
16th Jun 17 06:37:18Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 25 The Answer
15th Jun 17 07:45:07Western Animation.Peace On Earth
15th Jun 17 07:44:14Western Animation.Happy Feet
14th Jun 17 12:12:02Quotes.Kung Foley
14th Jun 17 12:10:54Kung Foley
13th Jun 17 08:59:51Asexuality
13th Jun 17 08:48:56Webcomic.Widdershins
10th Jun 17 09:32:59Western Animation.Celebrity Deathmatch
7th Jun 17 09:18:34Numbers Stations
2nd Jun 17 02:47:33Leprechaun
1st Jun 17 07:29:05Useful Notes.Tutankhamun
31st May 17 03:45:11Characters.Homestar Runner
18th May 17 07:42:37Series.The Adventures Of Pete And Pete
18th May 17 07:35:11Quotes.TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life
18th May 17 07:32:21Creator.Christine Cavanaugh
16th May 17 04:06:40Video Game.Zero Wing
8th May 17 01:53:02Extreme Omni Goat
8th May 17 01:52:48Extreme Omni Goat
4th May 17 09:04:45Creator.WC Fields
4th May 17 09:02:07Western Animation.Three Two One Penguins
30th Apr 17 06:28:17Film.Aeon Flux
29th Apr 17 08:46:40Domino Mask
28th Apr 17 03:28:21Golem
27th Apr 17 08:23:14Power Metal
27th Apr 17 12:07:15Valley Girl
22nd Apr 17 07:05:31Manga.Basilisk
22nd Apr 17 07:05:09Manga.Basilisk
17th Apr 17 09:47:14Werebeast Tropes
15th Apr 17 07:18:10Manga.Bokurano
15th Apr 17 07:17:16Cybernetics Eat Your Soul
15th Apr 17 05:37:18Film.Zardoz
4th Apr 17 09:31:00Series.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
4th Apr 17 09:30:59Series.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
4th Apr 17 11:35:29Literature.Pippi Longstocking
2nd Apr 17 06:26:38Golem
1st Apr 17 12:09:52Literature.Hercule Poirot
31st Mar 17 08:09:59Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk
26th Mar 17 07:35:25Comic Book.OMAC
26th Mar 17 04:18:01Molotov Cocktail
26th Mar 17 04:17:38Molotov Cocktail
22nd Mar 17 11:54:31Cute And Psycho
22nd Mar 17 11:54:14Cute And Psycho
21st Mar 17 09:25:00Video Game.Punch Out
19th Mar 17 09:18:15Web Video.Stuart Ashen
17th Mar 17 02:23:49Machinima.Red Vs Blue
17th Mar 17 09:37:55Series.Gilligans Island
15th Mar 17 12:26:53Discworld.A Hat Full Of Sky
15th Mar 17 12:15:18Awesome.Thud
15th Mar 17 11:37:29New Neo City
13th Mar 17 10:12:38Web Video.Loading Ready Live
13th Mar 17 10:10:40YMMV.Qwerpline
13th Mar 17 10:10:25YMMV.Qwerpline
10th Mar 17 06:12:01To Serve Man
9th Mar 17 08:26:59Forever War
7th Mar 17 09:00:41Quotes.But For Me It Was Tuesday
5th Mar 17 02:41:59Wrestling.Bray Wyatt
22nd Feb 17 07:27:11Series.Secret Army
19th Feb 17 04:28:35Cluster F Bomb
16th Feb 17 07:40:30Music.The Beach Boys
16th Feb 17 02:56:18Film.Conan The Barbarian 1982
4th Feb 17 08:52:09Five Finger Fillet
3rd Feb 17 05:56:25Discworld.Thud
1st Feb 17 02:43:18Necessarily Evil
22nd Jan 17 06:48:21Webcomic.Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
19th Jan 17 06:38:26Laconic.Twenty XX
19th Jan 17 06:38:07Laconic.Twenty XX
19th Jan 17 05:40:45Awesome.Awesome Games Done Quick
31st Dec 16 08:46:53Series.Ellen
27th Dec 16 08:56:49Creator.Terry Pratchett
24th Dec 16 08:51:54Its A Wonderful Plot
24th Dec 16 04:40:55Useful Notes.Kabbalah
24th Dec 16 07:29:04Wrestling.Seth Rollins
11th Dec 16 09:03:28Cavemen Vs Astronauts Debate
9th Dec 16 08:16:48Evil Is Hammy
9th Dec 16 08:16:18Evil Is Hammy
8th Dec 16 09:07:19Gondor Calls For Aid
7th Dec 16 04:13:55Wrestling.Seth Rollins
28th Nov 16 10:29:55Creator.Hiromu Arakawa
28th Nov 16 06:34:08Disney.Moana
28th Nov 16 06:24:16Characters.Moana
16th Nov 16 09:05:26Moon Landing Hoax
15th Nov 16 11:14:24Film.Doctor Strange 2016
11th Nov 16 10:46:30Everything Is An Instrument
11th Nov 16 10:23:32Music.Ninja Sex Party
8th Nov 16 07:47:05Discworld.Unseen Academicals
8th Nov 16 07:46:13Creator.Roald Dahl
8th Nov 16 06:57:17Gag Echo
7th Nov 16 09:57:13Video Game.League Of Legends
7th Nov 16 09:55:50Video Game.Evony
6th Nov 16 05:55:03YMMV.Rebecca Sugar
5th Nov 16 01:40:35Video Game.Endless Legend
30th Oct 16 11:02:51Western Animation.Milo Murphys Law
29th Oct 16 10:12:45All That Glitters
28th Oct 16 09:51:48Webcomic.Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
26th Oct 16 06:02:51Comicbook.Daredevil
10th Oct 16 10:53:21The Hero
8th Oct 16 06:43:19Web Video.Loading Ready Live
6th Oct 16 06:17:05Misery Poker
28th Sep 16 04:06:58Video Game.Sinistar
23rd Sep 16 07:11:58Literature.Naked Lunch
23rd Sep 16 07:11:39Literature.Naked Lunch
22nd Sep 16 05:33:37Video Game.Princess Remedy In A World Of Hurt
15th Sep 16 07:34:46Cavemen Vs Astronauts Debate
9th Sep 16 09:43:19Characters.Steven Universe Humans
31st Aug 16 10:41:49Theatre.The Threepenny Opera
29th Aug 16 07:39:15Corpsing
27th Aug 16 08:42:15Webcomic.General Protection Fault
25th Aug 16 04:15:46Quotes.Time Abyss
8th Aug 16 08:41:34Western Animation.Steven Universe
7th Aug 16 07:51:23Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 28 Message Received
6th Aug 16 08:59:41Web Video.Loading Ready Live
6th Aug 16 08:59:32Web Video.Loading Ready Live
27th Jul 16 08:53:43Paper Master
23rd Jul 16 09:33:20Suggested By
18th Jul 16 01:19:21Video Game.Dawn Of War
17th Jul 16 12:00:35Video Game.Shadows Of The Damned
7th Jul 16 07:02:52Web Video.Loading Ready Run
7th Jul 16 11:10:48Shout Out.League Of Legends
7th Jul 16 11:08:13Video Game.Blaz Blue
6th Jul 16 04:56:43Web Video.Loading Ready Live
6th Jul 16 04:31:22Video Game.Soul Series
9th Jun 16 08:22:57Film.The6th Day
8th Jun 16 08:11:01Series.Under The Umbrella Tree
8th Jun 16 10:25:46Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
2nd Jun 16 06:36:15Single Tear
31st May 16 10:33:53Quotes.Fun With Acronyms
31st May 16 10:33:35Fun With Acronyms
28th May 16 02:57:58Real Joke Name
23rd May 16 09:51:09Tradesnark
21st May 16 09:10:38Film.Tucker And Dale Vs Evil
21st May 16 09:10:12Film.Tucker And Dale Vs Evil
14th May 16 01:54:16Folk Hero
14th May 16 09:09:42One Hundred And Eight
13th May 16 04:08:11Video Game.Knytt Stories
7th May 16 03:17:06Cluster Bleep Bomb
7th May 16 03:16:10Cluster Bleep Bomb
30th Apr 16 05:36:34Shout Out.Steven Universe
29th Apr 16 01:52:37Video Game.Guilty Gear
26th Apr 16 10:22:50Manga.Princess Jellyfish
16th Apr 16 07:42:00Im A Humanitarian
16th Apr 16 12:12:02Discworld.Hogfather
16th Apr 16 10:29:54Web Original.Qwerpline
13th Apr 16 01:51:20Battle Cry
4th Apr 16 01:08:16Discworld.Thud
4th Apr 16 09:53:00Quotes.Serious Business
14th Mar 16 08:51:07Music.Flood
11th Mar 16 06:39:45Laconic.Xanatos Gambit
10th Mar 16 08:37:51Satiating Sandwich
10th Mar 16 08:37:19Satiating Sandwich
18th Feb 16 01:14:30Web Original.Qwerpline
15th Feb 16 07:53:16Anime.Pokemon The First Movie
13th Feb 16 01:44:29Creator.Ryan Reynolds
13th Feb 16 06:52:12Videogame.Xenoblade
12th Feb 16 01:50:25Seven Deadly Sins
12th Feb 16 01:50:08Seven Deadly Sins
12th Feb 16 01:16:26Extreme Omnivore
9th Feb 16 04:02:31Video Game.Zero Wing
7th Feb 16 10:03:32Video Game.Blaz Blue
5th Feb 16 11:43:21Comic Book.Transmetropolitan
5th Feb 16 11:43:07Comic Book.Transmetropolitan
4th Feb 16 08:12:51Music.Jonathan Coulton
30th Jan 16 08:45:09Characters.League Of Legends G To J
28th Jan 16 07:10:53Kryptonite Factor
18th Jan 16 04:34:29Manga.Excel Saga
17th Jan 16 08:40:08Film.Rashomon
17th Jan 16 02:02:09Video Game.Spelunky
13th Jan 16 09:24:29Wrestling.The Nation Of Domination
13th Jan 16 08:04:19Anime.Potemayo
10th Jan 16 06:48:29Servant Race
7th Jan 16 01:34:11Film.Spaceballs
5th Jan 16 05:50:26Fanfic Recs.Undertale
8th Dec 15 07:36:14Wrestling.John Cena
7th Dec 15 09:06:29Characters.Undertale Other Characters
17th Nov 15 07:55:35The Fake Cutie
24th Oct 15 06:12:26Video Game.Undertale
22nd Oct 15 09:40:10Developers Foresight.Undertale
21st Oct 15 05:57:12Literature.The Island Of Doctor Moreau
16th Oct 15 10:36:18Characters.League Of Legends K To L
10th Oct 15 04:27:51Multiple Choice Past
26th Sep 15 08:07:21Trivia.Undertale
26th Sep 15 08:05:19Trivia.Undertale
21st Sep 15 04:23:50Characters.League Of Legends K To L
17th Sep 15 07:41:32Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
12th Sep 15 11:08:38Web Video.Commodore Hustle
8th Sep 15 09:43:35Creator.JK Simmons
30th Aug 15 04:16:26Web Video.The Mark Remark
28th Aug 15 10:18:47Film.The Little Rascals
22nd Aug 15 12:57:30Literal Metaphor
22nd Aug 15 08:37:04Quotes.Time Abyss
10th Aug 15 01:51:25Literature.The Gunslinger
4th Aug 15 09:36:50Our Slogan Is Terrible
2nd Aug 15 08:29:09Fire Breathing Weapon
2nd Aug 15 08:29:09Fire Breathing Weapon
28th Jul 15 11:24:51Manga.Candy Candy
28th Jul 15 11:15:52Videogame.Hatfall
14th Jul 15 12:16:10Video Game.We Happy Few
14th Jul 15 12:15:55Video Game.We Happy Few
13th Jul 15 09:14:47Wicked Cultured
8th Jul 15 02:08:50Video Game.River City Ransom
7th Jul 15 05:18:39Lets Play.Supergreatfriend
7th Jul 15 05:18:17Lets Play.Supergreatfriend
1st Jul 15 09:37:24Not So Safe Harbor
1st Jul 15 11:04:35I Know Your True Name
28th Jun 15 12:42:11Disney.Big Hero 6
26th Jun 15 08:21:31Video Game.Minecraft
26th Jun 15 05:53:21Adolf Hitlarious
26th Jun 15 05:52:59Adolf Hitlarious
24th Jun 15 05:10:24Pirate Parrot
22nd Jun 15 09:08:38Film.Knight And Day
20th Jun 15 08:17:58Fratbro
17th Jun 15 12:48:22Inhumanly Beautiful Race
16th Jun 15 08:50:10Our Dwarves Are All The Same
13th Jun 15 07:30:11YMMV.Gin Blossoms
12th Jun 15 09:23:58Film.The Transporter
11th Jun 15 09:17:47Uncoffee
9th Jun 15 10:48:59Creator.Christian Slater
30th May 15 11:52:37No Dead Body Poops
30th May 15 09:29:16I Shall Taunt You
26th May 15 02:31:02Western Animation.Monkey Dust
19th May 15 06:54:07Treasure Is Bigger In Fiction
11th May 15 05:05:40Ambiguous Syntax
10th May 15 01:18:30Revenge
9th May 15 08:05:33Web Video.Loading Ready Run
9th May 15 10:48:08Characters.Steven Universe Other Gems
9th May 15 10:15:31Analysis.Magic The Gathering
9th May 15 10:13:56Nature Is Not Nice
9th May 15 10:05:55Punch Catch
8th May 15 09:48:50Theremin
8th May 15 06:47:15Quotes.Colon Cancer
8th May 15 06:46:54Colon Cancer
8th May 15 10:04:43Heartwarming.Cable And Deadpool
7th May 15 04:07:58Bad Moon Rising
25th Apr 15 03:53:18Frying Pan Of Doom
12th Apr 15 09:50:11Depleted Phlebotinum Shells
6th Apr 15 09:50:05Quotes.Mighty Glacier
4th Apr 15 06:53:07Making A Splash
2nd Apr 15 07:59:54YMMV.Moonbase Alpha
2nd Apr 15 07:57:52Video Game.Moonbase Alpha
2nd Apr 15 09:08:12Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
31st Mar 15 07:06:55Recap.Steven Universe S 1 E 1 Gem Glow
31st Mar 15 07:06:23Western Animation.Steven Universe
30th Mar 15 02:53:53Video Game.OFF
29th Mar 15 08:21:26Webcomic.The Non Adventures Of Wonderella
29th Mar 15 07:41:23Characters.Uncle Grandpa
29th Mar 15 02:22:36Music.Huey Lewis And The News
25th Mar 15 09:47:55Bad To The Last Drop
25th Mar 15 09:48:16Manga.Yu Yu Hakusho
22nd Mar 15 03:10:04Trivia.Steven Universe
20th Mar 15 04:49:30Creator.Michelangelo Buonarroti
20th Mar 15 04:31:50Real Men Love Jesus
19th Mar 15 10:05:28Series.Tin Man
17th Mar 15 04:28:30Franchise.Shin Megami Tensei Persona
17th Mar 15 04:21:55YMMV.Steven Universe
17th Mar 15 04:17:36Shout Out.Steven Universe
16th Mar 15 06:22:19Creator.Terry Pratchett
16th Mar 15 06:21:43Creator.Terry Pratchett
16th Mar 15 03:20:52Western Animation.Steven Universe
15th Mar 15 08:56:27Literature.Nightside
7th Mar 15 09:07:39Film.Shoot Em Up
2nd Mar 15 09:52:44Act Of True Love
28th Feb 15 02:39:18Video Game.Valkyrie Profile
28th Feb 15 02:38:52Video Game.Valkyrie Profile
27th Feb 15 06:08:05Film.Flight Of The Navigator
27th Feb 15 11:30:55Weakened By The Light
27th Feb 15 08:08:11Selective Magnetism
22nd Feb 15 03:16:10Useful Notes.Africa
20th Feb 15 05:44:11Video Game.Nightfire
15th Feb 15 05:46:56Comic Book.Nextwave
15th Feb 15 05:44:19Comic Book.Fell
24th Jan 15 11:35:33Shear Menace
23rd Jan 15 09:32:38Genre Popularizer
22nd Jan 15 08:24:02Product Placement.Live Action Films
15th Jan 15 09:42:28A Handful For An Eye
15th Jan 15 09:41:25Not The Face
14th Jan 15 04:18:38Literature.Clockwork Century
14th Jan 15 04:17:45Literature.Clockwork Century
13th Jan 15 09:47:28Pressure Point
9th Jan 15 06:25:49Smart People Speak The Queens English
9th Jan 15 11:59:04Duel
7th Jan 15 11:41:20Groundhog Day Loop
7th Jan 15 07:01:47Weird Currency
6th Jan 15 08:39:55Kabbalah
1st Jan 15 02:42:16Gayngster
31st Dec 14 08:31:38God
31st Dec 14 10:05:34Video Game.Bio Shock 1
29th Dec 14 12:24:21Video Game.Shovel Knight
23rd Dec 14 09:15:53Weapon For Intimidation
21st Dec 14 07:16:17Website.YTMND
21st Dec 14 07:11:36Creator.Nick Offerman
15th Dec 14 10:46:00Film.Joes Apartment
14th Dec 14 03:45:12Creator.Chris Pratt
14th Dec 14 03:44:59Creator.Chris Pratt
11th Dec 14 08:29:16Our Goblins Are Different
10th Dec 14 12:39:26Badass Santa
10th Dec 14 12:11:06Trope Namers.Music
9th Dec 14 06:17:03Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
6th Dec 14 08:29:10Public Domain Soundtrack
27th Nov 14 06:58:26Discworld.Wintersmith
26th Nov 14 01:35:31Weirdness Censor
24th Nov 14 11:01:37Naytheist
23rd Nov 14 01:05:12Batman Can Breathe In Space
23rd Nov 14 01:04:59Batman Can Breathe In Space
17th Nov 14 09:19:05Quotes.The Grim Reaper
17th Nov 14 09:12:26Elvis Lives
16th Nov 14 08:27:03Wax On Wax Off
14th Nov 14 11:12:12Video Game.Super Metroid
13th Nov 14 02:09:13Machinima.Red Vs Blue
10th Nov 14 08:38:02Cluster F Bomb
8th Nov 14 08:40:36Captain Ersatz
5th Nov 14 07:38:39Video Game.Sweet Home
4th Nov 14 07:20:15Western Animation.Steven Universe
3rd Nov 14 07:12:14Creator.Terry Pratchett
3rd Nov 14 07:12:06Creator.Terry Pratchett
3rd Nov 14 07:07:13Actually Pretty Funny
2nd Nov 14 09:10:55Uterine Replicator
28th Oct 14 09:24:28Quotes.Consummate Liar
27th Oct 14 04:47:06Literature.Apprentice Adept
22nd Oct 14 01:12:17Innocent Aliens
20th Oct 14 09:16:30Creator.James Earl Jones
20th Oct 14 07:31:30Seven Deadly Sins
20th Oct 14 07:29:56Seven Deadly Sins
18th Oct 14 11:10:18Card Games
18th Oct 14 09:56:13Jerkass Has A Point
18th Oct 14 09:55:59Jerkass Has A Point
17th Oct 14 09:24:16No True Scotsman
17th Oct 14 09:23:57No True Scotsman
17th Oct 14 09:22:15Edible Bludgeon
17th Oct 14 09:19:21Wide Open Sandbox
16th Oct 14 10:20:10Film.Spaceballs
16th Oct 14 05:31:36Your Head A Splode
16th Oct 14 05:31:10Your Head A Splode
16th Oct 14 05:31:01Your Head A Splode
16th Oct 14 04:09:53Evil Twin
14th Oct 14 09:12:59Gladiator Games
14th Oct 14 09:00:11Make An Example Of Them
14th Oct 14 09:00:10Make An Example Of Them
14th Oct 14 08:58:53The Dreaded
12th Oct 14 07:30:09Slaying Mantis
11th Oct 14 02:55:46Big Thin Short Trio
11th Oct 14 01:32:11Series.Brooklyn Nine Nine
6th Oct 14 03:34:50Love Martyr
6th Oct 14 08:08:40Things That Go Bump In The Night
5th Oct 14 02:51:24Literature.Nation
5th Oct 14 10:30:22Characters.Steven Universe
3rd Oct 14 06:02:02Saga
3rd Oct 14 06:01:34Video Game.Sa Ga
2nd Oct 14 04:06:47Western Animation.The Nightmare Before Christmas
30th Sep 14 11:00:41Its Like I Always Say
28th Sep 14 08:07:28Video Game.Awesomenauts
26th Sep 14 03:41:07Creator.Maurice Chevalier
26th Sep 14 01:25:11Film.Blazing Saddles
26th Sep 14 01:23:32Western Animation.Clarence
26th Sep 14 12:30:43Manga.Akamega Kiru