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26th Feb 13 03:53:31Bizarre Alien Locomotion
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30th Oct 12 04:40:50Funny.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012
2nd Oct 12 11:12:46Gallows Humor
4th Sep 12 01:59:23Engagement Challenge
15th Aug 12 10:21:14Double Unlock
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5th Jul 12 07:41:15Designated Love Interest
5th Dec 11 08:12:04Law And Order UK
26th Oct 11 06:08:23Designated Evil
16th Oct 11 10:41:21High Octane Nightmare Fuel.War And Crimes Against Humanity
16th Oct 11 09:55:14Alternative Character Interpretation.Live Action TV
16th Oct 11 05:53:39Hijacked By Jesus
16th Oct 11 05:28:35Der Fuehrer's Face
12th Oct 11 03:07:04Life Imitates Art
10th Oct 11 04:59:25Suspiciously Specific Denial
10th Oct 11 10:48:51The Computer Shall Taunt You
5th Oct 11 05:28:49Continuity Lock Out
4th Oct 11 04:46:23Fantasy-Forbidding Father
27th Sep 11 04:22:03False Dichotomy
23rd Sep 11 03:52:19Bottle Fairy
23rd Sep 11 03:52:17Bottle Fairy
19th Sep 11 05:47:13Fridge.Magic The Gathering