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6th Sep 14 12:57:43Heartwarming.Diamanda Hagan
1st Dec 13 09:45:33Series.The Aquabats Super Show
1st Dec 13 09:43:12Series.The Aquabats Super Show
29th Nov 13 10:35:54Headscratchers.Cupcake Wars
29th Nov 13 10:35:36Headscratchers.Cupcake Wars
8th Oct 13 04:09:40Series.The Aquabats Super Show
31st Aug 13 05:22:17Series.The Aquabats Super Show
31st Aug 13 05:21:31Series.The Aquabats Super Show
31st Aug 13 05:03:23WMG.The Aquabats Super Show
13th Aug 13 11:35:24Awesome.The Aquabats Super Show
12th Aug 13 11:02:43Heartwarming.The Aquabats Super Show
3rd Aug 13 09:35:32Headscratchers.Universal Studios
29th Jul 13 01:33:44Series.The Aquabats Super Show
14th Jul 13 10:08:04Series.The Aquabats Super Show
4th Jul 13 11:09:31Berserk Button.Live Action TV
4th Jul 13 11:02:00Berserk Button.Music
2nd Jul 13 04:25:00Series.The Aquabats Super Show
8th Jun 13 09:44:48Blessed With Suck.Fan Fic
6th Jun 13 08:28:33Series.The Aquabats Super Show
6th Jun 13 08:26:19WMG.The Aquabats Super Show
6th Jun 13 08:26:04WMG.The Aquabats Super Show
3rd Jun 13 07:52:07The Aquabats Super Show
21st May 13 11:46:44Nightmare Fuel.Music
12th May 13 04:10:38Cover Version
12th May 13 04:07:55Cover Album
12th May 13 04:05:38Concept Album
12th May 13 03:59:04I Am The Band
9th May 13 10:10:56Headscratchers.Little Shop Of Horrors
9th May 13 10:05:49Film.The Lords Of Salem
6th May 13 08:53:38Bizarro Episode
30th Apr 13 02:18:31The Secret Of Long Pork Pies
29th Apr 13 03:02:29Headscratchers.The Aquabats Super Show
25th Apr 13 09:09:32Western Animation.Rise Of The Guardians
25th Apr 13 04:19:42One Man Band
25th Apr 13 04:18:46I Am The Band
25th Apr 13 04:17:53I Am The Band
24th Apr 13 10:44:52Misattributed Song
24th Apr 13 10:29:35Album Title Drop
24th Apr 13 10:29:34Album Title Drop
24th Apr 13 10:23:49Iam The Band
24th Apr 13 08:42:47On A Soundstage All Along
23rd Apr 13 09:18:01Excited Title Two Part Episode Name
23rd Apr 13 01:09:28Fridge.Weird Al Yankovic
18th Apr 13 10:01:18Breakup Song
15th Apr 13 10:26:23Offhand Backhand
15th Apr 13 10:16:11Date Rape
24th Mar 13 03:33:59Affably Evil.Animated Films
24th Mar 13 03:31:54Film.Bunraku
23rd Mar 13 05:07:19Incredibly Long Note
23rd Mar 13 04:52:56Banana In The Tailpipe
6th Mar 13 05:28:22Tear Jerker.Into The Woods
6th Mar 13 05:23:14Tear Jerker.The Muppet Show
6th Mar 13 05:20:00Tear Jerker.The Muppet Show
6th Mar 13 04:52:57Tear Jerker.Film H-M
6th Mar 13 04:46:19Tear Jerker.Film N-S
3rd Mar 13 07:44:54Headscratchers.The Aquabats Super Show
27th Feb 13 02:41:42Headscratchers.Metalocalypse
26th Feb 13 02:12:41The Aquabats Super Show
26th Feb 13 12:52:19Headscratchers.The Aquabats Super Show
26th Feb 13 12:51:08Headscratchers.Live Action TV
26th Feb 13 12:50:37Headscratchers.Live Action TV
11th Feb 13 09:39:04Music.Gogol Bordello
2nd Feb 13 11:04:04Music.Wall Of Voodoo
7th Jan 13 01:39:44Remake Cameo
7th Jan 13 01:34:47Remake Cameo
30th Dec 12 01:39:40Western Animation.Bobs Burgers
30th Dec 12 01:29:03Berserk Button.Music
8th Nov 12 09:27:49Headscratchers.The Cabin In The Woods
4th Aug 12 01:00:10Nightmare Fuel.Music Videos
16th Jul 12 09:14:41Series.Whose Line Is It Anyway
24th Jun 12 10:44:59Bowdlerise.Music
24th Jun 12 08:50:14Very False Advertising
24th Jun 12 08:43:17Music.Faith No More
24th Jun 12 08:40:05Mr Fanservice.Music
24th Jun 12 08:33:53Mr Fanservice.Film
21st May 12 12:22:39Stupid Sexy Flanders
10th May 12 07:31:10Radar.Live Action TV
24th Mar 12 02:33:00Performance Video
24th Mar 12 02:00:56Accidental Nightmare Fuel.Music Videos
13th Mar 12 06:41:47Parental Incest