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21st Oct 14 11:50:08Useful Notes.HM The Queen
29th Sep 14 10:44:45Film.The Empire Strikes Back
29th Sep 14 10:35:18Heartwarming.The Empire Strikes Back
2nd Feb 14 10:28:56Artistic License Physics
2nd Feb 14 10:21:28Artistic License Physics
11th Dec 13 07:08:12Total Eclipse Of The Plot
20th Nov 13 04:11:49Sci Fi Writers Have.No Sense Of Distance
20th Nov 13 04:09:32Sci Fi Writers Have.No Sense Of Distance
19th Nov 13 01:07:23Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 09 E 12 The Screaming Skull
16th Oct 13 08:14:53Theatre.Our Town
16th Oct 13 08:09:52Theatre.Our Town
16th Oct 13 07:48:15Ghost City
13th Oct 13 01:26:02Cool Old Lady
13th Oct 13 01:01:04Series.What Would You Do
28th Aug 13 01:59:17Western Animation.The Curse Of The Were Rabbit
31st Jul 13 04:25:17The Oner
2nd Jul 13 12:18:41Perpetual Motion Machine
2nd Jul 13 10:53:25Suddenly Significant City
14th Jun 13 07:00:04Western Animation.Titan AE
14th Jun 13 06:44:24Monumental Damage Resistance
14th Jun 13 06:43:47Monumental Damage Resistance
21st May 13 11:10:47Lies To Children
7th May 13 11:37:36Artistic License Ships
3rd Apr 13 09:19:13Headscratchers.Harry Potter Universe
21st Jan 13 09:38:09Anime.Howls Moving Castle
20th Jan 13 10:48:45Headscratchers.Howls Moving Castle
20th Jan 13 03:26:27In Its Hour Of Need
20th Dec 12 10:39:54Headscratchers.The Room
20th Dec 12 09:55:08Headscratchers.Independence Day
20th Dec 12 09:13:36Headscratchers.ET The Extra Terrestrial
18th Dec 12 11:41:29Headscratchers.The Magic School Bus
5th Dec 12 02:39:31Needs An Index
5th Dec 12 02:35:25Red Cross
7th Oct 12 02:11:29The Dung Ages
30th Sep 12 09:42:02Headscratchers.Star Trek Voyager
18th Sep 12 09:57:25Kill Sat
15th Sep 12 10:01:38Headscratchers.Jurassic Park
15th Sep 12 09:06:02Headscratchers.Home Alone
15th Sep 12 08:43:27Headscratchers.Armageddon
15th Sep 12 08:42:24Headscratchers.Armageddon
15th Sep 12 08:36:06Headscratchers.Armageddon
15th Sep 12 08:27:09Headscratchers.The Andromeda Strain
15th Sep 12 08:01:58Headscratchers.Twenty Eight Weeks Later
15th Sep 12 07:41:15Headscratchers.Summer Wars
15th Sep 12 07:39:36Headscratchers.Summer Wars
15th Sep 12 07:24:46Headscratchers.The Prince Of Egypt
15th Sep 12 07:22:22Headscratchers.The Prince Of Egypt
15th Sep 12 07:12:48Headscratchers.General Real Life
15th Sep 12 07:10:36Headscratchers.General Real Life
15th Sep 12 06:48:24Do Not Touch The Funnel Cloud
15th Sep 12 06:22:04Detonation Moon
9th Sep 12 03:36:11Comet Of Doom
14th Jul 12 11:05:07Tear Jerker.Star Trek The Next Generation
14th Jul 12 09:14:32Heartwarming.Real Life Other
20th Jun 12 10:53:43After The End
3rd Jun 12 10:14:49Harry Potter.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
3rd Jun 12 09:30:20Harry Potter.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
28th Apr 12 11:58:02Independence Day
28th Apr 12 11:34:12YMMV.Them
21st Feb 12 01:29:18Human Outside Alien Inside
7th Jan 12 11:31:01Important Haircut
7th Jan 12 10:58:39Important Haircut
7th Jan 12 09:57:39The Room
6th Jan 12 11:19:59You Cant Go Home Again
5th Jan 12 11:01:16And Man Grew Proud
30th Dec 11 09:53:03Headscratchers.Home Alone
30th Dec 11 09:41:37Headscratchers.ET The Extra Terrestrial
30th Dec 11 07:53:14Headscratchers.The Abyss
30th Dec 11 07:52:59Headscratchers.The Abyss
30th Dec 11 07:37:28Headscratchers.Two Thousand Twelve
30th Dec 11 06:42:31Headscratchers.Two Thousand Twelve
9th Dec 11 07:16:40Accidental Aesop
26th Nov 11 08:17:04Asteroid Thicket
26th Nov 11 07:40:27Universal Universe Time
26th Nov 11 06:14:33Artistic License Physics
26th Nov 11 06:03:07Artistic License Physics
26th Nov 11 05:56:03You Fail Geography Forever
25th Nov 11 08:00:18Asteroid Thicket
25th Nov 11 07:59:05Asteroid Thicket
9th Nov 11 10:01:21Film.Alien
30th Oct 11 12:00:28Phone Tropes
25th Sep 11 08:49:48Headscratchers.District 9