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19th Feb 14 11:38:24Series.Rookie Blue
19th Feb 14 09:53:09Characters.Bravely Default
19th Feb 14 09:26:41Video Game.Bravely Default
2nd Jan 14 11:21:03Characters.Project X Zone
9th Jul 13 04:08:13Video Game.Jak II Renegade
4th Jul 13 02:39:13YMMV.Dishonored
4th Jul 13 02:34:08Characters.Dishonored
4th Jul 13 02:23:42YMMV.Dishonored
10th Jun 13 10:43:24Video Game.State Of Decay
10th Jun 13 10:36:35Characters.State Of Decay
10th Jun 13 10:21:36Video Game.State Of Decay
1st Jun 13 08:45:41Series.Breaking Bad
29th May 13 01:30:53Machinima.Gamer Poop
29th May 13 07:00:37Machinima.Gamer Poop
2nd May 13 12:39:37Analysis.Receiver
1st May 13 07:52:00Video Game.Receiver
16th Mar 13 12:06:04Muggle Power
16th Mar 13 11:53:53Characters.Empowered
16th Mar 13 11:23:35Comicbook.Empowered
6th Mar 13 09:19:41Creator.N Csoft
6th Mar 13 07:58:20Webcomic.Kiwi Blitz
20th Feb 13 08:54:00Comic Book.Empowered
1st Feb 13 07:54:54Video Game.Defenders Quest
15th Jan 13 07:00:44Faux Action Girl
10th Jan 13 10:32:21YMMV.Mass Effect 3
10th Jan 13 09:07:42YMMV.The Elenium
10th Jan 13 12:04:32Video Game.Dragons Dogma
10th Jan 13 11:45:25Video Game.Dragons Dogma
6th Sep 12 12:01:19Characters.Persona 4 The Investigation Team
30th Jul 12 10:45:45Characters.Archer
28th Jul 12 04:47:42Video Game.Persona 4
18th Jul 12 09:56:35Characters.Archer
23rd Jun 12 02:35:14Western Animation.Archer
29th Apr 12 09:42:45Video Game.Dead Rising 2
20th Apr 12 04:16:52Anime.Negima Second Season
11th Apr 12 06:06:04Video Game.Anomaly Warzone Earth
30th Mar 12 11:43:37Sine Mora
17th Mar 12 08:10:02YMMV.Mass Effect 3
17th Mar 12 06:59:26YMMV.Mass Effect 3
16th Mar 12 12:59:22YMMV.Mass Effect 3
16th Mar 12 12:51:16Video Game.Mass Effect 3
16th Mar 12 05:56:38YMMV.Mass Effect 3
16th Mar 12 04:49:28Quotes.Mass Effect 3
15th Mar 12 09:57:34Video Game.Mass Effect 3
15th Mar 12 07:59:24Video Game.Mass Effect 3
15th Mar 12 07:01:18Video Game.Mass Effect 3
15th Mar 12 06:29:55YMMV.Mass Effect 3
14th Mar 12 01:48:01Characters.Mass Effect Commander Shepard
12th Mar 12 01:56:03YMMV.Mass Effect 3
12th Mar 12 08:37:14YMMV.Mass Effect 3
6th Mar 12 02:11:47YMMV.City Of Heroes
6th Mar 12 02:11:22Video Game.City Of Heroes
5th Mar 12 11:58:33Romance Inducing Smudge
5th Mar 12 12:27:18Stat Grinding
4th Mar 12 12:41:30Trivia.Neverwinter Nights 2
4th Mar 12 12:40:30Video Game.Neverwinter Nights 2
3rd Mar 12 10:06:17Video Game.Persona
2nd Mar 12 01:04:21We Cannot Go On Without You
2nd Mar 12 12:54:43We Cannot Go On Without You
1st Mar 12 11:14:06Video Game.Binary Domain
27th Feb 12 04:36:40Video Game.Binary Domain
26th Feb 12 02:48:53Video Game.Star Wars The Old Republic
26th Feb 12 02:11:41Experience Points
26th Feb 12 01:23:06Executive Meddling.Video Games
25th Feb 12 05:34:04The Closer
25th Feb 12 05:30:14Characters.Law And Order
23rd Feb 12 09:04:43Video Game.Deus Ex Human Revolution
23rd Feb 12 07:40:30Video Game.Mass Effect 3
23rd Feb 12 07:14:38Video Game.Binary Domain
19th Feb 12 03:49:28Video Game.Binary Domain
18th Feb 12 07:39:44Video Game.Binary Domain
18th Feb 12 04:02:47Video Game.Binary Domain
2nd Nov 11 12:22:51Valkyria Chronicles II
25th Sep 11 12:40:06Screwed By The Network

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