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I Am Becoming Song
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Looks like we've got consensus on tropability and name. Launching tomorrow at 7:00 (Pacific Coastal) tomorrow, 4/13, barring complaints.
I like the title too much to be unbiased. Can someone tell me if it works?

Alternates: Epiphany Song, Character Development Song

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"Something has changed within me
Something is not the same"
--Elphaba, Wicked, Defying Gravity

Alice has been going through the story, and has already gotten her "I Am" Song, maybe even an "I Want" Song. But something happened, and Alice isn't the same person anymore. So she gets a new "I Am" Song: It shows who Alice is now, how she has changed, and how she is changing.

May double as a "I Want" Song or a Villain Song, especially if That Man Is Dead. See also "I Am" Song, Coming-of-Age Story, Character Development.

Note: This is Character Development summary in song: spoilers may ensue.


  • In Wicked, after Elphaba finds out that what she assumed was the ultimate force for good-the Wizard-isn't, she knows she has to help the Animals without him. 'Defying Gravity' echoes her "I Want" Song, The Wizard And I, now with her asking for Glinda's partnership instead of the Wizard's.
  • What Have I Done from Les MisÚrables is Valjean rejecting his life as a criminal in favor of religion and redemption.
  • "I'm Gonna Be a Producer" from The Producers is an Am, Want, and Becoming song all in one.

Web Original
  • ~Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog~: Where to begin? The musical could be described as Dr. Horrible's Start of Darkness. Some specifics:
    • 'My Eyes': Penny, the girl Billy has been trying to achieve a verbal connection with for...a while, is going out with Captain Hammer. This pushes him towards Dr. Horrible.
    • 'Brand New Day': Yes, Captain Hammer is dating Penny specifically to spite Billy. Murderous rage and planning ensue.

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