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4th Mar 14 09:03:23The Last Straw
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13th Feb 14 10:11:06Spotlight Stealing Squad
13th Feb 14 10:08:22Spotlight Stealing Squad
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27th Jan 14 01:34:54Characters.Doubt Academy Black Roster
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18th Jan 14 01:30:30Launcher Of A Thousand Ships.Anime And Manga
18th Jan 14 01:29:46Launcher Of A Thousand Ships.Anime And Manga
12th Jan 14 04:53:02Characters.Doubt Academy Black Roster
2nd Jan 14 12:30:46YMMV.Suite Pretty Cure
2nd Jan 14 12:29:58YMMV.Suite Pretty Cure
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4th Dec 13 10:42:47Characters.Doubt Academy Black Roster
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20th Nov 13 10:16:40Characters.Doubt Academy
19th Nov 13 09:30:05Characters.Doubt Academy
19th Nov 13 08:28:02Characters.Doubt Academy
19th Nov 13 09:22:10Characters.Pretty Cure Mirai Spark
18th Nov 13 08:23:16Characters.Doubt Academy
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6th Nov 13 10:37:20Characters.Doubt Academy
5th Nov 13 10:24:01Characters.Doubt Academy
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16th Oct 13 09:24:20Nightmare Fuel.Doubt Academy
16th Oct 13 09:23:21Characters.Doubt Academy
15th Oct 13 11:28:49Characters.Doubt Academy
15th Oct 13 10:23:10Characters.Doubt Academy
15th Oct 13 09:11:56Characters.Doubt Academy
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15th Oct 13 01:10:42Characters.Doubt Academy
15th Oct 13 12:56:29Characters.Doubt Academy
15th Oct 13 10:05:29Characters.Doubt Academy
15th Oct 13 09:37:52Characters.Doubt Academy
14th Oct 13 09:05:32Video Game.Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
14th Oct 13 09:30:05YMMV.Pokemon X And Y
12th Oct 13 10:10:02Characters.Doubt Academy
12th Oct 13 08:45:15Characters.Doubt Academy
11th Oct 13 10:25:39Characters.Doubt Academy
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9th Oct 13 12:16:48Roleplay.Doubt Academy
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8th Oct 13 10:25:09Characters.Doubt Academy
8th Oct 13 09:44:32Characters.Doubt Academy
8th Oct 13 08:17:09Characters.Doubt Academy
7th Oct 13 08:39:28Characters.Doubt Academy
7th Oct 13 07:14:08Characters.Doubt Academy
5th Oct 13 04:30:25Undead Child
2nd Oct 13 05:07:49YMMV.Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
2nd Oct 13 11:47:41Characters.Doubt Academy
2nd Oct 13 09:39:01Nightmare Fuel.Doubt Academy
1st Oct 13 04:18:52Characters.Doubt Academy
30th Sep 13 07:56:25Nightmare Fuel.Doubt Academy
30th Sep 13 07:55:00Nightmare Fuel.Doubt Academy
30th Sep 13 07:37:40Funny.Doubt Academy
30th Sep 13 07:37:09Funny.Doubt Academy
30th Sep 13 07:36:05Funny.Doubt Academy
29th Sep 13 06:49:29Characters.Doubt Academy
27th Sep 13 10:23:30Characters.Doubt Academy
26th Sep 13 10:10:47Characters.Doubt Academy
25th Sep 13 04:37:57Characters.Doubt Academy
25th Sep 13 02:06:53Characters.Doubt Academy
24th Sep 13 06:12:53Characters.Doubt Academy
24th Sep 13 06:41:14Characters.Doubt Academy
23rd Sep 13 03:16:47Characters.Doubt Academy
23rd Sep 13 07:15:34Characters.Doubt Academy
23rd Sep 13 06:49:49Characters.Doubt Academy
22nd Sep 13 05:42:21Nightmare Fuel.Doubt Academy
21st Sep 13 03:55:07YMMV.Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger
20th Sep 13 09:16:21YMMV.Futari Wa Pretty Cure
18th Sep 13 08:13:11Characters.Doubt Academy
18th Sep 13 02:53:43Characters.Doubt Academy
18th Sep 13 11:28:56Characters.Doubt Academy
15th Sep 13 03:31:47Characters.Doubt Academy
14th Sep 13 03:25:14Characters.Doubt Academy
14th Sep 13 11:22:34Characters.Doubt Academy
12th Sep 13 04:01:58Roleplay.Doubt Academy
4th Sep 13 08:35:14Characters.Doubt Academy
4th Sep 13 05:29:04YMMV.Fresh Pretty Cure
29th Aug 13 04:21:02Anime.Pretty Cure
24th Aug 13 06:52:36Characters.Sweet Reverie Pretty Cure
24th Aug 13 08:21:28Characters.Sweet Reverie Pretty Cure
21st Aug 13 02:09:33Characters.Doubt Academy
19th Aug 13 11:20:23Characters.Doubt Academy
19th Aug 13 10:51:18Fan Fic.Sweet Reverie Pretty Cure
19th Aug 13 10:51:16Characters.Sweet Reverie Pretty Cure
19th Aug 13 08:35:00Nightmare Fuel.Anime
19th Aug 13 08:33:44Nightmare Fuel.Smile Pretty Cure
19th Aug 13 08:32:50YMMV.Smile Pretty Cure
19th Aug 13 08:15:26Characters.Sweet Reverie Pretty Cure
19th Aug 13 06:45:02Characters.Doubt Academy
19th Aug 13 05:31:32Characters.Doubt Academy
14th Aug 13 07:21:50Ho Yay.Doki Doki Precure
14th Aug 13 07:18:53Ho Yay.Doki Doki Precure
14th Aug 13 06:55:04YMMV.Suite Pretty Cure
12th Aug 13 01:07:40Ho Yay.Doki Doki Precure
1st Aug 13 09:04:18Contested Sequel
1st Aug 13 06:54:45YMMV.Doki Doki Precure
30th Jul 13 06:09:24YMMV.Doki Doki Precure
28th Jul 13 10:29:12YMMV.Suite Pretty Cure
28th Jul 13 10:28:30YMMV.Suite Pretty Cure
16th Jul 13 06:10:11YMMV.Doki Doki Precure
16th Jul 13 06:01:20YMMV.Doki Doki Precure
15th Jul 13 08:49:45Bifauxnen
15th Jul 13 08:44:45YMMV.Doki Doki Precure
15th Jul 13 08:33:49YMMV.Doki Doki Precure
13th Jul 13 06:44:54Characters.Shining Pretty Cure
13th Jul 13 10:26:18Characters.Doki Doki Precure
13th Jul 13 10:24:48YMMV.Doki Doki Precure
2nd Jul 13 09:10:42Characters.Shining Pretty Cure
2nd Jul 13 09:07:55Characters.Pretty Cure Mirai Spark
25th Jun 13 08:31:03YMMV.Doki Doki Precure
24th Jun 13 05:24:57Fan Fic.Pretty Cure Mirai Spark
24th Jun 13 05:23:08Characters.Pretty Cure Mirai Spark
24th Jun 13 02:59:00Anime.Fresh Pretty Cure
24th Jun 13 02:47:15YMMV.Doki Doki Precure
24th Jun 13 02:46:16YMMV.Doki Doki Precure
18th Jun 13 03:05:21Dork Age.Anime And Manga
16th Jun 13 08:12:17YMMV.Smile Pretty Cure
11th Jun 13 03:58:35Die For Our Ship.Anime And Manga
11th Jun 13 11:32:57Anime.Doki Doki Precure
11th Jun 13 09:04:52Die For Our Ship.Anime And Manga
11th Jun 13 08:59:01Anime.Doki Doki Precure
11th Jun 13 08:56:19YMMV.Doki Doki Precure