Adeon's Recent Edits

21st May 18 02:46:42Literature.Med Ship
18th May 18 10:52:25Headscratchers.Subnautica
18th May 18 10:49:46Colony Ship
11th May 18 07:05:13Who Watches The Watchmen
11th May 18 11:42:17Recap.The Simpsons S 5 E 20 The Boy Who Knew Too Much
1st May 18 01:04:51Doorstop Baby
1st May 18 10:46:45Defictionalization
30th Apr 18 03:29:53Jack Of All Trades
27th Apr 18 10:19:51Due To The Dead
27th Apr 18 10:17:12Due To The Dead
25th Apr 18 04:28:08YMMV.Shantae
25th Apr 18 04:25:02Unexpected Shmup Level
24th Apr 18 12:35:31Fantastic Caste System
19th Apr 18 04:48:28Developers Foresight
19th Apr 18 04:48:12Developers Foresight
16th Apr 18 02:50:52Video Game.The Surge
16th Apr 18 02:43:32Characters.The Surge
16th Apr 18 02:35:54Characters.The Surge
12th Apr 18 01:52:50Video Game.The Surge
12th Apr 18 11:05:04Characters.The Surge
12th Apr 18 11:03:16Characters.The Surge
11th Apr 18 02:43:23Headscratchers.Black Panther 2018
9th Apr 18 11:35:50Improvised Weapon.Video Games
4th Apr 18 04:46:25Took A Level In Badass.Literature
4th Apr 18 11:02:38Characters.Questionable Content
4th Apr 18 10:03:53Literature.Saga Of Recluce
4th Apr 18 09:33:23Headscratchers.Zits
3rd Apr 18 02:42:21First World Problems
2nd Apr 18 12:16:08Genuine Human Hide
31st Mar 18 09:26:48Insanity Defense
29th Mar 18 02:17:36Fridge.Going Postal
29th Mar 18 12:28:10Characters.The Dresden Files The Denarians
29th Mar 18 10:39:11Video Game.Deep Rock Galactic
29th Mar 18 09:50:16Web Animation.Extra Credits
29th Mar 18 09:47:38Web Animation.Extra Credits
27th Mar 18 02:09:45Ill Pretend I Didnt Hear That
27th Mar 18 11:19:17X Meets Y.Video Games Games A To L
27th Mar 18 11:14:25Characters.Deep Rock Galactic
21st Mar 18 11:15:03Hide Your Pregnancy
20th Mar 18 04:28:44Headscratchers.Ciaphas Cain
20th Mar 18 04:08:24Asshole Victim.Live Action TV
20th Mar 18 04:06:54Asshole Victim.Live Action TV
17th Mar 18 01:57:03Bawdy Song
12th Mar 18 12:29:39Funny.Futurama
8th Mar 18 12:51:24Defictionalization
8th Mar 18 10:42:11Horse Archer
6th Mar 18 02:06:39Literature.The Lost Fleet
6th Mar 18 01:23:15Scare Em Straight
4th Mar 18 01:25:06Characters.El Goonish Shive Humans
2nd Mar 18 10:01:51Characters.Freefall
26th Feb 18 09:57:44Characters.El Goonish Shive Humans
23rd Feb 18 03:48:47Theatre.The Gondoliers
23rd Feb 18 03:47:27Theatre.The Gondoliers
23rd Feb 18 03:46:21Theatre.The Gondoliers
22nd Feb 18 01:57:12The Symbiote
21st Feb 18 09:16:42El Goonish Shive.Tropes M To R
19th Feb 18 03:02:20Characters.El Goonish Shive Non Humans
17th Feb 18 10:51:37Mildly Military
12th Feb 18 03:57:23Characters.Questionable Content
11th Feb 18 10:25:48Headscratchers.Ciaphas Cain
8th Feb 18 01:41:08Video Game.Pirates Of The Burning Sea
7th Feb 18 02:06:18Two D Space
2nd Feb 18 04:11:44WMG.El Goonish Shive
1st Feb 18 09:40:36Tailor Made Prison
26th Jan 18 09:43:30Shoot The Hostage.Film
25th Jan 18 01:33:14Headscratchers.El Goonish Shive
18th Jan 18 04:50:05Video Game.Wasteland 2
18th Jan 18 03:48:26Bribing Your Way To Victory.Video Games
17th Jan 18 09:35:31Multi Armed And Dangerous
16th Jan 18 10:08:49Funny.Writing Excuses
16th Jan 18 10:08:15Funny.Writing Excuses
16th Jan 18 02:35:07Mayfly December Romance
11th Jan 18 01:09:08Awesome.El Goonish Shive
10th Jan 18 09:40:56Webcomic.Casey And Andy
9th Jan 18 10:49:11Evil Twin
8th Jan 18 01:08:01Characters.Scrubs
8th Jan 18 01:06:59Characters.Scrubs
2nd Jan 18 01:49:45Personal Seals
1st Jan 18 11:26:48Insane Troll Logic
1st Jan 18 10:39:51Idiot Plot.Star Wars
30th Dec 17 10:37:34Headscratchers.Mulan
30th Dec 17 11:16:20Characters.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft Secondary Characters
30th Dec 17 11:07:21Characters.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft Secondary Characters
30th Dec 17 11:05:48Characters.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft Secondary Characters
29th Dec 17 10:24:20Funny.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
27th Dec 17 12:36:36My Country Right Or Wrong
26th Dec 17 01:30:00Characters.Safehold
24th Dec 17 09:57:50Heavy Mithril
21st Dec 17 08:05:04Counting Bullets
21st Dec 17 08:03:00Counting Bullets
21st Dec 17 08:02:34Counting Bullets
20th Dec 17 09:53:35No More For Me
19th Dec 17 10:34:25Foe Tossing Charge
18th Dec 17 11:56:58False Widow
14th Dec 17 04:43:34Characters.Freefall
14th Dec 17 04:19:26Spoof Aesop
14th Dec 17 04:14:20Space Trucker
14th Dec 17 11:22:12Awesome.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
14th Dec 17 10:33:44Game Breaker.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
8th Dec 17 12:05:21Super Mode
8th Dec 17 12:01:32WMG.El Goonish Shive
7th Dec 17 04:37:45Child By Rape
7th Dec 17 03:20:49Game Breaker.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
6th Dec 17 03:14:56WMG.El Goonish Shive
2nd Dec 17 10:36:09Characters.Warhammer 40000 Orks
28th Nov 17 01:51:11Characters.Honor Harrington Manticore
27th Nov 17 11:12:07Damned By Faint Praise
26th Nov 17 12:11:44Ragtag Bunch Of Misfits.Literature
25th Nov 17 10:18:00The Elevator From Ipanema
24th Nov 17 12:23:30Literal Metaphor
24th Nov 17 09:44:23My Friends And Zoidberg
22nd Nov 17 03:09:50YMMV.Honor Harrington
22nd Nov 17 02:47:35Insane Troll Logic
20th Nov 17 09:15:17WMG.El Goonish Shive
13th Nov 17 10:54:49Kneel Before Zod
13th Nov 17 08:09:39Characters.MCU Cosmic
13th Nov 17 07:57:17Characters.El Goonish Shive Main Characters
12th Nov 17 02:52:33Inconveniently Placed Conveyor Belt
12th Nov 17 02:50:15YMMV.Factorio
10th Nov 17 07:16:10Hollywood Hacking
9th Nov 17 05:29:28Funny.The Order Of The Stick
8th Nov 17 10:32:05Funny.Honor Harrington
7th Nov 17 09:09:24Team Dad
6th Nov 17 07:35:30Multiform Balance
3rd Nov 17 04:03:49Funny.Girl Genius
2nd Nov 17 07:54:57Conscription
2nd Nov 17 02:58:42Video Game.Factorio
1st Nov 17 03:52:35Our Elves Are Better
1st Nov 17 03:10:53Driving A Desk
1st Nov 17 03:10:33Driving A Desk
1st Nov 17 02:59:03Casting Couch
31st Oct 17 01:06:26The Girl Who Fits This Slipper
25th Oct 17 04:30:58Headscratchers.Castle
25th Oct 17 10:12:19Swiss Army Gun
23rd Oct 17 02:10:10Poor Communication Kills.Literature
20th Oct 17 02:03:02Vehicular Turnabout
17th Oct 17 10:26:48Shoot Everything That Moves
17th Oct 17 09:56:10Not My Driver
16th Oct 17 05:05:21Heartwarming.Freefall
15th Oct 17 10:40:25Useful Notes.Bitcoin
15th Oct 17 08:54:37Locked In A Room
14th Oct 17 05:59:36Card Carrying Villain.Literature
10th Oct 17 10:34:09Platonic Prostitution
10th Oct 17 02:20:24Coming In Hot
6th Oct 17 12:31:58Webcomic.Freefall
6th Oct 17 12:27:48Recap.The Simpsons S 6 E 21 The PTA Disbands
5th Oct 17 11:52:00A Father To His Men.Literature
5th Oct 17 10:47:36Space Marine
5th Oct 17 12:49:38Crystal Dragon Jesus
5th Oct 17 12:42:38Crystal Dragon Jesus
2nd Oct 17 04:58:18Tier Induced Scrappy.Low Tiers
30th Sep 17 08:11:29Screw The Rules I Have Money
30th Sep 17 08:07:43By The Book Cop
29th Sep 17 09:47:46Video Game.City Of Heroes
29th Sep 17 09:24:21Sniper Pistol
28th Sep 17 08:09:47Ace Pilot
26th Sep 17 10:02:19Heartwarming.Honor Harrington
24th Sep 17 10:34:48Headscratchers.Small Favor
24th Sep 17 07:57:06Abnormal Ammo
22nd Sep 17 03:40:47Carry A Big Stick
22nd Sep 17 03:34:03Professional Butt Kisser
21st Sep 17 04:45:13Characters.Ghostbusters 1984
20th Sep 17 06:25:06Arent You Going To Ravish Me
19th Sep 17 07:21:24Theseus Ship Paradox
19th Sep 17 07:10:13Theseus Ship Paradox
15th Sep 17 12:22:40Good Cop Bad Cop
14th Sep 17 11:24:00Funny.The Devils Panties
14th Sep 17 12:31:02Lord British Postulate
13th Sep 17 11:24:03Bash Brothers
12th Sep 17 09:43:24The Ladys Favour
12th Sep 17 03:05:06Web Video.SMBC Theater
11th Sep 17 04:07:17Characters.El Goonish Shive Non Humans
9th Sep 17 07:13:37Literature.The Iron Tower
9th Sep 17 10:16:35Take Up My Sword
7th Sep 17 12:31:21Dungeon Based Economy
4th Sep 17 02:33:16Whip Sword
4th Sep 17 12:25:17Contrived Coincidence
3rd Sep 17 11:07:01Funny.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
3rd Sep 17 11:03:15Funny.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
3rd Sep 17 06:50:53Defictionalization
30th Aug 17 12:14:54Defiled Forever
28th Aug 17 01:17:58Tier Induced Scrappy.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
28th Aug 17 01:08:30Tier Induced Scrappy.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
28th Aug 17 12:34:47Corrupt Politician
27th Aug 17 11:51:51Web Original.The Setup Wizard
26th Aug 17 11:48:13Web Original.The Setup Wizard
26th Aug 17 11:35:40Delegation Relay
25th Aug 17 12:32:04Literature.Prince Roger
25th Aug 17 10:27:20Literature.Monster Hunter International
25th Aug 17 10:27:02Literature.Monster Hunter International
25th Aug 17 10:01:07Short Range Shotgun
23rd Aug 17 04:09:26El Goonish Shive.Tropes M To R
23rd Aug 17 04:08:57El Goonish Shive.Tropes M To R
21st Aug 17 03:59:20Characters.Honor Harrington Manticore
21st Aug 17 03:58:56Characters.Honor Harrington Manticore
21st Aug 17 03:36:47Dress Hits Floor
18th Aug 17 08:48:03Portmanteau Couple Name
18th Aug 17 08:09:30Sergeant Rock
18th Aug 17 03:24:32The Internet Is For Porn
18th Aug 17 03:17:46POV Cam
17th Aug 17 07:23:07Family Relationship Switcheroo
16th Aug 17 09:58:36Battle Cry
15th Aug 17 02:30:40Anti Magic
14th Aug 17 08:15:11Crash Into Hello
14th Aug 17 08:07:52Crash Into Hello
11th Aug 17 03:24:21Public Secret Message
11th Aug 17 03:02:53Public Secret Message
10th Aug 17 02:15:53Cast From Hit Points
10th Aug 17 02:01:24Weak But Skilled
10th Aug 17 01:58:35Characters.Codex Alera
10th Aug 17 10:49:03Digging To China
9th Aug 17 04:21:10Take Up My Sword
9th Aug 17 01:49:09Lost Technology
7th Aug 17 03:59:22Un Equal Rites
6th Aug 17 10:37:29Crippling Overspecialization
6th Aug 17 09:32:48Chameleon Camouflage
6th Aug 17 08:11:59The Three Trials
5th Aug 17 11:21:05Hero Of Another Story
5th Aug 17 11:17:40Kiss Of Distraction
5th Aug 17 11:13:14Villainesses Want Heroes
4th Aug 17 08:43:25Under The Mistletoe
4th Aug 17 04:43:09WMG.Safehold
2nd Aug 17 01:54:23Defiled Forever
2nd Aug 17 12:04:00Five Races
1st Aug 17 08:27:39The Great Wall
1st Aug 17 08:26:21The Great Wall
31st Jul 17 04:44:21Embarrassing Middle Name
28th Jul 17 12:00:00Dating What Daddy Hates
25th Jul 17 10:53:26Characters.Girl Genius Assorted
24th Jul 17 11:52:07Characters.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
23rd Jul 17 10:45:05Pick Up Babes With Babes
23rd Jul 17 10:44:52Pick Up Babes With Babes
22nd Jul 17 09:59:11Podcast.Qwerpline
18th Jul 17 01:39:16Print Bonus
17th Jul 17 09:18:16Headscratchers.HMS Pinafore
17th Jul 17 08:11:59Precocious Crush
17th Jul 17 02:35:51Video Game.Knights Of The Old Republic II The Sith Lords
16th Jul 17 01:19:44Retroactive Precognition
16th Jul 17 01:19:13Retroactive Precognition
16th Jul 17 12:26:36Characters.Qwerpline
15th Jul 17 11:56:44Funny.Ciaphas Cain
15th Jul 17 11:43:44Talk Like A Pirate
15th Jul 17 10:33:59The Jail Bait Wait
7th Jul 17 12:03:14Space Elevator
7th Jul 17 11:20:17Space Elevator
6th Jul 17 12:24:44Napoleon Delusion
4th Jul 17 10:04:51Trope Namers.Theater
4th Jul 17 09:59:33Theatre.The Pirates Of Penzance
4th Jul 17 12:24:38Bar Brawl
4th Jul 17 12:16:19Characters.Tintin
2nd Jul 17 11:37:21Against My Religion
2nd Jul 17 07:43:53Headscratchers.Captain America The First Avenger
2nd Jul 17 05:55:56Camp Follower
2nd Jul 17 05:55:37Camp Follower
2nd Jul 17 03:44:01Going Commando
30th Jun 17 02:08:41Lottery Of Doom
26th Jun 17 04:58:55WMG.Honor Harrington
26th Jun 17 01:15:44Have A Gay Old Time
24th Jun 17 05:55:30Characters.Evil Genius
24th Jun 17 12:42:53Tropaholics Anonymous
17th Jun 17 10:50:30Characters.Harry Potter Hogwarts Students
17th Jun 17 12:51:08WMG.El Goonish Shive
16th Jun 17 11:29:04Second Law Of Gender Bending
15th Jun 17 04:07:17Hilariously Abusive Childhood
15th Jun 17 01:12:53WMG.El Goonish Shive
15th Jun 17 09:42:11Abdicate The Throne
15th Jun 17 09:37:35Sitcom Arch Nemesis
14th Jun 17 03:35:07A Good Old Fashioned Paint Watching
13th Jun 17 01:54:08Jack Of All Trades
11th Jun 17 12:55:35WMG.Darths And Droids
7th Jun 17 09:51:23Mayor Pain
7th Jun 17 09:45:15Heartwarming.Monstrous Regiment
6th Jun 17 09:54:49Girl Genius.Tropes F To J
6th Jun 17 09:35:22Characters.Girl Genius Protagonists
6th Jun 17 08:08:53Villainesses Want Heroes
6th Jun 17 08:06:50Villainesses Want Heroes
6th Jun 17 08:06:18Villainesses Want Heroes
4th Jun 17 06:22:20Literature.In Fury Born
4th Jun 17 05:06:45Democracy Is Flawed
4th Jun 17 10:46:40Dark Horse Victory
4th Jun 17 10:24:25The Vicar
1st Jun 17 02:19:24Funny.Red Dwarf
1st Jun 17 02:15:05Shoot The Medic First
1st Jun 17 10:06:35Headscratchers.Rise Of The Tomb Raider
31st May 17 12:56:46Horse Of A Different Color
30th May 17 04:01:37Heavyworlder
30th May 17 11:49:35Left The Background Music On
26th May 17 04:32:12Old Beggar Test
26th May 17 03:38:36Web Animation.Extra Credits
26th May 17 02:24:39Heartwarming.Gaunts Ghosts
24th May 17 10:09:59Funny.Red Dwarf
21st May 17 08:24:06Video Game.The Surge
21st May 17 05:04:35Binary Suns
20th May 17 03:44:28Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
17th May 17 02:23:12Fridge.Honor Harrington
5th May 17 08:17:59Crowd Song
5th May 17 01:43:53Honor Harrington.Tropes A To F
4th May 17 03:44:24Characters.Evil Genius
4th May 17 03:44:11Characters.Evil Genius
3rd May 17 03:06:47Funny.Extra Credits
3rd May 17 09:50:07Cue Card Pause
1st May 17 01:48:15Characters.Qwerpline
30th Apr 17 07:01:24Characters.Qwerpline
30th Apr 17 11:43:28Ambiguous Syntax
28th Apr 17 01:31:22Mirror Match
27th Apr 17 10:48:49Artificial Limbs
23rd Apr 17 04:33:20That One Rule
21st Apr 17 04:08:28Characters.El Goonish Shive Humans
19th Apr 17 12:42:21WMG.El Goonish Shive
17th Apr 17 07:04:56Divorce Requires Death
17th Apr 17 04:36:00Headscratchers.Raising Steam
15th Apr 17 10:37:54Busby Berkeley Number
14th Apr 17 09:56:38Roll In The Hay
13th Apr 17 11:39:28Unequal Pairing
11th Apr 17 04:52:58Kicked Upstairs
10th Apr 17 01:39:07Characters.Honor Harrington Solarian League Mesa And Others
8th Apr 17 10:48:42Series.Galavant
7th Apr 17 12:26:11You Cloned Hitler
5th Apr 17 12:57:52Knows A Guy Who Knows A Guy
5th Apr 17 10:47:45Station Ident
4th Apr 17 03:16:49Arrowgram
4th Apr 17 02:26:18Outside Ride
2nd Apr 17 11:30:01Poor Mans Porn
30th Mar 17 10:29:42Walking Armory
17th Mar 17 12:29:04Stuffed Into A Locker
14th Mar 17 04:45:37Unexpected Successor
9th Mar 17 09:47:46Pirate
9th Mar 17 09:35:24Hold Your Hippogriffs
9th Mar 17 09:16:11Shadow Discretion Shot
6th Mar 17 12:16:35One I Prepared Earlier
5th Mar 17 07:34:24Fridge.The Producers
1st Mar 17 03:54:45Characters.Warhammer 40000 Astartes Chapters
23rd Feb 17 12:57:26Stripper Cop Confusion
22nd Feb 17 11:40:58Bishonen
22nd Feb 17 11:33:43The Ace
22nd Feb 17 10:13:41Characters.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
21st Feb 17 12:43:21Combat Medic
20th Feb 17 10:47:04Hot Sub On Sub Action
13th Feb 17 10:27:56Red Shirt
10th Feb 17 11:34:55Railroad Employee Roundhouse
8th Feb 17 12:04:27Video Game.Slime Rancher
5th Feb 17 10:12:35Webcomic.Darths And Droids
1st Feb 17 10:33:32Clap Your Hands If You Believe
23rd Jan 17 04:11:56Heartwarming.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
16th Jan 17 01:24:26Literature.Bands Of Mourning
14th Jan 17 10:47:52Ragnarok Proofing
14th Jan 17 03:14:12Leeroy Jenkins
13th Jan 17 10:35:23Character Select Forcing
11th Jan 17 03:44:29Walk This Way
3rd Jan 17 05:02:50Funny.Sherlock
19th Dec 16 01:27:16Video Game.Shantae
16th Dec 16 06:43:32Literature.Safehold
16th Dec 16 03:45:19Scry Vs Scry
16th Dec 16 11:15:42Characters.Overwatch
23rd Nov 16 12:00:22Adam Smith Hates Your Guts
22nd Nov 16 04:54:52Honor Before Reason.Literature
22nd Nov 16 04:54:25Honor Before Reason.Literature
22nd Nov 16 04:54:06Honor Before Reason.Literature
22nd Nov 16 03:48:12Fridge.Doctor Strange 2016
21st Nov 16 01:01:00Captain Patriotic
18th Nov 16 12:09:23Characters.The Secret World The Orochi Group
16th Nov 16 04:07:01Heartwarming.Temeraire
15th Nov 16 03:38:42Fridge.Irregular Webcomic
15th Nov 16 09:54:49WMG.Ripper Street
11th Nov 16 10:07:49YMMV.Ensign Sue Must Die
11th Nov 16 09:56:04Funny.Ensign Sue Must Die
10th Nov 16 01:45:33Webcomic.Full Frontal Nerdity
8th Nov 16 07:19:16Framing The Guilty Party
8th Nov 16 03:06:25Butterfly Of Doom
6th Nov 16 11:06:52DIY Disaster
2nd Nov 16 10:44:45YMMV.Runescape
1st Nov 16 03:44:07Heartwarming.Runescape
28th Oct 16 04:52:57Inappropriately Close Comrades
28th Oct 16 02:59:57Web Original.Qwerpline
28th Oct 16 02:53:42Web Original.Qwerpline
28th Oct 16 02:46:43Characters.Qwerpline
26th Oct 16 12:36:20Characters.Overwatch Junkensteins Revenge
26th Oct 16 12:33:12Characters.Overwatch Junkensteins Revenge
19th Oct 16 03:03:24Characters.Overwatch Junkensteins Revenge
19th Oct 16 10:41:07Characters.Overwatch
19th Oct 16 09:47:56Characters.Overwatch Dr Junkensteins Revenge
19th Oct 16 09:47:40Characters.Overwatch
19th Oct 16 09:46:54Characters.Overwatch
18th Oct 16 02:51:02Video Game.Overwatch
18th Oct 16 02:47:35Video Game.Overwatch
18th Oct 16 02:46:58Video Game.Overwatch
18th Oct 16 02:43:55Video Game.Overwatch
18th Oct 16 02:40:17Fan Preferred Couple.Video Games
16th Oct 16 07:06:03Literature.Wax And Wayne
14th Oct 16 02:48:56The Alleged Car
12th Oct 16 03:16:03The Three Faces Of Adam
9th Oct 16 06:26:31Love Dodecahedron.Web Comics
9th Oct 16 10:35:58Series.Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
9th Oct 16 10:34:14Honest Johns Dealership
15th Sep 16 04:06:16Funny.The Truth
14th Sep 16 04:22:53Heartwarming.Overwatch
5th Sep 16 10:37:22Homemade Sweater From Hell
5th Sep 16 10:56:51Webcomic.Leftover Soup
4th Sep 16 10:51:37Characters.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
4th Sep 16 10:29:29Characters.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft