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20th Nov 14 09:58:37Role Ending Misdemeanor
17th Nov 14 10:16:44Theatre.The Nutcracker
17th Nov 14 10:08:31Christmas Creep
17th Nov 14 09:59:42Creator.Jamie Bamber
17th Nov 14 09:43:10Creator.Jamie Bamber
17th Nov 14 09:17:44Series.Ultimate Force
17th Nov 14 09:15:45Trivia.Poirot
17th Nov 14 09:11:03Creator.Jamie Bamber
17th Nov 14 09:07:57Creator.Jamie Bamber
13th Nov 14 11:02:40Pretty Boy
13th Nov 14 10:40:22Chew Out Fake Out
13th Nov 14 10:36:39Heel Realization
13th Nov 14 10:16:46The Villain Knows Where You Live
13th Nov 14 10:13:19Inferiority Superiority Complex
13th Nov 14 10:11:28Chew Out Fake Out
13th Nov 14 10:07:50Yoko Oh No
13th Nov 14 09:58:32Parking Garage
13th Nov 14 09:55:19Film.Fatal Attraction
13th Nov 14 09:46:48Trivia.Law And Order UK
13th Nov 14 09:45:33Series.Law And Order UK
13th Nov 14 09:39:28Series.Law And Order UK
13th Nov 14 09:30:48If I Wanted You Dead
13th Nov 14 09:24:11Someone To Remember Him By
13th Nov 14 09:16:53Creator.Judi Dench
13th Nov 14 09:13:37Trivia.Halloween 1978
13th Nov 14 09:06:45Exiled To The Couch
13th Nov 14 09:00:27Trapped In A Sinking Car
13th Nov 14 08:55:55Notes On A Scandal
13th Nov 14 08:52:30YMMV.Notes On A Scandal
13th Nov 14 08:45:24AFIS 100 Years 100 Stars
13th Nov 14 08:37:23AFIS 100 Years 100 Stars
13th Nov 14 08:37:06AFIS 100 Years 100 Stars
13th Nov 14 08:36:47AFIS 100 Years 100 Stars
11th Nov 14 11:13:19Trivia.Basic Instinct
11th Nov 14 10:44:16Trivia.Fatal Attraction
10th Nov 14 02:19:45Trivia.The Manchurian Candidate
10th Nov 14 02:18:33Trivia.Sunset Boulevard
10th Nov 14 02:16:31Trivia.The Graduate
10th Nov 14 02:14:22Trivia.Thelma And Louise
10th Nov 14 02:13:13Trivia.Fatal Attraction
10th Nov 14 02:08:40Trivia.Singin In The Rain
10th Nov 14 02:06:08Trivia.Jerry Maguire
10th Nov 14 01:48:03Trivia.Goldfinger
10th Nov 14 01:47:40Trivia.Goldfinger
10th Nov 14 01:45:28Trivia.The Exorcist
10th Nov 14 01:44:23Trivia.Gone With The Wind
10th Nov 14 01:42:38Trivia.Casablanca
10th Nov 14 01:40:15Trivia.Cape Fear
10th Nov 14 01:39:09Trivia.Vertigo
10th Nov 14 01:32:50Trivia.Lawrence Of Arabia
10th Nov 14 01:27:55Trivia.Jaws
10th Nov 14 01:18:05AFIS 100 Years 100 Laughs
10th Nov 14 01:14:21Trivia.A New Hope
10th Nov 14 01:04:07AFIS 100 Years Series
10th Nov 14 12:56:34Trivia.Gone With The Wind
10th Nov 14 12:55:29Trivia.Gone With The Wind
10th Nov 14 12:55:02Trivia.Gone With The Wind
10th Nov 14 12:54:46Trivia.Gone With The Wind
10th Nov 14 12:47:32AFIS 10 Top 10
10th Nov 14 12:46:53AFIS 10 Top 10
10th Nov 14 12:12:22AFIS Greatest Movie Musicals
10th Nov 14 12:05:30AFIS 100 Years Of Film Scores
10th Nov 14 12:05:12AFIS 100 Years Of Film Scores
10th Nov 14 11:56:38AFIS 100 Years 100 Stars
10th Nov 14 11:56:01AFIS 100 Years 100 Stars
10th Nov 14 11:45:23AFIS 10 Top 10
10th Nov 14 11:44:26AFIS Greatest Movie Musicals
10th Nov 14 11:43:35AFIS 100 Years Of Film Scores
10th Nov 14 11:41:49AFIS 100 Years 100 Movies
7th Nov 14 01:02:00So Beautiful Its A Curse
7th Nov 14 12:57:31YMMV.The First Wives Club
7th Nov 14 12:55:24Beauty Is Bad
29th Oct 14 03:37:21AFIS 100 Years 100 Heroes And Villains
29th Oct 14 03:17:57A Place In The Sun
29th Oct 14 03:17:46A Place In The Sun
29th Oct 14 03:15:38AFIS 100 Years 100 Passions
29th Oct 14 03:15:19AFIS 100 Years 100 Passions
29th Oct 14 02:54:33AFIS 100 Years 100 Thrills
29th Oct 14 02:54:06AFIS 100 Years 100 Thrills
29th Oct 14 02:53:25AFIS 100 Years 100 Thrills
29th Oct 14 02:52:41AFIS 100 Years 100 Thrills
29th Oct 14 02:33:34AFIS 100 Years 100 Thrills
29th Oct 14 02:29:58AFIS 100 Years 100 Cheers
29th Oct 14 02:06:00AFIS 100 Years 100 Laughs
29th Oct 14 02:05:41AFIS 100 Years 100 Laughs
29th Oct 14 01:43:22AFIS 100 Years 100 Cheers
29th Oct 14 01:41:24AFIS 100 Years 100 Movie Quotes
29th Oct 14 01:39:36AFIS 100 Years 100 Songs
29th Oct 14 01:37:36AFIS 100 Years 100 Heroes And Villains
29th Oct 14 01:34:26AFIS 100 Years 100 Passions
29th Oct 14 01:32:51AFIS 100 Years 100 Thrills
29th Oct 14 01:30:43AFIS 100 Years 100 Laughs
29th Oct 14 01:30:20AFIS 100 Years 100 Laughs
29th Oct 14 01:15:20AFIS 100 Years 100 Laughs
17th Oct 14 09:47:40Series.Law And Order UK
16th Oct 14 01:12:17Pity The Kidnapper
16th Oct 14 01:05:12Heartwarming.Thefresh Prince Of Belair
16th Oct 14 01:02:44Censor Steam
16th Oct 14 01:01:05Digital Bikini
6th Oct 14 04:35:26Birth Death Juxtaposition
6th Oct 14 04:23:26Series.Law And Order UK
6th Oct 14 04:20:08Series.Law And Order UK
6th Oct 14 03:56:18Tear Jerker.Law And Order UK
6th Oct 14 03:39:40Tear Jerker.Law And Order UK
6th Oct 14 03:26:01YMMV.Law And Order UK
2nd Oct 14 08:10:01Christmas Creep
2nd Oct 14 07:59:04Film.Dirty Dancing
21st Sep 14 05:15:31Film.The Ghost Writer
20th Sep 14 04:00:47YMMV.Octopussy
19th Sep 14 09:34:32Literature.I Know What You Did Last Summer
14th Sep 14 09:46:52Creator.Jamie Bamber
14th Sep 14 08:15:19A Threesome Is Hot
13th Sep 14 05:21:13Film.Fruitvale Station
13th Sep 14 04:54:08YMMV.Murder She Wrote
11th Sep 14 06:02:13Film.Save The Last Dance
11th Sep 14 06:01:16Film.Save The Last Dance
7th Sep 14 07:58:43Hoist By His Own Petard.REALLIFE
7th Sep 14 07:36:25Film.Death Wish
5th Sep 14 08:36:43Film.First Knight
3rd Sep 14 08:31:52YMMV.ER
3rd Sep 14 08:21:54Heartwarming.ER
3rd Sep 14 02:18:29Film.Lakeview Terrace
3rd Sep 14 01:18:29Film.The Constant Gardener
3rd Sep 14 01:15:25Film.The Constant Gardener
31st Aug 14 12:47:45Web Video.Cinema Sins
31st Aug 14 12:43:59Notes On A Scandal
31st Aug 14 11:43:15Film.Double Jeopardy
31st Aug 14 11:27:14Hoist By His Own Petard.Real Life
29th Aug 14 04:35:22Theatre.Westside Story
23rd Aug 14 06:25:56Down To The Last Play
22nd Aug 14 07:22:24Characters.Les Miserables
16th Aug 14 10:18:54Characters.Lawand Order UK
11th Aug 14 10:53:46Doppelganger Crossover
18th Jul 14 09:44:01Film.Roman Holiday
17th Jul 14 04:12:28Film.Schindlers List
17th Jul 14 04:06:02Film.Hotel Rwanda
17th Jul 14 04:00:25Must Not Die A Virgin
13th Jul 14 07:04:30The Devil Wears Prada
5th Jul 14 05:29:48Film.The Poseidon Adventure
4th Jul 14 07:45:25Empathy Doll Shot
4th Jul 14 05:49:58Literature.The Manchurian Candidate
4th Jul 14 04:50:53Film.RAIDERSOFTHELOSTARK
2nd Jul 14 08:58:51Film.Jerry Maguire
2nd Jul 14 08:57:18YMMV.Jerry Maguire
2nd Jul 14 08:50:37Film.A Few Good Men
2nd Jul 14 08:44:56Film.Anniehall
30th Jun 14 05:26:44Characters.Law And Order UK
30th Jun 14 04:55:17Everyones Baby Sister
29th Jun 14 01:33:28Film.Dirty Dancing
29th Jun 14 01:30:40YMMV.Dirty Dancing
26th Jun 14 03:51:56Blind And The Beast
26th Jun 14 03:43:29YMMV.Beautyandthe Beast
25th Jun 14 03:08:39Film.The Call
16th Jun 14 08:28:50Film.Halloween 1978
16th Jun 14 08:26:08Film.Halloween 1978
15th Jun 14 06:36:09Inferiority Superiority Complex
15th Jun 14 12:42:04Marital Rape License
15th Jun 14 12:26:26Bowdlerise.Film
15th Jun 14 12:08:09Film.Terminator 2 Judgment Day
15th Jun 14 12:08:05Film.Terminator 2 Judgment Day
15th Jun 14 12:02:07Film.The Terminator
15th Jun 14 11:54:21Film.Psycho
15th Jun 14 11:33:52Theatre.Westside Story
15th Jun 14 11:30:21Theatre.The Sound Of Music
15th Jun 14 11:13:45Film.Erin Brockovich
15th Jun 14 11:12:17Film.Erin Brockovich
15th Jun 14 10:52:45Film.Its A Wonderful Life
15th Jun 14 10:35:07Film.Casablanca
15th Jun 14 10:18:43Literature.The Silence Of The Lambs
14th Jun 14 05:07:28A Sinister Clue
14th Jun 14 04:54:29Madwoman In The Attic
14th Jun 14 04:47:57Film.TITANIC
14th Jun 14 04:47:22Film.TITANIC
14th Jun 14 04:33:46Film.FATALATTRACTION
14th Jun 14 03:38:58YMMV.Law And Order UK
14th Jun 14 03:34:44Characters.Law And Order UK
14th Jun 14 03:34:01Characters.Law And Order UK
14th Jun 14 02:54:46Series.Law And Order UK
14th Jun 14 02:38:43Franchise.Law And Order
10th Jun 14 11:11:53Film.Fatal Attraction
10th Jun 14 11:01:22The Villain Knows Where You Live
10th Jun 14 10:57:05The Villain Knows Where You Live
10th Jun 14 10:45:07Film.After The Sunset
6th Jun 14 07:22:40Film.In The Line Of Fire
6th Jun 14 07:20:20Tear Jerker.The Phantom Of The Opera
6th Jun 14 07:18:39Tear Jerker.The Phantom Of The Opera
6th Jun 14 06:39:47Chained To A Rock
6th Jun 14 06:35:23YMMV.Nancy Drew
6th Jun 14 06:28:36Film.Love Story
5th Jun 14 08:59:57YMMV.The Wizardof OZ
2nd Jun 14 10:21:46I Have A Family
1st Jun 14 11:49:36Series.Strong Medicine
25th May 14 05:49:45Playing Against Type.Liveaction TV
25th May 14 05:38:24Series.Strong Medicine
25th May 14 12:09:19Trivia.What Lies Beneath
25th May 14 12:03:52Big Blackout
25th May 14 11:25:08Film.Vertigo
25th May 14 10:56:14Film.Fatal Attraction
25th May 14 10:47:41Yandere.FILM
25th May 14 09:40:36Ripliad
25th May 14 09:30:35Film.Sleeping With The Enemy
23rd May 14 01:03:52Film.Its A Wonderful Life
23rd May 14 11:51:34Film.Its A Wonderful Life
23rd May 14 11:47:32Film.JAWS
23rd May 14 11:45:55Film.JAWS
23rd May 14 11:42:02Film.Casablanca
23rd May 14 11:36:49YMMV.The Phantom Ofthe Opera
23rd May 14 11:33:18Black Vikings
23rd May 14 11:16:58Theatre.Miss Saigon
23rd May 14 10:09:59YMMV.Miss Saigon
22nd May 14 09:09:47Film.The Exorcist
22nd May 14 08:49:22Film.Psycho
21st May 14 07:32:27Film.Casablanca
20th May 14 08:25:58Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Live Action TV
10th May 14 01:47:03Make It Look Like An Accident
10th May 14 01:01:44Literature.Waiting To Exhale
10th May 14 12:45:31Right Behind Me
10th May 14 12:24:47YMMV.American Hustle
10th May 14 12:03:50Hes Just Hiding
8th May 14 08:06:20Film.Love Actually
4th May 14 02:48:08Hypocrite.Live Action TV
4th May 14 02:40:36Protagonist Centered Morality
4th May 14 02:31:55Protagonist Centered Morality
4th May 14 02:17:31Black Gal On White Guy Drama
4th May 14 02:03:54Series.Dr Quinn Medicine Woman
4th May 14 01:53:12Bowdlerise.Live Action TV
4th May 14 01:44:12Theatre.West Side Story
4th May 14 01:38:24YMMV.Westside Story
4th May 14 12:40:42Theatre.The Phantom Ofthe Opera
4th May 14 12:33:01Intimate Psychotherapy
27th Apr 14 03:17:39Series.Law And Order UK
27th Apr 14 03:14:13Series.Law And Order UK
27th Apr 14 03:13:18Series.Law And Order UK
24th Apr 14 11:11:39Tear Jerker.Live Action TVG-L
24th Apr 14 11:08:04Awesome.Law And Order UK
24th Apr 14 08:51:34Film.The Fugitive
24th Apr 14 08:49:12Series.The Fugitive
24th Apr 14 08:30:47Film.The Fugitive
24th Apr 14 08:26:27Series.The Fugitive
24th Apr 14 08:01:12Dead Partner
24th Apr 14 07:53:21Heroic BSOD.Live Action TV
24th Apr 14 07:42:28YMMV.Law And Order UK
24th Apr 14 07:33:45Series.Law And Order UK
24th Apr 14 07:07:00Characters.Law And Order UK
18th Apr 14 02:01:34Series.Cold Case
18th Apr 14 02:01:33Series.Cold Case
18th Apr 14 02:01:28Series.Cold Case
11th Apr 14 03:28:57Series.Law And Order UK
9th Apr 14 07:16:41Film.Dont Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead
5th Apr 14 11:03:23Busmans Holiday
5th Apr 14 10:47:26Film.Single White Female
5th Apr 14 10:45:55Brainwashed And Crazy
5th Apr 14 10:42:29Film.Single White Female
5th Apr 14 10:37:28Angsty Surviving Twin
5th Apr 14 10:31:59Series.Murder She Wrote
5th Apr 14 10:26:40Nightmare Fuel.Moonraker
5th Apr 14 10:00:19All Abusers Are Male
5th Apr 14 09:42:54Female Misogynist
5th Apr 14 09:38:17Vomiting Cop
5th Apr 14 09:27:58Coitus Uninterruptus
4th Apr 14 03:21:19Series.Law And Order UK
4th Apr 14 03:13:05YMMV.Law And Order UK
4th Apr 14 03:10:49Prison Rape
3rd Apr 14 08:22:56Series.Law And Order UK
31st Mar 14 09:09:55Friendly Address Privileges
31st Mar 14 08:39:53Vomiting Cop
30th Mar 14 09:33:53Chocolate Baby
30th Mar 14 09:06:42Settle For Sibling
30th Mar 14 08:26:18Awesome.Jekyll And Hyde
30th Mar 14 08:25:00Series.Cold Case
26th Mar 14 08:45:47Franchise.The Phantom Of The Opera
26th Mar 14 07:49:18Film.Copycat
26th Mar 14 07:40:00Break In Threat
18th Mar 14 06:59:01Ripliad
17th Mar 14 03:52:08Characters.Law And Order UK
17th Mar 14 03:16:07Series.Law And Order UK
15th Mar 14 10:37:40Bilingual Backfire
15th Mar 14 10:30:49Film.The Namesake
14th Mar 14 09:26:58Creator.Judi Dench
13th Mar 14 07:52:33Film.Working Girl
13th Mar 14 07:41:26The Man In The Mirror Talks Back
13th Mar 14 07:23:37Film.Sliver
10th Mar 14 08:27:59Film.Jaws 2
10th Mar 14 10:59:36Harsher In Hindsight.Real Life
10th Mar 14 10:49:33Film.Breach
10th Mar 14 10:38:40YMMV.Tyler Perry
8th Mar 14 10:51:16The Can Kicked Him
8th Mar 14 09:34:13Film.Breach
5th Mar 14 10:35:46Trivia.Monday Mornings
5th Mar 14 10:30:52Characters.Monday Mornings
5th Mar 14 10:22:49Creator.Jamie Bamber
5th Mar 14 08:26:03Impossible Leavening
5th Mar 14 08:00:12The Thorn Birds
5th Mar 14 07:28:53YMMV.American Hustle
2nd Mar 14 07:47:15YMMV.Twelve Years A Slave
2nd Mar 14 06:31:36Theatre.Aida
1st Mar 14 01:03:58Omniglot
1st Mar 14 12:05:38Red Herring
1st Mar 14 11:58:13Finger Twitching Revival
1st Mar 14 11:33:51Beauty Is Bad
1st Mar 14 11:31:06Beauty Is Bad
1st Mar 14 10:29:48Waterfall Shower
1st Mar 14 10:18:39Shower Of Love
1st Mar 14 10:13:16Bill Bill Junk Bill
1st Mar 14 09:57:46Against My Religion
26th Feb 14 08:25:46Characters.The Thorn Birds
26th Feb 14 08:21:54Odd Name Out
26th Feb 14 08:06:06YMMV.Law And Order UK
26th Feb 14 08:03:26Series.Law And Order UK
22nd Feb 14 12:36:20Angsty Surviving Twin
22nd Feb 14 12:21:28YMMV.Nancy Drew
22nd Feb 14 12:19:08Every Year They Fizzle Out
22nd Feb 14 10:52:12Clingy Jealous Girl
22nd Feb 14 10:34:58YMMV.Cold Case
22nd Feb 14 10:17:47Series.Cold Case
20th Feb 14 02:25:10Literature.I Know What You Did Last Summer
20th Feb 14 02:23:59Literature.I Know What You Did Last Summer
10th Feb 14 07:19:45Token Good Teammate
9th Feb 14 12:47:43Mc Leaned
9th Feb 14 12:43:11Harsher In Hindsight.Music
9th Feb 14 12:38:27Harsher In Hindsight.Literature
9th Feb 14 12:25:37YMMV.The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
9th Feb 14 12:19:36Harsher In Hindsight.Film
9th Feb 14 12:14:46YMMV.Before The Devil Knows Youre Dead
9th Feb 14 11:59:32Go Go Enslavement
9th Feb 14 11:56:37Shameful Strip
8th Feb 14 08:37:49Bilingual Backfire
7th Feb 14 07:20:46Film.Premonition
7th Feb 14 07:01:41Screw This Im Outta Here
7th Feb 14 06:57:18Film.Gone With The Wind
7th Feb 14 06:50:53Loan Shark
7th Feb 14 06:44:27Insatiable Newlyweds
7th Feb 14 06:34:39Funny.Jamie Bamber
7th Feb 14 06:34:18Funny.Jamie Bamber
7th Feb 14 06:30:43YMMV.Notes On A Scandal
7th Feb 14 06:29:21Tear Jerker.ER
7th Feb 14 06:18:00Series.Amen
7th Feb 14 06:11:27If I Wanted You Dead
4th Feb 14 06:24:51Shoo Out The New Guy
1st Feb 14 01:14:06Replacement Goldfish.Literature
1st Feb 14 01:10:32Replacement Goldfish.Live Action TV
1st Feb 14 12:59:23Film.The World Is Not Enough
1st Feb 14 12:51:59Theatre.The Phantom Ofthe Opera
1st Feb 14 12:46:42YMMV.The Phantom Of The Opera
1st Feb 14 12:32:52Film.Nine Eleven
28th Jan 14 07:24:23Film.The Call
28th Jan 14 07:22:14Parking Garage
27th Jan 14 05:12:15Series.Monday Mornings
25th Jan 14 11:17:21Hypocrite.Live Action TV
25th Jan 14 11:14:28Hypocrite.Live Action TV
25th Jan 14 11:13:32Series.ER
25th Jan 14 10:53:34Series.Law And Order UK
25th Jan 14 10:40:53Taking The Bullet
25th Jan 14 10:39:32Heartwarming.Dave
25th Jan 14 09:47:05Film.Fatal Attraction
25th Jan 14 09:38:47Right Behind Me
25th Jan 14 09:22:06Film.Love Actually
25th Jan 14 08:07:00Film.The Call
25th Jan 14 12:46:53Film.Nine Eleven
19th Jan 14 12:14:46Obfuscating Disability
18th Jan 14 09:13:44Beauty Is Bad
14th Jan 14 08:26:19Film.The Skulls
14th Jan 14 08:24:23Shower Of Love
14th Jan 14 07:23:58YMMV.Jaws 3 D
14th Jan 14 06:50:27Infant Immortality
14th Jan 14 06:16:27Mistaken For Cheating
14th Jan 14 06:10:38Characters.ER
14th Jan 14 05:38:01Disney.The Lion King II Simbas Pride
10th Jan 14 09:18:47Creator.Jamie Bamber
8th Jan 14 09:50:45Colorblind Casting
8th Jan 14 05:56:01Trivia.Working Girl
8th Jan 14 05:44:33Trivia.The Silence Of The Lambs
7th Jan 14 07:51:34Literature.A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
7th Jan 14 04:38:10YMMV.Notes On A Scandal
7th Jan 14 04:34:58Notes On A Scandal
7th Jan 14 04:10:36Heartwarming.The Devil Wears Prada
5th Jan 14 09:20:02Hypocrite.Live Action TV
5th Jan 14 08:00:20Film.Fatal Attraction
4th Jan 14 07:20:48Yoko Oh No
4th Jan 14 11:50:29Series.Strong Medicine
4th Jan 14 11:38:05Playing Gertrude
31st Dec 13 04:30:58Losing A Shoe In The Struggle
24th Dec 13 03:32:50Film.Gone With The Wind
18th Dec 13 10:46:05Immediate Sequel
18th Dec 13 10:44:50Sequel Gap
18th Dec 13 10:42:19Film.Love Actually
18th Dec 13 10:40:16Chew Out Fake Out
16th Dec 13 09:04:44Parents Walk In At The Worst Time
15th Dec 13 07:27:32Film.Something New
15th Dec 13 06:59:45Film.The Skulls
8th Dec 13 12:31:36Uptight Loves Wild
8th Dec 13 12:23:13Film.Something New
7th Dec 13 11:19:58YMMV.The First Wives Club
7th Dec 13 11:16:09Film.The First Wives Club
4th Dec 13 08:07:29Series.Law And Order UK
4th Dec 13 07:47:25Bottle Episode
2nd Dec 13 10:06:43YMMV.Strong Medicine
2nd Dec 13 09:56:48Series.Strong Medicine
2nd Dec 13 07:14:28Series.ER
30th Nov 13 07:29:30Film.A Time To Kill

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