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26th May 18 12:22:58Anime.Darling In The Franxx
26th May 18 12:16:11Characters.Darling In The Franxx APE
23rd May 18 10:12:14Funny.Starcraft
8th May 18 05:11:42Insult Of Endearment
8th May 18 05:00:41Heartwarming.Darling In The Franxx
26th Apr 18 06:22:09Suddenly Shouting
14th Apr 18 04:25:08Awesome.Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin
5th Apr 18 05:43:35Belligerent Sexual Tension.Video Games
1st Apr 18 09:13:06Video Game.Homeworld
23rd Mar 18 01:05:40Video Game.Half Life 2
11th Mar 18 06:27:22Quotes.Wicked Cultured
2nd Feb 18 06:11:25Useful Notes.Graphics Processing Unit
26th Jan 18 01:24:13Heartwarming.Stargate Verse
24th Jan 18 01:59:20Video Game.Earth 2150
24th Jan 18 01:22:23Video Game.Earth 2150
12th Jan 18 05:40:16Funny.Stargate Verse
11th Jan 18 06:03:12Funny.Stargate Verse
1st Jan 18 05:02:02Stargate S G1.S To Z
1st Jan 18 04:43:31The Television Talks Back
7th Dec 17 04:16:08My Rules Are Not Your Rules
1st Dec 17 03:53:45Funny.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
1st Dec 17 03:49:32Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
1st Dec 17 01:00:43Funny.Iron Man 1
18th Nov 17 04:37:34Badass Boast.Video Games
10th Nov 17 01:05:01Characters.Mech Warrior
10th Nov 17 12:22:08Video Game.Mech Warrior
3rd Nov 17 02:10:10Funny.Warcraft
15th Oct 17 08:47:46Quotes.Dirty Cop
15th Oct 17 05:13:32Quotes.Affably Evil
10th Oct 17 12:55:12YMMV.Fallout 1
10th Oct 17 12:45:00YMMV.Fallout 1
10th Oct 17 12:44:30YMMV.Fallout 1
9th Oct 17 01:10:07Suddenly Shouting
29th Sep 17 04:18:29Revenant Zombie
26th Sep 17 01:17:31Developers Foresight
24th Sep 17 08:37:12Awesome.Command And Conquer Tiberium Wars
21st Sep 17 01:11:55Fright Deathtrap
19th Sep 17 01:58:35Rocketless Reentry
16th Sep 17 04:25:47No Export For You.Anime And Manga
16th Sep 17 04:14:13Screwed By The Lawyers
9th Sep 17 01:55:17Deflector Shields
7th Sep 17 02:52:48Video Game.Command And Conquer Red Alert 2
6th Sep 17 10:07:52Funny.Command And Conquer Red Alert 2
2nd Sep 17 05:56:45Multiple Endings
23rd Aug 17 03:00:57Quotes.Affably Evil
20th Aug 17 03:56:36Happy Ending Override
12th Aug 17 12:37:48Funny.Command And Conquer Red Alert 3
3rd Aug 17 07:46:14Funny.Command And Conquer Renegade
3rd Aug 17 07:25:06Video Game.Command And Conquer Renegade
3rd Aug 17 03:20:01Video Game.Command And Conquer Renegade
28th Jul 17 04:12:54Bridge Bunnies
15th Jun 17 12:27:40YMMV.MS Saga A New Dawn
20th May 17 05:14:51Quotes.Badass Boast
2nd Apr 17 03:17:48Heartwarming.Stargate Atlantis
2nd Apr 17 03:16:22Heartwarming.Stargate Atlantis
2nd Apr 17 03:13:48Heartwarming.Stargate Atlantis
2nd Apr 17 06:12:17Characters.Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Tekkadan
2nd Apr 17 05:56:29Someone To Remember Him By
16th Mar 17 08:19:56Video Game.Rise Of Nations
12th Mar 17 10:01:56Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans
12th Mar 17 09:58:46Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans
17th Dec 16 04:29:37High Altitude Battle
14th Dec 16 12:52:04Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin
27th Nov 16 01:11:48Quotes.Rousseau Was Right
18th Nov 16 01:51:12Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
24th Oct 16 04:27:21Flat What
21st Oct 16 07:44:26Mundane Made Awesome.Live Action TV
16th Oct 16 11:41:12Funny.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
16th Oct 16 11:20:21Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
7th Oct 16 01:39:43Video Game.Metal Fatigue
23rd Sep 16 08:25:52Quotes.To The Pain
22nd Sep 16 05:09:22Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
21st Sep 16 05:31:46Care Bear Stare
19th Sep 16 02:51:32Film.Alien Resurrection
13th Sep 16 10:40:04Et Tu Brute
11th Sep 16 03:39:57Quotes.The Password Is Always Swordfish
3rd Sep 16 10:44:46Post Modern Magik
2nd Sep 16 01:52:09Conveniently An Orphan
8th Jul 16 10:53:48Teleport Interdiction
5th Jul 16 03:55:51Quotes.Unfriendly Fire
4th Jul 16 02:34:44Quotes.Fantastic Racism
2nd Jul 16 09:00:56Modesty Towel
2nd Jul 16 08:58:47Modesty Towel
30th Jun 16 08:39:42Number Of The Beast
27th Jun 16 03:45:34Bottomless Pits
27th Jun 16 03:40:59Quotes.Deadpan Snarker
8th Jun 16 10:53:48Quotes.Dark Messiah
8th Jun 16 10:49:43Quotes.Dark Messiah
22nd May 16 05:43:55Quotes.Killer Robot
16th May 16 12:27:51Ironic Echo.Video Games
10th May 16 10:34:44Useful Notes.Hungary
7th May 16 04:35:54Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
7th May 16 04:35:27Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
7th May 16 04:34:23Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
16th Apr 16 04:17:22Video Game.Ace Combat
16th Apr 16 04:16:21Video Game.Ace Combat
16th Apr 16 04:15:14Video Game.Ace Combat
13th Apr 16 04:44:18Gainaxing
13th Apr 16 04:43:07Gainaxing
12th Apr 16 02:45:54Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
28th Feb 16 04:57:36Power Fist
25th Feb 16 06:00:36Funny.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
25th Feb 16 05:57:53Awesome.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
8th Feb 16 10:00:33Didnt See That Coming
6th Feb 16 05:22:13Quotes.Berserk Button
16th Dec 15 01:25:04Video Game.Half Life 2
8th Dec 15 08:01:42YMMV.MS Saga A New Dawn
1st Dec 15 04:56:04Trivia.Rebuild Of Evangelion
1st Dec 15 04:44:41God Does Not Own This World
28th Nov 15 02:05:48Atomic F Bomb
28th Nov 15 02:05:17Atomic F Bomb
28th Nov 15 02:04:55Atomic F Bomb
28th Nov 15 01:56:50Funny.Heavy Object
22nd Nov 15 01:05:50HP To One
15th Nov 15 03:15:10Nightmare Fuel.Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans
15th Nov 15 03:12:05Nightmare Fuel.Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans
11th Nov 15 01:37:05Awesome.Die Buster
11th Nov 15 01:32:14Awesome.Die Buster
26th Oct 15 03:21:04Awesome.Crysis
26th Oct 15 03:13:59Tear Jerker.Crysis
26th Oct 15 01:32:43Clingy Costume
14th Oct 15 03:25:57Funny.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
2nd Oct 15 04:30:15Tropers.Amitakartok
2nd Oct 15 04:14:28Tropers.Amitakartok
11th Sep 15 06:20:03Quotes.Berserk Button
4th Sep 15 06:52:26Matter Replicator
17th Aug 15 02:34:25Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu
17th Aug 15 02:33:29Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu
17th Aug 15 02:32:29Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu
17th Aug 15 02:31:53Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu
15th Aug 15 03:07:08Trivia.Homeworld
13th Aug 15 11:02:28Video Game.SWINE
12th Aug 15 08:04:21Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
7th Aug 15 12:11:46Video Game.Ace Combat Zero The Belkan War
7th Aug 15 12:11:15Video Game.Ace Combat Zero The Belkan War
7th Aug 15 12:10:48Video Game.Ace Combat Zero The Belkan War
4th Aug 15 05:28:52Hand Or Object Underwear.Anime And Manga
31st Jul 15 10:03:38Hundred Percent Completion
30th Jul 15 09:22:13EMP
18th Jul 15 05:05:26An Arm And A Leg
15th Jul 15 04:03:57Airborne Aircraft Carrier
13th Jul 15 12:23:49Fanfic Recs.Neon Genesis Evangelion Information
30th Jun 15 06:56:34Video Game.Total War
18th Jun 15 03:36:51Be Careful What You Wish For.Live Action TV
17th Jun 15 05:32:15Heroic Team Revolt
11th Jun 15 06:33:09Fanfic.Ascension
8th Jun 15 06:14:20Tropers.Amitakartok
4th Jun 15 02:50:44Funny.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
1st Jun 15 05:05:51Hopeless Boss Fight
1st Jun 15 05:05:51Awesome Bosses.Other Games
30th May 15 06:11:42Get A Hold Of Yourself Man.Anime And Manga
29th May 15 05:34:29Adaptational Badass.Fan Fiction
29th May 15 03:33:40Creator.Kenichi Suzumura
27th May 15 03:45:51Awesome Music.Classical
21st May 15 12:17:55Quotes.Cant Argue With Elves
21st May 15 12:17:36Quotes.Cant Argue With Elves
10th May 15 05:40:32AI Is A Crapshoot.Video Games
1st May 15 07:40:53Shout Out.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
1st May 15 07:38:34Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
30th Apr 15 10:20:00Sealed Evil In A Duel
31st Mar 15 01:18:01Video Game.MS Saga A New Dawn
26th Mar 15 05:15:47Immune To Flinching
22nd Mar 15 06:43:24Trivia.Half Life 1
22nd Mar 15 06:10:48Promoted Fanboy
16th Mar 15 05:46:39Combat Parkour
16th Mar 15 04:40:53Video Game.MS Saga A New Dawn
16th Mar 15 03:18:19Wall Run
15th Mar 15 05:10:12Quotes.Cluster F Bomb
11th Mar 15 08:21:48Characters.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
11th Mar 15 07:29:03Awesome.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
11th Mar 15 07:16:44Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
6th Mar 15 04:19:43Get Back To The Future
6th Mar 15 06:18:03Funny.Haruhi Suzumiya
2nd Mar 15 01:44:27Quotes.Get A Hold Of Yourself Man
27th Feb 15 03:50:01Made Of Indestructium
27th Feb 15 03:49:33Made Of Indestructium
27th Feb 15 02:06:06Lost Technology
24th Feb 15 01:06:12Evil Albino
21st Feb 15 06:22:58Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion Extracanonical Characters
21st Feb 15 05:51:24Crash Into Hello
21st Feb 15 05:47:59Crash Into Hello
20th Feb 15 01:34:01From Bad To Worse.Video Games
20th Feb 15 09:53:16Video Game.Zone Of The Enders
19th Feb 15 03:09:22Characters.Gundam Build Fighters Try
17th Feb 15 08:04:41Reality Has No Subtitles
17th Feb 15 07:57:34Reality Has No Subtitles
17th Feb 15 03:16:00Disintegrator Ray
13th Feb 15 01:52:09Hey Thats My Line
10th Feb 15 03:42:32Hall Of Mirrors
6th Feb 15 06:26:13Fanfic Recs.Neon Genesis Evangelion Information
6th Feb 15 06:22:07Fanfic Recs.Neon Genesis Evangelion Information
5th Feb 15 05:32:36Video Game.The Battle For Middle Earth
5th Feb 15 11:21:37Launcher Move
5th Feb 15 11:14:14Funny.Accel World
2nd Feb 15 11:54:40Video Game.Homeworld
31st Jan 15 04:25:13Tabletop Game.Adeptus Evangelion
31st Jan 15 04:18:49Tabletop Game.Adeptus Evangelion
30th Jan 15 06:02:06Trading Bars For Stripes
28th Jan 15 07:30:11Wham Line.Video Games
28th Jan 15 07:29:31Wham Line.Video Games
26th Jan 15 08:46:30Quotes.Really Gets Around
25th Jan 15 07:53:58Video Game.MS Saga A New Dawn
21st Jan 15 04:22:13Funny.Asuras Wrath
21st Jan 15 03:31:06Awesome.Asuras Wrath
21st Jan 15 03:01:06Homing Boulders
21st Jan 15 03:00:37Homing Boulders
21st Jan 15 02:53:15Homing Boulders
21st Jan 15 01:32:48YMMV.The Battle For Middle Earth
21st Jan 15 05:35:25Right Hand Cat
19th Jan 15 08:54:44Unseen Prototype
18th Jan 15 05:43:43Characters.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
12th Jan 15 01:33:50The Family That Slays Together
9th Jan 15 10:52:48Flynning
5th Jan 15 06:07:53Quotes.Tank Goodness
5th Jan 15 01:02:13Crosses The Line Twice
30th Dec 14 06:08:08Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
24th Dec 14 09:52:37Funny.Gundam Build Fighters Try
24th Dec 14 09:43:36Awesome.Gundam Build Fighters Try
23rd Dec 14 06:57:54Freaky Friday Flip.Live Action TV
23rd Dec 14 06:57:24Freaky Friday Flip.Live Action TV
22nd Dec 14 11:31:58Large Ham Announcer
21st Dec 14 03:53:01Multi Ethnic Name
21st Dec 14 02:32:03The Immodest Orgasm
20th Dec 14 08:51:58Recursive Ammo
18th Dec 14 04:52:38Til Murder Do Us Part
3rd Dec 14 11:36:08Cap
30th Nov 14 06:59:23Nightmare Fuel.Rebuild Of Evangelion
27th Nov 14 12:33:22Tropers.Amitakartok
17th Nov 14 04:10:07Quotes.We Have Reserves
14th Nov 14 06:45:11Orbiting Particle Shield
10th Nov 14 06:02:22Upgrade Vs Prototype Fight
9th Nov 14 02:10:41Sword Beam
2nd Nov 14 06:00:16Full Potential Upgrade
30th Oct 14 02:45:40Funny.Macross 7
30th Oct 14 02:25:30Funny.Gundam Build Fighters
29th Oct 14 04:31:17Trivia.Rebuild Of Evangelion
29th Oct 14 04:30:45Trivia.Rebuild Of Evangelion
29th Oct 14 04:21:18Creator.Hideaki Anno
29th Oct 14 04:17:08Heartwarming.Hayao Miyazaki
29th Oct 14 02:58:32Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam 00
28th Oct 14 11:19:21Creator Breakdown.Anime
27th Oct 14 07:29:31Competitive Balance
27th Oct 14 07:27:06Competitive Balance
24th Oct 14 10:59:15Tropers.Amitakartok
22nd Oct 14 03:14:42Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion Extracanonical Characters
22nd Oct 14 03:14:13Honey Trap
22nd Oct 14 03:13:43Honey Trap
22nd Oct 14 02:28:05Star Crossed Lovers
22nd Oct 14 02:00:37Awesome Music.Neon Genesis Evangelion
18th Oct 14 07:12:35Characters.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
18th Oct 14 05:27:46Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
16th Oct 14 03:48:11Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion Extracanonical Characters
16th Oct 14 02:27:26Franchise.Neon Genesis Evangelion
15th Oct 14 03:43:00Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion Extracanonical Characters
15th Oct 14 02:59:45Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion Extracanonical Characters
15th Oct 14 02:57:17Transfer Student Uniforms
15th Oct 14 02:56:38Transfer Student Uniforms
15th Oct 14 02:52:47Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion Extracanonical Characters
15th Oct 14 07:58:52Multi Ranged Master
14th Oct 14 08:33:14Unobtainium
30th Sep 14 02:20:59Boss Remix
30th Sep 14 08:14:07Video Game.Metal Fatigue
28th Sep 14 05:05:22Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
23rd Sep 14 05:12:26Falling Damage
23rd Sep 14 04:48:41Its All Upstairs From Here
21st Sep 14 01:43:00Berserk Button.Anime And Manga
20th Sep 14 07:39:17WMG.Aldnoah Zero
16th Sep 14 01:58:03Video Game.Minecraft
16th Sep 14 01:57:57Video Game.Minecraft
13th Sep 14 12:39:21Video Game.Dawn Of War
11th Sep 14 04:21:14Enemy Chatter
11th Sep 14 04:19:13Enemy Chatter
8th Sep 14 02:46:04No Flow Portal
6th Sep 14 06:38:12Left The Background Music On
6th Sep 14 06:27:26Left The Background Music On
6th Sep 14 06:25:03Left The Background Music On
3rd Sep 14 11:44:41Never Grew Up
27th Aug 14 02:29:55Ace Custom
27th Aug 14 02:20:01Ace Custom
18th Aug 14 08:30:53Action Initiative
18th Aug 14 08:29:05Action Initiative
18th Aug 14 08:27:14Action Initiative
14th Aug 14 01:14:39YMMV.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
14th Aug 14 01:10:26YMMV.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
14th Aug 14 01:01:06Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
14th Aug 14 12:57:58YMMV.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
14th Aug 14 12:51:34Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
14th Aug 14 12:28:05Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
14th Aug 14 01:14:54You Can See Me
10th Aug 14 11:12:01Close Enough Timeline
9th Aug 14 09:24:40Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam 00
9th Aug 14 09:23:35Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam 00
9th Aug 14 09:23:08Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam 00
9th Aug 14 09:21:46Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam 00
9th Aug 14 09:20:20Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam 00
5th Aug 14 03:56:58Left The Background Music On
4th Aug 14 04:13:14Quotes.With Us Or Against Us
3rd Aug 14 10:15:45Stunned Silence
29th Jul 14 12:18:58Awesome.Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
29th Jul 14 08:08:03Founder Of The Kingdom
27th Jul 14 08:56:19Funny.Eureka Seven
24th Jul 14 06:20:24Quotes.Didnt See That Coming
24th Jul 14 04:10:28Awesome Music.Ace Combat
19th Jul 14 08:29:12Quotes.Shut Up Hannibal
12th Jul 14 01:53:20Quotes.Sophisticated As Hell
9th Jul 14 03:05:33Interrupted Cooldown Hug
9th Jul 14 09:32:34Curb Stomp Battle.Real Life
9th Jul 14 09:31:35Curb Stomp Battle.Real Life
2nd Jul 14 06:33:02Mohs.One Big Lie
2nd Jul 14 06:14:41Mohs.One Big Lie
1st Jul 14 03:57:11Attack Reflector
1st Jul 14 09:45:58Strictly Professional Relationship
28th Jun 14 11:03:36Funny.Robotics Notes
26th Jun 14 01:09:27Manga.Kidou Senshi Gundam San
13th Jun 14 01:42:01Death Glare
13th Jun 14 12:27:47Quotes.Tempting Fate
11th Jun 14 06:50:50Genius Bruiser
5th Jun 14 02:15:41Something Else Also Rises
4th Jun 14 03:02:40Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
4th Jun 14 02:50:09Funny.Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
30th May 14 03:36:25Locked Door
28th May 14 07:48:01Shoryuken
21st May 14 07:49:09Video Game.End War
20th May 14 02:25:27Intangible Time Travel
19th May 14 08:35:21Lock And Load Montage
15th May 14 06:48:45Characters.Gundam Build Fighters
12th May 14 10:45:37Video Game.Command And Conquer Generals
29th Apr 14 12:37:54Torso With A View
29th Apr 14 11:55:38Took A Level In Badass.Film
27th Apr 14 06:13:28Gone Horribly Right
24th Apr 14 06:44:27Video Game.Company Of Heroes
24th Apr 14 06:36:05Video Game.Company Of Heroes
24th Apr 14 06:35:45Video Game.Company Of Heroes
19th Apr 14 12:56:04Video Game.Company Of Heroes
19th Apr 14 12:42:37Im A Doctor Not A Placeholder
17th Apr 14 06:56:33Crazy Awesome.Anime And Manga
14th Apr 14 10:04:40Creator Backlash
13th Apr 14 06:27:06That Came Out Wrong
13th Apr 14 06:26:17That Came Out Wrong
10th Apr 14 04:53:14Not Distracted By The Sexy
9th Apr 14 10:06:08Rocket Punch
9th Apr 14 10:03:22Rocket Punch
9th Apr 14 04:06:58Say My Name.Anime And Manga
4th Apr 14 09:44:14Playing With.God In Human Form
4th Apr 14 09:27:47Quotes.Shut Up Hannibal
3rd Apr 14 10:48:18Autobots Rock Out
3rd Apr 14 10:36:32Shout Out.Asuras Wrath
1st Apr 14 05:50:01Well See About That
31st Mar 14 05:05:13Funny.Warcraft
23rd Mar 14 09:14:25Artificial Stupidity.Strategy Games
23rd Mar 14 08:20:41Falling Into The Cockpit
20th Mar 14 11:26:15Hell Yes Moment
18th Mar 14 09:11:19Anime.Buddy Complex
18th Mar 14 09:05:08WMG.Buddy Complex
16th Mar 14 07:17:56Curse Cut Short
13th Mar 14 04:27:34Shed Armor Gain Speed
12th Mar 14 05:12:22Rapid Fire No
11th Mar 14 04:50:39YMMV.Gundam Build Fighters
11th Mar 14 07:34:41Teeny Weenie
7th Mar 14 03:53:43Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
7th Mar 14 03:50:16Video Game.Dynasty Warriors Gundam
6th Mar 14 04:34:45Trivia.Turn A Gundam
5th Mar 14 10:59:23Quotes.Lets Get Dangerous
3rd Mar 14 02:51:37Anime.Gundam Build Fighters
3rd Mar 14 02:48:32Anime.Gundam Build Fighters
27th Feb 14 08:32:30Stop Poking Me
18th Feb 14 09:39:33Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
16th Feb 14 11:39:25Video Game.Outlive
12th Feb 14 09:05:41Acquired Poison Immunity
6th Feb 14 11:01:13Characters.Kiddy Grade
6th Feb 14 11:00:21Characters.Kiddy Grade
6th Feb 14 05:15:14Rank Up
4th Feb 14 08:38:20Video Game.Soldiers Of Anarchy
4th Feb 14 08:26:59Video Game.Soldiers Of Anarchy
31st Jan 14 10:38:36Assassins Are Always Betrayed
31st Jan 14 10:02:13Useful Notes.Hungary
31st Jan 14 08:47:08Tropers.Amitakartok
27th Jan 14 10:28:25My Greatest Failure
24th Jan 14 12:41:28Powerup Full Color Change
24th Jan 14 12:41:14Powerup Full Color Change
22nd Jan 14 05:57:33Bigger Stick
22nd Jan 14 05:55:10Quotes.Bigger Stick
19th Jan 14 07:10:31Legend Fades To Myth
19th Jan 14 07:10:05Legend Fades To Myth
19th Jan 14 07:07:23Legend Fades To Myth
19th Jan 14 06:46:30Legend Fades To Myth
19th Jan 14 06:40:14Legend Fades To Myth
19th Jan 14 08:10:46Critical Status Buff
15th Jan 14 09:24:36Innocent Cohabitation
13th Jan 14 06:44:58Anime.Gundam Build Fighters
11th Jan 14 03:43:09Crosses The Line Twice
8th Jan 14 06:13:32Rule Sixty Three
8th Jan 14 06:11:54Rule Sixty Three
7th Jan 14 04:54:25Fanfic.Strategic Cyborg Evangelion
7th Jan 14 04:49:43Alternate Universe Fic
7th Jan 14 04:30:50Fan Fic.Crossover
7th Jan 14 04:29:24Shout Out.Ascension
7th Jan 14 04:28:59Extended Disarming
7th Jan 14 04:27:43The Reason You Suck Speech.Fanfic
7th Jan 14 04:23:36Adaptational Badass.Fan Fiction