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22nd Sep 15 09:43:58Characters.The Lion Guard
24th Aug 15 04:40:45Cultural Cringe
24th Aug 15 04:36:25Cultural Cringe
11th Jun 15 05:55:53English Premier League
2nd May 15 08:47:20Big Word Shout
2nd May 15 08:47:03Comic Strip.Space Moose
2nd May 15 07:56:39Big Word Shout
2nd May 15 07:56:17Comic Strip.Space Moose
2nd May 15 07:34:12Big Word Shout
2nd May 15 07:33:41Comic Strip.Space Moose
2nd May 15 07:03:28Big Word Shout
2nd May 15 07:02:43Comic Strip.Space Moose
2nd May 15 07:01:24Webcomic.Housepets
11th Apr 15 07:37:49Administrivia.Useful Notes Pages In Main
14th Feb 15 03:28:05Ten Second Flashlight
9th Feb 15 09:15:38Video Game.Half Life 2
26th Jan 15 10:22:44Podcast.The Bugle
19th Dec 14 02:26:38Series.The West Wing
13th Nov 14 01:18:58Western Animation.Popeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad The Sailor
14th Jun 14 09:20:31Webcomic.Three Panel Soul
14th Jun 14 07:35:22Webcomic.Three Panel Soul
25th May 14 06:26:50Tropers.Best Of
11th May 14 06:02:03Administrivia.Hyphenated Titles
11th May 14 06:01:38Disney.Hercules
11th May 14 06:01:12Administrivia.Work Pages In Main
11th May 14 06:01:09Administrivia.Creator Pages In Main
11th May 14 06:00:36Administrivia.Wick Namespace Migration
11th May 14 05:59:25Administrivia.TRS Wick Cleaning
11th May 14 05:58:25Western Animation.Jackie Chan Adventures
18th Jan 14 04:07:05Web Animation.The Lebrons
18th Jan 14 03:47:56Web Animation.The Lebrons
18th Jan 14 03:47:49Longest Pregnancy Ever
18th Jan 14 03:46:25Adobe Flash
10th Jan 14 05:17:45I Know Your True Name
5th Jan 14 02:00:32Tropers.Best Of
21st Dec 13 06:34:58Video Game.Diablo III
10th Dec 13 02:58:22Fan Fic.Propogation
9th Dec 13 12:12:28Russian Guy Suffers Most
3rd Dec 13 06:16:07Useful Notes.Feminism
28th Nov 13 01:51:00Random Number God
26th Nov 13 12:38:07Overly Long Gag
22nd Nov 13 03:00:12Cryonics Failure
22nd Nov 13 02:59:54Deconstruction
22nd Nov 13 01:34:50No Theme Tune
22nd Nov 13 10:17:54Theme Tune Cameo
22nd Nov 13 08:26:34Theme Tune Cameo
10th Oct 13 05:45:11Administrivia.Know The Staff
25th Sep 13 04:55:57Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
25th Sep 13 04:25:25The Dulcinea Effect
12th Sep 13 12:35:27Chromatic Arrangement
12th Sep 13 12:34:55Threatening Shark
26th Aug 13 10:06:16Shoo Out The Clowns
20th Aug 13 06:01:05The View Askewniverse
20th Aug 13 05:59:52Potty Emergency
16th Aug 13 03:08:20Western Animation.The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros 3
16th Aug 13 03:07:55Boot Camp Episode
15th Aug 13 07:59:55Wiki Tropes
15th Aug 13 07:59:26It.Elenco Provvisorio D-E
15th Aug 13 07:57:23Circus Of Fear
15th Aug 13 07:56:04Genius Bonus
15th Aug 13 07:54:40Reverse Polarity
15th Aug 13 07:54:04Stop Motion
12th Aug 13 07:21:51Administrivia.What To Do If You Are Suspended
12th Aug 13 02:27:01And Im The Queen Of Sheba
12th Aug 13 01:20:11Sigil Spam
12th Aug 13 12:02:55Worst Whatever Ever
12th Aug 13 11:51:36Tele Frag
12th Aug 13 11:50:25Cone Of Shame
12th Aug 13 11:50:12Shameful Strip
12th Aug 13 11:49:49Adventure Friendly World
12th Aug 13 11:48:56Sigil Spam
12th Aug 13 11:48:27Villain Opening Scene
30th Jul 13 05:19:18Tropers.Best Of
30th Jul 13 05:18:47Tropers.Best Of
8th Jul 13 01:04:34Administrivia.Creator Pages In Main
8th Jul 13 01:04:04Dolby Laboratories
8th Jul 13 01:03:28Producers
8th Jul 13 01:02:12Dolby Labratories
8th Jul 13 01:01:59Dolby Laboratories
23rd Jun 13 10:14:52Video Game.Rape Lay
11th Jun 13 02:01:29YMMV.Witchprickers
11th Jun 13 12:56:10Disney.The Black Cauldron
11th Jun 13 12:55:58Creator.The Hub
11th Jun 13 12:55:39Disney.The Rescuers
11th Jun 13 12:55:29Disney.Oliver And Company
11th Jun 13 12:55:09Western Animation.Inspector Gadget
11th Jun 13 12:54:05Hair Of Gold Heart Of Gold
11th Jun 13 12:53:32Girlish Pigtails
11th Jun 13 12:52:54Babysitter From Hell
11th Jun 13 12:52:05Western Animation.Atomic Betty
11th Jun 13 12:51:27Western Animation.The Disney Afternoon
11th Jun 13 12:49:52Western Animation.The Alvin Show
10th Jun 13 02:10:53Plucky Comic Relief
10th Jun 13 02:03:37Pretty Boy
10th Jun 13 02:00:44Montage Ends The VHS
10th Jun 13 01:58:48Needs Wiki Magic Love
10th Jun 13 01:57:13Film.Zoom
10th Jun 13 01:55:47Idiosyncratic Wipes
10th Jun 13 01:53:10Take My Hand
10th Jun 13 01:52:32Take My Hand
10th Jun 13 01:50:07Sandbox.Say My Name
10th Jun 13 01:49:36Webcomic.Digger
10th Jun 13 01:48:40YMMV.Witchprickers
10th Jun 13 01:48:06Western Animation.The Hobbit
10th Jun 13 01:47:22Adaptation Displacement
4th Jun 13 12:52:36Recap.The Simpsons S 2 E 18 Brush With Greatness
4th Jun 13 12:52:07Recap.The Simpsons S 2 E 18 Bruch With Greatness
4th Jun 13 10:37:54One Book Author
22nd May 13 06:56:06Administrivia.Work Pages In Main
22nd May 13 06:55:11Darth Wiki.Fallen Creator
17th May 13 02:40:19Fanfic.Ace Combat The Equestrian War
14th May 13 06:38:40Perverse Sexual Lust
5th Apr 13 04:20:50Film.Inland Empire
4th Apr 13 02:39:46Useful Notes.Finns With Fearsome Forests
4th Apr 13 02:36:42Useful Notes.Finns With Fearsome Forests
25th Mar 13 12:12:25Comicbook.The Life And Times Of Scrooge Mc Duck
25th Mar 13 12:04:55Comicbook.The Life And Times Of Scrooge Mc Duck
25th Mar 13 11:08:46Creator.Don Rosa
25th Mar 13 11:00:55The Eagle Has Landed
25th Mar 13 11:00:42The Eagle Has Landed
24th Mar 13 02:09:04In That Order
15th Mar 13 07:13:41Plot Armor
15th Mar 13 06:35:29Plot Armor
15th Mar 13 03:08:15Completed Migrations.Creators
15th Mar 13 03:02:38Older Than They Look.Real Life
15th Mar 13 03:02:13Real Joke Name
15th Mar 13 03:01:53Reality Subtext
15th Mar 13 03:01:38Funny.Rat Race
15th Mar 13 03:01:08Punny Name
15th Mar 13 03:00:40Film.Rat Race
15th Mar 13 03:00:27Poor Mans Substitute
15th Mar 13 03:00:00What Could Have Been.Unsorted Film
15th Mar 13 02:59:23Pistol Pose
15th Mar 13 02:59:09Funny.Olympic Games
15th Mar 13 02:58:18Olympic Games
15th Mar 13 02:57:49Series.Not The Nine O Clock News
15th Mar 13 02:57:17Quotes.Not That Theres Anything Wrong With That
15th Mar 13 02:56:28Discontinuity.Live Action TV
15th Mar 13 02:56:03Not That Theres Anything Wrong With That
15th Mar 13 02:55:49North East England
15th Mar 13 02:55:32YMMV.Never Say Never Again
15th Mar 13 02:55:07My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels
15th Mar 13 02:54:47Mister Strangenoun
15th Mar 13 02:54:24Mistaken For Servant
15th Mar 13 02:54:02Mile High Club
15th Mar 13 02:53:35Lovely Assistant
15th Mar 13 02:53:22Creator.Loriot
15th Mar 13 02:52:51Ironic Hell
15th Mar 13 02:49:04Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Live Action TV
15th Mar 13 02:48:07Quotes.Lampshade Hanging
15th Mar 13 02:47:37Keep It Foreign
15th Mar 13 02:45:32Music.Kate Bush
15th Mar 13 02:41:19Johnny Mc Coolname
15th Mar 13 02:40:57Film.Johnny English
15th Mar 13 02:40:24Trivia.Johnny English
15th Mar 13 02:40:07Jesus Was Way Cool
15th Mar 13 02:39:47Is The Answer To This Question Yes
15th Mar 13 02:39:03Invisible President
15th Mar 13 02:38:45Invisible Jerkass
15th Mar 13 02:38:27Instant Sedation
15th Mar 13 02:36:32Ink Suit Actor
15th Mar 13 02:34:14Just For Fun.Inherently Funny Words
15th Mar 13 02:33:56Identical Grandson
15th Mar 13 02:33:40Hugh Laurie
15th Mar 13 02:33:21Hollywood Apocrypha
15th Mar 13 02:33:03He Who Must Not Be Heard
15th Mar 13 02:32:44He Also Did
15th Mar 13 02:32:21Trivia.Harry Potter
15th Mar 13 02:32:01Gosh Dang It To Heck
15th Mar 13 02:31:24Fringe Festival
15th Mar 13 02:31:14Funny Character Boring Actor
15th Mar 13 02:30:33Quotes.Funny Character Boring Actor
15th Mar 13 02:27:11Film.Four Weddings And A Funeral
15th Mar 13 02:26:34Celebrity Endorsement
15th Mar 13 02:26:05Film.Clue
15th Mar 13 02:25:20Corporal Punishment
15th Mar 13 02:24:42Cringe Comedy
15th Mar 13 02:24:24Dean Bitterman
15th Mar 13 02:24:02Recap.Doctor Who The Curse Of Fatal Death
15th Mar 13 02:23:38Doctor Who The Curse Of Fatal Death
15th Mar 13 02:20:33Characters.Doctor Who The Curse Of Fatal Death
15th Mar 13 02:20:12Dont Fear The Reaper
15th Mar 13 02:19:57Large Ham.Film
15th Mar 13 02:19:32Evil Lawyer Joke
15th Mar 13 02:19:12Everyone Owns A Mac
15th Mar 13 02:18:56Doug Walker List
15th Mar 13 02:16:56Quotes.Captain Obvious
15th Mar 13 02:16:38British Laws
15th Mar 13 02:16:17Useful Notes.British Accents
15th Mar 13 02:15:49Funny.Blackadder
15th Mar 13 02:15:22Recap.Blackadder
15th Mar 13 02:15:02Series.Blackadder
15th Mar 13 02:14:22Characters.Blackadder
15th Mar 13 02:13:45Bitter Wedding Speech
15th Mar 13 02:13:25Billing Displacement
15th Mar 13 02:12:25Bearer Of Bad News
15th Mar 13 02:12:06As The Good Book Says
15th Mar 13 02:11:47Butt Monkey.Animated Films
15th Mar 13 02:11:12Angel Unaware
15th Mar 13 02:10:54Alternate Continuity
5th Mar 13 06:42:16Works Needing Tropes
13th Feb 13 03:47:47Left It In
13th Feb 13 03:47:31Literal Genie
13th Feb 13 03:47:21Love Actually
13th Feb 13 03:46:59Mr Bean
13th Feb 13 03:46:36Oxbridge
13th Feb 13 03:45:53Headscratchers.Sherlock
13th Feb 13 03:45:40Similarly Named Works
13th Feb 13 03:45:25Skewed Priorities
13th Feb 13 03:45:15Star Making Role
13th Feb 13 03:45:02Stutter Stop
13th Feb 13 03:44:50Suck Out The Poison
13th Feb 13 03:44:36Talking To Plants
13th Feb 13 03:44:25Series.The Amazing Race
13th Feb 13 03:43:56The Comically Serious
13th Feb 13 03:43:33Disney.The Lion King
13th Feb 13 03:43:22Characters.The Lion King
13th Feb 13 03:43:07Tear Jerker.The Lion King
13th Feb 13 03:42:56Shout Out.The Runaway Guys
13th Feb 13 03:42:41Film.The Tall Guy
13th Feb 13 03:42:16The Vicar
13th Feb 13 03:42:01YMMV.The Witches
13th Feb 13 03:41:49Upper Class Twit
13th Feb 13 03:41:36We Meet Again
13th Feb 13 03:41:05Alphabetical Theme Naming
13th Feb 13 03:40:54Alas Smith And Jones
13th Feb 13 03:40:30Actors
13th Feb 13 03:40:10Trivia.A Bit Of Fry And Laurie
13th Feb 13 03:35:13Completed Migrations.Creators
13th Feb 13 03:34:34Funny.Top Gear
13th Feb 13 03:34:19The Mean Brit
13th Feb 13 03:34:07The Coconut Effect
13th Feb 13 03:33:54Series.Ten O Clock Live
13th Feb 13 03:33:42Sharp Dressed Man
13th Feb 13 03:33:32Sgt Frog Abridged
13th Feb 13 03:33:11Recorded And Stand Up Comedy
13th Feb 13 03:32:54Raised Catholic
13th Feb 13 03:32:44Series.QI
13th Feb 13 03:32:26Characters.QI
13th Feb 13 03:32:12Awesome.QI
13th Feb 13 03:32:00Series.Peep Show
13th Feb 13 03:31:48Panel Game
13th Feb 13 03:31:34Noodle Implements
13th Feb 13 03:31:13Ho Yay.Live Action TV
13th Feb 13 03:30:58Creator.Jessica Hynes
13th Feb 13 03:30:47It Is Pronounced Tro PAY
13th Feb 13 03:30:29I Take Offense To That Last One
13th Feb 13 03:30:14Im Going To Hell For This
13th Feb 13 03:29:57I Banged Your Mom
13th Feb 13 03:29:43I Am Very British
13th Feb 13 03:29:29Quotes.Dont Like Dont Read
13th Feb 13 03:29:16Distraction
13th Feb 13 03:28:43Directionless Driver
13th Feb 13 03:28:33Series.Deal Or No Deal
13th Feb 13 03:28:23Country Matters
13th Feb 13 03:28:08Comically Missing The Point.Comedy
13th Feb 13 03:27:47Celebrity Resemblance
13th Feb 13 03:27:34Big Fat Quiz Of The Year
13th Feb 13 03:27:23Bathe Her And Bring Her To Me
13th Feb 13 03:26:59Annoying Laugh
13th Feb 13 03:25:49Acceptable Ethnic Targets
13th Feb 13 03:24:42Jimmy Carr
13th Feb 13 03:24:09Jimmy Carr
13th Feb 13 03:23:42Jimmy Carr
13th Feb 13 03:23:35Jimmy Carr
13th Feb 13 03:23:13Rowan Atkinson
13th Feb 13 03:22:31Creator.Rowan Atkinson
13th Feb 13 03:21:42Creator.Jimmy Carr
13th Feb 13 03:19:34Torture Always Works
13th Feb 13 03:19:24Series.The Young Ones
13th Feb 13 03:18:58Series.The Thin Blue Line
13th Feb 13 03:18:44The The Title Confusion
13th Feb 13 03:18:34The Cast Showoff
13th Feb 13 03:18:23Sunglasses At Night
13th Feb 13 03:18:11We Will Rock You
13th Feb 13 03:17:50Straw Loser
13th Feb 13 03:17:39Spot The Victim
13th Feb 13 03:17:30She Is Not My Girlfriend
13th Feb 13 03:17:16Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up
13th Feb 13 03:17:03Reunion Revenge
13th Feb 13 03:16:25Reality TV Show Mansion
13th Feb 13 03:16:15Rant Comedy
13th Feb 13 03:15:37Presenters
13th Feb 13 03:15:01Presenters
13th Feb 13 03:14:46Politically Incorrect Villain
13th Feb 13 03:14:31Poetic Serial Killer
13th Feb 13 03:14:12Platonic Prostitution
13th Feb 13 03:14:04No Periods Period
13th Feb 13 03:13:43New Eden
13th Feb 13 03:13:33Naked People Trapped Outside
13th Feb 13 03:12:57Michael Grade
13th Feb 13 03:12:45Manipulative Editing
13th Feb 13 03:12:36Early Installment Weirdness.Live Action TV
13th Feb 13 03:12:19Horrible.Live Action TV
13th Feb 13 03:11:23Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Literature
13th Feb 13 03:11:13Values Dissonance.Literature
13th Feb 13 03:07:34Kids Are Cruel.Literature
13th Feb 13 03:05:13Kids Are Cruel.Literature
13th Feb 13 03:04:04Crazy Awesome.Literature
13th Feb 13 03:03:24Administrivia.Creator Pages In Main
13th Feb 13 03:02:49Ben Elton
13th Feb 13 03:01:53Completed Migrations.Creators
13th Feb 13 02:59:45Ben Elton
13th Feb 13 02:57:38Creator.Ben Elton
13th Feb 13 02:56:31Affably Evil.Literature
13th Feb 13 02:56:18Badass Normal.Literature
13th Feb 13 02:56:06Funny.Literature
13th Feb 13 02:55:51Take That.Literature
13th Feb 13 02:55:23Incompatible Orientation
13th Feb 13 02:55:14Important Haircut
13th Feb 13 02:54:59Idealized Sex
13th Feb 13 02:54:49Holding The Floor
13th Feb 13 02:54:36Harry Enfield And Chums
13th Feb 13 02:53:23Flying Dutchman
13th Feb 13 02:52:58Filth
13th Feb 13 02:52:47Fauxreigner
13th Feb 13 02:52:33Darth Wiki.Fallen Creator
13th Feb 13 02:51:40Depraved Kids Show Host
13th Feb 13 02:51:23Contractual Purity
13th Feb 13 02:51:11Coitus Ensues
13th Feb 13 02:51:02Camping A Crapper
13th Feb 13 02:50:51Series.Blackadder
13th Feb 13 02:50:35Headscratchers.Blackadder
13th Feb 13 02:50:24Big Brother Is Employing You
13th Feb 13 02:50:14Bedlam House
13th Feb 13 02:50:06Authors
13th Feb 13 02:49:52Asshole Victim
13th Feb 13 02:49:37Ashes To Ashes
13th Feb 13 02:49:25Alas Poor Villain
13th Feb 13 02:49:02Aerith And Bob
13th Feb 13 02:48:12Film.White Zombie
13th Feb 13 02:48:04White Dwarf Starlet
13th Feb 13 02:47:52Trivia.Werewolf Of London
13th Feb 13 02:47:39Voluntary Shapeshifting
13th Feb 13 02:47:25Voices Are Mental
13th Feb 13 02:47:11Vampire Vords
13th Feb 13 02:46:47Vampires Are Sex Gods
13th Feb 13 02:46:32Val Lewton
13th Feb 13 02:46:22Universal Horror
13th Feb 13 02:46:03Unbuilt Trope
13th Feb 13 02:45:51Ugly Guy Hot Wife
13th Feb 13 02:45:34Type Casting
13th Feb 13 02:45:22Fridge.Twilight
13th Feb 13 02:44:58Shout Out.Truncated Power Rangers
13th Feb 13 02:44:46Angel.Tropes P-Z
13th Feb 13 02:44:31Recap.The X Files S 05 E 12 Bad Blood
13th Feb 13 02:44:05Film.The Wolf Man 1941
13th Feb 13 02:43:47Film.The Raven 1935
13th Feb 13 02:43:34The Other Marty
13th Feb 13 02:43:23The Igor
13th Feb 13 02:43:06The Historian
13th Feb 13 02:42:51Film.The Ghost Of Frankenstein
13th Feb 13 02:42:40The Danza
13th Feb 13 02:42:23YMMV.The Blade Master
13th Feb 13 02:42:09The Corpse Vanishes
13th Feb 13 02:42:03Webcomic.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
13th Feb 13 02:41:17Technically Living Zombie
13th Feb 13 02:41:04Tagline
13th Feb 13 02:40:51Stock Footage Failure
13th Feb 13 02:40:28Star Making Role
13th Feb 13 02:40:19Standard Snippet
13th Feb 13 02:40:02Spooky Seance
13th Feb 13 02:39:50Small Reference Pools
13th Feb 13 02:39:32Sleepwalking
13th Feb 13 02:39:21Signature Line
13th Feb 13 02:39:07Production Posse
13th Feb 13 02:38:56Fan Fic.Prince Of Darkness No More
13th Feb 13 02:38:29Phrase Catcher
13th Feb 13 02:38:12Oscar Bait
13th Feb 13 02:38:01Ominous Opera Cape
13th Feb 13 02:37:48Old Dark House
13th Feb 13 02:37:38Names To Run Away From.Nouns
13th Feb 13 02:37:25Awesome.No Mans Land Tales From The Weird Wars
13th Feb 13 02:37:15No Celebrities Were Harmed
13th Feb 13 02:36:49Film.Ninotchka
13th Feb 13 02:36:32Funny.Ninotchka
13th Feb 13 02:36:23Newer Than They Think
13th Feb 13 02:36:11Never Trust A Trailer
13th Feb 13 02:35:57Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 02 E 08 Lost Continent
13th Feb 13 02:35:42Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 02 E 03 Jungle Goddess
13th Feb 13 02:35:14Series.Mystery Science Theater 3000
13th Feb 13 02:35:02Fanfic.My Inner Life Adaptations
13th Feb 13 02:34:49Film.Murders In The Rue Morgue
13th Feb 13 02:34:37Memetic Sex God
13th Feb 13 02:34:18Real Life.Mean Character Nice Actor
13th Feb 13 02:33:57Maybe Magic Maybe Mundane
13th Feb 13 02:33:40Western Animation.Mad Monster Party
13th Feb 13 02:33:21Lost In Imitation
13th Feb 13 02:33:09Looks Like Orlok
13th Feb 13 02:32:56Shout Out.Live Action TV
13th Feb 13 02:32:34Misaimed Fandom.Literature
13th Feb 13 02:32:09Magnificent Bastard.Literature
13th Feb 13 02:31:59Linkara And Iron Liz List
13th Feb 13 02:31:46Lidsville
13th Feb 13 02:31:34Leave The Camera Running
13th Feb 13 02:31:04Creator.James Rolfe
13th Feb 13 02:30:53In Name Only
13th Feb 13 02:30:39I Do Not Drink Wine
13th Feb 13 02:30:25I Am Not Spock
13th Feb 13 02:30:14I Am Not Leonard Nimoy