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Tiny Tyrannical Girl
Small bossy girl
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She's small. Short. Petite. Vertically challenged.

She tells everyone what to do, and expects them to obey. Threats ensue if people don't. Sometimes even physical violence. Maybe she's compensating for something?

Perhaps it's the incongruity of a small young girl ordering people around as if she where the big alpha male, but it's a pretty common character design. Some people think she's cute. Others think she's annoying. Either way this is a visually and verbally striking character, and is rarely forgotten.

Making the target of her orders large men adds to the fun.

Often justified by having her be a spoiled rich kid, or even royalty. Other times she's just the only daughter in a family full of males, and her older brothers spoil her immensely.

Usually she's before puberty age, but sometimes can creep up into the teen years.

Sometimes she'll have character development and learn humility. Other times she'll never learn. Sometimes she's even seen as a model for empowered girls. Though she usually wears dresses herself.

Certainly some truth in television as plenty of parents and grandparents can confess to being amused by their daughter ordering them about in a very decisive manner.


  • Mary from The Secret Garden. Mocked as "Mary Mary, quite contrary", it's seen as a negative trait, but one that allows her to go toe to toe with her cousin the rich Spoiled Brat.
  • This poor boy knows you're doomed when one of these girls decides to marry you. You kind plenty more like this on Youtube. Demonstrating that it's not just amusing in fiction *as long as she's focused on bossing someone else).
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