GG Crono's Recent Edits

24th Jan 15 11:35:33Shear Menace
23rd Jan 15 09:32:38Genre Popularizer
22nd Jan 15 08:24:02Product Placement.Live Action Films
15th Jan 15 09:42:28A Handful For An Eye
15th Jan 15 09:41:25Not The Face
14th Jan 15 04:18:38Literature.Clockwork Century
14th Jan 15 04:17:45Literature.Clockwork Century
13th Jan 15 09:47:28Pressure Point
9th Jan 15 06:25:49Smart People Speak The Queens English
9th Jan 15 11:59:04Duel
7th Jan 15 11:41:20Groundhog Day Loop
7th Jan 15 07:01:47Weird Currency
6th Jan 15 08:39:55Kabbalah
1st Jan 15 02:42:16Gayngster
31st Dec 14 08:31:38God
31st Dec 14 10:05:34Video Game.Bio Shock 1
29th Dec 14 12:24:21Video Game.Shovel Knight
23rd Dec 14 09:15:53Weapon For Intimidation
21st Dec 14 07:16:17Website.YTMND
21st Dec 14 07:11:36Creator.Nick Offerman
15th Dec 14 10:46:00Film.Joes Apartment
14th Dec 14 03:45:12Creator.Chris Pratt
14th Dec 14 03:44:59Creator.Chris Pratt
11th Dec 14 08:29:16Our Goblins Are Different
10th Dec 14 12:39:26Badass Santa
10th Dec 14 12:11:06Trope Namers.Music
9th Dec 14 06:17:03Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
6th Dec 14 08:29:10Public Domain Soundtrack
27th Nov 14 06:58:26Discworld.Wintersmith
26th Nov 14 01:35:31Weirdness Censor
24th Nov 14 11:01:37Naytheist
23rd Nov 14 01:05:12Batman Can Breathe In Space
23rd Nov 14 01:04:59Batman Can Breathe In Space
17th Nov 14 09:19:05Quotes.The Grim Reaper
17th Nov 14 09:12:26Elvis Lives
16th Nov 14 08:27:03Wax On Wax Off
14th Nov 14 11:12:12Video Game.Super Metroid
13th Nov 14 02:09:13Machinima.Red Vs Blue
10th Nov 14 08:38:02Cluster F Bomb
8th Nov 14 08:40:36Captain Ersatz
5th Nov 14 07:38:39Video Game.Sweet Home
4th Nov 14 07:20:15Western Animation.Steven Universe
3rd Nov 14 07:12:14Creator.Terry Pratchett
3rd Nov 14 07:12:06Creator.Terry Pratchett
3rd Nov 14 07:07:13Actually Pretty Funny
2nd Nov 14 09:10:55Uterine Replicator
28th Oct 14 09:24:28Quotes.Consummate Liar
27th Oct 14 04:47:06Literature.Apprentice Adept
22nd Oct 14 01:12:17Innocent Aliens
20th Oct 14 09:16:30Creator.James Earl Jones
20th Oct 14 07:31:30Seven Deadly Sins
20th Oct 14 07:29:56Seven Deadly Sins
18th Oct 14 11:10:18Card Games
18th Oct 14 09:56:13Jerkass Has A Point
18th Oct 14 09:55:59Jerkass Has A Point
17th Oct 14 09:24:16No True Scotsman
17th Oct 14 09:23:57No True Scotsman
17th Oct 14 09:22:15Edible Bludgeon
17th Oct 14 09:19:21Wide Open Sandbox
16th Oct 14 10:20:10Film.Spaceballs
16th Oct 14 05:31:36Your Head A Splode
16th Oct 14 05:31:10Your Head A Splode
16th Oct 14 05:31:01Your Head A Splode
16th Oct 14 04:09:53Evil Twin
14th Oct 14 09:12:59Gladiator Games
14th Oct 14 09:00:11Make An Example Of Them
14th Oct 14 09:00:10Make An Example Of Them
14th Oct 14 08:58:53The Dreaded
12th Oct 14 07:30:09Slaying Mantis
11th Oct 14 02:55:46Big Thin Short Trio
11th Oct 14 01:32:11Series.Brooklyn Nine Nine
6th Oct 14 03:34:50Love Martyr
6th Oct 14 08:08:40Things That Go Bump In The Night
5th Oct 14 02:51:24Literature.Nation
5th Oct 14 10:30:22Characters.Steven Universe
3rd Oct 14 06:02:02Saga
3rd Oct 14 06:01:34Video Game.Sa Ga
2nd Oct 14 04:06:47Western Animation.The Nightmare Before Christmas
30th Sep 14 11:00:41Its Like I Always Say
28th Sep 14 08:07:28Video Game.Awesomenauts
26th Sep 14 03:41:07Creator.Maurice Chevalier
26th Sep 14 01:25:11Film.Blazing Saddles
26th Sep 14 01:23:32Western Animation.Clarence
26th Sep 14 12:30:43Manga.Akamega Kiru
25th Sep 14 06:39:43Literature.Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
25th Sep 14 06:36:34Literature.Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
23rd Sep 14 10:07:14Raised By Robots
20th Sep 14 08:22:56Golem
19th Sep 14 06:33:06Quotes.Surrounded By Idiots
14th Sep 14 08:38:15Fanservice With A Smile
14th Sep 14 08:33:00Western Animation.Space Ghost Coast To Coast
14th Sep 14 08:30:57Anime.Space Dandy
13th Sep 14 08:21:40Western Animation.The LEGO Movie
9th Sep 14 09:45:39Manga.Fullmetal Alchemist
9th Sep 14 01:28:17Discworld.Night Watch
8th Sep 14 09:09:33Kick The Dog
7th Sep 14 02:46:19Puff Of Logic
6th Sep 14 03:44:51Web Video.The Happy Video Game Nerd
6th Sep 14 03:40:27Literal Minded
6th Sep 14 03:39:07Glass Cannon
6th Sep 14 03:38:50Glass Cannon
6th Sep 14 03:24:53Interrupting Meme
6th Sep 14 03:06:22Tropers.GG Crono
6th Sep 14 03:05:20Tropers.GG Crono
4th Sep 14 10:38:36Literature.Mogworld
4th Sep 14 10:38:24Literature.Mogworld
3rd Sep 14 03:43:30The Alleged Car
1st Sep 14 10:12:25Film.This Is Spinal Tap
1st Sep 14 07:55:27Analysis.Magic The Gathering
1st Sep 14 07:40:07Literature.Mogworld
31st Aug 14 11:20:40Covert Distress Code
30th Aug 14 09:15:11Creepy Physical
30th Aug 14 08:58:59Creator.Harold Ramis
29th Aug 14 08:32:05Turn In Your Badge
29th Aug 14 11:32:51Ascended Glitch
28th Aug 14 06:20:50Creator.Maurice La Marche
28th Aug 14 02:35:21Hat Of Power
28th Aug 14 12:35:49Your Little Dismissive Diminutive
28th Aug 14 08:38:55Web Video.Loading Ready Run
24th Aug 14 05:18:12Quotes.Normal Fishina Tiny Pond
24th Aug 14 05:18:04Normal Fishina Tiny Pond
24th Aug 14 04:55:41I Thought Everyone Could Do That
22nd Aug 14 05:14:06Western Animation.The 7 D
22nd Aug 14 04:20:12Characters.The Legend Of Korra Enemies
22nd Aug 14 09:54:56Determined Defeatist
22nd Aug 14 09:38:15Quotes.Dream Tropes
22nd Aug 14 09:38:03Dream Tropes
20th Aug 14 08:55:41Quotes.The Anti Nihilist
18th Aug 14 08:36:18Defiant To The End
17th Aug 14 10:18:54Violence Really Is The Answer
16th Aug 14 07:04:38Speaks In Shout Outs
16th Aug 14 07:04:25Speaks In Shout Outs
16th Aug 14 06:50:12Video Game.Awesomenauts
15th Aug 14 09:48:30Cold Sniper
15th Aug 14 09:43:48Characters.Awesomenauts
14th Aug 14 06:07:05NASCAR
12th Aug 14 09:04:39Volcano Lair
10th Aug 14 03:12:27Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
10th Aug 14 03:08:37Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
7th Aug 14 09:29:24Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
7th Aug 14 09:29:10Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
7th Aug 14 08:20:27Heartwarming.Guardians Of The Galaxy
7th Aug 14 08:19:56Heartwarming.Guardians Of The Galaxy
7th Aug 14 08:10:21Film.Not Another Teen Movie
5th Aug 14 08:51:25Literature.Sharpe
3rd Aug 14 08:06:31Appearance Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
3rd Aug 14 06:32:44Cricket Rules
31st Jul 14 12:37:23Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
30th Jul 14 11:43:08Literature.Jam
30th Jul 14 11:43:01Literature.Jam
29th Jul 14 03:53:47Hazmat Suit
29th Jul 14 12:53:41Series.Eureka
28th Jul 14 06:37:13Designated Victim
26th Jul 14 07:16:02Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
26th Jul 14 05:46:16Lets Play
26th Jul 14 03:37:53Creator.Ken Watanabe
25th Jul 14 06:51:12Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 06:47:47Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 06:32:26Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 06:31:47Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 06:23:31Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 06:23:19Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 06:21:40Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 06:20:19Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 06:20:05Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 06:18:41Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 06:18:38Lets Play.Supergreatfriend
25th Jul 14 06:04:46Lets Play.The Life And Times Of Bully Demise
25th Jul 14 11:25:28Perky Goth
24th Jul 14 10:04:53Film.Godzilla 2014
24th Jul 14 09:09:36Tinfoil Hat
24th Jul 14 08:34:15Dem Bones
24th Jul 14 01:12:15Film.Tucker And Dale Vs Evil
24th Jul 14 01:12:14Film.Tucker And Dale Vs Evil
24th Jul 14 01:11:59Film.Tucker And Dale Vs Evil
24th Jul 14 01:11:50Film.Tucker And Dale Vs Evil
20th Jul 14 04:49:55As Long As There Is One Man
19th Jul 14 07:56:44Video Game.League Of Legends
18th Jul 14 06:16:12Achievements In Ignorance
16th Jul 14 07:16:58Web Video.Street Fighter Assassins Fist
15th Jul 14 10:37:46Serious Business
15th Jul 14 10:35:17Cast From Money
8th Jul 14 09:34:12Improbable Antidote
8th Jul 14 09:29:07Characters.Risk Of Rain
6th Jul 14 09:57:23Gilligan Cut
5th Jul 14 08:37:51Torches And Pitchforks
5th Jul 14 08:18:01Western Animation.Freakazoid
30th Jun 14 12:46:09Russian Reversal
29th Jun 14 09:06:58Series.Dollhouse
27th Jun 14 08:37:36Frying Pan Of Doom
23rd Jun 14 10:56:32Video Game.Risk Of Rain
20th Jun 14 09:06:14Video Game.League Of Legends
17th Jun 14 04:15:22Quotes.Stop Being Stereotypical
17th Jun 14 09:49:22Characters.Discworld Wizards
16th Jun 14 09:20:04The Right Hand Of Doom
13th Jun 14 04:14:48Characters.Discworld Others
12th Jun 14 08:15:16Elemental Embodiment
10th Jun 14 06:05:53Terrified Of Germs
5th Jun 14 05:46:17Video Game.Immortal Defense
5th Jun 14 05:45:49Video Game.Immortal Defense
2nd Jun 14 10:16:45Discworld.Maskerade
28th May 14 09:24:41Satan
15th May 14 06:45:18Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
14th May 14 11:05:40Shout Out.League Of Legends
5th May 14 06:21:16Robot Girl
2nd May 14 06:14:55Film.Killer Klowns From Outer Space
2nd May 14 04:42:56Video Game.Redneck Rampage
2nd May 14 12:20:30Quotes.Talk To The Fist
2nd May 14 12:19:42Quotes.Talk To The Fist
27th Apr 14 01:50:51Clap Your Hands If You Believe
27th Apr 14 01:50:14Clap Your Hands If You Believe
25th Apr 14 09:03:44Film.Scarface 1983
23rd Apr 14 03:51:35Badass Boast
23rd Apr 14 06:54:09Characters.Pokemon Generation VI Families
21st Apr 14 05:56:46Film.Fletch
20th Apr 14 05:17:42Phone Number Jingle
18th Apr 14 09:52:04Characters.Hotline Miami
18th Apr 14 04:03:52Film.The Prophecy
16th Apr 14 09:53:23Playing With Fire
16th Apr 14 09:53:12Playing With Fire
16th Apr 14 06:43:49Messy Pig
15th Apr 14 08:39:20We Will Meet Again
13th Apr 14 11:17:19Captain Obvious
13th Apr 14 11:08:36Western Animation.Toy Story 2
13th Apr 14 11:04:37Prospector
12th Apr 14 09:35:39Video Game.Spelunky
11th Apr 14 08:25:20Characters.Skin Horse
9th Apr 14 11:14:36Video Game.League Of Legends
7th Apr 14 12:17:57Quotes.Science Related Memetic Disorder
7th Apr 14 12:17:44Quotes.Science Related Memetic Disorder
5th Apr 14 12:35:34Literature.Good Omens
3rd Apr 14 12:53:13Western Animation.Arthur
3rd Apr 14 06:56:28Video Game.League Of Legends
2nd Apr 14 07:21:02Franchise.Predator
2nd Apr 14 03:43:51Video Game.League Of Legends
2nd Apr 14 03:43:47Video Game.League Of Legends
2nd Apr 14 03:43:05Video Game.League Of Legends
2nd Apr 14 08:30:01Video Game.League Of Legends
2nd Apr 14 08:29:43Video Game.League Of Legends
21st Mar 14 08:22:38Music.Styx
20th Mar 14 01:15:43Sleeves Are For Wimps
19th Mar 14 08:35:29Creator.Mr T
10th Mar 14 09:24:58Unaccustomed As I Am To Public Speaking
10th Mar 14 05:01:59Cyanide Pill
9th Mar 14 08:28:09Western Animation.The Curse Of The Were Rabbit
9th Mar 14 03:37:05Its Up To You
6th Mar 14 07:09:51Video Game.Mode
6th Mar 14 07:09:38Video Game.Mode
4th Mar 14 12:58:25Bungling Inventor
4th Mar 14 12:47:49Western Animation.The Wrong Trousers
2nd Mar 14 11:06:48Video Game.League Of Legends
25th Feb 14 10:10:50Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
25th Feb 14 06:21:50Blackface
21st Feb 14 10:05:46Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon
21st Feb 14 12:30:56Good Scars Evil Scars
19th Feb 14 03:27:36Series.Guiding Light
18th Feb 14 07:39:28Characters.Archer
18th Feb 14 07:15:19Comic Book.Jonah Hex
17th Feb 14 06:58:12Video Game.Last Scenario
17th Feb 14 05:20:35Anachronism Stew.Western Animation
16th Feb 14 12:50:51Quotes.I Need To Go Iron My Dog
16th Feb 14 12:50:35I Need To Go Iron My Dog
16th Feb 14 12:50:25I Need To Go Iron My Dog
14th Feb 14 11:10:52Soap Opera Disease
14th Feb 14 07:08:33Film.Dredd
13th Feb 14 05:34:02Blood Knight
13th Feb 14 04:40:11Film.Lost In Translation
12th Feb 14 05:50:18Fartillery
12th Feb 14 05:48:37Fartillery
12th Feb 14 03:54:29Quotes.Black Dude Dies First
11th Feb 14 06:18:17Crocodile Tears
10th Feb 14 01:06:23Recap.Sherlock S 03 E 01 The Empty Hearse
10th Feb 14 07:50:57Characters.The LEGO Movie
10th Feb 14 07:40:38Video Game.Jays Journey
4th Feb 14 05:29:45Religious Bruiser
22nd Jan 14 07:45:30Glass Cannon
19th Jan 14 07:55:02Web Video.Loading Ready Run
19th Jan 14 07:54:54Web Video.Loading Ready Run
18th Jan 14 09:34:52Kneecapping
18th Jan 14 09:34:26Kneecapping
18th Jan 14 09:13:04Stance System
18th Jan 14 07:07:12Bad Is Good And Good Is Bad
13th Jan 14 02:58:16Broken Record
12th Jan 14 08:48:29Literature.This Book Is Full Of Spiders Seriously Dude Dont Touch It
10th Jan 14 07:26:30Maybe Magic Maybe Mundane
10th Jan 14 12:38:51Manga.Sgt Frog
9th Jan 14 06:18:00Video Game.The Halloween Hack
9th Jan 14 11:40:44Great White Hunter
9th Jan 14 11:35:21Sailor Earth
7th Jan 14 11:03:23Dem Bones
6th Jan 14 12:28:44Humans Are The Real Monsters.Video Games
5th Jan 14 09:40:51Freeware Games
4th Jan 14 11:11:43Nazi Hunter
4th Jan 14 06:35:53I See Them Too
4th Jan 14 06:32:30Drugged Lipstick
4th Jan 14 06:32:24Drugged Lipstick
1st Jan 14 07:14:36Good Old Fisticuffs
1st Jan 14 07:12:38Good Old Fisticuffs
1st Jan 14 07:08:36Film.Man Of Tai Chi
1st Jan 14 07:08:26Film.Man Of Tai Chi
1st Jan 14 07:08:12Film.Man Of Tai Chi
29th Dec 13 08:32:29Unusual Euphemism
27th Dec 13 09:38:05Lets Play.Supergreatfriend
24th Dec 13 07:36:33Video Game.Papers Please
24th Dec 13 07:36:23Video Game.Papers Please
24th Dec 13 07:36:14Video Game.Papers Please
24th Dec 13 04:30:48Film.Temple Grandin
23rd Dec 13 10:32:31Visual Novel.Disgaea Infinite
23rd Dec 13 09:01:44Fragile Speedster
15th Dec 13 07:37:09Anime.Gun X Sword
15th Dec 13 07:03:34The Power Of Acting
15th Dec 13 06:58:55Resignations Not Accepted
15th Dec 13 03:29:09Web Animation.Fifty Percent Off
15th Dec 13 03:03:29Left It In
15th Dec 13 03:02:43Left It In
15th Dec 13 07:18:52Creator.Tom Hanks
13th Dec 13 08:11:49Quotes.Megamind
12th Dec 13 07:00:36Creator.Jared Padalecki
11th Dec 13 08:45:53Literature.Discworld
11th Dec 13 08:43:37National Weapon
10th Dec 13 06:02:44Laser Guided Amnesia
8th Dec 13 03:27:46Literature.The Lord Of The Rings
6th Dec 13 06:34:44Web Animation.You Tube Poop
5th Dec 13 11:19:17Video Game.The Consuming Shadow
2nd Dec 13 06:58:03Music.Owl City
2nd Dec 13 07:27:00Characters.League Of Legends Three
1st Dec 13 08:58:25Music.The Smiths
29th Nov 13 12:05:28Lets Play.Supergreatfriend
25th Nov 13 12:54:23Literature.Dune
7th Nov 13 02:28:08Anime.Space Battleship Yamato
7th Nov 13 02:24:23Music.Vocaloid
5th Nov 13 09:11:57Depleted Phlebotinum Shells
5th Nov 13 09:11:21Depleted Phlebotinum Shells
4th Nov 13 09:50:03Characters.League Of Legends Three
30th Oct 13 03:26:02Quotes.Troll
30th Oct 13 03:25:39Quotes.Troll
28th Oct 13 07:59:20Pink Tropes
28th Oct 13 11:39:08Longer Than Life Sentence
28th Oct 13 10:26:10Useful Notes.Mongolia
27th Oct 13 09:57:19Film.Beetlejuice
26th Oct 13 08:07:55Missing White Woman Syndrome
26th Oct 13 03:09:01Music.Pig With The Face Of A Boy
26th Oct 13 11:13:08Webcomic.MS Paint Masterpieces
26th Oct 13 11:12:53Webcomic.MS Paint Masterpieces
26th Oct 13 11:12:12Webcomic.MS Paint Masterpieces
26th Oct 13 11:12:03Webcomic.MS Paint Masterpieces
26th Oct 13 11:11:19Webcomic.MS Paint Masterpieces
25th Oct 13 10:14:36Cats Have Nine Lives
20th Oct 13 08:09:58Self Demonstrating.Doctor Doom
17th Oct 13 08:43:35Genuine Human Hide
17th Oct 13 08:38:04Music.Tay Zonday
15th Oct 13 09:28:32Manga.Attack On Titan
15th Oct 13 09:28:15Manga.Attack On Titan
15th Oct 13 09:28:00Manga.Attack On Titan
15th Oct 13 08:21:32Film.Caveman
14th Oct 13 11:10:50Le Film Artistique
9th Oct 13 09:04:06Anime.Girls Und Panzer
8th Oct 13 05:21:33Literature.Ars Goetia
6th Oct 13 10:49:11Brain Food
4th Oct 13 03:04:54Characters.Welcome To Night Vale
4th Oct 13 12:39:36Characters.Discworld One Book Wonders
4th Oct 13 12:37:23Discworld.Thud
2nd Oct 13 07:39:58One Episode Wonder
2nd Oct 13 04:13:49Mattress Tag Gag
29th Sep 13 10:10:43Series.The Nanny
29th Sep 13 03:23:25War Gaming
28th Sep 13 01:47:28Characters.Welcome To Night Vale
28th Sep 13 12:48:57Underdogs Never Lose
27th Sep 13 09:56:42Characters.Iron Man Films
26th Sep 13 08:25:05Poacher
25th Sep 13 03:56:20Number Two
25th Sep 13 02:23:31Hard Light
25th Sep 13 01:12:08And Some Other Stuff
21st Sep 13 11:01:41Shoot The Dog.Live Action TV
20th Sep 13 09:46:48Kryptonite Proof Suit
19th Sep 13 09:43:06YMMV.Man Vs Wild
19th Sep 13 10:49:04Talkative Loon
13th Sep 13 11:07:25Video Game.The Art Of Theft
13th Sep 13 11:05:36Video Game.Adventures In The Galaxy Of Fantabulous Wonderment
13th Sep 13 10:59:06Raised By Humans
13th Sep 13 10:51:58Fish People
13th Sep 13 10:51:03Webcomic.Selkie
13th Sep 13 10:50:54Webcomic.Selkie
13th Sep 13 10:50:53Webcomic.Selkie
11th Sep 13 08:16:39Surprise Creepy
8th Sep 13 09:26:50Wetware CPU
7th Sep 13 07:56:10Puzzle Platformer
1st Sep 13 07:47:36Literature.Again Dangerous Visions
31st Aug 13 03:36:46Western Animation.Gallavants
31st Aug 13 02:13:14Something Else Also Rises
27th Aug 13 09:35:23Creator.Buster Keaton
27th Aug 13 09:18:06Quotes.Violent Glaswegian
26th Aug 13 07:32:33Disproportionate Retribution.Film
25th Aug 13 08:26:31Film.Hellboy
25th Aug 13 10:29:07Video Game.No Time To Explain
24th Aug 13 03:07:29Discworld.The Truth
24th Aug 13 02:58:31Quotes.Empathic Environment
24th Aug 13 02:58:04Quotes.Empathic Environment
24th Aug 13 02:58:03Quotes.Empathic Environment
21st Aug 13 02:50:23Manga.Chobits