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2nd Jul 15 03:43:29Headscratchers.Inside Out
1st Jul 15 06:48:22Headscratchers.Inside Out
1st Jul 15 05:33:16Tear Jerker.Inside Out
1st Jul 15 05:32:07Tear Jerker.Inside Out
28th Jun 15 05:27:53Tear Jerker.Evillious Chronicles
27th Jun 15 12:30:36Fridge.Aladdin
19th Jun 15 05:13:14Tear Jerker.Higurashi When They Cry
5th Jun 15 04:19:11Tear Jerker.Evillious Chronicles
29th May 15 03:15:13Fridge.Homestuck Cherubs
27th May 15 08:21:38Fridge.Steven Universe
27th May 15 06:45:30Fridge.Mega Man
20th May 15 02:12:19Headscratchers.Evillious Chronicles
19th May 15 01:38:10Fridge.Hell Girl
16th May 15 11:48:28Headscratchers.Evillious Chronicles
16th May 15 11:41:26Fridge.Evillious Chronicles
6th May 15 07:20:40Fridge.American Gods
4th May 15 11:22:24WMG.Steven Universe
4th May 15 10:57:27WMG.Steven Universe
4th May 15 10:43:52Headscratchers.Steven Universe
4th May 15 10:36:33Headscratchers.Steven Universe
30th Apr 15 12:18:48Film.The Edukators
28th Apr 15 09:20:34Headscratchers.Five Nights At Freddys
22nd Apr 15 12:20:46Headscratchers.Rise Of The Guardians
15th Apr 15 08:05:17WMG.Gravity Falls Objects
13th Apr 15 07:19:06Nightmare Fuel.Homestuck
13th Apr 15 07:11:11Heartwarming.Homestuck
13th Apr 15 04:06:24Fridge.Homestuck
13th Apr 15 04:01:33Fridge.Homestuck Cherubs
12th Apr 15 08:04:47Headscratchers.A Song Of Ice And Fire
10th Apr 15 10:54:12Headscratchers.Rise Of The Guardians
10th Apr 15 10:42:29Headscratchers.Rise Of The Guardians
10th Apr 15 10:32:36Fridge.Rise Of The Guardians
10th Apr 15 07:55:59Literature.Witch Child
10th Apr 15 06:35:08Fridge.Homestuck Cherubs
9th Apr 15 09:25:01Heartwarming.Rise Of The Guardians
9th Apr 15 09:18:36Heartwarming.Rise Of The Guardians
8th Apr 15 08:46:47Literature Of The2000s
8th Apr 15 08:40:49Literature.Witch Child
8th Apr 15 08:35:26Literature.Witch Child
8th Apr 15 08:19:56Literature.Witch Child
8th Apr 15 08:17:41Literature.Witch Child
8th Apr 15 08:15:36Literature.Witch Child
31st Mar 15 09:58:13Fridge.A Song Of Ice And Fire
31st Mar 15 10:08:57Headscratchers.A Song Of Ice And Fire
31st Mar 15 09:56:57Headscratchers.A Song Of Ice And Fire
28th Mar 15 09:01:39Fridge.Midnight Crew
27th Mar 15 05:53:24Tear Jerker.Homestuck
25th Mar 15 09:25:50Heartwarming.Homestuck
19th Mar 15 12:07:46WMG.Evillious Chronicles
19th Mar 15 11:08:07Fridge.Evillious Chronicles
19th Mar 15 11:03:01Tear Jerker.Evillious Chronicles
17th Mar 15 09:40:38Funny.Paradox Space
17th Mar 15 09:39:27Funny.Paradox Space
9th Mar 15 11:37:38Fridge.Gravity Falls
9th Mar 15 10:40:36Fridge.Peter Pan
5th Mar 15 12:38:40Series.The Casual Vacancy
24th Feb 15 10:01:21Heartwarming.Epic Rap Battles Of History
24th Feb 15 09:19:24Heartwarming.Axis Powers Hetalia
24th Feb 15 09:18:16Heartwarming.Axis Powers Hetalia
23rd Feb 15 09:28:50YMMV.The Casual Vacancy
23rd Feb 15 09:21:52Adaptation Expansion
23rd Feb 15 09:16:36Adaptational Attractiveness
18th Feb 15 09:50:14YMMV.The Casual Vacancy
18th Feb 15 09:36:11Series.The Casual Vacancy
18th Feb 15 09:34:30YMMV.The Casual Vacancy
18th Feb 15 09:27:34Literature.The Casual Vacancy
18th Feb 15 09:24:11Literature.The Casual Vacancy
18th Feb 15 09:14:51YMMV.The Casual Vacancy
18th Feb 15 09:09:13YMMV.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 09:36:59Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 08:52:46Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 08:52:06Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 08:50:07Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 08:49:41Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 06:41:25Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 06:39:22Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 06:28:09Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 06:21:07Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 06:20:40Literature.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 06:18:08Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 06:13:37Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 06:11:15Series.The Casual Vacancy
17th Feb 15 06:10:18Series.The Casual Vacancy
16th Feb 15 05:02:45Literature.The Casual Vacancy
16th Feb 15 04:53:19YMMV.The Casual Vacancy
16th Feb 15 04:45:33YMMV.The Casual Vacancy
16th Feb 15 04:39:29Series Of The2010s
16th Feb 15 04:37:08Series.The Casual Vacancy
14th Feb 15 12:35:05Fridge.The Neverending Story
14th Feb 15 06:25:16WMG.Wunschpunsch
14th Feb 15 06:24:06Headscratchers.Wunschpunsch
14th Feb 15 06:22:05WMG.Wunschpunsch
14th Feb 15 05:57:31Literature.The Night Of Wishes
14th Feb 15 05:53:17Literature.The Night Of Wishes
13th Feb 15 12:31:25Fridge.Epic Rap Battles Of History
27th Jan 15 06:51:52Headscratchers.Literature
26th Jan 15 09:51:48Headscratchers.The Casual Vacancy
26th Jan 15 09:50:35Headscratchers.The Casual Vacancy
19th Jan 15 11:34:57Fridge.Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
18th Jan 15 11:53:32Fridge.The Little Mermaid
18th Jan 15 11:50:57Fridge.The Little Mermaid
18th Jan 15 11:47:12Fridge.The Little Mermaid
18th Jan 15 10:50:26Fridge.The Little Mermaid
16th Jan 15 08:43:50Fridge.Five Nights At Freddys 2
8th Jan 15 09:53:54Heartwarming.Homestuck
8th Jan 15 11:40:36Headscratchers.Kikis Delivery Service
8th Jan 15 11:40:35Headscratchers.Kikis Delivery Service
4th Jan 15 10:27:20Headscratchers.Dragon Age Origins
4th Jan 15 11:25:05Head Scratchers.Epic Rap Battles Of History
28th Dec 14 12:33:31Fridge.The Lord Of The Rings
27th Dec 14 12:04:14Fridge.The Lord Of The Rings
24th Dec 14 08:46:16Fridge.Five Nights At Freddys
16th Dec 14 05:18:01Fridge.The Hobbit
15th Dec 14 10:40:46Awesome.Paradox Space
15th Dec 14 10:40:17Awesome.Paradox Space
15th Dec 14 10:36:01Awesome.Paradox Space
9th Dec 14 10:45:36Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Rebellion
24th Nov 14 10:58:12Headscratchers.Dragonage Origins
24th Nov 14 10:39:11Funny.Paradox Space
24th Nov 14 04:10:20Funny.Homestuck Act 6
24th Nov 14 04:09:36Funny.Homestuck Act 6
22nd Nov 14 11:59:33Recap.Hell Girl S 1 E 12 Spilled Bits
22nd Nov 14 11:54:46Recap.Hell Girl S 1 E 12 Spilled Bits
22nd Nov 14 11:54:33Recap.Hell Girl S 1 E 11 Broken Threads
22nd Nov 14 11:53:35Recap.Hell Girl S 1 E 11 Broken Threads
21st Nov 14 04:07:58Tear Jerker.Homestuck
19th Nov 14 02:32:38Tear Jerker.Homestuck
14th Nov 14 02:19:17Tear Jerker.Homestuck
14th Nov 14 02:18:35Tear Jerker.Homestuck
11th Nov 14 02:29:22Tear Jerker.Evillious Chronicles
11th Nov 14 02:29:06Tear Jerker.Evillious Chronicles
10th Nov 14 10:30:47Funny.Paradox Space
2nd Nov 14 09:13:32Characters.Riseofthe Guardians
2nd Nov 14 07:30:48Characters.Harry Potter Ministry Of Magic
1st Nov 14 11:24:12Shout Out.Xiaolin Showdown
31st Oct 14 05:19:17Funny.Olympus Overdrive
23rd Oct 14 07:48:52WMG.Percy Jackson And The Olympians
22nd Oct 14 09:19:26WMG.Gravity Falls
13th Oct 14 11:26:31Heartwarming.Paradox Space
7th Oct 14 03:21:01Webcomic.Paradox Space
4th Oct 14 06:24:59Fridge.Portal
7th Sep 14 09:15:34Heartwarming.Evillious Chronicles
7th Sep 14 08:30:39Headscratchers.Evillious Chronicles
7th Sep 14 08:21:20Headscratchers.Dragonage Origins
31st Aug 14 12:05:03Headscratchers.Dragonage Origins
26th Aug 14 10:04:21Headscratchers.Dragonage Origins
25th Aug 14 12:17:46Headscratchers.Dragonage Origins
25th Aug 14 12:15:56Headscratchers.Dragonage Origins
23rd Aug 14 12:42:06Fridge.Puella Magimadoka Magica
23rd Aug 14 12:21:26Fridge.Puella Magimadoka Magica
22nd Aug 14 11:47:58Fridge.Puella Magimadoka Magica
22nd Aug 14 01:03:41Love Martyr
22nd Aug 14 12:51:11Tearjerker.Fanfiction
20th Aug 14 11:29:19Fridge.Evillious Chronicles
20th Aug 14 11:28:49Fridge.Evillious Chronicles
20th Aug 14 11:27:23Headscratchers.Evillious Chronicles
20th Aug 14 11:26:59Headscratchers.Evillious Chronicles
20th Aug 14 11:24:39Headscratchers.Evillious Chronicles
19th Aug 14 06:31:24Fridge.The Silmarillion
6th Aug 14 09:11:44Fridge.HARRYPOTTER
5th Aug 14 01:29:31Tropers.Akanesarumara
20th Jul 14 09:02:19A Chat With Satan
18th Jul 14 09:40:48Heartwarming.Olympus Overdrive
18th Jul 14 09:37:01Tear Jerker.Olympus Overdrive
18th Jul 14 09:33:28Tear Jerker.Olympus Overdrive
18th Jul 14 09:24:27Funny.Paradox Space
18th Jul 14 09:23:22Funny.Paradox Space
14th Jul 14 07:04:36Fridge.Dragonage Origins
14th Jul 14 07:02:04Fridge.Dragonage Origins
11th Jul 14 10:56:32Heartwarming.Paradox Space
11th Jul 14 07:39:52Tear Jerker.Hellgirl
11th Jul 14 07:37:14WMG.Hellgirl
1st Jul 14 10:54:01Tear Jerker.Hellgirl
18th Jun 14 01:01:41Funny.Olympus Overdrive
14th May 14 07:56:07Headscratchers.Hataraku Maousama
25th Jan 14 07:57:57Headscratchers.Mothy
13th Dec 13 11:19:52Heartwarming.Olympus Overdrive
6th Dec 13 10:23:13Heartwarming.Olympus Overdrive
6th Dec 13 03:44:33Funny.Olympus Overdrive
6th Dec 13 03:43:47YMMV.Olympus Overdrive
21st Nov 13 11:04:05Fridge.Mothy
21st Nov 13 09:36:40Fridge.Mothy
17th Nov 13 11:19:35Tragic Keepsake
30th Sep 13 10:21:55YMMV.Olympus Overdrive
15th Sep 13 09:41:56Fridge.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
13th Sep 13 09:38:08Music.Mothy
26th Jul 13 01:06:47YMMV.Olympus Overdrive
26th Jul 13 01:05:08Trivia.Olympus Overdrive
15th Jul 13 10:18:00YMMV.Olympus Overdrive
19th Jun 13 11:02:34WMG.Mothy
13th Jun 13 11:07:07Fridge.Dangan Ronpa
13th Jun 13 06:11:50Tomboy And Girly Girl
13th Jun 13 06:10:11Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
12th Jun 13 08:26:01YMMV.Olympus Overdrive
10th Jun 13 11:48:16YMMV.Olympus Overdrive
8th Jun 13 04:14:06WMG.Mothy
28th May 13 03:21:26Fridge.Mothy
27th May 13 01:53:42Fridge.Homestuck
24th May 13 10:42:31Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
22nd May 13 11:00:52Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
21st May 13 09:01:17Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
21st May 13 09:00:33Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
20th May 13 10:11:14Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
20th May 13 10:10:00YMMV.Olympus Overdrive
20th May 13 10:07:17Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
20th May 13 10:06:47Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
9th May 13 11:07:51Fridge.The Jungle Book
9th May 13 11:06:55Fridge.The Jungle Book
3rd May 13 10:30:18Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
3rd May 13 10:28:58Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
3rd May 13 10:24:37YMMV.Olympus Overdrive
24th Apr 13 07:34:35Webcomic.Olympus Overdrive
16th Apr 13 09:37:36Fridge.Mothy
16th Apr 13 09:33:58Fridge.Mothy
8th Apr 13 02:42:03Slasher Smile
8th Apr 13 02:35:48How Do You Like Them Apples
8th Apr 13 02:30:11Adorkable.Webcomics
8th Apr 13 02:29:24Ax Crazy.Webcomics
8th Apr 13 02:29:24Ax Crazy.Webcomics
8th Apr 13 02:29:04Ax Crazy.Webcomics
8th Apr 13 02:28:39Ax Crazy.Webcomics
8th Apr 13 02:22:10Webcomics.Olympus Overdrive
8th Apr 13 02:19:42YMMV.Olympus Overdrive
8th Apr 13 02:10:52Webcomics.Olympus Overdrive
8th Apr 13 02:02:57Webcomics.Olympus Overdrive
8th Apr 13 02:02:36Webcomics.Olympus Overdrive
8th Apr 13 02:00:30Webcomics.Olympus Overdrive
8th Apr 13 01:51:33Webcomics.Olympus Overdrive
8th Apr 13 01:51:16Webcomics.Olympus Overdrive
8th Apr 13 01:44:28Webcomics.Olympus Overdrive
8th Apr 13 01:37:31Webcomics.Olympus Overdrive
8th Apr 13 01:34:11Webcomics.Olympus Overdrive
6th Apr 13 08:06:50Hu.Macskafogo
6th Apr 13 08:06:12Hu.Macskafogo
6th Apr 13 07:56:56Hu.Macskafogo
28th Mar 13 10:57:31Headscratchers.Mothy
24th Mar 13 05:27:11Just For Fun.Where Are You From
22nd Mar 13 08:05:41Gray Rain Of Depression
14th Mar 13 11:49:49The Pendragon Legend
14th Mar 13 11:33:16The Pendragon Legend
14th Mar 13 11:23:44The Pendragon Legend
4th Mar 13 09:20:43Literature.Hansel And Gretel
4th Mar 13 09:19:00Literature.Hansel And Gretel
28th Feb 13 06:54:57Hanging Judge
27th Feb 13 09:42:27Youre Not My Father
27th Feb 13 09:41:14Youre Not My Father
22nd Feb 13 03:42:38Foregone Conclusion
20th Feb 13 09:27:37Fridge.The Bible
20th Feb 13 08:11:10Headscratchers.The Bible
20th Feb 13 08:09:14Headscratchers.The Bible
20th Feb 13 06:51:26Headscratchers.The Bible
17th Feb 13 04:12:11Jerkass Woobie.Fan Works
17th Feb 13 04:05:00Jerkass Woobie.Fan Works
17th Feb 13 04:01:24Jerkass Woobie.Fan Works
17th Feb 13 02:56:56Bittersweet Ending.Music
17th Feb 13 02:46:34Bittersweet Ending.Fan Works
17th Feb 13 02:45:48Bittersweet Ending.Fan Works
16th Feb 13 05:26:56The Reveal
15th Feb 13 10:42:24Headscratchers.Avenue Q
15th Feb 13 05:45:30I Dont Like The Sound Of That Place
8th Feb 13 11:54:01YMMV.Jekyll And Hyde
6th Feb 13 07:56:52Completely Different Title
31st Jan 13 11:48:27Headscratchers.Western Zodiac
28th Jan 13 09:30:35Headscratchers.Mothy
21st Jan 13 10:24:41Fridge.Percy Jackson And The Olympians
3rd Jan 13 09:13:45Where Did We Go Wrong
15th Dec 12 10:07:11Gotta Catch Them All
15th Dec 12 09:37:13Collector Of The Strange
13th Dec 12 09:54:03Kangaroo Court
13th Dec 12 09:43:34Kangaroo Court
27th Aug 12 11:24:52Tropers.Akanesarumara
5th Aug 12 12:06:53YMMV.Help Im A Fish
17th Jul 12 01:49:22Tastes Like Diabetes
12th Jul 12 07:58:45Funny.Cat City
12th Jul 12 07:56:39Funny.Cat City
12th Jul 12 07:54:04YMMV.Cat City
3rd Jul 12 12:12:42Flame War
2nd Jul 12 03:42:03Fridge.The Jungle Book
16th Jun 12 08:44:18Fridge.Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
8th Jun 12 01:52:50Didnt Think This Through
3rd Jun 12 10:01:58Fridge.Vocaloid
30th May 12 09:15:29Trademark Favorite Food
16th May 12 07:56:49Ear Worm.Music UVW
15th May 12 10:00:08Older Than They Look
15th May 12 01:04:08Flash Back
15th May 12 12:35:50Trivia.Axis Powers Hetalia
15th May 12 12:12:50Headscratchers.Axis Powers Hetalia
14th May 12 10:39:00Scream Discretion Shot
14th May 12 04:51:19How The Mighty Have Fallen
14th May 12 04:13:19Not So Imaginary Friend
12th May 12 08:17:12Crouching Moron Hidden Badass
7th May 12 02:37:00Amusing Injuries