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24th Oct 14 01:32:50Veteran Instructor
21st Oct 14 09:41:38Video Game.Wasteland 2
20th Oct 14 04:13:19Metaphorically True
20th Oct 14 12:17:26Characters.Wasteland 2
20th Oct 14 12:13:34Characters.Wasteland 2
20th Oct 14 10:42:11Characters.Wasteland 2
20th Oct 14 10:39:00Characters.Wasteland 2
12th Oct 14 10:43:43Shout Out.Fallout
12th Oct 14 10:39:17Video Game.Fallout 2
10th Oct 14 11:30:00Fore Gone Conclusion
8th Oct 14 03:13:40Undisclosed Funds
6th Oct 14 03:45:17Characters.Wasteland 2
2nd Oct 14 09:36:39Video Game.Wasteland 2
1st Oct 14 11:21:08Video Game.Wasteland 2
18th Sep 14 09:40:33Voiceover Letter
14th Sep 14 10:07:14Maybemagic Maybe Mundane
14th Sep 14 08:58:39Never Gets Drunk
10th Sep 14 05:48:53Alien Non Interference Clause
5th Sep 14 04:15:06Lilliputians
27th Aug 14 12:47:24Reed Richards Is Useless
22nd Aug 14 03:47:08Heart Is An Awesome Power
20th Aug 14 11:53:01Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
20th Aug 14 11:07:07Heart Is An Awesome Power
19th Aug 14 10:44:31Self Destruct Mechanism
11th Aug 14 11:55:29Video Game.Dawn Of War
11th Aug 14 11:54:58Video Game.Dawn Of War
2nd Aug 14 12:21:00Heartwarming.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
29th Jul 14 11:42:52WMG.Honor Harrington
20th Jul 14 08:55:31Flight Strength Heart
16th Jul 14 04:32:07Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
18th Jun 14 01:23:27Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
18th Jun 14 01:12:13Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
18th Jun 14 01:04:21Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
14th Jun 14 12:48:56Room 101
12th Jun 14 10:54:53Web Video.Commentary The Musical
12th Jun 14 10:54:36Web Video.Commentary The Musical
10th Jun 14 10:33:55Must Have Caffeine.Literature
5th Jun 14 02:08:16Anti Magic
3rd Jun 14 10:31:15Headscratchers.X Men Daysof Future Past
1st Jun 14 10:06:24In Space Everyone Can See Your Face
31st May 14 10:42:53Belligerent Sexual Tension
12th Apr 14 06:27:39New Game Plus
4th Apr 14 12:28:33The Musketeer
3rd Apr 14 12:10:34Spare Body Parts
30th Mar 14 11:42:44WMG.Tangled
30th Mar 14 10:53:06Hanging Judge
16th Mar 14 09:11:52Remember The Alamo
3rd Mar 14 12:38:56Video Game.Rune Scape
28th Feb 14 10:41:45Headscratchers.Robots
28th Feb 14 08:40:24Breaking The Fourth Wall.Theatre
25th Feb 14 12:41:15The Remnant
24th Feb 14 12:45:39Chewing The Scenery
24th Feb 14 12:23:34Fridge.Monty Python And The Holy Grail
20th Feb 14 12:28:23WMG.Safehold
20th Feb 14 12:27:00WMG.Safehold
7th Feb 14 11:04:04Seppuku
7th Feb 14 01:05:29Headscratchers.Ciaphas Cain
7th Feb 14 01:02:40Headscratchers.Ciaphas Cain
6th Feb 14 11:00:47Seppuku
30th Jan 14 01:07:34Mortons Fork
29th Jan 14 09:14:48Cowboy Cop.Web Comics
29th Jan 14 09:14:30Cowboy Cop
29th Jan 14 08:19:44Elephant In The Living Room
29th Jan 14 12:35:49Elephant In The Living Room
28th Jan 14 07:45:28Castle.Tropes Q To Z
24th Jan 14 10:36:37Headscratchers.Temeraire
23rd Jan 14 10:20:51One Drink Will Kill The Baby
23rd Jan 14 10:04:24Hero Of Another Story
20th Jan 14 11:54:55Headscratchers.Temeraire
16th Jan 14 02:46:40Awesome.Honor Harrington
13th Jan 14 12:16:42WMG.Honor Harrington
11th Jan 14 09:44:40Maybe Ever After
13th Dec 13 05:16:34Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
20th Oct 13 06:03:32Three Laws Compliant
4th Oct 13 11:43:26Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
3rd Oct 13 09:56:15She Is The King
3rd Oct 13 01:15:24Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
27th Sep 13 02:01:11Characters.Schlock Mercenary
27th Sep 13 02:00:59Characters.Schlock Mercenary
17th Sep 13 12:17:28Video Game.Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
17th Sep 13 12:17:13Video Game.Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
19th Aug 13 02:38:57WMG.Warhammer 40000 Space Marine
17th Aug 13 06:53:55Headscratchers.Freefall
16th Aug 13 11:51:14WMG.Freefall
15th Aug 13 04:14:02Writers Cannot Do Math
30th Jul 13 12:39:40Video Game.Star Trek Online
23rd Jul 13 05:46:50Headscratchers.Overlord
23rd Jul 13 03:24:44King In The Mountain
8th Jul 13 02:54:50We Will Not Use Photoshop In The Future
28th Jun 13 09:20:25Spot The Imposter
26th Jun 13 05:51:02Persona Non Grata
26th Jun 13 05:50:37Persona Non Grata
25th Jun 13 02:36:42The Talk
24th Jun 13 12:34:30Headscratchers.Ciaphas Cain
24th Jun 13 12:17:31Headscratchers.Ciaphas Cain
23rd Jun 13 06:38:46Dead Guy Junior
17th Jun 13 01:02:46Slap Slap Kiss
12th Jun 13 12:40:09Literature.Ciaphas Cain
12th Jun 13 12:38:39Literature.Ciaphas Cain
12th Jun 13 12:34:18Literature.Ciaphas Cain
11th Jun 13 09:23:40She Is The King
1st Jun 13 01:42:15Headscratchers.Dawn Of War
31st May 13 05:33:17Wire Dilemma
30th May 13 04:57:35Uterine Replicator
24th May 13 01:35:19Headscratchers.Space Hulk
24th May 13 01:34:55Headscratchers.Space Hulk
24th May 13 01:13:57Backseat Driver
24th May 13 01:11:52Backseat Driver
17th May 13 12:23:28Headscratchers.Dawn Of War
3rd May 13 09:16:48Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Order Of The Stick
30th Apr 13 07:51:12Bottle Episode
24th Apr 13 09:16:04We ARE Struggling Together
24th Apr 13 09:15:18We ARE Struggling Together
17th Apr 13 01:00:02Discworld.Jingo
17th Apr 13 11:59:39Fridge.Avernum
17th Apr 13 11:59:18Fridge.Avernum
15th Apr 13 12:56:28Literature.Hells Gate
15th Apr 13 12:41:55Literature.Hells Gate
9th Apr 13 12:44:39Plug N Play Technology
8th Apr 13 12:41:59Video Game.Sang Froid Tales Of Werewolves
8th Apr 13 12:41:38Video Game.Sang Froid Tales Of Werewolves
8th Apr 13 09:59:02The Musketeer
7th Apr 13 05:47:00Video Game.Sang Froid Tales Of Werewolves
6th Apr 13 09:00:05Headscratchers.The Phantom Menace
5th Apr 13 12:57:23Orbital Bombardment
5th Apr 13 12:50:39Orbital Bombardment
5th Apr 13 12:50:08Orbital Bombardment
2nd Apr 13 09:25:34The Turret Master
2nd Apr 13 09:25:23The Turret Master
25th Mar 13 05:46:38Perfectly Arranged Marriage
25th Mar 13 01:44:27Tinman Typist
12th Mar 13 11:04:21Super Soldier
11th Mar 13 03:22:16I Take Offense To That Last One
11th Mar 13 12:02:37Pirates Of Penzance
10th Mar 13 12:20:31Screw This Im Outta Here
3rd Mar 13 07:26:00Headscratchers.Buffy Season 4
1st Mar 13 09:02:56Castle.Tropes E To L
19th Feb 13 05:33:08Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Order Of The Stick
17th Feb 13 03:25:57We Named The Monkey Jack
12th Feb 13 11:40:58Chewbacca Defense
8th Feb 13 05:37:10Bread Eggs Breaded Eggs
2nd Feb 13 11:33:13Bridal Carry
2nd Feb 13 11:32:34Bridal Carry
18th Jan 13 09:02:19Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
18th Jan 13 09:01:07Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
17th Jan 13 02:44:15Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
15th Jan 13 03:15:25WMG.Honor Harrington
15th Jan 13 03:14:39WMG.Honor Harrington
15th Jan 13 02:55:43WMG.Honor Harrington
15th Jan 13 01:08:47Controversy Proof Image
11th Jan 13 05:13:09Metagame
4th Jan 13 10:54:57Characters.Honor Harrington
4th Jan 13 09:33:41WMG.Star Wars
3rd Jan 13 02:18:41Wizarding School
21st Dec 12 04:25:15Bribing Your Way To Victory
19th Dec 12 02:30:35Literature.Wings Of Dawn
18th Dec 12 01:18:53Characters.Discworld City Watch
10th Dec 12 12:51:18Characters.Temeraire
10th Dec 12 12:50:16Characters.Temeraire
10th Dec 12 12:47:51Characters.Temeraire
9th Dec 12 09:46:22Its Raining Men
9th Dec 12 09:38:47Artifact Title
5th Dec 12 05:32:42Get A Room
4th Dec 12 12:24:12The Merch
30th Nov 12 12:41:20Honor Before Reason.Literature
23rd Nov 12 12:13:31Film At Eleven
17th Nov 12 11:52:03Disproportionate Retribution.Real Life
17th Nov 12 03:04:49Elegant Weapon For A More Civilized Age
16th Nov 12 08:17:00Hero Of Another Story
16th Nov 12 05:35:27Bond Creatures
16th Nov 12 05:13:19Bullet Proof Vest
10th Nov 12 09:46:55Humans Are Warriors
8th Nov 12 02:37:43Webcomic.Schlock Mercenary
7th Nov 12 03:46:41Headscratchers.Temeraire
7th Nov 12 03:39:12Headscratchers.Temeraire
7th Nov 12 11:56:07Dump Stat
7th Nov 12 10:36:34WMG.Temeraire
6th Nov 12 06:15:09Headscratchers.Overlord
6th Nov 12 12:10:35Weird Trade Union
6th Nov 12 12:00:26Trivia.Castle
4th Nov 12 01:53:01Is This Thing Still On
3rd Nov 12 11:50:35Cant Live With Them Cant Live Without Them
31st Oct 12 10:55:20Space Jews
30th Oct 12 08:36:58Idiosyncratic Episode Naming.Live Action TV
30th Oct 12 08:35:07Idiosyncratic Episode Naming.Live Action TV
30th Oct 12 09:51:53WMG.Temeraire
28th Oct 12 11:22:37The War Gods
28th Oct 12 10:48:04The War Gods
28th Oct 12 02:44:08Literature.Temeraire
28th Oct 12 02:43:09Literature.Temeraire
27th Oct 12 06:45:23Strongly Worded Letter
24th Oct 12 11:57:02No Social Skills
24th Oct 12 11:50:12Delegation Relay
22nd Oct 12 01:24:59Playing With.Shotgun Wedding
21st Oct 12 10:39:06Funny.Temeraire
20th Oct 12 11:32:42Transferable Memory
20th Oct 12 11:32:24Transferable Memory
20th Oct 12 11:27:46Memory Gambit
17th Oct 12 05:16:04Pick A Card
16th Oct 12 01:45:35Humans Are Special
15th Oct 12 02:37:36Video Game.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012
15th Oct 12 02:12:47WMG.X-COM Enemy Unknown 2012
14th Oct 12 05:55:02Is There A Doctor In The House
14th Oct 12 04:17:09Social Services Does Not Exist
9th Oct 12 04:53:46Huge Rider Tiny Mount
9th Oct 12 04:51:55Huge Rider Tiny Mount
8th Oct 12 02:39:04Tabletop Game.Car Wars
6th Oct 12 09:41:27Not Even Bothering With The Accent
4th Oct 12 09:40:29Wartime Wedding
4th Oct 12 12:01:34You Are In Command Now
2nd Oct 12 02:28:59Video Game.Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri
2nd Oct 12 12:07:51WMG.Ciaphas Cain
2nd Oct 12 12:04:13WMG.Ciaphas Cain
30th Sep 12 11:34:58WMG.Safehold
30th Sep 12 11:17:51Mercy Kill
25th Sep 12 11:18:01Video Game.Deus Ex Human Revolution
25th Sep 12 10:18:40Video Game.Deus Ex Human Revolution
25th Sep 12 10:15:10WMG.Castle
22nd Sep 12 03:22:54Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
21st Sep 12 09:21:02Meatgrinder Surgery
21st Sep 12 09:19:03Meatgrinder Surgery
21st Sep 12 08:42:57The Men In Black
20th Sep 12 10:43:10WMG.Safehold
19th Sep 12 05:25:11YMMV.The War Gods
7th Sep 12 05:21:54British Political System
30th Aug 12 11:53:18Dawn Attack
28th Aug 12 04:25:44One Hour Work Week
28th Aug 12 11:42:13Headscratchers.The Cold Equations
27th Aug 12 05:28:20Complacent Gaming Syndrome
27th Aug 12 10:13:14Headscratchers.Hot Fuzz
24th Aug 12 05:50:47Evil Detecting Dog
24th Aug 12 04:47:18Hells Gate
7th Aug 12 12:18:02Anti Magic
6th Aug 12 04:45:15YMMV.HMS Pinafore
6th Aug 12 04:30:07Car Song
3rd Aug 12 12:05:47Headscratchers.Temeraire
30th Jul 12 07:23:39Castle.Tropes A To D
30th Jul 12 04:52:53Headscratchers.Robin Hood
25th Jul 12 05:33:36One True Threesome
23rd Jul 12 09:16:12My Card
13th Jul 12 10:34:51Take Five
11th Jul 12 11:52:10Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
10th Jul 12 12:52:18Standard Sci Fi Fleet
9th Jul 12 09:34:01Strange Syntax Speaker
9th Jul 12 09:39:32Annoying Arrows
5th Jul 12 05:59:22WMG.El Goonish Shive
1st Jul 12 01:03:11Pals With Jesus
26th Jun 12 09:44:10Disney Creatures Of The Farce
22nd Jun 12 01:33:16Press Ganged
21st Jun 12 05:49:15You Are In Command Now
18th Jun 12 05:04:44WMG.The War Gods
18th Jun 12 04:59:48WMG.The War Gods
14th Jun 12 05:31:47Distressed Dude
13th Jun 12 12:53:57Dungeonmasters Girlfriend
13th Jun 12 12:25:16Mobile Suit Human
8th Jun 12 01:14:56Lie Back And Think Of England
6th Jun 12 10:30:36Characters.Dilbert
4th Jun 12 10:42:38Stalking Is Funny If It Is Female After Male
2nd Jun 12 10:02:51Happiness In Slavery
1st Jun 12 11:02:14Big Book Of War
1st Jun 12 02:38:02Visual Pun
1st Jun 12 02:37:34Visual Pun
31st May 12 09:26:24Luke Nounverber
29th May 12 03:45:19Headscratchers.WALL-E
24th May 12 12:28:18Hello Attorney
24th May 12 12:20:34Characters.Overlord
23rd May 12 10:30:35Video Game.City Of Heroes
22nd May 12 10:38:57Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
22nd May 12 10:37:24Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
22nd May 12 09:50:17Fun With Foreign Languages
22nd May 12 09:50:05Fun With Foreign Languages
21st May 12 05:42:58Dungeon Keeper
21st May 12 02:16:42Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy
18th May 12 02:41:11Characters.Schlock Mercenary
18th May 12 02:24:22Characters.Schlock Mercenary
18th May 12 01:56:37Trivia.Schlock Mercenary
17th May 12 12:49:55WMG.El Goonish Shive
17th May 12 11:39:00Literature.Honor Harrington
17th May 12 09:25:49Crazy Enough To Work
16th May 12 02:50:31Drinking On Duty
14th May 12 03:52:56The Lost Fleet
14th May 12 03:51:27The Lost Fleet
14th May 12 03:47:33Covers Always Lie
14th May 12 03:46:45Covers Always Lie
13th May 12 04:58:17WMG.Castle
12th May 12 09:08:56Bread Eggs Milk Squick
11th May 12 03:14:20Mad Doctor
6th May 12 11:50:22Offscreen Teleportation
30th Apr 12 03:10:35The Clan
30th Apr 12 12:45:54Moody Mount
26th Apr 12 03:03:31WMG.Hells Gate
25th Apr 12 07:50:06To Absent Friends
25th Apr 12 02:47:09Shopping Montage
23rd Apr 12 01:42:05Money Sink
23rd Apr 12 12:13:31Deep Cover Agent
20th Apr 12 09:57:27Into The Looking Glass
17th Apr 12 10:52:34The Order Of The Stick Tropes A To L
17th Apr 12 09:02:48Global Currency
14th Apr 12 08:06:44Characters.Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
14th Apr 12 06:55:57Smarter Than You Look
14th Apr 12 06:55:39Smarter Than You Look
13th Apr 12 02:44:07Bee Bee Gun
12th Apr 12 12:00:21Headscratchers.Guards Guards
12th Apr 12 11:24:22The Commandments
9th Apr 12 09:51:01No Recycling
6th Apr 12 08:55:13Headscratchers.Temeraire
5th Apr 12 05:19:38WMG.Ciaphas Cain
4th Apr 12 10:40:40Sapient Cetaceans
3rd Apr 12 09:39:04Arent You Going To Ravish Me
3rd Apr 12 02:41:58Gods Hands Are Tied
3rd Apr 12 11:19:25The Lost Fleet
3rd Apr 12 11:18:28The Lost Fleet
2nd Apr 12 03:56:21The Lost Fleet
2nd Apr 12 12:58:22Sapient Cetaceans
2nd Apr 12 11:09:20Interrupted Intimacy
2nd Apr 12 10:57:28Stranded With Edison
2nd Apr 12 09:40:45The Barnum
2nd Apr 12 12:12:09WMG.Ciaphas Cain
1st Apr 12 03:31:51Trick Bomb
1st Apr 12 03:30:50Trick Bomb
26th Mar 12 02:13:33Headscratchers.Council Wars
26th Mar 12 02:12:25Headscratchers.Council Wars
26th Mar 12 12:16:04Ship Level
25th Mar 12 10:13:39Im A Humanitarian
24th Mar 12 09:32:34Praetorian Guard
23rd Mar 12 09:54:31Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
19th Mar 12 01:45:32Headscratchers.The Wheel Of Time
19th Mar 12 01:31:48Magic Knight
15th Mar 12 10:42:11WMG.Ciaphas Cain
11th Mar 12 11:46:55Headscratchers.The Order Of The Stick
10th Mar 12 03:27:30Critical Existence Failure
10th Mar 12 03:02:09Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny
10th Mar 12 03:01:45Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny
10th Mar 12 02:59:48Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny
4th Mar 12 11:25:49Proscenium Reveal
4th Mar 12 11:24:43Proscenium Reveal
4th Mar 12 11:23:03Proscenium Reveal
23rd Feb 12 02:09:05Field Promotion
23rd Feb 12 12:04:25Webcomic.Schlock Mercenary
18th Feb 12 12:20:52Wacky Marriage Proposal
16th Feb 12 04:31:23Noble Shoplifter
14th Feb 12 01:03:24Headscratchers.Thief Of Time
14th Feb 12 09:33:10Ensign Newbie
14th Feb 12 09:17:43The Generals Daughter
13th Feb 12 12:15:16Sci Fi Writers Have No Sense Of Scale
12th Feb 12 10:45:09Lightspeed Leapfrog
10th Feb 12 05:02:31Characters.Ciaphas Cain
10th Feb 12 03:51:41Characters.Ciaphas Cain
9th Feb 12 11:30:50Headscratchers.Captain America The First Avenger
9th Feb 12 11:20:04Headscratchers.Captain America The First Avenger
9th Feb 12 10:58:20Headscratchers.Captain America The First Avenger
5th Feb 12 11:35:08WMG.Overlord
5th Feb 12 11:34:36WMG.Overlord
2nd Feb 12 12:03:35Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
2nd Feb 12 12:02:37Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
1st Feb 12 11:23:40Generation Ships
1st Feb 12 11:23:31Generation Ships
1st Feb 12 11:23:15Generation Ships
1st Feb 12 11:21:31Lightspeed Leapfrog
1st Feb 12 01:23:49Breakaway Pop Hit
28th Jan 12 09:58:53Headscratchers.Schlock Mercenary
28th Jan 12 09:53:24Dead Guy Junior
26th Jan 12 05:21:45Companion Cube
24th Jan 12 11:34:04Crosscast Role
24th Jan 12 10:58:56Undercover As Lovers
24th Jan 12 04:34:57Flare Gun
24th Jan 12 04:27:08Abnormal Ammo
22nd Jan 12 12:24:24Right Through The Wall
22nd Jan 12 12:00:53Headscratchers.The Pirates Of Penzance
22nd Jan 12 11:56:08Headscratchers.The Pirates Of Penzance
22nd Jan 12 11:39:01Theatre.HMS Pinafore
21st Jan 12 09:32:05Heartwarming.Honor Harrington
21st Jan 12 08:53:05Characters.Honor Harrington
21st Jan 12 08:48:09Military Maverick
21st Jan 12 08:47:39Military Maverick
21st Jan 12 08:26:57Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
21st Jan 12 08:25:28Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
21st Jan 12 04:18:03Like Brother And Sister
21st Jan 12 12:02:43Cloud Cuckoolander.Web Comics
21st Jan 12 12:01:53Cloud Cuckoolander.Web Comics
19th Jan 12 11:25:37City Of Heroes
17th Jan 12 01:16:31Legacy Of Service
16th Jan 12 05:49:43Headscratchers.Something Positive
16th Jan 12 05:49:31Headscratchers.Something Positive
16th Jan 12 03:29:26The Lost Fleet
16th Jan 12 01:53:57Literature.Honor Harrington
16th Jan 12 01:06:41WMG.Honor Harrington
16th Jan 12 12:49:17Headscratchers.Honor Harrington
15th Jan 12 10:20:52Escape Pod
15th Jan 12 09:25:57Quotes.The Spartan Way
15th Jan 12 11:52:43Informed Equipment
13th Jan 12 10:50:08Hit And Run Tactics
13th Jan 12 10:47:10Hit And Run Tactics
13th Jan 12 10:12:07Unequal Rites
12th Jan 12 07:19:11WMG.Honor Harrington
12th Jan 12 02:00:32Old Retainer
11th Jan 12 02:52:20My Eyes Are Up Here
10th Jan 12 12:32:47Formally Named Pet
9th Jan 12 01:44:31Cool Sidecar
6th Jan 12 06:45:15Headscratchers.Something Positive

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