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31st May 13 09:53:08Ear Worm.Stand Up Comedy
23rd May 13 11:41:47Funny Aneurysm Moment.Comic Books
24th Feb 13 02:06:47More Dakka
24th Feb 13 02:06:05More Dakka
17th Feb 13 09:11:30Fridge.Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure
17th Feb 13 09:07:23Fridge.Thirty Days Of Night
17th Feb 13 09:05:49Fridge.Thirty Days Of Night
17th Feb 13 08:06:03Fridge.DC Comics
10th Feb 13 10:02:47Characters.Pikmin
31st Jan 13 12:06:06They Changed It Now It Sucks.Video Games
31st Jan 13 12:02:32They Changed It Now It Sucks.Video Games
19th Jan 13 12:43:55Game Breaker.Warhammer 40000
19th Jan 13 12:40:59Game Breaker.Warhammer 40000
19th Jan 13 12:37:58Game Breaker.Warhammer 40000
17th Jan 13 05:01:11Fridge.Dungeons And Dragons
26th Dec 12 12:47:04Disproportionate Retribution.Advertising
26th Dec 12 12:46:51Disproportionate Retribution.Advertising
22nd Dec 12 07:25:12Bottomless Magazines
20th Dec 12 01:19:13Tear Jerker.PS 238
19th Dec 12 08:11:41Wrestling.Alberto Del Rio
30th Nov 12 08:40:49Awesome.Batman
16th Nov 12 05:33:47Fridge.Wreck It Ralph
13th Nov 12 10:57:29Darth Wiki.Idiot Programming
13th Nov 12 10:35:02Darth Wiki.Idiot Programming
10th Oct 12 08:21:57Fan Disservice.Video Games
16th Sep 12 08:50:46There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Tabletop Games
16th Sep 12 08:50:23There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Tabletop Games
16th Sep 12 08:49:07There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Real Life
12th Sep 12 12:36:33Furry Confusion
28th Aug 12 03:20:31Flanderization.Comic Books
15th Aug 12 09:15:44Felony Misdemeanor
15th Aug 12 08:03:07Didnt Think This Through
15th Aug 12 07:55:49Didnt Think This Through
12th Aug 12 04:05:51Video Game.BIOMETAL
5th Aug 12 10:22:29Warp That Aesop.Animated Film
3rd Aug 12 05:47:22They Changed It Now It Sucks.Real Life
3rd Aug 12 05:47:18They Changed It Now It Sucks.Real Life
2nd Aug 12 01:51:58Even The Subtitler Is Stumped
2nd Aug 12 09:28:50I Was Young And Needed The Money
28th Jul 12 10:43:38Keep Circulating The Tapes.Western Animation
27th Jul 12 05:22:34That One Boss.Fighting
25th Jul 12 08:46:20Gimmick Matches
25th Jul 12 07:50:00YMMV.Christian
24th Jul 12 01:53:55Only A Flesh Wound
21st Jul 12 07:48:44Awesome.Michael Jackson
18th Jul 12 07:28:46Body Horror.Advertisement
17th Jul 12 09:42:49Awesome Music.JAM Project
17th Jul 12 07:22:11Nonindicative Name
14th Jul 12 10:07:43Unfortunate Implications.Anime
14th Jul 12 12:06:10Unfortunate Implications.Advertising
13th Jul 12 08:24:17Unfortunate Implications.Comic Books
13th Jul 12 08:09:20Unfortunate Implications.Comic Books
13th Jul 12 08:08:39Unfortunate Implications.Comic Books
10th Jul 12 10:11:07Curb Stomp Battle.Live Action TV
9th Jul 12 03:42:36Instant AI Just Add Water
9th Jul 12 05:03:28Special Effect Failure
9th Jul 12 05:02:30Special Effect Failure
8th Jul 12 03:38:53Video Game.Max Payne
8th Jul 12 12:03:43Socialization Bonus
7th Jul 12 10:42:31Achievements In Ignorance
7th Jul 12 10:42:25Achievements In Ignorance
7th Jul 12 10:42:20Achievements In Ignorance
7th Jul 12 08:34:10Radar.The Powerpuff Girls
6th Jul 12 05:55:10See You In Hell
30th Jun 12 05:26:57Palette Swapped Alien Food
29th Jun 12 08:53:39Ascended Glitch
27th Jun 12 07:53:28Everythings Better With Spinning
26th Jun 12 05:19:11Items.Team Fortress 2
26th Jun 12 12:11:19Blatant Lies
25th Jun 12 03:20:24Failure Is The Only Option
16th Jun 12 12:13:04Artificial Brilliance
12th Jun 12 09:00:49Trivia.Blue Thunder
12th Jun 12 08:54:09Beyond The Impossible.Film
8th Jun 12 04:11:23Limit Break
22nd May 12 09:40:15There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Video Games
22nd May 12 09:04:59There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Web Comics
22nd May 12 08:47:06There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Real Life
20th May 12 08:37:28Awesome.Call Of Duty
20th May 12 08:24:08Awesome.Breath Of Fire IV
6th May 12 05:39:33OOC Is Serious Business
4th May 12 06:46:03Funny.The Avengers
3rd May 12 10:46:54Video Game.Call Of Duty Black Ops 2
1st May 12 04:28:45Macho Camp
1st May 12 01:42:33Subliminal Advertising
1st May 12 01:41:22Radar.Advertising
11th Apr 12 02:39:48Radar.Disney
11th Apr 12 01:35:07Radar.ANT Farm
6th Apr 12 09:30:09Film.Basket Case
3rd Apr 12 06:54:34Couldnt Find A Lighter
2nd Apr 12 08:25:57Casualty In The Ring
24th Mar 12 10:54:31WMG.Video Games
24th Mar 12 10:20:31Unfortunate Implications.Music
23rd Mar 12 11:11:06Its Popular Now It Sucks
18th Mar 12 11:35:52Secret Identity Identity
18th Mar 12 12:43:22Heartwarming.Real Life Other
18th Mar 12 12:00:04Heartwarming.Real Life Other
15th Mar 12 01:35:55Unfortunate Implications.Film
15th Mar 12 01:25:07Unfortunate Implications.Comic Books
15th Mar 12 12:54:15Armor Is Useless
15th Mar 12 12:33:45There Was A Door
15th Mar 12 12:32:44There Was A Door
8th Mar 12 07:14:48YMMV.The Lone Ranger
7th Mar 12 02:24:14Stuka Scream
7th Mar 12 12:53:54Radar.Live Action TV
7th Mar 12 12:35:21Radar.Literature
6th Mar 12 11:49:29Radar.Comic Books
6th Mar 12 11:46:55Radar.Comic Books
6th Mar 12 11:37:42Radar.Comic Books
6th Mar 12 09:36:54No Animals Were Harmed
6th Mar 12 03:38:28Must Have Caffeine
6th Mar 12 03:10:04Red Ones Go Faster
4th Mar 12 09:00:19Bryan Danielson
29th Feb 12 09:04:26Perpetual Motion Monster
29th Feb 12 05:35:21Magic Missile
28th Feb 12 10:24:52Dethroning Moment.Professional Wrestling
28th Feb 12 10:12:40Dethroning Moment.Professional Wrestling
26th Feb 12 09:44:44What An Idiot.Others
26th Feb 12 06:58:26No Sell
23rd Feb 12 06:15:10Awesome Music.PC Only
15th Feb 12 11:47:19Awesome But Impractical.Video Games
15th Feb 12 10:17:47Evil Is Cool
3rd Feb 12 12:04:37Darth Wiki.Made Of Lose
31st Jan 12 10:49:15Power Up Magnet
31st Jan 12 10:48:35Power Up Magnet
29th Jan 12 12:47:25Headscratchers.Alan Wake
23rd Jan 12 11:24:36Playing With.Pokemon Speak
22nd Jan 12 06:39:05Internet Backdraft.Politics
21st Jan 12 10:03:43Updated Rerelease
21st Jan 12 10:02:42Updated Rerelease
20th Jan 12 08:32:36Playing With.Colony Drop
19th Dec 11 09:02:06Radar.Advertising
19th Dec 11 07:52:14In A World
19th Dec 11 07:24:15Wicked Weasel
13th Dec 11 07:43:47Playing With.He Didnt Make It
11th Dec 11 08:45:30Nausea Fuel
6th Dec 11 08:29:23Fanservice.Live Action TV
4th Dec 11 02:07:14Headscratchers.Bayonetta
1st Dec 11 10:46:06Dresses.Western Animation
28th Nov 11 11:47:30Crapsack World.Literature
26th Nov 11 02:26:50Junk Rare
22nd Nov 11 09:41:18Headscratchers.Barney And Friends
20th Nov 11 11:39:42Headscratchers.Call Of Duty
20th Nov 11 11:01:07Headscratchers.Amalgam Universe
20th Nov 11 10:59:11Headscratchers.Age Of Apocalypse
20th Nov 11 10:48:53Vomit Chain Reaction
20th Nov 11 10:48:30Vomit Chain Reaction
15th Nov 11 08:26:02Headscratchers.Video Games
1st Nov 11 05:29:19Rush Limbaugh
24th Oct 11 06:22:51Flying Brick
23rd Oct 11 11:34:35Hot Coffee Minigame
19th Oct 11 11:12:14Fridge Horror.Video Games