Anthony Mercer's Recent Edits

18th May 18 12:16:10Trivia.The Big Bang Theory
28th Apr 18 03:31:42Recap.Cowboy Bebop Session 3 Honky Tonk Woman
28th Apr 18 03:30:03Recap.Cowboy Bebop Session 3 Honky Tonk Woman
24th Apr 18 05:01:31Nothing But Hits
31st Mar 18 10:34:57Literature.Ecce Romani
31st Mar 18 06:35:20Literature.The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe
31st Mar 18 05:31:01Second Episode Introduction
18th Mar 18 04:35:53Men Are Generic Women Are Special
18th Mar 18 04:27:41Men Are Generic Women Are Special
20th Feb 18 03:12:06Different In Every Episode
3rd Feb 18 02:43:48Early Bird Cameo
3rd Feb 18 02:06:43Early Bird Cameo
3rd Feb 18 10:33:14Literature.Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
12th Nov 17 12:12:33Recap.Avatar The Last Airbender The Chase
12th Nov 17 11:21:32Recap.Avatar The Last Airbender The Northern Air Temple
7th Oct 17 07:22:14Last Note Hilarity
7th Oct 17 06:03:13Twin Switch
7th Oct 17 06:02:57Twin Switch
7th Oct 17 06:02:38Twin Switch
21st Sep 17 02:24:03Recap.Transformers Prime S 2 E 22 Hard Knocks
16th Sep 17 07:12:21Recap.The Simpsons S 3 E 1 Stark Raving Dad
25th Aug 17 10:57:52Recap.Transformers Prime S 1 E 7 Scrapheap
19th Aug 17 11:50:20Delegation Relay
5th Aug 17 02:52:53Anime.Daitarn 3
21st Jul 17 12:24:47Shared Universe
1st Jul 17 09:03:43Film.Shallow Hal
11th Jun 17 04:57:33Recap.Doctor Who S 36 E 9 The Empress Of Mars
29th May 17 07:50:47Early Installment Character Design Difference
14th May 17 09:18:28Tropers.Anthony Mercer
7th May 17 05:56:08Recap.Doctor Who S 36 E 4 Knock Knock
22nd Apr 17 12:44:41Recap.Doctor Who S 36 E 1 The Pilot
16th Apr 17 02:26:10Recap.Doctor Who S 36 E 1 The Pilot
15th Apr 17 01:19:08Die Hard On An X
14th Apr 17 05:52:20Webcomic.Ladies In Waiting
14th Apr 17 05:52:13Webcomic.Ladies In Waiting
14th Apr 17 05:50:52Webcomic.Ladies In Waiting
14th Apr 17 05:35:27Literature.The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
13th Apr 17 02:27:52Watershed
1st Apr 17 03:40:35Dada Ad
22nd Mar 17 12:54:25Sleeping Their Way To The Top
27th Feb 17 05:36:21One Of The Boys
26th Feb 17 10:33:20Trivia.Wreck It Ralph
24th Feb 17 05:59:05Video Game.Mystic Warriors
23rd Feb 17 05:44:35Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
19th Feb 17 10:24:45Ridiculously Successful Future Self
16th Feb 17 02:09:46Vindicated By History.Live Action TV
8th Feb 17 11:37:58Take It To The Bridge
5th Feb 17 10:27:19Advertised Extra
4th Feb 17 01:14:19Self Titled Album
4th Feb 17 11:25:45Disney.Lilo And Stitch
2nd Feb 17 04:47:03Creator.Milton Jones
31st Jan 17 05:02:17Memetic Hair
29th Jan 17 11:11:51Step Up To The Microphone
29th Jan 17 11:10:47Step Up To The Microphone
29th Jan 17 11:00:51Music.Please Please Me
29th Jan 17 10:55:20Caps Lock Num Lock Missiles Lock
24th Jan 17 05:12:23Unrobotic Reveal
20th Jan 17 11:33:48Discworld.Guards Guards
20th Jan 17 11:18:43Discworld.Guards Guards
19th Jan 17 12:43:11Early Installment Weirdness.Web Animation
16th Jan 17 10:36:11Later Installment Weirdness
15th Jan 17 09:01:22Disney.The Lion King
6th Jan 17 12:07:17The Artifact.Anime And Manga
2nd Jan 17 12:48:15Enter Stage Window
30th Dec 16 08:34:34You Are What You Hate
30th Dec 16 08:10:28Suspiciously Specific Denial.Real Life
30th Dec 16 03:08:58Periphery Demographic
29th Dec 16 09:32:22Webcomic.Arthur King Of Time And Space
27th Dec 16 10:48:13Sequel Song
25th Dec 16 04:29:53Absurdly Youthful Mother
25th Dec 16 04:27:14Short Lived Big Impact
25th Dec 16 04:26:53Short Lived Big Impact
25th Dec 16 09:34:05Palmtree Panic
24th Dec 16 06:50:22Disney.Robin Hood
23rd Dec 16 04:38:58Secret Identity Identity
20th Dec 16 05:01:10Named After Somebody Famous
15th Dec 16 11:04:44Just For Fun.The Zeroth Law Of Trope Examples
19th Nov 16 03:39:22Headscratchers.Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
19th Nov 16 03:26:31Trivia.Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
18th Nov 16 11:08:34Creator.Gemma Chan
18th Nov 16 11:07:25Film.Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
18th Nov 16 10:47:13Film.Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
18th Nov 16 10:46:35Film.Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
12th Nov 16 09:09:23Descriptively Named Species
12th Nov 16 09:08:41Descriptively Named Species
26th Oct 16 11:45:12Recap.Class S 01 E 01 For Tonight We Might Die
25th Oct 16 02:54:10Lyrical Cold Open
25th Oct 16 02:27:53Music.CAKE
22nd Oct 16 04:44:41Manga.The Enigma Of Amigara Fault
19th Oct 16 05:29:04Elaborate Equals Effective
14th Oct 16 02:55:42Law Of One Hundred
13th Oct 16 04:47:06The Grinch
13th Oct 16 04:46:55The Grinch
12th Oct 16 02:51:02Self Backing Vocalist
9th Oct 16 05:26:22Series.Mock The Week
9th Oct 16 05:26:12Series.Mock The Week
7th Oct 16 02:11:21Video Game.Final Fantasy VII Remake
17th Sep 16 12:20:00Dummied Out.Role Playing Game
17th Sep 16 12:18:37Dummied Out.Role Playing Game
3rd Sep 16 09:46:19The Alleged Boss
14th Aug 16 04:37:58Theatre.Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
11th Aug 16 04:47:35The Character Died With Him
10th Jul 16 11:59:03Recycled Title
7th Jul 16 04:48:46Untitled Title
7th Jul 16 04:48:32Untitled Title
26th Jun 16 03:57:22Female Feline Male Mutt
19th Jun 16 11:27:50Location Song
13th Jun 16 11:56:02Strange Syntax Speaker
13th Jun 16 11:55:33Strange Syntax Speaker
12th Jun 16 10:23:27Totem Pole Trench
12th Jun 16 02:52:09Totem Pole Trench
5th Jun 16 07:00:56You Dont Look Like You
21st May 16 07:49:04Six Is Nine
18th May 16 01:27:05Two Faced Aside
14th May 16 04:33:36My Friends And Zoidberg
1st May 16 08:36:26Literature.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
1st May 16 08:05:57Literature.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
19th Apr 16 01:36:13The Cover Changes The Gender
13th Apr 16 05:17:04Literature.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
27th Mar 16 12:35:04Website.Bash Org
26th Mar 16 04:15:43Recap.Doctor Who S 27 E 11 Boom Town
23rd Mar 16 07:25:33Film.The Phantom Of The Opera 1925
9th Mar 16 05:22:13Teaser Equipment
21st Feb 16 02:57:23Gratuitous Iambic Pentameter
15th Jan 16 05:26:07That One Attack
14th Jan 16 05:20:29The Un Reveal
13th Jan 16 05:21:15Railroading
6th Jan 16 11:48:32A Lady On Each Arm
29th Dec 15 10:21:04Recap.Doctor Who S 27 E 1 Rose
28th Dec 15 06:31:43No Pronunciation Guide
24th Dec 15 01:55:43Recap.Doctor Who S 2 E 4 The Romans
21st Dec 15 05:20:40Eternal English
9th Dec 15 11:51:21Animal Talk
8th Dec 15 04:27:33In Its Hour Of Need
1st Dec 15 04:52:52The Artifact
29th Nov 15 02:42:16Recap.Doctor Who S 35 E 11 Heaven Sent
25th Nov 15 05:02:37Dialogue Tree
23rd Nov 15 02:58:53Incestuous Casting
23rd Nov 15 02:56:42Incestuous Casting
22nd Nov 15 02:31:32Real Life Relative
20th Nov 15 05:33:35Spared By The Adaptation
16th Nov 15 02:11:35Recap.Doctor Who S 35 E 9 Sleep No More
12th Nov 15 07:28:00Visible Invisibility
12th Nov 15 07:26:58Visible Invisibility
12th Nov 15 06:27:44Keep It Foreign
12th Nov 15 05:12:48Cultural Translation
12th Nov 15 05:04:24Adaptation Name Change
10th Nov 15 01:59:36Chromatic Arrangement
9th Nov 15 02:32:47Last Episode New Character
8th Nov 15 09:19:12Literature.Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
8th Nov 15 09:11:47Film.Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince
7th Nov 15 09:23:55Shaped Like Itself
4th Nov 15 03:08:07WMG.Harry Potter Real World Theories
4th Nov 15 02:07:30Literature.Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone
4th Nov 15 08:44:18Uncommon Time
4th Nov 15 08:20:59Film.Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone
13th Oct 15 04:48:00Elevator Floor Announcement
4th Oct 15 01:05:36Video Game.Super Mario Maker
4th Oct 15 01:04:58Video Game.Super Mario Maker
4th Oct 15 11:12:01Cue Card
1st Oct 15 11:52:17Baseball Episode
30th Sep 15 11:49:25Easy Level Trick
18th Sep 15 05:34:12Expressive Accessory
18th Aug 15 11:53:30Website.Twitch
9th Aug 15 10:20:25Western Animation.Noddys Toyland Adventures
6th Aug 15 11:53:26Cover Identity Anomaly
13th Jul 15 11:37:39Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
6th Jul 15 11:46:59Mistimed Revival
5th Jul 15 10:50:03Ensemble Darkhorse.Transformers
4th Jul 15 02:19:01Filming For Easy Dub
22nd Jun 15 05:27:49Popular Is Dumb
13th Jun 15 07:12:24Game Breaking Bug.Role Playing Game
11th Jun 15 05:10:38Unwinnable By Mistake.Guild Wars
6th Jun 15 01:22:32Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal
24th May 15 11:08:32Tropers.Anthony Mercer
14th May 15 02:19:00Recap.Twitch Plays Touhoumon And Moemon
12th May 15 12:03:46Long Runners
10th May 15 05:48:00Lets Play.Twitch Plays Touhoumon And Moemon
27th Apr 15 05:19:25Canon Foreigner
10th Apr 15 05:24:27Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.Western Animation
7th Apr 15 05:15:39Discworld.The Truth
7th Apr 15 05:15:02Discworld.The Truth
25th Mar 15 12:54:41No Fair Cheating
21st Mar 15 03:30:49Film.Airplane
7th Mar 15 11:58:38Adapted Out
22nd Feb 15 09:31:15Webcomic.Educomix
7th Feb 15 10:19:16Dolled Up Installment
30th Jan 15 12:41:10Webcomic.Educomix
25th Dec 14 02:07:09Film.Transformers
22nd Dec 14 06:21:54Artistic License Geography
22nd Dec 14 06:20:53Webcomic.Educomix
21st Dec 14 04:51:49Webcomic.Educomix
21st Dec 14 04:05:49Dead Character Walking
6th Dec 14 10:58:49Fan Works.Pokemon
22nd Nov 14 02:34:04Recap.Twitch Plays Pokemon Omega Ruby
21st Nov 14 03:54:37Western Animation.A Bugs Life
5th Nov 14 11:38:24Hot Shots Golf
1st Nov 14 02:12:49Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 11 Dark Water
31st Oct 14 01:47:37Tyop On The Cover
29th Oct 14 12:24:21Franchise.DCLAU
14th Oct 14 12:15:38We All Live In America
14th Oct 14 11:35:31Discworld.Hogfather
12th Oct 14 02:46:04Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 8 Mummy On The Orient Express
12th Oct 14 02:45:41Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 8 Mummy On The Orient Express
7th Oct 14 11:51:08Discworld.Feet OF Clay
5th Oct 14 03:24:34Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 7 Kill The Moon
4th Oct 14 03:24:58Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 7 Kill The Moon
4th Oct 14 03:09:57Webcomic.Educomix
7th Sep 14 07:20:25Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 3 Robot Of Sherwood
4th Sep 14 01:03:13Wake Up Call Boss
4th Sep 14 12:55:19Wake Up Call Boss
2nd Sep 14 01:01:43Western Animation.Sonic Sat AM
30th Aug 14 01:48:58Adapted Out
27th Aug 14 02:59:08Compressed Adaptation
27th Aug 14 04:12:36Blessed Are The Cheesemakers
25th Aug 14 11:10:01Inherently Funny Words
25th Aug 14 11:09:30Inherently Funny Words
25th Aug 14 05:27:33Speedrun
23rd Aug 14 02:33:06Recap.Doctor Who S 34 E 1 Deep Breath
23rd Aug 14 02:09:44Anime.Transformers Armada
16th Aug 14 02:22:51Shes A Man In Japan
16th Aug 14 02:15:19Shes A Man In Japan
16th Aug 14 02:14:26Crossdressing Voices
16th Aug 14 01:58:44The Other Darrin.Western Animation
4th Aug 14 02:05:43Tabletop Game.Fluxx
26th Jul 14 12:13:25Webcomic.Brawl In The Family
19th Jul 14 08:29:35Age Lift
19th Jul 14 03:27:14Heartwarming In Hindsight
5th Jul 14 06:47:56Recap.Twitch Plays Pokemon Black
27th Jun 14 03:47:13Recap.Twitch Plays Pokemon Black
27th Jun 14 03:46:40Recap.Twitch Plays Pokemon Black
21st Jun 14 02:59:30Forgot Flanders Could Do That
16th Jun 14 10:57:37Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon Black
15th Jun 14 07:33:48Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon
31st May 14 03:03:21Reality Subtext
25th May 14 10:16:12Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon Heart Gold
17th May 14 03:59:02Real Dreams Are Weirder
4th May 14 08:23:03Comically Missing The Point.Live-Action TV
4th May 14 08:11:55Comically Missing The Point.Live-Action Films
4th May 14 08:10:16Comically Missing The Point.Live-Action Films
4th May 14 07:43:08Comically Missing The Point
26th Apr 14 10:48:54Wiki.TF Wiki Dot Net
26th Apr 14 10:45:48Wiki.TF Wiki Dot Net
26th Apr 14 10:45:32Trivia.TF Wiki Dot Net
26th Apr 14 10:36:11Webcomic.Educomix
26th Apr 14 10:33:15Webcomic.Educomix
26th Apr 14 10:30:41Webcomic.Educomix
26th Apr 14 10:30:35Trivia.Educomix
26th Apr 14 10:13:27But I Play One On TV
26th Apr 14 08:40:34I Need To Go Iron My Dog
26th Apr 14 08:18:33Curse Of Babel
26th Apr 14 07:52:07Translation Convention
25th Apr 14 02:51:40Either World Domination Or Something About Bananas
25th Apr 14 02:15:53Prophecy Twist
25th Apr 14 02:15:24Prophecy Twist
15th Apr 14 11:35:07Sequel Hook
12th Apr 14 03:15:56Call Back
12th Apr 14 02:53:12Film.The Guard
9th Apr 14 02:18:50Double In Law Marriage
6th Apr 14 01:32:05The New Tens
6th Apr 14 08:58:07Character Outlives Actor
6th Apr 14 08:44:14Creator.Tom Holt
5th Apr 14 02:36:39Self Deprecation.Literature
4th Apr 14 12:55:15Meta Casting
4th Apr 14 12:50:31Meta Casting
30th Mar 14 09:57:17Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
29th Mar 14 01:46:55Hero Of Another Story
28th Mar 14 04:24:55BLAM.Webcomics
28th Mar 14 03:33:08BLAM.Literature
28th Mar 14 03:21:05BLAM.Interactive Fiction
28th Mar 14 03:20:47BLAM.Interactive Fiction
28th Mar 14 01:11:00Webcomic.Educomix
26th Mar 14 12:01:43Your Other Left
25th Mar 14 01:41:19Webcomic.Educomix
15th Mar 14 03:53:21Idiosyncratic Episode Naming.Literature
15th Mar 14 01:40:43Webcomic.Educomix
15th Mar 14 03:40:07Webcomic.Educomix
1st Mar 14 03:42:23Webcomic.Educomix
8th Feb 14 05:52:02Keep Circulating The Tapes.Anime And Manga
26th Jan 14 10:46:26The Shelf Of Movie Languishment
7th Jan 14 12:58:51Recap.Sherlock S 03 E 02 The Sign Of Three
6th Jan 14 11:18:46Opinion Flipflop
2nd Jan 14 02:48:43Talkative Loon
31st Dec 13 04:59:57Chekhovs Gunman.Literature
31st Dec 13 01:07:51Retro Active Recognition
31st Dec 13 02:57:48Overly Pre Prepared Gag
30th Dec 13 08:45:12Characterization Marches On
29th Dec 13 11:28:49Gaslighting
26th Dec 13 01:50:01Recap.Doctor Who 2013 CS The Time Of The Doctor
22nd Dec 13 07:19:16Stock Monsters
20th Dec 13 02:40:41Translation Convention
20th Dec 13 02:34:57Translation Convention
20th Dec 13 01:26:42My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels
20th Dec 13 12:10:44Blind Idiot Translation.Web Original
19th Dec 13 01:37:12Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
19th Dec 13 01:34:29Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
19th Dec 13 01:17:56Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
19th Dec 13 12:51:41Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
17th Dec 13 04:10:26Good Bad Translation
30th Nov 13 01:55:19Paranoia Gambit
28th Nov 13 12:56:01Decomposite Character
28th Nov 13 12:53:58Decomposite Character
28th Nov 13 12:29:55Composite Character
28th Nov 13 11:56:24Webcomic.Educomix
12th Nov 13 12:00:21My Real Daddy
12th Nov 13 11:32:13Photographic Memory
12th Nov 13 10:13:04Discworld.Small Gods
3rd Nov 13 11:45:31Late Arrival Spoiler
3rd Nov 13 03:56:31Literature.A Series Of Unfortunate Events
14th Oct 13 10:52:56Artistic License Geography
14th Oct 13 10:51:49Webcomic.Educomix
14th Oct 13 10:51:43Stock Scream
14th Oct 13 10:49:54Webcomic.Educomix
8th Oct 13 12:37:51Ripped From The Headlines
7th Oct 13 10:49:17Ripped From The Headlines
7th Oct 13 10:48:41Webcomic.Educomix
24th Sep 13 03:15:15Reading The Stage Directions Out Loud
24th Sep 13 03:14:43Webcomic.Educomix
18th Sep 13 10:37:53Webcomic.Educomix
18th Sep 13 10:37:34Western Animation.The Transformers
8th Sep 13 03:00:05Series.Once Upon A Time
8th Sep 13 02:56:04Series.Once Upon A Time
8th Sep 13 02:49:25Series.Once Upon A Time
8th Sep 13 02:47:44Series.Once Upon A Time
29th Aug 13 11:48:21Webcomic.Educomix
29th Aug 13 11:44:38A Rare Sentence
29th Aug 13 11:39:52A Rare Sentence
29th Aug 13 11:28:47A Rare Sentence
29th Aug 13 11:27:18A Rare Sentence
29th Aug 13 11:22:54A Rare Sentence
12th Aug 13 12:45:24Adventures In The Bible
11th Aug 13 11:34:34Characters
6th Aug 13 09:36:38Franchise.Transformers
5th Aug 13 08:55:20Good Bad Translation
5th Aug 13 08:37:57Translation Train Wreck
5th Aug 13 08:36:29Translation Train Wreck
5th Aug 13 07:30:02Gasp
5th Aug 13 07:07:40Author Existence Failure
5th Aug 13 05:52:28Saying Sound Effects Out Loud
5th Aug 13 05:52:02Saying Sound Effects Out Loud
5th Aug 13 05:43:06Saying Sound Effects Out Loud
5th Aug 13 05:38:01Thematic Series
31st Jul 13 02:09:43Lighter And Softer
31st Jul 13 01:21:01Lighter And Softer
31st Jul 13 01:09:54Wiki.TF Wiki Dot Net
31st Jul 13 01:09:07Wiki.TF Wiki Dot Net
31st Jul 13 12:43:51Switching POV
31st Jul 13 12:43:36Switching POV
31st Jul 13 12:31:23Sequel Series
29th Jul 13 05:08:56Literature.The Casual Vacancy
29th Jul 13 03:53:27The Big Bang Theory.Tropes T To Z
29th Jul 13 03:02:43Bolivian Army Ending
29th Jul 13 02:44:14The Big Bang Theory.Tropes K To O
27th Jul 13 11:21:16The Big Bang Theory.Tropes F To J
27th Jul 13 11:11:43The Big Bang Theory.Tropes F To J
22nd Jul 13 12:08:56Webcomic.Educomix
19th Jul 13 12:34:33Webcomic.Educomix
18th Jul 13 02:16:24Meet Your Early Installment Weirdness
18th Jul 13 01:46:23Your Answer To Everything
18th Jul 13 01:11:46Web Video.Two Best Friends Play
18th Jul 13 12:23:40Retired Game Show Element
18th Jul 13 12:23:12Retired Game Show Element
17th Jul 13 02:33:30Growing The Beard.Live Action TV
12th Jul 13 05:59:36Empty Room Psych
12th Jul 13 04:22:42Early Installment Weirdness.Video Games
12th Jul 13 04:21:57Early Installment Weirdness.Video Games
9th Jul 13 04:13:28Board Games
9th Jul 13 02:07:00Saying Sound Effects Out Loud
9th Jul 13 02:06:25Webcomic.Educomix
8th Jul 13 08:51:14Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
8th Jul 13 08:50:54Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
8th Jul 13 03:33:55Early Installment Weirdness.Web Comics
8th Jul 13 03:29:50Webcomic.Educomix
8th Jul 13 03:25:17Webcomic.Educomix
5th Jul 13 12:57:13Starfish Language
5th Jul 13 12:39:16Starfish Language
5th Jul 13 12:33:30Starfish Language
5th Jul 13 12:32:55Webcomic.Educomix
2nd Jul 13 08:20:56WMG.Bad Lip Reading
2nd Jul 13 05:00:24Sole Entertainment Option
1st Jul 13 01:36:23Webcomic.Educomix
18th Jun 13 06:55:47Film.The Deadly Bees
17th Jun 13 08:52:21Webcomic.Educomix
17th Jun 13 08:52:11Spoof Aesop
17th Jun 13 08:51:32Webcomic.Educomix
17th Jun 13 02:35:22An Aesop
17th Jun 13 02:33:19Webcomic.Educomix
9th Jun 13 11:18:18Late Arrival Spoiler
8th Jun 13 02:42:50Chew Bubblegum
8th Jun 13 02:42:06Webcomic.Educomix
4th Jun 13 06:53:31Comic Fury
1st Jun 13 10:40:05Translation Train Wreck
1st Jun 13 10:24:28Early Installment Weirdness.Western Animation
30th May 13 08:37:58Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
30th May 13 08:37:16Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
30th May 13 08:35:46Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
30th May 13 07:38:27Early Installment Weirdness.Anime And Manga
30th May 13 07:29:11Blind Idiot Translation.Western Animation
30th May 13 07:22:41Blind Idiot Translation.Web Original
28th May 13 06:37:12Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games