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7th Apr 16 06:21:52Farts On Fire
5th Apr 16 08:34:29Literature.The Year Of Rogue Dragons
5th Apr 16 07:05:29The Faceless.Literature
3rd Apr 16 07:32:43Literally Shattered Lives
3rd Apr 16 07:30:23Literature.The Iron Teeth
25th Mar 16 03:00:45Quotes.Vexxarr
25th Mar 16 11:31:15Quotes.Slasher Smile
25th Mar 16 10:37:15Quotes.Dreadful Musician
23rd Mar 16 08:38:32Quotes.Vexxarr
23rd Mar 16 08:30:06Quotes.Vexxarr
23rd Mar 16 11:03:57Quotes.Money Spider
21st Mar 16 12:15:11Quotes.Evil Versus Evil
21st Mar 16 11:21:39Quotes.Vexxarr
20th Mar 16 09:09:25Respected By The Respected
20th Mar 16 08:54:17Quotes.Vexxarr
20th Mar 16 08:37:44Quotes.Those Were Only Their Scouts
20th Mar 16 07:13:05Quotes.Think Nothing Of It
20th Mar 16 06:19:32Quotes.AI Is A Crapshoot
19th Mar 16 11:43:05Quotes.Properly Paranoid
19th Mar 16 11:26:45Quotes.Vexxarr
19th Mar 16 11:24:33Quotes.Vexxarr
19th Mar 16 11:03:24Quotes.Vexxarr
19th Mar 16 10:07:26Quotes.Humans Are Warriors
19th Mar 16 09:51:03Weird Currency
19th Mar 16 02:18:21Quotes.Vexxarr
19th Mar 16 12:43:14Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.Web Comics
18th Mar 16 11:07:42Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.Web Comics
18th Mar 16 11:04:06Involuntary Dance
18th Mar 16 01:54:18Quotes.Kicked Upstairs
18th Mar 16 01:52:58Quotes.Kicked Upstairs
18th Mar 16 12:08:07Quotes.Mundane Fantastic
15th Mar 16 10:29:03More Criminals Than Targets
15th Mar 16 10:22:47Outlaw Town
15th Mar 16 10:18:37Literature.The Iron Teeth
15th Mar 16 10:13:34In The Hood
15th Mar 16 10:11:16In The Hood
15th Mar 16 09:56:36Hide Your Otherness
15th Mar 16 09:55:34Hide Your Otherness
13th Mar 16 05:51:15Primal Chest Pound
13th Mar 16 04:41:47Try And Follow
13th Mar 16 12:29:34The Omniscient
12th Mar 16 05:04:49Too Many Halves
12th Mar 16 04:58:43Agony Beam
11th Mar 16 11:29:34Quotes.You Didnt Ask
8th Mar 16 07:03:37Underwater Base
8th Mar 16 06:16:24Player Headquarters
8th Mar 16 11:48:04No Such Agency
8th Mar 16 11:45:46Government Conspiracy
6th Mar 16 08:52:37Strategy Versus Tactics
6th Mar 16 08:40:25Quotes.Strategy Versus Tactics
6th Mar 16 08:02:51Literature.Sixteen Thirty Two
6th Mar 16 07:54:49Exploited Immunity
6th Mar 16 07:54:00Exploited Immunity
6th Mar 16 07:11:15Headscratchers.Schlock Mercenary
6th Mar 16 06:02:02Exploited Immunity
6th Mar 16 06:00:07Exploited Immunity
5th Mar 16 09:41:06Disintegrator Ray
5th Mar 16 09:09:23Implied Death Threat
5th Mar 16 08:57:24Implied Death Threat
4th Mar 16 10:21:34Quotes.Zero Percent Approval Rating
4th Mar 16 01:04:19Implied Death Threat
1st Mar 16 11:50:11Quotes.Hundred Percent Adoration Rating
29th Feb 16 08:47:00Quotes.Decapitation Presentation
29th Feb 16 01:43:23Decapitation Presentation
29th Feb 16 12:22:13Trolling Translator
29th Feb 16 11:28:35Quotes.Decapitation Presentation
28th Feb 16 05:17:45Quotes.The Gift
27th Feb 16 01:04:29Literature.The Iron Teeth
27th Feb 16 01:03:56Poisoned Weapons
27th Feb 16 11:17:05United Europe
22nd Feb 16 09:40:19Purple Eyes
22nd Feb 16 09:37:54Purple Eyes
22nd Feb 16 09:29:56Technology Uplift
22nd Feb 16 09:25:27Sticky Fingers
22nd Feb 16 09:23:12Superpower Lottery
22nd Feb 16 09:18:29Suffer The Slings
22nd Feb 16 09:15:42Red Baron
22nd Feb 16 09:10:40Random Effect Spell
22nd Feb 16 09:07:26Our Ogres Are Hungrier
22nd Feb 16 09:01:37Mugged For Disguise
22nd Feb 16 08:56:50Monster Lord
22nd Feb 16 08:51:36King Mook
22nd Feb 16 08:47:53Icy Blue Eyes
22nd Feb 16 08:41:27Elite Mooks
22nd Feb 16 08:40:36Elite Mooks
22nd Feb 16 08:38:39Elite Mooks
22nd Feb 16 08:24:58The Dreaded.Literature
22nd Feb 16 07:56:31Amulet Of Concentrated Awesome
22nd Feb 16 07:50:19Literature.The Iron Teeth
22nd Feb 16 07:14:52Literature.The Iron Teeth
22nd Feb 16 07:03:07Literature.The Iron Teeth
22nd Feb 16 06:26:34Literature.The Iron Teeth
22nd Feb 16 06:22:20Literature.The Iron Teeth
21st Feb 16 03:55:29The Needless
21st Feb 16 03:00:21Quotes.Super Soldier
13th Feb 16 08:08:33Webcomic.Schlock Mercenary
11th Feb 16 12:23:39Nightmare Fuel.Schlock Mercenary
10th Feb 16 11:18:38Headscratchers.Schlock Mercenary
10th Feb 16 09:17:42Headscratchers.Schlock Mercenary
9th Feb 16 09:51:13Quotes.Stupid Evil
9th Feb 16 09:49:05Quotes.Stupid Evil
9th Feb 16 09:48:11Quotes.Stupid Evil
9th Feb 16 09:45:19Quotes.Stupid Evil
9th Feb 16 08:34:03Quotes.Properly Paranoid
9th Feb 16 03:40:43Quotes.Berserk Button
8th Feb 16 02:10:59Headscratchers.Schlock Mercenary
6th Feb 16 07:13:09Quotes.Mortons Fork
5th Feb 16 09:40:14Quotes.Gravity Master
5th Feb 16 09:34:03Quotes.Gravity Master
5th Feb 16 09:33:13Quotes.Gravity Master
5th Feb 16 06:55:02Quotes.Government Conspiracy
3rd Feb 16 07:00:51Quotes.Nonindicative Name
3rd Feb 16 07:00:31Quotes.Nonindicative Name
3rd Feb 16 06:49:22Quotes.Never Mess With Granny
2nd Feb 16 12:25:49Begone Bribe
29th Jan 16 07:17:38Darkest Hour
29th Jan 16 07:10:41Webcomic.Schlock Mercenary
29th Jan 16 07:08:48Webcomic.Schlock Mercenary
26th Jan 16 07:20:53Heartwarming.Schlock Mercenary
25th Jan 16 02:33:27Evil Reactionary
23rd Jan 16 09:55:30Quotes.Eye Beams
23rd Jan 16 04:35:35Quotes.Good News Bad News
22nd Jan 16 12:00:47Quotes.Servile Snarker
19th Jan 16 09:56:37Quotes.I Am Not Left Handed
19th Jan 16 09:55:23Quotes.I Am Not Left Handed
17th Jan 16 06:42:50I Dont Pay You To Think
16th Jan 16 04:46:07Quotes.Starfish Language
16th Jan 16 04:25:23Quotes.Oh No Not Again
16th Jan 16 04:20:15Quotes.The Cavalry
16th Jan 16 04:16:57Quotes.The Cavalry
16th Jan 16 04:00:42Quotes.Right Behind Me
16th Jan 16 12:36:38Quotes.OOC Is Serious Business
16th Jan 16 12:34:57Quotes.OOC Is Serious Business
15th Jan 16 07:34:20Why Isnt It Attacking
13th Jan 16 08:14:58Web Original.Orions Arm
11th Jan 16 01:58:58Web Original.Orions Arm
11th Jan 16 11:38:11Horrifying The Horror
8th Jan 16 03:25:46Quotes.Anti Matter
8th Jan 16 03:24:40Quotes.Anti Matter
7th Jan 16 09:29:33Quotes.Anti Magic
7th Jan 16 07:01:07Chew Bubblegum
31st Dec 15 02:16:01Quotes.Bunny Ears Lawyer
29th Dec 15 11:15:33Pull A Rabbit Out Of My Hat
29th Dec 15 11:06:40Pull A Rabbit Out Of My Hat
29th Dec 15 11:06:13Pull A Rabbit Out Of My Hat
23rd Dec 15 11:45:31Quotes.Gargle Blaster
19th Dec 15 10:53:52Worse With Context
19th Dec 15 12:48:37Worse With Context
19th Dec 15 12:46:10Worse With Context
17th Dec 15 02:49:01Quotes.Badass Boast
17th Dec 15 02:44:25Quotes.Badass Boast
17th Dec 15 02:38:50Quotes.Badass Boast
16th Dec 15 02:03:36Quotes.Crazy Prepared
10th Dec 15 09:24:58Quotes.Even Evil Has Standards
10th Dec 15 09:24:28Quotes.Even Evil Has Standards
4th Dec 15 01:26:31Quotes.Make Sure Hes Dead
4th Dec 15 01:24:05Quotes.Make Sure Hes Dead
4th Dec 15 09:36:38Quotes.The Unfettered
4th Dec 15 09:35:24Quotes.The Unfettered
4th Dec 15 09:32:42Quotes.The Unfettered
29th Nov 15 09:26:15Quotes.Just Like Robin Hood
16th Nov 15 02:18:56Quotes.Hidden Depths
15th Nov 15 06:44:03Red Baron
13th Nov 15 10:07:36Quotes.The Gift
8th Nov 15 03:12:32Quotes.Proud Merchant Race
8th Nov 15 10:28:31Vegetarian Vampire
7th Nov 15 10:44:23Quotes.I Love Nuclear Power
7th Nov 15 10:34:10Quotes.Political Correctness Gone Mad
2nd Nov 15 12:48:10Quotes.Card Carrying Villain
1st Nov 15 09:14:51Headscratchers.Big Hero 6
31st Oct 15 09:21:53Quotes.Proud Merchant Race
30th Oct 15 11:40:28Quotes.Omnicidal Maniac
29th Oct 15 12:09:22Evidence Dungeon
29th Oct 15 12:01:39Quotes.Flat Character
28th Oct 15 11:41:26Orgy Of Evidence
28th Oct 15 07:56:23Quotes.Dumb Muscle
26th Oct 15 02:30:35Quotes.The Gift
26th Oct 15 09:30:34Candid Camera Prank
26th Oct 15 09:22:32Candid Camera Prank
24th Oct 15 03:49:56Mundane Fantastic
22nd Oct 15 07:09:00Quotes.Grrl Power
19th Oct 15 06:31:49Quotes.The Chains Of Commanding
18th Oct 15 09:17:56Quotes.Afraid Of Their Own Strength
18th Oct 15 09:15:23Quotes.Afraid Of Their Own Strength
18th Oct 15 09:15:08Quotes.Afraid Of Their Own Strength
18th Oct 15 06:48:04Quotes.Afraid Of Their Own Strength
18th Oct 15 06:47:47Quotes.Afraid Of Their Own Strength
16th Oct 15 11:43:41Quotes.The Masquerade Will Kill Your Dating Life
16th Oct 15 11:33:41Quotes.With Catlike Tread
16th Oct 15 10:31:49Quotes.Mundane Fantastic
16th Oct 15 10:13:43Quotes.Extreme Omnivore
16th Oct 15 01:14:19Quotes.And Call Him George
16th Oct 15 01:13:01Quotes.And Call Him George
16th Oct 15 01:12:26Quotes.And Call Him George
16th Oct 15 09:40:52Quotes.Battle Aura
16th Oct 15 09:40:23Quotes.Battle Aura
10th Oct 15 11:08:25Mean Boss
9th Oct 15 05:22:13Master Of Illusion
9th Oct 15 10:38:35Quotes.Mad Scientist
9th Oct 15 10:07:51Quotes.Mad Scientist
8th Oct 15 04:18:28I Dont Like The Sound Of That Place
8th Oct 15 01:36:26Beast Man
8th Oct 15 09:21:07Quotes.Schlock Mercenary
7th Oct 15 11:04:45Quotes.BFG
7th Oct 15 11:03:40Quotes.BFG
7th Oct 15 11:00:18Quotes.BFG
7th Oct 15 10:59:45Quotes.BFG
4th Oct 15 02:29:10Quotes.My Country Right Or Wrong
4th Oct 15 02:29:04Quotes.My Country Right Or Wrong
4th Oct 15 02:27:02Quotes.My Country Right Or Wrong
30th Sep 15 03:31:02Web Original.Orions Arm
28th Sep 15 08:58:33Headscratchers.Tintin
28th Sep 15 08:57:03Headscratchers.Tintin
26th Sep 15 08:31:37Web Original.Orions Arm
26th Sep 15 08:30:59Web Original.Orions Arm
26th Sep 15 08:30:22Web Original.Orions Arm
26th Sep 15 08:05:54Web Original.Orions Arm
16th Sep 15 07:11:22Hell Of A Heaven
12th Sep 15 03:57:29Redemption Demotion
12th Sep 15 03:56:38Redemption Demotion
10th Sep 15 11:37:13The Swear Jar
10th Sep 15 11:30:59The Swear Jar
6th Sep 15 09:59:23Quotes.Enemy Mine
6th Sep 15 03:56:54Quotes.Ear Worm
6th Sep 15 01:47:14Tropers.Dalek 955
5th Sep 15 11:25:58Literature.The Zombie Knight
3rd Sep 15 10:08:49Quotes.Insistent Terminology
3rd Sep 15 09:31:35Quotes.Immortal Immaturity
3rd Sep 15 09:29:01Quotes.Immortal Immaturity
31st Aug 15 08:11:27Quotes.Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters
30th Aug 15 05:18:40Everybodys Dead Dave
30th Aug 15 05:09:06Quotes.Everybodys Dead Dave
29th Aug 15 04:16:57Laser Blade
29th Aug 15 04:13:07Laser Blade
29th Aug 15 04:11:32Laser Blade
29th Aug 15 08:12:37Quotes.Sssssnaketalk
29th Aug 15 08:10:04Quotes.Sssssnaketalk
28th Aug 15 04:57:57Literature.The Zombie Knight
26th Aug 15 06:59:37Quotes.Enemy Mine
26th Aug 15 05:24:09Quotes.Let Me Get This Straight
26th Aug 15 05:23:28Quotes.Let Me Get This Straight
26th Aug 15 07:28:10Dehumanizing Insult
25th Aug 15 10:49:20Dehumanizing Insult
25th Aug 15 12:30:39Quotes.Drunken Master
25th Aug 15 12:29:29Quotes.Drunken Master
25th Aug 15 12:28:43Quotes.Drunken Master
24th Aug 15 03:21:18Subspace Ansible
24th Aug 15 02:56:32Subspace Ansible
24th Aug 15 01:52:14Subspace Ansible
24th Aug 15 11:49:15Too Incompetent To Operate A Blanket
19th Aug 15 10:32:17Spacetime Eater
13th Aug 15 10:33:00Quotes.The Zombie Knight
13th Aug 15 10:13:03Quotes.The Zombie Knight
28th Jul 15 01:03:52Quotes.Self Destruct Mechanism
25th Jul 15 08:25:30Culture Justifies Anything
24th Jul 15 04:27:40Quotes.Knife Nut
24th Jul 15 04:25:12Quotes.Knife Nut
24th Jul 15 04:24:56Quotes.Knife Nut
24th Jul 15 04:16:22Quotes.Stealth Expert
20th Jul 15 03:38:42Quotes.The Masquerade Will Kill Your Dating Life
19th Jul 15 09:13:04Quotes.The Internet
19th Jul 15 09:11:01Quotes.The Internet
19th Jul 15 03:16:20Literature.Unique
19th Jul 15 03:13:34Literature.Unique
14th Jul 15 01:02:03Greater Scope Villain
9th Jul 15 11:12:29Quotes.Chaotic Neutral
9th Jul 15 11:10:11Quotes.Chaotic Neutral
9th Jul 15 11:01:52Quotes.Let Me Get This Straight
9th Jul 15 08:54:15Long List
9th Jul 15 08:43:09Long List
7th Jul 15 09:35:04Quotes.Let Me Get This Straight
7th Jul 15 09:34:15Quotes.Let Me Get This Straight
30th Jun 15 07:15:58Readings Are Off The Scale
30th Jun 15 06:08:24Quotes.Sensing You Are Outmatched
30th Jun 15 06:00:28Quotes.Sensing You Are Outmatched
30th Jun 15 05:59:49Quotes.Sensing You Are Outmatched
27th Jun 15 12:14:42Quotes.Grrl Power
27th Jun 15 11:57:55Disarm Disassemble Destroy
23rd Jun 15 09:42:37Quotes.Reality Is Out To Lunch
22nd Jun 15 11:20:38Quotes.Super Speed
22nd Jun 15 09:39:31Tropers.Dalek 955
20th Jun 15 10:16:47Quotes.Immortal Immaturity
20th Jun 15 10:15:37Quotes.Immortal Immaturity
17th Jun 15 10:31:42Quotes.Captain Obvious
17th Jun 15 04:30:54Epic Battle Boredom
17th Jun 15 04:15:17Webcomic.Grrl Power
17th Jun 15 04:12:57Webcomic.Grrl Power
17th Jun 15 03:00:10Weapon For Intimidation
17th Jun 15 02:19:52Un Sorcerer
17th Jun 15 11:56:16Long List
15th Jun 15 11:46:06Quotes.Power Incontinence
13th Jun 15 01:17:50Quotes.Let Me Get This Straight
12th Jun 15 04:31:00Quotes.I Have Many Names
12th Jun 15 04:30:02Quotes.I Have Many Names
12th Jun 15 12:04:37Quotes.The Order Of The Stick
12th Jun 15 11:58:22Quotes.The Order Of The Stick
12th Jun 15 11:51:31Quotes.The Order Of The Stick
6th Jun 15 09:18:32Quotes.The Chains Of Commanding
6th Jun 15 09:18:01Quotes.The Chains Of Commanding
2nd Jun 15 09:07:37Quotes.Schlock Mercenary
29th May 15 04:10:59Super Smoke
29th May 15 04:09:16Literature.The Zombie Knight
28th May 15 04:52:33Academy Of Evil
27th May 15 05:25:26Quotes.Mugging The Monster
27th May 15 05:24:21Quotes.Mugging The Monster
27th May 15 05:22:48Quotes.Mugging The Monster
26th May 15 12:48:41Tropers.Dalek 955
24th May 15 09:01:50Bag Of Holding
24th May 15 08:36:00Bag Of Holding
21st May 15 09:47:23Quotes.Power Of Trust
21st May 15 09:45:38Quotes.Power Of Trust
21st May 15 07:12:07Quotes.Power Incontinence
21st May 15 07:11:40Quotes.Power Incontinence
21st May 15 07:06:44Power Incontinence
16th May 15 08:16:26Quotes.The Zombie Knight
14th May 15 07:31:32Quotes.The Zombie Knight
11th May 15 04:05:27Quotes.Stand Still Stay Silent
11th May 15 10:07:07Quotes.The Zombie Knight
11th May 15 09:15:01Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
11th May 15 08:55:58Quotes.Angrish
11th May 15 08:46:39Quotes.Angrish
11th May 15 08:18:00Quotes.Hangover Sensitivity
10th May 15 10:22:30Quotes.Major Injury Underreaction
10th May 15 02:48:57Quotes.All Myths Are True
10th May 15 01:59:08Quotes.Aerith And Bob
10th May 15 01:57:39Quotes.Aerith And Bob
9th May 15 09:38:26Quotes.The Dreaded
9th May 15 09:25:49Quotes.The Dreaded
8th May 15 10:23:53Insignia Rip Off Ritual
7th May 15 12:22:34Quotes.Man Child
3rd May 15 11:03:24Quotes.Person Of Mass Destruction
2nd May 15 03:07:23Multinational Team
2nd May 15 03:03:32Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
2nd May 15 10:45:16Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
2nd May 15 08:50:22Funny.Stand Still Stay Silent
1st May 15 09:56:30Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
1st May 15 09:53:29Induced Hypochondria
1st May 15 08:47:01Induced Hypochondria
1st May 15 08:46:15Induced Hypochondria
1st May 15 08:01:14Odd Friendship
30th Apr 15 08:33:48Funny.Stand Still Stay Silent
29th Apr 15 01:51:05Funny.Stand Still Stay Silent
28th Apr 15 11:07:28Awesome Personnel Carrier
28th Apr 15 11:01:26Awesome Personnel Carrier
28th Apr 15 01:25:38Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
28th Apr 15 01:24:11Grim Up North
28th Apr 15 01:23:09Grim Up North
28th Apr 15 09:24:16Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
28th Apr 15 08:33:33Tropers.Dalek 955
28th Apr 15 08:32:30Tropers.Dalek 955
27th Apr 15 02:57:46Literature.The Zombie Knight
27th Apr 15 02:55:04Red Baron
27th Apr 15 02:51:00Chrome Champion
27th Apr 15 02:40:23Literature.The Zombie Knight
26th Apr 15 03:59:01Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
25th Apr 15 09:34:03Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
25th Apr 15 07:35:16Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
25th Apr 15 03:25:38Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
25th Apr 15 02:22:26Webcomic.Stand Still Stay Silent
21st Apr 15 08:55:07Quotes.Major Injury Underreaction
21st Apr 15 08:54:10Quotes.Major Injury Underreaction
21st Apr 15 08:51:52Quotes.Major Injury Underreaction
18th Apr 15 09:09:55Quotes.Disproportionate Retribution
18th Apr 15 09:09:08Quotes.Disproportionate Retribution
14th Apr 15 11:51:59Tropers.Dalek 955
13th Apr 15 11:58:49Technicolor Toxin
13th Apr 15 11:55:47Technicolor Toxin
12th Apr 15 07:17:57Webcomic.The Whiteboard
7th Apr 15 07:14:05Quotes.Grrl Power
7th Apr 15 06:39:54Quotes.Grrl Power
7th Apr 15 10:32:22Quotes.Disproportionate Retribution
2nd Apr 15 09:28:41Tele Frag
1st Apr 15 05:21:14Cross Cultural Handshake
24th Mar 15 12:46:39Real Life.Tropes A To F
23rd Mar 15 09:18:03Ring Ring CRUNCH.Web Original
23rd Mar 15 09:13:12Ring Ring CRUNCH.Web Original
22nd Mar 15 06:44:37Quotes.Why Did It Have To Be Snakes
22nd Mar 15 11:50:27Quotes.Why Did It Have To Be Snakes
22nd Mar 15 10:25:00Punch Catch
20th Mar 15 10:48:02Quotes.Super Speed
20th Mar 15 10:47:27Quotes.Super Speed
19th Mar 15 10:17:54Quotes.Mugging The Monster
19th Mar 15 10:06:25Quotes.Mugging The Monster
19th Mar 15 10:05:45Quotes.Mugging The Monster
18th Mar 15 10:58:14Quotes.Skin Deep
16th Mar 15 06:03:54Quotes.Skin Deep
12th Mar 15 08:46:23Quotes.Schlock Mercenary
10th Mar 15 03:47:20Quotes.God Is Evil
10th Mar 15 03:46:42Quotes.God Is Evil
10th Mar 15 03:44:45Quotes.God Is Evil
5th Mar 15 04:22:44Quotes.The Zombie Knight
27th Feb 15 07:43:03Quotes.The Government
26th Feb 15 05:35:20Quotes.The Government
26th Feb 15 03:41:19Dont Touch It You Idiot
23rd Feb 15 03:11:17Funny.Freemans Mind
23rd Feb 15 03:06:48Funny.Freemans Mind
22nd Feb 15 09:41:33Quotes.Even Evil Has Standards
18th Feb 15 07:51:00Quotes.Goblins
18th Feb 15 07:50:40Quotes.Goblins
18th Feb 15 07:45:56Quotes.Goblins