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24th May 16 11:37:43Funny.Overwatch
22nd May 16 07:13:49The Engineer
22nd May 16 05:16:20WMG.Doom 2016
21st May 16 11:23:28Boldly Coming
21st May 16 11:22:53Boldly Coming
20th May 16 03:46:12Ragnarok Proofing
19th May 16 10:30:28Rhetorical Question Blunder
18th May 16 11:27:45Lampshaded The Obscure Reference
16th May 16 03:09:54Characters.Discworld City Watch
16th May 16 02:49:41Kevlard
16th May 16 01:43:22Technician Versus Performer
16th May 16 01:35:47Oblivious Adoption
15th May 16 11:51:47Headscratchers.Captain America Civil War
13th May 16 02:23:01Heartwarming.Overwatch
12th May 16 09:59:22Insane Troll Logic
12th May 16 10:07:45Planet Of Hats
10th May 16 11:27:15Shout Out.Galavant
10th May 16 03:06:12Characters.Honor Harrington Haven
10th May 16 12:41:39Launcher Of A Thousand Ships.Literature
8th May 16 09:32:52Misapplied Phlebotinum
6th May 16 12:50:44Need A Hand Or A Handjob
5th May 16 03:59:23Creator.John Cleese
5th May 16 11:11:07Ludicrous Precision
5th May 16 10:53:10Droit Du Seigneur
4th May 16 01:27:58Crazy Cat Lady
4th May 16 12:05:39Characters.Girl Genius Assorted
4th May 16 12:02:45Ill Pretend I Didnt Hear That
2nd May 16 03:42:17Funny.Hells Gate
25th Apr 16 04:52:07Newscaster Cameo
25th Apr 16 10:49:25Funny.Freefall
21st Apr 16 03:06:14Bottled Heroic Resolve
20th Apr 16 11:52:22Characters.Invisible Inc
20th Apr 16 11:51:32Characters.Invisible Inc
19th Apr 16 10:28:19Election Day Episode
19th Apr 16 10:21:41Explaining The Soap
19th Apr 16 10:08:38Characters.Discworld Others
19th Apr 16 09:52:17Hero Of Another Story
17th Apr 16 11:39:53Crew Of One
16th Apr 16 09:26:11Legacy Immortality
15th Apr 16 11:30:57Useful Notes.Economics
15th Apr 16 11:11:14Funny.Loading Ready Run
15th Apr 16 11:10:52Funny.Loading Ready Run
15th Apr 16 08:21:59WMG.Hells Gate
15th Apr 16 02:28:11Twenty Four Hour Party People
15th Apr 16 12:16:49Wrong Name Outburst
15th Apr 16 10:52:41WMG.Hells Gate
14th Apr 16 03:53:08Headscratchers.The Order Of The Stick
14th Apr 16 02:15:29He Will Not Cry So I Cry For Him
14th Apr 16 12:30:26Literature.Hells Gate
10th Apr 16 11:45:54Schizo Tech.Tabletop Games
10th Apr 16 11:39:07Technology Levels
9th Apr 16 11:24:55America Takes Over The World
9th Apr 16 11:22:26Ponzi
9th Apr 16 11:18:49Ponzi
8th Apr 16 02:29:10Video Game.Wolfenstein The Old Blood
7th Apr 16 12:26:00Web Original.Qwerpline
7th Apr 16 12:23:30Web Original.Qwerpline
7th Apr 16 12:18:10Web Original.Qwerpline
6th Apr 16 05:01:46Characters.Codex Alera
6th Apr 16 04:51:13Grande Dame
5th Apr 16 03:30:18The Dresden Files.Tropes A To M
5th Apr 16 03:15:44Space Fighter
5th Apr 16 01:13:22A Degree In Useless
29th Mar 16 08:55:14Web Video.Loading Ready Run
28th Mar 16 09:13:19Dont Fear The Reaper
27th Mar 16 12:13:04And Your Little Dog Too
25th Mar 16 02:28:33Name From Another Species
22nd Mar 16 08:58:34Characters.Qwerpline
22nd Mar 16 04:26:11The Friend Nobody Likes
22nd Mar 16 04:04:20Ambiguous Syntax
22nd Mar 16 12:45:49After Action Patchup
21st Mar 16 04:58:22Naming Your Colony World
21st Mar 16 08:53:21Girl Genius.Tropes K To O
21st Mar 16 08:45:04Girl Genius.Tropes K To O
21st Mar 16 07:00:10Silver Has Mystic Powers
20th Mar 16 12:33:39Recycled In Space.Tabletop Games
20th Mar 16 12:10:24Headscratchers.Pacific Rim
18th Mar 16 06:56:04Mad Scientist.Video Games
18th Mar 16 08:52:11Web Video.SMBC Theater
18th Mar 16 08:48:02Web Video.SMBC Theater
18th Mar 16 08:08:12Awesome.Guards Guards
15th Mar 16 07:11:26Characters.Ciaphas Cain
15th Mar 16 07:08:55Purple Prose
15th Mar 16 06:23:19Benevolent Mage Ruler
15th Mar 16 06:22:48Sorcerous Overlord
14th Mar 16 07:29:47Super Doc
13th Mar 16 09:58:14Just Whistle
12th Mar 16 10:43:33Crosses The Line Twice.Web Comics
12th Mar 16 06:22:38Web Original.Qwerpline
12th Mar 16 06:12:03Web Original.Qwerpline
7th Mar 16 09:48:34Characters.Person Of Interest Northern Lights
7th Mar 16 06:56:00Video Game.Sid Meiers Pirates
7th Mar 16 06:54:04The Princess And The Pirate
7th Mar 16 06:53:28The Princess And The Pirate
7th Mar 16 11:50:17Useless Useful Non Combat Abilities
7th Mar 16 08:19:54Your Brain Wont Be Much Of A Meal
4th Mar 16 10:42:09Wrong Name Outburst
4th Mar 16 10:41:45Wrong Name Outburst
4th Mar 16 04:30:26All Natural Snake Oil
4th Mar 16 04:19:02Series.That Mitchell And Webb Look
4th Mar 16 03:46:33Literature.Empire From The Ashes
4th Mar 16 03:32:46Literature.Empire From The Ashes
4th Mar 16 03:32:28Literature.Empire From The Ashes
4th Mar 16 11:00:49Suspect Is Hatless
4th Mar 16 10:24:48Characters.Questionable Content
4th Mar 16 09:35:26Do With Him As You Will
3rd Mar 16 09:57:58Health Damage Asymmetry
1st Mar 16 03:58:19Shotgun Wedding
1st Mar 16 12:08:11Funny.Evil Genius
1st Mar 16 12:07:59Funny.Evil Genius
29th Feb 16 07:48:57Funny.The Cynical Brit
29th Feb 16 12:36:47Funny.The Cynical Brit
28th Feb 16 10:36:13Literature.In Fury Born
28th Feb 16 10:50:52Video Game.Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
26th Feb 16 11:23:38Multiple Persuasion Modes
25th Feb 16 02:08:37Tabletop Game.Small World
25th Feb 16 02:07:54Tabletop Game.Small World
23rd Feb 16 05:01:34Funny.Codex Alera
23rd Feb 16 04:42:25Characters.Codex Alera
23rd Feb 16 09:05:50Characters.Codex Alera
18th Feb 16 07:39:57Portable Hole
18th Feb 16 05:09:28Married At Sea
14th Feb 16 10:59:21Badass Bookworm.Web Comics
14th Feb 16 10:50:37Hybrid Power
12th Feb 16 12:03:30Characters.XCOM 2
10th Feb 16 12:52:59Hospital Hottie
10th Feb 16 12:52:04Hospital Hottie
10th Feb 16 09:23:24Funny.XCOM 2
9th Feb 16 07:51:45Videogame.Lords Of Magic
8th Feb 16 10:03:00Video Game.XCOM 2
8th Feb 16 09:39:11Video Game.XCOM 2
7th Feb 16 06:52:23Characters.Codex Alera
4th Feb 16 10:42:47Funny.Galavant
4th Feb 16 04:59:39Mistaken For Gay
3rd Feb 16 12:19:56Characters.Qwerpline
31st Jan 16 10:48:28Fighter Mage Thief
31st Jan 16 12:25:16Our Orcs Are Different
29th Jan 16 01:14:16Cat Fight
27th Jan 16 08:14:00Characters.Freefall
27th Jan 16 08:13:10Characters.Freefall
27th Jan 16 08:09:11Characters.Freefall
26th Jan 16 07:54:22Like Brother And Sister
22nd Jan 16 11:57:12Know When To Fold Em
21st Jan 16 11:40:11Meaningful Rename
20th Jan 16 12:22:25Master Of Unlocking
20th Jan 16 12:18:47Characters.LEGO Star Wars
19th Jan 16 07:00:13I Got A Rock
19th Jan 16 11:01:34Web Original.Qwerpline
17th Jan 16 10:13:25Shoot Out The Lock
17th Jan 16 08:59:53Ive Heard Of That What Is It
16th Jan 16 03:31:20Film.Galaxy Quest
13th Jan 16 10:56:15Trivia.Qwerpline
9th Jan 16 08:37:04Characters.Schlock Mercenary
5th Jan 16 03:30:29Smart People Play Chess
4th Jan 16 01:01:30Combat Medic
2nd Jan 16 03:26:20Honor Before Reason.Literature
1st Jan 16 06:57:07Un Equal Rites
31st Dec 15 05:56:17Ronin
30th Dec 15 10:36:08Characters.Schlock Mercenary
30th Dec 15 10:11:44Headscratchers.The Cinder Spires
20th Dec 15 10:39:13Funny.Overwatch
20th Dec 15 05:22:01Video Game.Overwatch
20th Dec 15 05:21:37Video Game.Overwatch
15th Dec 15 03:59:35Web Original.Qwerpline
15th Dec 15 03:58:37Web Original.Qwerpline
15th Dec 15 03:02:52Characters.Qwerpline
11th Dec 15 10:38:35Dont Try This At Home
7th Dec 15 11:18:42Always On Duty
7th Dec 15 07:16:14Web Original.Qwerpline
7th Dec 15 09:22:50Ancestral Weapon
6th Dec 15 12:56:16Web Original.Qwerpline
5th Dec 15 03:13:18Characters.Qwerpline
5th Dec 15 03:12:17Characters.Qwerpline
5th Dec 15 03:09:41Characters.Qwerpline
5th Dec 15 03:09:18Characters.Qwerpline
5th Dec 15 03:08:56Characters.Qwerpline
5th Dec 15 03:00:29Web Original.Qwerpline
4th Dec 15 10:14:54Wishing For More Wishes
4th Dec 15 06:39:53Characters.Qwerpline
4th Dec 15 06:31:16Characters.Qwerpline
4th Dec 15 06:30:12Web Original.Qwerpline
4th Dec 15 06:29:53Web Original.Qwerpline
2nd Dec 15 02:50:39Military Brat
2nd Dec 15 10:06:19Wishing For More Wishes
29th Nov 15 11:23:29Creator.Jack Campbell
28th Nov 15 02:02:00Characters.Qwerpline
26th Nov 15 12:06:05Really Seven Hundred Years Old
20th Nov 15 09:25:06Web Original.Qwerpline
20th Nov 15 12:02:55Hit And Run Tactics
15th Nov 15 02:27:55Secret Test Of Character
14th Nov 15 10:38:23Ancestral Weapon
14th Nov 15 09:53:20Characters.Darths And Droids
14th Nov 15 08:48:00Keywords Conversation
14th Nov 15 08:46:30Keywords Conversation
11th Nov 15 12:35:14Characters.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
10th Nov 15 03:26:59Your Soul Is Mine
9th Nov 15 11:31:29Quotes.Even Evil Has Loved Ones
9th Nov 15 11:31:08Even Evil Has Loved Ones
8th Nov 15 09:25:38Playing Gertrude
8th Nov 15 07:04:44Characters.Qwerpline
8th Nov 15 06:51:23Characters.Qwerpline
7th Nov 15 10:45:30Vibroweapon
7th Nov 15 11:29:45Taking The Bullet
3rd Nov 15 05:52:21Web Original.Qwerpline
3rd Nov 15 05:51:10Kent Brockman News
3rd Nov 15 05:47:11Kent Brockman News
26th Oct 15 10:01:57Adventurer Archaeologist
22nd Oct 15 11:26:11Characters.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
22nd Oct 15 11:23:15When All You Have Is A Hammer
20th Oct 15 04:22:43Funny.Person Of Interest
20th Oct 15 12:53:36Weaponized Teleportation
18th Oct 15 10:55:29WMG.Honor Harrington
18th Oct 15 10:14:12WMG.Safehold
17th Oct 15 08:25:36Ramming Always Works
11th Oct 15 02:43:21Non Nazi Swastika
11th Oct 15 02:43:07Non Nazi Swastika
11th Oct 15 01:39:05Fascinating Eyebrow
10th Oct 15 10:35:00Video Game.Invisible Inc
10th Oct 15 10:34:13Video Game.Invisible Inc
10th Oct 15 10:14:18Wacky Racing
6th Oct 15 11:24:34Headscratchers.Inception
5th Oct 15 01:14:31Metaphorically True
5th Oct 15 01:11:54Metaphorically True
4th Oct 15 09:29:18Ho Yay.Webcomics
1st Oct 15 09:42:35Webvideo.Feed Dump
30th Sep 15 11:35:48Field Promotion
30th Sep 15 01:06:04Ditto Fighter
30th Sep 15 01:05:40Ditto Fighter
29th Sep 15 11:21:59Badass Princess
29th Sep 15 12:05:14Slashed Throat
28th Sep 15 11:52:09Machine Empathy
28th Sep 15 09:48:55Fallen On Hard Times Job
26th Sep 15 12:18:46Coup De Grace Cutscene
21st Sep 15 03:50:22Slashed Throat
21st Sep 15 12:38:43Handy Feet
21st Sep 15 12:35:30One Gender Race
21st Sep 15 12:29:07The Men First
18th Sep 15 11:55:42Lesbian Vampire
17th Sep 15 02:37:03Hold The Line
17th Sep 15 01:59:59No Transhumanism Allowed
16th Sep 15 03:25:13Web Video.Loading Ready Run
16th Sep 15 01:48:27Deadly Doctor
12th Sep 15 07:17:56Real Trailer Fake Movie
7th Sep 15 10:10:22Remember The New Guy
7th Sep 15 07:47:30Combination Attack
6th Sep 15 11:38:36Characters.Schlock Mercenary
3rd Sep 15 02:58:51Artistic License Economics
2nd Sep 15 01:47:24Shout Out.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
26th Aug 15 11:15:09One Gender Race
26th Aug 15 10:51:30WMG.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
26th Aug 15 10:23:02Ironic Nursery Tune
24th Aug 15 11:19:47Armor And Magic Dont Mix
24th Aug 15 11:19:38Armor And Magic Dont Mix
24th Aug 15 11:55:19Characters.Safehold
24th Aug 15 11:50:31Undying Loyalty
24th Aug 15 11:43:24Characters.Safehold
24th Aug 15 07:53:09Artistic License Engineering
21st Aug 15 06:04:57Game Of Chicken
21st Aug 15 02:51:38Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
20th Aug 15 10:30:46Damager Healer Tank
14th Aug 15 10:35:44Red Alert
10th Aug 15 01:30:26Crazy Prepared.Film
7th Aug 15 02:38:15So Bad Its Good.Live Action TV
4th Aug 15 04:18:25Ask A Stupid Question
31st Jul 15 02:01:24Gender Is No Object
30th Jul 15 01:11:02Boy Meets Ghoul
30th Jul 15 12:34:20WMG.A Miracle Of Science
23rd Jul 15 11:19:26Dump Stat
20th Jul 15 10:52:25Big Friendly Dog
20th Jul 15 11:32:35Fridge.Safehold
18th Jul 15 10:11:04Have A Gay Old Time.Music
18th Jul 15 10:08:52Have A Gay Old Time.Music
17th Jul 15 03:57:13Video Game.ARK Survival Evolved
16th Jul 15 08:44:25Shaggy Dog Story.Western Animation
15th Jul 15 12:39:29Heartwarming.Schlock Mercenary
15th Jul 15 12:39:13Heartwarming.Schlock Mercenary
14th Jul 15 11:43:29Combination Attack
14th Jul 15 10:20:48Behind The Black
14th Jul 15 06:36:23Alien Catnip
14th Jul 15 09:43:19Mirror Universe
13th Jul 15 04:11:55Time Master
13th Jul 15 01:56:55Arbitrary Maximum Range
13th Jul 15 12:42:38Tarot Troubles
12th Jul 15 11:13:14Anti Frustration Features
12th Jul 15 10:56:10WMG.Castle
10th Jul 15 11:55:02Who Watches The Watchmen
10th Jul 15 11:51:42Who Watches The Watchmen
7th Jul 15 04:13:56Cutaway Gag
7th Jul 15 03:57:28WMG.Questionable Content
3rd Jul 15 10:51:29Characters.Wolfenstein
2nd Jul 15 11:16:53Bridal Carry
29th Jun 15 10:16:10Completely Unnecessary Translator
29th Jun 15 11:48:35Steam Punk.Video Games
29th Jun 15 09:49:56Money For Nothing
27th Jun 15 08:18:43Naked Apron
25th Jun 15 05:21:01Truce Zone
25th Jun 15 05:16:43My Card
25th Jun 15 04:55:19Good Cop Bad Cop
25th Jun 15 04:05:55Dying Race
25th Jun 15 04:05:09Dying Race
24th Jun 15 04:18:12Headscratchers.Avengers Age Of Ultron
24th Jun 15 12:54:58Video Game.Invisible Inc
24th Jun 15 12:54:03Video Game.Invisible Inc
23rd Jun 15 11:54:44Video Game.Invisible Inc
23rd Jun 15 09:33:57Video Game.Invisible Inc
23rd Jun 15 09:33:37Pun Based Title.Video Games
23rd Jun 15 09:32:36Video Game.Invisible Inc
22nd Jun 15 08:18:22Superheroes Wear Capes
22nd Jun 15 05:10:57Videogame.Lords Of Magic
22nd Jun 15 02:09:42Non Entity General
19th Jun 15 10:44:18Superheroes Wear Capes
19th Jun 15 04:25:35Extended Disarming
17th Jun 15 12:36:54Useless Useful Spell.Video Games
16th Jun 15 03:13:14Damage Control
16th Jun 15 12:21:46Plot Armor
16th Jun 15 10:23:51Video Game.Spore
15th Jun 15 11:47:20Funny.Castle
14th Jun 15 06:25:42Chekhovs Gunman
13th Jun 15 10:58:50Human Resources
10th Jun 15 10:48:29Good Angel Bad Angel.Web Comics
10th Jun 15 09:56:04Useless Useful Spell.Video Games
9th Jun 15 12:53:22Fake Band
9th Jun 15 12:05:37Compound Interest Time Travel Gambit
9th Jun 15 12:05:02Compound Interest Time Travel Gambit
8th Jun 15 10:59:10Straw Feminist
5th Jun 15 11:37:33Characters.Something Positive
2nd Jun 15 11:15:03Painful Rhyme
2nd Jun 15 11:02:59Talking With Signs
2nd Jun 15 10:05:58Infinity Minus One Sword
1st Jun 15 01:36:00Portal Network
1st Jun 15 12:39:04Massive Multiplayer Crossover.Literature
1st Jun 15 12:37:32Massive Multiplayer Crossover.Literature
31st May 15 01:07:37Extended Disarming
31st May 15 01:06:58Extended Disarming
31st May 15 12:24:11Mundane Solution
29th May 15 04:56:16Bridezilla
29th May 15 04:31:06WMG.Skin Game
27th May 15 04:14:43Adventurer Archaeologist
26th May 15 11:26:04Wrong Side All Along
22nd May 15 04:30:47Death Or Glory Attack
19th May 15 09:48:52Fountain Of Youth
18th May 15 01:48:30The Tell
18th May 15 01:31:44Adventurer Archaeologist
15th May 15 04:09:03Ambiguous Syntax
15th May 15 04:07:16Funny.Skin Game
15th May 15 04:07:04Funny.Skin Game
14th May 15 12:00:06Ambiguous Syntax
14th May 15 11:18:25Headscratchers.Wolfenstein The New Order
14th May 15 11:10:39If You Die I Call Your Stuff
13th May 15 12:22:25Space Fighter
12th May 15 10:51:48This Means War
11th May 15 01:35:52Do Well But Not Perfect
11th May 15 01:34:46Do Well But Not Perfect
11th May 15 01:34:11Do Well But Not Perfect
11th May 15 11:25:42Best Woman
10th May 15 10:47:35Dreaming Of Things To Come
8th May 15 12:45:56Doctors Orders
8th May 15 12:39:18WMG.The Lost Fleet
8th May 15 12:38:47WMG.The Lost Fleet
6th May 15 02:17:32Legally Dead
2nd May 15 04:57:19Abbey Road Crossing
29th Apr 15 11:25:35Headscratchers.Wolfenstein The New Order
29th Apr 15 11:14:51Never Mess With Granny
28th Apr 15 03:01:48Characters.Schlock Mercenary
27th Apr 15 12:46:45Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
27th Apr 15 12:45:37Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
27th Apr 15 10:55:07Awesome But Impractical.Military
27th Apr 15 10:37:33Awesome But Impractical.Military
24th Apr 15 08:06:03Your Vampires Suck
22nd Apr 15 09:53:20Funny.Freefall
22nd Apr 15 02:01:32Family Business
21st Apr 15 10:04:09Items.Team Fortress 2
20th Apr 15 04:03:06Lies Damned Lies And Statistics
20th Apr 15 03:43:01Not The Fall That Kills You
20th Apr 15 03:42:32Not The Fall That Kills You
19th Apr 15 12:53:25Characters.X Wing Series
18th Apr 15 03:28:34Putting The Band Back Together
17th Apr 15 10:30:49Ill Take Two Beers Too
17th Apr 15 12:52:16Summon To Hand
15th Apr 15 10:31:02Heartwarming.Schlock Mercenary
15th Apr 15 08:21:30Arbitrary Skepticism
15th Apr 15 08:19:40Arbitrary Skepticism
15th Apr 15 01:05:48Literature.The Lost Fleet
14th Apr 15 10:41:17Try To Fit That On A Business Card
14th Apr 15 07:59:29National Anthem
14th Apr 15 07:59:14National Anthem
14th Apr 15 02:26:15Un Equal Rites
14th Apr 15 02:19:59Un Equal Rites
12th Apr 15 10:41:09Misapplied Phlebotinum
12th Apr 15 01:26:52Christmas Creep
8th Apr 15 03:38:58Characters.Schlock Mercenary
8th Apr 15 11:59:31Ancestral Weapon
7th Apr 15 09:34:23If I Wanted You Dead
7th Apr 15 09:30:32Eat The Evidence
6th Apr 15 02:40:04Rule Number One
2nd Apr 15 05:24:54Video Game.War For The Overworld
2nd Apr 15 05:22:49Video Game.War For The Overworld
2nd Apr 15 05:22:19Video Game.War For The Overworld
2nd Apr 15 03:13:19Luke I Am Your Father
1st Apr 15 02:56:33Plot Coupon That Does Something