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18th Feb 18 12:20:04Tropers.Deeman 45
18th Feb 18 12:19:29Tropers.Deeman 45
17th Feb 18 10:22:42Immortality Begins At Twenty
17th Feb 18 10:09:12Tropers.Deeman 45
17th Feb 18 09:54:54Awesome Music.Pokemon
17th Feb 18 03:52:05Awesome Music.Pokemon
17th Feb 18 11:06:50YMMV.Lucahjin
17th Feb 18 11:06:13YMMV.Lucahjin
27th Dec 17 10:37:00Freaky Fashion Mild Mind
27th Dec 17 10:22:54Characters.Pokemon Elite Four
27th Dec 17 10:22:44Characters.Pokemon Other Non Playable Characters
23rd Dec 17 11:20:51Characters.RWBY White Fang
11th Dec 17 11:18:08Characters.RWBY White Fang
5th Dec 17 02:40:59Characters.Dune
25th Nov 17 09:01:02Recap.Two Best Friends Play
24th Nov 17 11:34:09Immortality Begins At Twenty
24th Nov 17 11:32:25Characters.Sonic The Hedgehog GUN
23rd Nov 17 10:18:34Characters.Sonic The Hedgehog Team Rose
23rd Nov 17 10:07:33Characters.Sonic The Hedgehog GUN
23rd Nov 17 10:04:52Characters.Sonic The Hedgehog GUN
10th Nov 17 10:11:22Characters.Metroid Galactic Federation
1st Nov 17 11:50:33The Dreaded
13th Oct 17 09:08:02Viewers Are Geniuses
8th Oct 17 01:51:24Characters.Friendship Is Magic Twilight Sparkle
1st Oct 17 12:08:53Characters.Super Paper Mario
16th Sep 17 03:56:39Video Game.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 03:52:18YMMV.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 03:48:52YMMV.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 03:44:13Video Game.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 03:15:47YMMV.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 03:15:26YMMV.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 03:14:56Video Game.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 03:14:18Video Game.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 03:09:39Video Game.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 02:01:41Nightmare Fuel.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 01:59:39YMMV.Deadly Creatures
16th Sep 17 01:33:09Video Game.Deadly Creatures
4th Sep 17 10:20:30Characters.Persona 5 Confidants
2nd Sep 17 05:02:31Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 7 E 19 To Change A Changeling
11th Aug 17 01:45:46Characters.Pokemon Villain Team Skull
11th Aug 17 11:00:15Characters.The Dresden Files The Vampires
10th Aug 17 08:38:32YMMV.Dangan Ronpa
24th Jul 17 05:47:11YMMV.Persona 5
21st Jul 17 04:46:20Lets Play.Lucahjin
21st Jul 17 04:44:38Lets Play.Lucahjin
17th Jul 17 09:37:21The Very Definitely Final Dungeon
16th Jul 17 01:50:21YMMV.Spider Man Homecoming
16th Jun 17 06:44:05Drinking Game.Lucahjin
16th Jun 17 06:43:14Drinking Game.Lucahjin
16th Jun 17 03:03:50Characters.Metroid Space Pirates
16th Jun 17 02:42:02Characters.Metroid Other Antagonists
16th Jun 17 02:32:13Characters.Metroid Other Antagonists
15th Jun 17 06:18:26YMMV.Super Jeenius
15th Jun 17 06:12:06Lets Play.Super Jeenius
13th Jun 17 09:10:26Video Game.Xenoblade Chronicles 2
7th Jun 17 09:38:01Characters.Pokemon Trial Captains And Kahunas
7th Jun 17 09:15:54Fridge.Pokemon Gold And Silver
19th May 17 07:32:17Awesome Music.The Legend Of Zelda
5th May 17 06:28:28Characters.Persona 5 Targets
9th Apr 17 12:41:20Characters.Wax And Wayne
8th Apr 17 06:59:06Characters.Spirited Away
28th Mar 17 10:05:03Characters.The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild
24th Mar 17 11:15:59Nightmare Fuel.Beauty And The Beast 2017
24th Mar 17 11:15:23Nightmare Fuel.Beauty And The Beast 2017
2nd Mar 17 12:32:21Lets Play.Lucahjin
25th Feb 17 11:39:06Film.Arrival
25th Feb 17 11:22:48YMMV.Arrival
17th Feb 17 12:55:32Characters.The Book Of Mormon
9th Feb 17 09:02:39Fish People
21st Jan 17 08:28:10Characters.Pokemon Trial Captains And Kahunas
1st Jan 17 08:34:47Characters.Pokemon Other Non Playable Characters
1st Jan 17 07:21:49Characters.Pokemon Trial Captains And Kahunas
15th Dec 16 04:13:36Lets Play.Lucahjin
14th Dec 16 02:46:26YMMV.Pokemon Sun And Moon
10th Dec 16 09:01:56YMMV.Pokemon Sun And Moon
27th Nov 16 09:01:02YMMV.Pokemon Sun And Moon
24th Nov 16 07:00:48YMMV.Moana
24th Nov 16 06:57:27Characters.Moana
3rd Oct 16 03:37:08Characters.Ace Attorney Defense Attorneys And Assistants
3rd Oct 16 03:33:37Heartwarming.Lucahjin
3rd Oct 16 03:30:51Lets Play.Lucahjin
29th Sep 16 09:01:24Characters.Dangan Ronpa Female Students
27th Feb 16 10:14:28Big Bad.Video Games
26th Feb 16 05:52:08Video Game.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
25th Feb 16 06:53:16Characters.Wax And Wayne
25th Feb 16 06:52:33Characters.Wax And Wayne
20th Feb 16 04:54:02YMMV.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
20th Feb 16 04:32:06Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Video Games
20th Feb 16 04:28:55Lets Play.Lucahjin
20th Feb 16 04:27:58Lets Play.Lucahjin
20th Feb 16 04:27:37Lets Play.Lucahjin
3rd Feb 16 01:06:31Jerkass.Western Animation
28th Jan 16 09:55:22Characters.Undertale Main Characters
27th Jan 16 02:16:14Awesome.Steam Train
20th Jan 16 01:00:49YMMV.Pokemon Gold And Silver
18th Jan 16 06:47:02Cute Monster Girl
18th Jan 16 05:42:30Lets Play.Nintendo Capri Sun
15th Jan 16 11:50:17YMMV.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
13th Jan 16 11:17:30Arc Words
12th Jan 16 09:58:16Fan Fic.Pokemon Storm Clouds
10th Jan 16 04:15:18YMMV.Steven Universe
9th Jan 16 04:53:01YMMV.Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
9th Jan 16 01:20:14Reality Ensues.Animated Films
9th Jan 16 01:20:13Reality Ensues.Animated Films
9th Jan 16 12:45:52Reality Ensues.Western Animation
9th Jan 16 12:22:48Reality Ensues.Video Games
8th Jan 16 11:27:39Reality Ensues.Anime And Manga
8th Jan 16 11:25:36Reality Ensues.Anime And Manga
8th Jan 16 04:24:52Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 29 Log Date 7152
8th Jan 16 04:15:26Awesome.Steven Universe
8th Jan 16 04:10:03Heartwarming.Steven Universe
8th Jan 16 09:22:16Recap.Steven Universe S 2 E 28 Message Received
6th Jan 16 12:44:14Mukokuseki
4th Jan 16 04:52:53Tear Jerker.Steven Universe
4th Jan 16 12:10:51Characters.Dune
30th Dec 15 04:16:32Funny.Lucahjin
28th Dec 15 02:57:56Awesome Music.Pokemon
26th Dec 15 10:31:08Characters.Undertale Main Characters
26th Dec 15 09:24:07YMMV.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
25th Dec 15 08:52:45YMMV.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
24th Dec 15 10:21:25YMMV.The Force Awakens
23rd Dec 15 09:34:31YMMV.Undertale
23rd Dec 15 12:06:05YMMV.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
22nd Dec 15 06:31:11Characters.Pokemon Generation I Tangela To Mew
22nd Dec 15 06:15:22YMMV.Pokemon Diamond And Pearl
22nd Dec 15 11:49:19Characters.Undertale Main Characters
20th Dec 15 11:53:41Video Game.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
19th Dec 15 01:45:25That One Level.RPG
19th Dec 15 01:36:01YMMV.Tales Of Symphonia
18th Dec 15 09:49:23YMMV.Tales Of The Abyss
18th Dec 15 12:41:50YMMV.Revenge Of The Sith
16th Dec 15 12:58:36Heartwarming.Fallout New Vegas
15th Dec 15 11:53:39YMMV.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
15th Dec 15 11:43:04Anticlimax Boss
15th Dec 15 11:42:10Anticlimax Boss
15th Dec 15 10:50:39Fallout New Vegas.Tropes E To H
15th Dec 15 10:05:38YMMV.Fallout New Vegas
9th Dec 15 09:58:15Characters.Undertale Spoiler Characters
8th Dec 15 11:24:57YMMV.Game Grumps
29th Nov 15 10:14:12YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 25 The Cutie Remark Part 1
28th Nov 15 10:13:15Characters.Friendship Is Magic Supporting Cast
28th Nov 15 10:07:51Tear Jerker.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 5
28th Nov 15 01:59:44Awesome.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 5
28th Nov 15 01:50:01Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 25 The Cutie Remark Part 1
28th Nov 15 01:44:18Characters.Friendship Is Magic Jerks And Bullies
28th Nov 15 01:02:21Awesome.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 5
22nd Nov 15 10:04:12Awesome.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 5
21st Nov 15 06:19:46Fan Fic.Pokemon Storm Clouds
17th Nov 15 09:40:34Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
11th Nov 15 08:16:07Developers Foresight.Undertale
10th Nov 15 02:23:51YMMV.The Legend Of Zelda Tri Force Heroes
9th Nov 15 12:48:55Magnum Opus Dissonance
4th Nov 15 02:58:17That One Level.Pokemon
3rd Nov 15 08:01:40YMMV.Dumbing Of Age
1st Nov 15 08:53:20Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 15 Scare Master
1st Nov 15 08:48:21Developers Foresight.Undertale
31st Oct 15 08:37:58Lets Play.Lucahjin
31st Oct 15 12:06:58YMMV.Pokemon
31st Oct 15 11:14:34YMMV.Undertale
31st Oct 15 09:04:22YMMV.Inside Out
30th Oct 15 10:06:52Video Game.Undertale
30th Oct 15 10:06:02Video Game.Undertale
29th Oct 15 10:14:45Characters.Pokemon Generation III Wailmer To Deoxys
27th Oct 15 12:31:53Hate Sink
24th Oct 15 06:32:53YMMV.Nintendo Capri Sun
22nd Oct 15 11:27:58Lets Play.Lucahjin
22nd Oct 15 10:38:10Characters.Undertale
21st Oct 15 01:01:11Awesome.Lucahjin
13th Oct 15 01:02:52YMMV.Undertale
10th Oct 15 11:02:16Characters.Friendship Is Magic Jerks And Bullies
7th Oct 15 12:44:05YMMV.Pokemon Red And Blue
5th Oct 15 11:39:49YMMV.Undertale
26th Sep 15 06:39:11YMMV.Pokemon Red And Blue
25th Sep 15 10:35:53Nightmare Fuel.Steven Universe
23rd Sep 15 02:30:24Trivia.Lucahjin
23rd Sep 15 02:20:47Drinking Game.Lucahjin
23rd Sep 15 12:47:39Lets Play.Lucahjin
23rd Sep 15 12:45:55Crutch Character
20th Sep 15 08:56:16Characters.Friendship Is Magic Jerks And Bullies
16th Sep 15 02:49:54Lets Play.Lucahjin
10th Sep 15 10:32:16Quotes.Degraded Boss
10th Sep 15 10:31:27Degraded Boss
7th Sep 15 09:02:48That One Level.RPG
29th Aug 15 09:45:16YMMV.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers
29th Aug 15 09:44:26YMMV.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers
29th Aug 15 09:44:01YMMV.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers
26th Aug 15 04:51:48Awesome.Fallout New Vegas
25th Aug 15 02:16:08Awesome.Gravity Falls
20th Aug 15 09:39:30Characters.Tales Of Symphonia
20th Aug 15 09:19:05Characters.Tales Of Symphonia
19th Aug 15 06:31:28YMMV.Game Grumps
8th Aug 15 05:31:20Video Game.Shadow Of The Colossus
5th Aug 15 07:39:55Lets Play.Lucahjin
5th Aug 15 07:37:23Awesome.The Kingkiller Chronicle
3rd Aug 15 03:39:58Lets Play.Lucahjin
3rd Aug 15 03:31:28YMMV.Sequelitis
31st Jul 15 05:04:51Lets Play.Lucahjin
25th Jul 15 09:19:11Characters.Kingdom Hearts Destiny Islands Trio
24th Jul 15 11:35:44YMMV.Lucahjin
24th Jul 15 11:34:48YMMV.Lucahjin
19th Jul 15 01:58:13YMMV.Shantae
18th Jul 15 06:14:04Characters.The Kingkiller Chronicle
22nd May 15 04:50:12That One Boss.RPG
22nd May 15 04:46:09YMMV.Digimon World 3
22nd May 15 04:37:14Wake Up Call Boss
1st Apr 15 02:49:46Urban Fantasy
14th Mar 15 11:58:33Characters.Kingdom Hearts Clock Tower Trio
14th Mar 15 11:44:48Characters.Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII
10th Mar 15 12:49:02Tear Jerker.Gravity Falls
10th Mar 15 01:22:23Staring Down Cthulhu
30th Jan 15 11:51:35Central Theme.Video Games
24th Jan 15 12:44:56Foreshadowing.Video Games
22nd Jan 15 08:21:44Whole Plot Reference
18th Jan 15 08:41:41Characters.Over The Garden Wall
17th Jan 15 05:48:00Characters.Friendship Is Magic Jerks And Bullies
15th Jan 15 01:54:02Characters.Dune
9th Jan 15 10:36:34YMMV.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers
9th Jan 15 01:55:49Disc One Nuke
4th Jan 15 01:15:31Quotes.The Unfettered
30th Dec 14 12:47:30Awesome.RWBY
20th Dec 14 11:47:57Film.Interstellar
16th Dec 14 04:18:10Lets Play.Lucahjin
16th Dec 14 04:17:08YMMV.Pokemon Snap
15th Dec 14 08:20:42Lets Play.Lucahjin
15th Dec 14 05:15:35YMMV.Chuggaaconroy
15th Dec 14 01:04:56Not Always Evil
13th Dec 14 10:21:00Characters.Wakfu
13th Dec 14 08:43:43Characters.Wakfu
13th Dec 14 08:40:41Characters.Wakfu
13th Dec 14 08:22:16Tear Jerker.Wakfu
13th Dec 14 08:19:03Wakfu.Tropes D-F
11th Dec 14 08:58:31Characters.The Legend Of Korra Other Characters
2nd Dec 14 08:59:03Radar.Wakfu
30th Nov 14 08:33:58Lets Play.Lucahjin
28th Nov 14 11:55:44Lets Play.Super Jeenius
28th Nov 14 11:55:10Lets Play.Super Jeenius
27th Nov 14 09:06:28Funny.Darths And Droids
26th Nov 14 09:51:25YMMV.Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire
26th Nov 14 09:41:59Awesome.Gravity Falls
26th Nov 14 09:39:39Characters.Gravity Falls Creatures And Other Oddities
25th Nov 14 08:04:35Awesome.Epic Rap Battles Of History
25th Nov 14 09:56:59Noob Cave
24th Nov 14 02:07:03YMMV.Epic Rap Battles Of History
20th Nov 14 10:06:12Characters.Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII
20th Nov 14 10:20:38Characters.Xenoblade
15th Nov 14 01:05:51Characters.Pokemon Villain Teams
15th Nov 14 01:05:25Characters.Pokemon Villain Teams
14th Nov 14 10:04:01Characters.Pokemon Villain Teams
11th Nov 14 11:10:04Screw Destiny
7th Nov 14 11:34:44Exposed To The Elements
7th Nov 14 01:57:14Wakfu.Tropes G-I
6th Nov 14 10:06:01Facial Dialogue
6th Nov 14 01:55:04Characters.Uncharted
5th Nov 14 07:11:46Marathon Level
4th Nov 14 05:23:47Video Game.Secret Of Mana
4th Nov 14 04:33:57Tragic Monster
2nd Nov 14 01:21:23YMMV.This Is It
2nd Nov 14 12:07:59Idiot Hero
29th Oct 14 07:44:48Near Victory Fanfare
27th Oct 14 06:16:21Tear Jerker.Gravity Falls
27th Oct 14 06:11:33Radar.Gravity Falls
27th Oct 14 12:48:08Orient Express
26th Oct 14 06:24:23Funny.The Legend Of Korra
21st Oct 14 10:47:57Characters.Star Fox
18th Oct 14 02:57:51Lets Play.Lucahjin
14th Oct 14 01:46:21YMMV.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
12th Oct 14 10:22:44YMMV.Ace Attorney
7th Oct 14 01:48:04Characters.Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII
6th Oct 14 08:08:28Lets Play.Lucahjin
6th Oct 14 03:12:40Central Theme.Video Games
1st Oct 14 05:21:07That One Boss.Kingdom Hearts
1st Oct 14 05:13:31Quotes.The Power Of Hate
24th Sep 14 09:44:26Trivia.Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness
14th Sep 14 10:55:32Awesome Music.Super Smash Bros
9th Sep 14 03:42:03Videogame.Kingdom Hearts II
1st Sep 14 09:04:43YMMV.Persona 5
27th Aug 14 10:49:17Marathon Level
26th Aug 14 09:34:44Knight Of Cerebus.Anime And Manga
24th Aug 14 03:54:32Characters.Tales Of Phantasia
21st Aug 14 12:48:14Video Game.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers
20th Aug 14 05:34:52Lets Play.Lucahjin
20th Aug 14 05:33:19Lets Play.Lucahjin
17th Aug 14 08:38:17Trivia.CHUGGAACONROY
10th Aug 14 11:24:20YMMV.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers
9th Aug 14 03:26:54The Dreaded.Video Games
9th Aug 14 03:23:54The Dreaded.VIDEOGAMES
9th Aug 14 03:23:52The Dreaded.VIDEOGAMES
9th Aug 14 09:22:17American Kirby Is Hardcore
9th Aug 14 12:16:04The Dreaded.Literature
8th Aug 14 09:24:12Climax Boss
6th Aug 14 05:09:47Videogame.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
2nd Aug 14 11:28:23Video Game.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
1st Aug 14 11:40:55WMG.Kingdom Hearts III
29th Jul 14 09:13:40Film.Hercules 2014
16th Jul 14 08:31:37Webcomic.Spinnerette
12th Jul 14 08:58:32Awesome.The Legend Of Korra
2nd Jul 14 04:30:07Drinking Game.Lucahjin
18th Jun 14 09:32:41Characters.The Stand
17th Jun 14 01:22:17Characters.Game Of Thrones Wildlings
9th Jun 14 07:42:40Characters.Pokemon Villain Teams
6th Jun 14 02:05:47Narm.Tales Series
6th Jun 14 01:36:37Narm.Final Fantasy
4th Jun 14 11:43:20Nightmare Fuel.Skin Game
4th Jun 14 01:23:27Big Bad.Anime And Manga
4th Jun 14 01:17:57Big Bad.Video Games
2nd Jun 14 10:01:17Awesome Music.Kingdom Hearts Chainof Memories
28th May 14 11:41:32Just For Fun.Drinking Game
27th May 14 09:51:05Drinking Game.Lucahjin
27th May 14 09:48:59Drinking Game.Lucahjin
21st May 14 10:20:29Characters.Kingdom Hearts Xehanort
20th May 14 05:29:05Drinking Game.CHUGGAACONROY
16th May 14 12:10:27Characters.The Stormlight Archive
10th May 14 07:06:27Tear Jerker.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
10th May 14 06:58:42Characters.Friendship Is Magic-Major Villains
2nd May 14 03:53:30Video Game.Kingdom Hearts I
2nd May 14 03:53:14Video Game.Kingdom Hearts I
26th Apr 14 07:41:48Awesome.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
26th Apr 14 07:37:29Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
25th Apr 14 02:11:30Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Spirit Tracks
25th Apr 14 02:02:01Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass
25th Apr 14 01:50:46Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Four Swords Adventures
25th Apr 14 01:50:20Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Four Swords Adventures
25th Apr 14 01:40:58Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Four Swords
25th Apr 14 01:40:47Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Four Swords
25th Apr 14 01:40:35Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Four Swords
25th Apr 14 01:29:12Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
25th Apr 14 01:25:30Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda I
25th Apr 14 10:03:41Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
25th Apr 14 10:03:07Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
24th Apr 14 01:23:58Rotating Protagonist
23rd Apr 14 06:00:32The Fettered
19th Apr 14 07:00:29The Heavy
19th Apr 14 06:55:20Characters.Paper Mario
19th Apr 14 06:42:10Funny.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
15th Apr 14 09:45:04Characters.Dragon Age Origins Non Playable Characters
14th Apr 14 08:20:25Religion Of Evil
13th Apr 14 09:40:50Characters.Metroid
11th Apr 14 01:30:29That One Level.The Legend Of Zelda
10th Apr 14 01:40:22Fair For Its Day
7th Apr 14 08:11:07Heartwarming.Game Of Thrones
23rd Mar 14 12:58:31One Man Industrial Revolution
21st Mar 14 10:20:19Faux Affably Evil
18th Mar 14 12:30:45Funny.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
13th Mar 14 10:01:08Characters.Pirates Of The Caribbean
17th Feb 14 10:46:49YMMV.Epic Rap Battles Of History
29th Jan 14 11:46:20Radar.Anime And Manga
25th Dec 13 11:11:45Author Phobia
20th Dec 13 07:04:50YMMV.Epic Rap Battles Of History
8th Dec 13 05:53:43Characters.Marble Hornets
5th Dec 13 09:51:11Characters.Marble Hornets
5th Dec 13 09:42:07Nightmare Fuel.Marble Hornets
23rd Nov 13 10:45:44Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
15th Nov 13 09:27:36Tear Jerker.The Legend Of Korra
15th Nov 13 09:20:01Characters.The Legend Of Korra Enemies
15th Nov 13 09:13:29Characters.The Legend Of Korra Allies
17th Aug 13 12:09:05Characters.Digimon Tamers
14th Aug 13 10:13:49WMG.Spinnerette
6th Aug 13 08:17:08YMMV.Spinnerette
24th Jul 13 11:36:56Bed Trick
21st Jul 13 09:36:17Characters.Tales Of Vesperia
20th Jul 13 07:18:31Tear Jerker.The Legend Of Korra
19th Jul 13 05:07:23Chewbacca Defense
19th Jul 13 02:55:11Funny.Nintendo Capri Sun
18th Jul 13 04:59:59Fridge.Bioshock Infinite
12th Jul 13 12:49:56Characters.Fullmetal Alchemist Homunculi
4th Jul 13 11:54:25Fan Fic.Cadence In A Minor
27th Jun 13 12:19:43Funny.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates To Infinity
27th Jun 13 12:12:47Characters.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates To Infinity
26th Jun 13 11:58:25YMMV.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates To Infinity
26th Jun 13 11:39:55Video Game.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates To Infinity
24th Jun 13 08:33:53Awesome Music.Pokemon
17th Jun 13 12:13:01Video Game.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates To Infinity
11th Jun 13 11:24:14WMG.Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
5th Jun 13 05:18:52Funny.Game Of Thrones
3rd Jun 13 10:06:41Funny.Game Of Thrones
28th May 13 10:35:16Awesome Music.Pokemon
10th May 13 10:38:40Climax Boss
9th May 13 09:09:11Foreshadowing.Video Games
15th Apr 13 09:29:37Film.Smoke Signals
14th Apr 13 07:18:27Videogame.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers
13th Apr 13 08:33:10Nightmare Fuel.Marble Hornets
13th Apr 13 08:31:37Heartwarming.Marble Hornets
28th Mar 13 08:53:13Heartwarming.Cold Days
19th Mar 13 10:52:07Funny.Brawl In The Family
19th Mar 13 06:57:21Headscratchers.Pokemon Colosseum
18th Mar 13 11:03:30Quotes.That One Boss
25th Feb 13 12:11:03Fan Fic.Cadence In A Minor
25th Feb 13 12:10:29Wham Episode.Fan Works
25th Feb 13 12:07:44There Are No Therapists
25th Feb 13 12:05:19The Loins Sleep Tonight
25th Feb 13 12:03:40Interspecies Romance.Fanfic
25th Feb 13 12:01:46Bigger Bad
24th Feb 13 11:59:24Bad Dreams
24th Feb 13 11:57:40Fan Fic.Cadence In A Minor
24th Feb 13 11:57:09Adorkable.Fan Works
24th Feb 13 11:52:28Fanfic.Cadence In A Minor
24th Feb 13 11:52:06Fanfic.Cadence In A Minor
20th Feb 13 01:29:45Characters.Pokemon Villain Teams
16th Feb 13 08:57:40Characters.Friendship Is Magic-Others
12th Feb 13 01:00:15Awesome Music.Yu Gi Oh