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8th May 14 09:13:53Horrible.Music
8th May 14 11:56:29Trivia.Welcome To Night Vale
25th Mar 14 09:49:48Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
27th Feb 14 05:18:53Web Video.Retsupurae
27th Feb 14 05:17:47Web Video.Retsupurae
27th Feb 14 05:17:11Web Video.Retsupurae
10th Dec 13 03:32:11Horrible.Advertising
7th Dec 13 09:59:26Horrible.Video Games
15th Nov 13 03:19:06Horrible.Western Animation
21st Oct 13 03:20:29Soprano And Gravel
16th Oct 13 09:40:03Music.Bad Lip Reading
7th Oct 13 06:19:18Comically Missing The Point.Jokes
7th Oct 13 06:18:35Comically Missing The Point
4th Oct 13 12:02:09TV Tropes As A Gateway Drug.Tropers A To C
3rd Oct 13 06:46:32Tropers.Awesome Creep
3rd Oct 13 06:44:58Tropers.Awesome Creep
3rd Oct 13 06:43:33TV Tropes As A Gateway Drug.Tropers A To C
3rd Oct 13 05:09:59Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
3rd Oct 13 04:58:01Web Video.Retsupurae
3rd Oct 13 01:58:26Web Video.Retsupurae
28th Sep 13 11:05:48Music.Bad Lip Reading
27th Sep 13 03:03:36Surreal Music Video
26th Sep 13 06:44:05Melismatic Vocals
26th Sep 13 12:32:12Funny.Retsupurae
26th Sep 13 12:31:24Funny.Retsupurae
18th Sep 13 02:04:53Web Video.How To Basic
26th Aug 13 06:32:16Artifact Title
18th Jul 13 07:08:36Horrible.Video Games
11th Jul 13 03:43:15Damned By Faint Praise
21st Mar 13 03:34:52Creator.Harmonix
11th Mar 13 08:25:01Web Video.Retsupurae
9th Feb 13 08:04:16Tropers.Awesome Creep
9th Feb 13 02:00:35Web Video.Retsupurae
28th Dec 12 01:22:01Music.Deftones
28th Dec 12 01:19:31Music.Deftones
28th Dec 12 02:35:07Literal Music Video
20th Aug 12 10:40:28Funny.Retsupurae
26th Jul 12 01:49:37Awesome Music.Fifth Generation
15th Jul 12 09:13:46Tropers.Skyflower
19th Jun 12 05:49:18Webcomic.The Oatmeal
19th Jun 12 05:48:07Country Matters
18th Jun 12 05:58:33Signature Song
17th Jun 12 02:09:18Nightmare Fuel.Other
17th Jun 12 02:07:55Nightmare Fuel.Other
16th Jun 12 01:17:05Station Ident
16th Jun 12 10:32:51Retsupurae
13th Jun 12 02:25:47Creator.James Rolfe
8th Jun 12 12:32:25Damn You Muscle Memory
7th Jun 12 02:46:07Tropers.Awesome Creep
28th May 12 07:36:48Nightmare Fuel.Vanity Plates
28th May 12 04:41:58Nightmare Fuel.Vanity Plates
28th May 12 04:33:37Nightmare Fuel.Vanity Plates
28th May 12 04:29:43Wiki Sandbox
28th May 12 04:06:28Nightmare Fuel.Web Original
27th May 12 02:56:41Tropers.Awesome Creep
25th May 12 12:41:49Artificial Stupidity
25th May 12 12:41:42Artificial Stupidity
23rd May 12 02:15:45Selective Obliviousness
23rd May 12 12:26:15Textless Album Cover
15th May 12 10:21:58Darth Wiki.Worse Than It Sounds
15th May 12 10:20:08Darth Wiki.Worse Than It Sounds
10th May 12 01:43:21Vanity Plate
10th May 12 09:10:14Tropers.Meta Skipper
10th May 12 08:57:16Tropers.Awesome Creep
9th May 12 12:00:07Tropers.Raigakuren
9th May 12 11:45:55Super Group
9th May 12 08:00:29Tyop On The Cover
8th May 12 12:37:54Where Are You From
1st May 12 10:29:04YMMV.Tool
1st May 12 08:54:07YMMV.Avenged Sevenfold
1st May 12 08:52:30YMMV.Audioslave
27th Apr 12 01:34:52Musicians
13th Apr 12 01:06:40Tropers.Awesome Creep
20th Mar 12 01:44:17Radar.The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie
20th Mar 12 01:43:43Radar.The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie
16th Mar 12 08:46:27Tropers.Awesome Creep
24th Feb 12 10:32:54Painful Rhyme
16th Feb 12 01:21:58Tropers.Awesome Creep
16th Feb 12 01:21:41Tropers.Awesome Creep
9th Feb 12 12:31:36Selective Obliviousness
2nd Feb 12 12:39:42Tropers.Awesome Creep
17th Jan 12 12:00:12Tropers.Awesome Creep
12th Jan 12 05:42:10Star System
6th Jan 12 05:48:42Funny.The Angry Video Game Nerd
28th Dec 11 03:52:27Tropers.Awesome Creep
28th Dec 11 03:41:41Tropers.Awesome Creep
7th Dec 11 04:55:33Take That.Web Original
29th Nov 11 12:39:18Useful Notes.Gun Safety
24th Nov 11 11:38:03Inherently Funny Words
24th Nov 11 11:21:54Inherently Funny Words
22nd Nov 11 04:40:16Gannon Banned
22nd Nov 11 09:55:36Tropers.Awesome Creep
21st Nov 11 04:48:06Tropers.Awesome Creep
21st Nov 11 04:39:57Tropers.Awesome Creep
18th Nov 11 10:30:04Awesome.Dollhouse
17th Nov 11 09:18:41Tropers.Awesome Creep
17th Nov 11 08:50:21Tropers.Awesome Creep
16th Nov 11 04:32:20Tropers.Awesome Creep
16th Nov 11 04:25:27Tropers.Awesome Creep
16th Nov 11 04:23:44Tropers.Awesome Creep
16th Nov 11 04:09:07Tropers.Awesome Creep
16th Nov 11 03:53:11Tropers.Awesome Creep
16th Nov 11 03:43:42Tropers.Awesome Creep
16th Nov 11 03:33:26Tropers.Awesome Creep
16th Nov 11 11:43:47Tropers.Awesome Creep
15th Nov 11 05:46:34Awesome Music.Hard Rock
12th Nov 11 03:54:15Inherently Funny Words