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5th Apr 14 06:23:47Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 22 Testing Testing 123
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1st Oct 13 05:58:41Video Game.Cookie Clicker
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30th Aug 13 12:01:54Film.A View To A Kill
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15th Aug 13 11:48:21Heartwarming.Twelve Angry Men
15th Aug 13 01:26:49Inescapable Horror
7th Aug 13 10:51:45Characters.Super Smash Bros Melee
5th Aug 13 10:08:47Characters.Super Smash Bros Melee
21st Jul 13 11:55:23Video Game.Pokemon Black 2 And White 2
20th Jul 13 06:14:21Fan Nickname.Video Games N-S
22nd Jun 13 04:11:06Characters.Pokemon Champions
3rd Jun 13 06:48:03Point Of No Return
17th May 13 01:07:17Video Game.Age Of Empires I
15th May 13 10:18:16Death Is Cheap
5th May 13 09:37:57YMMV.Nox Arcana
5th May 13 09:36:45Music.Nox Arcana
24th Apr 13 01:58:00YMMV.Assassins Creed Revelations
20th Apr 13 09:46:42Too Many Mouths
5th Apr 13 11:57:16No Holds Barred Beatdown.Video Games
20th Mar 13 10:19:15Characters.Mass Effect 2 Party Members
20th Mar 13 09:16:05Funny.Mass Effect 3
19th Mar 13 04:33:33That One Level.Wide Open Sandbox
11th Mar 13 02:02:23Forever War
6th Mar 13 12:12:01YMMV.Mass Effect 3
6th Mar 13 11:21:29Funny.Mass Effect 3
3rd Mar 13 01:11:33Characters.Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Characters
1st Mar 13 04:08:51When All You Have Is A Hammer
28th Feb 13 10:06:51Funny.Mass Effect 3
28th Feb 13 09:47:30Characters.Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Characters
27th Feb 13 01:13:59Tropers.ABNDT
22nd Feb 13 04:57:50Too Awesome To Use
11th Feb 13 02:17:25Power Glows
30th Jan 13 10:23:01Tropers.ABNDT
30th Jan 13 10:12:14Awesome Music.Tron Legacy
29th Jan 13 09:19:17Broke The Rating Scale
27th Jan 13 08:18:50Tropers Do It.With Video Games
23rd Jan 13 03:50:46Tropers.ABNDT
19th Jan 13 10:50:30Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 3 E 11 Keep Calm And Flutter On
19th Jan 13 10:35:57Heel Face Turn.Western Animation
19th Jan 13 10:26:48Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 3 E 11 Keep Calm And Flutter On
12th Jan 13 12:12:37Funny.Death Battle
7th Jan 13 10:37:26Video Game.Limbo
7th Jan 13 10:23:35The Many Deaths Of You
26th Dec 12 03:52:36Russell Crowe
26th Dec 12 03:39:21Theatre.Les Miserables
15th Dec 12 11:39:42Characters.Friendship Is Magic-Background Ponies-Special Ponies
13th Dec 12 03:48:25Characters.Friendship Is Magic-Antagonists
1st Dec 12 01:53:29Agony Beam
27th Nov 12 09:37:25Tear Jerker.Mass Effect
27th Nov 12 09:29:40Video Game.Mass Effect 3
17th Nov 12 10:36:05Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 3 E 3 Too Many Pinkie Pies
12th Nov 12 12:52:47Awesome Music.Movie Trailers
12th Nov 12 12:52:10Awesome Music.Movie Trailers
12th Nov 12 12:43:12Music.Two Steps From Hell
11th Nov 12 07:59:06Guttural Growler
11th Nov 12 07:26:35Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 3 E 1 The Crystal Empire Part 1
10th Nov 12 11:03:17Evil Sounds Deep
10th Nov 12 11:02:55Evil Sounds Deep
10th Nov 12 10:53:15Casting A Shadow
10th Nov 12 03:02:38Family Unfriendly Death.Western Animation
9th Nov 12 11:01:57YMMV.Skyfall
7th Nov 12 03:35:47Awesome.Hellsing Abridged
6th Nov 12 12:21:14Video Game.Mass Effect 3
17th Oct 12 09:58:24Hand Cannon
12th Oct 12 02:36:33Characters.Mass Effect Races
26th Sep 12 07:05:33Music.Two Steps From Hell
23rd Sep 12 10:54:33Awesome Music.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Non Canon
15th Sep 12 10:01:47Nightmare Fuel.Pony Dot Mov
11th Sep 12 05:10:06Stop Helping Me.Video Games
8th Sep 12 04:11:29Boobs And Butt Pose
7th Sep 12 04:32:25Hellish Horse
6th Sep 12 12:40:52American Kirby Is Hardcore
31st Aug 12 10:58:26Skyrim.Tropes N-T
31st Aug 12 12:34:39Linear Warriors Quadratic Wizards
28th Aug 12 06:03:59Video Game.Mass Effect 3
26th Aug 12 06:24:36Funny.Dragon Age II
26th Aug 12 12:44:37Recap.Doctor Who NSS 2 E 9 The Satan Pit
23rd Aug 12 10:11:29The Schlub Pub Seduction Deduction
22nd Aug 12 08:40:18Bond Gun Barrel
22nd Aug 12 05:55:04Tropers.ABNDT
20th Aug 12 01:29:34Headscratchers.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
20th Aug 12 12:29:37Violation Of Common Sense
18th Aug 12 04:30:00Skyrim.Tropes N-T
17th Aug 12 05:23:55YMMV.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
16th Aug 12 12:47:04Wrestler In All Of Us
14th Aug 12 02:49:10Web Video.Death Battle
13th Aug 12 01:31:33YMMV.Age Of Empires I
8th Aug 12 02:37:03Video Game.Mass Effect 3
3rd Aug 12 06:10:35Artificial Atmospheric Actions
2nd Aug 12 01:27:38Creepy Children Singing
2nd Aug 12 12:41:30Manly Tears
28th Jul 12 03:49:43Devour The Dragon
25th Jul 12 02:25:00YMMV.Prototype 2
23rd Jul 12 01:20:51That One Attack
22nd Jul 12 03:10:41Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels
22nd Jul 12 03:04:28Game Breaker.Mass Effect
22nd Jul 12 02:57:11Video Game.Mass Effect 3
21st Jul 12 07:00:11Nightmare Fuel.The Dark Knight Saga
21st Jul 12 06:58:37Nightmare Fuel.The Dark Knight Rises
17th Jul 12 11:51:32Psychotic Smirk
17th Jul 12 11:50:56Psychotic Smirk
17th Jul 12 02:42:42Headscratchers.Mass Effect 3
17th Jul 12 02:36:59Video Game.Mass Effect 3
6th Jul 12 09:51:36The Simpsons.Tropes C To D
5th Jul 12 06:21:06Franchise.Spider-Man
4th Jul 12 11:52:13Video Game.Mass Effect 3
1st Jul 12 12:48:09Literature.Otoko No Ko Wa Meido Fuku Ga Osuki
1st Jul 12 12:48:04YMMV.Otoko No Ko Wa Meido Fuku Ga Osuki
28th Jun 12 10:42:32Characters.Mass Effect Races
28th Jun 12 01:47:50Western Animation.Brave
27th Jun 12 02:04:02Downer Ending.Video Games
27th Jun 12 01:32:44Multiple Endings
17th Jun 12 10:27:08Curb Stomp Battle.Video Games
11th Jun 12 09:38:35Film.Event Horizon
11th Jun 12 12:06:52And The Adventure Continues
3rd Jun 12 01:59:27Magikarp Power
2nd Jun 12 01:10:31Music.Nox Arcana
28th May 12 09:41:32Game Breaker.Mass Effect
27th May 12 03:45:50Ship To Ship Combat
27th May 12 02:44:26Fanfic Recs.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Shipping
24th May 12 01:33:12Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels
24th May 12 01:29:21Easier Than Easy
23rd May 12 02:49:44Lost Forever
23rd May 12 02:33:36Visible Invisibility
23rd May 12 02:09:27Psychotic Smirk
23rd May 12 02:07:49Kubrick Stare
23rd May 12 01:31:55YMMV.Saw
22nd May 12 08:46:40Torso With A View
21st May 12 02:48:53Awesome Yet Practical
21st May 12 02:42:19Boring But Practical
18th May 12 04:25:09Evil Is Petty
17th May 12 12:16:11Fan Fic.Romance Reports
16th May 12 09:27:19Series.Mister Rogers Neighborhood
15th May 12 02:58:25Symphonic Metal
9th May 12 03:39:32Tropers.ABNDT
9th May 12 03:38:37Tropers.ABNDT
9th May 12 03:38:06Tropers.ABNDT
6th May 12 04:14:06Eleventh Hour Superpower
5th May 12 11:24:02Death Battle
2nd May 12 03:45:40Anime.Hen Zemi
2nd May 12 03:45:29YMMV.Hen Zemi
28th Apr 12 08:07:58A Troll In Central Park
28th Apr 12 08:07:51YMMV.A Troll In Central Park
25th Apr 12 03:45:23A Ma Soeur
25th Apr 12 03:45:18YMMV.A Ma Soeur
23rd Apr 12 11:55:56Wham Line.Western Animation
22nd Apr 12 03:30:31Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 26 A Canterlot Wedding Part 2
22nd Apr 12 03:53:19Awesome.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
22nd Apr 12 03:44:26Awesome Music.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
19th Apr 12 11:59:36Technical Pacifist
19th Apr 12 10:32:22Dirty Old Woman
19th Apr 12 09:38:25Tropers.ABNDT
18th Apr 12 04:27:31Rated M For Money
18th Apr 12 03:14:48Sentry Gun
15th Apr 12 02:44:19Trivia.Mass Effect 3
14th Apr 12 02:30:11Sociopathic Hero
9th Apr 12 04:55:09The Master
9th Apr 12 03:07:56Ho Yay.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
9th Apr 12 01:49:37Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 24 Mystery On The Friendship Express
8th Apr 12 02:17:41Contractual Boss Immunity
6th Apr 12 01:10:56Funny.Pokemon Black And White
31st Mar 12 01:32:25Awesome Music.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
31st Mar 12 01:14:18Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 23 Ponyville Confidential
27th Mar 12 10:35:53Awesome Music.Film
27th Mar 12 10:35:44Awesome Music.Tron Legacy
25th Mar 12 02:37:08Characters.Pokemon Generation II Families
21st Mar 12 01:58:57Wham Line.Video Games
18th Mar 12 03:08:52Dude Wheres My Respect
16th Mar 12 05:09:16Sniper Rifle
15th Mar 12 11:39:27Have I Mentioned I Am Gay
15th Mar 12 11:36:38Characters.Mass Effect 3 Antagonists And Npcs
15th Mar 12 11:24:29YMMV.Mass Effect 3
15th Mar 12 02:24:01Headscratchers.Mass Effect 3
15th Mar 12 02:12:38Torch The Franchise And Run
15th Mar 12 03:24:35Late Character Syndrome
15th Mar 12 03:06:59Video Game.Mass Effect 3
15th Mar 12 01:58:26Harder Than Hard
12th Mar 12 08:42:51Ending Aversion
10th Mar 12 06:43:49Video Game.Mass Effect 3
9th Mar 12 04:52:41YMMV.Mass Effect
9th Mar 12 04:24:40Storming The Castle
9th Mar 12 03:16:05Characters.Mass Effect 3 Party Members
3rd Mar 12 02:05:17Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 19 Putting Your Hoof Down
3rd Mar 12 02:05:17Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 19 Putting Your Hoof Down
29th Feb 12 01:07:35Would Be Rude To Say Genocide
24th Feb 12 03:47:39Super Weight.Video Games
22nd Feb 12 12:32:32Characters.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
18th Feb 12 12:08:39Art Shift
16th Feb 12 08:08:30Your Head Asplode
4th Feb 12 12:24:42Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 2 E 16 Read It And Weep
4th Feb 12 03:13:05Awesome Music.The Elder Scrolls
4th Feb 12 03:03:45Narm.Mass Effect
4th Feb 12 03:03:37Narm.Mass Effect
3rd Feb 12 08:33:45Asuras Wrath
3rd Feb 12 02:12:07Standard Snippet
31st Jan 12 10:56:04High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil 5
30th Jan 12 01:03:38The Holders Series
30th Jan 12 01:03:31YMMV.The Holders Series
30th Jan 12 01:02:52Fridge.The Holders Series
30th Jan 12 01:02:15Funny.The Holders Series
30th Jan 12 12:08:22Evil Overlooker
29th Jan 12 11:48:24Not Bad
29th Jan 12 09:50:20Music.Nox Arcana
29th Jan 12 09:50:14YMMV.Nox Arcana
23rd Jan 12 01:10:01YMMV.Resident Evil 5
22nd Jan 12 12:45:56Simpleton Voice
22nd Jan 12 02:26:16Ascended Extra
21st Jan 12 01:07:27Fanon.Western Animation
12th Jan 12 11:55:12Incompetence Inc
9th Jan 12 01:26:07Inventory Management Puzzle
9th Jan 12 12:58:40Fan Fic.Cupcakes
9th Jan 12 12:57:22Fanfic.Sweet Apple Massacre
24th Dec 11 09:04:43Bag Of Sharing
24th Dec 11 03:32:21Video Game.Dragon Age
24th Dec 11 12:32:05Awesome Music.Mass Effect
20th Dec 11 03:36:41YMMV.Dragon Age
5th Dec 11 06:47:46Funny.Dragon Age
3rd Dec 11 01:23:35Characters.Friendship Is Magic-Minor Characters
27th Nov 11 01:13:38Cracking Up
23rd Nov 11 02:12:33Music.Vernian Process
23rd Nov 11 02:12:27YMMV.Vernian Process
23rd Nov 11 02:10:17Music.Midnight Syndicate
22nd Nov 11 06:59:38YMMV.Dragon Age
22nd Nov 11 06:55:39That One Attack
22nd Nov 11 12:54:23Fan Disservice.Video Games
22nd Nov 11 12:50:10Dragon Age
21st Nov 11 11:48:56That One Boss.RPG
21st Nov 11 11:36:34Macrogame
19th Nov 11 11:50:09Burning Rubber
19th Nov 11 11:48:23Characters.Friendship Is Magic-The Mane Cast
19th Nov 11 11:24:16Theme Tune Cameo
19th Nov 11 11:16:05Awesome.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
16th Nov 11 01:44:36Hit And Run Tactics
16th Nov 11 11:15:49Tropers.ABNDT
15th Nov 11 01:13:00Vendor Trash
15th Nov 11 01:07:53Antidote Effect
12th Nov 11 01:40:21Humans Are Leaders
12th Nov 11 01:38:04Humans Are Average
9th Nov 11 11:28:28Shoot Him He Has A Wallet
9th Nov 11 12:58:22Tropers.ABNDT
8th Nov 11 03:06:54YMMV.How Not To Write A Novel
8th Nov 11 03:06:51Funny.How Not To Write A Novel
8th Nov 11 01:59:34Good Bad Bugs.Role Playing Game
7th Nov 11 04:16:41YMMV.Prototype 2
6th Nov 11 01:25:03Trivia.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
2nd Nov 11 04:31:26Fan Fic.Cupcakes
2nd Nov 11 02:55:04Fan Fic.Story Of The Blanks
2nd Nov 11 02:54:56Fridge.Story Of The Blanks
2nd Nov 11 02:53:41YMMV.Story Of The Blanks
2nd Nov 11 02:53:29Heartwarming.Story Of The Blanks
2nd Nov 11 02:53:00Funny.Story Of The Blanks
1st Nov 11 12:16:38Tear Jerker.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
1st Nov 11 12:00:58YMMV.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
31st Oct 11 11:59:25High Octane Nightmare Fuel.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
31st Oct 11 11:58:57High Octane Nightmar Fuel.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
31st Oct 11 11:58:34Funny.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
31st Oct 11 11:58:31Awesome.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
31st Oct 11 07:47:33YMMV.Robot Unicorn Attack
31st Oct 11 07:47:26Awesome.Robot Unicorn Attack
31st Oct 11 07:07:40Tropers.Haldo
31st Oct 11 01:17:19Tropers.Haldo
31st Oct 11 02:13:29High Octane Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
31st Oct 11 02:12:02High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Western Animation
30th Oct 11 12:51:54Dual Wielding
29th Oct 11 09:39:41High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil 5
29th Oct 11 09:39:24High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil
29th Oct 11 09:38:29High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil 4
29th Oct 11 09:36:34YMMV.Resident Evil 3
29th Oct 11 09:36:26High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil 3
29th Oct 11 09:36:18High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil
29th Oct 11 09:34:29High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil
29th Oct 11 09:34:23High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil 2
29th Oct 11 09:31:47YMMV.Resident Evil 2
29th Oct 11 09:30:41YMMV.Resident Evil Degeneration
29th Oct 11 09:30:34High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil Degeneration
29th Oct 11 09:20:24YMMV.Resident Evil 4
29th Oct 11 09:20:18Tear Jerker.Resident Evil 4
29th Oct 11 09:19:29High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Resident Evil 4
29th Oct 11 09:17:07YMMV.Prototype
29th Oct 11 09:17:00High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Prototype
29th Oct 11 09:13:38YMMV.Progress
29th Oct 11 09:13:30Tear Jerker.Progress
29th Oct 11 09:10:31YMMV.Cupcakes
29th Oct 11 09:10:29Tear Jerker.Cupcakes
29th Oct 11 09:09:20YMMV.Cupcakes
29th Oct 11 09:09:13Heartwarming.Cupcakes
29th Oct 11 09:07:58Funny.Cupcakes
28th Oct 11 01:37:53YMMV.Nine
28th Oct 11 01:37:28High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Nine
28th Oct 11 01:35:42Awesome.Nine
28th Oct 11 01:33:58Awesome.Western Animation
28th Oct 11 01:28:05Funny.The Road To El Dorado
26th Oct 11 02:45:58Haiku.Cupcakes
26th Oct 11 02:17:25Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
26th Oct 11 01:28:15Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
24th Oct 11 11:15:47YMMV.Cupcakes
24th Oct 11 11:15:34Fridge.Cupcakes
24th Oct 11 08:59:05Big Entrance
24th Oct 11 09:51:23Characters.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
24th Oct 11 09:05:48Sorting Algorithm Of Evil
24th Oct 11 08:31:08Tropers Do It.With Western Animation
24th Oct 11 08:27:56High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Western Animation
24th Oct 11 01:59:56High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Animals
23rd Oct 11 09:07:54Music.Nox Arcana
23rd Oct 11 11:55:33Twenty Percent More Awesome
22nd Oct 11 11:49:30Twenty Percent More Awesome
22nd Oct 11 01:52:44Glowing Eyes Of Doom
22nd Oct 11 01:12:26Voluntary Shapeshifting
22nd Oct 11 01:11:42Voluntary Shapeshifting
22nd Oct 11 01:00:46Trope Overdosed
22nd Oct 11 12:36:45Bowel Breaking Bricks
22nd Oct 11 11:54:25Dramatic Thunder
22nd Oct 11 11:51:17Master Of Illusion
22nd Oct 11 11:12:27Voice Of The Legion
22nd Oct 11 11:09:41No Social Skills
14th Oct 11 05:02:22Memetic Badass.Western Animation