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2nd Jun 14 02:12:50Nightmare Fuel.Marvel Avengers Alliance
25th Dec 13 09:51:46Fridge.Marvel Avengers Alliance
25th Dec 13 09:50:29Fridge.Marvel Avengers Alliance
7th Oct 13 08:49:27Awesome.New Jedi Order
19th Jul 13 11:36:33Headscratchers.Treasure Planet
19th Jul 13 11:36:14Headscratchers.Treasure Planet
27th Mar 13 06:53:33Tropers.Corr Terek
15th Jan 13 08:57:57Film.The Hobbit
15th Nov 12 05:56:51Tropers.Corr Terek
22nd Sep 12 06:59:44Tropers.Corr Terek
31st Jul 12 04:15:04Tropers.Corr Terek
31st May 12 08:19:44Audience Alienating Premise
4th Feb 12 08:08:40Tyrant Takes The Helm
27th Dec 11 01:06:10Fridge.Mass Effect
24th Sep 11 09:14:21Funny.Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

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