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22nd Mar 18 04:29:52Series.Murdoch Mysteries
14th Mar 18 06:05:18Fridge.Murdoch Mysteries
26th Feb 18 05:59:07Characters.Murdoch Mysteries
26th Feb 18 05:53:10Characters.Murdoch Mysteries
9th Jan 18 01:51:49Series.Murdoch Mysteries
9th Jan 18 01:14:42Characters.Murdoch Mysteries
19th Dec 17 02:09:00Tearjerker.Murdoch Mysteries
19th Dec 17 02:08:40Tearjerker.Murdoch Mysteries
18th Dec 17 09:44:44Nightmare Fuel.Public Service Announcements Health
17th Dec 17 07:33:57Characters.Murdoch Mysteries
24th Sep 17 12:27:16Funny.Barshens
16th Aug 17 08:52:47WMG.V For Vendetta
1st Aug 17 09:04:41YMMV.Coronation Street
1st Aug 17 09:00:17Series.Coronation Street
26th Jun 17 01:11:48Series.Andi Mack
22nd Jun 17 09:17:05WMG.Billy Joel
14th Jun 17 12:29:36Magnum Opus Dissonance
12th Jun 17 05:44:41Headscratchers.Orangeisthe New Black
19th May 17 02:27:09Funny.Orange Is The New Black
19th May 17 02:26:42Funny.Orange Is The New Black
4th May 17 06:29:34WMG.Murdoch Mysteries
2nd May 17 05:44:46Head Scratchers.Tv Tropes
28th Apr 17 10:02:22YMMV.Bruce Springsteen
26th Apr 17 04:53:07YMMV.Twin Peaks
21st Apr 17 06:02:50Grand Finale
21st Apr 17 05:03:37Nightmare Fuel.Orange Is The New Black
21st Apr 17 05:00:34Headscratchers.Orangeisthe New Black
9th Apr 17 01:10:45Music.Billy Joel
6th Apr 17 07:01:52YMMV.Bruce Springsteen
6th Apr 17 06:56:37Tear Jerker.Bruce Springsteen
11th Mar 17 03:52:50WMG.Riverdale
9th Mar 17 09:15:48WMG.Riverdale
7th Mar 17 07:12:25WMG.This Is Us
24th Feb 17 10:15:01WMG.Riverdale
6th Feb 17 06:43:30Fridge.Gilmore Girls
5th Feb 17 11:58:32WMG.Riverdale
27th Jan 17 09:17:37WMG.Riverdale
26th Jan 17 06:13:54Characters.Murdoch Mysteries
26th Jan 17 06:07:42Series.Murdoch Mysteries
19th Jan 17 06:50:43Headscratchers.Gilmore Girls
26th Dec 16 07:34:40Headscratchers.Bridge To Terabithia
25th Nov 16 11:39:09Series.Gilmore Girls
23rd Aug 16 05:40:34YMMV.Girl Meets World
17th Aug 16 05:14:35WMG.Star Wars 8
5th Aug 16 07:15:22Crosscast Role
28th Jul 16 06:18:54YMMV.Billy Joel
28th Jul 16 06:15:10Music.Billy Joel
26th Jul 16 06:56:58WMG.Girl Meets World
7th Jun 16 05:29:36Series.Boy Meets World
7th Jun 16 05:29:33Series.Boy Meets World
7th Jun 16 05:29:29Series.Boy Meets World
10th May 16 05:18:48WMG.Orange Is The New Black
21st Mar 16 08:15:08Series.Murdoch Mysteries
26th Feb 16 08:29:14Headscratchers.Murdoch Mysteries
18th Feb 16 06:31:29YMMV.Mom
15th Feb 16 08:14:24Deader Than Disco.Music
15th Feb 16 11:50:32YMMV.Murdoch Mysteries
13th Feb 16 09:21:47Fridge.Murdoch Mysteries
9th Feb 16 06:27:26YMMV.Murdoch Mysteries
19th Jan 16 05:43:28Tearjerker.Murdoch Mysteries
12th Jan 16 07:11:49Heartwarming.Murdoch Mysteries
5th Nov 15 07:58:01Headscratchers.Inside Out
10th Sep 15 03:42:18Headscratchers.Cinema Sins
9th Sep 15 04:57:51Deader Than Disco.Music
15th Aug 15 01:32:33Headscratchers.Girl Meets World
28th Jun 15 09:42:30Headscratchers.Orangeisthe New Black
17th Jun 15 02:05:26Series.Art Attack
12th Jun 15 05:39:32Nightmare Fuel.Orange Is The New Black
5th Jun 15 06:48:53Headscratchers.The Angry Video Game Nerd
2nd May 15 01:11:34YMMV.Married With Children
2nd May 15 12:21:31WMG.Friends
11th Apr 15 09:21:38Funny.Annie 2014
9th Apr 15 08:06:47Headscratchers.Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
6th Dec 14 03:55:27Film.Last Holiday
25th Nov 14 09:23:33Tearjerker.Murdoch Mysteries
25th Nov 14 08:56:09Series.Murdoch Mysteries
25th Nov 14 05:50:13Whose Line.Tropes D To I
18th Nov 14 09:39:38Series.New Girl
14th Nov 14 08:08:26Funny.Whose Line Is It Anyway
12th Nov 14 09:44:46Avoid The Dreaded G Rating
24th Oct 14 03:23:46Trivia.Jim Carrey
22nd Oct 14 06:11:59Headscratchers.Inside Out
22nd Oct 14 06:11:25Headscratchers.Inside Out
22nd Oct 14 06:11:01Headscratchers.Inside Out
19th Oct 14 07:35:19Funny.The Simpsons Seasons 25 And Beyond
9th Sep 14 07:57:51Headscratchers.Toy Story 2
26th Aug 14 06:09:42Headscratchers.Beyonce
25th Aug 14 04:03:09YMMV.Saturday Night Live
18th Aug 14 10:14:26Headscratchers.The Muppet Movie
18th Aug 14 09:35:30Headscratchers.The Muppet Movie
4th Aug 14 07:21:59Headscratchers.ARTHUR
26th Jun 14 04:21:36Headscratchers.ARTHUR
21st Jun 14 10:52:40Funny.Orange Is The New Black
16th Jun 14 07:38:06Fridge.Orange Is The New Black
27th May 14 08:19:52Film.Pitch Perfect
27th May 14 08:00:56YMMV.Pitch Perfect
11th May 14 03:52:51Funny.Stuart Ashen
10th May 14 08:21:55Series.Hannibal
26th Apr 14 10:07:22YMMV.Spun Out
26th Apr 14 09:54:14Characters.Spun Out
26th Apr 14 08:51:25Trivia.Spun Out
26th Apr 14 08:41:03YMMV.Spun Out
26th Apr 14 08:37:53Trivia.Spun Out
26th Apr 14 08:34:51Series.Spun Out
26th Apr 14 08:29:03Series.Spun Out
26th Apr 14 08:26:53Characters.Spun Out
26th Apr 14 08:23:02Series.Spun Out
24th Apr 14 02:40:17Headscratchers.The Internet
24th Apr 14 02:40:14Headscratchers.The Internet
14th Apr 14 11:28:05Series.Master Chef
4th Apr 14 09:46:38Damn You Muscle Memory
28th Mar 14 08:24:36WMG.Hannibal
24th Mar 14 12:02:00Western Animation.Arthur
23rd Mar 14 02:44:14Headscratchers.Hannibal
14th Mar 14 08:37:44Hoyay.Hannibal
1st Mar 14 12:38:34WMG.Hannibal
23rd Feb 14 11:04:57Series.Chopped
15th Feb 14 03:57:08Headscratchers.Chopped
15th Feb 14 03:52:31Headscratchers.Chopped
14th Feb 14 06:55:52Headscratchers.Gilmore Girls
29th Jan 14 04:44:06WMG.How I Met Your Mother
22nd Jan 14 11:51:19WMG.Chopped
21st Jan 14 02:08:34YMMV.Arthur
21st Jan 14 12:46:29YMMV.Arthur
19th Jan 14 08:20:20YMMV.The Butler
15th Jan 14 07:45:52Headscratchers.Sherlock Holmes
28th Dec 13 06:46:37Memes.Tumblr
27th Dec 13 12:02:32Fridge.Arthur
25th Dec 13 02:12:03Fridge.Glee
22nd Dec 13 06:17:33YMMV.Music And Lyrics
21st Dec 13 12:10:56Funny.Diamanda Hagan
18th Dec 13 03:56:46Headscratchers.Friends
14th Dec 13 03:49:23Funny.Lilo And Stitch
12th Dec 13 12:52:30Type Casting
5th Dec 13 09:46:02Headscratchers.Glee Season 5
27th Nov 13 02:44:39Compressed Vice
27th Nov 13 01:45:11Blood Splattered Innocents
20th Nov 13 08:53:57Fridge.The Golden Girls
14th Nov 13 09:20:35Funny.Glee
8th Nov 13 10:39:22Headscratchers.Glee Season 5
7th Nov 13 09:53:52Headscratchers.Glee Season 5
2nd Nov 13 10:38:32Headscratchers.Monsters University
29th Oct 13 09:43:44YMMV.Notting Hill
27th Oct 13 06:19:26Headscratchers.Toy Story 2
27th Oct 13 06:19:01Headscratchers.Toy Story 2
13th Oct 13 11:24:37Horrible.Film
3rd Oct 13 09:43:45Headscratchers.Glee Season 5
3rd Oct 13 09:34:16Funny.Glee
30th Sep 13 10:52:24Funny.Murdoch Mysteries
24th Sep 13 08:11:15Fridge.How I Met Your Mother
22nd Sep 13 07:10:06Narm.Advertising
19th Sep 13 11:35:36Were Still Relevant Dammit
11th Sep 13 04:02:41Creator.Food Network
7th Sep 13 06:55:22Self Harm
7th Sep 13 01:06:29Headscratchers.Advertising
6th Sep 13 06:31:26Trivia.Murdoch Mysteries
26th Aug 13 11:43:18Funny.Arthur
26th Aug 13 11:16:40Western Animation.Arthur
26th Aug 13 01:48:18YMMV.Whites
24th Aug 13 09:54:35Headscratchers.Twenty Seven Dresses
22nd Aug 13 08:27:58YMMV.Glee
21st Aug 13 07:52:04WMG.How I Met Your Mother
21st Aug 13 07:45:38WMG.How I Met Your Mother
20th Aug 13 11:42:55YMMV.Bikini Kill
20th Aug 13 10:09:54They Changed It Now It Sucks.Websites And Software Designs
14th Aug 13 08:55:20Too Incompetent To Operate A Blanket
10th Aug 13 06:09:02All Balloons Have Helium
7th Aug 13 10:06:52YMMV.Master Chef
7th Aug 13 09:12:03YMMV.Master Chef
7th Aug 13 09:09:58Funny.Master Chef
2nd Aug 13 03:43:52Headscratchers.Rap
2nd Aug 13 03:20:16Headscratchers.Advertising
2nd Aug 13 01:27:23Furry Confusion.Western Animation
30th Jul 13 11:01:51Fridge.How I Met Your Mother
29th Jul 13 12:38:43Funny.Todd In The Shadows
29th Jul 13 12:36:27Funny.Todd In The Shadows
29th Jul 13 12:15:41Film.Fat Head
28th Jul 13 09:47:00Headscratchers.A Cinderella Story
27th Jul 13 10:58:27Useful Notes.Separated By A Common Language
27th Jul 13 08:54:46Deader Than Disco.Real Life
23rd Jul 13 03:22:08Useful Notes.The Gulf War
22nd Jul 13 09:14:49Useful Notes.A Very British Christmas
16th Jul 13 03:56:13Tear Jerker.Glee
14th Jul 13 04:06:10Series.Glee
7th Jul 13 05:53:32Funny.Shanghai Noon
7th Jul 13 04:00:22Series.Corner Gas
7th Jul 13 03:58:45Series.Corner Gas
18th Jun 13 06:37:29Isnt It Ironic
18th Jun 13 03:57:26Funny.Todd In The Shadows
16th Jun 13 12:28:56WMG.Todd In The Shadows
12th May 13 04:24:54Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
11th May 13 10:05:16Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
10th May 13 08:49:38Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
9th May 13 11:43:15YMMV.Elementary
9th May 13 11:42:18Series.Elementary
8th May 13 10:34:14Fridge.Recess
23rd Apr 13 08:53:49Funny.Wreck It Ralph
6th Apr 13 01:56:59Headscratchers.Advertising
3rd Apr 13 05:53:11The Greatest History Never Told
16th Mar 13 11:31:27Phrase Catcher
15th Mar 13 05:20:51Headscratchers.Wreck It Ralph
25th Feb 13 07:37:29Broken Base.Other
12th Feb 13 11:14:08YMMV.Whose Line Is It Anyway
11th Feb 13 05:01:08Series.Little Mosque On The Prairie
9th Feb 13 01:47:09Heartwarming.Elementary
8th Feb 13 08:21:12Characters.Elementary
5th Feb 13 08:42:26Headscratchers.Disney Princess
5th Feb 13 06:03:04Memes.Tumblr
1st Feb 13 07:03:03Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
26th Jan 13 07:06:18Furry Confusion.Western Animation
9th Jan 13 08:42:04Headscratchers.Silver Linings Playbook
28th Dec 12 08:57:39Headscratchers.Ice Age
18th Dec 12 09:37:13WMG.Elementary
14th Dec 12 08:35:33Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
26th Nov 12 05:50:52Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
23rd Nov 12 04:30:42Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
23rd Nov 12 04:17:28Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
22nd Nov 12 11:37:51Headscratchers.Glee Season 2
22nd Nov 12 09:19:30Funny.Glee
19th Nov 12 12:02:18Series.Little Mosque On The Prairie
15th Nov 12 08:52:13YMMV.Arthur
15th Nov 12 08:33:20WMG.Arthur
8th Nov 12 09:53:45Funny.Glee
6th Nov 12 06:19:05Banned In China
5th Nov 12 09:04:26YMMV.Monsters Inc
4th Nov 12 08:11:30Nightmare Fuel.The Simpsons
4th Nov 12 08:10:41Nightmare Fuel.The Simpsons
30th Oct 12 09:47:43Website.Tumblr
23rd Oct 12 04:38:01Ho Yay.Live Action TV
23rd Oct 12 04:25:52Ho Yay.House
21st Oct 12 04:59:15YMMV.Hotel Transylvania
21st Oct 12 04:29:47Western Animation.Hotel Transylvania
20th Oct 12 09:43:31Creator.Jonny Lee Miller
20th Oct 12 09:42:46Film.Dark Shadows
20th Oct 12 07:49:32Headscratchers.Two And A Half Men
19th Oct 12 10:46:32Truth In Television
18th Oct 12 11:01:16YMMV.Maroon 5
16th Oct 12 09:19:18Tear Jerker.Madagascar
12th Oct 12 05:45:50Headscratchers.Two And A Half Men
11th Oct 12 09:43:29YMMV.How To Rock
11th Oct 12 09:43:15YMMV.How To Rock
11th Oct 12 07:37:34WMG.Arthur
5th Oct 12 09:14:29Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
5th Oct 12 10:46:56Funny.Elementary
4th Oct 12 08:34:39Headscratchers.Two And A Half Men
4th Oct 12 04:25:45Heartwarming.Elementary
3rd Oct 12 09:54:43Funny.Two And A Half Men
1st Oct 12 02:02:58Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
30th Sep 12 02:11:37Headscratchers.Arthur
28th Sep 12 09:11:59Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
27th Sep 12 09:58:06Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
25th Sep 12 10:17:02Narm.Music
25th Sep 12 09:20:36Wall Bangers.Arthur
21st Sep 12 09:43:17Funny.Whose Line Is It Anyway
21st Sep 12 04:18:40Headscratchers.The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody
20th Sep 12 09:28:38Headscratchers.Glee Season 4
19th Sep 12 07:21:37YMMV.Something Borrowed
19th Sep 12 06:52:41Awesome.Coronation Street
14th Sep 12 09:07:17YMMV.Two And A Half Men
13th Sep 12 11:30:38Web Video.To Boldly Flee
30th Aug 12 01:00:02Shout Out.To Boldly Flee
30th Aug 12 12:55:51Nightmare Fuel.To Boldly Flee
27th Aug 12 02:44:53WMG.Two And A Half Men
19th Aug 12 07:08:27WMG.Amelia Bedelia
28th Jul 12 11:48:49Funny.The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody
20th Jul 12 06:40:11Headscratchers.Glee Season 3
2nd Jul 12 07:01:53Misaimed Fandom.Newspaper Comics
25th Jun 12 11:49:46WMG.Queen
25th Jun 12 11:41:45WMG.Arthur
8th Jun 12 12:01:47The Nostalgia Critic.Tropes A To M
3rd Jun 12 04:42:33Tropers.Epicparadox
11th May 12 08:35:23Headscratchers.The Lorax
11th May 12 08:29:30Funny.The Lorax
8th May 12 08:35:09Headscratchers.Glee Season Generic
4th May 12 01:14:55Phineas And Ferb.Tropes A-M
1st May 12 08:42:02Nightmare Fuel.House
1st May 12 08:37:06Tear Jerker.House
1st May 12 08:34:08Heartwarming.House
24th Apr 12 07:44:26Tear Jerker.House
24th Apr 12 07:43:44Series.House
18th Apr 12 11:53:15The Comics Curmudgeon
16th Apr 12 09:28:53Funny.House
13th Apr 12 09:01:12Heartwarming.Little Mosque On The Prairie
4th Apr 12 10:05:49Series.Little Mosque On The Prairie
25th Mar 12 07:57:39Gratuitous Spanish
17th Mar 12 10:51:53Heartwarming.Little Mosque On The Prairie
16th Mar 12 12:41:52Headscratchers.Beyonce
13th Mar 12 12:21:55Heartwarming.Little Mosque On The Prairie
13th Mar 12 12:16:57Series.Little Mosque On The Prairie
7th Mar 12 08:13:45YMMV.Little Mosque On The Prairie
3rd Mar 12 05:29:19Series.House
20th Feb 12 07:03:22Series.Little Mosque On The Prairie
19th Feb 12 09:16:25Headscratchers.Little Mosque On The Prairie
18th Feb 12 11:31:50Funny.Paw Dugan
18th Feb 12 10:36:28Revival By Commercialization
17th Feb 12 03:03:56Headscratchers.Little Mosque On The Prairie
17th Feb 12 12:39:28Sinister Minister
14th Feb 12 11:15:19What Beautiful Eyes
13th Feb 12 07:44:27Funny.Little Mosque On The Prairie
13th Feb 12 07:43:54Funny.Little Mosque On The Prairie
12th Feb 12 12:08:10YMMV.Chasing Amy
11th Feb 12 07:55:20Creator Worship
11th Feb 12 06:11:00Tropers.Epicparadox
30th Jan 12 07:46:51Funny.Little Mosque On The Prairie
30th Jan 12 07:02:02Heartwarming.The Big Bang Theory
28th Jan 12 09:38:15Heartwarming.Crazy Stupid Love
28th Jan 12 09:37:00Funny.Crazy Stupid Love
26th Jan 12 01:29:38BAFTA
21st Jan 12 01:06:49Agents Of Cracked
19th Jan 12 08:43:34YMMV.The Big Bang Theory
9th Jan 12 08:08:33Funny.Little Mosque On The Prairie
9th Jan 12 08:06:52YMMV.Little Mosque On The Prairie
5th Jan 12 12:43:00Funny.Ratatouille
4th Jan 12 10:16:22WMG.My Immortal
4th Jan 12 04:26:21Fridge.Arthur
9th Dec 11 09:26:06Hollywood Homely
5th Dec 11 02:31:25Headscratchers.Phineas And Ferb
5th Dec 11 02:09:00Headscratchers.Advertising
4th Dec 11 08:00:03It Tastes Like Feet
11th Nov 11 01:09:59Headscratchers.Kesha
11th Nov 11 01:05:47Headscratchers.Kesha
8th Nov 11 06:49:00Ho Yay.House
29th Oct 11 03:50:08WMG.Two And A Half Men
29th Oct 11 03:24:43Headscratchers.Two And A Half Men
15th Oct 11 08:54:04A Cinderella Story
14th Oct 11 09:55:48Fridge.Friday
14th Oct 11 08:23:55Ho Yay.House
17th Sep 11 08:06:59Headscratchers.Glee Season 2
15th Sep 11 06:17:24YMMV.Coronation Street